Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 7, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1889
Page 2
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azette. IN c;;ovnM:i> ICT.::I-TI\ 0. * H. !,. .ii.iHN", I'uWHhcn ami Vr.ipHetorH. MOTE THAN A f\''LL!CN Pi.".O!-i-li LIVE ' I \ffev . 5<i» pt«. I IVr Year.— ?n. |v I'liu 1ili«r. SATUI'.DAY, SF.ITF.Ml!!-:n 7. North Dakota will be the first state in (he Union to provide for a state system nf industrial school training. "The lamentable truth is," writes a Canadian statistician, "that we are growing men for tho United States." li- Dirr.-ienee l!,-Mve.-M \'i:ll-l.!l'-nl I I "< — nntt r.'1'.-nUiUt lieu:-.:-_.'• ••'".-. f.' 1 .,'":.'...V ''.1 ter Iliil ~->- inn uitli OICIICIM-. lul- (in () ll-il .p..,n; We take pleasure in announcing a New Serial Story by that Prince of Story Writers, John Habberton, author of 'Helen's Babies," Etc. The opening chapters will appear Wednesday, September 11. . Don't fail to read it. . . - d nnd.'i- r M" • •rv . '::• Buffalo Dill, Chnmiccy M. rvpew ami Tom Ellison—what a trio of~£rrat men to bo at one banquet in one city, ami that city Paris! 1 The jail in which John L. Sullivan wn.= Imprisoned in Mississippi will hereafter be the Mecca of tourists. It will be ns great a relic as the house in which (Icn Grant was horn. Sacrr-d will he ll> maty padlock ami iron bars. The hugo lines which thiMiictropulitaii journal displays in iu< columns are. now called very appropriately a "scare head."' In many instances Ui \y might klso be called u scarecrow, from the fact that there is nothing in them, or under them. n-ide did''-., ment le ii--' the l-'lHl'l- f» eaeh lenan! nhile in II paid t<j th"and for nbv liiut for tli [1,-intt- of tl)' of a elas-- " .»le<jane],'s I ' Ir I- I l.'l! Ii' l'-.e|s ' I. i:, I hat I- IVIP lient b-Hl--' 1 her kno'v • f ,f pf.. rT.Mli 1.1.-.'-.- !'.:' A o-n-ii- wa. talv-n In tb.- 1 Vork ..f nil III-- p.-r-oii- livin.. h.'Uses; that K in wtint nn; u< tenemer- l:.'ii-->. an.I ii" 1 111 ' by tin- li-ll-r el.i-s ol p.-o:.!e. nient lion- -. l!i.'ii, "f i-. li..-li-1' 1 tin- popnla< l"!i i- o»-r !.!'•>•'.'' -.'I'll.'.I? 1 .' f-nnlb'-s. M my "I I" 1 what are call'-d "double.I.-.-... i- j hall in liif o-nter u:'d 1 ''H' '..:.>-]•,:<•!.• ii "'.I-IM 1 fully <:; ••! '.'.'i:: ..! the .]>:!.'• i-i -I- •-!" tnereha i:t v !;•' i-- fen-i'd r[-<"ii:'-i • .. wh^ tr;:- : - him i-; his ir.'iie • 'I'.niil book beei-.-M"^ p:-d profe>.-ii'H-il m. i u yer — always gi t-: upi>n a d-.i.' lions l'' ; >| mind in;'.!*. brings alm that i-an I r ' -IT ; ;.-•. in ^. luijipy- ....• I'i'f.-t''!! isas care- i',-; \\itll referenco to HiN :n the innnlvent i;':: i. n: 1 .; a li^t of [ire'!'!: • -. r«:.'iT or butcher .>;'! i, li\i. ly to want for ti'." i'J; "ii i he aeeoiuU e .-unl illegible, but the the (Ic-etnr or the law- gi t-: hi:- m-Miey. lie looks r v. iiiia K!:id of silpersti- l. 'The silill'lieity of -his hint an tineamiv being -who \voin.liTfiil re.-.ults by means "i -t <if bupematural. tle ..i.- - ..1 N'-w in 1- neipi lit er.-id.v called Ml-. oi-i-Upil-ll :'.!'