Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 25, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1903
Page 6
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lola, Kansasxjiiflei25, 1903^ y Ibeai* Soa Ifcey:—WeII> Ifcey, if yon doaH like them button holes ia the last snit I sent yoii, cui ^Sm oot, Ywt ma wasi awftflly woniei last nig&t for leaf yoft nilgbt not get tbe (0 family Commandments sent ^yqtii yestetday in the Register and Recotd; bat I told bef I was snte yoa was a cbip off of tbe teal thing and not to tbotber beri head aboiit yo0« and she was awfally tickled this morning when I read her yofit iettet where the old widow tried to t^eat yoti down on the price of the tape ^d yoa told her the pricfe of tape had gone 0p bec^nse the flood had drowned all the tape worms. Biit say, Ikey, while yo0 are learnin' the general pit^ness down there in St. Lonis yo0 can help pay for some of yod^ raisin\ A gipeen looking yofcing jeweler has come to town and movedla big stock of goodi hito that big Katiffman building right side of Ofirn. He ihas mighty fine looking stoff in his window and everybody stops to see it^ bot^j^ te^^ everybody th^t it is rotten and yoor ma andthe watch plumber tells them the same thing. Bat what I want yoa io do, Ikey, is to go aroand to all them jank dealers thar and pick apa lot more of them second-hand movements. DonH make no for yoa know my watch plamber can rab 'em ap and new boaght right oat from the factory for $4.00 to difference what kind sb they donH cost more than 30 cents^ apiece, make ^ein look jas like new ones and yoa know I sell 'em for brand $50.00 a piece on payments to widows and smilter hands and they no difference know. Me an;d yoar ma tink oar watch plamber will be alt right. He's been stadying the family's { 0 Commsndments I sent yoa, and says he like them. Yoar ma and me wants to get yoa started in the watch pi^^ness too so soon as yoa get so yoa can^bay ia store for 60 cents and sell him on payments for $15.00 or more. Now, Ikey, stady tW I (| family Cc^mmandmentb. Better begin on the last one for withoat that ypa can nothing do. ' Fbr fear yoa overlook it yoar ina thinks I had better repeat it for yoa here. No. 10. THOU SHALT LEARN TO CAREFULLY AVOID THAlf DANGEROUS VIRTUE KNOWN AS THE TRUTH FDR IT ALWAYS SPOILS THE PIZZNESS. I I Yo0f Affectionate Father, . THE JUNK DEALER AND ONLY HONEST MAN IN TOWN. P. S. Ikey; don't forget them watcfies. nORAL:-=The only safe Kauffnian Building, II South Jef fersoni Street. way to buy watcher or jewelry is of some legitimiate jewelry house. STEPHEN HARRIS, iThe Jeweler. m m loiin nms Expended' a F^w Hundred Dollars, Passed Ordjnanees and Talkeid , L-' Pavingi then Adjourned. • ; — • : ' The city council met last night pur- ! Aaluat to atdjoumment. B. D. KJam was granted a permit lo operate a^ bowling alley at 111 I east Madtst^ I J ., .. I Resdlutlonta''were adopted requiring the lojf Telephone (3o. to remove un- t U8e4 and ^mnecesaary poles and guys fropi streqtfi andl alleys and to remove pole|s from Madison avenue In Rhodes Addition and Brooklyn Park. Also that the Western Union Telegraphj Co move its poles from their present; po- siUon on west l^ison between Wash. Ihgtbn and Walnut to places Just in side'the curb line. , The matter of lowering the grade of the street railway on east Madison was referred |o.^the street asd^. alley commifte to SebnilW vith the Interested property owners. The ^report of the committee on : paving north Washington froai Jacic- son to Buchanan street was accepted iand ian. ordinance ordered drawn to put In same. Petition for niew sidewalk o« east side of Ohio street In Bunnpll's first addition was favorably reported and -4n ordinance will be drawn orderiog It. The fitfeet railway company was igiven permission to tap water main and put In a fire hydrant at power house on condlUon tliat Gas City does not. ajbiet ^iand a contract, for siame in drawn. A'oommanicatlon from ;the street railway c »mpany! in regard to tli^ setting of grade stakes asked for some time ago was read ai ^d the city :«ngineer explained why the matter had not been attended to and said he woidfl look aftter It j An <^rilnance prohltttlng the K U P- of' swine within the city yialts . VjU read and pa )9p9(r!. ikg 'An[ ordlnknce ^^cU^ the water •Lnd light plants and| Adjacent grounds from /tliero loafers who "spend their ijlme and n»ke free with tools was passell< Visitors are i^looone but no loaferii are wanted. An [ordlnanea requiring &11 licensed DCes to crarry their numbers ,,ww;f|ic> passed./ ir ,«gp «ij ^iU^f«d; as' i&\imi \. ,.ifoiGladre,' sew^^. eon- I'l •.. ,..