Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 28, 1952 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 26
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PAOB TWBNTY-S1X ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 19SI FJsnh fiLSAH — Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Betijamln Legate during the week- tlid were: Mrs. John Croxford of Elsfth Township and Mr. and Mrs. Central Sewing Supply Co, 14 West Broadway • IS$ Down • 18 Months to Pay TraoVIn Allowance See Our Large Selection of SEWING MACHINES Desk — Console And Portable Models Robert Legate and son Bobby, of Fosterburg. James Sherman Jr., of St. Louis, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sherman sr., here, Sunday. I The Rev. and Mrs. Harry Mason i Fish, Mrs. Fannie Slaten and Miss Matlie Bell, Grafton, called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Legate Friday afternoon. Earl Legate of Grafton visited at the home of Mr and Mrs. Wiilinm Smith, here, Friday evening. Mr. ntirt Mrs. Ernest Lynns and sons, David nnd Marshall, of Champaign, visited at. their home here Sunday. The former, a professor nf Chemistry at The Prln- clpla. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Denham were guests of honor at a dinner given nt the home of their son, Orville Denhnm and family, In Wood River, Sunday, In celebration of their 43rd wedding anniversary. Godfrey School To Graduate 13 Three Shiptnan Women Honored at Dinner SHIPMAN. — A laskel dinner was enjoyed Sunday at the homo of Mr. aivl Mrs. Richard Melcalfe in observance of the birthdays of Mrs. Earl Shelton, Mrs. Maude Brown and the hostess. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wright and daughter of East Alton; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richardson, jr., and family of Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richardson, sr.; Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Grover and Miss Ethel Doughty, Mrs. Frank Eggers, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Richardson and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shelton and family, Frank Chism, Harry Loy, Ethel Jaynes, and the Rev. Fred Opper. Commencement Program ! Set Thursday Night i GODFREY — Walter T. Wood- 'cock, executive director of the Greater Alton Association of Commerce, will bo the speaker at the ; eighth grade graduation exercises i of Godfrey School to be held in the j Benjamin Godfrey Memorial Chap- I el Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. j The program will be as follows: i processional, Mrs. R. E. Duffey; invocation, the Rev. W. F. Primrose; welcome, Derry Mills; piano solo, Jane Chiles; instrumental ducl& Gene Lohr and Wilbur Oul- son; vocal solo, Shirley Baldridge; address by Woodcock; vocal solo, Roberta Gnerich; piano solo, Susan Chiles; American Legion awards; and song by the girls' chorus. The presentation of the class will be made by Loyd Carson, princi- ! pal, and diplomas will be awarded )y George Adair, president of the board of education. The exercises will close with a 'arewell by Mike Baker; benediction, the Rev. W. F. Primrose; and recessional, Mrs. Duffey. There are 13 members in the graduating class. They are: Mike Baker, Shirley Baldridge, Jane Chiles, Susan Chiles, Roberta Gnerich, J o a n n Hazelwonder, Rachel Leimbach, Gene Lohr, Derry Mills, Claudelto Necdham, Wilbur Oulson, Jerry Phelps, and Donald Rintoul. fildred Girl Honored On Eighth Birthday ELDRED. — Mrs. Newell Trusty entertained at a party Saturday afternoon in honor of her daughter Shcrryl's eighth birthday. Guests present were Donna, Ray, David and Catherine King, Denny Bennett, Joyce Batigh, Judy and Linda Rirhter, Shirley Newnom. Mike Schwallenstockrr. Dennis and F,ric Bryant, Connie Brannan, Brenda Bechdoldl. Carol Farrow, Nita Shaw, Vicky Bechdoldt, David and Gregory Lehr, Peggy Giberson, Sherry Bechdoldt, Mrs. Zoda Hichter, Mrs. Donald Bryant, Mrs. Uelherl Bechdoldt, Mrs. Carol Giberson, Mrs. Eugene Lehr, Mrs. Irl Davidson, and Mrs. Orville Bechdoldt. Games were the diver- Shlpman SHIPMAN. — Don Bullmnn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hullman, graduated May 22 from Midwest- nrn University at Wichita Falls, Texas. Miss Carrie Waggoner of Alton visited Mr. and Mrs. II. II. French, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Kahl and their son, K. L. Kahl and family of Medora, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Kahl of Taylorville. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lockyer and Mrs. H. O. Still attended commencement at Blackburn College, Carlinville, Monday. The women's brother, Dr. Charles A. Stone, St. Louis, received the honorary degree of doctor of science. Wordcn Program Thursday Evening Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kulenkamp and Maude, and Mrs Maude Denby of Granite City visited Mr. and Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! PEONIES FOR MEMORIAL DAY Some are Ready Now MANY OTHER FLOWERS ORDER EARLY WALTER RIEHL NURSERY GODFREY ROAD sion of the afternoon and refreshments were served. t'ncle. Ulna ELDRED. — Miss Edna Richey i Mrs. Roy Archer, Sunday, was summoned to Pearl Tuesday! M r . and Mrs. J. C. Frank of by the death of her uncle, Henry l Litchfield were weekend guests of Richter, ago SO, which occurred at i her aunt. Miss Hallie Eaton. •1 a.m. that morning. Richter, a ; M[ . an( , M| . s shormun W j| SO n of lifelong resident of Calhoun conn- ; AUon sppnt Sunr j ay >v ith his bro- ty, was the last member of a fam-j , npl , A c Wilson'and family, ily of 13 children. His wife, the M,.. an d Mrs. Roy Davis and son former Christina Nordbusch of, f)t (;j|| nspie were Sunday guests of Brussels, preceded him in death hor parcnts , Mr. and Mrs. Robert Over centuries the island Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea has been ruled by Egyptians, Romans, Crusaders, Venetians, Turks, British and also by other peoples, the National Geographic Society says. Wake Up To More Comfort Without Nagging Backache Nagging backache, lo«8 of pep and cneriy, headachen and dlr.zlneao may be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say .-rood kidney function Is very Important to good health. 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ELDRED. -- Mr. and Mrs. liar-' Mrs. Esther Kclchum and chil- ry Hoots attended funeral services j dren, and Mr. and Mrs. Marion for Mrs. Jlott's aunt, Mrs. Jennie Van Fosson and Roma Lee of AI- Johnston, Tuesday afternoon at. the j ton were guests Sunday of the vvo- Simpson funeral home in Carroll- j men's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H ton. ! Moore. WORDEN. - The \Vorclon Pubic School commencement program will be Thursday evening at the chool gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. (DST). The following program will be ?iven: Processional, Phyllis Rapini; invocation, Very Welch; music, by high school chorus; address, Eldon Dittemore of Shurtleff College; presentation of awards, Varies Strusx, superintendent; awarding of diplomas, Fran Vazzi, president board of education; benediction, Carol Ann Scharf, and recessional, Mrs. Rapini. The high school valedictorian is Naomi Ruth Opel. U'.hers will be Jeanelte Ooton and Rudolph Durz. Other members of the class are June Ward Slaton. Sally Ann Schneider, Patsy Ann Boyles, Ralph Howard Blotev.igel, George Thomas Cook, Billy Charles Macdge, James Ernest Birmingham, and Paul Dean Nickel]. Eugene Ashaucr will be unable to be present to receive his diploma. The grade school valedictorian is Robert Grant. Ushers will be Sarah Jane Emrich and Gary Baumgartner. Others in the class are Donald Forrester, Warren Lyerla, Joyce Bond, Vora Sandbach, Carol Ambuehl, Vera Welch, Robert Franit, Donna Jean Luer, Louise William, Foster School Social Set Thursday Evening FOSTERBURG. - An Ice cream and strawberry social will be held at the Foster school Thursday evening beginning at 6 p.m. A previous announcement of the social stated it would be held Friday evening. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally! Fleeta Ward. Carol Sue Oolon, Bill Welch, Ronnie Woodward, Richard Kienle, Walter Maedge, Richard Burris nnd Lowell Scanlan. Storekeepers in Bloemfontein, South Africa, want to stay open later because of lack of manpower and for the convenience of factory workers .but labor unions say they won't permit an extension of hours unless storekeepers pay overtime. Von Will Not D« Ashamed to Wear Shoe* WE REBUILD W. J. REEOEfi ft SON Washington A College Av«t PEONIES 98' FOR MEMORIAL DAY Dozen ^ • CHOICE OF WHITES OR PINKS. Leave Orders Now to Be Picked Up Thursday ALSO MANY OTHER POTTED FLOWERS F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 111-13 WEST THIRD STREET | UNCLE DICK SLACK'S ALTON STORE Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ray visited at Jerseyville Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Witt and family. A. C. Barnett returned home Saturday from Passavant Hospital, Jacksonville, where he was a patient several days. