Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 18, 1998 · Page 14
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 14

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1998
Page 14
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14—WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1998 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Time out Newsday Crossword GEARING UP by Patrick Jordan Edited by Stanley Newman Retirement is not all that bad Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from "Just About Had It in West Va.," the woman whose husband had retired. She said he stuck to her like glue and watched every move she made. You said, "This isn't retirement. He sounds mentally ill." When a man retires, Ann, he probably has lost the job he held for 30 years or more. He may have been a supervisor, a manager or some other authority figure. Now he is looking for another opportunity that will enable him to feel important. Unfortunately, he is at home, where the job has already been filled ~ by his wife. My father retired two years ago. Mom worries every time he goes to town, fearing he will come home with a new computer, a car or some other lavish item. She counts every dime and tries to save for when the well runs dry. But this is really about control, not money. Mom hides the credit cards. Dad orders new ones. He refuses to take his pills because Mom filled his pillbox. He does the laundry, and she does it over. She nags and complains. He ignores her or says, "I can't hear you." They will never divorce because this is how it has been for as long as I can remember. It's just more noticeable now. But, Ann, every time one of them heads out the door, they kiss each other goodbye.— Their Daughter in South Dakota Dear Daughter: Your parents sound a little like my grandparents — prickly and argumentative but really crazy about each other. Thanks for the memories. Keep reading for more on this subject: ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers: I'd like to comment about that poor woman in West Virginia whose retired husband is driving her crazy. I recently saw a middle-aged man at the supermarket following his wife around, "helping" her pick out the vegetables she had no doubt been buying by herself all her married life. When she left briefly, I brazenly approached the man and told this perfect stranger he should get himself a hobby. Instead of becoming angry, as I expected, he agreed. Just then, his wife approached. He said, "Marie, I've been thinking. I've decided to buy a sailboat." Her reply was "Like hell you will. That money is mine, too." They began to yell at each other, and I slunk out of the store and decided to mind my own business from then on. -Beverly in Centereach, N.Y. Dear Ann Landers: I actually cried when I read the letter from the woman whose retired husband was driving her nuts. I'm in her shoes. It is torture to watch every word you say and every move you make because it might cause an explosion. I contacted our family doctor, and he referred my husband to a neurologist and psychologist for testing, but "Joe" canceled the appointments. He insists he doesn't have a problem. Maybe we women who are in the same boat should form a club. « A Wife in Pa. Dear Ann Landers: I had to respond to "Just About Had It in West Va." My husband retired after 30 years of service with the phone company. The change in his personality was dramatic. He went from a stress-filled, impatient, short-tempered grump to an easygoing, sociable, caring human being. He busies himself with tasks inside the house and out. Tuesdays are for laundry. Fridays, he cleans. When I come home from my full-time job, dinner is on the table. He does all these things without rearranging cabinets, changing brands or making me feel replaced in my own role. For me, his retirement has been a blessing. I consider myself ~ Lucky in Riverton, Wy. Dear Lucky: Keep that four- leaf clover in your shoe, and cross your fingers. I hope it lasts. Do you have questions about sex, but no one to talk to? Ann Landers' booklet, "Sex and the Teenager," is frank and to the point. Send a self-addressed, long, business-size envelope and a check or money order for $3.75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Teens, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562, Chicago, 111. 