Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 4
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4 TOE IQLA : DAniY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVEl^NG ,0dT :'OBER^^ Th« l«U Dally R~ord^«no v>« «•>« """y ^,„^„„M„,, ,,n tho^ RAnnhlfc^n nartv THE BEGIS1VER FCBLISHING CO. CHA8. P. BCOTT. Pres. anKLEditor K. W. BREWSTER.. — Entered at the lola Postofflce aa Second- Class Matter. ^ „ AdverUslnK Rate» Made-Known on AppU- V cation. . . • Official Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Basmtt. Official Paper of Allen County. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ' ' By Carrier in lola, Ga* City, Lanyon- vlH«.Xoncreto, LaHarpe and Baaaett: One Wwk ••il" One Month «'>t^ One year ••BY MAiL: ••••'••••"'^ One Tear .ln9l£ ounty. •••••!;•!}? One Tear, putsule county W"' TELEPHONES: Bualnesa Office Society Reporter Job and Bindery V 'i>f \;c::::.'. m ME AM) l>KltKI.VN. Walt M «8on In 11 .-ilrixT's WVokly: Oh, come wltli Mi> iind Perkins, witli gong aud lurbuurlnf. nnd by the Juini iiig gherkins, wt-H iniikf this rounfry clean! W<^'ll wl|in out all abuftes;* tin trusts both root and trunk, we'll,suiM where CapUiln I .oo8c> Is, and other oui- wprn junk!: We'll purify the workinV of government, iny Ijoys, so come witi' Me and Perkins and help us make » noiee!' The tricksters and the jobbery their- finish clearly see; the 'rascals and the robbers are all opposed ti me; the trucklers and the traitors, tin •scoundrels and the sruni, the'eburaiiy and small potatoes by rear are strick en dumb! They're shedding tears b\ firkins, ihey know I'm bound to win so come with Me and Perkins, ant saintly Comrade PlinnI Vou say I brought a panic when I was in lefbre". Ypu have a gall titanic to put u |i such a roar! Such things' were be it for gotten, their fame should not etdure: for all the world Is rotten and" alont am pure." You say when 1 was ilaster I didn't lump the trusts, or make the dimes come faster to those who IIv< on crusts? Now there's no use ir raking up nasty things, I swear when I am busy breaking tlie clanking chains you-wear! When I am__swal-- ting tyrants you shouldn't stand an(' ''sob. of taxes and of high rents when I was on the job! It you'd iinprovt your sleddin', incre-.ise your store of joys, you'll come to Armageddon with Perkins and the boys! By dawdlin't and by shirkin's no battle will yor win, 80 'come with Me and Perkins McCormIck Stubbs and-FlInn! A HEITBIJCAX VIEW. Roosevelt's ncv third party w:ii created after'the Republican primary What was then a factional differenc* is now a party dllTerence. I'ndoUbted ly 11 Roosevelt hudiorganixed his new third party befoi;e t|he Republican prl mary, Rfpubliaans wouldn't hav« named some of the candidates the} did name. This being true, and I' also being true that most of the can didates nominated are for Roosevel' and the now party, no Republicar feels any sort of obligation to lun one of them—that is. no Republirui intends to support any Sew Thr^ party man oh the Republican ticket Why should he? If there are any RP j.iibli' ans on the ticket. |Repul.'<i'a'.-.t shouH M'pport them, but if ihore ar- Tlilrd parly men slicking io the tick-; to get Republican votes ijy de'jeption lacking honesty and coiirti.ct m-ees- sary to stand out in the open ni^h th • new Third party they-i>elong. to. They deserve only the ueri\-.t ihut is possibly coming to theia One thing tc the credit of Roosevelt, he s'auds out in the clear for a New parfy and sfcy^ be wants nothing -o do wl;ii the OW part.v. but some of his fol'ov.-ers ti« Kansas have no honesty a<. and s:i> that they are yet Republii^ns. althc they intend to vote for Roosevelt ant: the New party. They are Republicans about as much as a Methodist if an Infldel.