Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on December 17, 1962 · Page 11
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 11

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 11
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U ANDIISON DAILY lULLtTlM MONDAY, DtCtMIt* IT, 19« 11 diomondt ihine in CK- quiiiic UK gold bridal pair. 5395 i ' N___ - ! S Ji Z ALE'S GALAXI OF CHRISTMAS GIFT VALUES! Bridal id hat 10 fini diamond! in letting of rich UK gold. Irido! pair in UK gold featurtf UK gold jelling features 8 radi- 16 brilliant diamond* aglow in I elegant diamonds. on! diamond* in new bridal new bridal pair of UK gold. *150 tuilroui cultured pea ! necklace wilh UK gold ond peorl clcnp. 545 i.linking di. man'i ring of UK gold. '200 Beautiful jlmplicity of diamond toil- "Skyline" bridal pair tajlefully to ire set in rich 14K gold. deiigned in 2-fonc selling of « gold. $450 DISTINCTIVE DIAMOND WATCHES Emerald-cut diamond in inter*. Marquiie diamond lurrounded locking bridal pair, lovely HK by 4 bagucllci in UK bridal fio'd. $97C pa ' r< Wedding Ring J^Q Conwhnt Ttrmi LI 3 £ngog e menf J]5(> .6 diamond) encircle cultured pearl In UK rippli letling. J 17-iiwil Elgin fto- lures I diamonds lolaiing </, total, UK gold case. l>* 175 1 I Hamilton features 34 fine diamonds in MK gold gold case. lelTermt Z/3 Man'i 17-jewel auto- lady'i 17-jewel Elgin, 4-diamond in Lady'i matic Elgin, water- 14K cote, matching 17-jew«l Elgin, cxpcm- reiitlanl*, Speldel meih bond. Twiil-O-Flex band. Seven iplendid diamonds In \4K gold dinner ring. Emended Termi $250 IKl 10K gold man'i inltia ring in genuine onyx. Charge It! Five diamonds in man' sold. FINE FASHION JEWELRY GIFTS Magnificent diamond $Oftrt pendant, UK gold chain. * UU White heart outlined with Diamond buttercup ear- JlTfl ringi let in UK gold. > 3U Praying Hands wilh inuripllon of . lord'i Prayer or Serenity Prayer, 99 llerling jilver. NEW 17-JEWEL ELGINS Man'i Elgin oulo- YOUR CHOICE 2 diamond! highlight malic, woler-rclillanf tnf>qC lady'i 17-iewel Elgin, ihock-protecled. *J%tt*~ faceted crystal. The Lighter Side Economics Fail To Fit In Cotton Textile Situation By DICK WEST I That worked fine, too, except WASHINGTON (UPI) — It says| that il enabled foreign textile n my college record that T com-| manufact u r « r s to buy American ilctcd a course in economics, but fo 11 "" at a lower price than hat has never been of any help| Amcrican manufaturers were V/eilmghouie Clock Radio.,,2-lon Impact-proof cote, long-rang • ntenna. WEST BEND PERCOLATOR . . . PROCTOR AUTOMATIC fully automatic, brewi to your TOASTER . . . 2-ilice toaitcr in rind preference . . . 5 'to 9 rich chrome ... lea t> control «P>. $799 COMPACT TRAVll. ALARM UDICO EtECHIC CAN OPEN- lenlher cose, luminoiM (Iml. tR/KNIFE SHARPENER ..opens Ckmg, III $388 all li.e <oni....harp|.nilimri J la o k^cn edge. $1088 Staging Rird in a Cage... Euro, ptan qualily-modt muiic box. dames, Virgil Hull. Albert Itcdi- ker, Charles Johns, Marlcston Doan, Charles Conrad, Paul Ward Chambers, Elmer Bethany Croups To Co Caroling BETHANY -The Highland liidson, Chester Collier,' Earl High 1 School Frethman Y-T«cns|Schalk. John Seal, Vcrn Porter. u.iu „„ n^iin. „. r ii, Ernest Patterson, Virgil Lawlcr. i will go caroling at Community Hospital Saturday, Dec. 22, at 7 p.m. The Bethany Prc-lligh Teen .Christian Endeavor will go caroling followlnu [he Christmas 'program at Bethany Christian Church Sunday evening, Dec. 23. The group will go to Miss. Betty Soverns' home for refreshments fol- lownig the carolini; party. The Esther Circle of Bethany Christian Church met at the Madison Avenue Metlrodist Church for tneir annual Yule party and jdinner. Mrs. Virgil Needier, president,' conducted the business meeting. Devotions were given by Mrs. Howard May. A white elephant exchange was a highlight of the day and the remainder of the afternoon was spent singing Christmas Carols. The next meeting will be Thursday afternoon, Jan. 31, with Mrs. Fred Patterson. The hostess will be assisted by Mrs. Charles Barger. Those attending