60611-0562. Eugenia Last CELEBRITIES BQRN ON THIS DAY: Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ursula Andress, Wyatt Earp MARCH 19,1998 Happy Birthday: You'll have high energy and be eager to take on the world. Slow down; you are likely to run yourself ragged this year. Pick and choose carefully. If you spread yourself too thin you'll fall short of your goals and miss out on the accomplishments you can make this year. Focus on your best attributes, put them to good use and you'll find yourself moving in a positive direction. Your numbers: 3, 5, 18, 27, 36,46 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don't hesitate to make career changes. They look positive and profitable. Listen to the advice given by those with more life experience. Disruptions in your home are likely. 3 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): This will not be the day to go shopping or to spend money on others. Your lack of patience will be frowned upon by older and younger family members alike. 2 stars GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Infatuations may be a little confusing. Try to keep your love life in perspective and don't be too willing to commit to someone who hasn't shown you their true colors. 3 stars CANCER (June 21-July 22): Don't let your personal life interfere with your productivity at work. You can make gains if you work well in conjunction with colleagues. Your home environment will be unstable today. 3 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Complete those self-improvement projects that you've been diligently working on in order to improve your self-image and raise your esteem. Social activities should be on your agenda. 5 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Delays concerning mail and shipments are probable. Take advantage of any travel opportunities that arise. Don't try to solve personal problems today. 4 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Friends will bring you opportunities. Don't hesitate to ask for advice or favors. New love interests will surface if you get involved in groups. Your charm will entice possible mates. 4 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Friends and relatives will not be sympathetic today. It is best to keep your thoughts to" yourself. Try to take care of any legal matters that have been hanging over your head. 3 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): You will be in hot water if you have been evading issues regarding your personal intentions. It is best to sit down and open up to the one in question. You will have to be precise. 3 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Someone may not have your best interests at heart. Be aware that secret enemies may try to steal your thunder. Be blunt when dealing with your boss. Don't get taken for granted. 3 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Don't hold yourself back by refusing to get involved in activities that could bring you in contact with important individuals. Stabilize your situation by discussing your future plans. 3 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You will find it difficult to relate to your partner today. Don't try to manipulate the situation. It is best to work on projects that will improve your living quarters. 3 stars Birthday Baby: You are wise beyond your years, always observing what everyone around you is doing for future reference. You are a high-energy little tyke and this can certainly wear your parents and quick to react to anything and everything. Budding writer seems ready to blossom By PRUDENCE HELLER Associated Press Writer At 24, Judy Budnitz has done what many find difficult to do: let her imagination loose. In her collection of short stories, "Flying Leap" (Picador USA, $20), her imagination makes one leap after another with telling effect. She looks at people on a subway train. The man with a pointed face, protruding eyes and dark hair growing down on his forehead in a widow's peak is a "vampire, of course. "He is a mild-mannered, modern-day kind of vampire. ... He casually walks on air, with his hands in his pockets, whistling. It sounds like mourning doves in the morning: ooooh oooh ooooh." He doesn't seriously hurt his victims, usually girls 12 or 13 just leaves a red spot on their necks. Also on this train, a bald man who works as a bartender and is concentrating so hard on a whodunit he's trying to finish that he misses his stop. it He is a mild-mannered, modern-day kind of vampire. -Author Judy Budnitz JJ And an old lady whose paper-wrapped fish is leaking onto the floor and who is going home to give her seven sons a fish dinner - and their legacy. A group of Girl Scouts, fully equipped, leaps off a hijacked plane. The men and women in an art class in the basement of a museum have been left stark ACROSS 1 ProsecutoriaJ aides: Abbr. 5 Golden Boy playwright 10 Pinnacle 14 See 37 Down 15 Physicist from Poland 16 God of thunder 17 Jason's ship 18 Upper crust 19 Orchestral heavyweight 20 Boxer's temporary haven 23 Paint solvent 24 Broad necktie 27 Deuce topper 28 Fast-food store sign 32 Mom's mate 34 Tiny Tim's instrument 35 Appear 36 $$ dispenser 39 Bom Free beast 42 Maritime message 43 "Get lost!" 45 Exodus character 46 Hole's starting point 48 Monopoly property 51 Pesky buzzer 54 Condition 55 Foppish fellows 58 Paury Shore's specialty 62 Baby bed 641996 candidate Alexander 65 Lena of Havana 66 Slimy substance 67 Without _ in the world 68 Counterfeit coin 69 Active person 70 Shows flexibility 71 Thick textbook DOWN 1 Guam's capital 2 Emulate Spielberg 3 Debate-team member 4 Like some spoons 5 Vast quantity 6 Became less keen 7 Guitarist Clapton 8 One-time Yugoslavian president 9 Fortune hunter? 