Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 6, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1889
Page 4
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•HE EVT3NIM GAZETTE: FBI DAT. •Ki'TE Where arc you '^oincj my pretty maid?" I'm ijoincj washing, sir," she said. What hold you in your hand so tight, Wit!)i a face s<_> gay and a step so light?'* That which all prize" their dearest treasure— Makes washing and scrubbing only a pleasure, Keeps the clothes so clean and white; doors and windows a beautiful sight For your own household you'll get it, I hope, Five cents buys a bar of SANTA CLAWS SOAP." SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. N Made only by K. Fairbank & Co. Chicago, 111. C. & N. W. TABLE. .m OOINO WKST. Sterling PMS-.6-.85 ».m. Sterling Pa»s. 8:00 p. m SSltei Pass. 8:58 a. m. *"— '•" 1-M p. m 8:Ma.m.' Pacino rllng dted Limited Pass. 4:04 p. m. Clinton Pass Denver Clinton Denver rMTOIIT TXiUf 8 THAT CABBY oonro BAST. OOIK o WKST, No. 18 -8.18 p. m. No. 88.. 1:13 p. m. 8:53 " No. 46...—.-..6:50 a. m. No. 17.... 7:40 a. m ...10:tl2a.m & pc7 a, a OOINO KABT. I OoiHe WK8T. 8— PmnsenRer 8:30 a.ra.ja6— Pastenger 4:20 p.m 76— Freight. — 1:45 p.m.141— Freijiht ...... 6:00 a.m ARBtV« rBOM BABT. T8—Pa»«enger...»^)0p.ra. 3&—Passenger 10:30a.m. T—Freight »:40a.m. 43 -Freight 8:30 p.m. ABBIVK FBOM WKST. Pusenrer Ko. 88 connects wi'th trains east an* weit on Clinton Branch: with C. K. I ft P. B. R. Bt Bock Island east and west; with main line or points west. Council Bluffs, Omaha and be and for Kansas City and points beyond. THE CHICAGO NORTH"WESTERN «W RAILWAYS OYEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota •nd Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST LANDJMQRLHWEST.. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embrace: Sumptuous Dining Cars;.Nsv»_ Wagner »nd Pullrran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and _ _ .._. FAST VEST1BOLED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. ONLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tickets, Rat0i, M&pl, Time Tattles and fa i information, apply to any Ticket Agent or atr dreiB the Oen't Pagflenger Awnt, Chicago, 111. 1. X. WSmiH, H. 0. TOK8, E. P. TO.30H, Qmeril lGsi£«!. Tnfl; Hinder. W. A. Since his recent marriage Meisaonier has neglected hia palette. CKOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and i'.ronchitis immediately relieved by shiloh'a Cure. For sale by Perry, the i.ruggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hock Kalla. President itarriaon haa leaaed his liouae in Indianapolis for three years. Ilncklen'H Arnica ctatve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Borea, Ulcers, Bait Kheum, 'everSorea. Tetter, Chapped Hands, hilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup- ions, and postively cures Piles, or no ;ty required. Jt ia guaranteed to give arrect satisfaction, or money refund- 1 Price 25 conts per box. For sale i D. B. Striokler. The Rev. Ellis Howell, of Marshall, I Us., haa juat married his one-thousand- i'ih couple. A Mew IHscoTery. Weakened and deranged livers, stom- ..chs.and bowels should never be- acted on by irritanta like common pilla, bran, t-tc. Mile's Pilla cures liver complaint, c >nstipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. li. Uen(Irick's or J. M. Bickford's. A«ent FOURTH POINT You should rcadTllHCluc*- GO DAILY NEWS because you want titt t>fityttur trtnnry luiil tuy. THE DAILY NEWS is a membtrof the Associated Press. This means that Us news service U unsurpassed. Two ot its stun live in Washington the year round, and are exclusively occupied in its service. It has special correspondents throughout the United States, and in the leading capitals of Europe. It has 331 people regularly on its pay roll. It takes between $5,500 and £6,000 per week to pay them—nearly £300,000 a year. Its exi>eTidiiures aggregate very nearly Ji,000,000 annually. All this means quality. Knumltr— lu circulation is 330,000 a day- -over a million a week—and it costs by mail 35 cts. a month, four months ji.oof^otte centa day. Dr. Nansen, who lately completed an ndventurous journey across Greenland, i.i only 27 years old. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miser- iihle by that terrible cough, Shiloh's i'ure is the remedy for you. For sale y Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bick- Mrd, Rock Falls. General Crdok"saysl;hat sitting" Tiii'll" .'iS no reputation_aroong._the..