Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 6, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 18?-f) —A large number of Sterling people went to the Morrison fair this afternoon. —Mr.Samuel J. Strickler and family, of Sahna, Kansas, are visiting Mr. Ja i —Tho farmers will now have an op' portuniry to plow :iud pre aie the j prepare the ground for the fall grain. ' Hi-fun; the rain tho soil wai so dry and ! h'ird tliat it was well nieh Don't Look atHMe.?bnt Evening Gazette. cob Stakemiller and other friends here. —A special meeting of members of Company E will be held in.the Armory building on Monday evening, for drill, and all are requested to be present. —Dr. M. J. Hill has been In Chicago this week attending the first annual j session of the National Association of Oriflcial-Surgeons. He addressed the assembly yesterday. —Theodore Frank, of Montmorency, had one foot cut badly by a plow, while plowing on a farm in Montmorency. He came to Dr. J. P. Anthony's ofllce, where the wound was dressed. —Heats were taken by three different horses in the pacing race at Morrison yesterday. Private Joe, Mr.S.F.Glea- son's horse having one to his credit to kfpp a plow in the ground. —Mr. O. A. Oliver does not intend to go into active business again for a time. He has been closely confined to business in Sterling and Hock Falls for over twenty years and now intends to take a good rest. He will continue to reside at Kock Falls. —A novel election occurred at Apple Iliver, one of the largest towns in Jo D.ivieBS county, outside of Galena. The contestants were two rival candidates for appointment as postmaster of tho place, J.S Lnmont and Beri Service, beth popular citizens. The 'election, which was a very spirited one, resulted in favor of Bsri Service by a small ma- —Freeport Democrat: Mrs. W. II. KOCK Dr. ('-. ('. Kilson, of Dixon, was re- Socri'tiuy of the National Association of Oriiicial Surgeons, at the mn«tln<j held in Chicago this wppk. -t-Mra. C. D. Coe and son Cli ton, of Barren, Wisconsin, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. D O. Coe. Mrs. C. D. Coe'a parents reside at Woosung. -4-The Keystone Hose Co. will have a business meeting of importance this evening, and all members are requested to be present _ The"rac"e"wrn'be"ontaiied this "after- Fouke left on the 3:40 train last even- Sterling, wheite she presides Inn Kvwmro QAXVTTB can be had at all the nowistands. Prtoerwo OBHTS. " _ OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Sons of Veterans. » Academy of Music, "A Night in Jersey." • —Business with ouf merchants iatie- improve, ——Charles ,C. Buell, of Chicago7~is Tisiting relatives here. ~ — A hundred persons went from here to the Morrison fair today. —MisaLida Fife left this morning for Lake Forest University. —Mr. O. A. Oliver ia confined to his house in Rock Falls by illness. —Mrs. C. C. Atkins has gone to Por tage, Wisconsin, to visit relatives. noon. i —Patrick Neeson'a "Night in Jersey" Co. came up from Amboy this morning on the "Q" and will give an exhibition of Jersey lightning, mosquitoes and jokea in the Academy of Music this evening. —A tin wedding occurred at the home of John L. Johnson on Locust and Tenth streets last evening. Their friends marched in on them in a party and surprised them greatly. They received many nice presents, one of which was tin, a dust pan. —Misses Hattie Wiley and Lizzie Burley have_gone to Chicago to study the latest fashions in ladies'-bonnet*. Miss Burleigh will in a week or two goto Webster City, Iowa, where she will place tier knowledge into use in supplying the demand for lovely headgear, etc. • —A beautiful night blooming cereua blossomed at the home of Dr. Frank Anthony on Monday evening, in the presence of a party of Iriends. , The plant has been in the Doctor's possession for five years, and this was the llrst perfect blossom. It is being pre —There was said to be nearly 10,000 persons at the Morrison fair yesterday.' served in salicylic acid. —Mr.and Mrs. John returned home from coast. M." Galt~have ——lirFrlleiger & Cor have completed the Atlantic tnelr new P oultr y house buildings on 11st avenue, and have already begun Ing for over a Woman's District Missionary convention today. From there she expects to go to Naperville and Chicago, where she will visit a-few days, leaving here in time to reach Reading, Penn., to be present at the opening of the Woman's General 'Missionary convention of the Evangelical church, of which she is a delegate. ', —Notwithstanding all the "quips and quirks" of pen and mouth that have been indulged in the past few weeks concerning the pearl business at Albany, Wls., the fact etill remains that within a short time more than ten thousand dollars have been paid out in that village by New York and Chicago buyers Jer the gems, and the number would not begin-toJill a pint cup. I A very large proportion of-the pearls ! are worthless, owing to imperfections, but when n perfect one .is found it has a value, as is shown by the purchases made by expert dealers in gems.