^ ,^. . .{1^56.16 ^f-^' Crane & Co., blanks 8 .75 Monitor Print C'/., blank books 17.50 Canatsey & Knieger, labor, .. .25 Stamp Co, dog tags 5.25 T. B. Shannon, nails 1.80 W. J. Evans, park insurance.. 9.00 S. M. Cooper, lumber -0.65 S. M. Cooper, lumber 10:55 J. L. McCarty, expense , t80 W. L. Allison, expense 5.85 Fayerweather & Co., bolting. .• 94 .11 B. R. Electric Co., carbons ... M.75 E. W. Lemasters, labor ..... 1 .5(J if. 3- Supply Co., pipe 23.26 Get. Cutler Co.; mdse 6.05 Western-Electric Co 2125 Brjan-Marsh Co 7.64 S. [S. Layman, labor 8.25 S. Dishong, labor 1 .50 Samuel Boien, labor • ' 12.13 Ed Beeman, labor 24.00 J. E. Jones, labor 8.00 Evans Bros., mdse ..: 40.68 E. S. Davis, prinUng .... 4 .25 W; D. Jackson, teaming 30.00 B. Ratnson, teaming 1.88 B. Marple, teaming 10.00 B. E. Marple, teaming 30.00 H. Thompson, teaming ,. 30l00 W, ^. Speck, teaming ...... • 4.69 W. H. Oroomer, I teaming, .... 22.00 M. B. Palce, teaMjing ....... 27.50 J. H. LesBe, labo»- iT. 4.50 W. P. Leslie labor 18 .00 F. 8. itaiie, labor 18 .75 land, labor, 18.00 labor 18 .00 J. Waterman, labor ......... 15 .o6 e. M. Black, labor ......... 18.00 R. C. liMUnney. labor 25.20 SeveriVHis were referred to committee aft others rejected. The'council then adjourned. . Took lola Boy for Miirderer. ^ ^rt Coltren was arrerfli&Jl: In Oa« City last evening by the chief of police of that city on the charge of killing a man out in Colorado some time ago. The prisoner was lodged in the lola Jail,.but he regilned his liberty before morning. It seems the copper had the description of a Colorado murder- ier and the offer of a $600 reward for his capture. . Coltren answered the description even to a sciir on bis face. The officer had to be convinced by a doten witnesses that Coltren has been here at work all the time before he would give him and the $500 up. Coltren Is a young smeltermen, a son-in- law of Jim Overmyer. FOCITl PilBEJOT MflBIIT Sheriff Went to Missouri After Contractor Who Got Money and Failed to Pay His Men. J. Cr ^ey, 1 A blesslnf^ alike to yonng and old; Dr.' Fowleirfa Extract of Wild, Stftiw- berry; nature's specllfe for dyaentery, 4liurtioea and soauner complaint ^ Sonne tiipo ago the lola Portland Cement Company filed complaint in Judge Potter's court against J. T Page, a contractor who took the Job of building their store building In Bassett. The company was to furnish ma terial and pay $408.01 for labor. Page drew $200 at one time f nd $200 more 'on June 2. At the last payment be owed his men and skipped with the $200. The company figures he owes them $256. A garnishment summons was served on Northrup's bank and $1.58 found which had been attached thirty minutes before by another creditor. Page also had an account with J. W. Coffey, but he collected from Mrs. Page whom he located at Walnut. Night before last Sheriff Richardson went to Missouri on the trail of Page, but he returned empty-handed this morning. Love 's Young Dream Awry. Mrs. William A. Baker, a handsome, well-dressed young woman, today sought public aid to help her to her parents' homo at Ottawa. She is the young woman who attempted suicide two weeks ago because of trouble with her husband. She has left him a time or two,' but he followed and persuaded her to live with him again. She charges that Baker will not If You Laundered 1 • your linen yourself you could not handle it more carefully than we do. Pure soap and water wash It Pure starch stiffens It Fine ntachlnery pvi skilled labor Iron it perfectly. We know our work Is the best We guarantee it to b« the best Try It, if you do not .also think It Is the best, don't pay for it Wagons dali everywhere. ;^ lola St •1% •' ri ^ _ work, but lies about town while she and her little child may starve so far as he is concerned. The family furniture, such as has not been sold, is stored away and as an indebtedness rests on it she cannot dispose of it. Mrs. Baker told her trojublcs to several of the authorities today and was advised not to ask aid but to swear out a warrant for her husband for non-support. This she seemed inclined to do and departed for the jus tice court, but up to the time of going to press the police had not served any papers. The domestic difflcultles cf the Bakers seem to bo painful an.1 neverendlng and there is. doubtless some blame on both sides. in the District Court. The suit of Earl Stout against Geo.' E. Nicholson for- $8,500 damages