—Brown County Wor'.d Somehow the memory lingers o» certain worthy gentlemen who ans wered the suggestion that Roosevelt as president uisurped legislative am judicial authority on the strength o* bis executive olllce, even to the ex tent of defying precedent and th< constitution. Their answer was"Well, maybe he did. But one thing if Bute, nolKJdy put anything over or him. When he was in the preaiden lial chair, he was PRESIDENT." Anc* somehow tliat pictureiof an American rampant, was : seductive. Hut her< comes the Colbnol himself and aftet confessing that h*- thought . he wa: preventing a. iianic whi-n the St-:V> Trust obtained pernii.ssion from bin to absorb its competitor and turn o:!i of the neatest flnnncial tricks in ou! history, f^low.s this; with the adrais Blon that Until he read it in the news paper reports of the S<'nato Investigating Committee, he .never knew Ijhai Morgan and Frirk and Gould am' Standard Oil Kave $UHMiOii to his llHi4 campaign fund As Bill White s;iir recently, the Colotiel must be made ol common clay, after all. "This is a straight light foe the Pro greaslve luiriy," dfclared Tlumdo'n Rooaevett in a Pius'ch at Jackson Tenn. "Ours is a distinct party, H • ha* uf» pior,> iHUtiK 'ction with the R«' publican pjirty than with the l»emo- cirilJc." ilnd after NovenilnT 5. In case the Coilottel seems to haxe gained contro' c( Ithe political bund wagon, itcores of men who now refuse to bum the brIdgVB behind them which give eas>- retum access to the Republican part^*. will drag from hiding the "Pounder's badge" which iias been diligently distributed to Moosers. ard don it with much show of pride. In other words, vrblle they insist they are RerobMciae now. If the Moose movemenf succeed>in kiltbag the Republican party, these men will tioast of their part in the ktlling. And the conviction that thi" Is tnie Is the biggest Impediment in the path of partj- harmony today. Th« eagle eye of the Kansas Citv Star discovered it and W. A, White. Boll MooM nuiuger in K^sas prampt standpatters '5n the Republican party and the alleged progressiyer.lh the DenJbcratic party-^is for no common cause except greed for office and a defaire to overturn the ProgreuLve cause." Which" sfilA "aJlIanjce" consists of a determination, by Republicans and Democrats -to .exercise their free-bom American privilege .of voting for men of their own 'political faith running on straight out party tickets. Even if it meant scratching and: cutting, lion. Stubbs and others have openly preached that "patriotism is above party," and cultivated a spirit of independent voting. These regulators of other people's political morals are terribly hqrd to: satisfy. lawronco 6t«ette: The Kansas City Star la jubilant at the request of Ne-r* braska and California leaders to vote for Wilson, and declares the rout has degenerated into a panic. And this was what the Star devc;.^y hoped fo) For years, ever slncr- it has been pulA llshed the Star hii<t been a bitter opponent to the Republlcnn party, but could see no V;H.V lo defeat it. The rhance came at jast and the Star did not lose the opportunity. It Is for Wil xon today just as strong .is It ever was for Cleveland, but it has learned that !t can ^llpl.r to tetter advantage by marking Itn batieries. and today if is fooling thousands of its readers and in t -l'Ing t'lem to bolt the Republican laiiy. If -loes not can- WheVe th<'y go just so th'-y desert the Republican party and weaken it. The Manhattan .Natfonallsl. "the oldest paper of the Republican brand •|i the Kaw Vall<ty." declined an offer from Chairman Doll(,'y of a tew col- imns of free plate matter in snpttort )f the " state ticket," unless the said plate innlter whooped it ip (or the ticket including President Taft.' "Not a Bull Mooser will g<'l •iny support from this paper," says Editor Huston and concludes with the <tmiahle words, "Yours "for a hot November." Which would seem fo in- licnte that Chairman Dolley is bei;if '•omiM ?lled to write some "stinging let- ers" to others tl|an Allen county xwo- •>le in his campaign for selected