Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 8.1912. BYRONWiLIiAMS 0>pn1 (bt itU, RMen Ilcmiiaper Cnlop CHAPTER I. , You have telt the thrill of cbase? Your pulses have ma arrow at the yip. yip of the ijoga In close pursuit? You have dashed xuadly OV.T fences, taking the hurdles without regard to personal dztnger as the prey suddenly sprang from Its covert and whisVed swiftly into the IiBKel brush ahead? You—but wait.! F^ncy! Did you over behold ten pretty, tiraclous lithe -limbod young . Women eba^Ing a handsiome man—a .perfect Btranger—through a dogwood '^•wamp, their dresses swirling high above pretty ankles, tlieir baying, shrieks of bjsterical laughter? expected ever to see you ag:;! mortified to death. But 1 *dt ••Catch him! Catch blm!" shrilled •ft Blender blonde to the leading lady ,;^unning ahead with an athletic stride, \ber head and shoulders baclt, her hair illppllug in the vittd. "Get him, Jackie'." panted a rijiv- chous brunette.* close behind. "Darn tb^e narrow skirts, anyhow. I*d like be jB. man long enough to wear—" '. "Oh,' gee—this is—tuo—much for ai»!" and a solidly built blonde with a retrousse nose and a red sweater toprle^ onto, a bed of moss under a tbArnapple tree and gasped for bretfb ttat persisted in cross -clrcnltlng a ''chorus of cWtlcs struggling for freedom. "EYlp-I-Addy-r-Ay-I-Ay r " "Run, glrU. runt" . "Go It!"- , • "Hot foot!" "Whoo—p!" A startled rahblt, aroused from his breakfast of alder.sboofd. snt itp in mazy bewilderment, took one bai^fy glance and bounded away into the marsh grase-es, bis funny little itall bobbing tUraugh the sijuashy places like a meteor of down. Ahead the man was running freely, taking aa occasional swift glance over bis shoulder at the foremost of the foe. One by one the pursuers were falling by the way. their laughter becoming more and more distant. Suddenly the man sWerved behind a great ash along ttie trail and waited. Through the brush behind he heard the leader coming like a wood nymph, j light and airy. The man crouched. She was upon - him now. Agilely he sprang from bis biding place and opened his arms! With a gurgle of surprise, her cheeks as flaming red as the Oriental poppy on a|%inny morning, she collided with his! manly breast. Before she could free herself, the man's 11ns w,ere at hers, sipping the honey wii h an ecstasy :of delisht! "Oh!" she gasped, struggling. "Were you looking for me?" ap\:i6 the man. taking toll again and boiling her close. "But— " she cried. "But—" betwei n kisses. .\ud then with one free h:ind she boxed him soi :ndIy on the ear.' He let her go instantl.v, rubbing his head regretfully. She stood staring at him. her laughter given way to anger. "Sir!" her eyes blazing. "How ilare you?" vXever mind," said the man humbly, "I'll take it back!" coming nearer ami reaching for her slim waist. ' Some lame philosopher has said that a woman with a sense of builior has never been born. refutation, the girl suddenly broke forth into "I'll wait until they cramp," he said determinedly, crouching at a respect- the') able dlFtance. "There nlnt ngoln' to be any core?" podding her gulden head positively and str!v!i:g to keep back the blushes. The man Koemcd Kiiddened. Listen." i-he said soberly. "If i •.:Ui. Id bp don't, I'm going to make a clean breast of it. because," with maidenly modesty, "it served me right!" •He' waited patiently, nodding by way of approbation. "You're the first man that's come np to this forest primeval in five weeks. \Ve were hunting for moccasin flowers when we caujpcht slslit of you. "'Girls! thcre'.s .1 man!" slioiitod Bess Winters—and In a spirit of mischief we set out after you. It was only a Wash of feminine devlllry, that would have died out at cnce—but when you ran—well, it was so funny we ran after vou. I'm something of a sprinter and 1 —I got in the lead—and I—didn't expect you would—would—" Tho man grinned. "'A