The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 8, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1892
Page 2
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1892. GREAT CHANGES, ••. i The Chinese Bill Will, It is Said, Bo Modified By the Senate. NOW BEING CONSIDERED. S«ttft>t»r VbaniJicr, L'lmlriuau of thu Hi*»ut« Oonunlttvn an Immljrrutlon, and Itep- rewntaUvo stump, or the Kame Committee In tlie Honflo, Have Uenn Conferring. WAHMNOIOJ ,-, Aprils,—The untl-Chin- • •'» . e»e bill passed by the house will lu all probability undergo great changes in . the (Minute. .Senator Chandler, chair; man ol tin' somite committee on im: migration, and Representative Stump, of the WIIC committee in the house, have lor some time been jointly consid- teg a measure to regulate und restrict Chinese immigration. Both Senator Chandler and Tfcprc -Hontatlvc Stump en tortuln views radically at variance with those expressed by the house. Mr. Stump was approached by Representative deary, of California, with u request to deliver a twenty miuutes* speech on the bill when it was pending in the house. Mr. Stump informed him that ho would speak, but if he did it would be against the bill, it is needless to add that he was not further pressed by the advocates of thci measure. When the bill is reported from Senator Chandler's committee to the senate, its best friends In the house will probably not know it, and what is entirely probablu is that the senate will pass it as reported from the eommittee. The strong est points of difference that will distinguish the senate from the house bill •will bo these: All treaties with China will be reeog nized. Merchants, students and persons of U»at character will be admitted to the United Stales, not. however, under tlie system now in vogue, but nnder the pasBport system for a period of six months at a time. The passport must be issued by the Chinese government. At the end of six mouths an extension may bo grunted on application to the the state department. A third provision - is that iu> laborers shall be admitted under any circumstances. The bill will also provide for the registration of all Chlnse now in the United States. With Borne further modification this bill will be reported to the senate. When that body hns passed it it. will go to the . house, where Keprescntutive Stump will champion its passage. In this connection it may be slated that some time ago Senator .Mitchell introduced a resolution calling upon the judiciary committee to investigate the report whether or not the present . Chinese legislation expires in IBfl'J or the act of 1S8-I, which amended the net of 168'.!, alto extended the exclusion act to July H, ISO), ten years from the date of approval of the last exclusion law amending the one passed two years before. The matter was referred to tlie Oregon senator as a sub-committee, and he has prepared u report in which he shows there is no question about the mutter, and that the present Chinese ex/ elusion laws will remain in force until 1894. The treasury department, which has the enforcement of the Chinese ex- oluson laws, has referred the same question to the attorney-general, and he, it is understood, lias rendered au opinion the same as Senator Mitchell's. The two chairman of the senate and hoUBc immigration "committees arc also considering some interesting changes in the immigration laws now in force. One of the provisions will be to compel the steamship companies to submit a manifest of all passengers. Each immigrant must undergo u medical examination before embarking and must have a consular eertilleuto declaring that he is not mentully or physically disqualified under the laws of the United States from landing and Is not liable to become a public charge. Another provision obliges the steamship companies to post in conspicuous places signs or plaoards giving the immigration laws of the United States, printed in the anguage of the country from which im- Imlgration is expected. Another important change contemplated is the creating of boards, consisting of throe commissioners of immigration at each landing port, so as to deprive tho present one-man system of its nrbitrnry char- actor. This will bo supplemented with another equally important iuuovatioit; the right of appeal will rest with each Inspector, and under restrictions with I Immigrant!