Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 26, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1903
Page 1
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TboM Wbja Kted th* RBQUTER ktl Of Naw* the Day UHappeni TtlOSBWHO Dcii'T PBWirour THE OA Y AFTER VOL YI NO 211. WBOLE NUMBER 1898. lOLA, KANSAS, JUNE 26, X903-FRIDAY. SIxiPAGiES I' ••- PRiqE FIVE CENTS s GOVERNOR BAILEY ISSUES STATEMENT CONCERN IN HIS ATTITUDE. e LITTLE DESTITOTIOH TOWNS CAN TAKE CARE OFy&\T: UATION UNDER LAWS JUST ENACTED. . He Would Have Been Pleased if Members Had Served Free—Session Ends Tonight. Associated Press Dispatch. Toijoka. June 26.—The extra ses- Fion will likely come to an end tonight. All that rcmuins is the signing of the hills hy Governor Uailey, and his final ini'.s.sage. Most of the members have returned to their homes and only a few remaining until the message l.s received. : Governor B .Tiley. in a statement today. cxi>lained his attitude toward the relief apporiiriatiim in the course ..f which lie said: "I feel that the cri'i- cisiu (if my atjittide in this matter in luijust, ami 1 shall not worry al)out it. There is very little if any destitution in the flood district. What ever destitution there is has been or will ,I )C reiicve <l by the local authorities, local, charities and assistance which conio .T freely from outsiiie. The need is great through ithe Kaw valley, but the cases of 'destitution are few. The legislature has enacted nearly fifty laws to enable counties and towns to take cnre of the situation and they are going to do it. "1 am satisfied with the conduct of the Icgislaure. I believe that it has met the demands for relief and that its action will be endorsed by the public. "Regarding the qireslion of mileage for members. I would have been pleased had the legislature given their sei- vices free. However, that was a matter which concerns the members.'* A.s!<ocliitod Press Dispatch. ' Topeka,; Jiine L'd.—The .^jtecial session of the legislature wound np its labors last night, without voting any state aid to (loo.i sufferors. It sfiiiol- ehed resiiliitionsi extending sympaiji.v to the fiood sufferers and | thanks to the iieople of jot her states who had contriluiied to the fiood relief fund. It. did; not forget, however, to appropriate jrj.onu to pay it S 'own members for attending the special session. Of the fifty bills enacted into law by i the special session of the legislature, only two are general bills. One- is to remit taxes on property destroyed by the fiood, the other is to extend the authority of county commissioners in cases of dire calamity. The other bills are local, to enable counties and cities to take caro of the trouble growing oi^ of the flood, prominent among which is the rebuilding of bridges washed out by the fiood. Among the bills passed was one appropriating $3,000 to straighten the Neosho river. The stale will employ ,au engineer to siirvey the river. THEY CRITICISE BAILEY. Kansas City, Kan., Not Satisfieti With Legislature^ Work—Talk of Masis Meeting. Kansas City, June 2G. —Much adverse comment ho^ been made at Kansas City, Kan., over the Kansas legislature's failure to appropriate relief for the flood sufferers of-the Kaw valley, and Governor Bailey's attitude in the matter, and a movement was st3.rted this afternoon for a mass meet ing to give expression to the feelings of the citizens. THE WEATHER Asaoclatea Press Dispatch. Chicago. June 26.—Missoiiri—Part­ ly cloudy tonight and Saturday with ptA'fifbly showers; variable winds. Kansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Sati>rday; triable winds. SMITH WILL REPLYTDBRISTOW F^ORMER 'POSTMASTER GENERAL WILL BE OUT WITH STATE•WENT TOMORROW. More Indictments Are Expected as a Result of Evidence Which Has Been Gathered Together. As.'»ocIalcd Press Dispatch. ' WashingtoUi Juno 2C.