Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 4, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
Page 5
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local Events, The finest oysters In bulk 25c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. For pure, unadulterated drugs patronize the Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Mr. arid Mrs. Otto Snyder left Monday for their new home in Coa- chclla. Watch next week's issue of the Argus' for notice of the next meeting of the farmers' club. Miss Myra Cheaebro of Los Angeles spent lost Sunday at the home of her friend, Miss Mabel Houser. David, Christen of Anaheim, spent yesterday with his college friend, Clayyton Shipwny .Mr. Shipway left yesterday for Berkeley. / Miss Mary Carver of Los Angeles spent the holidays in Covina visiting at the home of Mrs. H. C. Benton. Mis'ses Josie Reynolds and Anna Overholtzer attended the Rose Tournament at Pasadena on New Year's day. Mrs. J. T. Curphey, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Roberts, on Double avenue, is quite ill with the grippe. Mr. and the Misses Lewis of Pasadena, were guests this week of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Wbitsel are entertaining cousins for a few days, Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Sleeper of Redlands. Miss Gladys Ratekin was the guest on New Year's clay of Mr. and Mrs. Trainer, eastern friends who are wintering at Hotel Green, Pasadena, Mrs. J. C. and M'ss Marie Thompson spent the holidays at their old ranch home overlooking the ocean at Ventura. Rev. George Ringo, of Los Angeles, preached at the Christian church Thursday evening, in the interest of the coming revival meetings. Mr. and Mra. L. L, Ratekin entertained with a cozy family dinner on New Year's day, their guests being Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hutchinson and family, and Mr. Harvey Hutchinson. Mr. and.. Mrs B. P. and Miss .Ruby ' "CoflSuj of Longmont, Col., a're" f 'ma'k ; iag an extended visit at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood, having arrived on New Year's day to winter in California. Judge C. F. Parker, of Glendale, spent yesterday iu Covina looking after his extensive property interests at this point. The Judge speaks enthusiastically of the present growth and future outlook of Glendale. Mr. and Mrs. John Brier, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, were guests on Tuesday at the home of the letter's brother, F. H. Fabrick, of E. Badillo street. This is the first time the brother and sister had met for twenty years. Mr. and Mra. Brier left Thursday foi Rialto to make a visit with relatives at that point. A New Year's family gathering was held at the. home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baldridge of San Bernardino Road. Those who sat down to tlfe hearty dinner provided were Mrs. and Miss Helen Williams, of Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. and Master Donald Warner, Mr. and Mrs. John Baldridge and baby. The Coviua Valley Farmers' Club will meet Saturday, at 2 p. m., January 18th, at the resdience of Mr. G. D. Davis, corner of Grand avenue and San Bernardino Road. This will be a meeting of unusual interest and it is hoped to have an address from Mr. Hunt of the State Experimental station at Riverside. Everyone cordially invited to be present. A good program has been prepared. Mi. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey and the latter's brother, Mr. Drake, re- urned on Thursday from a ten days' visit in Los Angeles with their children and old (schoolmates and friends. Their daughter, Mrs. J. L. Berry, had a family tree on Christmas eve and a fine turkey dinner with the fixin's on the following day. Tuesday, Dec. 31st. was spent with Mrs. Mussey's old schoolmates, Mr. and Mrs. Bauford Hutchetison, on which occasion there wen; present se,«ii whose ages totaled 48'2 years, or an iverage of (50 years. On .Sunday last Mr. and Mrs. MII^M-V atiend- ed the funeral ot Mr. Gii»nni.-t, of Pixley A Grunnis, who traveled Michigan during l-> ( ' reLel- 1 . ing concerts in aid of the societies oigiini/ed tor flv: of furni-ihing daintier and for the "hoj>." in t!i>- ho.