Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 6
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IOU.S MONDERFIIL Wip HIVER frAij/irlii Trtx OF CLEAX. WATER KOtt THE «TV fThlle Egrt Sc«tt 1H >Vamhig BMftBse thmCmiiAtoii li Pnfctirallr * • Dry To'tfay. Thn walferi quosttoa ti baconsl&ff A ,Borlbtt«^« to many town* In Kaii' •at rlijht now and many (tuwtrt oon> °fetan]At<> tbe eominc of wlntsr with yWQdi Alarm ovor thu dry stock pondt ^ |nd dry woHsj From tti« CMtftrn part " A'lett County th« n««lBtcr recent- learnbd that wella aro tlircatenint KO dry^whlcb ha\-e nover boon dry tore. The Murmaton river. ' from ilch I^jrt Scott takeg Its aupplyt Is tlydry and is cHustn? alarm. And lla. b]es8e<l wonderfully In the mat ,t; of water Is high above the dam, so ' V IVat uritH recently a thlb sheet of clear ^?rr <|Nire water flowed over the dam. Sel- Mm has the supply been so clear, and >^ . tkue quantity ts ample. It no rain ^'^ I •Tfould occur for months. Tralhlnads are hauled away from lola dally by the railroads. Some sweet day that incomparable water supply Is soing to ', benefit lola immensely. Now read f' what the Fort Scott Kepublican has to'say: j [ . "The Marmaton river has not be«?n f- .'so low as at the preseat time In years. ? The water board Is sure to have a i Brave problem facing It within the ; , next few weeks, if ran does not come I to replenish the meagre snpply. Steps arb under advisement for the main J . ". tainance.ot the supply. This must be I through ditching the deep holes above j Ete^ard's dam. Just aboye the hllh- • * erto referred dam, there^s evidence of the drain on the'waler above. A team .could be driven across on dry land a&>ve the dam. Beyond the small hole wfiere the bo^ts lie at anchor and at " - • the first bond; there Is other evidence i • of^ the low water stage. There the waters have been, subsided and one j can walk on thej fiver bed on dry land : . Farther up the iriver.there are spots almost is bad. Ditching must be re- l sorted to, and almost at once, if the city Is to have a' constant 'supply of : witer.'" /- flBAND UP£>'S \\ITU GOOD SHOW The Bight ol Wa ^^as tJie Bill Last I.«st night witnesbed the opening night of the winter 6ea .«on of the Grand Theatre. The bill, "The Right of Way,* a southern comedy drama, was witnessed by one of the largest • houses In the Gmnd's history.. The leading parts were taken by Misses Lorona Tolson and Edn.-i M. TV Clover, and Mr. Robert • ilm: r. The plan th -t has KLHTI nrrauged tor the winters- en • c^rtalnments Is a neW departuro for :hp regular form . of shows. Two si.nws—one begin- ninr at 7:30 and the otWtr at 9. will to presented each evening, and the bill will be ch.inged three times a . weeK. -Each stock company will re- milh in the city for two weeks. Tomorrow afternoon the company •^win': present a free matinee to all school children at 4:1a. The show wni be a good clean one and rthy of anyone's presence. Mr. and Mrs. Os?.-.r Nnnn If^ft th'.n • ;aftertfOon for Jos Angeles, Calif., to maHe their home. Mrs. D. C. Plilllips and daughter, and Mrs. Frank Johnson cif Colony w^re visitors here this :ift3rnoon. 'Always Ready for Company^ « • < A bripht, dtati,flossy stove is the joy mad pride of every housekeeper. Butit b hard to Jtftp a stove nice and shiny— - Ilnless Black Silk Stove Polish is used. ' Here is the reason: Black Silk Stove polish sticii ri/;ht to the iron. It doesn't 1nA off or duit off. Its shine lasts tour #tNtrs longer than the shise of any other faolish. \on only need to polish one- iiurth as olten. yet your stove will be cleaner, brighter anHietter footing than S iias bej;n'sinc« you first bought it. Use BUCK SILK STOVE POLISH . or parlor store, Vltchen stove oreas More. t« can from yoiir hardware or stove dealer. I do not Bni it tetter than any oth«r stove , ^ J you have n *T- used bflorf, your dealer Is •efliorized to refund your mauvy- But we feel ihta yon vill aeree-wilb the IhOHiaudt of atlirr «Mo-dale women who, are now u&ine Biauk RUr Stove PoUtcfa and who !.