—:... —There has been a slight question at issue between the city council, the telephone company and the electric light company, for some time, regarding what is to be done about protecting the telephone company's plant against damage from contact with the electric light wires. The telephone wires were Illinois Htnte Fair. Teori-t, III., Hcpt. From September to L'7th, inclusive, the C. B. & Q. li. H., will sell round trip tickets from Sterling to I'eoria for 94.20; tickets to be limited for going passage to date of sale and limited for return Sept. 23th. Oitf Dcu't be foolish and pay big prices for butter. We sell you good butter for 15 cents per pound. C. Wolf,, successor to Wolf & Co. 72 4 Hlortsngee'x Hale. Wm. H. Howard, Agent for Hugh Burns, will sell at auction in the Far- Saturday afternoon, the outfit of John Shay's H. U. boarding camp, among which are 250 prs. woolen blunketa, 100 prs. quilts, 1 large range cook stove, 200 table knives and forks, 125 tea and table spoons, 05 dinner plates, 25 cups ank s mcers, 0 wire spring mattresses and a miscellaneous lot of tinware. John Clark, of Morr son, auctioneer. E. W. Blossom has taken the agency of tho "I, C." brand Spectacles and Eye glasses. These spectacles are different from ordinary glas-e", In that the lenses are ground from a French Thitcil Crystal that shuts out the chemical arid heat rays of light, makingthem very soothing to the eyes. Be sure and try them, see that that trade mark "i. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w 8t. JoHpph Fair and KxponlUoo. Hept. » toOi-t. B, 'Mtt. On Sept. 13th and !50th the C. B. & Q. H. H. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for the roui.d trip; tickets limited going Sept. Kith and ,10th, and returning, ten days from date of sale. dcow:$5-tf See Oo. trm ! N. Carpenter & PEOPLE'S COLUMN EP-We will Insert three lm«a In this ool-"«E| urnn one time for 10 eeot.9, or lor 40 centa a weefc. Each additional line will bo D cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. WANTKO. Only TO cents for under this Heading. lines "\\rANTKU—Two Klrl«—one dish-washer iinil VV aw dliilnp-room Rlrl. Apply two doors north of Miiyuard'9 livery barn. 74-ir ' ... T ,„ T .„ . I buying poultry. Soon they will have -Mr. and Mrs, J. W.Irvine, of Rock- _.„ * a » * . ' . „,„„„'„,. 0/%oftalr _a dozen or twenty wagons out scattering money and searching the country for fowls, which they will pack ,here and ship to the eastern markets. —Mrs Charles Cruse, on Avenue B, ford, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. Burkholder. j —Bert DeGroff has gone to Fulton ' to attend the Fulton school, of which : his brother, Mr. It. V. DeGroff, is principal. I nolia scented Moon Flower, which has —Mrs. Frank Cochran and children grown over t ne roof of the house striv- c'l what is to be done to avoid the dif ._ * 1.1* *„ jn( , to reacn tbe extreme end of the | acuity. '.The general manager of the Htlll Ahead. Everybody using the Milledgeville Hour is happy. For sale at Lewis Iteit- zel's feed store. Also all kinds of feed delivered to any part of city or Kock Falls. 00 to ~— .Watch Cleaning And repair!ng^aud-engraying in- all styles at Blossom's jewelry storeTNo, j", Kast Third St. Old gold bought. JHarUn, the I'lolheM' And dyer will return about September 15th. 04 tf Aurtlon Hale. ' f>(T Western'mares will be sold at auction Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th here first. From Locust to 4th avenue j and Oth, at one p.m. at the Sterling on 3rd street, their lower wires are not more than 2b feet above ground. The council requires the electric light wires to be placed at the same height. This stock yards. ~G5 110* "" W. S. STOCKING,~Auctr."" Buy a self cleaning, easy wm'cause contactVf the wires of the ! lawn rlike of L ' L - Johnson, two companies, and tho telephone wires maTke t. - tunning Best in 7412 is also the nappy possessor of the