caii- didates. "A president can do nothing witli- backing in congress." said Coii- jressman Murdock to an audience in Htiiwa, preliminary to a plea fur stubbs as well as Roo'sevelt. Nobody 'Knows better how; a member of ^on- ^n'ess-can put a president In a bad iglit before the people than does Murlock. who strove valiantly against his •)arty chief. President Taft. If is in- nitable that Murdock recognizes in Stubbs the same kind of Republican supporter that he has been' and Stubbs, in the Senate, with TAff as !'residnnt. xVould feel licensed to riol •ind roar and opposn. Baldwin ledger: Whut good would 't do to elect Colonel Roosevelt whosr administration ended In the worst 'msiness panic since 1ST37 Wliut good vould It do to put In power as tln' 'hief advisor of the administration loss Fllnn of Pittsburgh, declared by he PlttsbuTKh papers to be thr mos* orrupt politician who ever scuttled he city's finances" What good put n as a leader. George W. Perkins, "lend of the Harvester Truit. noted i'« me of the boldest trusts In Aiherica <nd whose treatment of \nmen and •hildrcn workers in its factories has 'ust been condemned as heairtless and •ruel l)y a New York grand jury? Toronto Republican: Gomer Davics :aya Ike Righy will. If elected, declare le was nominated as a Republican ind that he will claim Stubbs is not I -Republican and that he will vote "or Charley Curtis as being the only Hepublican candidate before the legia- ature and, let us add: Bully for Ike >nd luck to Ike, and may Isaac's'tribe ncrease. Colonel Roosevelt: "We ic 'egislate for the farmer so thru ho can leal directly with the consumer. anJ ?o that when the consumer pays for >roduce the money may go directly into the pockets of the farmer, and by 'his means w-u will cope with the h'gi> lost of living as no other means can." Senator LaMBllette: ' "While stronv Progressive Republicans were stnig- ;ling in a dozen states to wrest thtf ';ontrol of the government from corporate power in combthation, the in- luonce of President Roosevelt's pow^r was invariably arrayed against them, flis federal appointees were the lobby .gents of special privilege. It is a "act in political history that Progres- :ivo success in every Republican stHt:> was secured despite the powerful oji- '.osiUon of the Roosevelt admlnistra- ion during the seven years that h- vas president." Beliot Gazette: Now that not only he names of Taft and Sherman but heir electors as well will head the 'Republican ticket in Kansiis this faK •vhat will those iwpers do that have >een carryinc the names of Roosevelt iiid his electors under the name of •Republican*' ticket. Will they con- inue to practice what even William \llen Whit-, the chief Hull Moose In Kansas says would be fraud and deception? Or will they start .\n liule- .ler.dent column* . We live and Iw.m. The Colllnsvllle •>kla.. 'Times of October 3. says: .Mr. and Mrs. Abe Martin return»>d last night from a pleasure trip to Knn$a.<- City. While there Mr. Martin purchased a large stock of booksi^ stationery and novelty articles for his store: also some fixtures." This Is 'he first news that the Register's old friedn was married. Belleville Telescope: Query: If it "s wrong for electoral candidates to remain In the Republican column who propose to suppprt another candidate for president, ^hy is it not grrong for other candidateis to remain in the Republican column-who' propose to do the same thing? C. H. IVncent. who has beicn here vieitin^ his family, returned' to his work in Parsons yesterday. , BoosBiars WL idex JUDGE AlCDERSOX OF D¥XAMITE ' 'CASE DEFIED PBESIDE.M "He's n Jackass and a VrooV," Vfas T. Amertlotf .Over Panaimt SruDdal Lawsnit. SI'RUP OF FI«8 • liEST FOK ACniLU Indinaapoli&t, Oct. T.