Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 4, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 8
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Social Hews **#**####*#*#*#*#* At their beautiful ranch homey two miles west of town, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. T, Cbemberlain entertained the Int- ter'a Sunday-school elans on New Vcnr's eve. Appropriate games were played and dainty refresh merits served, after which the party was turned into a unlcb meeting. Mrs. I. J. Cook entertainer) on tho evening of New Yearn day with an exquisitely appointed mix COUTHC dinner, her guonts being Rev. and Mrs, Alfred Fletcher, Mr. Jack Fletcher and Mr. and Mrs. G, N, Atwood. Pretty hand painted place cards adorned the table, the work of Miss Vyvyetine Faulder. Wednesday evening, January 1st, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bonton entertained with an elaborate dinner in honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. The parlor and music room were artistically decorated in smilax and red carnations. The dining table was very handsome in Duchess FOHCH and pink candelabra. Mr. and Mrs. Henton were tho recipients of many handsome presents. Among tho social events of the holiday season, tho one of greatest interest, perhaps, to the younger set, was the dancing party last Saturday evening in the Woman's Club HOUHO, given by tho V. B. D. Club. The large company of young folks seemed to be in an unusually happy mood and every detail of tho danct-. combined to make the evening OIK; of wholcHome pleasure. Tho Methodist, Church at Han Dirrias, prettily decorated for the occasion, was tho scene of the wedding of Miss Film. Ostrundor of Charter Oak, formerly of Covina, to Mr, Floyd Bonier, at 3:30 o'clock on Christmas day. Tho ceremony WHH performed by the pastor, the Rev. W. M. HarkneSH, and after a reception at tho hrtinn of the brother of the groom, the happy couple left for a beach trip and will ho fit home shortly on the Dr. Montgomery ranch. A merrv parlj- of young people met ni, tho home of Mrn. H. F. Cook to celebrate "watch night" on New Year's eve. 'tyo evening. passed 'qnidkly in playing interesting gum us nud Hinging songs until *lbe bJrth of tho Now Year, which oamo as they were popping corn. Dainty rofronn- moutB woro served from two chafing dishes. Those present, included the Misses Byrd tind An mi R^yholds, Ron Elliott, Josephine Widney, Lilian Douglass, Cook and Hastings; Messrs. Carl and Elinor Hhirloy, Howard Douglas, Morton Elliott, Ralph Crook, (Icnrgc and' KmmoiiH Cook, Carl Lcobrlck, Harry Nell. Tho members of the Kpworth League of tho M. JO. Church hold a charming social in the Reed Hall on New Year's ovo which attracted an attendance of nearly 1T>(). Tho oven- ing was pasHe-1 in games and tho musical numbers by the quartette, composed of Miss Clara Amon, Phil Miller, Herbert Millor and Roy Blanchard added much to tho tiiijoymt'nt of tho evening. Readings \vcro alao rondorod by Mrs. \V. 11, Shaffer and Miss Helen Williams, which were enthusiastically applauded. AH tho hour of midnight approached religious sorviceH wcro conducted by tho pastor, Rev. H. W. White, to which all rcniuini'd, tho Now Year being ushered in in silent prayer. Thirty of Covlna's young poopln picnicked Friday of lust wook in Uig Dalton oanyon, bolow tho dam. Starting from tho Hrtol Vondomo lu a big wagon, tho journey wua Hindu in good timo despite tho ruts, which made it pluammter to walk than rldo ovor a numbor of placou. A long walk wus taken boforo tho basket luncheon, then rafts were mado and tho moro vonturesnmo launched thorn on tho water of tho reservoir. Threatening woutlitir cut short tho uftm noon'a pleasures. Among thoht< who enjoyed tho trip woro tho uluiporoiiH, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Douglas, tlm Misses Marie and JoHi-pliini) VYidncy, (ho Misses San tlurs, tin- Misses Kt>yu»liln, Mit*t)os Huntings, Kna Klliuti, Lillian J>iui>; inn, Evi'lyn Flt.'tcht.»r, and Miss (<ur don of (iUunluiu, mid Messrs. Howard Duuglas, KniinuMs Cu.ik, (ii'urgc Cuok, Jt'roiiH) Reynolds, Hugh (!nr don, Ralph Crunk, .luck FU-tclu'r, Frank Chapman, Turn llrunjcs, Hany Neil, (ii'oix'i- Clark, Will