.. ' - Mr. Henry Wattersou say* a nil.' strictly enjoined on all the attaches uf Ihe Courier-Journal is never to flir' with a fool or fight with a cripple, and It is a rule by which tin; o:lUor-in-chi"i regulates liU own condui-t. Fortunately for the gallant Louisville editor then.»re a great many ladies who are nut tools. . Rev. Washington Gladden might have snown he could not talk down Layman Gunton in the gr.-at debate on trusts in Ihe Chautauqua assembly, fiiinton wa: I journeyman barber before he became KD orator. In fact, that is said to behovv ,he learned to be an orator. The barber who cannot outtalk even such a preacher as Rev. Mr. Gladden is a very poor specimen of the craft. 1 " Crippled Confederates. There is something that appeals with MI infinite pathos to every humane person in the thought of the. thousands of disabled and crippled Confederate KH\• diers who are left stranded wrecks upon the shores of the new' south. For them there are no soldiers' homes and no pensions, unless their own states provide them. Undoubtedly private, subscription north and south would aid largely in establishing soldiers'homes for Confederate veterans. Hut it has been suggested that individual states can do easily what no other agency can in the passing of state laws giving pensions to crippled soldiers who wore the gray uniform. Prosperity has returned to the south in greater measure than il knew before the war. Wealth is pouring into it rind new life is regenerating it. An excellent thing in the midst nf this new found prosperity would be to provide for the scarred veterans who have no hope and no flit tiro in thi.-i world. floor, sud ai height. Tin- lints ii ,in.l tin- rent In tin--'- Inn i>« in;; tn ill'.- in-p." niiil in many i;:-i:'.] Ib.'in the jilnnibin : vnti! houses thai paid that- till' i.l'-a!l holl-es t !mn in I he from four !•• lie will lirin;,- hi-- l;i>t fifty cents to a doctor whom i:" has i mployeil und force it iiiiiin him. wh-.-iher ho wants it or not. "Take i!. Im^s." sa; s . he; "I'll bu hoodooed if you don't take it." The lawyer is also nvir-lod « iih awe because of his im steri--iis connection with the powers of the law, and in most cases has little trouble in collecting his fees.—Washington Critic. THE MARKETS. Hut th'.'s.! UH'Ilt h«U.-"S ill^S UOt 01 but altered HI-S, are apt eoml'ortalilt. 1 tenement district i- -milii nnil east nf fVcond avenll. ler, Ijiidlow, Hay.-H-il n;-..| 1" '[ '.I f Toulpkm~>qi!;u-i- , and in lx-'.t M I•!•••! r- and ill imiiib"r, a pa- :::•'• the rear, aii'l b.- e!. 1'hi; ".is for l:mo,"_«,md »:!>» I l:i"-. c^ and w II-Mi^li he|-i> |n escapi- hoard of h.-alth that of a hl;-:li l-l-ick wall at of No. II. ti. ci'.is" lip The Suminor Youiiff Man. This 'slimmer, at one of tho most popular seaside resort.s on the Atlantic ' coasl. tho dam-in;.; hall »van full of gay couple- ono evcniii'; spinnin;; • around to tin- rhythm of a Slrau:i.-( u-altz. A philo. o phcr who \^•a^ t'urion ; to know the nu'ii bcr'of present count ".1 and foum! only ono small, thin creature in niasculin--- habiliments ainon;^ all tho throne;. Threst vyi'i-.. 1 !,'irK u-o-ivn ,-uid cliildn .1 "MeiJ"lJ:ite"Ua'iiciii'5r H'S"ii~i'ntc i 7-Tin-il~doTl7r' out of it when po-isiijle. especially in \\->\ weather. Hut thin would not suflicioiif !.account for thu absfiu-i; of youiiK m- altogether from Kiimmer wateringplacs •• In truth, ibe ili-;appi;arani;o of tie 'Btlmoier yon;i^ man has beoomo a seri ous and perplexiii-j; r|ui.'