«>- it is the "Ua Hoaitoliili e=-ertaaite.' , I LIQUID OR PASTE •s- ONEQUAUnr *Be snre to cet the gauiue. Black Silk Stove Polish'costs yon M muar than the ordinary kind. - Keep v<mr srates. rcelsters. {enders end itove and tase froB-ru&ttmr by utin« - TBJMrVlNf: BWAMfl Brosb lean uLenoincI only. .4Jse aCACX StUCMEi :V .ROUSH for silver- Ifare. dckel.ttaware ur tnass. it works quickly, .••snr;smievvesabrilliant surtace. Ht has nu . eqaal for nse on a>uoioobl]e&. ilad^l SiOc Stove Polisli Woriks STEKuifc, mmois ItXS&iY Wmm at 9 o'clock, we shall place on sale 400 Nobby. New. Up-to-d^te Suits at 1-4 and 1-3 off regular^rice. ttese styles were chosen witfi the care of the artist selector. Contracts for making., closed with the businesa judgeme^^ of the expert. merchandiser. TH^SE SUITS are combined style and quality— merits whichwebriiig to you. thrpugh this store at these reniarkaliie LOW PllICES so early in the season. Having a RESIDE!^ buyer in NEW YORK who is alivays Johnny on the Spot" with the ready cash to take advantage of any bargains offered. - $8.^ $12.95 $20.75 $16.95 $20.75 $24.95 $12.95 $8.95 $16.95 Serge Suit, black and navy material of mannish cloth— will wear splendidly, lined tJiroughout with French .satin such as is used in Men's Coats; also fancy novelty .cloths. Sizes 14 to 18 and 34 to 40. Price $8.95 Novelty Suits made of Mannish Serges, also Whip Coi'ds and Knickerbocker Suitings. Some have wide braid trimmings. oUiei^ man tailored with button trimmings.. Black, navy, greys and beautiful Scotch Novelty Mixtures. Sizes 14 to 36. .ftaee. .....$12.95 $^95 Man Tailored Suits, made 1 of strictly Mannish ^erge in navy and black, also beauti- • ful novelty mixtures in grey and brown. New vestee effect, velvet collar and cuffs, guaranteed twa season satin lining; all sizes; at.. .$16.95 High grade Cheviot Serges, also nioyelty diagonal weaves in navy, brown, grey and black; new shape back, slightly cutaway coat, lined throughout with Skinner satin lining; bound all over with tailor braid or straight tailored collar. All sizes— priced atj... Elegan;t high grade man- tailored Suits, ^f imported Diagonal Serges, Cheviots Whip Cords and Scotch Mixtures. No two alike. Brown, navy, black, grey and an exquisite assortment of novelty cloths. We have 'em from 14 years \o 52 bust. Priced at $24.55 WHEUT OFF TO THE BIO WIIB MABKET POPPEB CP AT NEWS OF MO.XTE.NECKO'^ ACTION. ) Close Wheat—July 89c: Dec. 86% @ • <?ORN—Oct 47%c; Dec. 49%@ ;4yiic; Afay 49 ?6ei49 %c. I Lead and Spelter. St. lx)uis. Oct 8.—LEAI>—Market quiet 94 .95e'<.';.00. SPELTER—Market quiet at $7.4.5. rattle HeceiptH Heavy and Prlres An- Weak, tVhIie lite Ho(c Market Dropped if to 10c ("By tlip Associated PreBs) Chicago, Oct. S.— The Montenegrin liostjlitjes had a bullish effect on wheat, the oitening being Vic to %c higher. December started at 91%@ dlV&c unchanged and rose to 81%ic. WHEAT—Close. Oct. 9l?Jc: May 96%c.- ^ CORN—Oct C4>4c; Dec. 53%#53%c. May 52 %e52 %c. O.^TS—Dtc. 32'/tc; May 34%c. Kansas City LITCSIOCIU Kansas City. Oct 8—CATTLE— Receipts 20,000. Market ^steady to strong. Native steers |C.OO@<10.90: cows and heifers $3.25618100; stockers and feeders $4 ^0e $7.^: bulls $i.00@$5.50; calves $S .60 @$9.50. HOGS—Receipts 11 ,000. Market 10c 'ower. Uea\7 $8.50@>$8.85. Packers and butchers $8.50@$8.87^: llgbU at |C;00@$7.2o. ' KansaK City (Vraln. Kansas City. Mo., Oct 8.—CASH WHE AT—Market %c to Ic higher. No. 2 haj.'-. y -iVi ^'dlc: >No. 3, 86Vi@8«c; No. 2. red, $1 .02e -$l..O5; .\o. 3 94>y4@ $1 .02%. : ^ : CORK—Market unchanged. No. 2 mixed i7c: No. 3, 63&66c; No. S white, 71c: Np. 3. 70c. 6 A T$—Market, unchanged. No. 2 white, 84e34 %c; No. 2 mixed 33%c. Chicago LIrestock. ClUca^. Oct 8.—CATTLE—Receipts C ,000. Market slow and steady. Beeves $5.00$$11.00: stockera' And feeders' at i $4 .35e $7.75; cows and/hdifers $2.85@ I $8 .00. I HOGS—ReceipU ICOOO. Market is slow: .5c lower. LIghU $8.60@$9.23: ; mixed $8.60®$9.30; heavy $8.4O0$9.2a. $5.00@$8.00. Kansas City Vniatt. Kansas City. Oct 8.