Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 7, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 7, 1889
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', ' -S ' S , 5 ' '* ' '' «, 1 VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 1889. NUMBER 175. Goal, Lumber and Saltffr' and pays the 'kigli" market pries f?.r^ I S railed the "Father ot Plswe?" becnuw there Is no medium throiiEh whle.h disease so often attacks the systrm as by tlie absorption of poisonous ea«es In'ihe retention of decayed and effete matter In the stomach and bowels. It Is caused'by a Torpid l.lver. not enough bile being excreted from the blood to jiroduce Nature's own cathartic, nnd Is generally accompanied with s;ich results us Zioes of Appetite? Sick Headache, Bad Breath etc r Ths treatment of Constipation does not con- Blstmcrely In unloading the bowels. Tho medicine must not only act as a purgative, but be a tonic as well, and not produce after Its use. greater coBtiveness. To secure a regular habit of body without changing tho diet or disorganl Ing the system .... AWFUL DISASTER. Three Hundred Killed by an Explosion, Mostly Girls. ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE WOUNDED. •Siy attention, after suffering with Constipation tor two or three yearn, was called to Simmons Liver KeRulator, and, having tried almost everything else, concluded to try If. I first took a wlneglasstul and afterwards reduced the dose to a teaspoonful. as per directions, alter each meal I found that It had done mo BO much Rood that I until I took two bottles. Since then I have rot experienced any ditllenlty, I keep it In my house and would not be without It buthave no lisa for It. It having cured me."--GFO W. SIMS, Ass't. Clark Superior Cour Bibb Co. Georgia.* Take only the Genuine Which has on the Wrapper the red Z _. f mark and signature of J. II. ZKIMN A CO. WHTl YOUR LIVEH IS OUT OF ORDER Yon trill hare STCK HEADACHES, PATN3 Hi THE SIDE, DTHFEPSIA, POOB APPETITE, fool UrtleM and unable togetthroturli yonr uallv •work OP «ool»V enjoyment*, lite •will be a burden to you. twerp, IlolKlnm, VMtcil by « Frlfrht- fnl Cntnmlty — A Cartrlilsro Factory Itlnwn to rl*c<-» nncl tlio Working fllrln Mnet ft Terrible Fair—Firo Follows the Kxploalou ami Destroy* 1'ropcvty by the Millions—Thn Flume* Still linking at lauit Report—Fifty Men Ix»t In a Pit Horror—Other Casualties. ANTWBKP, Sept. 7.—A /rightful disaster occurred in this city yestor.liiyy which hag put the city in mourning, unil caused n great loss of property. A largo cartridge factory was situated close to the docks, and in the vicinity of the bourse, and also close to the warehouses in which petroleum Is stored. -Many work people woro employed in the factory yesterday, whon su.ldenly an explosion of dynamite took plnco, killing at least MX) people and wounding 500 others. To add to the destruction the debris took lire, threatening the bourse, which was nblnzo several times, ami spreading to tho petroleum warehouses and shipping,. At this writing tha lire is still raging fiercely nnd tho best tho firemen^ hope for is to extinguish it in twenty-four hours. Tho boat from the burning masses of petroleum was intense and it was impossible to approach to within 100 yards. Several vessel have, boon burnad at their docks and others were only saved through tho promptest action of their officers in towing them out of danger. Tho flru is not now spreading and it ls.hoped,if tho wind does not rise during the night, that the Barnes can bo confined to their present limits. A strong west wind would, however, let the entire city in a blaza. The Oil Wureliou«e« on Fire. As soon as tho nature of the disaster ba- :amo known the authorities ordered detach- •nents of troops to the scone, and with their .lid tilt) thousands of excited peoplo w.