Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 3
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TOgSDAIf^ EVENINq QCT€)B^R^ ISIJ: •J . ^ Iff cpDekiohof s^lialf,wint^ wear awaits your ito^t ouridti^re^^^ k$«ping'lriJIoBe tonch with the _ msinutacturers we are able to show .the seaiwn's latest noveltiiM «^|qdn as fliey appear in the^^ Our prices are always moclen^te tor the high class of goods we show. Beaotifol Coaifs ; If you appreciate styles that are really 'Miflferent," you'll see a lot of Coats here that will win your enthusiastic admiration; Our prices will please you, too. Will you drop m today? Beautiliil Suits We have a tremendous assortment of new Suits of beautiful fabrics and every wanted material. Our styles are exclusive' and of the latest-designs. We invite your inspection. That WiU A^eal To You. You Most See -TlHs Handsome Line 113 E. Maditon MfB. J. F. Moor« and daughter Miss Alta Moore went to Altoona this afternoon for a visit with friends. ' —Dr. ITcMnien, thoaes K ind 2S2. Mrs. E. Durbin, of Morati,' was In the city today between trains, f'nroute td Independence. —Lowney's Candy. Mnmlls has It. Mrs. Ralph Harrison went to Humboldt this afternoon for a visit with friends. has been here visiting Miss Frances iness visitor here ycBterday aveninj^: ! Wilson, returned home this ajternooiu ' i | ^ ^ — ' — Party fhnt took Iwo pliimeN from ! Mrs. Heorge Calvert of UWreiice.i Millinery Departinrnl Saturday nltclit who has been here visitlns friends re-; from X*w liork Store la knoirn. Would —W. A. Bowden, FkoM 687. piper kangor. Mrs. C. E Myers, of north of the city went to Humboldt this afternoon _ for a visit iwith friends. —Graduato Nurse; ble. Phone 13C3. terms reasona- J. E. Miller, of Caney. who has been here on business returned home this afternoon. —Mundis the place for Drugs. S. P. Harris of Neosho Falls w.^s in town today enroute to Woodward on business. —Dr. 0. L. Cox. Oenllst. R. C. Lavier, of east of Huthboldt, ^ho has beien here on business returned hom4 this afternoon. —See the swell line o^'Millinery at popular .prices; second floor New- York Store. • Mrs. C. E. riayton. of Humboldt,' •who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. iMrs. S. E. Broadas left this afternoon for Los Angelas. California for an extended visit.with friends. W. S. Klein, of Kansas City, who has been here on business went to Humboldt this afternoon. C. A. Marvin of Bronson was in the city this noon between trains enroule to Independence. Mrs. hlla Moore, of Humboldt, who O. A. Strawn of Wlichita was a bus- HOLDS TAFT AND T. R. TRUST VIEWS WRONG turned Itome this afternoon. —Knox Mats on display seoowl floor millinery department New Yo/lt Store. Mrs. Ida Ogden and daughter winl to W'ayside this afternoon for a visit wiih relatives. Hoscoe Povcnce, of Chanute, who has been here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. C. A. Campbell, of Pulton, who has bc-eii. Iiere on business went to Inde- pediience this afternoon. —When In doubt' ask us. We have the/ style, the quality and the price. New Yorit Store. W. C. Teats went to Chanute this afternoon on business. ndvise to return same to avoid poiiure. es- —Buy your stoves at J. H. Ril. y's successor to R. M. Cole Hardware Co. —Bist line of Hardware at lowe>-t . prices. .1. 11. Riley, sucof^ssor to Coh' | ilaidware Co. • —If you want hardware, figure with i .1. 