10 Swears (to) 11 Houses of worship 12 Unruly crowd 13 Memorable period 21 Blue shade 22 Denial in Dundee 25 Bestselling cookie 26 Rolaids rival 29 Like some ancient inscriptions 30 1950s campaign nickname 31 Three-piece suit part 33 Television tuner 36 Egyptian vipers 37 With 14 Across, '60s sitcom 38 Emulate Aesop 40"... man mouse?" 41 Sheet-music symbol 44 Fest time in Frankfurt 47 Last on the list 49 Baptist's bench 50 Dancer Villella 52 Danny of Ruby 53 Boring quality 56 Farmland measurements 57 Irish dramatist 59 Divulge a secret 60 Competition 61 Arabian sultanate 62 One way to send a pkg. 63 Kanga's kid Answtr to previous puzzl* mam nmnQHem DEO HOB EjrjrjBHDB HOB v»» **•" . HHaorj 0nnn CIHHB BHa DBEQHa anna BBsa aocinn ana naaaQaa oam HB0na anas nann CREATORS SYNDICATE C 1996 STANLEY NEWMAN mrjQHQQ ana anna onao HQHOCI BHQBnacKDanQ nan HHQ HrjaoHQQ uan ana HQEHUUU ana A new turn for Earth as TV star?! By FRAZIER MOORE AP Television Writer NEW YORK - As the networks feverishly develop new series for next season, Al Gore is pitching a TV program of his own. The vice president's proposal: a round-the-clock video image of Earth, beamed from a satellite a million miles away. It would display an entire hemisphere of weather conditions, cloud formations and planetary togetherness. It would be an all-embracing response to that familiar question, What on Earth is going on? Gore said last week he could give viewers the world for as little as $20 million, a price that wouldn't buy NBC more than four weeks of Jerry Seinfeld. Of course, Gore's plan raises many questions. Would everyone on Earth have to join the Screen Actors Guild? What if Rupert Murdoch snapped up exclusive rights, then charged us not only to watch Earth but also to live here? And how do you keep everyone from waving at the camera? With networks poised to announce new series starring old favorites like Mary Tyler Moore, Arsenio Hall and the Olsen Twins, you can imagine the industry's excitement at landing Earth. No wonder the prospect of Earth as a star put TV honchos into orbit. For a fleeting moment, they seemed to think the world of the idea of the world. "No doubt about it," one network exec told colleagues during a conference call, "Earth's got global appeal." "Built-in name recognition." "We're talking about the mother of all shows - Mother Earth!" "I suspect this is the project Tom Selleck was looking for the whole time, and then he goes and settles for a sitcom playing an advertising man." "What a world!" "Now, if this is gonna work, we'll need a catchy name." "I like 'As the World Turns.'" "How about The Big Show'?" "Anybody for '3rd Rock from theSun'?V,.,,r.. : -.,-iv,;-- -•.. • •••'•:. "The right title is a snap, it's the hidden costs that could sink us. I heard somewhere the world took six days to create. Once we're up and running, there's no room in the budget for more than five." "But wait a minute - is a sprawling, epic drama really the ticket? That Ann-Margret western was an instant floperoo." "I know what you mean. Earth may be a little passe. The viewer says to himself, What does this have to do with me?" "Heaven, the metaphysical, the occult - that's where the action is on TV. These days, the world is a little too - er, worldly." "I guess Earth could really be vulnerable to counter-programming." "Yeah! 'Sabrina' or 'Buffy' they're more dangerous than asteroids." "And Earth's story line could get a little predictable, too, don't you think? Just goes round and round." "Predictability never hurt 'Murder, She Wrote.'" 2$ "That reminds me: Earth's££ likely to skew old. How do we3g| draw younger viewers?" ^ "Easy. Sign Yasmine Bleeth in>$ a featured role." jj&j "Yeah? And then how do we>£ pick her out of 6 billionextras?" ''!-> "I'm thinking Earth needs a-*?; whole new look to click witK^i" viewers. It's just too blue, too;*** round." •>*" "So we'll bring in an art direc- -• tor to do a little tweaking." "It's not fast-moving enough! -Can't you make it spin faster?" "Will it stop for commercial breaks?" " : .; ; "Another pitfall is the talent. I.-,* keep remembering Brett Butler.;;' 1 " Sure, Earth's always been a.;'-, trouper. But a little success in'.