Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on December 17, 1962 · Page 9
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 9

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1962
Page 9
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PAttl 10 ANDIRSOH DAILY IULLITIN Control Of Afro-Asian Reds Is Goal Of China's Thrust At India BY COL. t(M' CKOMI.KY Newipipcr Enterprise Military WASHINGTON - INK A) - because they see Mao Tse-Tung's'cessful In ousting Moscow-oricnt-'bc In Chinese ,hands. There 'isdown In Cuba. The Chinese saj'j U.S. military men see NUN* quickie invasion of India as part ed mcn from Indian party Icader-iincrcasing evidence that Mao's' 11 . 1 '" is "nether example of Ku<i-| c haiice of the Indian army drivinj of his drive to supplant Nikila ship, (hey would begin » slow re-j men believe Chinese techniques: 8 ' 11 " f ail . ul ' c - ^ey claim that if; lhc ch j nese oul ,,, lndlti , ^m Christmas Party Is Held By Club 'Khrushchev as leader of worldi h « ill| ing ot Hint party accurdinglarc better and that the Russians *°? *' anl * constant, reliable Ked, The next step In the China-India^,,,,™,,,..,,,,. Thcsc mcn believe' 1 ' Chinese doctrine ot implacablcjdon'l have "mils" in a showdown. fncnd ' look to Pcki "B- • I „'? '" " "'" tulure ' ' v ™ . stniRglc may be an attempt hyJMao achieved his first-round aims hostility to the iioii-Commuiiistj. The Washington analysts point B - v showing their troops can be:"•.: ' 1 " u Bl ! lisn arm ? »ra. Though Peki Communist Moscow. 'posed puil-nacK aim iruce were; ""=> """«" muvc «uimi uv un-i mcy c.xposca Mirusucncv as nupnrr in llw. lv,nW «i=i.,i. ..r'-r,'""' "i"-I r~.'"~ ~T^7~.T" mil Key iw.,,^ „„,) si,i. ivnn.rt.l.j.nnJ f r o,,, ,\, n toninnin. (lowed bv an aKErcsslvc atlcinut tola man who wn,,l,ln'i hart i,,Hi n "".,_" LI" ."° rd 5.! btatcil ot their military production facilities ""i tncnt tonns yiseful in the past on the bordcrsjjefore she could acquire the abil- drives. Red Chinese troops restor- ALEXANDRIA - The R 1 1 e y Club held a Christmas party in '25 to'500 ON JUST YOUR OWN SIGNATURE OR SECURITY LOCAL FINANCE CORPORATION IT TOU NEED MORE THAN S50B TO CONSOLIDATE DEBTS, TRADE CARS, MAKE HOME IMPROVEMENTS, ITC., YOU CAN GET UP TO 2,500 Phone, Writ* »r Stop IB AT And Set O. K. loll No. 6X4-4421 14 East 10th Strut Co. Inc. L*ciltd bctwKB Mill ind Meridian Street! 1e home of Kirs. Jack Bowers. ^-hostesses were Mrs. James Laws and Mrs. Richard Shafer. De <=."•« lions through^ U* h °™ expressed the yule- de theme. Christmas candle ar- ansemenls, the large gold wreath above ;(he fireplace, the punch bowl encircled with .holly and polnsettias atop snowballs for dessert emphasized the beauty of ••••••••••••••••••*••• A GIFT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 10 GAL. AQUARIUM '19* COMPLETELY EQUIPPED NEW SHIPMENT Of TROPICAL FISH Give J & J Gift Certificates! PETS, CAGES, AQUARIUMS, DOG BEDS, SWEATERS, & COATS 300 Free King Korn Stamps With $10 Gift Certified!* J & J AQUARIUM ON 6TH WEST OF MADISON AVE. • •••••••••••••••••••if* Christm, The The Chinese have for years been - (raining a minimum of 7 to 10 ed some of the Asian image, otidivisions to fight in those high Chinese strength which had beeni a ltitudcs. They have built up lines dimrtied in the post-Korea-ycars^f SU |,|,iy ;„,,] established stock- by Chinese defeats in battles fori,,jics of cnuipment and ammuni- Quemoy and Malsii near Korinosa,|ii on . They are now conditioned lo |by fumbling military control inlnght in these cold and low-oxygen Iibet and by farm and industrialhcights failures. Harrison Plumbing 3008 West llth St. Phone '644-5195 'osier Student To Study Abroad CHICAGO (AP)-An Indianapolis student and one froiri the University of Notre Dame will join 30 other Americans next fall as Rhodes scholars at Oxford University in England. Don J. Wood of Indianapolis and Robert P. McNeill, a Notre Dame senior from Winnetka, III., won Rhodes scholarships Saturday along with two others who competed in a sixstate region. McNeill is the son of Don Mc- Ncill, host on his Breakfast Club iiroadcast in Chicago. Wood, student at Yale University, the son of Dr. Donald E. Wood, president-elect of the Marion County Medical Society. ual $ft exchange around t h e pirislmas tree. Mrs. Henry hope, accompanied by Mrs. Ruby lurden, presented two vocal selec- ons. A beautiful Christmas story ntitled "No Room for Him" was elated by Mrs. Carl Robinson, irs. J. P. McMahan accompanied he members a stliey sang carols The CWF held a Service of Carols and Candles at the First Christian Church. A prelude. Stars Over Bethlehem", was pre- cnted on the piano and organ nd was followed by the call to 'orship. The Senior Ensemble of the \lexandria - Monroe High School, irected by Ernest Hosteller, presented three selections. Devotions. A Boys Dream," were presented y Mrs. ,Jo!in Hcifner and her on, Steve. A Scripture reading vas followed by