Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1938 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1938
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ABKXNSA3 And LUfle Mini You cnnnot put one stnr in motion, Vou cnnnot shape one single forest le«f, Nor fling n mountain up, nor sing an ocean, Presumptuous pigmy, large with unbelief! You ctinnnl bring one d;iwn of regal .splendor, Nor bid the day to slimlciwy twilight Nor send the Im |,_. „„„„, foi . t |, wit , ) rncliiiiiff, U-nuer, And tlnre you ilciubt the One- who 1ms (lone it iill'.'- Circle No. 1 ,,f u,e Woman's Missionary Society of tho First Methodist church met at .'{ o'clock Monday Hflcrnoon ;it the homo of tlic leader, RASPY COUGHS DUE TO COLDS FinsT— put n small lumn of Vickn Vnnollub on your tongue ami lot i? melt The mcdlcntlon ifnthes the irri- thro n t ne 'hr. r n ". 0fi "- M U lrlckl o«down your tnront, — bringing comforting relief -I where you want ll-when you want iT of VapoRtib in a bowl or boll Inn wntnr. Breathe In tho vnpcirn for a few minutes. AH those vapors work their way down through tho Blr-pRsshKcs, they looson phlegm unu ease tho coiinh. WICKS W V/APORUB "Cowboy and The Lady" LAUGH .. .as two modern kids hand-pick a Dad for themselves! THRILL ... as Judy and swings it! BARTHOLOMEW JUDY GARLAND MARY ftSTOR -WALTER Mrs. E. P. Stewnr{ with Mrs. George Median and Mrs. Claude Wnddlc as nssocintc hostesses. Sixteen members resi>ondcd to the roll call and following the regular routine of business, Mrs. T. R. Billingsloy conducted n most interesting ornl instructive quiz on the year's worlc. During the social hour the hostesses served n templing salad course with ten. Thu Friday Music club will present excerpts from "The Messiah" by the Friday Chonil club at 4 o'clock, Sunday afternoon at the First Methodist church. The public is cordially invited. The Jo Vcsey Circle of the W. M. S., First Methodist church hold its Dc- cembre meeting at 7:30 Monday evening at the home of Miss Mary Arnold on North Hcrvey street with Mrs. Jimmie Jones as joint hostess. Miss Elsie Weiscnbcrger conducted a Missionary Quiz in a most interesting and unicjuc manner. During Ibc business period, new officers were clccled as follows: Leader. Miss Melva Bullington; sec- rclary, Mrs. Kelly Bryant; treasurer, Miss Elsie Wcisenbergcr. The annual Christmas tree with Miss Martha Wray acting as Santa Glaus produced a 'gift for each .member. Guests wore Mrs. D. B. Thompson, Mrs. John Arnold and Mrs. Evan Wray. Two new members were enrolled, Miss Ruth Taylor and Mrs. Evan Wray, Two new members were enrolled, Miss Ruth Taylor and Mary Sue Anderson. The hostesses served a most templing dessert plate with coffee. —O— The W. M. S. First Christian Church • held its regular monthly meeting Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. Q. Warren on South Main street. Following the regular routine of business, Mrs. Saner presented a very in- I N _ E *- w Tuesday-Wednesday DOUliLK FEATURE "Roll Along Cvwboy" — and— JACK LUDEN— in— •T1IANTOM GOLD" • SERIAL STORY SKI'S THE LIMIT BY ADELAIDE HUMPHRIES COPYRIGHT, \036 NEA SERVICE, INC. OAST or rft:i»V A I, v O T T — n.lnilrnl>« dmiRlKrr. SI,,, f, lc(M , ,, ,.|,,,, cf bc<wi>i>n (, vo nnvy mil lord. J) IV I f; i| T v A,MI'IIR!,I,-_,,mi,f- *l<ins llvnlrnnnt. II* fa«c,I it choice lirMvi'i'i, MM wife „„,» ,|,,(y. JACK UAXI.HY— Hylnif H.lll,,r. "f fnrfil ,, (,.„! nf „ „„,!,,„, ,, IV(/i MAIIVKI, II A R T I \ (i S—nnvy wife. Slio f, 1P( .,i (I,,. leM „, ,„., • srood Knllnr. lirokrn • lie In THE BIG NIGHT FRIDAY- DOUBLE FEATURES • Tues. Wed. * Thur. Her Jungle Love" Technicolor • Anil • "TIP-OFF GIRLS" SALE WINTER COATS Sport Coals for All Around Daytime Wear. LADIES Specialty Shop Gift Suggestions IFURNITURE • Living Room Suites • Bed Room Suites • Chairs' • End Tables • What-Not Stands • Book Racks • Smoking Stands • Occasional Tables ELECTRICAL— • See Our Window. VISIT TOYLAND— • For Those Better Toys. Hope Hardware COMPANY GENCKAL MOTOHS 1EHMS TO SUIT YOUH I'URSE WE'RE READY TO TALK REAL MONEY FOR YOUR CAR IN TRADE ON THE 1939 PONTIAC QUALITY SIX • DE LUXE SIX DE LUXE EIGHT Priced Even Lower than Last Year! AMERICA'S FINEST LOW-F-mcED CAR , THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINO ON WHEEUS HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. 