^udge Albert Barnes Anderson ,who is trying the jilleged dynauiUers In the big «tru<j- 'ural.lron workers, "conspiracy" case !s the hardest proposition to Interview In th« neck of the woods. "You see. a waiting lawyer explained, "al the judges are Independent. but Judge Anderson shows It more than the rest of 'em. The more you ask him. the less'be will answer." "So you are a newspaper man" he observes, with a quick, searching look, piling a few letters here, scratching around his deiik there, opening other letters and scribbling notes. "What do you want to know? Wheth er I beat my wife? Uo 1 pay iny debts? How Is It 1 keep out of jail? I don 't think the people care anything obout what I do. or what I am. and furthei- more. I don't Intend to talK about myself, and I am not going tn. "I was born In Zlons ^vllle. Boone 'ounty. this state. h:> years ago last Kebruary. I grew up, went to school, tuillcd law, and have been a judge ten yearn; you can get more, information about ine in "Who's Who in America.' Good morning, sir!" • Ye?, the judge has a peculiar judicial tenipeianient all his own. Some 'Olks here in Indianapolis say he 's fcrank.v." Others thing he's loo 'gniugcy," Still other believe he's? 'pietty well satisfied wjth hliftself." ^ But. at that, ibost people like him.' They think he Is fair and hones-t.and le'ciiles nuestion of law on their ilier- its. .ludge Anderson was admitted lo the bar thirty-one years ago. and pracMf - [ cd law at Crawfordsvills. where l^e was proKecutiqg . attorney .several years. President Roosevelt made him 1 federal district jbdge in lit02. Seven years later Judge Anderson refused 'o send the defendants In the Panama libel case to Washington for trial, thus nractically knocking': out Roosevelt 's •ase the publishers of the In- llanapolis News and New York World. A year later Colonel Roo.sevelt met Harry New. Inldiana Republican bass at a reception in IndianaiKilis. Jud.t;e inderson was there too; ' "Is that the judge wJio decided the. !lbel case?" asked T. R. of .New. "He Is." replied New, who had op- T'osed .Anderson 's appointment, but who was then on friendly term.s with the judge. "Well." came back Roosevelt. " he Is 1 jackass and a crook!"' Before then the judge has gotten on the Roo!i1>velllan nerves, for when °ie was presiding at the second Stan•lard Oil case which later on resulted <n a $2!).00O.UUO fine being plastered I temporarily I on theoll octopus, re refused to i'.duilt certain evidence thai wa!« afterwards allowed by Judge l .au- .118. < Judge Anderson^ls a graduate of Wabash college. He Is married. Ills 'aw lihrarj^ provided by- the govern- ;»ent in- the federal building. ha.s a •ealing of the gold which cost $3.1.000 but be spends more time looking :*apes in his little, time-wora library )ul at Ills home on North Penn Street If it9 LiUIe Toogne is Coated. Breatli FcTcrlsta. SteMach Soar >nd.B«neL<i Clogged. Every mother Immediately reallzea after giving her child dellclons Syrup of Figs that this is the Ideal laxative' and physic for the children. Nothing else regulates the little one's stomach, liver and 30 feet of tender bowels so promptly, besides tbej^dearly love its delightful fig taste. if your,child Isn't feeling well; rest­ ing'nicely; eating regularly and acting naturally It is a sure sign that its little Insides need a gentle, thorough cleansing at once. When cros-s. irritable, feverish, atom ach sour, breath bad or your little one has stomach ache, diarrhea, sore throat, -full of coia. tongue coated; give a teaspoonful of Syrup of Figs and in a few hours all the foul, undigested, clogged: up waste, undigested food and sour bilie will gently move on and out of its little bowels without nausea, griping Or weakness, and you will surely have a well, happy and smiling child again. With Syrap of <^g8 you arc not drugging .vour children, being compo .s- ed entirely of luscious flgs. senna and aiomaiic.o. it cannot be harniful. MolluTH should always keep Syrup of Figs handy. It is the only atonmch. liver and bowel regulator and cleanser needed —a little given, today will »uve a sick child tomorrow. .Full directions for children of all ages und g'own-ups plainly printc<l on the ilTfckage. .