bird In the hand Is,worth two in the bush!'" be quoted. "I thought you 'd bent 'em—and 1 —but I hear voices. Shall wo run away?" enticingly, ^ "By all means, no," she replied se, verely. ' I "Very well, then, I surrender—to , you."' ^ i The girl shook her head. "I don't want you." ! " "What, after cbaslng me across ; that cunfoiinded swamp!" looking i meaningly at her wet and bedraggled ; skirt. She reddened. "It i ^i a woi!;an'a privilege to reject —even after she has chased a man to cover." "And you stand on your tights?" earnestly, but wifh mirth In his eyes. "I do!" positively. "Why?" ho persisted. "Because!" He bowed profoundly. "I'cfore woman's final and always conclusive reason I seem to accept the inevitable—but do not b6.Afccelved, lair lady, 'things are not alwlys what they seem.'" quoting. "I have caught you fairly on thje first lap. I,, too. shall stand on my rights—the rules \ "How Dire You, Sirr* peals of laugl^ter. backing away from bim until she^: leaned against a tree trunk for support The man kept his eyes on her. "Anyhow." be said finall.v. "I like the game. Who Invtnted .U?" Coming cio.:er. he/reached firth his band and touched her lightly on tho Ann. "Tag!" be cried, and started to run. The gM sat down uncerem )uIoaaly in a ta^igle cf grape vines, j "I had my 2nger« crossed!** sbe pro- tMted—and the nian >4me back, dla- VPOlBtMily. I of the g.ame!" . "Oh. here they are. Come On, girls!" cried an eager voice. One by one nine warm, giggling summer girls came Into view, ranging a galaxy of beauty beneath the green trees. "Did you catch bim, Jackie?" cooed the brunette. "Did you?" The golden haired one dropped ber eyes. "SHe—er. she did!" said the man, speaking for her. "Is this the pack?" "Who are you, sir, that dare.*? call us dogs?" demanded a rqd-lipped blonde with' hair like flax. "I am the fox!" replied the man. He arose to his feet and put. his thunili.<< into tiie armpits of his vest, ,1 hnbit ho had, facing them mockingly. "Look!" screamed the short one, "he is an officer!" Jackie started. With .a deft movement the brunette reached forth and laid back the lapel of his coat, peering at a tiny gold star.! engraved. "Oh. gifls," slie cried dramatically, a ring of mischief in her voice, "look who'is here; HIS HONOR, THE MAYOR!" CHAPTER II. "The Jury will irise and be sworn!" "Jackie" Vining, the Judge, waited Impatiently. "What's the matter with you, girls? Mabel, Lucile—don't you know you're Jurymen— e\ on the Jury. Stand up! There!" with satisfaction. "Xow raise your bands—no. no: your right bands! That's better. You solemnly swear, cross your hearts, hope-to-die. you will carefully weigh the evidence In this case and render a verdict according to the statutes—er, according to what you think this wretch deserves?" m»- liciousiy. • Six iiretty heads nodded. In unison. "Be seatedr" saM the Judge sternly. "His honor, the mayor," sat on a soap box in ..the center of the front veranda, a mere man in the bands of the enemy, waiting his fate and trying to look unhappy. "What's the charge," demanded Alice Mason, appointed by the court to defend the prisonel?^ The Judge moved uneasily In her chair. Then, la a low, cutting tone she/said: "He's a thief!" The maydr looked up apprehensively. "I object." he protested, "to tho court's statement of the case. It is Irregtilar in—*• "Order In the court!" Interrupted the Judc«. "Wbo'a running this case?" The man lowered bis eyes, accepting thM Inevitable. •This defendant." began Jackie, "is a thief. Ue stole a kisa from—fron— tnm k perfectly prop«r JKrans womaa «bo had MTorbeen Unfed-except by ~by—well, by tbosa who bad;a per- itect right. I mlgbt s^r^ that ^e not only stole, one biit—I Bfelteve it was several tbo young< lady cbtims bo stole. He not only Is a thief, but—" "Whom did be kiss? .We d«p>an» to know who.the victim was?" cried tht< culprit's lawyer, vindictively. "Overruled!" 