11. Riley, succes.'or to Cole Hardware Co. I H. D Swigard of Colony, who has ben here on business, returned home this afternoon. D. \. Robins, who has been attend- Inp the Arglcultural College at Manhattan, is here visiting his grand-father. A .1. Robins, who has been seriously ill for some week.i. Mr. Rohins' lionieTv in Colony. Great System'Perfected by M. Sdyer, Famous London iChef .v MERITS OF PAPER BAQ COOKING REVIEWED. L. T. Osborne of .Neosho Falls, who has bee|i here on business, went to Mrs Paul Mattox of Bronson. who has been hre visiting friends went to Independence this afternoon. • <• •> • •:• <• <• • • •> •:• •> • •> •:• •:• * •>! • I • • I • 10000 Pounds of fine Northern Cabbage for Kraut at $1.L'."> for 100 pounds. ELLlOTrS .Mrs. Cora Horrider and Mrs. Stella Smith of Meringo, Ia.,*arrlved here to day for a brief viaii "Aith their mother | t'arlyle this afternoon Mr'-. Sarah Cummings. .1. I .Morrison of Pitt.-iiurg. who has liei-n liere on businesii. went to Oar- nett This afternoon. G. A-. Stewart of Colony was a business visitor here this afternoon. M. \. Beckoy of Ottawa, who has been here and In Carlyle on business, returned home this afternoon. .1. O. Preston of I.awrence. who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. R. S. Sines and .T. B. Stewart of Gas City went to Carlyle this after- I 'OOU. I.. I... Roberts end wife of Kansas -I City are here visiting Dr. an;! Mrs C. M Cole. , ^ ,^ ^ ^ Mr. am! Mrs. A. H. Hecox went to up. m the night he managed to free [Kansas City this afternoon for a brief himself, and escaped by srwimming a- visit with friends. cross a river. When he got home, he ; " " found his son, who had Just begun | p. \v. jfarx of Carlyle was a busl- to study medicine, and said to him. i ne.s.«= visitor here this afternoon. ."Don't he in a hurry with your books; the first and most Important thing Is „ waiker of Wlehlin who hns to learn to swtm."-From the Chinese. | ,.4 tre'o'n 'buirs^' went 'toVr ne'.t this afternoon. • • —Notice—Annual meeting of lola Industrial Bridge Company in Council room of City Hall at 8 p. ni. Wednesday evening. Oct. 9. A doctor who had mismanaged a case was seized by the family and tied —Xewert Ideas In Millinery. New! York Store. ' Grant Colby went to Oklahoma this 1 afternoon' for a brief business visit. -biggest line of New Fancy Work In-lola; first floor New York Store. j Lonle Ruff, og Fort Scott, who has' be«n liere on business went to Inde­ pendence'this afternoon. .Frank Kimlin, of Altoona who has been here on business returned home thi saftemoon. Dr. and Mrs. T.. Tozer went to Ch.-J- nute this, afternoon for a brlaf* visit wlthi relatives. —Get ready for "Xmas." The New York Store leads them all in fancy work. Frank Walker, of tlie Friends! churcb of Stark, was in the city today between trains ^enr )ute to Law- renee -where he will attj^nd the state conference of that church. j —-Farm and City Loans. .R. M. Cun- atejgham. .lilrs. A, J. Smith, of Toneka, who hut been here visiting friends, retum- «d ,taoiDe this morning. Mrs. L. H. Blue, of Mildred was in the city this morning between trains Mtrdnte to Altoona for a %-Isit with irtendi ---^Blck beadacbe is caused by a dis- ordercfd stoniach. Talce Chamberlain's Tablets »nd correct that and the head flcbiw will disappear.' For sale by all deaiers. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Re.vnolds went to Cbanute tbis aftempou.! Charming Children AKK PLIMP .\M> ROSY./ If pale and sickly, something is wrong, and the signal should not be neglected. Its often the case that food does nui contain the certain elements which Nature requires to meet the demands of the rapidly develbping body and brain. ' One food which can be dejiend- cd upon Is It Is made of wheat and barley, and contains true tlssue- biilldlng elements including the Phosphate of Potash especially needed for promoting healthy brain-growth. A dish of GRAPE-NUTS and cream each morning for a few weeks, often works a marvelous change in the health of a child. and