\sk your druggi .st for the full name. 'Syrup of Mfs and Elixir of Senna" pre ,pBred by the O.lifornia Kig Syrup Co. Itiis is the dellciou .s taHting. geti- uine old reliable, Refu .se anything elsa offered. i-MaB.jlW'-T^nirirf AIL A ben is not supposed to'have much cotniAon sense of tact. Yet every time ^ahe laya'an egg she " cackles forth the fact. . \ rooster hasn't got a lot of Intellect . to"'rshow. - Biit. none the less, most roosters have enough sense to crow. The miile. the mo^t despised of beasts. has a persistent way,' Of letting people know he's around by. • his Insistent way. . The busy little bees, ihey buzz, bulls bellow and cows.moo. fThe watchdogs bark, and ganders quack, and doves and pigeons coo. The peacock spreads his tall and ouacks. pigs squeal and .robins sing. And even the serpents "know enopgh to hiss before they sting. But man. the greatest masterpiece that nature could devise, ill often stop antf hesitate • before he'll advertise. ~^ —Altoona Tribune. FKd.M AX ACRK OF OKASS. 'ieef Worth Fight Dotlar.s and Interest on Land and Steer. .An acre of Kansas grass land will irodnce $S "worth of beef under ordinary weather ccndition.s. pay S |>er 'ent interest on %'•< an acre land, and '0 per cent interest on the cost of the Ueer. This Is how it may be done a.-- •ordinj; to T. G. Patter.son, assistant in •nimal husbandary al the Kansas .Agricultural Colle .ge. An SOO-poirad feeder steer can Ve 'icught at the live stock markets for <7 a hundred: This price includes the 'rieghl and coniraLssion on the cattle when shipped to the pastures, and on •he flnifhed -steer v .Uen shipped to mar '<et. A Kteer will make B nci gain of 300 to l>ounds during the season. It will take three acres iof grass to pro- lure this grain: The ^finlsh^d product vill sell for $.S a hundred August 1. \ 3U0-pound gain will be worth $24— •'.n average of $S an acre. The interest on the investment—the value of tlie land and the steer—^ -ared for in the increase In the price t hundred of the steer when brought md the Eelling price. • "The steer cost.« <7 a hundred. It weighs SOO pounds The Felling price is $8 a hundred. Tl.i.' 'lets a profit of one dollar a hundrtii •in the orlginaf weight of the steer. >r IS. Interest is figured at 8 per ceiii >n $7.1 an acre land and 10 per cent :n the $.'>C steer, for four months. .\ steer In thin flesh will make n ;realer gain than a steer in more fin- 'shed ccudlllon. The thin animal won't ,:how enough finish or fat.lo sell to advantage on an Angust 1'"market. It '<opt la luniter tlmethe market will be iver I supplied - with grass-fed cattle ind the price will not be so high.—Kan as lude&striallst. t'OTTAOK (fKtiVK (Edna Johnson.) Oct, 7,—.Mr. and .Mrs. Kd Burghart and family visited his sisler. Mrs. Rinehardt near l/nlon Sunday." .Mrs. Stanza ISooc vi.sited witii .Mrs Cloud Sunday. Mrs. Chester Butler of Coffey County spent Sunday morning with hi.s bru ther Mrs. I*, I,. Butler. .Mildred .Soues returned last Sunday from a vl.^it with htr sister .Mabel of Morris. Okla. .Mrs. Spencer has been on the sick list for over a week but la slowly improving. .Mrs. I. !„. Butler lost her best Jersey cow last Friday evening. She bloated on green alfalfa. Karl BrandOn is working on the Pheoni,\ lease on the place of .Mr. Sai-s was was taken to Kansas City for an operation, Ray Childs from near Buffalo. Kas.. spent Satunlny and Sunday with his cousin. Ira Butler. Some one attempcd a raid on Mr .Micimel's hen roost one night last week but were frightened away. .Mr. .Michael now says. "Come on Mr. thief. .! a niready for tau" Ira Butler went to Kansas City .Mon- Jay morning to t-'pend a couple of weeks with his uncles and take in tin? Priest of Pallas while there. Uorcia Grennell spent the week end with home folks. Ira Noyes received word of the arrival of another grandson at the home •if O W. Noyes of Valentine. Neb. Frank Johnson sold his span of vearling mules Saturday to Dr. Worlf. I.. L. Butler. F, M. Butler and wife oalled at Tom A^iams Friday evening —J. G. Criswell. a painter 4ivin,i .