207 E. Third (MAX COX, Owner) Hope, Ark. ''•I. Mill .Nlic IrllK III til IK«'<| lo intirry .Im'k! CHAPTER XXVI •^flE moment the words loft bci lips, Judy Alcolt lost th< triumph that bad inspired thorn She felt cold, arid Dwight'.' stunned face was not the victorj she had thought it would be. I was like n flame that had dwindled quickly to ashes. He said, "I'm sorry, Judy. Sorrj I said those things. Of course j couldn't expect a girl like you tc sit around and wait while I— while I came to my senses." His mouth twisted. "We all find out there is no Santa Glaus. We all discover we can't undo the mistakes we made. But I wish—God, how I wish — I had seen things clearly. I wish I had married you!" The violence of his words shook him. And then he was reaching for her, pulling her into his arms. "I love you," he said over and over. "Now that I can't have you, it's loo cruel lo bear. I want you. I need you." She should have .pushed him away. But she had hungered for his arms so long. To be close against his heart, to feel the rise and fall of his breathing, to have his pleading in her cars like this, was so sharply sweet, that for a moment she remained quiescent, still. But then she put her hands against his chest and . stirred. "Don't, Dwight. It's no use." * * * must .ihe deny the flre in her own Wood? Why must she torture herself and him? Was it pride, exacting Its ton? Pride that must be satinflcd, that wouldn't let her yield to him, that wouldn't admit those sobs and those tears he had caused her? Without her own volition, words were tumbling forth. "You were . always ambitious, Dwight. You jwawtert to'marry a rich girl, you thought it would help you go 'ahead. You knew that my father's 'influence could help you, but you weighed everything carefully anc in the end it seemed to you thai i Marvel's money could help more Bigger and belter parties. Influence in Washington. She spoke of it! Her uncle's a banker, he has friends on the Naval Affairs Committee. You thought that would be an easier, quicker way than the road of merit. Oh, you were cold about it. You considered it from every angle!" "That's not-true!" he shouted. "Everybody knows it is true, Everybody knows that every single move you ever made, since you came into the navy, has been with the single thought of getting ahead." "A man's a fool not to want to succeed!" "Yes, but there are ways. And ways." "I never did anything underhanded. I never used pull—" "You wouldn't have hesitated, if you had had it." "Pull is an asset. Why shouldn't a man use it if he has U?" "You're a climber, Dwight. You were always. Mother tried to tell me. Jack tried to tell me—but : was blind." ^ hurt. H.J cried, "Oh, Hanley told you, did he! Just bo- cause he's a hardworking fool who's crazy about some dimwit idea that won't ever amount to a hill of beans. Six and a naif mil lion dollars for a dirigible .that goes down in any little blow' • "Battleships cost sixty millions," she said. "And dirigibles don't go down in—" "What do you know about it? he cried, stung. "Only what he's told you." She said despairingly, "We've come a long way from what we started with. I didn't mean to— to say what I did. Whether it's true or not, whether you realize it or not, doesn't matter. I'm engaged to Jack Hanley, and—" "You're too proud, to take me because I married her first," he said slowly. "That's all it is. You know so little of life, Judy! People all make mistakes. That's how |We find out, in the end, what v* 'really want. If you loved