'snapped the Judge. The mayor sigbed. 'Things lookod black cnougK. "Your honor," ta^ said apprebenaivs- ly, addressing tbje court. "I appeal for a change of venue. I-hare reason to believe that the Judge is prejudiced against me. I—" Judgo^JTlnlng pierced bim with a gl-ince.. "The Idea!" she cried, with aspear Ity. "Sit down, sir." - "Well, anyhow, it was worth It!" he shot back, resentfully. The Judge blusbedi as she opened tbe hotel xook book and searched ostensibly for the criminal act relative to klFsIng against woman's will. "Call the first witness!" ordered tho court. Pretty Molly McConnell, ber raven- crowned head held at a serious angle, her dimples set In a solemn background, took the stand. "It was barely sunup this morning," sho said, quietly, "when we sot out across the meadows after lady- slippers. Aurora was taking her mat­ utinal bath in dew as we trudged down Simon's bill and came to tbe bottoms. Just as we were about to enter, wo saw the defendant skulking In the wood. Somebody said, 'Man!' and we started In pursuit. Instead of surrendering, tbe villain fled at top speed. We ran after bim! Jackie— er, I beg your pardon, your honor, led tho chase. I was second until I caught my toe In a briar tendril and collapsed in an alder bush!" "What btippened nest?" encouraged Margaret Karnjworth. the prosecute Ing attorney, brushing a stray curl from her violet eyes, and fixing the witness with a steady eye. "I heard a scream from tbe wood ahead and then sounds of osculation!" "r object!" Interrupted Attorney Mason, striking a legal attitude. "There Is no evidence that this witness Is an affection expert—that she knows any- A TOmC LAXATIVE Periina, an Up-to-Date Family Med- cind/That SJiould be in Every Home The Mayor. ' thing about t^culatlon at close range, let alone long-distance kissing. Young ladyi have you ever been kissed?" "The objection Is sustained," gurgled tho court, mercilessly. The witness blushed rosily. . "I refuse to answer," she said, stubbornly. "On what grounds?" demanded the judge. 'On the grounds of selMmplIcation and coercion," she snapped, her chin in the air. ' ^ "The court reverses Itself," easily. Vltnesa need not Incriminate herself. Ask the next question, attorney." • "To the best of your knowledge and belief," began the state's attorney, picking a burr from her skirt and tossing it carelessly to the floor, "were the noises you heard such as to make you think that somebody was being, er—kissed?" "Wait!" interrupted tbe defense, "I object on the grounds—on the—It's a hypothetical question and—^without proper foundation in fact," Impressively. The court hesitated. Finally, turning to the witness, Judge Vlnlng asked: "What were the soundis like?" a flame of color lighting up her face. Tbe mayor made a mental note of the color. ' "Well," began tbe witness soberly, "It sounded like—like the old password of the Elks—"Jolly corks!"' "Pulled?" demanded the Judge, re- slgnlng herself to sacrlflcje. _ _ "Ves'm. your nonor—tod smotti- cred In honey!'* "That will do!" determined tbe Judge, biding ber eyes behind her handkerchief.' "Harriet Brooks." Ignoring the state's attorney, " will you take the stand?" The prisoner arose irom bis soap box "Your honor," be said gallantly, "in deference to Mine Host, from whose culinary deiiartment there wafts to me the unctnous call of fried eggs and waffles, and because of the delicate situation the victim of my assault may And herself in should the case prosceed, I have determined to plead guilty and throw myself upon tbe mercy of tho court I—I am guilty as charged. Guilty. I say—and proud ot it!" • He sat down soberly, bn^ls ayes w«re,^fa8teoed on tho face of the Judge. 