-.i ."i -lu .\orth Mulberry St.. Hagerstowii Md. states: "1 had kidney trouble with a severe pain across my back und could hardly get up after sittlnr down. • I took Foley Ki<Iney Pills and soon found the pain left my baca, " could get up and down with ease, a «• he bladder action was n'ore rcgulai ind normal." Try the. For sale at Burrell's Drug Sfore. A Square Deal: The other day. at the suggestion of a lawyer, this papei noted that peopleJn making wills erred in having beneficiaries act as wft- , nesses, the moral being fo consult a i !aw yer. Now there is a balancing Item from a .New York dis|ialch wherein a man's will urged his heirs to avoid law yere in settling his estate. - He said in his will"I hereoy particularly warn ypu u- ^inst attorneys at law and sincere- y trust you wUI not have occasion to consult or employ them in regard to this instrument. My personal experience with lawyers !ia.s been extensive and has convln.-ed me that they are dangerous crooks, expressly educated and trained to obtain one 'K confidenc* in order that they may defraud and rob with iinpuniiy." That about ev- ?nK it up. eh? —If you have young i-:iildren yoi "lave perliap.-! noticed th:'! disorders ol he stomach are their i coinnioi liliiienl. To corre-.t this you-will fini' 'haniberlain's Stomach and IJvei ^'ablets excellent. Tliey are easy anr ileasant to take, aiul ii'itd and gentb; u effect. For siile by nil dealers. .Alleona Tribune: P. O. .N'eilson ani| C .\. Schrlher motoretl to Carlyle last Monday to take JInimIe Baker to that •liy where he has employment as ma- •hinist a\ a cement plant. .Mr. Nell-on also went to Mildred aud visit••d for a sbort thiie with Mr. and .Mrs llendri.x Blue. CLEANS THE HAIR AND MAKES IT . BEAUTIPUI^25 CENT'^DANDERINE' In a Few Moments Your Hair I.iOoks Soft, Fluffy, Lustrou.*^ and Abundant—^No Falling Hair or Dandruff. 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ZemQ is put up by the E. \V: Rose Medicine Co.. St. Ixiuis. Mo. and ;nld by all druggists at %\ for the large 'jottle and at 2.'> cents for the liheral size trial bottle. Try one 2r.-cent bo't- •le and be convinced. Morris — How- j ird Itrug Store. The Hiawatha man. according to , ^.he World was recently in K. C. and 7oported that at the X-est show seen in Kansas City the Colonel Biill Moose candidate didn't g»t much lipidause. : 3aid anacfor to another. "You an- a 1 Mar." "What did yuii say?" was the reply. "I said you were a I'rogre.-- sive." was the answer. Said another ictor. "A Hull Moose isone quart" r •noose and three quarters bull " ^ —Mrs. Peter Holan. lir.Ol Ruckev,- Rd. Cleveland, O.. saya: "Yes, Indeed I can recommend Foley's Honey an.! Tar Compound. My little boy bad r bad ca^e of whooping cough some times he was blue In the face. 1 gxve him Foley's Honey and Tar Gompounl and it had a remarkable effect and cured him in n abort time." Contain;' no harmful drugs. Burrell's Iiriii; Store. Cnloiittie«l><w»coopoii.*wi'Jinv«od>«Tibf co.-«»ecnt:»aa«to^ MidpreMBt IKMB at tlii* office \»illi the expeiue bonus amount Lerein lot opposite mnr •t»I» ' ariMetMMurr »cloet«» (which ce »tr« the item« of tk« cort of packioB, MpreM from the faclory. checkinc. clerk h're and otLec neceuary EXPp «5E U«m»), •ad reeciro jcur choice of .thwe Uiree boolu: The S4.00 illustrations in the annonncements from day today.) • This dictionary is NUT i;ufalisksd vy the original p-ib- WEBSTERMN I'sl 1912 grc - - . , DICnONA &Ylitll l.:iiip l-!afl>.i. fl- ., MJunrKiI in g.-ld on bfck and 5| sides, prn-tfd <.n I'ibic \>-.v.'r. r<-il < dtrcs siul corners Uluatralcd •. I;- i.i. .•autJ::!: l.v n- 'ni-.