*, uppuuls to be made to the treasury department in cases of differences among the inspectors and of alleged injustice to immigrants. HeruarU Hull)', I'eoslou A|;eut, 1ft. TorEKA, Kan., Aprils.—Rev. Heraard Kolly, United States pension agent for Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa, lies very dangerously slelt with .inflammatory rheumatism in this city. Tho doctors are very apprehensive for his recovery. At one time yesterday it was reported on the streets that he was dead. Ottotwo, Kun., F.loetlon. OTTAWA . Kan., April 8. —The election passed off quietly and tlie entire republican ticket was elected, excepting one councilman from the Fourth ward Three of the wards bad no ticket in tho I field opposing the. republican. The [ school bonds proposition was defeated and anti-shorthand men elected to tho school board. Antleraoo Cnnnty, Kan., HcfiultMcnlls. OAJINKTT , Kan., April 8.— The Anderson county republican convention bus selected u solid delegation to the Law- reuce convention for Col. Johnson for congress. A motion to instruct for Funston for second choice w»« promptly tabled. SRNATOK STKWAKTS MOHTOAOES. )Ie .Explain* Why Ho Mud 'ritnm Jl»tt« Fay ublti la Hold. WAtffliNCrroN, April 8.—After tho ; - routine morning business in the senate , to -day a rcsoluti -i was offered by Mr. 'foller, and agreed to, calling un the Secretary of the Treasury' 'for a full stutdineut us , to the silver offers to . thai government ouch month since ^fcw .4#4 «,jw»<(flt«».^if .inn act of JvdiH 14, VWO. The senate then proceeded to the consideration of tlie District of Columbia appropriation bill. While It was under consideration Mr. Stewart miido a personal explanation on the subject of an article in yesterday's New York Evening T'ost containing a list of mortgages made to him in Alameda, Cal., whereon there was an obligation that payment should be in gold coin. These mortgages, he said, had resulted from sales of property at auction through a firm of brokers in San Francisco. The mortgages, ho presumed, were drawn up in the usual blanks which contained an obligation to pay in gold, lie had never seen them, but he had no doubt that that was the case. It u.'ose from what was lmown as the I'uelilc contract law passed in 1803, which was still in force there and nnder which the gold standard had been maintained there during the war. Mr. Hale hoped that tho senator would see to it. that no such thing should take place in the future. Mr. Stewart promised to do so and added that he would lie glad to be paid in any kind of money. He had always been opposed totheVnclflccontructlaw, which lie thought had operated to the great detriment of the l'acific coast. He repeated that the brokers hud drawn up the mortgages in tho usual way and that he was not responsible for that. N KWM " To It SKTTEiiKS. Looh over these symptoms: headache, ob» rtmctkm of none, discharges falling into throat — sometimes' profuse, watery, ond acrid, at others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent, bloody, putrid aad offensive; eyes weak, ringing in cars, deafness; offensive breath; smell and taste impaired, and general debility. You won't hove all of tliom at once; probably only a few of them; but they mean Catarrh. And tho proprietors of Dr. Hoge'g Catarrh Remedy mean to cure it, it you'll lot tlicra, no matter how bad or how long standing. If tlioy can't, they'll pay you $500 in cash. Thoy mean that, too, just as it's printed. Thoy offer you the money — or a cortain cure, if you'll XaVa their medicine. But if thev weren't, certain of tho euro, they'd never oftor you tho money. Tho Three Principal Trails My Which the Cheyenne mill Arapahoe Hcservutlon Must llr Hcuched. WAHM.NOTON , April 8.