-i- The finest oysters in bulk 25c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Baled alfalfa at J. H. Matthews', Citrus avenue. Mrs. Wm. Cr'ook has been ill this week with la grippe. Mr. and Mrs. Van Vliet spent the New Year with friends in Ocean Park. If you wish any choice sweet pea seed see Pooley'a Covina Nurseries. Place your savings in the United States Savings Bank of Covina and secure 4 per cent. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Crawford and Mrs. Delia Arthur were guests at a watch night party in Loa Angeles. Miss Phoebe Brown of Irwindale is spending the holidays in Riverside. Mrs. Helen A. Stevens of Detroit, Michigan, is visiting at the home of her nephew, Rev. Paul Stevens. Our drugs are always fresh and we carry none but the best quality. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Mrs. F. W. Briggs, of Redlands, was the guest on New Year's day of Mrs. Conlev. C. E. Cope, of New Jersey, is spending several weeks as the guests at Mr. and Mra. Robert Headley. Paxton Carnabau spent New Year's day in Pasadena with a party of friends. Mr. nud Mrs. Herby, of Santa Ana, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carnahan this week. Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Given and son Allison spent New Year's day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt, Charter Oak. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Peck and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Knight of Pomona, were callers in Covina on New Year's day. Senator and Mrs. Buller, of Idaho, arrived iu Covina last week in time to spend Christmas with their son Charles. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Matthews returned on Thursday to Avalon, Catalina, after a pleasant visit with relatives in Covina. Miss Fletcher of Redlands, who has been spending the holidays at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher, returned home on Thursday. Mrs, H. M. Wilson of Long Beach, accompanied by her little son. spent several days of her sister, Mr. and .Miss Brown, of New Hampshire, were guests on Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Griswold. Miss Brown owns an orchard west of town on San Bernardino Road. Dr. Roxie Bates and Miss Illie Stauton were luncheon guests on Thursday of Mrs. Milton Armel, OUR A«: Warner. Whitsel & (p. StdQton Bros. & Keeling Pomona Sanitary Laundry For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Bnrrod Plymouth Rocks for A. E. Colt, Dexter street. Up sale. this week at the home Mrs. W. M. Giiswold. thr ugh li'-jii gi 1 . various purpose spending the day at that hospitable home. Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Wilson recently from Dakota but formerly from Northfleld Minn., arrived yesterday to visit among their many Minnesota friends now located here. Guests at the home of Messrs. Ralli and Ruble this week were Messrs, Peje Stork of Los Angeles, and Chas, Evans of Covina, on Sunday, and Mr, S. Jo-ding of Los Angeles today. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Sisson, formerly of Los Angeles, arrived this week and have taken possession of their new homo on Puente street which they recently purchased from Charles Linsley. We welcome those new additions to our social and business circles. Guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Con ley this week were Mrs. Crabtree and son Hodge, who spent tho holidays, and Mrs. Ringo and family, and Miss Madeline Crabtree, of Pasadena, being the mother, sinters and brother of Mrs. Conloy. Tho latter has been ill all the week with a severe attack of la grippe. The Methodist church has announced special cottage prayer meetings for the week of prayer at the homes of the following: Tuesday evening, Mr. C. W. Spoor, Irwindale. Wednesday, Wesley Hodges, Bud 11 In street. Thursday, Reed's Hall, and Friday evening Mrs. Wheeler, Cypress avenue. Special music and bright addresses will be the rule. Amongst Covina people who attended the Tournament of Rosea at Pasadena were Dr. Jennings and family, C. H Bemis and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews, Mrs. L. M. Jefieries, Messrs. Jerome and Irvin and the Misses iivrd itud Anna Reynolds, .Mr. and Mrs. Clapp, Dr. and MTH. Goodell, Mis-, Bertha Bruhbkcr and Mr. Kred Mailman, Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths and a party of heven, Mr. aii'l Mrs. Ha/y.urd, Mr and Mr*. Haia Aschenbrenner, Mr. and Mix. F. AHchen brcnner, .Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Grisuold, Mi.T>> Adah Way and .Mrs. Wilson and little hon of Long Gnnther's sweets are pure and sweet. Clnpp sells 'em. Saner kraut nt the Northaido Market, lOo a quart. The finest oysters In bulk 25o n dozen at the Depot Grocery. Jack Fletcher, son of the Rev. Alfred Fletcher, spent Monday In Riverside. Mrs. DeForeat Relcbnrd of Hollywood was called north this week by the sudden illness of her father. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brubnker and family spent New Years day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Feslcr. Charles Metller of Rivera was the guest on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brubaker. Miss Kriuglo of Los Alnmitos wns the guest this week of her classmate, Miss Ada Btaucbnrd. An old Lancaster friend cnlled on Mr. and Mrs. Brondwoll on New Yours day, being Mrs. Ruthledgo of Vine- laud, who has just bought 1UO" acres and is building a home thereon, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Raymond of E. College street, who have been absent in Colorado for nearly four mouths, returned home this week. They have had a delightful trip, but are glad .to be back in their own home once again. Mr. J. Russell Smith, publisher of the San Diego Union during "boom times", enjoyed the pleasure of a visit during the holidays with his daughter, Mrs. J. N. Wilson. He is much pleased to note the progress and improvement of Covina since his visit n year ago. The "experience social" which was to have been given last night by the Pastor's Aid of the Presbyterian church, has been postponed until Friday of next week, so that it may be held in the baaemout of the now church, which in not quite ready. Mr. and Miu J. A. Stevens of Santa Ana, and sister, Mrs. Gould of Los Anegles, spent two days at the home of the .Roy. Paul Stevens on their way home from the Tournament of Roses. A business meeting of the C. E. society of the Presbyterian church was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walton on Tuesday evening. Afterwards a social gathering was held to welcome the Now Year, refreshments being served. The regular meetings of the Monday Afternoon Club will be resumed after the Christmas vacation on Monday next, when current events will be discussed, the program being in charge of the vice-president, Miss Anna Herron. Father Michael Geary of Boston 1ms I been appointed priest in charge of the Roman Catholic parish of AZUHII, Covina and Glendora. Father Geary is at present staying at Hotel A?usa with his cousin, Miss Casey. Much enthusiasm is being awakened amongst the Catholics of the valley, who include some of our most prominent and wealthy cJti/ens. THE Covina Peoples Store (INCORPORATED) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMIL\ Ben Franklin who used to run a newspaper down oust years ago, also edited an itlmaniu which i'»ni)iini'd *omo wine sayings. HKIO Is one of them. "The way to wealth, if you desire it, in HH plain as the way to market. It depend H chiefly on two words- -industry arid fiu- gality. ye that gets all he can honeHtly and Haven all he geta (necessary expenses exccptcd; will certainly become rich." What Ben said wan not only true at that time liut it Htill holds good at the present day. There is no better way to save than to have a hank account • you are not tempted to .spend it. We will be glad to have you htait an account at this Lank. A. I'. Kerr.khoff. H. M. HOUV.T . . J. (.'.. Hutchison, W. M. (irUwold. Vi Jr. President J'ririiidcii t . . . . (^anhiur A»bt. Caaliior I.IHKflOHS \. P. Ki-rcKhoff ./. K. Kliiott H. M. Houv.:r Marco li. HcHin.jn i W. H. Hobi'lay (ieo !