children like it I I "There's a Reason** Postum Cereal Company, limited Battle Creek. Mcb. j 1. Krump. the Junk dealer, who I was brought Into Police Court yesterday afternoon on the charge of not k*H>plni; his books according to the ordinnnces of the cllj*. and who after I the hearing decided to appeal his case I to the district court, has now changed I his mind. Mr. Krupp evidently dream ed upon the matter, for early this morning he appeared in Police Court, paid his fine and costs, and pledged himself to keep his books tccordlng to the city ordinances in the future. —Place Realty Co.. will place you in the right place If ^.hey will let them place you. The quiery "What Is Home Without a Mother." Is familiar to most of us. but the answers are few. A Joker in a magazine offered this : "It would probably be an Incubator." A telegram to Capt W. T. Smith brought the bare statement that his son. J. W. Smith, a traveling man of Dallas. Tex., was accidentally shot in the left arm while out bunting near there last Saturday. The shot shatter ed the arm. but not until a letter comes win It be known how serious the Injury was. The Kansas Leage of Municipalities convenes In Salina tomorrow morning, in their fourth annual session. Mayor C. O. Bollinger. Fred Freeman, and Dr. C. G. Olynn left ithis afternoon to attend the convention. The purpose of the meetings are to discuss'better methods of rule tinder the existiitg forms of government and manners of the general welfare, etc.^ Loula Brandcli. X.oula Brandela, the eminent Boston lawyer. Is proving a great help '.J Wilson in the present campaign. Brandels is a Republican, but believes that Taft la too fr ndly to the his Interesu and that Rooaevalt's plan to regulate rather than destroy the trusts is wrong. Brandeia believes that Wllson'a plan of destroying monopoly whenever possible la correct, and for thta reason la. using all his Influence In behalf of the Democrat! o candidate. Bartlesville Enterprise: Mrs. T.. .T. Keefer was the recipient of a cr:it<- of fine apples and prafs yesterday as the gift of a friend IIVIUK near lo'a If the general yield in that sectior is comparable with the crate sent h'-r--. one may be assurre<Tthe fru.t cr.?;; there is exceedinj;ly good ihis vi -.r. The Coffeyvllle .lournal . Saturday reprinted the story of the Dalton raid twenty years apo in which Lucius M. Baldwin. Marshal Connelly. Charle.' Brown and George v,'uiiine of Coffey­ vllle were klllerl and four of the raiding bandits— l)ol> and Grat Dalton. Bill Broadwell and Bill Powers. lost their live?. Thomas G. Ayres. now dead. Charle.>« Gump. Tom Reynolds and Jake Shepard were wounded. Emmett Dalton. younccst of the Dalton brothers was rhldled fith buckRhot. captured and sent to the i)enltentlary. from which lie was imroled a few years ago. —Visit our Art I><'i>artiuent. floor New YorW Store. first NO MORE DANDRUFF FALLING HAIR GRAY HAIR Meh and wonier.—«" you want a splendid head of luxuriatant hair free from scalp itch and dandruff? " Do you want hair so bewifcliingly radiant that it compels the admirat'on of all who see It? Do you want a scalp as immaculately clean and bright a^ a newly ruiPt- ed coin? If .vou do. gel a .".0 cent bott!e of P.