-In(t!»n« •s a brave, but only »s_a_mediciim man. WILL YOU cough when Shin, s Cure will give you immediate n-llef. Price 10 cts., 50 cts., and 81. Fur sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. Samuel Ayres, an Adventist, living in Worcester, Mass., predicts the-end of I he world on the night of Oct. 7, 1889. SIIILOIl'S COUGH and Consump- Uon Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. I <, cures consumption. For sale by i'erry, i he druggist, and J. M. Bickford Hock Falls NOT DELAY xOUB SUBSCRIPTION FOB LIPPiNCOTT'S MAGAZINE, h now itaadi In ibs front r&nk of moathlj publkfr *ud oocuplw the petition of . A LEADER AMONQ LEADERS. — toehnumber wroUlnJ-A COMPLETE KQVEL,ilia* fiber*! quality of mliot lUoftoui matter of An Inhabiting •c4 laMmctiTe n*tura, On« jf«*r'§ nb«crlptlon glYM» tIBRARY OF 12 COMPLETE NOVELS br Anurleaii tnthori. tonther with AN ABUNDANCE OF BUOBT STOKIE3. POEMS, ESBATB, and m«tt«rf •f ODOnal launct to (caand readn*. making » Tolnm* of NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PACES. Ttit n<KM> of LirriHOOTT'l fund. oopt«»<leat«l la Ik. anaal. of Manila. puMlihinc. aad to-J«j It. funljlai Hit. li mloonnd In rnrr hamltt, TlUage, ton, and cltj throagbout Urn United Btatu. ' Tb. b«t wrlMr. of tb. M. bar. be«n t*cim& and tt^r fbatan. will, from tlm. to time, t* addtd « Meh will (In to Lirrmoorra A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN Amill* Htm, Ed(ar B«Ua>, John Babtxrloa. Edni P.oonti. CapUla CtxrlM King U.S.A.. Qraol Kinj. V EllloUStawnll, Bollei Dolaro. Manrlo. Burymor*, Onld., aad muni oth«n will oontrlhole to 111 rw 'or 1889. For tall jmtffeut, addru. Llpplneolfi Mairaxlai, Phlli- <t.lpalA. !»«oM«lnglo Dumber. »'UK) I,T jc»r. 8»d Edwin S. Conner, an aged actor of Philadelphia, haa acted Hichelieu 1,013 time, but has never seen any one-else act it. . You are fpflinfj (jepr?sspd, your appetite is poor, yi.u nrt> bothered with hoadaclie, jou aro 1'nliretty, nervoua, find generally out ol' sorts, <ind wnnt to brace up. Brace up, but not with fitini- ulttnts, spring metiiciues, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bnci whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in a worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality, and {jive renewed health and strength, "(such a medicine you will liud in Electric .Hitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at D. B. (Strickler's l)rug store Lint of Pntcntn. Granted to citizens of Illinois for the week ending Sept. 3d reported through the law office of 0. E. Duffy 007 7th street, Washington, D. C.: A M Blakesly, Kock Island, stove. H Burgess and J A Helms, Pittwood, horse hay fork. M T .Chapman, Aurora, expansion drill. J U Crain, Mounds Junction, fence. II Epple, Belleville, reel or swift. M U Fakes, Carbondale, churn. A U Fitch, Franklin Grove, railway tie. A J Goostree, Foxvllle, appliance for controlling and preventing fire in buildings. C J Hartley, iDecatur, automatic grain weigher. (S patents). F G Kent, Wadaworth, curry comb. I Randolph, Englewood, railway switch appliance. ' G H Rich, Geneva, grain grader. W B Sandford, Kewanee, making square metal pipe (2 patents). D C Stover, Freeport, hand stamp (2 patents). J W Tamplin and B F Holt, Hanna City, felly boiler. B S Thain, Oak Park, inkstand. W S Wayne, Decatur, two-wheeled uehicle. E Welsh, Hallsville, rein holder. G W Gardner, Lal'rairie Center, ceiling. Tnetr IlmBlnesa Uoomlng. Probably no one thing has caused such a revival of trade at D. B 8trickler's Drug Store as their giving away to their customers of BO many I ree trial bottles of Dr King's New Iiiscoyery for "Consumption. Their trade is simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact, that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, i rotip, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before haying by getting a trial bottle free, Urge size Si. Every bottle warranted. One thing which helps to make Atlantic City.bc8utlful_ls. M.r-_.D|ss.toii'B t: itta^e. Disston'a lenda enchnntment to the view, you know. llilibnrd'a Kbcnmatlc and laver I'llU These Pills are scientifically compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both aciults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. There is no experience more heavily fraught with deep ghastly lonesomeness than that of being shaved by a deaf-and-dumb barber. Hymptomn of Heart Dlscoac. Diseased hearts are as common as diseased lungs, kidneys or stomach, but lar less understood. The symptoms •.re shortness of. breath, when sweeping, etc., oppression in the chest, faint, n eak or hungry spells, dreaming, pain or tenderness in the aide, swelling feet, dropsy, etc. The unnatural circulation of the blood in the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver and brain causes other t-ymptoHis. The only reliable remedy 'or the heart yet discovered is Dr. Nl lies'New Cure. Try it and be convinced. Sold by A. R. Ilendricks or J. M. Bickford. .