-ra kept at a distance from the wrecked building. Th« firemen had reached tho place and wore about to begin tho work of oxtinguUb- Ing the bl zinz ruins when It was discovered that tho neighboring oil warehouses woro on fire. Officers at once passed through the donso crowd, telling them of the now and terrible danger.' Tho pooplo wore soon removed to a fiafo distance, by which time huge-flushes of-fire wero leaping into the air as barrel after barrel of oil exploded and poured out into the various .yards. mates at Tf ulo college, Mecsrs. !•*» ;don Rnipo, of Maine, and Starling Chil>», of Pittat.urg. As a bus crowded with youiiR lailiet nnd top-heavy with gentleni'Mi wns coming down tho winding road from-Mount Airy it overturned, and the. sixteen pns- Hengern wero thrown he!terskelter, nnd most of them were bruUod. K'irhtof tha young ladles ware amonir tho injured, one of whom was Miss Susio Todd, of Indianapolis, and one young man had a s'loulder dislocated. None of the hurts is serious. HIS JUST DESERTS Murderous tied by Miscreant a Bullet. Set- FATAL SEQUEL TO A LOVE AFFAIR. Two Men Drowned* OCEAN CITY, Md., Sept, 7.-Capt. J. T. Robinson, formerly of Long Island, and Capt William Sport, of this plnce, were drowned here yesterday. They, with several others started out In two .boats on a fishing excursion. Tho sea was very rough and Copt Robinson's boat capsized. Robinson and Pport were drawn in by the under-tow and drowned. The others wero rescued by the life-saving crew. The accident occured in fnll view of the 200 guests at the hotel. Terrible Colliery Holocaust. EDINBURGH, S-pt. 7.—Tho colliery at Ponicnlck, a small town ten miles from this city, was tho scene Thursday of a terriblo mining disaster. There wore sixty-four men in the mine when an explosion of gas took place. Up to the presant time fifty dead and scorcbod victims have been taken from tho pit, leaving only fourteen of the minors alive. r Three Negro Convicts Killed. ATLANTA, Oa., Sopt 7.—At Rising Fawn furnncos yesterday three nu^ro convicts were killed by a premature explosion o( dynamite. Tuo accident was tho result of tho men's carelessness. THE KILLING OF JUDGE TERRY. PERFUMES THE BHEATH. ASK FOR IT. FLEMING BROS., - Pittsburgh, Fib Deputy Mnnhnl Nitgln Glv<"» HI* Version <if Hie Tr»stecly. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 7,.—Deputy Marshal Nugle t«suft)d in the habeas curpus proceedings yesterday that Terry struck Jus ties -Field twice, onew in the face with his right hand, and then on the bfick of the leid with his loft Imnd. Nagle threw •ut his haul to keep Terry bit, and (.tioutud: "Slop that! I am a JJniteJ Ktules cillcer." Terry's ban 1 WHS raised for another blow, whilo hu glared angrily at Nnfl-i. Then he moved his hand toward his-lxwuin, mid Nagle, bulievini; his life in tluiiifr, fired twice, Terry fulling. Nagle said Terry looked llko n man crazy with anger. Naglo knew he always carried a knife. This concluded the testimony. Tho question of jurisdiction will bo argued Wednesday. . THE NIAGARA FALLS SUICIDE. The Ilcjected Sailor Corn to th* Bml nml Follows nil Old Swcethriut nnd Her Husband to Kill Them—/V White-Cup Gnng Thnt Got Into the WronR Town— Hamilton'* Case In Coart--A Good Man'« ISad Hublt of Stealing. DENVER, Colo., Bept 7.