— The secretary of the interior has ordered that all persons intending to settleon theChcyenne and Arapahoe reservation in Oklahoma, approaching over the Kiowa and Comanche reservation, must keep on the three principal trails us follows: First—The cattle trail from Doane's Store, Tex., to the head of Blk creek, near the southern boundary of tho Cheyenne, and Arapahoe country. Second—The road leading from Henrietta, Tex., via Orogan ranch. Elm Springs, to Fort Sill, and thence to near the mouth of Rainy Mountain creek on the Wichita river. Third—From Pcnall, Chickasaw nation, via Auadnvko, 1. T., to near the mouth of Kniny Mountain creek. Army officers have been instructed by the secretary of war to enforce this order. itohbvcl By KmpltiyeK. Nisw YoitK. April 8.— It has been discovered that the banking house of Dix & Phyi'e, -J.-) Wall street, is the loser of 808,000 by a syndicate robljery by employes. Oscar Cramer aged 19, a clerk in the bank and a resident of Brooklyn, during the absence of the chief bookkeeper is said to have stolen $v!0,000 worth of Chicago, Burlington Quiucy railroad bonds. Creamer conspired with William K. Carpenter and James T. White, clerks in the bank, to rob the firm. Another Chance for n -Home. It is expected the Sisseton and Wan peton reservation of lands that are near Watcrtown, South Dakota, nud that join Minnesota at Lake Traverse, will by President Harrison's proclamation be opened for settlers' under the homestead act, about April 15, 181V, The great Rock Island and Albert Lea arc the only lines giving choice of routes to Watertown. You can go via the twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and see the great wheat center of the northwest. The other route is via Davenport. Cedar Rapids, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Pipestone, Minnesota, to Watertown South Dakota. The land office is located at Watertown, and this is your chance to secure n quarter section of good land. Address for full information as to rates, etc., Jons SKBAHTIAX, 4-2 0. T. & P. A.. Chicago. Fine PliiyltiK C'Arilfl. Send (10) cents In stamps to John Sebastain, general ticket and passen ger agent, Chicago, Hook Island and Pacific railway, Chicago, 111., for pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards you ever saw. Just the thing for nigh Five parties. For a !>0c express-money order or postal note will send you five packs. '•Late to bed and to rise will shorten the road to your home in the skies.' Hut early to bed and a ''Little Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy; CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh Cure. For sale by A. & A Drug Co. AVmter Aliened I'riuiclB la Sprint-Hem, Mo. SriiiKopiKLD, Mo,, Ap.iil 8.— A discrepancy has been found in the vote of the Fourth ward in this city which throws out the vote of that ward and elects live democrats to city offices and hold the council democratic. It is also claimed that several fraudulent votes have been, found in other wards and the democratic candidate for mayor expects to yet the office. The Chinese lllll In I.onilon. LosnoN. April S.—The Standard says: "While China may retaliate for tlie American exclusion bill, she may also welcome a measure which will uft'ord an excuse to limit the freedom of foreign trade and check the drain of taxpayers from China. The English col­ onics arc unlikely to imitate the bill." OLOllI)7luitST~Tlf" MISSOURI. A Wlilo Stretch of Country Dovuatatod—Mo Wliul .Voeompiinteil It. SpjtiNOFiEi.i). Mo., April 8.— Capt. Haehl, Kansas City, who just arrived here from Shannon county, reports a terrible cloud burst Saturday night about Winona. Twelve miles of the Ozark Lumber CO.'H branch Gulf railroad was swept away and fifteen miles of tho Grnndin branch is gone. Not a trace of tics or rails are left. Bottom lands are left with two feet of sand on tbem. Ontbouses and miles upon miles of fences were carried off. The water was six feet deep in residences of Winona. There was no loss of life. A child was caught in Winona by the flood,-but was rescued. The damage will reach into thousands. There was no wind, but all the clouds of heaven seemed to have suddenly dropped. Auother Storm Victim Dead. FLOHISNCK , Kan., April 8.