-..., : Ex-Mayor McGowan, of Trenton, who in prominently mentioned as a candid- a'e for governor, began life as a newsboy. - : Tonight and Tomorrow Night, And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists' Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs, acknowledged to be the'most successful remedy ever sold for the curs of Cougha, Croup, Bronchitis Whooping Cough, Asthma and Consumption. Get a bottle today and keep it always in the house, so you can-check »our cold at once. Price 60c and 81^00. Sample buttles free. la BLUE LINE. R UNNING THREE WAGONS. All goods promptly delivered to any part oJ the city. Specialty of removing household good* and pianos. [mlil2yl] E. H. WILDASIN. Tour Retailer for the JAMES $4 SHOE OS. TOE JAMES $3 SHOE According to Yonr Needs. Mr. Gladstone allows all the people in the neighborhood of Hawarden to freely use his splendid library of 20,000 volumes. FITS.-All flta stopped free by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No (its a! ter Qrst day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and 82.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., PhUa., Pa. d&w IntereHtlng Knctn. Changes in the brain and nerves are ihe most common cause of disease. Their influence on the body is wonderful. Shame flushes the palest and fear blanches the rosiest cheek and whitens the blackest hair in a night. Worry causes dyspepsia and hastens old age Terror or excitement often causes Instant death, etc. Dr. Miles' Reatoia- tive Nervine removes the effect of worry, overwork, alcoholic excess, morphine habit, nervousness, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, headache, neuralgia and nervous • prostration. Sold by A. R, Hendricks or J. M Bickford. Do not be unhappy. When unhappy people die they become ghosts and nev er get to heaven. 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JAMK.S'MEANS ^ «3 BIJOK 1» absolutely the •ho« of Ita price which aa ertt been JI!M«I ox- i. teutvelj on u» markr.t in which dtiraknMr • cooiJdered bctbre mereoat- J. MEANS <fc CO., Bo.t.n. y»ll HBO* u( the abavo »Uoe« tar >ulo far J. R. EZUL & SON Htnrliax. llti. I|TP STJI 1 I Vj^fL Ilenry Irving writes to a friend denv- ine emphatically that he has complained of unfair treatment by the American press. 1OO L,adlcH Wmnted, And 100 men to call on any di uggist for a free trial package of Lane's Family Medicine, the great root and herb remedy, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Rocky Mountains. For diseases ot the blood, liver and kidneys ii is a positive cure. For constipation and clearing up tbe complexion it does wonders. Children like it. Everyone praises it. Large size package, 50 cents. At all druggists'. 1 Dr. Talmage says he has been deceived and defrauded by many people, but that no newspaper man ever broke professional faith with him. ft \ Nine UUllon Wltehea Burned! Sprenger computes that during, the Christian era no fewer than nine million witches were Immolated. In England, the laat execution for witchcraft took place in 1710, but in Illinois as lute aa 1780 to 1790, several unfortunates were put t« death. This ia a terrible reflection oa the boasted enlightenment of the age; but wo .must not bo oTer-oeusorloua, while we daily »«e friends s^'njt down to death, ignorance or prejudice preventing the uao of remedies which might aave them. Muuy a cold nut* into connucnpUou, while indigestion and Inipura tiiotxSUe- btiitatfi Us» »y»U;ai, iufitiufl fatal ut- Ui'fcji, when tbe ujw of l>r, Cit>r«'s The chrysalis is like a hired man they both make the butter fly. (Sterling Markets. Corrected Friday morning] Cattle—$2.10 to 83.85. Hogs—88.00 to 83.25 Hides—4 c. Wheat—50 to 70 Kye—37c. Corn—Ear, 28c. Shelled, 30c. Oats—15 to 17c. Butter—12 to 14. Eggs—IOc The beauty of having children in th house is that whenever you want am a change you can always Qnd It in th children's bank. BHILOH'8 CUKE will immedlatel relieve Croup, Whooping Cough an Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, th druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Hoc FalL) better idat. Letters remaining in the Poatofllce a Sterling for the week ending Frida September 0, 1889: Atherton, Mrs. Susan Jobiison, Otto Amlt'rgon, Jobu ly^nt^. Minn Ciurle liriuid. U J McGratli, Win Hln;;liarn, Mrs. Kate Mattlor. Jot li Ctawford. J K ratrlcb, B Klo<-k, Wllbelni I'oiy. H\n» Ada How, P Youuii, Mb3 Ktta llolTuiaa, tl When calling for above letters pleas* *ay "Advertised." WM. A. MoCfNK, I'. M. CAT A HUH CUKKD. health curod, by 8hlio arrti Remedy. l*Tit5t? &t) contt. For »»l« by J. ii hlckr<>«{, an C» K*«a the Nathan Mush, who lias b?on rc-skling in Palmyra for the past year, movocl this week on the Joseph- Anthony's farm near Coleta. - Joseph Maxwell bought tha 40 aero farm that formerly belonged to the Kev. Mr. Stoll, near the Lutheran church on the west side of Jordan. i Peter J. Marshoug Is building a residence on the south side of hla father's farm. 1'eter is building this, no doubt, for the nine pound girl baby that was presented to him by his wife tha other day. Now set up the cigars 1'eter. Nicholas Wilger a few days ago bought a span of ponies from the herd at Sterling, and expected