were Mes- Alctha German, Waller Heed. Robert Fish. Claude Dean, Robert Reed. Charles Barger. Virgil Needier. John Uarger, Chester Ixiwls. Howard May: and Misses , Pearl Bronncnbcrg. Cecil Johns, plary Eronnenbcrg, also Brent Sarger. Use Bulletin-Herald Classifieds FURNACE TROUBLES? PHONt DAY OK NIGHT 642-0227 Clark Furnace Co. 1701 MERIDIAN ST. C.rti Avoilobl. far All Furnaces Including • Holland. AKT 'lHAi'b MArtJ IU MAICH-A prisoner in Duval Counly jail at Jacksonville, Flo., Bernard Rice, created this work of art from matches—15,425 of them. He had no formal art training nor a burning desire to be an artist, but got interested in the project to use up some time and possibly make some spending money. The prisoner was not permitted .to pose. . (AP Wirepholo) o me. My ability In comprehend the iconomlc issues of today was ac- juircd much earlier in my scho- aslic career in elementary school ind kindergarten. A case in point is a recent hoar- ng held by a House agriculture ubcommittee on textile subsidies. As I understand the situation, he whole thins started back yonder when someone discovered that armors weren't' getting enough noncy for their cotton. In an effort to remedy the-de- iciency, the government set up a yslcm of price supports to make p the difference between the gong rate and what was regarded as a fair price for cotton. This worked fine except that it boosted the price so high it caused a slump in the sale of U.S. cotton iverseas. Ill an effort to remedy that de- iciency, the government set up a ystein of export subsidies to make up the difference between he U.S. price and the world market price. Turkey Dinner Held By Class ALEXANDRIA-The Ruth Bible jlass of lire First Christian Church held its annual lurkcj dinner and Christmas party a he church. The Rev. Hersdicl ^ced said grace . before dinner The group joined in singing 'Happy Birthday" to Rev. Reed \ gift exchange was held. Afler dinner the members sang Christ- THE SUPERBA TIE of Wondrous KODEL • TIES BEAUTIFULLY • KNOT WON'T SLIP • SHRUGS OFF WRINKLES • WEARS WONDROUSLY • WASHABLE OF COURSE ONLY. $150 I then able lo sell cotton products in this country for less than U.S. manufacturers were charging for similar items. The subcommittee therefore, has been holding hearings on a new proposal"'to subsidieze the sale of cotton products to make up the difference between domestic and foreign prices. As I was saying, nothing my economics professor told us seemed to bear any relation lo a situation like this. It is more closely related to geography class in elemcnlary school, where we studied Ihc pyramids, and lo kindergarten, where we read "The House That Jack Built." (Nol the Jack you're thinking of. This was before his time.) If the new plan goes into effect, and if it means what I think it does, Ihc government will then be paying three cotton subsidies—one! to get the price up, and Uvo others lo bring it back down. back again. I I don't know what that will lead, 91 to, but I should be able to figure ;V4 it out as soon as I finish review-if? ing a bonk that we studied in hieh .V* school literature class. "Alice In Wonderland." I AT... BRYCE BROWN 1217 MERIDIAN HIS HIGHNESS, DAD, WILL fiEL fW/Cf AS GRIAT FI.YS TO SOVIET LONDON (AP)— Mrs. Gre' mas carols and repeated tbe'capital. Cord's Prayer. Mrs. Alcrvil Small — read an article, "The Spirit of Christmas." Devotions entitled "The Light of the World" were presented by Mrs. Wynne, wife of a British business' man held by the Soviets on spy charges, left London for Moscow to see her husband. She was bad weather in Moscow made . uncertain whether the plane would Vt be able lo land hi Ihc Soviet ' - Janet Richards. Belly Ryan, Lou Ann Sigler, Jane Troyer, Brcmla Wood, Jane Ann fiiselbnch, Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Mrs. Wood. Town and Cotinlry Home Dem- nnslrnlion Club mr-mhers mel al Designs for Living -», EFFA IROWN SIGN TRADE PACT MOSCOW (UPI) _ Russia and I ui lu n ^i i; . . . . . j Omer Cun- " us ' rla signed a trade agreement ningham and Mrs'. Opal Sloan! for luo3 