Lavayca, Mort'iii Mlliutt and Carl Lt-cbrick. Pay With Check or S.:rlp. City t-tx'is may bo paid in uitlu-r chuck-j or serip. J. C. lluli'hinsoii, Jr., (,'ity Tivus- urer. 1. C. Fairly, Tax C..Hector. CHARTER OAK. thosfl who attended the TouriJHment of Roues were Messrs. and Mesrlnmea C. D. Hill, T. H. HoflRland, H. O. Mnce, ,1. C. Penrl and son Clarence, ami Robin Graham. Will Krnter, who spent the holi- dnyrt at Greenfield, has returned bringing with him bis nieces, tho Mlflses IvanHa nod Myrtle Prater, who will flpond the rent of vrir-a- j lion with hhn and Miss Frnter and! with their fmmrhmrfrnts Mr. and ' Mrs. Hoyt. THE FUR SEAL V. C. Bowrinj? president of H ing firm in Kntflnm), who tint) been vinff,l»g IIJH brothers here, left for Snn Frannisco on Friday, beiritf tnkon by auto as far as Hantu Rnrhnra bv ills relatives, Mr. and Mrs. VVrn. I3owriiig, and Mr. Arthur Bnwriiiff. Amusements. Tho company to have plnyed the drama "For Mother's Hake, " in tho Club House on New y car's ovn fulling to make an appearance, dancing was enjoyed in tho hull until about ]'2::!0. On Thursday evening manager Johimon Hui'.ccHHfully staged a roar- Ing melodrama "Tho Denver Ex- proHH. " Tho attendatxH,' was Hrnall. A bird show i« billed for this. Katurday, ovenln«. Notice-to Tax Payers of Covlna. All taxes are now due and payable. All taxes will' become delinquent on tho Infll Monday in December at 5 o'clock p.m. and if not paid prior thereto a penalty of 10 por cent. will lie added (.hereto. Taxes may be paid at the office of the City Tax Collector in the Home Telephone building on and after Oct. 5th, 1007. 1. C. FAIKLY, Tax Collector. Arm Broken. On Saturday afternoon laat Bartell fell from a wagon while on hit) way to town. The hind wheel of the heavy vehicle fjaHKcd across bia left arm, crushing the (:lbuw and alao breaking tho arm about threo incboH above the elbow joint. Dr. C'apps expresses tho opinion that he will have a tit id' olbow, and not be able to resurno work for two or throe months, Death Notice. Tho death occurred yesterday morning after u lingering illness of W. 8. McCoy at his residence on Gra/id avonuo. Tho funeral services will be held from tho homo on Sunday afternoon, by Rev. Mr. Clago, ruiHlor of tho Baptist church. At the gravo the Odd Fellows will have charge. Mr. McCoy moved to Covina with his family from Iowa about, one year "go, entering the employ of \V. Q. Cunter at thti Onlululo cemetery. He lenvoH a widow and three children the youngest of whom la fourteen years. Happy Girls. Thoro arc no happier nirls in all Covina than littlo Mildred Yarnoll and Mario Nelson, tho HiiccosmfuI contestants in tho Urondwell voting t'on- lont. Mildrtul led tho ini'o with 2,1(5-1 votes and received a handsome doll, bountifully ilrostunl, nearly as lurgo as tho little Miss. Mario was a oloHG Mncnnd with 1,0411 votes and was awarded a doll daintily (Iri'Hst'd inul an appropriate buggy to whi'ol lift' latest around in. Peoples Store Oue.sslng Contest. For several weeks preceding tho holidays much intonist WMH aronsod ovor tho guessing contest, tho num- bor of yards in n largo spool of ribbon exhibited in tho show windows of tho Covimi Peoples Store. Tho snccBdsful contestants woro: First girls', Miss Hnzol Hnntmr, doll and buggy; 2nd, Miss Dolltt Lorn ley. First boys', Simnml OvurholtztT, steam outiino; 2nd, (ilen Diuldcrar; i'lril, u tit', Paul (i.igo and Koy Kistler. A SM Animal With Heart, Llv«r Kidntyt Likt • 8h«p. The fur seal In a land nnlmnl of perverted tastes, who, living a; r.en. haa had his paws clianjfed in; > flippers very like the long blai.'k kid gloves of ft woman. His heart, liver nnd kjdneys nre oxjictly the SHIIIO as those of a ftlieop nrid Just as good to eitt, but his fl<!Bh, nKlioiigh Just like fat mutton to look at, !s rank nnd disfr.Ktefnl from his habit of eating fl«!