to have a lively team for his cream route, but one of them was hurt and had its neck ppralned while catching it in the herd and has not eat anything: since. Nick says it is on its last legs and will surely die. A. M. High and daughter and a Miss Myers, of Bucks county, Pa., are in Jordan visiting friends and relatives this week. Ira Parks, brother of Get Parks, has rented and is making preparations to farm the farm now occupied by Mr. " ipp, and Abe Delp has rented the arm occupied by William Miller. Both f these farms are owned by Michael )elp of Sterling. Lawrence Piper h»i a horse drop ead for him on the road while moving is horse power from one tlace to anoth- r, one day last week. It is supposed tiat the horse's death was caused by lie immense heat of last week. C.F.Bennett raised a field of'oats f six acres tint threshed out seven undred bushels of oats. It took 35 oiit>ds of twine to bind it. If you don't lelieve it, ask Mr. Bennett and he will ell you that it is true. William Calkins, of Geneesee, has een troubled with rheumatism so bad u one of his arms that he could scarce- y use it. But tbe other day be told us e was down in the timber getting out re wood and run across a couple of ests of yellow jackets and they stung im on the arm pretty lively, and since hat he has felt nothing of the Theu- latism. lie says it is a sure cure. The bumble-bees^are so bad In many ieces of stubble this year, that the jlowers and teams have been driven ut of the field by the- bees and that, oo, after a hard fight to hold posses- ion. The rain of Wednesday night was much needed as the pastures were get- mg burnt out, and the ground was 0.) hard .and dry to plow. Our supervisor, K. C. Williams, and wife,took in the Morrison fair on Wed- esday and Thursday, and we believe iiiite a number of our citizens went [own on Thursday. Some few of the farmers have succeeded in getting enough plowing done, even if it was dry, so they can ow their rye now since the rain. We noticed our neighbor, Henry Aungst, owing rye on Thursday morning. Over the creek, and in the neighbor- lood of our friend, F, M. Knox, the togs are dying of hog cholera and many of the farmers there are fearful ,hey will lose all their stock hogs. Joseph Kratz, son of John Kratz, started for Bucks Co., Pa, last Monday, where he has secured a position as clerk end bookkeeper in a store owned by HarryJCaisinger. Mr. Kratz took a business course at the Sterling Bus!' nvss College a year ago. It seems that most of the boys wno go there to school get good, fat places. Get Parks had a One looking calf that he kept pretty closely confined and the calf did not seem to be satis- led with the close confinement, so it committed suicide by hanging itself. Ad. Jacobs bought and brought home one of W. A. Sanboan'a full- blooded two-year-old stallions and one that Ad. may well feel proud of, as it is quite an addition to bis stables. Mr Sanborn is doing a good thing for this town aa well .as the country at large in getting people wakened up to the idea of raising a better class of driving horses. The dam at Sandfordville is rebuilt again. This is the third or fourth time that this dam has gone out and has been replaced every time. We hope that this time it has been built BO that it will stay. The plasterers are busily engaged in putting on the mortar and if the lime Is not too badly air slacked so It will stick ("a many seem to think it is) the hall will soon be ready to dedicate. Geo. Cross seems to be considerably excited over tbe completion of bis new house, which ia nearly ready, tor occupancy and where he expects to move shortly. The house is a fine one and will make a beautiful residence and commands the view of all the surrounding country. George may well be proud of it and we don't wonder that at meal times he lets his mind run on that line and becomes absent minded of every thing else, BO much so that he will pour beef gravy into his coffee in place of cream and don't seem to recognize the difference. J. II. Dunmore had a patch of early sweet corn that he was saving for seed and during his absence, the other day, some one was kind enough' to take a great part of it without being invited to. Somebody must have a great hankering after small things as they could just as easily take something big as theco email things, if they only thought so, and it would be no more annoying. Some of the boys on tbe 4tb of July raised a large pole on the big mound and had a jollification and had a good tim« generally. On the opposite side of the rood, and on the highest point on that aide, i'eter Marsoug, tkm, raised a crass which sUuds item at a BBC try uml all uJona, Ob. Warehtiue tayg he can always t«H , the »«.it Kior»in|f, whtsis Willie Ue>'*yt.ri conie* £u»0«0 hto, IM t!w»y stay out aa& taifi » kits* u>.j»t Sw fc«9« bwnrips re;t!o"3 and Ivirua into (>!