-.i: rounded; Uentitifnl. stronk;. are maps at J ovi-r r^M ,subi . '•; i. color plates, nnin -roiis siioli. ••; educ.itioiia' charts a:el the lat t '• Tit thii ijl^ii-e- S!X Coniect^'.'iva i''l-:'.^n:^Y The $3.00 Netv \vKB<rrE ;a .\N 1913 IIICnONARV Ill-jstratcd tl'-r j;rnt:rj| content y iiJi; .r..;i"l by tlii<-'- r:.-i:(.i:- l6 p: v'-s < I t :es I there. FxpMise . U<inm of 1; is cs-l '-trT I'..- sarrrlTfcC $1!.C'J at ii." I- <•. tone in iPf itjx ti i-iin'! — V ii'.dj :j wi'h i.riare Coatccu »e Caupjna end 131 -rr.^rii. SIX t r-a ^iT' -'-r- -r • ii i :i plain clotli bind. , * 2. fftatuptd iu void LUck -. h(.s lame P^rtr ssms illustra- y\ liut a'.l .f i.'it col- • • .'-.i pla'<-< rr.I. .S'X CMiMot ^jd the Expvaae &«^nc« of 48c ^T^>-. for P.>Hfz< Humboldt Union: .Mr. W. T. McKl- -oy returned Monday eveninu from her trip to California. Mrs. .McK^Iroy spent 1 most enjoyable lime and met many -:ld friends in the Golden State-but 'links Humboldt the best place yet. '•^nroute home she visited her daugh- er. Mrs. J. B. House and family in WichPa and Master Max O'Brien tn- urni-d with her after an extended visit *here. . - . —Mr. Jas. V. Churchill, M WalK'St. \uburn. N. Y.. has been bothered wi'.'i "terious kidney and bladdef trouble ^ver since'he left the army, and .s.ivs: •1 decided to try Foley Kidney iillK IS they bad cured so many people nnd I soon fo'ind they were Just the thin;;. My kidneys and l ^adder are again in 1 healthy condition. I gladly rero n- iiend tirem." For sale at Burrell's Drug Store. Howard Couraiit: An item in the \tchinson Globe says: "An average ichoo! teacher dresses on J70 a year." ''II bet the average country editor loesn'f spend that much on clothe.s. Mas there un editor in KIk County spent $70 ff.r clothes in the year'just •last? If so. what has he done with hem? He certalnlv hasn't worn tliem. SIIAXK tlx I'EKKIX.S'. KOWKL.S KAll. LIVKK rORMIH CASCAKETS. .Still Sqnad Savs He is »glecling His Barrel Ilulles. —When you have a bad cold yon vant the best medicine oblainahle so IS to cure It with as little delay us •ossibic. Here Is a druggist's opinion: 'I have sold ('haniberlain's Cough 'temedy for fifteen years." s.iys K.'ios '..ollar of Saratoga. Ind . "'and ••onsider t the best on the market." For sale '.ly all dealers. Messers. George K. Xlchol.^on and W. R. HisseU .two widely known cement men. Vere here yesterday on •juslness. Mr. Nicholson was cnrouti 'o .Mtoona to visUTbIs smelter there ind Mr. Bissell was here to see how the coal burning plant at the lola "orlland was getting along —J. W. Co|>eland of Itayton. (rtilo. •>urchai>ed s bottle of Chamherlain'F ^ongh Remedy for hJs boy who bad ? •old. and before the bottle was all ised the boy's cold was gone. Is thai ••nt better than to pay a five dollai loctor's bill? For sale by all dealers .Aifmircrs cf General Grant will be to learn that his picture Is soon •o apper on a government hill and be^me a familiar household ornament. It will be on the new $10,000 greenbacks, and all you need do is fr ^mi^ ine and there you are. - —^Here is a woman who speaks f ron- T>ersonal knowledge and long esper- 'ence. viz.. Mrs. P. H. Brogan, of Wilson. Pa., who says, "I know ^rom KS oerience that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is far •uperior to anV other Fbr croup there U nothing that excels it" For sale br sU dealers. O'le of the female members of the Sob Squad engaged in luring the public into reading' editorials iMioming U<.fisevelt by concealing them in the form of stories (i»ure fiction most of them really are), has discovered that in Chicago a "Bona Fide Countess" is directing the work of the "patriots" who are "melting their pewter," as they did in 1776. to furnish ammunition for the United States Army of Progress." If this is true, they should quit sobbing it out of the unoffending public, but organize n 'mob and inarch on the offices of George Perkins and demand ,that he "melt down" a few millions of the gold which his steel company cleaned up without any effort when. President Roosevelt authorized the Perkins company lo absorb the TennessejB Fuel Iron Company, by beating its secif'itics down on the .