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heffner of Wood River were dinner guests Sunday evening in the Charles Brannan home and remained overnight, returning home Monday. Darla Havelka celebrated her tenth birthday Monday afternoon with a party given at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Havelka. Children who attended the event were Kay Camerer, Toni Sue Waters, Jeannie Shiremen, Linda Farrow, Maxine Atnip, Connie Sue Brannan, Donna King, Sherry Bechdoldt, Judy Richter, Brenda Ruyle, Betty Foiles, Johann Barnett, and Joyce Baugh. HOnOR VOUR GRHDURTE WITH Graduation Special DIAMOND SOLITAIRE A Rift your girl graduate will love to receive ... A lasting treasured diamond S 45 Tax Incl. 17 JEWEL WATCHES $1Q95 Fed. Tax Inc. Jinnif Stales to Choose from for Men and Women! YOU PAY ONLY $1.00 A WEEK! See Our Complete Selection of llulovu if Elgin * Hcnriis * Monarch WATCHES Priced ( as low as PAY AS LITTLE AS $1.00 A WEEK 6 HI \MO\IIS You I'a.v Only $1 A A\ r«d. $3.00 \\Vfklj JHItP .'„" 10 DIAMONDS You I'uy Only ted. Tax Incl. FEATURE LOCK RINGS ARE EXCLUSIVE AT STONE BROS, t ^ ? AY Tt-,6 STONE BROS TONE BROS > CREDIT JEWELERS 118 W 3rd St IN ST. LOUIS 6th and Locust 0 2647 Cherokee 0 2701 No. Nth St. OPEN THURSDAY UNTIL 9 P. M. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Rule of Madison were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobs and Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Jacobs. Mrs. William File and Billy of Junker Hill visited Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Stouffe and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Meyers, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flynn and son of St. Louis were weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brueggcman. Miss Elizabeth and Lucy Mize of St. Louis were guests Sunday of their sister, Mrs. Frank Gwillim. Mrs. T. H. Craig of Medora was a weekend guest of her son, P. E. Craig and wife. Mrs. Grover Halliday and Gene ,'isiled Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Roy Reynolds at the Watson Nursing home in Jerseyville. Mrs. Charles Meisner and Miss Mary Meisner of Jerseyville were weekend guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. \Valter Sehaefer. Miss Elisc Hartman of Alton was a guest of Miss Helen Shultz, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Young of Wood River visited friends here Sunday. Miss Elsie Lynch and Mrs. Lena Kulenkamp were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Edna Travers. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hovvse of Ed- warclsville were Saturday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jenkins. Pakistan's Navy and Air Force have been completely nationalized except for seven non-Pakistani officers serving with the Navy and forty with the Air Force, Dr. Mah- mund Hussain, in charge of Defense, told Parliament. The little girls played games and Darla served refreshments to her guests. Miss Bernicc Koster attended the wedding of a friend, Miss Sandra Chandler, at Kansas City, during the weekend, and served as one of the receptionists following the ceremony. Miss Koster, a laboratory technician at Firmin Desloge Hospital, St. Louis, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Koster of Eldred. SHOWBOAT »i tftfe , MunuM Tinie your visit to St. Louis to take in this all-time musical favorite at the world-famous Municipal Opera, Jane 5 to 15. It's a gorgeous spectacle—colorful costumes, lavish settings, rollicking comedy, marvelous dancing and unforgettable tune* like Make Believt, Of Man River, BUI. \t'by Do I lMr0 You and other hiu by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerscein 11. And this is only one of many entertainment attractions in the "City of a Thousand Sights"- big- league baseball... river excursion* ... animal shows at the zoo ... dining and dancing at popular hotels aod night clubs ... sightseeing touri to historic spots. For an exciting vacation, bring the family for * week-end or longer in St. Louis — one of America's «Mt interesting cities. booklet tee. thiagi to do, placet u> go in St J-oai»—"Gcr of • Thousand Sigbo." For rout free copr todar 10 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE The Biggest in the History of Trade-in Allowances! 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