carol singing. The primary department sang 'Away' In A Manger." David stahl, accompanied by Mrs. Jack Velson, presented a saxophone solo "0 Holy Night." The candle lighting ceremony Blue Cross-Blue Shield Experience Valuable in Financing Health Care TNDIANAPOLIS-Blue Cross-Blue Shield believes the people of Indiana need and want the best health care available, and accepts the responsibility of helping all the people solve ihe problem of meeting the cost of this care. However, the ever-rising cost of today's hightquality medical care is making it more important than ever that everyone in Indiana has the broadest possible protection against the unpredictable costs ofillncss or accident. Increasing charges for health care have been made easier for more than 1,500,000 persons by Blue Cross-Blue Shield, created through cooperation with Indiana hospitals and doctors to help all the people of Indiana solve their own health care financing problems. As specialists in the field of financing hospital, surgical and medical care, Blue Cross—Blue Shield offers a wide range of benefit patterns adapted to changing medical practice. Blue Shield schedules are realistically established, and diagnostic and in-hospilal medical benefits are available that match today's needs, LOW OPERATING COSTS Blue Cross-Blue Shield believes that money paid in for health care should be paid out for health care, and operates on that basis. From the beginning, Indiana Blue Cross—Blue Shield has maintained an extremely low operating cost. In 1961, less than seven cents of each dollar of income was used to run the business, and more than 93 cents of every membership fee dollar received was paid out to hospitals and doctors for members' health care. Since organization of the health care plans in Indiana, Blue Cross-Blue Shield has paid out more than 5425,000,000 for members' hospital and doctor bills. With an annual income of nearly $75,000,000, Blue Cross-Blue Shield ranks among the top business organizations in Indiana. Indiana Blue Cross and Blue Shield operate as mutual insurance companies, •nd are supervised by the Department of Insurance, State of Indiana. More than one-third of the population oflndiana—1,500,000 mcn, women, and children—are now protected. Nationally, Blue Cross membership totals more than 57 million—and Blue Shield nearly 50 million. MEMBERSHIP FOR EVERYONE •' Blue Cross—Blue Shield enrolls members through groups at places of employment, and offers a special direct pay membership to individuals not eligible for membership through an employer. In the last eight years, there have been five ttatewide open enrollments at which time membership was offered to all persons in Indiana. There, are no health questionnaires or medical examinations required. No one is barred from Blue Cross-Blue Shield membership because of age or health. Membership can be retained despite change of employment, loss of employment, or retirement. Membership is not terminated because of frequent use of benefits, or the size of hospital or doctor bills. Employers like Blue Cross-Blue Shield because of the case of administration— ' it keeps them out of the claims business. And members like it because of the unique Identification Card lhat is recognized by hospitals and doctors everywhere. you can't afford to be without BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD from doctor-hospital sponsorship .Blue Cross and Blue Shield are specialists in their fields, strong in the knowledge of health care needs gained through years of cooperation with Indiana's hospitals and doctors. The close working relationship gives Blue Cross- Blue Shield an unparalleled advantage of providing the personalized benefits you need at the minimum fees. So, if you want to get all you pay for In health caie, be secure in the professional knowledge and experience of Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Contact the oflice nearest you. OUR STRENGTH IS YOUR SECURITY BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD HOME OFFICE: 110 N. ILLINOIS ST., INDIANAPOLIS 9, INDIANA Cheryl Walker. Mrs. Reed pre- enled llic reading. The service closed with benediction.. A social lour was held. Father Keith Hosey, assistant )astor of St. Joseph's Catholic 'huroh in Ehvood, showed colored iliries of the Holy Land, depict- ng.the birthplace of Christ and he places of his public life, for he annual pitch-in supper andU, Christmas meeting of the Altar K and Rosary Society of St. Mary's'w Church in the church club room.':.' R 'he slides were taken by Father j| fosey on two pilgrimages and'ij rips to the Holy Land and sur- " ou'ndlng. areas. After Hie program. Father Hosey related some >f his experiences during his ravels abroad. During a short business ses- Jon preceding the program, Mrs. tames Flecker reported that the ociely had packed and shipped 00 pounds of good clothing donated by the parish, for the Sishops War Relief collection