•«. Anderson For Sale—Team, wagon nnd harness. W. H. Dnniols, Phono 2099. For Snle—One family driver or orchard horse. P. F. Feslcr. tf Saner kraut nt tho Northsido Market. lOc a quart. W. A. Brouso will deliver milk to parties desiring it, in west side of town. Phono 1 37. For Snlo-—-20 cords of good walnut wood, 810 a cord. Archie Vincent. Phono 38 tf For Rent—Comfortably furnished room. Seo Mrs. Mnrtlux Hibseh, Cot- flge Drivo. tf For Snle—Good ranch team, hni'- loss nnd wngon. Twomoy & Diller, ovinn, Cnl., opposite, S. P. Depot. 1-lp Wo personally compound nil proscriptions sent; to tho Covina Pharmacy. Wo never substitute. R. U. Smith. For Snlo — Thoroughbred White Leghorn nnd Black Minorca eggs for setting. Mrs. J. Wheeler, Cypress avenue. Phono 10!)8. 1-18p For Rent:—Good office rooms, tho best in tho oity, suitable for professional men. Sec owners, Reed & Matthews. Wanted—'To buy 20 to 10 shares Covinn Irrigating Co. stock. Address J. B. Coulaton, Pasadena, Cnl. tf A young lady graduate of King Conservatory of Music wishes to secure a room in exchange for piano lessons. Address Argus. Hp For Snlo — Good second-hand windmill nnd pump, cheap. Phone 109G. F. C. Wilson, box 07, Co- vinu. It CitruH Nursery Stuck—Seo Gro- sham & Worrol, one nnd one-half miles northenfit of Covinn, before planting orange or lemon troes. Home phono 2118. 1 sale nt Miss S. Ronknrd's Citrus avenue. Every trimmed bat nnd fancy feather will be sold nt one-third off rogulnr price. One dozen untrlmtncd hots for 00 cents each, as long as thoy last. For Snle—3 yr, old Walnut Trees. Seed selected from grafted trees of original PInoentin Perfection typo. Best variety on the market. Low prices. G. W. Hhorwood, Fu-llerton, Cal. 1-18 Eggs For Hatching. — Bronze turkeys, Tulouso gootto, Pekin ducks, Indian Runner and Houen ducks, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orping- tons, Light Brahmas, Columbian Wynndottos, White Leghorns and Black Mlnorcias. Tel. 11'28. R. C. Casad, Covina. 2-'28 LAWKS WANTKD-- To Make Aprons. We pay 115.50 per do/en. No cost to get job. TranHporliiliun paid on materials. Slumped addressed envelope. American Apron Co., Los Angeles, Cal. 4tp WANTKD-- We make a specialty of orange groves and orange laud. Kcnd us your I'lHtin^s nt once. We have the buyers. Address MISSION LAND COMPANY'', HI | Chamber of Commerce Building, LOK Angeles, I Cnl. 1-J.V.l-18 i I FltzGonild iV. Barry of Pasadena { loan money on nmcliCH and Improved i real estate at louenl. current rales, j They charge no commi^'ion. Write or telephone them at, Pttmidiiim or call up J. W, PrcntisH, Covinu phono '21IH, and ask to have a representative of the firm call on you. WANTKD Improved ranches. fj to '20 acres adjacent to Govinii. We have a number of customers with cash and a number who have highly improved properly to exchange, Plciiuii Htatft to IIH in detail what you have. Will C. Praiher A. Co. Suite &18-.V20 Grant Bldg., Los Angeles. 1 1 Wanted HO shares Ooviiia water stock, Htate price per share. Wanted Purchaser for HO00 shares Covinii gas Htoc.k. Wanted Buyer for 4 room house and lot, f;0xl7fj, with orange treca. Price *!<00. i Wauled Buyer for ^ urn: orange grove with crop, t'jOOO. 'Vanh-d To exchange good house and lot clohn in for vacant lots. Lint your properties for mild wtih Don't forget our Embroidery Sale Monday and Monday Only All Widths 19c SUNSET EXCHANGE CLAPP HOME PHONE 116 . Klip Me Out DRUGGIST and STATIONER I TELL the tale of a HOT WATER BOTTLE that has seen many moons becaus* of the CARE AND ATTENTION given it. SELDOM has it been over TWO-TH1RDS full and NEVER an OUNCE of BOILING WATER. OIL and GREASE it never met, and day by day whzn off duty you would find it SUSPENDED from a nail, DRAINING and DRYING, MOUTH DOWN and STOPPER OUT. See Windotf Display the Coming Week. 1 Prices Lower than the Lowest ^-cleaned wheat, 125 Ib. sack. Utah bran mixed with shorts, 100 Ib. sack, $1.60. f Cracked corn. Peed Meal. Shorts. Kaffir corn. For Sale bj SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. \ ••••••*•••••••«•••••••••••••••••*••••••«•••••••••••• Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a sue- cessful issue any business entrust«d with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88-Home COVINA KKAf.TV CO.. Clark A. Douglas.

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