\ew York stock exchange in true Thqmas W. I^iwson style, swallow it .bddily, stifle a big competitor and receive an immunity bath from lirosecution for defying the . law. Perkins should melt a f<?w tons of th** fens of millions profit in that deal to place Roosevelt on the throne and let the hnmble little Chicago friends of the "Bona Fide Coiiiitess'- keep their pewter. If Constipated. Killious. Ileadnchy. .StomArh Sour, get a 10Cent Kox of Cascnreis—Tate one Tonight. Joplln -.N'ews-Herald: The "Hell Clipper" is the name <if the newest :nine in the district. Webb City ni« n iwning the piT >|ierty. which is located it Tuckaho. The'^eH Cliiip'-r is. ac- •ordlng to Its owners, nbciit the rieh- '#t proposition Ujat is now being developed. .' Vou men and women who can't get foelin.g right—who hav*^ headache.' coatf<I tongue, foul, taste and fOul breath, dizziness, can't sleep, are billions, nervous and upset.' .bothered witi) a sick, gstsy disordered stomach, or have back-ache and fell wo»n out. Are you keeping your bowels clean with Cascarets. or merely forcing a passageway every few days with salts, cathai-tic pills or castor oil? This is important. ' Cascarets work while you sleep; cleanse and regulate the stomach, re- infive the sour, undigested, and ferment .ing food and foul gases;'take the'ex- =ccss'.bile from the liver and carry ;ont of the system allHhe constipated jwaste matter and poison In the inles- • kiues and bowels. ; A Cascaret tonight will straignten ;you out by morning—u 10-c6nt hox jfrom any drug store will ke<^p.your stomach sweet; liver and bowels res- :ular and head clear for months. Don't .forge.t the children. They love Cas- caret.s beca/se they taste good—do ;good—never gripe or sicken. The K, ..C. Star should inve.=;tig!ite this story from a Republlcaia paper at Jopltn. The .Vews-Herald says tliai a poll taken by. Democrats of West Jackson precinct, a purely faniii-'K district..! near there discovered one lone Bull Moose. Thoinas Dye. a student of the lll»;h •schooli leaves soon for Manhattan. I where he will enter the prepjiralory of the .Agrlcolmral eollya^. ^'Onr Personal Goaranlee to aU SMn Merers** S. R. Barrel!, Druggist. 'VC'e have been In bostnem In this town for eonie tiiii«. und we are'Iookinc to liuild up trade by atwayn advU>!ns our liatToiu (Igat. So when w» tell you that we havi> found the ecsema retnedy and that we stand back ot.Jt vtith tlie manufacturer's Iron dad gnarantea. backed by ouni«Ive.<< you can depend npoo it that we Klve our adrice not in order to sell a few ttottles of medicine to akin snlTerers. but be- ,c«n»e we know how It will help our buslnesi if we\he)p our patrons. Welceep in stock aiid sell, all the well known skin remedies. But we will aay this: , If you are sutrerlns from any Mnd-of akin. trouble, eczema, psoriasiit. rash or tetter, we want Tou to try a full size bottle or D- b.'Pre-scrlption, And, if ft.d««8 Bof do !&« work, this bottle will cost you nothing. Tou aloaa lo Judae- Aaaln and again we have seen how a few drap« of tlda'Simple wash apptted to the akin, takes away the Itch. In- Ktantly. And the cures aU seem to b« p<^rmaneDt. D. D. D. Prescription made by th« I>. D. D. Laboratories of <Chlcaxo. la composed of thymol, slycerin^ oil of wlntersreen arid other, healins. soothlor. coglinir iiiKredient& ' .^nd if you ar« Just crazy with Itch.; you ulll feel Koothed and cooled, th^ itchi abaolutely washed, a '^^ay tha.moment you applied this D. D. D.. , . «• \Ve> have mada fast fklaada of mora tkaa eoka faaaOir. by reconmendlar this remedy to a aldn sufferar' hera and there and we want you to. try it aow OB ouxfOaitiTe nO'PMr.Binnatn*,

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