8h» tnmed npoa hln Strcely. B. H.VKT.M.IN. M. I). Nearly ovi -ryboi'v is obligid more or ;fss t <i taku a laxative. TIKT *' an' of foursf n fi >w cxi eptit'iis .V ^irat niuny |ieopU' also ui'i -il <M'ras!i»iiall.v to take a tonic. I'l uli.ii'ly (fv. iidiisclmids e .x- ist that do not niak-' usi' of tonirs and laxatives. The ii'iiiiHly I'frima is a laxative t<;ni<-. It not iitily op.fcat.-s a-; a «.'n- lU- liixaiivc. bill al.'.o as a tonic. The tx-n-lit derivwl from such. a UMIUMIV is a Cleat ileal nioic in "The prevention of dist'a.te ilian in llie etire. .\fter II person has r<-ally becmne si».k. either with an aeme or I'liiurUe ail- iiieal. the rule shoiilil he Ui employ a physician or some one who can give the case his jiei-sona! attention. But long before this happitis the person will cuniplain of this or that symjitoni which is not .-i "Vrre enough to inter- leri- with Ills iff;'.:lar aeti\liies. If at tills plaee he-fore the disease has reul.'y gained a fool hold in the sysleni. a person v.a.s II) t .Tke |j itose or two of a woil toiiie laxative the sreat majority of cases of sickness would he pre- venteil. Peruna Is a remedy that should be kept In the house. Its virtue as a preventive to disease Is the thing 1 wislv chiefly to emphasize. A blight cuuditlou of constipatioc. may lead to serious Sluggishness of the liowels, biliousness, re-absorption ot poisonous material and finally sickness. Or apathy of the stonlacb in which the food is not relished, may gradimlly lead to atonic dyspepsia or to the acquisition of some acute disease. For either one of these conditions a few of the tonic laxative- Peruna would set matters right. This is. why the remedy should always be. kept handy by. When once the value of Peruna as a household remedy is understood no home would be without it. Cathartics, I pills and powders would be discarded. Irritating tonics.would be no longer 'taken. Alcoholic drinks would have no (Place. With a few doses of Peruna.a vigorous appetite is produced and if there-be any sluggishness of the bow- el.s their function is gradually restored. Jlost la.vatlves are weakening in their effect, A tonic laxative guards I against this weakening effect. I'ntil j rlghd living has become so thoroughly established that all medicine's are su- j perfluo'is. Peruna will be needed. It I is exactly the remedy that meets nuiii- ; eroiis necessities of the hou.«eliold I Sold at all drug stores. .Mr. .lohn B. Perkins. 22 Whiting St.. i Plynioiitb. .Mass.. writes: "I tlftnk Pe• riiiKt ,ls a number one medicine. 1 was ftroubleil with eatarfh and bowel eoui- • plaint. 1 tried several doctors, hut . could only find temporary relief. • I ' took Peruna and am glad to say that It cured my catarrh and corrected my bowels." i'e-ru-na Man-a-lin anil iMT -cu -pla niaiiiil 'actnreil by tlie l »e-ni-na Company. Columbus. Ohio. Sold at all , drug stores. SPE('I.\L NOTICE:—Many persons Iminire for The OhI-tinie Peruna. They want the I'eriiiia tliat their Fa'^ • and -Mothers used t.) take. The o!i! Peruna is now called Katttrno. If.your I dealer does not keep it for sale write • the Katarno Company. Columbus, i Ohio, and they will tell you all about it. "Fbr this unseemly condnct. I, th« Judge, fine you ten days at Squirrel Inn. Beginning tomorrow morning, you will be the servile slave of tho ten young, womep whose, feelings you have outraged. Tomorrow you will start alphabetically down the list and for a day you will do the bidding of the girl who falls to your lot. Whatever she instructs you to do, you will do. Should you again transgress you will be—be fined for life!" savagely. "If, at tbe end of the ten days/ you have acfiultted yourself honorably,you i-iay po your way in peace. Have yon anyibnTg to say for yourself?" His honor arose submissively. "I accept tho terms," he said, eagerly. "I protest—hut I accept." "And should yoi\descrt." continued the Jtiilge, "1 shall not hesitate to use this evidence against you!" pulling from tho front' of her shirtwaist a bulky document. "Possibly you may recognize it!" tauntingly. The prisoner gasjied. "My bill!" "Yes!" replied the Judge. iHercfng i liim with a cold look ot scorn, "yoa j may well say. ;My bill!'" He bowed ws head. "Court's adjourned!" snapped tlM Judge. "Breakfast la served." (To Be C(intiniV'!.