.sti'.m. Girls. sweet, pretty la.s<e,-f. too, bless thorn! pack their trunk.-) with .enough han 1 Borne clothes to wear a ne.w gown every day. They {rn to tht' 1 summer resort : wear tlieir pink and bluo and canai> colored-robi-3, and wait for tho walk- and dances, tho pleasant flirtations ami the decpur lore aituiro that huvo always been considered the duo of tho Kumrnei girl. But tho summer young man docs not' appear. Tho girl waits with the dull di.s appointment of one who looks daily foi the letter that never cornea. At the end of the season she packs up her pretty gowns and goes homo declaring she has "not had a bit good time." One reason alleged for tho disappearance of eligible young men from the watering place is that they can no longer afford to go. It is naid tho summer hotel ratea are so exorbitant that nobody but the tnillionairo's son can alTord them, counting in t'uo ico cream for the summer girl. The rest must stay at homo and attend to business. Hut thid again doeanot sufficiently account for it. There never before, was BO much wealth in tho country as there is at present, and, naturally the young man lias his bharo of it. The melancholy truth must be told that the young man no longer cares for watering places. Ho prefers to gather a number of pleasant companions of hia own EQX and go off for a stag party, ^"g bicycle tours, jolly fishing aud hunting parties, camping out for week* in tho woods, (x'deMrian I rips through the mountains, rough flannel garb, with no sii^gi'stion of an evening ilre*» in his ;7ri|)3iick—this id whiit U> OOIJM.W of the auiuiuor young man. Krt'«v «k>rn, oaS'.Jssir air and the companiiifwhip sit nwrry g<xxt fellow* of hU ov.ii «a.n UxiiiuU'iy reioru delight for him (baa afior gUln ul ttw «?a»»-So. To 15 iu» siiyrr jrobuat t,kU'.t tu*uily. it .i-i«t u* wim'ti tif» suiu- Ihe neighborhood of liixter street. I hit none of these l-nomeiit houses are so^.' as --oni" of tbu hig apart IIH :ii bou^i.-s ii(i!o..-. n. 'I'm. 1 bi^^est teneut'-nt, kno\vu as "tli.- bi ; t'at," iinil r'linniiis from Eli/.-ibelli. to MoU : H-I--I. was proliably th^larp'st tem'irieni bon^' in the eity. In it. were j;atberi'd p-.-npl • ol all naiinn-ili ties and religious, au-l "f IM i\ !i ;iou un.| n.. morals. But this buil-iiiiL-, \vns lakcn ilo,\n find now a bi;^ mniiut'a 11 ! linn.; ivtaK. .1 o! llll> its [ilaci". Oi'tiMi un.ler. oin- unmli'-r an- Ineluili-d four nr llvi! lion-;.;, in mi all.-;, v. nv . four Hats, and inln nn-of Me--.- MI: ill, besiili-s Ihe family, ivill be erowdi'd .-i-vi-ral boarders, V\'|K i--e small sum for I or I'vi;; \\i£, or hoih, helps defray Ihe i.'xpensi-s of llu- rent. "I)O.NO\'AN'S I.AMi;.' - .Such a community is at No. U r.axt'M street. Entering at, Ibi-i led to the Hire,- houses in yond them into 1'earl sir merly called "Donovan' fuvorite Ihonmnlif.-in- for eliaraeti.M's, \\ ho ran thrt tho police, [t. \vas t'tif b'i sugRested the.liui! tho bouses in the i this thoroujihtnre, and it. ua. do: excellent repreMaitation . if t In- - pi .1 In "PiijiHV'that «"n.s played soine In ono seent! Raimy Davenport I snow storm and sinks do\v:i at the eo ono of these rear buildings. Th.