—Timothy Stocking, a faro dealer, shot and killed Billy Murphy, an ex-convict, early yesterday morning. Murphy was prowling nrnund Stocking's premises, evidently intending to kill Stocking, as ho had often threatened to do. His enmity to Stocking datol from 1883, when the men wero rivals for tho hand of a young lady in Chicago, where boti then lived, Stocking being a detective and Murphy a plumber. Tho girl married Stocking. -It Broke Mnrphjr. All Up. Murphy became dissipated, and was finally caught robbing a house. Stocking was the principal witness against him. Ho served a term in Joliet for the crime, and swore that ho would kill both Mr. and Mrs. Stocking when bo regained his lilierty. After his release he followed tho couple all over tho country, renewing his threats, to which littlo attention was paid. Hu had been driven from Stocking's premises several times by tho police. Iliuig Up n Ceaily Gun. Tho persistent miscreant, dog^eil his intended viciim from town to town. H_> met Stocking in Lendvillb and threatened his life, and then suddenly disappeared. Mi's. Stocking suffered no more anxiety until lust June, when she saw Murphy, and toM her husband. Ho attomplcd to Iniigh olT her foars. Murphy then remained awiiy until Thursday night, when, at a lat'j hour, ho rang blsenemy's door bull. Stocking, on open- j Ing an up-stairs window, saw Murphy pull hw gnu. Hastily drawing his own, Stocking fired twice, killing Murphy instantly. AN EXTRA SESSION DOUBTFUL. j tVhnt Hie Preililrnt Sn!<l to nn Inquiring I United Stutei Senator. ! VTAWJINOTOH CITY, Sept 7.—Tho proS- ' ident has been taking the ail vice and opin- | ions of many leading members of congress on Ihn subject of an extra Hession of con- gresi, and it is understood tlmt he finils tho filing Is not KO strong in favor of it as it was three nioaths ago. A Senator Ank» the Qnentlnn. The Evening Capital quotes "a prominent United States senator" as follows: I saw the president the other ilnj-. and in the course of conversation I wild: "Mr. President. 1 don't wish to be impertinent, hut 1 would like to know If you arc K"hii; to cull an extra I lion? I want'to know so I can j.crfcet my arrangements.' 1 Tho president smiled ns lie snld: "The members and scimt'irs from the new stiitca could not Ret here before (he luth of Xuvomber, and I think it would lie very foo'.lsh to cullion- ErcBs to meet just two weeks In advance of tho time for tlie ri'gu or fcsslon. I am Mill in doubt about the extra session, as the cabinet has not yet discussed tho rjuestion Inme.t- Inp." Attorney General Miller Informed mo after 1 had seen the president that there would he an extra session. However, 1 place more dependence on what the president mild. Absoiutely Pure Tula powder never varies. A marvel of purlv strength and wholesomeness. More economical tfian the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold i" competition with the multitude of low test, short v.cUtil, H.LIIIU ii i ni)s|thiite powders. OOlll O ilv I I THIS. i,OYAI.,,.liAKIJ:O POWOFB Co ,406 Wall •*'.. '<• \ork Jan31d-\vl> John Habbnr- ton hai written many good stories. This is one of bis best. Watch for the Opening Chapters! PKB LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads In the Evening THE BATTLE-SHIP TEXAS. Her She OF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTINQ COFFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOB THE NEXT. HAMILTON AND HIS DECEIVERS. -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds IU shspo the best of any whlp'ln tbe market. Tlio Easiest Dumpfd, (Easiest Sunning and Latest Improved Sweeper made. -Fancy Patent, per sack* Ji.M. JTwp sacks J2.SO Half Patent. " l.