> SAVED FROM AN OPERATION How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, IlL, Escaped The Surgeon's Knife. >OJII\.VTU»> TI.HK EXrillED. .Mi>isourI TIckcI« arc Final rnlossl Vacancies Occur. J-ffer.~on City. Oct. ".—The time for' filing noiuiiialions with the s<eretary [ of state has expired and no further j noniiliations for the .N'ovember ebH--j tion can now lie made, i-xeept to fill i vacancies which may occur. TJie nom | inatlims must he certilicil to tiie coun-1 ly clerks by the secretary of state: not less tlum twenty days b '.-fore election day. The Re|.i;i,ijranfi have full tickets; everywliere witli, th" exception of a candidate for the Kansas City court of appeals and ,s;'in;!tori;il c.-indldales in tbe First, Third, .\inth. Thirteenth, Seventeenth aiid Twenty-fifth districts. The Bull Maoscra have congresslon- ;.l candidates in nine of the sixteen districts ot the stale. L.HKY ELECTED PKE-SIDEM Peoria, I!!. —"I wish to let everyone know wbatLydiaE-Pitikham's Vegetable Compound has done formel Forfwoyears 1 suffeted. The doctor said I had a tumor and the only remedy was the surgeon's knife. My mother bonght me Lydia E. Pinkharh's Vegett- ble Compomid, and today I am a well and healthy woman. For months I suffercl from inflammation, and your Sanative Wash relieved me. ' I am glad to tcl» anyone wHIt your medicines have done for me. You can use my testimonial in any way you wish, and I will be glad to answer letters."—Mrs. CHRISTLNA REED, 105 Mound(St, Peoria, 111. Mrs. Lynch Also. A voided Operation. Jessup, Pa.-" After the birth of my fourtli diild, I had severe organic inflammation. I would bavesuch terrible pains that it did not seem as though I could stand it. This kept up for three long months, until two doctors decided that an operation was needed. "Then one of my friends recommended Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and after taking it for two months 1 was a well woman."—Mrs. JOSEPH A. LYNCH, Jessup, Pa. Women who suffer from female ills should try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoimd, one of the most sncc>>ss- fni remedies the world has ever known, before submitting to a sorgical operation. You bettcir lobk up that new Oyer ^Sf • nov/. We have all the new noveilwft^ of the season at *7.50 to $25 .^Dt\ HYDE PARK MODEL 23 English type overcoat 43' inches long. 5 Satin yoke, piped seams, bellows pockets, very full box back. A fine coat." (Model 25, PaU Mall, » same coat cut 45 inciiesi long and ftiU liacidi) BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLO.CO. -The House of Qnality" THE CTEARHSarOSTER MATTRESS //VW£ OAf£lf£Py G£NUW£ MAJTPESO) i THESE BflllVAHr ''UYERS or COTTON STANDMG NEARLY THREE FEET HlfiHARc rcONPRESSEDTO ONESIXTifl TMEiRORKINALHEISHTAHO ENCASED IN THE TICKING k PaODIKIHG A HATT.=!ESS OF , IHHISUALSPRIN61Kt.SS COMFORT AND OURABIUTY, ^1 ^ .1 ..'.i.-t •iftii-'ir 1 .Tiiiii iola .student Allendhitr Rafcer mil .I'resMp at Stale Meetlnir. John aury Jr.. son of John W. Lau- r.v. resistor of deeds, has been elected prcBldent of the State Oratorical Association, an organization composed of students attending the several col- j leges of- thc-state, and Will preside at the state contest to be held at Wichita soon. .Mr. Ijury's election Is a fine com- pliinent to his ability and popularity and news of the high esteem In which he is held hy the collegians will be .-tx ;eived wiffi much gratincatlon liyi Ills many fri<*nds here. ' —Br. H. L. Heiidrlfkii. Old Coart Ifoane. Call* answered day ar nlfkC .n.lSO>S MEKt TOD.IV this evening the lodRe.f of the county will Join in exempiifing worlt in the Third Degree. . The officers w.ho will' attend the convention are Grand Master, Wm. K. Hutchinson. E.vrSenaior 1 -amb. Grand senior Deacon; Dr. G. D. Whitaker. state lecturer of Kansas City; Mr. fiimmings. Di.