rive... MONDAY, DICiMiU IT, 1962 Economist Claims Tax Cut Would Be Aid In Construction CHICAGO — "If income taxi* arc reduced ewly in 19G3 the fnembei irs eojoyed their an- Bla/e Damages Capital Church INDIANAPOLIS (UPD-A two alarm blaze broke out at the Vie. lory Missionary Baptist Church building industry will be able tc|Sunday night as 15 parisliioncrs were in another part of the one- story building meeting with UK pastor.' The fire began in lire basement. Flames spread through a stairwell and burned behind the pulpit. The Rev. Charles Smith estimated damage al $50.000. Most ot the choir room and the rear wall of the church were destroyed, hi said. vas held with candles by produce and sell at an annual rate higher than 1.400,000 units in'the. last half- ol the year" according to one of the nation's leading economists. Speaking before the 19th annual National Association of Home Builders Convention here, Dr. Gordon W. McKinley, vice president and chief economist of F. W. Dodge Corporation, declared "there is a basic, underlying demand for housing amounting to about 1,400,000 private nonl'arm units, but unless the staggering load of federal taxes is reduced, the economy will not be sufficiently prosperous to create the employment and the 'incomes necessary to provide a market for that many housing units." Clock-eyed COLGATE, Okla. Ml — When the clock in a cafe here stopped at a few minutes past noon, il was not re-started. Asked about it, the owner explained that people passing by see.the clock, get hungry, and stop-to eat. Vat Bulletin-Herald Classifieds WE'LL CLEAN THE LOADS THE OTHERS CAN'T... • DRAPES • SLIPCOVERS ALL IN ONLY 20 MINUTES—NOT AN HOUR GKAYDON COLDER THEY ADD so much-. ... to your indoor health and comfort TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY AND COMFORT INDICATORS . . . Keep you informed on room temperature and humidity . , . help you maintain maximum indoor cam- fort and healthful air condi- (ions. Designed with taste and distinction, they make beautiful and useful gifts, Now Fork Over BALTIMORE (AP)-The cus- omcr may always be right, but e's also suspect in one lunchroom,^ •here a posted notice says: IS "Knives, forks and spoons are ot medicine. Please do not take ifler meals." r RIGHT ON MERIDIAN AT 1212 OUT OF g * % PAWN SALE Merchandise pawned and never called for. Tremendous savings in Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and hundreds of other items. A SWEEPING CLEARANCE 8 I I DIAMONDS Lady's yellow gold ring, large center diamond, 2 side ^^iC^^ diamonds W^ 'Lady's yellow gold ring, beautiful center diamond, 4 side diamonds. Lady's yellow cess ring with 33 diamonds. _. '75 00 gold Prin•79" , \ I I I Lady's white gold ring, lovely center diamond, diamonds ¥O COO on side. . *85° Lady's whiter gold ring, solitaire diamond is it sparkling beauty An exceptional buy In three - diamond I a d i c s' rings. Total $/f ft 00 price *40° Man's yellow very nice diamond Mnn'n yellow gold heavy mounting, nice diamond. gold ring very '90 00 gold Man's MK yellow ring. Diamond, niec buy Man's niec si/r diamond ring with syn. ruby ...... Man's beautiful black onyx ring with quarter carat * diamond ....... Man's massive seven diamond cluster Sr* FOO ring ........... OO Man's diamond ring with 7 diamonds total one half *Cfl 00 carat .......... JV ITif) Ladies' and Men's diamond rings priced from up Wedding rings with five to seven diamonds priced from 00 >10°V300 WATCHES ElKin 17-J Ycl. $4 COO Gnld Strap. ... J" J Yellow Gold *18°° Elgin 17-J Expansion Band Elgin 17-.I Expansion Band Bcnru.s 17-J Expansion Band \Vliile Gold *17 50 Yrllnw Gold ...*15 00 Bcnrus Automatic with Expansion Band Gruen Vcri-Thln HK Solid Gold Case Longincs 17-J with Spcldet 1 Band Gruen 17-.I wllli Expansion * Rand Bnlora 17-J with Spcldcl Band 00 °0 I I I I IS 00 Midi) 17-J UK Cold. Blllova I7-.I ...... *18°° *20°° Croton 17-J ... Klgln I!)-.! Lndtcs'. W a t c li e s advertised brands. Guaranteed. *18°° $22°° all nationally *12 00 lip I NEW LUGGAGE AMERICAN TOURISTER - STARFLITE - LEEDS AMELIA EARHART - MUTUAL - BALTIMORE s JEWELRY-NEW Rings — Lockets — Ear Rings — Diamond Earrings — Baby Lockets — Baby Bracelets — Sterling Crosses — Gold Crosses — Lighters. OPTICAL GOODS Swift A Anderson Brand Binoculars — Barometers — Barometers with Temp- trature — Readers, 2" to 4" — Bciusch t Lomb Magnifiers — Air Guide Field Glasses—Auto Compasses — Cameras. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Out of Pawn and New: Trombones- Trumpets — Clarinets - Guitars — Radios — Harmonicas — Accordions. OUT OF PAWN Portable Sewing Machines — Check Writers - Electric Toasters - Silverware — Shot Skates - Drafting Sets, New. ', COME EARLY WHILE THE SELECTION IS COMPLETE HARDIN & SON 31 and 33 East llth. St. II YEARS IN SAME LOCATION YOUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION I I I fi I I % I

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