-i'e probably, only a fi-\v \\lio saw that pi know that Ihe -emery was an i-xaet. e ii portion of a I'liixtei- si reel, tunemeiit No. 14 now includes live hou^-s, tin- hi>u.-,- on tho street lining the lar^i-st of ihvm. Il i- flve stories hi^h, about -.'i fivt. front nnil e'i deep, and i.s oceupiei* ehii'tly by Italians. In theso five hous'-s d\vel! -Hi (ler.-oiib ov«'i '• ycairs of ai;e ami thirty-thrt-e inider a yeai--^ iimkiin; IL total of.-JT'.I, mid only four . deaih- havo oeciirred here illiriir-; I he past, Noa. ;«, :;.'>. and :;?• r.axtel- slr.-et are II.. ftvera^jo tenement liousc, and wt-re bail! by Buddensiek, but it u'ns uo4 nnlil alli-r h .sold them thai I h.) plumbing ',va , loiind d.' fectivu and the walls ivere u'on'l":ii:u-.l. 'l';i.. board of health too!; ihrni m hand, aud n>.\* they are as healthy n^ the ..Ih'-i- houses nn.l ijuito as full, loinr ^one, iil^h, \iilh t..:n llaU ol) eqeh lloor. t hey ^neeoinnioi^oV .^i x t-ueu families. are very small li^ures eompaie.l 1'- tho big apart ment bou^-s. Tile lar r ;e build lug onlli.-d Ihe Dakol.-i, that overlooks Ceu tral park, eniitaiiKs hixty-lhroe iiparlmenls which aeeomni.'dale about, nine hundred per ions, and tile hou-e is full. Tin. 1 ei^ht .\:i varro buildin:;--, thai, contain from thirteen to sixteen aparl meal s eaeh, havn aceoui'ao dutions for |-j:. families. Tiie II,-i wthorne. with its ei^hl .-lories, eonlain-, sixteen llnls, and the'(.)sbo!-ne. eleven stories bi/'i. contains neiu-ly double that number. Tho (irenohle. seven stories in lieixht, contains over t went'. flats, and the SLrathinore. \\ith its niie stories, shelters eighteen f.imilies. Small towns in them^elve-,. liies.i lij^ Inlllijin;;^ migbt b« called, but lenement bousi.y. the\ are. And se.attercd about, tin, eiiy .ire in ULUUerable small hoils.'-i i il' live or six stories, eontjiinin^ two lints on each Hoc,;-, .-m a pl.-m closely restjiiililin^ tho better el.-is-; (if Lea.- "niiMit bouses.—Ne^v York Star. I.lll- sti/eker: - v :;.r,n,i ) p •:i.'«e l.ini •r'-amery, I . Xllll! Hl'lll k l-,-..|.V pi l'o|:'lt.M-s . I.Ti per I.I nf ailnlt inlmlps onn In eaeh resriiralio .bit of air. A man res-pin's sixteen to twenty tlmos a ninnte, or ureiity tliou^and times a day; a -hilil, twenty-live to thii-i.-y-ftv" time<;'n minute. ^VbiIe standing, tho ndnlt respiration IK went v-t 'Vn ; \\hite lvin:4, tliirtfvn. Tho siip'-rficial surface of the lungs, L e., of heir nlveolar spaee>i. is t wo hundrivl squaro rards. Tlio amount uf air InsjiireJ in twenty-four lours is ten llionsnivt litres (about t«n thon- sand qnnrtsl. Tho nnvunit of oxytjen absorbed in twenty four hours is live hundred litres (744grammes), ind tho amount of carbonic ncid expired in tho snmo time, four hundred litres 1011.5 rammcs). Two lairds of tho oxygon absorbed in twenty-four hours is absorbed during llm nijiht hours from 0 p. m. to 0 n. m. Tbreo-IU'ths of the- total carbonic ncid is tin-own otr in the day time. Tho pulmonary surfaeo gives off one hundred and fifty grammes of waU-r daily in th« state of vapor. An adult, must have at least three hundred and sixty litres of air nn hour. The heart sends-through tho lungs eight hundred Hires of blood hourly, and twenty thousand litres, or live thousand gallons, daily. Tho ilnration of inspiration is 5-1'J, of expiration T IM, of the wholo respiratory act; but dnriu;: sleep inspiration occupies 10-12 of the respiratory period. — Hall's Journal of. Uenlth. - . A Sour AfJalr. Mudgo—Did you hear ntiont Smlthera' mother-in-law? Budge—No; didn't know ho was married. Muifgo— He isn't, lint t hey'veatlaehcd Lili iT'crnr factors' —D.rake's riia^'.