—The last meeting of the cabinet before the president's iWjjarture tomorrow was held today. Later former Postmaster General Smith when asked if ho had anything to say concerning the poslofflco Inquiry, replied that his statement in response to references to himself In the Bristow report' would be given to the public tomorrow. The cabinet meeting was devoted chiefly to clearing up routine departmental matters. A.ssoclatcd Press Dispatch. Washington, June 2(5.—Poslofflco inspectors are gatheriii.g evidence in at least six or seven cases of allegeil fraud against the postofilco department, which will be presented to the grand jury as soon as the government ofl^icials are satisfied they have a strong enough cafec to obtain indictments. Thcsp cases liave come 'o light since the recent investigation into postal affairs has been under way. It is impossible to obtain any information as to the identity of the persons whose acts aije being investigated, as the ofllcials having the cases in charge will not give any information regarding them. I TO UNITE ALL LUTHERANS. Movement Has Been Started to Consolidate "all of the Churches in Unit ed States and Canada. Associated Press Dispatdi Piltsbur. Pa., June 26.—The Evangelical «ynod of Alissotu-l, of the Lu theran church, comploscd of Lutherans of sixteen states and Canada, has started a movement to unite ail Ln- therans in| the United States and Can ada, in body. The general conference will be held In Chicago this fall, whenj ftlans for the consolidation OF 'S KING KING APPEARED ON HORSEBACK FOR FIRST TIME SINCE LAST ILLNESS. All Government Buildings Were Profusely Decorated—King and Queen Heartily Cheered. Associated Press Dispatch. Ixmdon, Juno 2<».—King Kdward's birthday was celebrated today. All government buildings are decorated, salutes were fired, warship.s dressed and troops reviewed. The main feature was the trooping of colors on the horse giianis' parade here, which the King attended on horseback and for the first time since his last illness. The queen and other members of the royal family reviewed the troops. On their return to Buckingham, their majesties were heartily cheered. JEALOUSY AND MURDER. An Idaho Stage Driver Runs Amuck . . Because of the Green-Syed Monster. | As-'oclated Press 'Dispatcfc. ' Stiles. Idaho, June 26.—Orion I^rice, a stage driver, shot and killed his two year old baby, wounded his wife and EJ. Leach, a sawmill man, at the depot hero last night. Jealousy is said to have caused the shooting. There were threats of mob violence, but up to this time Ithey have not materialized. , 1 J NSUMERS IIYF REFRESHINGLY FRANK STATEMENT OF COAL OPERATOR AT KANSAS CITY. MINERS WAGES WILL BE RmSED THEIR DEMANDS AT PITTSBURG MEETING PROBABLY WILL BE GRANTED. / But What the Operators Will Do to the Public in Retaliation Will Be ^Plenty. Associated Press Dispatch. Kansas City, June 2G.—.John Mitchell, presiclent of the United Mine \yorkers of America, coiilurred with the Missouri and Kansas opcratovs here again today. No action will bo taken, It Is staled. Mitchell au.l the operators talking oyer the <lemands to be made by the miners at their Pittsburg, Kansas, meeting next month, lieprcsentatlves of the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory unions also met again today to crmi- plete their .separate organizations for the slates and territories named also as far as possible. One of the big operators said today in an interview regarding the Pitt.s- burg meeting: "We expect rather stifT demands from union miners, but they probably will get ilie wages they ask unless they are unreasonar)le. if wages go up, up will go the prices of coal to consumers." President Mitchell said ho believed the Big Four, consisting of the Centr.^1 Coal & Coke Co.. Missouri P.iciflc, Rock Island and "Katy" coal interests, which combined employ many thousands of miners, would bo represented at Pittsburg. The sentiment today seemed to bo that the i)roposod new scale as well as tlu.' contracts relative to i^ther conditions would be settled amicably. t FREIGHT HANDLERS LOSE. In Chicago They Concede That the Struggle Will End in Victory For the Railroads. •ALLEGED MURDERER CAUGHT. R. J^. O'Nail, Who is Supposed to Have Killed Geo. L. Mills, of Indian Territory, is Arrested. As.