— Timothy Dunn, who was among those injured by the cyclone lust Thursday evening, died at 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, in the southeastern edge of this city, was totally destroyed on that fateful night and Mrs. Dunn was killed outright. Tho death of tho husband swells the list of fatalities caused by the recent cyclones in this state to thirty-live. Sterling, Kan., Kleetlon, STERLING , Kuu., April 8.— The eity election here resulted in the defeat of the present mayor and city councilman by tho opposition ticket with Dr. Van Patten for mayor. Of the 8115 votes east Van Patten received a majority of 05. A Nova Scotia huly rode twenty miles to secure naturalization papers to enable her to vote. Almost every lady voter was brought out. Ilertln Auarclilsta' House* ItuUUul. BKHI.IN , April 8. —The police, made an organized raid upon the residences of a large number of unaivhists. Several more arrests were made and a large quantity of anarchist papers wore seized. • Thrown l ''rom a l*on,v und Killed. KANBAH CITV , Mo., April 8. —Harry Cuhu, tho 10 -year-old son of Joseph Calm, the wholesale clothier, who was thrown from his pony yesterday afternoon and his skull fractured, died at 4 o'clock this morning. * aJ&iSi Excursions. It Lake and Ogden—Round trip S : r>l.. r )U. Tickets goud for ninety days, Las Vegas and Hot Springs and return—Round trip tickets, good for ninety days, On sale every- day in the. year, I 'lU -itle Coast Points—$S0 foi-; round trip tickets good for six moiill:,, with choice of all routes. Helena, Butte and Melrose, Moat., round trip SMI, tickets good ninety days. Rates to the following Texas points arc now in effect. Tickets good returning until June 1, with transit limit of thirty days in each direction: At HOTEL BRUNSWICK Room .14. Hutchinson, Kansas. Consultation Free. THREE CENT COLUMN. 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"yy'HITESlDK & OLKASON AttorueyH at Law, Office, 1, 2, «, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. l'Veo Wool lllll I'aaied. WABIUNQTON , April 8.—The free wcx)l bill was pastel by the house— yeas, 1B3; imyB, 80, Tho house then went Into . committee of the- whole on the cottou bogging aud iron cottou tie IBgnj JCCTIOAL C0..JBCTTAI0, V. J, Writ. lOr vtir llovk with explaufttlont * pioor*. ni.lln|..allii|ft mm Onr I^MHI MAMHU ARLINGTON NURSERY. ARLINGTON , Reno Co. Kun. Grows it general BtocU of nil trees and plants especially adopted to this region of country. Tho oldest and lurgest nureery in central or western Kansas. Semi for price list, or call and exumine stock before engaging elsewhere. Sale ynrd on south Main street. Hutehi nson, where stoolc may be secured nt same rates as ot nursery, Jrlln|ton, tan, rjtAYLOK Si TAYLOR, AttorneyH ut Law, Office, up-Btalrs, Masonic Temple. J ^ODERN WOODMEN OP AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. 20 South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. MARSHAL !,, Clerk. A. M. HUTOUIIKSON, V. C. (SUCCESSOR TO WM. HOBRKJj)S.< Corner of Main und Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of. sausage, oysters, fish and game. John Hartman, cutter. Telephone 32. Remedies and Treatment for tbe Cm o! Call on or address th* ' Institute of Indian Territory, OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T: * .. /i B. P. Hanan, Prop. "LUCK IS PLUCK" If you bave run a tuucu agaluiit some Dls* courngliiK lllsoiue wlileh v«u *"•'< wont nour family doctor to •know about, remember, ibtt I ^ ...... ,-._-."lexplaln»outEielu»lY« IQBH NEW B00f]a ? ra »gs «»'ui_iittt' _ • ... r — tor $i«m* iy««f* Te»tiliioulaI»t Hook nmlieit (.lulled) Mil Ki ^lonUnnVmf .IMIItBDtOALOO.Me^. Ut PIQUTINO IHSKASi, YOU W1TJ, FWD THAT Kendrick & Burk, have just received a I f 1RST-CUSS IQflK. W^f^. Htttchiisoii, Kum CURB /lItronbl«l»it!>GonorrhoM^ _raiect,WhIri3.KKrmatorrha3iJ 'yoor arnssliil tor a boille at. .Big O, It eia™ in a few daw' IwlihoutthoaiaoTpuUicUy o(a 1 doctor. Non-poisonouB. ana Vffuawuteett not to ftrietur* ^fts t/»ii)oratl American Curt.%! , MoimtaoluTod by • Tho Evans Chemical 0o.| CINCINNATI, O. M.f.a.

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