«o. ." " Some of the oldest this city claim this to be tue best flour they ever used In the. f State of Illinois. &un, Daisy and. Minn JR oiler in stock. . . A Good, Stock of Tin'iTomato Cans, Very Cheap. Aiso a few dozen of fi ESON'S GLASS FRUIT JARS Al JELL TUMBLERS LEFT AT , L. L. JOHNSON'S. A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. The Firemen Forced Buck. " In less than half an hour the 80,000 ban els of oil was liberated and, gathered Into huge pools hero and there, was sanding high Into tho air great volumes of flame. As tho blaze gathered headway the smoke, wbicb was of the most stifling and offensive description, spread all over the city, and the firemen and troops who were compelled to remain near the burning masses were overcome with nausea in many cases. The air become so black eventually that tho soldiers and flre- men were withdrawn some d istanco, it being evident that no efforts on their part could check the progress of the terrible conflagration. Before this action was taken, however, many of tho troops and firemen had been carried away to tho hospital, having been injured either by flying pieces of blazing wood or overcome by the heat The firemen wero then directed to confine their attention to property in the immediate vicinity of the great blaze. This they aro still doing. A Fanlo In the Street*. Whon the people living In the neighborhood realized what a terrible disaster had befallen the city a panic ovartook them. Nearly all are of the poorer class, and some of them began moving their household goods Into the street This exam pie was followed by others, and in a short time the streets in the neighborhood wore blocked up, interfering with the movement of troops and firemen; The panic was brought to an end by the city offlciils, many of whom personally helped tbo affrighted people to get their goods back into their homes. Origin' of tho Dlnaster. The explosion occurred ~ in a workshop where a large number of old cartridges were being token to pieces. Many men and women wore employed in the shop and they were actively engaged in breaking up the old cartridges. There were fully Uo.OOO.OOO of these in and about the premises, apart of them already broken up. The flataes cover two acres of ground and rise to an immensa height . Exploiloni Still Going On. Amid the fierce roar of tho flames are heard from Vfme the loud reports from explosions, to which there seems to b« no end. Tbo explosions am supposed to bo of packages of cartridges stored in the buildings, which seem to remain intact until the hot tongues of flame ere actually upon them. The shipping at the African docks and ttt the American docks is In imminent danger, andt\ll the facilities for removing the vessels from the immediate vicinity ol the conflagration are being pressed into service. Fully 30O People Duml. LATEB —At an, early hour this morning the flre was still raging with undimlnished fury and the military wero assisting the flre- inen iu preventing the spread of the con- flagratioa It is now certain that fnilly 300 peoplo have perished nnd no less than a thousand are Injured. Tho scenes at the hospitals where the wounded have been conveyed aro heartrending. The ships at the American docks were saved, tbe wind being favorable. A Regular Bombardmeuta The explosions at the cartridge factory still continue at frequent intervals, and the flying shells render tuo work of the firemen and soldiers extremely perilous The factory was known as the Carviluian factory. Tho communal council recently condemned thu factory as dangerous, but for some unexplained reason it was allowed to continue operations. The victims are mostly factory girls. Windows wore shattered at polnta three miles away. The loss iu property cannot be stated yet, but it will reach millions. It Wa» Probably Not Mm, inwrence, but» Yoiins Ulnshnmtoii Woman. BINGHAJIT'ON, N. Y., Sep. 7.—Tho voting woman who committed suicide at Niagara Falls Thurs lay morning Is believed to be Anna Mead, of Biughamton. Bho left her home to take a walk on Wednesday morning, and her parents Thursday received a letter In her hand-writing, postmarked Niagara^alls, in which she said she intended going over the falls, and expressed the hope that her body would never be found. Miss Mead was 25 years of ago and well connected. No reason can bo given for her act Pith of Ills Chare* Agulnst Illn Prisoners —Hli» \VlfVrt Appeal to IJyrnes. NEW YORK, S.