Mag- will be the ones damaged. Tho electric light men desire to know of the coun- have arrived home from a visit to Pittsburg. Miss Annie Petrie returned with her. — *. — —Rev. J.B.Robinson, D. D., of 4th street M. JE. church, went up to Mil- j ledgeville this afterneon and will deliver a lecture there this evening. l —The Morrison fair yesterday was an immense success. There were thousands on the grounds, and the pro- gramme was carried out to the satis- tlon of all. —Charles Scholley and Mrs. G. Klingenberg were married last night at the Koek Falls M. U. parsonage by Rev. M. M. Bales. Both live in thio city and will reside here. —The Woman's Missionary Convention closed at the Evangelical church last night, wifh an address ott Missionary and Temperance work by Mrs.. C. 0. Babcock, of Rock Falls. —David C. Finkle, of Santfprdville, this county, and Stella E. daughter of Robt. Drnyan, of Gap Grove, were married Wednesday evening by Rev: E. C. Sickela, of Dixon. —The Secretary of State has issued license of incorporation to the Ameri can Tile Co., of this city. The capital stock ia $21,000, and tho incorporators are F. W. Walzer, O. C. Mason and D. 0. Becker. —The Sterling club continues to wallop all the clubs it cornea in contact with on the tour. Yesterday it defeated the Fort Madison club by a score of 5 to 3. With fair umpiring Sterling can get away with most of them. —nev. W. A. Hunter, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Clinton, 111., will preach in the Presbyterian church of this city naxt Sunday He was a college classmate of Mr. J. B. ^roaddus, of this city, and will be his guest while here. —Mr. Charles T. Russel, of tho Sterling National Bank, and Miss May C. Hubbard, were wedded last evening at the home of the bride's mother on east 2nd street. Rev. Martin Post, of the Congregational church officiated. This wedding was also a quiet one, and will surprise many. We wish them a full measure of happiness. —The Sterling police will soon be wearing uniform caps. They are not lightning rod. The plant is richly laden with buds and in a few days will shine in all its glory. —Duncan Mackay,~ a highly respected citizen of Morrlt-on, died early Thursday morning. He was over thirty years of age. Mr. Mackay had very large property interests in Carroll county, owning hundreds of acres of land. He was president of the National Bank of Mt. Carroll. The funeral will take place on Sunday. ^—Weddings are becoming numerous among the bank clerks. John Weaver, of the First National Bank was married yesterday noon, and last evening a bookkeeper of the. Sterling National Bank was united in matri- trimdnial bonds. As all the people of Gait & Tracy's bank have entered the happy state, we ehall look to the People's Bank of Rock Falls for the next one. — ~ They Say. required to wear them, but they should be required by ordinance to wear them while on duty, and they should also be required to wear uniform blue coats with brass buttons, as the police in other towni are. The wearing of uni forma is not for mare ornament, but for more effective service. —Blackburn, the horse thief in Uor rison jail, uas beau identified by Frank Webster, 'the liveryman of Elgin, as the man who left the How« horsi at' hla stable tome time after i was stolen In "83. Webster saw Black burn at Morrison on Wednesday nlgb and »t sight recosfttUed him, aati »»y» the Marshal at Elgin will «J*o aiss bits, Blmofchuro olalaa* that U .1* ail * oiUtak* w»d tu»l &« wa» ia J'fB*to*j:*w»i* ftA tte* Drynan, j _casper Brandt, of Coloma, got an-' | gry with two of his sons a few days ago, and attempted to maul them with a chair. They held.him, and compelled him to lie down, to keep him from doing them injury. He appeared in Justice Goltman's court and declared they assaulted him: Several witnesses testified to the truth, so Brandt had to ay the costs as his charge was not ustained. —Mr. W. B. Lefflngwell, of Clinton, who la well known in this city, has bad is house burglarized twice, within the ast few weeks. The first time the midnight visitors stole considerable money, jewelry and other articles. Vednesday night last, the house was ntered, but nothing was taken, the burglars probably being scared away by the arrival'of Mr. and Mrs. L. lome from a party. —Mrs. Sawyer, the materializing me dlum, gave a dark room seance at the residence of Mr. S. M. Seely last even- pg. A number of invited friends were present. The conditions were not favorable last night, so there