Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 25, 1903 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1903
Page 5
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Wjitl|in a few minutjQf Fresii air, he^h£u^ Plant, homes in Allen county. TERiVl^reprices are from. $70 to $100 per lot. Lc >t5 a|:e 50XIPQ. $5 .00. dpwn apd ?S.op a Location:—Electric: line on the south. lola public road on the nprth and jus^^f way ib ^tween Oas City an^ LaHarpe. Wfite or call on Office at Terminus Electric Line R. R. lllMlllJpii|4, HALF THE SECREr TflE OTIP f ALF Of STJCCESS is in knowing a good thing when you see it la in not* letting it get away from you. Our customers are Sndiog the two halves of successfttl buying here. "How do you sell that for so little?" is ' hea»"d many times a day. Read our ads. Something fresh every day. ail new goods— BO culls, job' lots or left-overs to offer. THE 'S Of the slightest mSgrepresentation or fraud; everything exactlX- as representatcd; all prices fair and low. Qualties considered, who can beat these prices: Mothers Oats, per pkg ftSc Friend Oats, per pkg 08c Grape Nutsr, 2'pkgs..; 25c Korh Krisp. .3 pkgs .20c Egg-O-See,! 2 pkgs 20c Crispo, with spoon, 2 pkgs .....S5c 3 lb pkg Crackers .... / .20c Gallon apples .J 2oc Gal Pie Peeled Peaches : .35c Phone 308 North Side Square IQLA, KANSAS. 0OOOOOOOCOOOCX}OOOOOOCOObOO EC. Rinkerton CIGARS and T0BACC05. Leaxiinfi: Pefiodlcals and Ncwspappira 119 EAST MA01SON AVBNUB up-to-date Tailor, West Madison A W i LOCAL NEWS. Dr. Porter, Dentist J. E. Chattain, DMitftL Dr. O. R. Boshfleld, Dentist Kodaks and supplies at Miller's. Business n*en's lunch at the, "Our- Way." Goolost place In town for soda is the "*OTrr--Way." ' Mr. A. M. Wilson went to Chanute on business. Mr. Harry Miller came in from Iowa this afternoon. Norlhrup's quit business. A; dollar for fifty cents. Bert Mann started to Muscogee, I. *T., this afternoon. Remember the "Our-Way" when hungry or thirsty. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arnett went to Humboldt for a visit. Mrs. Bridgeman left this afterpoon for Chanute for a visit. Mr. J. E. Curtis left this afternoon for Colorado for a visit. Mr. Mack Miller went to Longton for a few days on business. For tin work go to Ira B. Patterson, 715 East striet TeU 5S. , C. E. Beiiton left ^yesterday evening for his home in Fort Scott. • Have you seen the latest reduction at Northrup's quit business sale. ~ Private money to loan on city property. Frifkk Wood, Northnip BIdg. The Mobile minstrels went to Chanute, where they will show tonight. Mr. Jack Barger left this afternoon for Pittsburg for a few days on business. I ^ Miss Emma Hoffman returned this afternoon to her home at Frontenac, Kansas. Thomas |Log8teln went to Colorado Springs, where he will make his future home. Mrs. R. is. Mcllheny returned homtf| this afternoon from a visit with friends in Ottawa. Mrs. A. W. Cox left yesterday evening for Fort Scott for a visit with her slfct^r, Mrs. T. F. Potts. Roofing and spouting. All Mnds of sheet nfetal work. Ira E. Patterson, 715 East street TeL 53. The White Mountain refrigerator Is the best on the m^irket for the money. Buy it of Schell & Balrd; We can make yon low flgores ' on furnace heating. Ira R Patterson. 715 East street TeL 63. Havej Davis do your Ibaggage trans- "ferring. Office Katy depot Residense phone 459, office phone 338, Mr. J. W. Polieys came In from Delphi, Indiana,.for a visit with his lirother, Mr. W. W. NPoUeys. Mrs. F. C. Werner, who has been visiting Mrs. J. C. Werner, of Ipla, returned today :to her home at Pittsburg. For Rent—Two unfurnished rooms. 613'Soutli TKiird' street ' V Wanted—Good girl for general housework. • Mrs. P.' Cooney, 320''W. Madison. lousiness men and their clerks Willi: find it to their advantage to limch at the "Our-Way;." ' ^ Mrs. John Dennis is very ill with a severe attack'of tons'ilitis at her home on -East Spruce.' Miss Nola Daigh left this afternoon •for*a visit with Mrs. Homer Henderson at Chanute. Only a few more days and the greatest quit- business liale at Northrups' will he a thing of the past If you want to get your money's, worth in a refrigerator buy the Whlt« Mountain of Schell & Baird. Too bad Northrups' are quitting business. You can always depend on' what you bought at Northmps.