-pt 7.—Robert Kay Hamilton, Mrs. Sn-inton, Joshua Maun, Inspector ] Byrnes nnd two or three, miihvivcs wero i present in tbo Tombs police court yesterday, together with n largo crowd of s|Kietiitoiv, when tho rEanilTtoiriil Design So Defective That Couldn't Carry Her Armor. i WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 7.—It is rumored j that tho long controversy between naval i constructors over tho design of the battl.- i i ship Texas is about ended, ami thai Sucre- j ' tiiry Tracy will soon ami unce that the ile- i j sign of the vessel is defective, and put a stop . | to further work on h.T. This will be n com--.; pleto victory for.Navnl Constructors Wilson j and Hicliborn, of tho bureau of construction ; and repair, who hav.o all along contendo I j that tho Texas will not carry the weights in- j tended for ' her and keep her armor belt • above the water line, .if constructed according t > the original design prepared byitlm Barrow company—tho design Indorsed by , -Naval C'linslructor Bowles nnd approved by ] Secretary Whitney. It is also rumored that Constructor I.I iwles is likely to recede from i thu Klaml ho lnu all along taken, nicl will probably admit that his former' i-nlcula- tion.s were erroneous, aji'l that tbo 'IVx-n | will not have snllleieiit displacement I" ' carry, her m iciiinery nnd armament without sinking h"luw li-r calculated water line. • THREE CHILDREN ABDUCTED. CHASE SANBORN. They Aro TultiMi from Tholr Own FatluT by Their Sti-p-FiilIior. ST. Louis, 8'i't. 7.—Homo time ago Will- ifim N. MiUiKy, u^-iisi-unli uliit;i upniiilm- ul 'Email case, camo up. | n m W,.«n.rn Tlniiin lolegrn]ih nfllco in this The specific charge made liy Ilamiirulv isthnt- ^jiy^TTHn-ed irtlivorrcrfrom -bis-wit Mrs. Swinton, Joshua Mann and Eva Maun, SCENE ON A COFFEE PLANTATION CONTROLLED BY OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. MOCHA., " others Ccrrcc cf ftmcrlc: uir-tlg-nt tin cane- No Jury Vet In tile Cronln Case. CHICAGO, Bopt. 7.—Twenty-four talesmen were examined yesterday in tho Cronlu trial. All but one wore excused. The exception was Henry Thayer, who, with tho two passed temporarily Thursday, was held over for the night. Just before the court adjourned for the day, States Attorney Longonecker peremptorily challenged Freeman Gross, who was passed by the state and the defense, and who, it was popularly believed, would ba a juryman in the celebrated caso. The attorneys for tho defense strenuously objected to tho challenging of the juror, but Judge McConnell decided that the peremptory challenge In this case was based on good grounds, which would be privately coinmunioitud to the attorneys for defense, and that ho would sustain It The roauon is said to ba that Gross interfered to stop a man from killing bis wife and had to kill the man In s»l f-defenso. The Colllxlon Spoiled Their lireukfuiit. LASALLE, Ills., Sept 7.—The east-bound yestibulod-express, .some__twq hours_lato on account of washouts, was partially wricked near this city at 8 o'clock Thursday morning. While going by the Peru round-house at a speed of thirty miles an hour the last three cars jumped the track and collided with some cars loaded with cool. Tho occupants ot the sleeper had just before pnssod into tho dining car. The crash filled the berths with coal and dust. The scene in tho dining room was ludicrous, the passengers getting mixed up with their coffee, beefsteaks, and the breakfast menu. The injuries received wore only some slight scratches and bruises. DEADLY WORK BY LIGHTING. Nino Ocorglang StruoU l>y th« KUootrlo Fluid »nd Killed. MACON, Ga., Hipt; 7 — H. 11 Rouse, J. W. Shivers and John Suiveia were killed by lightning near Albany, Cist., yesterday. They wero on their way to market with cotton, uad took -rs'fuge uuder n tre« from ft heavy shower. Nejir JlHnlaw.iy a ..railway liridgB wan fitruck liv lightning, and si* m»u wha Imd sought under it wero klllnJ. 