^oclated Press Dispatch. Los Angeles. June 26.—Sheriff ^Vhito has received notice by telegraph from some point in the Indian -Territory, which he refuses to disclose, of the arrest of R. A. 6'Neil, wanted here for the murtler of Geo. L. Mills, in April, . last. Mills was a money broker who was lured-into an tinoccupied house in tjiis city and killed. O'Neil disappeared about the time of the murder. GOT THE KING BEE. Man Who Planned a $15,000 Robbery at Los Angeles, Arrested by Chicago Police. Chicago, June 26.—William Baer, who is said to have planned the rob- hvry pf the .Metroz hotel, Los Angeles, Cal., (ii which g*.l>ms valued at $15,000 were stolen, was arrested today at his apartnu-nts in a down town hotel three hours after his arrival from San Fran- ci.sco. Two other men, John Engvhal and Charles Reill, are also under arrest here. Haer is charged by the other prisoiiers with halving escaped with most ojf the bootj'. JUDGE M'MILLAN DEPOSED SUPREME COURT JUSTICE! CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT.' Says Assistants in Attorney General's Office Were PreJudiced-^Will Appeal to Congress. A.isoclated Press Dlsp.iteh. Chicago. June 2t',—The freight handlers union involved in flier Chicago & Alton strike .sought a pe.ioeablo settlement of their trouble today thrcuigli the agency of the ti-aiii.-iier.s' joint council taking the (lireciion ^f the strike out. of the hands of President L. J. Ctirran. They jnow concede the strike will end in a, victory for the rail.'-oads. MILITIA MAY BE ASKED FOR. BURNED HER STEPCHILD. Louisiana Woman Became Enraged at Her and!Was Induced to Commit This Crime. Associated Press Dispatch. New Orcans. June 2C.—Mrs. Mary Patterson is under arrest at New Iberia, charged with mur+lcr. Thej woman became enraged at her step-child, a girl of ten, and after beating her, tied her in a com sack and suspended her in the limb of a tree. She made a fire beneath the tree and piled on a lot of paper to intensify the heat and smoke. The sack caught fire and the body falling out, was burnpd to a crisp. ' ; AN ACTOR DEAD. Joe Cook iQiittacked in Denver by Hem- morhage of the .Lungs, Which Proved Fatal. j i Associated Press Dispatch. ' Denver, June 26.—Joe Cook, the actor died trom the effects of hem-: "'"MM Police Say They Will Call For it if There is Any Furt|ier Rioting at Wilmirgtot^, Del. Associated Vrcsa Dispatch. Wilmington, June 2i5.—.-Vs a result of last night's riot Wiljliam Cr.imer. a negro, who was shot, during the di.^- turbance in the negro' district, died today. William. Simms has been arrested on a charge of mtirder. He is alleged to have shot Cramer. If there is any further rioting tcjuight the police say the militia will bti asked for. All Is quiet today. QUIET AT RICHMOND. Company is Running C'iprs on all Lines -^^trikers Fired a Trestle Today. 'Associated Press Dispatch. Richmond. Va.. June 26.—The street ear strike situation is quiet today, the city being still under miliiarj' protection. The company is running cars onfall its lines. A trestle on one of the suburban branch lines, was fired ^a.T\^ in the day but was cxtinguised with slight loss. CAR PORTER STOLE $3,000. Rate One is Under Arrest, ted of Having Robbed a .Japanese Wohriari. Asiioclated Press Dispatch. * Cleveland, O., June 26.—George \S. Bloom, a car porter, was arrested wten he> arrived here today. He is am pected of Having robbed a wealtty ,. . ...... ,. As.^ciolatcd Press Dispatch. Denver, June 26.—The Rocky Mountain News prints a statement from Judge McMillan of New Mexico, regarding his removal from office. Said he: "I arfi sii'jprlscd at the outcome of my case. When if was submitted in .•\pril I was satisfied I iiad established a complete vindication. I believe Attorney General Knox Intended to be eminently fair and just, but his assistants in the <b'partmcnt were filled with' prejudice against inc by one of niy oi>p()ne:ii.