\RISI.1X Sage today, at dealers everwhere. The girl with the Auburn hair is on everv carton and bottle— ask for P.lRISI.tN Sage and see that you get it. C. I! Spencer & Co.. guarantee It. I HAVE AN EIGHTY ACRE FARM for rent near Erie. W. E. Ralston. WANTED—MARRIED MAX worl: on farm. E. B. Butler. TO BOYS' JERSEY SWEATERS! Navy and Maroon Priced at 75c FOB 8HOE9 By Martha MeCulloch WllliamB. In tbis flnal paper on my expert-, •nces with M. Soyer'a paper bag cookery, it may be well to sum up briefly its claims and Ks performalVces. In the claims. Item one. economy, more than yltal in tbe present state of finance bigh and low. Item two, nutrition; things cooked In paper bags cerUlnly set better upon the stomach and return more strength of mind and body than tbe •ame things cooked outside It. Item three, prevention—the proven-' tlon of ptomaine and other obscure poisons, bred betwixt food and air. ;>>ot the wiliest microbe of them all can survive baking In tbe oveA—and after! tbs, baking tbe bag Is thrown away. Item four, increase and bettering of; flavors, which means increase and bettering of food JUelt Item five, the making tender of tough, hence Indigestible fiber, as in round steak, old fowls and sncb like things. 1 Item Biz, prevention of amelle— aa advantage so apparent as to require no more than bare mention.; Item seven, the crowning mercy, the abolition of scrubbing out poU and pans. A fine array tmly. But not tbe whole tale of benefits. Tbe whole might be tedious. Any -way. In tbe little remnant of allotted space, other things press to be spoken. Words of caution, for example. In cooking In paper ttags mind, not your p's and q's, but tbe aimple directions for use. Namely, to grease the bags well, not to overfill tbem, to fold over tbe open r end. three times and fasten tbe fold wltbTvire «llps. to lay the filled bag always seam sldei up, and If by chance It breaks, to put It Instantly Inside another bigger bag, to finish tbe cooking. Buy clips In several sixes. They are cheap and almost everlasting. TTse them freely In fastening up tbe bags —they, can be pulled off before the bag is thrown away and used over and over. Do not be niggard as regards bags. Often It Is better to use two or three small ones than a single one of medium or large sis^. Coal .ind wood ranges are not so j well adapted to paper bag cooking as gas ranges. Still, bag cooking can be done with any kind of heat—tbe knack lies In the regulation of It. The theory of paper bag cooking Is this: A cold bag put into a hot stove gets warm very quickly throughout, and the paper of It crisps wherever It touches nothing but air. This quick heat Is essential—It vaporizes the liquids or the Julcea Inside the hag. and makes a medium for softening and flavoring the food fiber. But if the heat is too long continued,, it destroys the tensile strength of t"be bap, makes it break of itself, and spill its contents. Hence, tbe importance of lowering tbe beat, and quickly, before this destruction is accomplished. There are several ways of doing this. They may be used In combination or separately. First, push in tbe dampers, then open the oven door, and set inside upon tbe oven floor a shallow pan of cold water. Leave tbe oven door ajar for two or three minutes, with a strip of white paper on the shelf beside tbe bag. If the paper turns pale yellow the beat Is suf ficlently reduced. If It turns brown very quickly, set the door wide, take out tbe water pan and refill after emptying, wltb fresb cold water, then set again upon the oven floor. Keen the door ajar until the test paper merely yellows. By that time tbe dampers should have done tbeir work^j sulBclently. Cloee tbe oven door, leaving inside another strip of clean white paper. In three minutes look at it—if it is browning too fast, set the door itgaln ajar, but if merely yal' lowing let the door stay closed. This regulation of heat Is a vital part of the problem, but miich less In- trftate than it rounds. A gas range too hot needs to have half the flame turned off, and what remains reduced as low as Is safe. In baking pastry and cake It Is essential to make very tiny boles In tbe upper side of tbe bag before thej go