'lh>lr uutuiti aro not rt-p-'i-tisl. A ltu 1'jkttia, K.V If'uil vt Ulri* <}t»i»l»f«. ,s,-|.l. 7. —M.iunt Airy, tlu> b-..;is" of C'-.J. VS*. K Hmuni, ov t« » tie i fctuiku, wliu i» ,>v,u>-uk* A. German-Amt-rcan Holiday Propoieil. MILWAUKEE, Wii, Sept. 7.—The SoehoU-, the prominent Gorman daily of. this city, devotos a page to the opinions of the Gorman press of the country on the much-agitated question of a national Gorman-American holiday which, it u proposed, is to I* celebrated annually by the Gorman-Americans all over the country. The Soebott sent out eighty-two circulars to. German dailies in all parts of tbo Uni'ted States, nnd the answers received show that a great ma- jorlty of them are in favor of such a holiday, although »ome of the mnst prominent paptri ai'a opposed to it, among them The Seeboto. The Wyoming Sluta Sinkers. CHBYENNE, Wy, T., Sopt 7.—Fifteen propositions, b coring for the moat part ou new counties'and the rights of the people, were submitted to the constitutional convention yesttrday. Tbo convention Is evi' dently trying to frame a bill of rights more liberal than any now In existence. Deity will be recognized, but non-belief in a supreme being is not to affoct any privileges of citizenship, or destroy competency as a witness. UecMeil AgalnHt Ex-Bd Uor Wait. CHICAGO, Sopt 7.—In The Times case Judge Jamloson yesterday afternoon decided that as he bad no jurisdiction of the original bill filed by ex-Editor West, he could not allow the amended bill to bo filed. The proccediugn in toto were therefore thrown out of court for want of equity. The a: tornsys for West will appeal Monday to the appellate court agalrift the above decision. «» • El-Senutor 1'1»U It U»llK»y Preildoot. NASUVU.I.B, Tenu., Sept 7.—Ex-Senator Thomas C. I'lttlt, of N-)W York, wa» electad president of the Temiessao Coal, Iron and Hailruad cflinpany »t a meeting of the di- rectum 111 this city ye«tenl»y, to 111) the ploo* mndo vacant by tbo duatu of Hou, JoSm C. Brown. Will Ho H».l fur Mr. Id. , M»ti., i*n>S. 7,-— UepurU from i iva»- district •«>' (5i»iri« *oJ 1" by falsely representing that Hamilton win the father of tho child, obtained from him a check for ?.WO. Hamilton'! Story Summarised. Mr. Hamilton made an affidavit chai-Rin-; extortion, and described how ho met "' 1 in a house in this city; how she had on his sympathies; how ho had given her larger and larger sums; how she Imd finally written him from Elmirathat she was about to become a mother; how tho babi was j afterward exhibited to him for his admiration, and how he was then induced to marry the woman. Offers to Contain to Her Huahuml. Counsel for Mrs. Swinton and Mann examined Hamilton and brought out the. fact that any sums he had given them worn voluntarily and cheerfully given. A letter from Mrs. Hamilton to Inspector Byrnes was produced, in which Mrs. Hamilton offers to toll the whole story if Hamilton will come to her. She says she was more sinned against than sinning, an-1 conveys the idea that Mrs. Swinton and Mann used her as a cat's paw. RAN AGAINST A GRITTY OFFICER. A Gang of Mlmourl White-Cups Take Too Ilig a Contract. ST. Louis, Sopt. 7.