••< picket fence nmi breaks down a panel or t,wo before Bho leaves. And this is the Hem that Ob. was to get the pup on for not giving it a. 1 ay, but she went and pave the pup to another fellow and now Ob. says ho will tell it iC she offers him a whole litter of pupa not to tell, bnt he refuses to give her name, thinking, no doubt, liilly will give him a dog not to tell that. Miss Stella Drynan, [of Gap Grove, and David Fiuklo, of Sanfordsvllle, were married at the residence of the, bride on laat Wednesday evening. Will Tilton, of Gap Grove, took in the Morrinon fair yesterday He came home §20 richer; he bet on the winning horse. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAM-?. 'Ilio Ii.wn Pinrn fnir »t l>s M')<ti-= in rr- por!-'il to bo n £r' v it suc^f^. The inbnr U'n>!crs of IndKinnj-olis hnvp d?- ci'-l'-il not to nominato n tick-'t. GI-II. Al£»"r, of Mk-bignn, a^Jn^rl 8,000 pfnplo nt. the MeHenry county (Ills.) fnlr at "VVto'stock TiHirsdfiy. Thii s'eel workers of Wale? hare rnrule e ilftmnml upon their employers for A 10 per C'-nt. ndvanre in their wngos. Fire nt Tnquinm City, Orn., "Vo-lneslny- ni^ht clcstroyiKl the Oregon Pacific foundry, c ui-ing a Ins*! of ubout $150,000. Frr.sts were reported Thursday evening nt Rmi in the vicinity of Alrrm nnd Plntts- mouth, N--b., nnd Dodgo Center, Minn. It is stud tlmt the Cannilinn <;ov--r.nnent will nr.k Uiii-lo Hniu to pny nliout S100,(K)0 for the rovcnne cutter Rush's fun in Uehring Ren. Union nnd Confederate veterans held a T^"T/^rT1T/~\~\T A TVT TA 11 A i^lTl reunion at Fojt "Worth, Tex., Wednesday .E i\ I JLUiN AINU JbAL/jL. nMli briJ E<»l <•>"> b'.oody clmim in great shape. —' ! John McClellan, of JefTorsonville, Ind., Their Difference Illustrated m a Pension Case. IT WAS A DIFFERENT • SIIEEHAN Thnt the Taper" Got Hi>Iil of, sml Tunner Gives the Uncord — A Niillonnl Cup- Itftl Fnper Gutlierliij; Views on the lx>- cntlon of ilift World's Fulr—Attorney General Miller's Instructions us tn tho Protection of Justice l''ioltl. WASHINGTON CITY, Sjpt. (i —.Tho nttun- tion of the commissioner of pensions h:;s lieen called to the following itotn publishol in The Hnrtfovt Cournnt, vilitoil lij' Sermtur Jn-^'ph R Hnwloy, braring ilaco of S -pt 1, IS^'.l: To-night's \VnBhiiiKt»»n dispatch annoiincofl tlmt an original pension hns b'cn irrnntcil to Timothy Slit!?hnn, of ('oimcr'tlcut. Th'.- rcrord of Connecticut lin-n In th.Mvar of this n-hell- lon. JlHt issued fi'inii 111.' iilll u of the ivljtit-int pc'iu'rul of thir» Ht.-ito. i imli-.Ins thr rcv-nrd of but one soldier bearing ihi* n.'inio. This record is us follows: T\vetit;-:-lxtli n-idment, O<>m- pnny K: Timothy Sheetmn, i'f (Jioton; i-n'.lsti-il Sept. li. 1MCJ; ninstei-eil In Nov. Ill, l^i-; du- Berted May ^1, 1HM. liis attention has also b^on cull-. 11 .! to the. fncit tlmt the newspapers of tho country 1mva givon this lt<"in wido eircu!nt!o;i, accompanied by unfriendly comments. The commissioner yesler-liiy nm-lo tho following statement to n reporter of thu Unitivl 1'ri'ss: "Timothy Bheeban, who rureivu-l tin' ]«MI- aioii, was a private of tho second class in company-C, Unit.'il Slates engmoerd. of tile regular nnny. The records of tho war dc- viartmt'nt on file in tho elnirrt ubow tlmt bo was honorably disrlnrji-d by reason of cynovitis of the ri^ht knew joint contracted •in tbe service nnd m the 1 nu of duty. Sbeo- imn was prop-rly |«!HH>iii>-.l for disability Incurred in thu sarvicu and in the lino of duty, and the records show that In wns a n-eulari army soldier, having enlisted in 1S7IJ, anil lieins discharged in 1W.I, mid tlmt be wns about ten .years of ap;n nt tho time of tin- clos-j of th<" war. The pretty fiction which hiis be ;ii the cause of KO much adverse criticism of thn pension ofllc) is absolutely without foundation in l:u l t. 1J WHERE -TO. -HOLD THR .FAIR. A Numlittr of Itiitii'd* of Tl'itilu uml Mayors Favor the National Citnital. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. U.—Public Opinion, the eclectic journal of t'lis city, recently s nt to tbo mayors of cities throughout tho coxmtry of over 15,OCX) inhabitants, nbout 175 In all, nnd to tho secretaries of IJ.O boards of trade and other commercial b nlics, a letter inviting answers to the questions: In what city, in your opinion, should tho World's exposition of 18!)J bo belli? Should, the expenses b'j defrayed by national appropriation, private subscription, or both? Tho journal publishes the replies received up to date. Tbeso show that twenty-four commercial bodies favor Washington City,' nineteen New York city, twelve Chicago, nnd five St. Louis. Of the mayors, tbirty- ono lavor "Washington City, twenty-four Chicago, (Ifteon New York nnd three St Louis. This makes a total in favor of Washington City of 55, against 'M lor Chicago, 34 for New York, and 8 for St s Louis. Answers to the question about defraying the expenses show-a majority in favor of tho expenses being met by national appropriation, aided uy private subscription. INSTRUCTIONS_TO NAGLE. •\Vhat Attorney (aonm-ul Mlllor Wrote to Mui-Hhal' Trunks. WASHINGTON CITY, SepL G.