«-tr!ct Deputy of Bron.son: and a few others of more or less tI«>irroe. -.- •••• •v-V .-^-I-.' Yoa will say— "I never knew a Mattress couW be so Comfortable." f That's Just what satisfied user; of S:canis be FoAer Maltrcsscs are sayme. You owe it to yourself to have a Steams & Fofter in youi home ana enjoy reSl thai is Comfortable. Refreshing, Heallhial*. A good night's reft on a Steams & Foiler Ma '.'css ca^s-too liSlie foryou to put up longer with that old. uncomfortable mbltrc^. Steajt s & FoftT Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanitary Cotton; felted into hundreds of iittie webs, foim- ing the many layers of Springy. 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Prices reasonable. C§hf ield & Thompson Witn the h. H. Wishard Hdw. rUoD.v.59. The Innnai DNIrlrt r »Dvenlii>n N In Tfhe annual district ccnvention of the .X. K. ."t: A. .M. eonventd this af- 'i>«soon in till' Masonic Hall. Ml the lojpes of tlie county were represented, and at press hmir. It war? not Ifanied ju!.t how many had arrived. This af-r tt-ropim ih« Colony lodge pr«>sentt>d 9>om« «rok In the Second l>v£ree, and Yesterday's I-awrence^-Gazette noted that some man with a gjuiliy eon- science had Just sent the connty fheas urer $-')0 for taxes on property which tlie assessor had overlooked. This mon i'V and the honesty shown "rejoiced the treasurer." Tho Gazette add.< that this "doner enjoys the honor of being tbe only Douglas County property owner who .sp eons>:ience would not allow him to let the oversight po uncorrected." And In the next column of the same paper, the Gazette quotes the following from the speech made in I«nwrenoe the night before by Senator Curtis: -Then the senator lit Into Governor Stttbbit. He quoted Dana Gattin's interview with Stubbs in' tbe World's Tire Yoa Blue and Worried? Nervous ? Some of tnc time rcallr ill ? Catch coU-easUy E->d '•rec^stOif tuSar from hiliouscess or hcai '^che? Tbe reason is that your system does not rid itself. Ot the poisons in the blvd'; just as impossible as it for the ^ratc of a stnve toriU Itself of clinkers. The waste does to us c\act!V vrbat the clinkers do to :t ;e stove; make the.fires bum low mitil cnoufth clickers have nccumuzafed ^r.d then prevent Ui buroiag at nil. Your liver is slu^^h—vou are du^ and heavy—sleep does not rest, nor is food appetizing. In this condition illorrs devdops.^ Doctor Piercc'b Golden Medical Discovery eradicates the poisoas fvom' the body—a glyceric alterative extract made from btoodrr.-1, gulden setU and m.iadrake rboit, >tone. and' queen's root, wiihout the use of aicobol. No matter ii.' v. strong the coastitutioa - the storoach is apt to be " fit oi Witer" at tune*; m oonse- queoce the blood is disorticrcd, for ihe stomacfa i& the Ubo- ratory for the cou; i.Qt musufacmre blood. Uns. BEN-J. BUMI :. of Pert 'Derrrr, Orit. SB. writn: "Ihara txtnasTcit »atr -,:t..-f y«:j^ f.-tt' •' mat tro «i!Ja«."taurt. odimtioi^ fraiale trt JM <5». l!natia : roo ; ratr« jadncmKuneiB— att -aeslvrauld . I* in U ^I. tbMj 3»-j; tc • -paksir. ^, -» .i-«cr-|iuajy cUffetoit dMton* snJ woriM ir <-'C ' a i - T > while, then i woaU sodown with, chmcic ciflamm;:;^^ •-- . Utms: me. -For. ninvtecn yccCS 1 bad this puisan in ir.y thinj. tiri.ns oea -;7e *«iTthu« I (Tirana. I.nad in Tbe * Cjcns^--a S«» HrdkA Adviser o* Dr. P>«r>rfif (Wdan. W-'Jwal'riiirr -.wrj S.T ,1 r>. Soca'* t "^U rrb RenvJr- • bavif taX.% tba l «.!tk-s of I »r. txrrh FtfTxrOr. : u now abk tc A> my work , an I wslfc V. ilh • ur«. 1 f<r«: like i gev .-otnao. lattj-''^ g'^TAtlttng < .!m.! mv an]' . i. 1% ! fur Itttnt^ t.. Uatg Mmuch u> tbtd anwo* ur. fK .;c '4 ri^a. ?cU.;a r=Ciiiate' liver and. bonds. ;

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