were no manifestations. This evening it is loped there will be harmonious rela- ,ions between the worldly surroundings and the ethereal universe, so that the spirits can manifest themselves unto those gathered in the dark room. —Mr. O. A. Oliver, on account of ill I jwa Telephone Union of which the S:erllng exchange is a part, Mr. A. F. C-itter, of pavenport, was here yester- diy to look over the ground to sto what can be done. He thinks as his company has already spent considerable money here in placing the exchange in good condition, that they should not be caused to make a great outlay. He thinks the difficulty can be obviated by the electric light company carrying its wires abov« the telephone wires for the four blocks above mentioned TO do this, the electric light poles will have to be spliced. The expense will not be much, and if the city council directs that to be done, it will probably be at the expense of the telephone company. The telephone managers are afraid their wires will be afflicted from another source besides the electric lights— the electric street railwaj wires. There wil 1 be 11 ttle_d.anger of the rail way wires coming in contact with the telephone wires, for the latter will be kept out of the way. The danger anticipated Is from electrical induction, that is, the electrical current from the street car wires is expected to render powerless the telephone wires which are in the vicinity. This occurred in Davenport, where an electric street railway was recently built, and underground insulating wires had to be connected with each telephone wire to protect it against the railway wires. CIIICACH), ILL,, Aug. 5, 1889. Mr. E. II. Purcell, Sterling, Ills. Replying to yours of the .'Jrd inst., will say that Mr. Patrick Neeson in "A Night in Jersey," presents one of the beat comedies on the road. You need not hesitate to book the company. Yours truly, BRADBUUG & VICKERS, General Amusement Agents, 200 South Clark St., Chicago, Ills. W ANTKU-Wild Crapes, by Dr. Frank An thony. Call at ollice. 72-tf KOIl HAI..K. Only 10 cents for j lines under t/tis Heading. F OU SALE—One lunch counter, show case and sir stools. Enq Ire of Geo. W. Chum- berlln, or H. A. Hyde. 74-U.i fflOR SALE—Good fresh cow. P-Kast llock. Palls. John 8. Brown, F Olt 8A.L.K—My liouso and lot oil West Otli Street, between (' & U Avmmea; clit-ap II lukeii soon. K. M. Wright ' U2112 8A.LK—A bargain In three Due real- iicen In 4th ward. Inquire of 1.1. Bush. - -• -- cl-ti VOlt KKNT. LADIES' Only 10 cents for 3 Hues under tills Heading. 0 room house; Rood cellar. Well -- nud ctateru water. Inquire E. C. Underwood, Itoom 2, Academy ot Music. 64 tf F OH HKNT- ni rpo LEASE—rower and room for manutactur- X 1»K purposes. In the building formerly occu- . ... ......... Address H. 0. 61-uw pkd by t'hurch & 1'attersou. (Jhuren, Uuluth, Minn. FOR KKKT OK MAL.K. Order tomatoes for canning at 30c per bu. of L. L. Johnson. 71! tf Attend the auction tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock in Farwell Block. Hlankets, quilts, bed springs, table cutlery, etc., etc. Wra. H. Howard, AYeryfonoytliy.': At the Academy tonight. Seats 85 and 50c, children 2uc. Hear the fine orchestra. Our fall opening of millinery goods will take place on Saturday, with Miss Hose Cushinp, an experienced and highly recommended head trimmer, in charge. Dill & Co., Hock Falls. Large stock and elegant selections. Parties desiring to attend the concert and "C. Supper" at Kock Falls M. E. church on Friday eve, Sept. 6th, will Dnd Buzzard's hack at O.A. Oliver's store at 7:20. Concert beginning at7::iO. • Call at E. W. Mossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Siopj-M In"AKightin Jersey; 1 Keystone Band, at 7:30. Only 10 cents for j lines under t/iis Heading. ~ , ~ WEAR. TT1OK 8ALK-3 lots lit Llpu'saddition; also,lot JC ti. bin. 5; also, my residence lots, u and ID. ' iHquiro of 70-tli' blk 5.' Wallace's add., on easy terms. James Harden. F° Scales. »7-tJ FOIl HALK Oil TUAI»E. £ V)IISA.LE OKTHA.DK-A well located hotel, doliiB agood business, liaviuu from 50 to 00 regular boarders. !•'. W. WaU-r. , 08-tI LOST. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. ', H. charm.-' L OST. . _ Gazette olllco and receive reward. 1'luder please leav at 72-13 Now Goods Daily. L OST—Thursday last, un Morrison road, pocket booi cjntamliiK $10.00; conslsllng of two ten do 1 iar told pieces aud two Bve dollar bills. Kinder leave at Gazette omen and receive reward. '0-ttlw FINANCIAL. Hear Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. F lNAN<;iAL-Moneytoloau-$l,50u at B per cent., ou farm security. falls. 