-.-.'.iiio. My stock of cigarg and tobacco is not to be beaten by any m this city. The entire stock is new and is worthy of inspection by the loyers of the weed. Give im a call aud I can 8how_this to De a fact. BRUCE KISSEL, 75 to Opposite N. Carpenter's. Chnrrh Notices. Grace Episcopal church, corner 1st nvcnue anil 4th street, closed. Sunday school at 0:-I5 a. m. Services In tl-e Broadway M. E. church ,-u 10 : .10 a. rn., anil 7:30 p. m., conducted liy Hie pastor, Rev. J. R. Hamilton. Hunrt.-vy school at 12 in Services at tho English Lutlieran church tomorrow at 10:30 a. m. and 7 :.TO p m'. conducted by tho rastor, Kev. E. Krown. Sunday school at 12 m. Services at tho Christian church at 10:30 a. m. and7-.3J p. m., conducted by the pastor, Kev. Andrew Scott. Sunday school at 12 in. S.O.I!. 8t7p. in. Services at the 4th Street M. E, church at 10:80 a. m. and7:30 p. m.. conducted by tho pivator. Dr. J.B.Robinson. Sunday school at 12. in. Young People's meeting 0:30 p. m. Services In tho Presbyterian church tomorrow at 10 .<5 a. m. and 7:30 p. m , conducted by Rev. W. H. Hunter, of Clinton, 111. Sabbath acfiool at 9:45 a. m. 8. O. E. atd:30 p. m. Services In St. Patrick's Catholic church tomorrow, conducted by tho pjstor, Kev. r. McMahon. First Mass, 8:30. High Mass 10:30. Sunday school 2:30. Vespers and Benediction 3:30. Services at the Congregational church at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. in., conducted by the pastor, Rev. Martin Tost. Evening subject: "How to Lend a Hand." S. C. E. at 6:45. Bible school at 12. Services In the Evangelical cliurch, corner o 5th street and 5th avenue, at 10:30 a. in. and 7:30 p. in., conducted by the pastor, Rev. A. Heafele. Sunday school at 0:10 a; m. Yolmg people's n eetlng at 0:30 p. m. Services In the Church of the Sacred Heart tomorrow, conducted by the pastor, Hov. II. M. Ffgers. FirstMauatS.OO. . HlghniassatlO:00. Sunday school at 2:00 p. m. Vespers and sacramental benediction at 3:00 p. in. Services In the Baptist church-to morrow at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m,, conducted by tho pas tor, Bey. F. A. Gregory. Sunday school at 12 in. General prayer meeting at 6:00 p. m. Young people's prayer meeting Tuesday evening at 7:»). A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. • h. ill it it • t n l,:C iniM-l Va-h. :, liil..-!-, l; : ' e. mix' il f ash. I) luhcr, ;.!!:-. n.,i: I'ork-. in-lel. l.anl •:lli willi\'.]-y :-;o\-.' • 'I'tl.' eonillli'll :ll um'ominoniy \M-;tl; ut :t deeli li'.,j :e t - '() lot! 1!.s; n:lli^•|• strei-s. -:\. 'i's; Texalis ami rangers, ^r.'.--!!