—A sensational report from Dexter, Stoddard county, Mo., has been received here. It Is to the effect that a gang of lawless men, numbering about thirty-five, visited that town last Tuesday night with tho design ot enforcing a threat to drive from that town and county a recent settlement of negroes. The •_ marauders _entereil tbo town about midday, mounted and armed, and rode boldly through the streets. They were not disguised anil several wore recognized. Tho marshal of the town suspected their errand and summoned a posse and ordered them to leave town. For awhile the scene was intensely exciting, the gang fleeing down tho street under whip and tho marshal's possa pursuing, firing every instant. Four of the Outlaws Captured. Four of the White-Caps were captured. Buck Mays was one, and ho is seriously injured. The posse wounded and captured throe others named Vert, Davis and Dickinson, Tho gang is said to bo a part of a White-Cap organization numbering 150 men which bos existed for several months in Stoddnrd county. Some months ago thoy wero quite active in their operations, but recently have been comparatively quiet HAD ONE MIGHTY BAD HABIT. One of Those Nice Treasurers Ureaku HU Kmployers by Stoullng. BOSTON, Si-pt 7,—The Douglas Ax company is expected to go into insolvency, owing to defalcations by its traasuror, Djnni- son D. Dana. Dana is supposed to ba in Canada, The liabilities of the company, it Is said by a gentleman familiar with the case, will exceed $500,000, but it is hoped will not reach $1,000,000. Tho deficit in Dana's accounts extends over several yoai-s, though tho accounts wore audited regularly. D.ina received a salary of I6.0JO to $8,000 a year, and lived in good styb, but Is not known to have any bad habits. Ho is a deacon in tho Congregational church, at Brooklino, and a teacher in a Sunday school He has a wifo and five children. He raised $10,000 btfore leaving. Tbe factory at East Douglas will be shut down, throwing between 200 and 3J^ men out of work. They will be paid in full. President Perkins says Dana lost tbo money la speculating. Winner* on the Race Counte*. NKW YORK, Sept 7.—-There was nothing in tbe way of lima worth mentioning at Sheepshead Bay course yesterday. The winning horaes were Cassiu.i, Ooyjiete, Hub B., Tattler, Oriflaimuo and Flitter. CHICAGO, S-pt 1. —Tbe races ou the West Side course were all alow ycutvrday. They were wou by Miss Clay, K'tii* M., Quotation, Charley glrawban, and Hurry Kuhl. court gavo Mrs. Manle'y the custody of thu children—aged U, 0 and 4 years respectively Later on she mnrried a man named C. I. Aber of this city. The woman died last August and previous to her death she wrote n long letter to Mauley expressing penitence for tho wrong she had done him. Manley naked for and was granted tho custody of tho children. Aber asked permission to call on tho children, claiming ho had formed great attachment for them. Last Saturday he called and too!: tho .children out for a walk, since which time nothing- has boon semi or hoard of them. Mnnley has placed the police iu chargo of tho affair. •' Slinvlln'n Perilous Trip. SCKANTON, Pa., S>pt 7.—Richard Shov- liu's awful experic'iieo in the Providence Coal company's shaft Thursday evening is tho wonder of tbo anthracite mining circles. No' case like it has beoli ev:>r boen reported before. Bhovlin was a footman and signaled the engineer to ilravy him up. There- was somo delay njid Hhovlin got nil the carriage, whon it began, to IMDVO, and who i it passed him he grulibud hold of the iron rod beneath tho car and was hurried up tho shaft iiOO feet. An alarm was given and Shovlin wat found hanging unconscious to the bar and grasping it so hard that force was required to loosen his bold. Ho was conveyi^l homo almost dead, but recovered' consciousness after several hours' work by physicians. Govi'Mior Hnartl Stops* n Klcbt. ' ASHLAND, Wis., Sjpt. 7.