1. 1. Hush, llock 82-tf, health, has sold his book, stationery and wall paper store, which Is one of the most attractive in the city, to other parties, possession being given today. His successors are Bates & Conant, the Qrm being made up of Curtis Bates, of Chicago, who has for several years been a travelling salesman for the large Chicago book Qrm of A. C. McClurg & Co., and W. 3. Conant, a busiuass man of McGregor, Iowa. Mr. Conant will take immediate charge of the business, and Mr. Bates will join him as soon as bia contract wita McClurg Jb Co, expires. Roth will remove their families here aoon. They are both pleaaan.t gentlemen, well acquainted with this busl- iMMM. a&a we wUti tfceoa prosperity Wb»t M?. CHU« Will *Af*j?» i" CHICAGO, ILLS., Sept. 6, 1889. E. II. Parcel), Mgr. Opera House. "Night in Jersey" the best comedy that will visit you this season. Tell all patrons. BRADBVRY & VICKERS. A carload of One Beardstown watermelons may be found among the grocery stores on Saturday. Best brought here this year. JUemoval of Barber 8 hop. A. L. Parker has removed his tonsdf- lal parlors from under Hopk'nson'a to the Waddleton building, on West 3rd street, opposite Carpenter's. 71 tG wit They are going to see "A Night in Jersey," at the Academy tonight. Hear the new songs. Notice. The Sterling Gas & Electric Lt. Co. respectfully Inform the public that it U now prepared to wire houses and stores for the incandescent light; and make the offer to all persons subscribing before the completion of the line and plant, that the outut according to our rul«» atul ref ulatiuns will b« fura- free. Put further taforu»atic.a *4 our oSfie*. ¥i *f (CitSS l'S B UiTKsi, S*'l'y. Don't Sit ou Tour Foot. Another deplorable habit, and one common to the most refined and fastidious women, is tho practico of sitting on their foot. Once they acquir* this tricli it becomes second nature, and th-jy develop Into such exp3rts that they find but little trouble in arranging foi themselves this, to them, most comfortable perch, even when In the most public places. With a cunning twist of the body and a little Bide switch of their skirts they oan accomplish tho feat under the nose of an ardent admirer without In any way arousing his euspicions. It is not graceful, but if. the young Woman is a small specimen of humanity she curls herself up lu a kittenish sort of a'way and with a little air of such perfect content that one bos not the hardness of heart to deliver her a lecture upon the subject This habit onco fixed is upL to follow one down to old ago. I met mil long ago a charmingly refluod old lady who laughingly told me that slio bad never been . able to break herself of this habit, and really she could perform the feat of sitting on her foot with al! the «iso of a girl of 111. Sometimes the consequences are rather disastrous. Not, inTlmiis. as much so now as in tho day* of hoop skirts, when results most emban-a.-v-iin^ were apt to ensue. A funny story was tuld nu> the other day by a lady friend who boomm: llio victim of her own folly. "It was," slu' said, "In tho days when tho small ste-.'l skirt was an lmj>ortaut part of woman'e attire thnt 1 took my ikfcit In ft horse car, and, without a moment'* thought, deftly curled up ono t'.«it btmiMlh mo. When 1 ar rived at my dc«tinution I sigimkil the eou- duotur to t-lup timfur and mUMnpttvl to rUo, but found that my foot Inn! lifconwi'iitunglwd lu «!'» "f lh» m-vl.t of the ivivU-hrtl sk-.rt. What to du 1 did nut know, hut finally, Ilud Only to cents for j lines under t/iis Heading. M ISCELLANEOUS—Heal i Estate and Insu- ranee. Western land lor sale and exchanee. f. W. Walzer, Koom 4. Academy o( Music. VJ-tf TRADE I-IARK O. and O. TEA Tta Choicest Tea Ever Offered. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS BEVEHAQE. TEY IT. 7s* «1U w?« »s» laj (tier. ftailttj MMI Tasiwt Onnn T.**r. picked from ftutl i.uaranlfra » colorin Ing liuiE 1 ay M in tl'.i' , I i-»ii.-iudixl a *«*••. u.i ni".v for ail th«» to rUtu o». ii«t It U tho Huinr«T Onnn T.**r. the best ira::'i. pure md I:OM ii«:u sil ai m»tl«. 'Hi* piuldBK aro li.Tin t iHi-aHy Ks»!«d w,d warrjiiina full vn-lflii. It is men eooa- ululcAl lu' ll«u Uiau th« lower gr&tloJL Oriental fc Dwldsctal Tea Co., L't'di, JJTwxl t)fftc«, SS VttrUtty Slip, time Fwh,

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