-; series TV, and it'll start throwing ";\ its weight around." ,-'l> "Then it will want to quit and '•'"••> go do movies. And where are we? \C. t We can't exactly run right out and L" replace it with Jimmy Smits." "I'm worried about the vio-,'-'". lence. What if Earth gets slapped .'^ with a parental advisory?" "Besides, nuclear weapons are still the rage, and some nut-job like Saddam Hussein could ruin everything." , "Think we should talk to ' him?" -;,i "Sure. Offer him a fee and-;: executive producer credit if he ~; promises to lay off." "On the other hand, maybe we \ should hire him to blow us all to • ] smithereens." '.^ "That's the best idea yet! The.V end of the world! We'll promote it; ••, for Sweeps!" ',;. naked, their clothing and possessions gone. "Average Joe" learns the fleetingness of fame. Then there is the mapmaker who shows lost tourists where to go- He falls asleep and dreams of "dandelions and tiger lilies that roar in foreign lands. In his sleep he reaches out to stroke them, and he knocks over his pot of ink, and it spills all over the map, and all your lives take a glorious, disastrous, unexpected turn." There are laughter and despair in this book, and eyes wide open to the hopes, failures, compassion and cruelty of life. The first story, "Dog Days," is a masterpiece that includes them all. Budnitz is studying creative writing at New York University. Lucky teachers! Lucky readers, too. THURSDAY EVENING 3/19/98 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 BROADCAST CHANNELS (2 QD GD LD CB OD 83 m go) EB Home Imp. jHomelmp. News SB College Basketball News® 700 Club News-Lehrer Single | Martin SB Seinfeld A Frasier A Mad-You Entertain Busted on the Jobl (R) Friends A [Just Shoot New York Undercover Seinfeld A College Basketball: NCAAToum. •• Teams TBA Jeopardy! Fortune [Prey "Veil" Movie: *** "Santa Fe Trail" Business A m "[Paid Prog. Caroline Game Day 10:30 11:00 ••'i '• <' \ • T-3 HHH HHH ;\ NewsH Seinfeld A (Frasier (R) NewsE Movie: **x"Waterworld"(1995)S] Coast Great Performances: Frank Sinatra People's Court A \$\ NBA Basketball: Warriors at Mavericks Home Imp. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. gg Frasier A (Entertain Home Imp. Simpsons News CABLE CHANNELS AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA I PREru MAX SHOW (5:00) Movie: "The FBI Story" ® One Night [Laugh Wings "The MiG Story" Growing Brotherly Daily Show Seinfeld A Simpsons Home Imp. Hercules-Jmys. Movie: "The Great Ameri Busted on the Jobl (R) Deep Space 9 Movie: ** ;ii)MBilB!ai!E ***"Thunderhead Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) Movie: "Plppi Longstock Figure Skating World Championships Exhibition. Carol Bnt. Last Word Supermkt Figure-Out (:01) Movie: Carol Bnt. Baseball Debt Tiny Toon er Benny Hinn Children Paid Prog. M'A'S'H.TootsieandGod Xena: Warrior Princess can Sex Scandal" New York Undercover Deep Space 9 "White Fang" (1991, Adventure) "Corns" : Son of Movie: ** "Delirious" Wild Discovery: Coyote ng" 'G 1 [•lil^-iilillfcSj Movie: ** snffljMi Real TV A Mama News CopsH Mama Deep Space 9 News "Pin Up Girl" (1944) 1991) John Candy. Strange Movie |(:ZO) Movie: "The Secret Garden" Sportscenter D Roots (R) (Part 5 of 6) El Boxing Ireland vs. United States. (Taped) Intimate Portrait Doug SI IRugrats A **"Dr.Stranae"(1978) (5:05) Thunder D Prime Tune Country A "Flower* in the Attic" Baywatch(R) ABB IUM CHANNELS ijBBCsaa; COS) Movie: Unsolved Mysteries A Alex Mack Masters *** "Total Recall" Today's Country A [Dallas "Jo! Bewitched Awards Strongman Basketball One Night Wings Over Growing •• __ Cheers A News S3 Late Show NewsE Race Week Nichols LAPD DiffWortd Roseanne Vibe Hollywood •• Unexplain Movie: "No Way Out" Laugh he Gulf (R) Growing Daily Show Justice Disney Motorcycle Racing: AMA Supercross Roots (R) (Part 6 of 6) (SI Boxing Rght Night at the Great Western Forum. Movie: ** WonderYr (:01) Sighting 1990), Rachel Ticotin hnEwinglH" Movie: *** "Something About Amelia" Highlander. The Senes [Walker, Texas Ranger "Awake to Danger" (1995) [WonderYr ]s(R)B] HappyDay (:01) Movie (:25) Thunder (R)BB DukesofHazzardA [Love Lucy 700 Club NBA Action Attitudes M.T. Moore ** "Dr. Strange" Prime Time Country (R) Movie: * li "Flowers in the Attic" (1987) Movie: i* "The Maddening" (1995) A SI Country "Twin Stalkinos .1 "v i " > "V . .' ',•* - V 1 * •'1 ' i a '-» "*' *-** i' •a " y --i r. A -..?-,, i^tf L!i^JllHMBM[MMV!!!*A4l'HMIil^^ CSniPITffllilHi^ Movie: *** "La Bamba" (1987) A 'PG-13' (:15) Movie: **s "Houmlttar" (1992) 'PG' Movie: **** "Gigl" (1958, Musical) A 'G 1 Movie: ** "High School High" Movie: ** "The Craft" (1996) Movie: * "Matter: Bloodline" Stargate

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