—Miko Cjuley camo from Hurloy last night in u very much disgusted frame of mind us a result of the -jM-eventioirof'UtsHsufwitrrCu'fnirrTiy" ornor Hoard. "I never felt in better simpj forafl^ht in my life," said Conley, "and I feel sore over tho stopping of it for this reason. I am ready; however, to meet Cardiff for $500 a side." Jim Murnane.'a wealth) Dululh sporting man, was in town last night figuring for tho fight to come olT over in his town, and snmo arrangemmts may yot hi concluded. Cardiff is said to t'iko tho mattel very easily, and many say ho is glad the governor prevented tho ll^V.t. Should Keep Her (inn In Order. MT. KTEHMSU.KV., Sept.7.— At3 a.m. yss terday niorning a l,ur<;l'ir was discovered in i thoresidei ceuf Ucii. John S. Williams by his stopdaught'-r, Miss Ida Williams, who snapped her revolver at the intruder thivo times, frightening him away, hut not before he had taken a line iliuninhd pin belonging to Mrs. M'Hlge linlley, i-f Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Ho hail ulso gotten two valises that contained about 610,01*1 ivorili of valuables, but Misi Willianu had made it too hot for him, and ho 1,'ft them on l.he porch. H. W. BUNN, SnlE Apnt far Sterling.-' ~&y Dealing -with. Him. You Will tlie JVHclUleman'* Proiit. Coffees lri ; tla.9 We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.1O per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN 'CROW&V -PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. CREAM PATENT —-—— -RANSAS ; WINT E R,~ SUN, •'•'.. DAISY. v All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it to REMEMBER THE We are selling nothing but No. 1 Meats Prices Low as the Lowest. MIKADO MARKET. No Seconds. O. on Trlnl Again. WAVEULY, la., Svpt. 7.—The Billingsmur- dor trial at \Vuverly commenced, yesterday. Shortly nfter court convened Billings, uc- rornpanie.l by his wifo, was ushored in, an I tho work of si-looting a jury was coin- mencad. A jury will probably bo Hecuro.l by to-night, nnd tho i-ns-3 pro|»r will begin Monday! Billings displayed littlb or no anxiety about his position, and in his couvorsii- tirn with those about him spoke freely of being sure of an acquittal r A Town ISimie.1 by Inceiullurlet. LiNKviLi.E, Oru., Sept. 7.—lucvndiari-. s jtartod a tiro early yestonl iy morning in the renr of H xaloon, airl in two hours almost tho entire busin ;s.s part of thu town wns do- sti'ovod, cnus'u^ u lus< of $2K),OJO. Tbo fli'o burned from Liiikvillu brid-o to the United Slatoj signal offlu.i. Tb* lilsuruuco Is smiil j as the foinpuniss hud recently raised Ibeir i-at<'3. By everyone that comes to our store that wo have the Lwt U. u( L. Executive liouid. ST. Lot'18. Ma, Sopt 7.— U-nernl Master Workman Powdsrly, of lha K'il>;!iti of I^abor. ttnnouuroii tbat tho gjir.-ral ox^eutiv. bonnl ot tbo orvler will mad in He. l~>ui> 8«pt. 1W and continu* I \ ««*<K» i sjv H- il day*. Stupor laud que«tk>ni «tf»'Ttiui Uu a;ui ;UU iu too auUfo iiKithwM 1 , nuHwacht: U «*>jrl, Ui Tlio l*nm!itll Strilia*r.H. LONDON. S-pt. 7.—Aftor n 1-uvj confer- encv! yester lay IHSWVCM the ilo.-k iliroVtora nn I tiu-lor.l liuiyur, l<ish<-|> .tif I^nulou, Sir John L'lbb ic-lt, nn I Cunlinal Manuhvj, tho directors, whil.i ro:u->iii:< tu vm.iloyllx laborers on th-'ir teniK, tv^i'-'jl t.* it r.n.c vo-i* sfll owiu-is to t-ni[iU>y tlti'in to \n,Knid ftnd load lb~'ir i-ir^ovi Ttii-i i)ri-«c s knor or Uttar wm ih« 11 ;tit for ttu* s;rik M'.i. that can be found in the city. We keep on hand from ten to fifteen 'Bedroom Suits which enables all- to- make a seleo B, tion, and we are offering, them from .00 T>n>UMh> Wi-lliT oC Thai XiilU l.'tTY. S.-pt, 7 — Th 'noting frum S "U.u (lou Dial u K.ii » v. . «; rity " lnvo wf dutj luf rma- f th-j t- i'.xii-iit i • isustsaii T*a.rlor Gootls, !*ic*«.reis, Also a large stock of Oarpets, "Winclo-w IMotildingfts!, in general. t T phol- a Specialty. FAIK DEAUM8, law PRICES AM9 GOOG S8S6S Reynolds Bros.,

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