* Buy the White Mountain refrigerator, the best on the, market for the money. For sale by Schell & Baird. Schell & Baird handle the celebrated White Mountain refrigerator, the best one on the market for the money. Mr. Frank Harlan has bought the Red Front • restaurant at Humboldt, and will now conduct his business there. | Found—Leather dairy and account book. Owner can have same by calling at this office and paying for this notice. 1 will pay %c each for good clean long berry boxes at Mr. Morrison's grocery store, south side square." A. B..Mun. Persons desiring stand rights for 4th of July should apply to W. Morey, lock box 762, lola, or 306 South Tennessee street. The citizens will have to get busy If they want to get some of the goods now selling at the closing put prices at Northrups'. Do you need a refrigerator. If so buy the White Mountain of Schell & Balrd. You are sure of getting your money's worth. Master Hurlock and Dot Hurlock. who have been visiting their grandfather, J. H. Bock, left for their home iat^Ioran last night. Cheap money on city property.; Loans made at' once If title Is perfect Smith & Travis, room 3, Northrup NaUonal Bank building.' ~ An electric fla^ from high heaven last night put out the electric lights In town, but the system was In good shaps a short time later. The remains of Mrs. Connor, whose deatli was reported in yesterday's Register, were taken today to the old home in Iowa, for burial. • Mr. Hatten, convicted of beating his five-year-old. girl, not only had a five dollar fine assessed against him, but had $35 costs tacked on. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the Rest Foom Friday, June 27, at 2:30 o'clock. Subject, "Kindness vs. Cruelty." Leader, Mrs. Bixler. Dr. jMcMillen and wife returned Another Lot of Imported Wooleiis GOQR Jllfe YEAJg GROUND , home last night from a very pleasant visit ojf two weeks at their old home in Ohio. They also visited friends Jn several other states. Fort Scott papers are rawhidlng their team for losing. Fred Horna day telegraphed the team: ."Congratu late yoo for winning a game. For pity's sake get together and play ball. They can't do It Mrs. A. lu Taylor, Mrs. W. E. Davis and Mrs. J. F.'Thompson will enter "tain the "Ex-Teachers Club" tomorrow at the home of Mrs. W. E. Davis, west end of Campbell street • ' '"-^ -1"" • ' MMm Freezers at • Chanute Tribune: Dr. and Mrs. Gillis" went (o lola today after a visit with the family of Dr. Jones. The doctor is looking; for a location for a hospital, and prefers either Chanute or lola. Bert Wycoff, of Moran, will probably be tried out as short-stop next/week. He has played fast amateur ball for years and will be given a chance'with the league tc^m. -Rlseley wilf'go ^to third and it is believed the team •prill benefit bath ways. • • Mrs. Grant Miller, Miss Zoe Atchison, Miss Ida Morrison and .Miss Edith McQuity came in from Yates Center this morning where they have been attending the Bpwdrth Leaigue convention for the past few days. Daniel Bogar^, father of Ben Bogard, Missouri Pacific operator, living at 308 NorA Sycamore street, died yesterday after a brief illness. He was here visiting his son when taken ill and the remains were taken to the old hqme in Illinois for burial. A talk over the telephone with Kid Forney brings the news that he co.n- slders himself worth $25 a week this year as a pitcher. Last year he was raised several times and concluded'his career here byoverdrawirig and skipping out. The Kid hasn't been sent for yet. \ ': , Quite a -large crowd which gathered last night to hear the band concert was disappointed by the rain. The storm came up from the west, with flashing and mutterings, and people feared to take chances and ran for home after two pieces had been play-' ed. ^ Chamberlain 's Stomach and/Liver Tablets are Just what yon need when you have no appetite, feel dull after eating arid wake np with,, a bad taste in your month. They will Improve your appetite, cleanse-and Invigorate your stomach and give you a relish for your food.' For sale .by all druggists. It wasreported irii town today,that the LaHarpe' joints have followed in the same fashion as those of lola. Gas and Humboldt. The death of Fletch Willoughby, while under the influence (rf liquor, and du^ to that fact seems to have been the needed spuK to cause the ajithoritles to act It may now be stated