-. an'l l.amh---A'tritle lirtni-r 1'or Bteaiiy for sheep; lambs, r, 1 j..'7'M" :>>.i'y,4i'.ir. Ib>t."s Dull and lower; .Sheep lambs; sheep. STATK OF IUiI>OIS, I WIIITKHIDE COtlNTT, ) 111 (Mrcuit Conrt of Whittwido Couuty, to October Term, A. I)., 1WJ. Albert Doecher 1 VB. > In Chancery. Jennie Hooolipr, ) Allldavil of the non-reRidence of Jonnio ot'uhor, defendant above named, Imvjne; been filed in the oflice of tho Clerk of the Circuit Court of Whitesido Connty and State bf Illinois, notice in hereby given to the said Jennie Beechor, that the above named complainant heretoforcjtiled his bill of complaint in paid court, on the chancery side thereof, aud that a summons thereupon issued out of paid court against the above named defendant, roinrnablo on the first day of the term of tho Circuit Conrt of said County, to be held at the Court llouoe in Morrison, in said Whiteside County, on the third Monday of October, next, (^IBWI) as is by law required, and which suit is still pending. LAUREN E. TUTTLE. Circuit Clerk. - T "^* yjy ' J We have the largest line of Fall Dress Goods in the city. Everything new. No last year's stock, but direct from the manufacturer. Now Henriettas, in Black and while, stripes, checks, plaids, and all of tho latest colors. New Tricots, in large plaids, stripes, checks and plain colors. Brilliantine Alapacas at 25 per cent less than any merchant can buy them for. . - ' Mohairs, in all colors, at 12^, 15 and 20c per yard. 50 pieces of 5-i inch Tricots at 49c per yard. 40 pieces of Black, All Wool Henrietta, 40 in. wide, at 45c per yard. 1000 yards of German Blue Prints at Cc per yard. Ladies' Sailor Hats, 25c each. • - - flit) ni-tiiiuiit-r'H ICnsv. A short tinio n;;n, n dniiiiiin.'i- from abroad called uta Iljin^or livery i^tnlilo nntl vvimte*! a double teuin for a ten 'lay's trip into tho country , and (,li« stably man ri.-fus(sl t<i let him one on tho grouinl that bo u-ttsu stranger. Thero was much ilisiiussion over the niat'u-r and tlnally the drummer suid: "\V)uit is your team worth!" "Four hundred nnti fifty dollars, " WILS tho roply. "If I pay you that sum for It, will you buy it back n^ain when I ru- turn?" asked tbo customer, ami upon r.-c-eiv ing an alllrnmtive rejily, be promptly put U|i tb« ciush. Ten days later ho returned and driving into the stable, Im nii^bietl and en tercnl tiro ol'li'e, raying, "Well, hero is your team and now I want my money buck," The 1 Biun was jiu.ssci.l to himnnd h(^ luruol und n-as louvilig tb* \iiiico when the livery man eull-.-d out, "Look hero, aren't, you ;;oiuj; to settle for that toaiHj" "For u hat te:i:n('' iu-l,uU Ibt.- drununi-r, in a MirpriM'd l4jii(.-. "l'\ r the one you just brought b:u-k.'' "'\Vfll, 'now,' drawlc*! file drumni''r, -'\ini aren't fool viinn^li t» think that I would p:iy n^ for th^.' ami lii> fi*-t-.— of my OH,i property I; tin: llll t of ll.e |,)|, .1- I'nminel ial II Will M.|-i,l li,i- 1)111 ;i P'. 7. --.I..',m c.nriH, :n li.-ll lavitilu loeolltest 111 • See Our New the Latest and at cut Large Linen Napkins 85c a dozen. We sliall place on sale this week J. Aiotloe. The Sterling Gas & Electric Lt. Co. respectfully inform the public that it is now prepured to wire houses _anr] stores for the incandescent light; and make the offer to all persons subscribing before the completion of the line and plant, that the outfit according to our rules and regulations will bn furnished free. For further Information call at our oflice. 