-;. -When congress convenes I shall ask the senate to send for the record auil to pass upon the (jin'stlon whether Jt c(uiialns anything to justify the decision." b EARTH SHOCKS IN HUNGARY. Four Violent Ones Were Felt This Morning and Several Buildings Collapsed in Eriau. A \i AsFOcl.itcd Pre .os Di.<?Datch. Erlau, Hungary, June 26.—Four violent earth shocks were felt here thi.s morning. Several houses in the suburbs collapsed and nearly all the buildings in lown were more or less damaged. The inhabitants were panic stricken. BIG ABBATOIR BURNED. Plant at Cincinnati Destroyed by Fire Today With a Loss of $300,000. Associated Press Dispatch. Cincinnati, June 26,—Almost the entire plant of th9 Cincinnati Abbatoir Company, one of the largest in this section, was destroyed l^y fire today. The loss is estimated at $300,000. Four hundred head of cattle and 800 hogs slaughtered yesterday were consumed. The ice plant which cost $00,000, was rendered unfit for use. AFTER FORTY YEAflS. Dr., W. J. Jewett, Customs Examiner at New York is Removed and Does Not Know Why. Associated Press Dispatch. New York. Judo 26.—Dr. J. W. Jewett, for fjrty years United States customs examiner, at this port, has received a notice of removal. It could not be learned why Jeweti was dismissed. VICTORY FOR QUARRYMEN. At Bedford, Ind. the Great Stone i Quarry Strike s Ended in Favor of the Enyjloyes. KANSAS WANTS HELP TO HARVEST HKR BUMPER WHEAT CROP. LflOOLy cm FOR MEN WOULD LIKE TO HAVE 27,000 HAR- , VESTERS WITHOUT FUR­ THER DELAY. Men Are Slow to Respond to the I.iivi- tation to Work—Kansas City,- ^ Has Sent 800. ^ * Associated Press Dispatch. Kansas . Cit.v. June; 2C.—On file In the office of the state lal)or bureau there aru applications for 27,il5 men to gather the great grain harvest of Kansas. In years past men in plenty have responded anil the farmers have had an opportunity to" pick and cholosc between applicaijts. ' Then, too.t in other years wag^s liavo been much less than they are now and even vvi-h that the supply of laborers has been able to keep pace ^yith thd demand. But this year the farmhand has what has I)een termed a. "coppcr-riveteJ cinch" on the situation. . "To supply all the farmers who have applied to the bureau for help, applications are on file frbm about 800. Mr. Jamison, of the bureau, sold tickets to more ^han half that riumber yesterday and took In about $l,0OO. This amotinl of money represents a mileage of 1-00,000. The buj-crs of the 'tickets went out last night and they crowded the regular trains. They were big. husky fellows, and seemed" to: regard the harvest in Kansas as a kind of a j(ike. The delegation; of (jourse, ; does not rcprtisent a drop In tl^e bucket, and today another big party will be shipped out. Mr. Jamison says he thinks' he will be doing very well if ho is ^Ulc to supply 2,000 at ah outside fig^itre. He is as kuich at sea ai; aityono ylsc concerning the source of ihp supply from which the rest; of the forcQ of farmhands is to be drawn. : , -Ml day long at the labor burjcau there was a' rush for transpoftaljon, which is being supplied s t a cost -of one cent per mile. The 1 no of applicants filled the corridors ah'tl extended along llio stairway to the sidewaJk. The men pushed and^ crowded to gain their "turns," and w'hen these came, some of them looked doubtfnlly at'the list of, Kansas jioints and .decided nol to go at all. The bureau had only a limited num bcr of tickets yesterday and at four o'clock when the offices were closed, tlie rush was greater than it had been at any time during the day. • Shiiuncnls last night were to Great Bend, Pratt, St. John, E^ilis and Ells- woriii. Tonight they will go to King man. Hays City, Great Bend and Russell. It v.ould be difficult to make aii estimate of the number of harvest hands the Kansas City office will supply. They are coming' from all portioais of Western Missouri anid Kansas farmers continue requests for men. jvssoelated Press Dispatch. Be^prd, .Ind., Jtine ^6.—The great 5trflte|to "thje^ stone <iniarries which FRtEND OF GENERAL GRANT. George E. Townsend, an Old Mississ- » ippi River Pilot, jSuicides—Can­ cer the Cause. ^Vssoclated Press Dispatch. St. Louis, June 2G. —Crazed bypaia resulting from a cancer on 'his.fac^ Captain. George E. 