In the oven. The holes abould be in the highest part of tbe bag, but not very close together. Things cooked at foil bead of those which take five to ten minute should not be taken up until the gaa is extinguished, so as to avoid all risk of burning tbe bands. Relighting the stove means no more tban tbe sacrifice of a match-rand even half a minute of gas flame will pay for many matches. There are no Irlfles in paper' bag cooking; nor in any other method of cooker/ for that matter. Things that seem too small to count make tbe difference between success and failure he-e as In tbe other co^ems of life. As, for InsUnce, a-clip loosely put on may let liquids rtin out, making heaps of trouble for tbe cook, filling the botise wltb 111 odors, and half minlns a dish otherwise beyond compigre. These are but examples that ml^t be infinitely maltiplted. Tbey sb ><ld Euflice to prove that the paper uy. in return tor. its wonder-worldns,>.de- manda (o<Kt and ciireful handlilic Whoso glvetb It will have ber rsward. (Co-yrlgbt. 1911, • j tbe Associated Literary Press.) TOMORJ^W MORNING, 10 A. M. 30 inch Corduroy in all the most wanted colors; light blue, navy, brown, tan, purple, gray, w^hite and black. On sale tomorrow, 10 a. m. Choice-^ We PavCarfare 110 E : Madi-on T STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE .A full supply on hand nt 109 North Jefferson Avenue. . Humboldt Refining Co. " Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent Nt) Delivei'ies Made (m Less. Thjui Barrel Lots the WILL PRESENT THIS To Every who coyipiies with, the conditions explained In the ' houpon printed elsewhere. No othe'r book is so us<.-fiil—For the entire family—hi the home; at school; at the store; at the factory—^of daily use for everybody that THINKS. The $4.00 volume is bound In genuine limp leather, printed on Bible paper—new tyi.e—a durable, >>eautiful. TSE- FITL book In every respect. For County Treasurer JOHN T.TYLER rres. lola Business College. Your Support Solicited RIGHT NOW! Is the best time io start your ^Dinnerware Set. We show »»eau- tiful patterns at popular prices. A very small Investment will start tt set. ISook Into tbis. -A IKMISIKR KOM.A.MrK" 111 :i beautiful gift book with illustrations by .lohn Wolcott Ad-i uiiis and Iluward Chandler Christy, is veVv nttrncflve, put out nt only .''.ilP for this occa.tlon in a limited'edition. We -alSO .•ihdw almost all of ItileyV books our price (11.00 ' Sfv Our Itllcy irindow. Evans Bros. »OOK'.STUBE. Better commence reading the new books. 1 i B. S. Wilson, wbo Is traveling for the Experiment Station of the Agricultural college..was in the city today on business. Mr. Wilson left this afternoon for Colony. V V •;• %• <• • * • * XAKE KRAUT NOW! Fine Cabltage for 100 lbs. ELLIOTr .S 1 tt. Coal, 6asi stnd If ood Heaters! CombinaiUoB Coal and Uasi Hot Blasi and Air TIghU ECO^'OXY RANGES Bom's ComblDaOoa'Coa! and Gas Range—the best made. . Prices Rl^t! TbelJLWKdiardldw. Catarrb pmnot Be Cured vitli IXKAL APPLIC.\TION8. aa'Otcr canaocmeb """""^^ aunh * » bioo4 or eoomj- tuttonml disKuie. and la onSrr ts «ue It yoa Bot Uke Interaat reswdm. Htat Ckunb Cm M lakoCki- trrnollr. aad acu dtntUr upw U K blood aad maeSm •urCicc;!. HaUTi Oktank Cun'k Boc a qnck atdl- Oar. It wa» pRarrtbcd tqr ai« of tte boM pbntckiw la tm> countijr tor nan <fad k aRcaiar umafotkiB v-ati tbe btn Mood potiam aetlB ?Atcttr TiUcota Burfarra. "^- ' AiTiUcoiB aurfarra. Tlie pertrct camMaatioD «( tlw O j luiu IO carmc catarrk.; Send for tcMliBaolala. te*. •> o.... .f• iCHKN'EY * CO.. flop*. TotodOb O, I .-Mil by Dnwxtou. prl« f Sr. • •****">**<'fl"!'*l T«U Uaill rainuy MUj.for cooaupaUaa.

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