is still the sole topic of interest in district court. The case Is being fought point by point and promises to last some time yet. During the brief intermission the suit of E. A. Gleason against T. L. Webster was submitted to court and judgment rendered in favor of the plaintiff for $294.50 to draw interest at 8 per cent. The property is to bo sold and proceeds applied on judgment and costs. The rain this morning leaked through the roof of the court room so badly that the court changed about, the jury occupying the east end of the room, and the bride a daughter of J. Barack- northeast comer; and the lawyers out In front. ^ . -v-^ Two Colored Girls Arrested. The poice last evening found two colored girls on the street who. answered the description given of two who were suspected of theft in East lola. The officers questioned them and learned that the girls were, as -they said, "sports, from Clipnute." The girls were locked up, but were releas ed this morning. Mrs. Milton, living on South' Fourth street, had two colored girls helping her pack her household goods props ratory' to moving.. She stepped out of the house and on rotuming nrissed her purine containing a few dorllars, from th^ dresser. Theg colored girls haid quit work and were preparing to leave. Sho doesn't know that they took the monSy, but suspeets tbein.. The police, watching for j the!; two sospected girls, caught 'the Chaante dusky doves; ^ .| .^ffji, jA Small blaze at MJIne Honie. When T. A. Milne " reached •home last evening ho lieard a comi^otion indoors that caused him to hurry. Running up stairs ihe found the cui*- tains at one of thb windows blazing and ho seized it and tried to fhrust •it from a window.' But ho had forgot the screen, and the wind blevsTIc back into the room, onto a bed. Before he extinguished the flame 'its hand was painfully | burned, but little further damage done. Tho children had sought to closel the window when tho curtain caught under the Bash. One held a lamp i while the Athcr opened the window and the rising breeze blew the curiialn over the lamp, igniting it. • j:;.; Another Holiday. ' : .; Fourth Assistant; Postmaster General Bristow is sending out a cir«ular letter as follows: ;"The postmust^r general has directed that no delivery of mail by rural letiter carriers shall be made on Independence day, July 4th. No deduction shall bo mad(> on tho carrier's salary on account of the suspension of service on that "day. Treat that day as though IC "were Sunday in preparing the carriers''vouchers. If your office is kept open any part of the day, patrons^ of rural routes should bo given their mail if they-call for it." Perftet Wall Coating-^ "V': Cdmibirlies CleantlneBS and Durability Any onei can brush ft on No one can riib it off PIfiSlIco is a pure, "permanent and porous wall ooatiug, arid does hot require-taking off to rcnewasdoallkalsomines. It is a dry powder, ready for use by adding c61d water and can be easily brushed on by any one. Made in white and fourteen :» fashionable tints. ..... Allir -IULSOMIKE CO. r ..6RAII0iMPIDS.IIICH./ For foil partlcolart and sample card ask " EVANS BROS. Chemberlain's Colic, j Cholera and; Di­ arrhoea RJemedy. The uniform success pf this remedy has made It the most popular preparation' In use I for bowel com- plalhta. It Is everywhere recognized as the one remedy that can always be depended upon and ithat Is pleasant to take. It is - especially! valuable fdr summer diarrhoea In children i|pd is undoubtedly the means !d£ jsa'^g the lives of a great many children each year. For sale Iby aU druggists. The prices at Nortjbrups' quit business sale are selling; tho. goods fast. It's only a queistion | of a few dayrf, when It will all bo over. ••' 5ee Oiir Aggies and Surreys Before Buying LUCCOCK Staikta and Transfer Line. Union line, I Itocs Contraiet Work, Genera Transfer work. House. Safe^and Piano MoTiikc TniiUu and Bairgape IlaulediMouseludd Good* Packed, Stored and shipped Office <ind Store Koom 114 West Maidlson Arenue. Phone 1B« .loU.KaiUM, TREHIONT LUNCH ROOM Anything la the Eating Line Steaks, Chops, OuUets. Sa'ndwttcbes. CUIU Etc. - Cigars, Tobacco, Frnlt, Qakes, Etc. aive us A CALL. • , W, B.JKELLEY, THEOLDTIMK ' TRANbrER MAN : ia (ally eaolppcd wltlt beayr and /. prlnf drays. Office la Model Qro-' 'eerf.^TOraera rooelvedby •pbone. » 0000 Fhone. BeMdesee Yhanm IT. G. L. Tfce rest yea pay wUI bay a Mtor hoaM tiiaa tia MM yaa ara raatlay. Real Estate, l^oans and Insurance.

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