—The letter of Attorney General Miller to Marshal Franks, of California, instructing him to protect Justice Field against an attack by Terry, is mado public. After Rioting that tbo trouble in court caused by tho liu'bulenoo of Ju Igo and Mrs. Terry was a matter of public no toriety, the attorney general save: I deem it-my duty to fall your atten- ion to tbe propriety of exerchiiiK unusual caution ill case further proceeding!) shall be ha;l In that case, for tho protection of his honor. Justice Field, or whoever may ho railed upon to hoar and determine tho mutter. Of course I do not know what may bo tho feelings and purposes of Mr. and Mrs. Terry In tho promlios, but many things have happened to indicate that violence on their part may not bo Impossible It id duo to tho dignity and independence of tho court and to tho character of lt-> judges that no effort on tho part of the government shall bo spared to make them, feel entirely Bafe and free from anxiety la th6 discharge of their high duties. X*o8tofflce Employes Threaten a Strike. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept 6.—Tho post- oflleo depar tmont yesterday received a letter from the postmaster at Spokane Falls, W. T., stating that the wbolo force in the office were dissatisfied with tho allowances and salaries, and unless additional allowances were made them they would stop work to-day at 10 o'clock. The department immediately telegraphed tho postolllco inspector at Sao Francisco to proceed atonoe to Spokane Falls, and in cuse the threatened •trike took place to assume charge of the office, getting what help was necessary. CaanotHave a Pension for IIU Thumb* WASHINGTON CITY, Sept ft—Assistant Secretary Bussoy, of the interior dopart- mont, yostorday refused to consider a request filed in May last by John W. Shields was bitton by a mosquito three weeks ago and now his life is despaired of as a result of tho bite, Tho Russian police, have, arrested forty students at K'-nrkoff, and fifteen at Kicff, charged with Nihilis'n. Tho arrests at Kicff Comprised several ladies. Grand Master Workman PowJorly has i sued nn address to tho workingmen urging them to do everything they can to forward the World's fair proj'-ct. Jim Htearna, of Hadley, N. Y., is a hermit. Ho has luada his cofTlu and dug his grave, and now is starving himself to deal . Ho leaves all his property to th.' poir. Because T. B. Richardson, of Sandstone, Minn., had become too intimate with his hired girl, neglecting his wife for h(T, certain citizens swooped down npon him Saturday nlrjht last and tarred an 1 feathered and horsewhipped him. Three weeks a^o No. 2 colliery of tho Delaware nnd Hudson company at Oliphant, ~, too'; fire and has been burning ever o. RHVornl acres of nnthr.tcito coal are )iirninj; and it will cost thousands of dollars to extinguish the fire. THE WATERWAYS CONVENTION. .t Approve* of All tha Schemes :or River Improvement nnd Adjourn*. CINCINNATI, Sept 0. —Capt Holloway n-csided over tho waterways convention when it met in its second session yesterday morning. Tbo important business wns tho •eport of tbo resolutions committee, which was unanimously passed after being road. It regrets tbo failure of the last congress to mako appropriations; urges tbo necessity for uproving and protecting tbo Mississippi and Ohio nnd their tributaries; approves of ho work of the government thus fur done upon • tho river; demands protec ion or all streams from the obstruction of bridges, that tho waterways, which are tho guaranty againt mo- mpoly In transportation, shall-be free and unrestricted; approves of tho improvement of tbo Ohio by the movable dam system; also the scheme for joining tho upper Oliio with Jie northern lakes by a ship canal to Lako Krie, if practicable; nlso tha junction of tho upper Mississippi nnd tho lakes, and tho •anal from Rock Island to Ileiinepin on_thj tllinolftlTiverr - " A number of njKiec-hLW wore made tti approval of tho above and tho convention nd- 1'iurnod. At ShcnnHheml liny uml Chicago. NEW YORK, Sjpt. 0.—Badge won the 1 mile race nt Sheepsbcad bay course yester- di3'in 1:4(1, Britannic tho % milo in::303-5, Buddh'gt tho 1 3-l(i .miles in 2:US 'J-i, Mag- auto tho % milo, in -1:14 3-5, Firenzl the \% miles in w:.'!5 4-5, nnd Barrister tbo l^f miles on turf, in U;:!S 1-5. CHICAGO, Sept K.— Tbe tirno at tho West S.'lo conrso yesterday was very slow— milo in 1:118%, for instance; bad track. Win« nors—Redlight. Ht^Albans, Gilford, Fred Woolloy, on.l Litlwrt, - . Iron-WorltorB AVunt Moro Wages. CLEVELAND, 0., Sept 0.