Hanley 'you'd have married him long be ,fore I knew you. He's been hang jing around you ever since he go out of the Academy." I "Lei's not talk about it an? jmorc." She thought that Dwigh' ;had none of the sensibility thai Jack had. Jack was always s( careful in what he said, so considerate of her feelings. Bu: 'Dwight barged blindly on, sayinj the things be wanted to say, noi caring how they hurt. * * * gHE turned tbc key in the ignition. "Shall I drop you anywhere?" she asked. "I wasn't going any place. ] suppose I'll go back to the ship." She couldn't resist asking, 'Wl*ore is Marvel?" "On Tcnnant's yacht, I guess. 3 don't care." But that wasn't true. He did care. She said gently, "You turned to me because it was a salve fot your pride, Dwight. I think you're still crazy about her." "A moment ago you accused me (of marrying her for her money." But' she know that though this ivas true, it did not prevent him from really loving Marvel; from facing affected b"y her beauty and her lure. "I guess I'll got out here," he said, reaching for the door handle. "Don't. I'll drive you to the pier." She should have realized thai it was belter to let him go here. But she had never been one to foresee the sharp eyes, the delighted gasps, «if other people. Gossip always caught her unaware. So when they' stopped at the Pier, and Dwight got out, she did not notice anyone she knew. Yet the moment she reached home, her mother said to her, "Judy, I've just iad a phone call from Mrs. Lane. She sftys someone on the station saw Dwight getting out of your car ft few minutes ago. She says " 'I suppose people are talking already!" Judy fa?jpped. "Can't I jven drop him off at the pier with- lut people leaping to the conclu- ion that he was making love to Tie?" "Was he making love to you?" ler mother asked, in a quiet voice. (To ,3e Continued) teresting and instructive program as follows: Mrs. Harry Phipps g avc .-, paper on "If Christ Had Come To My City," followed by a reading. "When tho Minister Comes to Tea" by Miss Mary J 0 Dickinson; Mrs. Graham discussed "Making Christmas a Christian Festival." Mrs. W. W. Duckott closed the program with a Christmas story Jlie Shepherd." During the social Hour, the hostess served minced pie with coffee. — O— The Bay View Reading club wil meet Wednesday afternoon al 3 o'clock at (he home of Mrs/ W. F. Saner on North Hcrvey street. — Q— Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith have returnee from a ten days visit in Fay- ettevillc and Siloum Springs, where Duke Grid Team to Stop at_Pine Bluff Blue Devils Plan 2-Houi Workout at Jordan Stadium , transacted special business Mr lor the Fcilc-ral Land Bank. Brookwood P. T. A. wil Inicet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the school A program has been prepared. Mr nnd Mrs. F. E. Mcwhinney and daughter Patsy, O f Ludlow, Okla the week-end with her sister Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Howe and daugh- crs, ol Koute •!. Crack Shot AI i)2 ROCHEST R, Ind7-H*>-Honi-y M. Pownall is 92 years old, but lie has backed up bis marksmanship claims by killing 30 squirrels in the sixty- nay season just closed. PINE BLUFF—Pine Bluff footbal fans began plans Tuesday for the reception of the Duke University Blue Devils when they reach here the afternoon of December 21 for a two- hour workout in Jordan stadium, en route to Pasadena, Calif., for the Rose Bowl game January 2. The fact that Pine Bluff was to be the scene of a workout was learned here when the train schedule was announced by Cotton Belt officials and later confirmed by Ted Mann, director of sports publicity for Duke University. His message said, however, that plans were tentative. The Bine Devil special is scheduled to leave Durham, N. C.. the morning of Dot-ember 20. Coach Wallace Wade with 50 members of his squad will be aboard. More than 200 university officials and fans also will be on the train. The Pine