> The whole [Mickago Is put up In a arcel of thick while fnt to keep the body/ v/nnn. while from the skin grows n lieiivy crop of t If u I brown fur, protected with large tint, oil benrlng hairs, making n glossy surface which slides through the water without friction. Perfectly fearless, overflowing with ftm, ft perfect little athlete, mnrveloiis- ly Klrong. the fur w,\\ Is the most <ie- IlKlitfui of all wild creatures. Hut, although they live at sea, the seals, being heavily clothed In fat, skin and hair, find the temperate latitudes much too warm for comfort during the summer months. Slrico they cannot shed thf-ir garments like ourselves, they migrate to a subarctic climate, gather- Ing lu Immense multitudes where there arc fisheries to support them. Their ration Is fifty pounds of cod every day, which for a creature the size of a sheep Is considerable.—Exchange. Walnut Trees. j 10,000 Santa Barbara soft shell and Ptaeentia. 60,000 grape fruit plants. Lemon buds for June planting. Shade trees: Umbrella, Camphor, Monterey Pine, Bottle trees, three varieties In Acacia. Phoenix { and Gaudaloupe Paline. J150 boxes ; Eucalyptus blue gum. W. M. Adams, j corner 3rd and 4th streets and Lincoln avenue, P. O. box 656, liorda- burg, Cal. 1-1 lp Ponies, Horses and Mule*. A« 1 am now a resident of this county, I would like to supply the ! good people with anything in my jline. I shall keep on band Shetland ponies, mules arid single driv- j erg. I have four head of standard bred trotting youngsters, one L'reat Stephens. Call and see and give mo your orders. Matt Chilton, Covinn. Location, R. A. Meredith ranch, Cypress avenuo. A STORY OF THE SEA. The Man Who Braved the Storm and the Sailor He Rescued. ' Off the Ireland there was a terrible storm, nnd a crowd gathered on the .shore to see a storm tossed ves- nel not far away being pounded on the rocks. Sturdy men launched n boat find pulled away at the oars to rescue tt Imperiled ones. As the boat came back the watchers on tho Hhoro cried, "IMd you got. them?" and they answered: "All but one. We had to leave him or rink the lives of all." And when they were landed 'a stalwart fellow stopped from the group and mild, "Who will Join me In tho rescue of the remaining one?" Then an aged woman cried out: "Oh. my son, dcn't go; don't ?;o! You are all I have left. Your father %vn-< drowiifd tit fi-a. and your brother William Hailed away, and wo never heard I'ro.u him. and now If you are lost I will hi' left l:i sorrow alone." Hut; the man replied: "f mu«t go, mo!:!;cr. Duty calls me." Then he uud other Imive hearts laiineliuil the boat and pulled for the wreck. Anxiously the mother waited In tears and prayers. At last they saw the lifeboat coming nearer and nearer, anil wher 1 It was In hailing distance they called, "Have you got your man?" And the answer rung out clear above the storm, "Yes, nnd tell mother It's brotlifr William!" Nests of the Golden Eagle. Every pair of engles whose habits I have had an opportunity of watching over a period of a few years would seem to have Invariably at least two alternative sites for their nosts. SOUHJ have three, and I know of one with four sites. In fact, I only know of ono pulr out of many which habitually resort to but one place and only one. Tlio reason for this Is, however, apparent, for owing to Its situation it has never been disturbed. Tho nest Is In a small cavern on the face of nn absolute wall of limestone rock some 81)0 feet high, at about -100 foot from tho summit. Above tho cliff Is a talus of louse, stone at an angle of forty-five degrees or so, above which uguln rise other precipices. To reach tho noarest point above this nest would bo a long ilny's work.—London Saturday Review. University of Paris. The doctor's degree In the, University of Paris Is so entitled as to designate tho faculty under which the work was done, as those who do literary work would receive the degree doctor of let- tors, etc. To obtain the doctor's degree the candidate must possess the lower degree of tho corresponding division of work, HUlnnlt two theses on ditt'erent questions, reply to questions or objections concerning them, pay « feo of 140 francs and present 10(1 printed copies of ono of his theses to the university. TUo euudUUto for the degree doctor of letters must wrlto one thesis In Latin, the other In Kronch. If In tho sclentllle department, the thesis must bo on some original Investigation; If lu theology, the examinations are both oral and written.