that Allen county is drier than ever before. • , The court of arbitration sitting In the railway damage case in Judge Thompson's office, has nearly finished one side of the case, and this afternoon adjourned to visit the scene of the accident, at the crossing of the Katy and electric tracks. Several days more will be required to get in all the evidence. ' • Two young farmers riding to their homes west of the river tied their horses and sought shelter In the electric light plant The storm broke and the lightning flashed. As usual, the sparks flew about the room In a fearful manner and the way the two boys broke for out-of-doors . was natural and laughable. Both Jammed Into the door at the same time and nearly tore the wall down. They took chances out In the rain after that The Pittsburg and lola ball teams made a try at a ball gapie this afternoon and are playing ball as the Register goes to press. Bouldin is pitching for lola and the home team hopes to take the game, but no attempt will be made at a double-header. Tomorrow Fort Scott comes' hefe' for a seriies of three games and then one of the two teams will break away from the close communion in which' they have traveled for some. time. Umpire Collins, of the Valley League, recently released, was arrested at Plttsboi^ the other day for jumping a fl5 board biU. 'He got a' salary as umpire and was expeoted to pay his own expenses.', When' a warrant was read:' lb. hfm he! :^ said he- I was . the umpire's brother When' the officers' got onto the' hoax dcAlins was off for Weir City. -Taken there he got> away. ^Th |e third time he was caugse enroute to S <iam- i |K>n ,-teadieiiired to a eop and so tijkcn Ihtd «ptffi?^%e' promised' to payfand^ was glyen time. -; : : i' - for We have a suit forjthe young men,1 madefor thei4 with all'^ the stjrle an<J| I • • - I- finish kno\yn to gooc| tailors. We call it our Crown Erince. It's! about the nobbiest thing!on the mar-;; ket; cut with fohn-fittiQ-'toat/ This^ is ;a product ;of makers of cloth tng^si thi^^s^g^f and is made iip fromMihe latest an4i nobbiest clotKs. We guarantee ourj; clothing "Your money |)ack if not as; represented." , * Keep in mind clothing sold by th^J store is priced taoderatejy, everything, the best but net high pricefd.' " ''' f • A few dollars make a big showing at this store. ; : BARCLAY =SHIELDS aOTBING CO. COAf 5 that keep thieir shape; CLOTHING with liidi^<fo^t7* i United Iron Works Co. The Register has received the announcement of the new concern which succeels the lola foundry and ;he other ;jlp.nts recently!consolidated. It reads: \ "Having in view the economy of Opefation to be thereby effected,-Ijhe undersigned companies have consolidated all their business, property and interests under the name of the United* Iron Works Company. The general ; offices of the new company will be at Springfield, Mo., alnd the management of the company will be-as follows: C. H. Cole, piresident; H. T. Homsby, vice presiddnt; R. P. Bowyer, secretary; A. C. Daily, treasurer; C. C. Mathey, genefall superintendent, and A. M. Fawler, assistant general superintendent. The liew company acquires all the assets and assumes all the liabilities of the undersigned companies whose plants were acquired^by the consolidation: ; Crescent I^on Works. Springfield, Mp.; Steriing Iron Works, Springfield, Mo> Aurora Foundry, Aurora, Mo.; Aurora Foundry, lola, Kansas. In addition to these the new company has puijchased outright the complej^ plant ai(id stock of the Pittsburg TOundry SL Machine Company, of Pittsburg, Kans.,- and will operate.: same in connection '^ith thQ other, properties." Mr. G. H. Cole, president, was the, president of the two Aurora conipanlea ' and he; believes that the lola^ plant H has a very bright, future.. Price: & Dayls, House FuriilshMtf New and second hahdT'gpedaidf^lll kinds. fWatchM, cloekt, ind'iifMtHi^,' Fine wktch repairing.^ Loan' ^111^ connectibn. North 'alda' M|uafk: ' T Mrs. H. J. Charles and ilrs.''George A. Cha|eg, of Knoxvllle, 111.', wh 'd har6 been vftltlng the fariiilie^ of ^ Au^'V^; Charles-and F, S. Bennett, left'for • home dn the eariy mbrnihg f train. They w'ere accompanied^'as far:as" Arkansas City by Mrs. Bennett and SilMi Rosalia Charles who will visit'In'£unt there for a few days. THE OLD 1. MAI

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