02-35 tf JOIINClIAHTEU.Ser.l'y. EGIN with Chapter I, and you will not fail to follow lo its close, tho story I Country Luck, John Habberton, Soon to tie Published in this Paper. MILWAUKEE BEER. "Select." "Export" "Bohemian" and- "Later Beer." (Mao the "Beat" Tonic extract of malt and hops) WAUKEGiXN ALE AND PORTER, in kpgs and cases. Opposite (J. H. & Q- Depot, l-iocnut Htreet, A GLANCE Tbrorgh onr stock of cloths will be a revelation to you. Enough of the extremely fashionable in fancy plaids to meet the taste 01 those who cnre to wear them. Plenty of the plain solid colored for dress, and old age, with a great variety of the neat, qjiiet things that most men choose.. The attractiveness of our goods is mirrored in the radient srnilcs ol our patrons, and shown in their tasteful apparel. JACOB EISELE Mnrohant Tailor AYER'S JAYNE'S HERRICK'S WARNER'S CARTER'S WRIGHT'S &c,. STRICKLER'S. MORSE'S TUTT'S PINKUAM'S RAD WAY'S SCHENCK'S PIERGE'S &c.,.. MONDAY, SEPT. 9. 25-ARTI8TS-25. Look lit the list: . FHED MALCOLM. Tlio Great l/emale Impersonator. BILLY LACLEDE, The Greatest Orator. HARRY 8HUNK. Comedian of Johnson & Slaving ED. IIORRAN, The Fancy Clog A rtlst. FRANK SMITH, The Funny Specialist. HARRY WEST, The Musical Oddity. F1TZPATRICK & JOSLYN. orTuatcuer Primrose & West. J3USH '& QUEEN. of Haverly& Cleveland's. The SHARP 33ROS., ol Dockstaders, and others too numerous to mention. The Mem Hlngera. The Best .Dancers, :ll_The__Beijt_ comedian*. Only The Bu«t ot Kverythlne- — TUESDAY, SEPT 10. GUS. J. HEEGE'S COMEDY AWVKI/TY, OLE OLSON," IN FIVIO ACTS. The first Amerk-an Coinody D ma ever written with a Scandinavian part as the central figure. OLE OLSON, "bane en dees kontry wan yare femt mout and B»X vake. Gus J. HEEOE Thofollowlne specialties will bo Introduced Incidental to the play: "Yuniplng Ylmlny," (Dlulect 8»ng with Dance.) "Papa, Sweet Mamma and M«." (by perml«slon) Swedish Song-aad Dlaltict Itecltatlons, (!u«. J. HoeEe. Irish SOUKS and Dance i (Ii cludin); the L-reat Irish song, McCarty) lliinjo Holos, Comic I'ano- nuna Jj'ctura, Jay Minims. Topical Bongs and Kecltntlons, Miss Lois Clark. Eccentric Dances, Gto lianilolph. AZACK, the Egytian Jugler, in New ancLStartlmgJFeat8._ The Great Laughing Hit, "When Johnny Gets Johnny Gets His Gun HKEGE, SIMHia & CLARK. SUMMER PRICES Seats GS cSs SO cts. Ol3.ild.rorL 25 ots. OD us for in Dress Ginghams, at 10o per yard. Also 1000 yards of New Extra Wide Blue Prints at 9c per yard. Call and SEE and HE ConvincEd , That we can save you money on ' anything you buy trom us. NEW YORK STORE, Originator* of Low I'rict-a, Academy of Music Block. -v Black Arnmre Royal Silk, 20 in. wide, at $1.00 per yard, worth $1.50. 3-4 Bleached Linen Napkins at $1.25 per doz.; cheap at $1.75. 56 inch Turkey Red Damask, fast dye, warranted, at 25c, worth 40c. LADES' JERSEY VESTS, Long Sleeves, 35tf worth 50c. • All Linen Grape Towels, 26x45 inches, 25c. Turkish Tidies, lOc. Royal Worcester Corsets 85c, worth $1.25. Best value in the city. ' 4-Button Genuine Kid 'Gloves, Fall Shades, $1.00, worth $1.50. f e Sell Everything No Auction Lots. No Shoddy, N. CARPENTER & CO.

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