'Townsend, a former steamboat pilot, 70 years; old, hanged himself toda^-. Townsend was a friend of General'Grant and during the civil war served on a river transport. THi MIRKETS BY TELEGflllPH Associated Presi Dispatch. Kansas ©ity, June 26.—Cattle—200, strottg. Native steers, $3.75@5.10; cowS- and heifers,/i2@4.35,- stockera and Vfeeders. $3@4.2P; bulls, $2.50® 3.75;^ calves, $2.5b@6.40. Hofes—6.000. strong to 5 higher. Heavy, $5.40@55;. packers, $5.35@60; medium, $5.45@60; light. $5.3^(^55; yorkfrs. $5.45@55; pigs, $5.35@55. Sh^ep—500, strong. Muttons,: $3.30 @o.ii: Iambs, $4.15@6.75. Wheat—July. 72%: Sept., 70; cash, No. 2; hard, 76^77; No. 3. 72@)73; No. 2. red. 77@7S; No. 74@75. Com—Jiily, 49-%; Sept.. 46%; cash, No. 2; mixed. 54^'A; No. 3, 55. Oats—No. 2, white, 48%049. Rye—$2.50. Hay—Choice .timothy, $13.50@*14; choice prairie. $11. Butter—Creamery, 17(9! 19; dairy, fancy, 16. Eggs—Fresh. U^A. , Receipts of wheat, 8 cars. • St. Louis, Jtme 26.—Cattle—3,000. Beef sieers, $4#5.20; sfockcrs and feeders, $^'5 4.25; cows and heifers, $2.25(g4.60. Hogs—4.500. Pigs, light, $5.65@80; packers. .$5.75'gS5; biitchcrs, best heavy, $.5.75,^90. Wheat— N;O . 2, red, cash track, 87%; July, 87-, SciU., 81%@%; No. 2, hard. S0@82. Corn—No. 2, cash, 52%; track, 53% 11)55;: July, 51%; Sept., 51. *- Oat.s—No.-2, cash, 40; track, 42@43;' Jul}'. 49; Sept., 34%; No. 2, white. 47.^" Pork—$16.20. Lard. $8.10. I^ael—Firm, $4.02%. Spelter-Firm, $5.50. Chicago, June 26.—Cattle—3,000. Native steers, ^1^1.25(95.50; stockers and feeders, $2.75(0)4.75; cows and heifers, $1.60 (ri ;4.8Ci. Hogs—15,000. Top, $6.10; bulk, $5.85@5.95. Butter—Creamery, 16@21;' dairy, ]5%(?-».« n ^fis -iU^Aimm. - Wheat—Jul.v, 82%; oh}, .83; Sept., S0"#i^; old, 80.%; Dec. 78%; old, 79%. May 81. . • Corn—June. 50%; July, 71«/4; Sept., JVM; Dec.. 4.r»%; May, 49%. Oatii—June, 42^,; July, 43; Sept., .•M%(fi%j Dec, 34%; May, 30%. Pork—July, $15.80; Sept.. $16. Lard—July, $8.27%; Sept., $8.42%; Oct.; $8.37%; RNELL STILL TIE EHORITE BOAT RACES AT POUGHKEEPSIE SCHEDULED FOR LATE THIS AFTERNOON. Clear Skies Favor the ' Racers and Spectators—Crowds Slimmer Than Usual. SEE ABOUT MERCHANTS' BRIDGE. Government Understands It is Part of St, Louis Terminal System Jn . • Violation of Law. • Associated Press Dlsiiatch. St. Louis, June j26.—Tho ITnited States engineer, in charge of the;TiYC.r improvements' at St.: I/>ul^, received instructions today i^rom the war ^e- I>artment to investigate the published charges that the pJerchants' hridge is part of the. St. Louis terminaj riil- -way association, ui yiolation of? act of; congress authorizing the li^dge. As.';<>clated Pre.<!s Dispatch. Poughkcepsie,' June 26,—Cornell is still the favorite for the three races to be run this afternoon. Clear skies and the first sun in tw^enty days favored the racers and spectators^, The crowd at the hotels this morning were the slinimest in years, possibly because the races are not to be riin till late in the day. The four oared race is scheduled to start at 4 o'clock, the fresh- med eight oared race at -4:45, and the varsity pight oared race lit 6 o'clock. TRREE JiEGROES LriiCRED • " I • THEY WERE IN PRISON CHjARGED ' WITH KILLING A WHITE MAN. ' Mob at? Newton, Ga., Took;Thern From jaif Last Night, Hanged Them —Riddled Bodies With-Bullets. Associated Press Dispatch. . Albany, Ga., June 26.:r-Three ne- grots, Garfield McCoy. Geo. McKInhey and W^ley Jones, who killed F.'S. Bullard, a white man, last week, were tal^en from jail at Newton, twenty miles south, last night and lynched, tho jailer being overpowered. The men were hanged to a tree and the bodies- riddled with bullets. iTHE KENTUCKY yyAY. t Judge Cardwell, Who Fined Jackson, i Ky., Fuedistsi Threatened With • h ' Assassination. ;- Jackson, Ky.. June'. 26.—Judge Cardwell. who last week fine^ two men cl^ed with firing Gaptoin Ewen^s [.hotel. has been 'threa.t^n#d wtthj aa- itio

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