Bluff stop will be the first of any duration after the train leaves Durham. The second workout is expected to be held at El Paso. Other stops will be mad eat Memphis, Tenn.; Wallas, Furl Worth und Abilene, Tex. Patmos Cage Team Whips Fulton, 51-7 Mayton Leads Pirates to Sixth Win—Patmos Girls Lose, 18-13 PATMOS—The Patmos Pirates battled their way Ho a decisive 51-7 win over the Fulton five here Friday night before n crowd of excited spectators After Fulton had gone scoreless in the first quarter, due to the careful guarding of the Pirates, they managed to Blip in 1 ptoints during the later part .of the game. Meyton, forward, brought the Pirates to their sixth win us He managed to score 20 points by receiving many long passes. Cox was Fulton's high man with 4 points. The Pirates girl team suffered defeat in a close preliminary with the score 18-13. Simmons and Hamilton tied for high, each with 4 Fulton, scoring 8 points. Wilson, of was high. Southern League Re-Elects Scott League's Opening Games Next Spring Will Be April 14 NEW OhLEANSH/P)—The South, ern Association Monday reelected its P ou Sid <L nt and decided to conti ™* the Shaughnessy playoff plan to deter mine the opponent for the League winner in the annual series. Trammell Scott, Atlanta spdrtstflatf was chosen president, secretary and' treasurer. r . The league head<juarters, Scott Artf, < will be moved from Memphis to At» f . The board chose April 14 fo league's opening games. The 5 will end -September 10. _ The opening games: KnoxviL Nashville; .Birmingham at New leans; Little Rock at Memphis: Chattanooga at Atlanta. 30 "MAKIN'S" SMOKES FREE IF THEY'RE NOT THE GRANDEST YOU'VE EVER ROLLED! Roll yourself 30 swell cigarettes from Prince Albert. If you don't find them the finest, tastiest roll-your-own cigarettes you ever smoked, return the pocket tin with the rest of the tobacco in it to us at any time within a month from this date, and we will refund full purchase price, plus postage. (Signed) R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina SEE HOW FAST, NEAT, AND FIRM BA.'S SPECIAL CUT MAKES fe/V\ Ken Metz (left) goes on with: "Say, Prince Albert's special cut makes roll- in' so quick and easy, I could spin up a jimdandy cigarette even in the dark." IT'S so RICH-TASTING, WITHOUT BITE. I KNOW RA,'S BETTER TOBACCO And Karl Haller (right) adds { ."One taste of-Prince Albert's mellow, ripe richness -and you'll say what I did 20 years ago-'It's P. A. for my "mak- in's" smokes from now on.'" X t f D ON'T delay on that'special'offer to "' : "makinV-smokers-just march up'to', "'• 1 your dealer's counter and say, "Prince Albert."- .,' -, : '4 You'll get choice,, ripe tobacco, made .milder.' i and smoother by P. A.'s special "no-bite".pfoc— > ' \ ess. It's "crimp cut" too-to assure fast roll- . - '; „«,' ing, slow burning, and a cooler, mellower v > i " ,,\ smoke. And P. A.-has a fresh, fragrant aroma '' >: '^ all its own. There's no other tobacco like 7 it "1" ; ,'-. ss ? ' ''"*' ;*/ ^|\ fine roll-your-own cigarettes in' '* f W every 2-oz. tin of Prince Albert' * i t « * Copnljrbt, 193S. R. J. B»jTJoldi Tobicco Comptur' THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Prince Albert'f America'* favorite * pipe tobacco, too — even-burning,. cool, mild, mellow, 'and extra tastyi* 1 FINAL For weeks we have been telling you that the auction of closed bank real estate, due to the obvious future of Hope and this area, is the opportunity of a lifetime for thrifty peo-- ple. There is nothing more to be said except to advise you to make up your mind and be at the City Hall promptly at 10 o'clock. TOMORROW WED. December 1 Closed Bank Real Estate AUCTION CITY HALL, 10 A. M. WEDNESDAY G. S. JERNIGAN, State Bank Commissioner in Charge Arkansas Bank & Trust Co ? , Insolvent Murrey - Young, Co. Selling Agent Old Ark. Bank & Trust Co. Bldg, Telephone

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