—A special from Sharon, Pa., says the iron-workers of the Shunango, Pa., valley hold a mooting at that place yesterday nnd decided to ask for an increase in wages of 10 por C3iit, tho increase to take effect by tho middle of this month. Two furnaces hove granted their request and it is thought that tho rest will comply. The London Strike Felt at Boston. BOSTON, Sept. 0. — Upwards of 200 sUivi- dores, "longshoremen, and freight handler's were idle at Hoosac dock yesterday on account of tbo great London strike, which detains three ships of Iho Furness line in Lon don. The Weather Wo May Kxpnct. WAHIIINOTOK-C-ITY, Sept. fl.—The following aro tho weather IndlcatioiiH for tho thirty* six hours from K p. m, yesterday: For lon-a—Warmer, fair weather loutherly winds. For Indiana—Light rain, fo,lowed by fair_ -weather;—stationary.-teinptjrnture.-_fol lowed on Saturday by warmer weather: vari able winds. For Michigan and Wisconsin- Fair weather; warmer, except In cns'.orn por tiou of lower Michigan, pllghtly cooler; west erly winds. For Illinois—Warmer, full weather; winds >-hlf ting to southerly. THE MARKETS. CHICAGO, Sept. 5. Quotations on the Itourd of trade to-day were of fn lows: Wheat—No. S September opened and closed 77^e; October, opened closed TTf^c; December, opened Tvi^fje, clo e( iOc. Corn—No. 2 .September, opened IMc closed S)%c; October, opened <H>fic, close %o; May, opened We. closed JV^c. Oats- No. 2 September, opened and closed OctoWr, opened nnd closed IB.ty;; May opened SiJ^c, closed !£)c. Pork—September opened , closed ; October, openet ilU.5 1 , closed $U>.fi5; January, opened cloned Jl'.lS. Lord—September, opened closed 8i.«7K'. Live stock—Union stock yards report tin following TTmsio of prices: Hogs—Marke opened fairly active and strong, with prices ©lOe higher; light' gradrs, $4.1l*8i4.7U; rongh packing, M.UOtiWO; mixed lots, ' J3.SS<aUO heavy packing and 'shipping lots,- gi).7DO4.05 Cattle^-Bte'ady to stronger; heeves, 4.70; bulk, t3.BOa4JJ3: cows, !2JXHay.OU; stock era and feeders, Sl.TOiM.10; ' Texas steers $.-.10it:;.80; cows, $I.OttSS.OJ. Sheep—Murke ilrm: muttons, '$3.50.^4.70; western rangers, j:i .5034.05; Toxans, t3.lOa4.00; lambs, $4.604 6.75. Produce: Butter —Fancy Elgin creamery, 1 filOo por Ib; fine dairy. H@15c; packing stock quest meam May wsn>y joun W. BUloms 7K(ft8c . Eggs-atrlctly fresh. 14^150 pe that an earlier decision nfflrming a rejection dcz. Poultry-Live hens, 7ma« per Ih; roos by tbe pension bureau of bia claim for an In-! valid pension be overruled. Shields claimed a pension for an injured thumb and his claim was rejected in November last, on the ground that at tho time he incunvd tho alleged injury be was engaged in a fight with j a comrade and was not in the line of duty. Two Mall Stagol Kobbud. WASHINGTON CITY, Sept 6.—The chief ters, r«; turkeys, ftalUe; ducks 80. Potatoos- lXic@Sl.00 per bbl. Apples—Sl.UO&lJK per bbL Blackberries—COc®$l.UO per lU-qt. case, New York. NEW V'OHK, Sept. 5. Wheat—No. 2 red winter cash, B-VStOC^c do September, (W^c; do October, 8l?£e; A December, 67c. Corn—No. 2 mixed cash, 13^Jc do September, CWe; do October, Ifyio; do IJe comber, 4;i^Je. Oats—Quiet; No. 2 mlxe . , m - . .. „,,„,! September, ai^c; do Oi tobor. -Of. Hye—Dull of postofflce inspectors has been officially In- | Barley-Nominal. Pork-Dull; mess, SU.OO® formed that both tho east and west, bound ,' l'-.W for Inspected. Lurd—(Juiot; Octob mall ttagoi were hold up and robbed ot all ' fr 1 -*': January. S-i.ll. tbe registered matter near Agor, CaL, on ' Livestock: Cattle-No market for beevoi tbe night of the 8d inst Intpector Seeboldt has been authorized to offer a reward of II,000 for the apprehension of the thieves. Lot'i 8««| Who la Armour? CHICAGO, Sept &—WhUe the senate com- mituw invcatigatiug the druased beef buul- ness was waiting for carriages to Uiko tiuim to the railway atation yeutoixlay a reporter corralod Bonator Coke and adk^l: "Will tha ccmmislon cal! Mr. Armour before ur "VVhof exolttinwd tha bluff umator from Tula*. "Ah! Yat, this U a vory platiiaut day after the rain.' "But will you iotnrvlaw Mr. Armour)" "Mr. Artnour— Ut, 'Armour! Why, I naror !n.-iinl •.-( tht nt&a. Oti, yi»; I t*,-»i! Ubi 'K1.i?w <:.*W. Wc41, Wtf *h;iU f^y Ui,r At- taii'.kiu j.,,, uw j(¥nWs«t4»H. «ii'; uixja want- drened beef, Httauy; native Bidt-a, 5' per Hi; Texas an 1 Colorado i!o, Sliocp nnd Lunihs— Sheep, sternly'. pt-r ItHi lt)S l.-i inhs, tinner; i5^.ij(ti.75. Hogs — D;il! and .ownr; gi.4<l-£!.;o per 1(») Hjaj J>I«lnH Uml Acriu-i Ilio Ituvll. VlCTOlltA. B. C., H. pt. (i.— Thu scale Vivi, IVn«lo|M) and A lulu, from Bohrin boa, liavo j. HIT! veil >vith 5..VIJ .-.kiiis. The aaw nothing ot tho United Htatea rovonu cutler Huab. Didn't Wtuit tU* E»rth. ,-iber at tha Telephone—Hello central! — Uirs uio tlisi Fir*t Nusioii r-VriTT'.- !"?rrirK' i' 4 n fi;:i;-!(? v .•n.,1 I -, ;'.r'4 fr.)r.i* f::>!i frnin tin? fort"-'.a. '} - i.-,r:r.,:\.i \ -' t.I>l.viin '\ frt^n ','10 f'rocic Ir-liars. ; ]: ,, i-, (: , , :M .1 t ; : , r( . in:n, niul lias been ta" riv.'iS i M'.f,;i;:i; t'» in".nl;ind In curing di.