—School IJul- lotia. The Brooks tiros, at Riverside. Tho Drunks Druthers, who an? to linlii evangel is.tie ^tTviivH in Covina ! beginning th<> la'-t Sunday in Janu- J ary, HIV now in tin 1 midst of u HIU- cedHtnl revival at Riverside, Cal. Thi) oruwtls in attend,met) iiave been large, and niiiftren roiivt'r.iions an" reported fur tlio tlrst tmir da>> Tin 1 Urooks Brothers aio sin^eis mnl preai'heis, loth nt them. Tin y : lurni u most unusual r--inl<in;ilii'ii, ' wurkiiig toj,'«'i.hrr in [aMti'i't hanuoiij '. and unity. Their wi.ik fur I'.'t'T, rt'altltcii in 1 S t \\ aildilUi'.lS to the I'huii'lii'd iiir whii'li ; hi') laLuicil. . I'lui'e vniir spare ei Valley Sti\ iugs Hunk, I Uienl at 4 per i-eut. h in t he ('< .vim u sate ui\t/,ii Left Out In the Cold. Eiih'r (iliseiisslnj,' the new minister's probation discourse) In my oju'cnlon lio wasna justllli'd lu div iiliui; folk Into tlio sheep and Ilie i;iu>.ts. I wailna sny, .lamio, that 1 w:<s umouj; the Hiiro j;uid, nn' 1 wadna say tint .vim v\t-re among 'hi 1 uneo bad. So whar do we- mine in? He'll uo do f-ir ns, Jamie. We'll no vote for him.- London I'mu U. An Estimate and a Hope. "You've heard her, ymi say?" remarked Mr. 1m!,ley "Ah. she certainly has the xii'i "t son-.; " "U'ell, 1 hope that'.-* what it is," replied Miss \\uov. "i >h>iuld halo to think she paid anything tor it."-l'hil- adelphia 1'i'ess. San'.e OiJ 'Missry. "S'T-ise dai- v.-iu a ur.-key I'er e\ery man in de . ouniry '.-" "Wouldn't nuiUu any diiTereiiee. fer ley'd have win^s enough to ily out er reach." Atlanta i 'oiistitutiou. D. E. STITES manufacturer of (MBIT BLfl(KS for buildings, piers, chimneys, porch columns, anything in thia line. Contracts taken for putting up walls for buildings and foundations. Blocks J made anywhere on the building site. Blocks for sale, cheap. Celebrated Kentucky Jack "Samson" at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses and stock received for oasture. Electric Motors CUT7JO, Among- the things Covina is fortunate in is a cheap electrical current. Cheap in price—not quality. The new nine cent rate makes it possible for the housewife to cut tne labor bill ia half. Covina £kctric Company Office hours, 8-9 a. m. Telephones 121 and 3121 New Schedule For Electric. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a, m. 6:35 7:05 7:50 8:35 9:20 10:05 11:20 12:30 p m. 1:30 2.45 3:35 4:15 5:00 5:45 6:30 8:30 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a, m. 6:50 7:32 8:15 9:00 9:45 10:20 11:30 12:35 p. m. 1:45 2:35 3:45 4:40 5.25 6:10 6:55 7:50 10:00 IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. ; All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler * * * * * $ * * * * * * *• * * •* , * ' * * •: Say! . fflancbcr YOU are conducting- a big 1 business —more money invested than many business houses -do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Uo you always have suitaole paper handy when you wish to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of residence and date line, cheaper tha'i YOU can secure tablets and envelopes in small quan- titiej.' This will make your correspondence businesslike and mure convenient. COVINA AKiil'rf, PRINTERS **************** * # * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FOR 5ALE 5000 Acres of choice orang-e, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best iu the valley and will be sub--, divided into small tracts to suit purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terms. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. The Broadwell Store A RELIABLE STORE We offer you a large and staple line of dry goods, shoes, clothing, women's and children's coats at prices you can depend on. We do not inflate prices at the season's beginning and therefore you can depend upon getting what you pay for. We believe the straight way is the best way to do business, and while it is hard at times to see the faker pass us on the road, we will try and build our business upon the enduring rocks of reliability. Automobile Hats - - $2.00 Automobile Gloves • S2.00 and up Automobile Boots, men's and women's Auto Dusters and Overcoats Our prices less than city houses BROADWELL,Covina Clarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA, CAL.

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