—BUTTER— Creamery 20c: firsta 27c; seconds 25c; I>&ckb>K stock 22®22%c. EGt»—Extras 25c: iirsts 22^9230: secondfl 17c. • HAT-—Maritet lower. Choice timothy $13.000113.50: choice prairie at %n 00e $12.50. j ^ Loral Markets. fProduce quoutlons furnlsh-jd daily by Coghill Coiumisaion Conipau.v). BUTTER—20c per pound. EGGS—20c per dozen.. POULTRY—Heus lie; cocks 4c: springs 9c; ducks 9c: geese 3c; turkeys 9c; guineas 20c.each. HORSE HIDES—$5.00 to $2.75. BEEP HIDES—10c. (Grain quotations furnished dally by Sraitli D. Ray.) CORN—75c to 80c per bushel. KAFFIR CORN—Soc per bushel. WHEAT—80c to S5c per bushel. OATS—40c per bushel. HAS—$C to $7 per ton. The following quotations are furnished by the P. L. Cofield Wool Commission company. 626 to 630 Live Stock Exchange. Kansas City. Mo. luiqiaa City HI(te aad Wool Prices. Oreen salted natives No. 114 l-2c lb. Green sailed natives No. 2. 13 lr2c lb Side brands over 40 lbs flat. 12 l-2c BulU No. 1. native 11c lb. Part cured hides Vic less than cured, uncnred Ic less than cured. Glue hides flat. 8c lb. Calf skins, deacon 90c to $1.50 each. Grees bors^hldes large, $3.75 each. \ Green borsehides, medium $3.50. Green horsehides. small $2.25. Dry borschides, 75c to $1.25 each. Pony and colt green salted hides. 75c to $1.50 each. Dry Hides Flat Dry flint 23c per pound. Dry flint fallen 22c lb. Dry Salt, 17 cenits per pound. Pelts. Dry full wool sheep pelts 12 to 13c per B>. Green salt sheep pelts' 60s to $1.26 Gre^n salt shearling 2i> to 50c each. Angora goat skins 15 to 75c each. Tallow. No. 1 6c; No. 2 5c. Crease. Whate 5c; Yellow 4 l-2c. Beeswax Bright 22 to 29 cents. Scmylron. Country Junk mixed iron, $".00 to $10 per ton. Bones Country Junk bonos $14-50 to $17.50. Wool—Kansas. Nebraska. Oklahoma. Bright medium. 22 to 24 1-2 c lb. Dard medium, 30 to 22 c lb. Ugbtfine, 17 to 19 c lb. He*vy fine. 15 to 17c lb. Wo«|Ii Celoiido, Xew Mexico t Texas Light medium, 20 to 23c lb. Ught fine." 17 to 20c lb. Heavy fine, 16 to 17c lb. Angora mohair. 12 months 25 to 28c lb. 7S.000 I.\ Si 8. PARADE Penn.HylTanIa Hold Tbelr Jabllee TMs AftemooB. Philadelphia. Oct 7.—The Jubilee State Sabbath School convention. marking fifty years of Sabbath school work in' Pennsylvania, was ushered in here this afternoon with a parade of 75,000 teachers and scholars. The convention will continue an entire week. On Monday there will be a tes- Itlmonlal to John Wanamaker, for j many years chairman of tlie board of directors of the Pennsylvania Sabbath School association. HOME FOR WILD BIRDS. Mrs. Bnssell Sage Bays an Island for Tfcelr Csew New York City, Oct 7.—A gift of $150,000 by Mrs. Russell Sage of New York, on behalf of the bird^ of Nortii .America is announced. Mrsi Sage has spent approximately this som in the purchase of Marsh Island. S9nth- west of New Orleans, with the intention of dedicating it in*perpetnity as a refuge for, wild birda. To this end she will place its control in whatever hands liest will accomplish her object, either the Federal government or the state of Louisiana or some association organized for the purpose. —Magazines at Mundls Drug Store. After the- Dellniinenta. City Attorney Ritter stated thla afternoon that the list of deltaqnent .pol! tax payers, which ran. up into the hundreds some weeks ago. hais now dwindled to only 120 persons. Mr. Ritter Is arranging a,list;of the delinquents, and it is arranged to arr^ the men, bring them -to police cottrt, ati4 give them A fine Just large enougb to make them know that in the future such things must not be neglected. No small amount of interest was tak en In the erection of a large el[<e<^rlc display sign, which was beingjlmng yin front of the Glebe's new location this afternoon. A long pole was toirown over the top of the - building, and, the sign was pnllel up into place, by means of a block and tackle, and three strong pair of arms. Card of Thanks. We desire to express to our friends and neighbors our heartfelt thanks for the kindness shoijrn'ddrlng the illness and death of oiox xnother and grandmother. , Also for the beantifitl floral offeringk Vide M. Feth^mglll, Anna FethenlEilL. Clara P. Howland. Lewis A. Hcwland. . , -Dn. HaU * HaU, OttMfaag. Td. epkonet lit, CO.

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