-c.a^i^ i»f the ;'o1 in TPfy-v Ir^Lirif^s nft-r ."II CI'MT r'-tn'-ilit 1 -! 1 f;..ii !. 1^ 3..-a hii-.« *ir Itn\ f 1' '.-I my 1 : '•>! .Hi- .-. (i JIT I f .11 to F -Tl for TreaLi J o cu UI-JIK! . 11-rtiii i./i--r;i^c.', rnailuil froc. ';";rn PWTTT Pr~rinc <"'<)., Drnwrr 3, Allnnt.i, Cn, OFFEBED for an IncuraM.! raw of rn in '.hi' Hcnd bj-tlifproprlut reof ill, SAGE'S CATARRH BEHEOY. •Kin"''!)""'-' lim:,'. <li«.:ii;u-p-« fiilliinf into iriint wimctliii'ft pmfiiw 1 , wiili'rjvniid ncrld. -. others, thick. trmu-imiFi, !Mic>i>im. purulent, : 0 ')dv and putrid! <•>•<•* "'V"!'- y lniri " ! '»> ™, rR '. "flfiu'!w,dllllmil!.y of o'.i'iirimr thrniit, oxpocto- ition of oir-imlvu in.itt.-r; bn-utli f.ilMm v«.-: m-ll tint] tiimo linpnip.-.}. nnd pi-nrnil ili-litllty. nlya few of tlinwi symptoms hki'lylnlKiprr-s- it lit once. VhiMiKimls ot raora ri-suiUn cun- imptlrm. nndi'iiii In tliotrrnvo. Uy Its mild, f-ootliinpr. and h«ihnir properties, r. Slliro's ] c-nn-3 tin; worst, eases. Mi!. , ,t P . 1 »|(«t to uikn. Olio Pclii!«. n Doio. iircSlcUUcii<Ini'lic.l5iHoiiNj«<'!ulaciiC, H*7Mic»*, Constipation, IiullROHtloii, lions Attacks, anil all dfrunirrincnts <>l ic stomach nnd bowclB. S3 cts. by drufftflsts. Z333U33 , THE BLSTW.'llIt £CAPMADEWtMEHOf .. a i I • | w j i oiwcyp R*T-t»ii^^*. Is a monthly magazine devoted to the hygiene and care of Infants and young children, and all that pertains to the routine of tho nursery. It la now In its fifth year. The Conffreffotion- alitt recently said of H: "BwrnooD seems almost Indispensable to the household In which thcrp ftr» young children. It Is for tho puruuU end Uia nurse, and Is packed full of Important sug- BODIIOIIS of ft practical character. From per- • •ona) exjwrlo:ico of ,'ts uacfiuaeB*. we commend It warmly." Ajid the Chicago Advance : "Nomother but must appreciate It*wise and helpful suggestion)), ftnu be grateful for the DoUlng of purplexltlea and tho helping over hard places which every ono come* to who hod tho care of young children. W* commend It to every moUier In the land." A-lso the New York OrapJtie :• "Th. anccofS of this periodical hM beeu enormous. It inakoi young mothers feel that tho only subject worthy of attention Is at last being rocogulzed." .„ v Every intelligent father and mother should read It regularly. Their children will bo healthier and happier. It will re-•Juco tho work of caring for them, nursing hem, dressing them, amusing them. Let•• rs from .subscribers frequently contain ich testimonies as these, Intely received: " 1 am grateful to BABYHOOD; I have Keen __ but two number*, but have learned so much from thono that I feel 1 should bo doing my children a wrong If I should fall of tho opportunity to Icnrn moro." "The htlp It hoi ut-eu to Urt would have astonished me hod U been predicted beforehand." "I'liynlelan fta 1 am. your maKaxluels the mosl wolcnme periodical that cornea tomy table, and Is the one I read first." "I cannot spfnktoohlKhly of IUBYIIOOD. During the three years that I have subscribed to It. 1 have Cult repaid * hundred tlmoa for the. outlay by the relief and confidence It has given me lu tbe management of my children." . ' ' i'ou want a sample copy— -, Prloe 16 cent*. Or to subscribe for a year— (1.50. . On our part wo wish .to know that you have seen Uxla advertisement; end In order lo induce you to mention this paper when v> riling us, . We hove arramttul to have mannfaotured for ua a largo quantity of ITudnut's celebrated Sachet Powder, and •* ill give a packet, freo (either "Violet" 01 ' \Yhl to Lilac," aa' preferred), (quantity sufficient to elegantly nerfurfie IJaby 's clothing for months), to everv person • who sends us ellher fl.BO for ayi-iir r siuh- scrlptlou or 15 could for u single copy, uuu mention* tltfx paper. (Kot* tit? t-umlirt.m Tliejiuivil.T l» fn nosi-uso »" premium," but IsonVri'd Rlmply tn aid u-* In tracl.t^'ihc-ru- sulu uf our advertising to various piu-ta of the comijrv. Its reUU value Is about 25. ccntb.)- Addrchs r !AB!EOOD PUBLISHING CO., 5 Beekman St., New York. '*o not coufound HABVIIOOD with picture.l/oofe* " .- Iho amusement of children. It u a i>i»:lt<->r' •"'Ulnr—a iiursrry help. Its list,if rout! •!«:!(.., . nil-ill ill Milijei'tt many fpi-i-...ii >» of i''l"| ! |oH l v.'u l at'u l B 5l |r" ) '-'r''"'" '""'*'" : "" '" "''"'"''' lu-rom th.. eicnllciit lllllo riml-lltl'm! ?IA' Y .v'i! - !• i'l'nh.-il. Nn i:i:ultK-r i-r.ti hn ti.K-j. I «- i' i-.- • '-!i •• i . 1O GENTS FOR 3 LINES. is all it costs to put a -:- "WANT" -j- IN TilKi EVENING GAZtTTE Well done with Rood rnnterlnlH for Harper's, (Jetituty and all other magazines anil periodicala. Fine biiumitr for worki isauwJ in parts, 4.11 titicis of bliikntc books mA»J« to nrvler nuti sat- l«r,»ftu>ii giKifu- ttvj I'lrse jeA her USSC>»

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