Friday, it was reported read a Christinas story. Duringj nere - jie business session $75 was voted to Ihc building fund. Officers for the coming year were elected wilii Mrs. Mervil Small' named president; Mrs. Crystal [•Yeestone, vice president; Missi Hachael Barkalow, secretary.reasurer: and Mrs. Small class teacher. The mecdng was closed with class benediction. The time and place of the next neoling will be announced at a later date. Brownie Troop 400 held -its Christmas party and gift exchange recently. Omega NU Tau Sorority, sponsor of the troop, gave the girls their world pins as gifts. Leaders Mrs. John Kirk- palrick and Mrs. Troy Wood pre- scnlcd each Brownie with a belt change purse. The girls present' ed a program which was followed by the singing of Christmas carols.. Refreshments were scn 1 - cd lo Jenny .lo Carver. Linda fii-olherton, Brenda Brothcrton. Fredcrica Davis.. Dehra Ciipc, Nancy Kirkpatrick, Karen Lush or, Sheila Mack, .lill Morgan, Sally McCIung, Cathy Richards, if you think of H/s Conven/ence Pearl-WiekVAL-0-SEAT 4%,..his personal dressing area. It's a unique vale! stand Vu and chair combined...holds all his clothes neatly... - - has o place for everything, even small change. Handsome brass stand with good looking, luxuriously up* " holstered scuff proof cushion that's stain resistant, ', washable. (P.S.—Mom will like the way the * ( ,-IVal-o-Seat looks in the bedroom tool) I s 98 THE DUAL-PURPOSE SOFA . . which converts into a coin- ' tollable bed has gone highstyle, , thanks to improved mechanisms J CUPRf... smart two-button lulled, leather-liKe cushion wilh iiddle-stitehed effect. Brass finish glider style base. Size: 16" * mv « 5" cushion. In these true- leather colors: (add colors here) $9.98 that allow the Hnsigncr to place' his sofa on legs for a look of lightness, -and lo otherwise modify an AT. p M J$ re typical of thai slyle, Vi wring is quaintly pat- *f No Money Down Open An Account Today OPEN EVERY NIGHT TIU CHRISTMAS 8:30 formerly Olien t Ebann 1031 MERIDIAN Phon* 644-4439 45-pieca Mftlmot, break reiiilanl, diihwottr proof. Strvicffor I! 50-pi«e« itain- Iflsi Flatware nrvicc for S! 8-pitce Steel Cookwori heavyweight ond Hurdy. IZ ALE'S cov sides;'vice president. Mrs. ".Johnj lc ™ d - Yoll ' n al ?° --.- - .„; Ilcifner; secretary. Mrs. Maurice ! ofas . •? n <"™onizc with * ranch. V| Ktchison: treasurer, Mrs Don 1 ' rovin ci<il turniiure. Nor are (he »T liinker; memher-at-large, Mrs ! ncw sofa-beds limited lo thcsc ; . Kotert Painter- reporter Mrs t ' nsllal sly'cs, there nre Regency.!, liny Gorman, and SOUR leader'! 1 "™' 5011 and Tuxedo sofa-beds to Mrs. Rolwrt Adams. The new R0 Wlth mh ^"'"ry interiors, president took over the meelinj;" 11 ' ncl - in mal 'y instances you •and held a plnnninc session for, can llovc a sofa-lied cuslonvcov- j lessons for the comin.K. year. ,\' ore<l in fabric of your own clioos- J I gift excliniiKe was held. scerol''"8 ln l>rin S il further in line »r.l PORTABLE TRANSISTOR TAPE RECORDER pals 'revealed and new namesi»'illi your .decorating scheme. ift ,drawn. Mrs. Robert Adams! F ° r « free release about ar-'ll a contest prize. jranRiiig furniture, write to Kli'a A«ISTOC«*T ;'"-•• . . .'handsome, Icalhor.liki! cushion with tra- punla design. Beautifully designed, Gleaming brass finish base. IS" ?4" x 5" cushion. In these fashionable colors: (add colors here) $12.98 s // you think of his comfort... PEARL-WICK LEG-LOUNGERS* adjust to favorite comfort angles ... make any cfiair a full- length lounge. (They're Sandy spare seaK, too.) Many style? to choose|il<eancf leather-look .cushions in carefree miracle vinyl... warm walnut . and smart brass trim styles... mix or match with the decor of any room in Iho home. « i ...tomplde with buiit-in (orrylr.r •rnic, microphone, mnqnftit ipeokc ond amplifier, recording lope, bat* It'y, 2 reeU, $ 16 88 The ncxl meeting will 1« held licrry. Brown in care of the newspaper. Jan. 1C \\ith Mrs. Robert Stans- enclosinfl a stamped, sclf-addrcss-j ed envelope.

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