Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
Page 2
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-2 . TOE lOIA DiAY-BEO^Wat.: ro^JY E"^^^ OCKJBE^flgii 7 » 1 A little corner with Its crib: A little mug, a spoon, a bib, A-Uttle tooth so pearly white, A little rubber ring to bite. A little plate all lettered round, A little reatound, 1 A little "creeping—»ee! She stands, A llUIe step 'twixt outstreched hands, A Uttle doll with flakfen hair, A little willow rocking chair, A little dress of richest hue, A little pair 6f gaiters blue, A little schoolday after way, A little teacher to obey, I A little study—soon tls past, A little graduate*^ at last, A little muff for winter weather, . A little Jaunty hat and feather, A little coat with great pockets. A little charm, a chajn, a locket, A little while to dance and bow, A little escort homeward now, A little party—somewhat late, A little lingering at the gate, A litUe walk in leafy June, A little talk while shines the moon, A little.reference with papa, A little planning with mamma, A little ceremony grave. A little struggle to be brave, A llttlp cottage on a lawn, A little kiss— piy girl Is gone! —^Anonymous. Mrs. Harris's Sunday school class of the Meiliodist church met at her home last night for' the uurpose of or- ionizing ihoir class. Miss Leola l^c- ey was chosen president! Miss Esther Boatright. vice-president; Miss 'Gertrude Rupp, secretary; Miss Gladys Marsh, treasurer. Other business was brought before the meeting and then it was adjourned for a social hour. Games and music were enjoyed until n' late hour when delicious refreshments were served ,to the following: Leota I..acey, Faye Powell. Mable Boatright. Irene Round, Kate Root, Leta Parcell, Gladys Marsh, Edith Witt. Gladys IjQcey. GertrUde Rupp, . Esther Boatright. Edna Saguer. Ruth AVaggoner and Mr. and -Mrs. Harris •:• •:• .Mrs. ^V. E. Lyons who has been visiting her daughter In Oklahoma Cit.v, Is expected home tomorrow. • •> * The A. Y. L. I. club will meet tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. E. P. Schell 207 East Jackson street • «• « At, the meeting of the Mothers" club tomorrow afternoon the members will respond to roll call with thoughts on the Sunday sC |hool lesson. Mrs. Cole will read thjB Scripture lessor ' and the remainder of the prograUi will be the reading of a paper and the discussion of it. Diamond^ : i Putnam Dyola Easy Dyes BURREirS^ The Bezall Store WEST SIDE J OF SQUARE. K. Satterler. of Pt. Scott, ..whose beautiful and masterly effort brought to the minds of His hearers memories of the past associated with affairs 6i the present. The audi6nce was very Appreciative and also large for Monday evening. Tonight's speaker will be Rev. H. A. Church of Baldwin and ..the music will be furnished by Trinity orchestra. Rev. Church rAently had charge of tli» churches at Yates Center and Fredonla but Is nov field secretary 'for Baker ITniversity. The meetings and programs will be continued through theliweek and a cordial invitation Is extended to every one to attend them. • * * , The Allen Coiinty Suffrage-Association had a meeting In the farmer's room at the court house yesterday afternoon and decided to send a'dele­ gation to the Morah Fair tomorrow. The ladles who will go are: Mrs.' Tl, B. Stevenson, Mrs. J. R. Pepper, Mrs. A. B. Stoddard and \Mra. H. A, Terrlll. Now that the weather Is cooler the members of this organization intend to push the campaign. •> •> The (list meeting of th Priscllla Club is to be held on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. F. l^wery. • • • Mr. Miller McCroary's mother and jrrandmother, who' have bcveu visiting •lim for the past ten days have returned to their home in Leavenworth. + > •> Miss Cora Muudis who has been visiting relatives in Goffeyvillt-! and Cherryvale has returned home, •i- •> —Get your candy at Mundis Drug Store. j There was a nexcellent attendance [ at the first meeting of the Current Rx'ents club which was held yesterday afternoon at the honie of Mrs. M. M. .Anderson on East street. The most important business of the afternoon it-•!i:,per%fl &,iaMCi^'» -proper forermv/^^Miq'^iiSSS^ytp be well invm, and ndbonl^iv^ell .dlesKd, but al, healthy woman feat^elng old-tasli;- ib'n^ alrid frumpy. But. these ffee'and liberal tlmcis .we'are:.HTlng In, have- In fluenced KadanTti JiYwhion to greatly relax her hitherto jcigid,dIctaUon, for she' now ai :6wB' neotafSitraedom and latitude to-' lidt^rmrStif^d ev^T before. For thi^i^ri^airinter there jJs an untold varic^^t'Jiiodes, providing flt ^^n ^.becpmipg styles according ,to th^.Viar^d demands. One pol;it.'l9 constantly dwelt upon, arid has 1. been • iuiich' emphasikM b^ ^aul Poifet, oneiof '/the leading anSd most dlsttnguIshedSlouturters-in Paris and that point whlK It Is nec- essa'ry'to observe iw(ikt Is fashionable, id order to be. In i6guB. It does not, under .any circumstftaces, mean a slavish adherence to all the lilitle details, unless they are absofutely-tutt­ ed to ones own particular indli^iduali- ty. Among some of the thittE |B .P|6ret lays, dowp as commandments'to the women who wish always to .look weir is the following: "Choose whatever is becbmhig to your style.^igh'tly fit­ ting'garments i or loose flowing bnes, the ^trictly tailor-made or the more elpborate. Choose the cofors which go' welj-with your hair, your eles. your complexion, etc." AnothertiKitrit that is. Indisputable s that the separate shirt waist and 'tlr? will fever lose its hold on any was the elecion of a president to tnke woman. The convenience and prae- he place of Miss Adda Adams. Mrs. Hcableness, besides its pe<;uliar chtirm C. H. Vincent was elected, and after have all ondeared this style of dress he business meeting was adjourned to the business wom-.-n and to womer Mrs. W, T. Watqfc^n assisted Mrs. An- • of all classes. Of e^ual Importanci 'erson in serving dainty refresh-] .nn^l favor is the little eannent called inents to the ladles. the Coat dress. ^ ^ ^ "The coat diess shown on this page Suffrage N'ote: The men have grown is illustrated in contrasting materlah- ' and while the style it is made in women do not have rights, they Have 1 adapts it well to a combination of The first ineetin}: of the TTnlty club was.held yesterday afternoon at thir residence of Mrs. C. F. Scott. The WP- gram as announced In the year bo( ks was carried out with Miss Alice Hen-' d ricks leading the lesson, and a paper by Mrs. Walker. ^ the.habiti of thinking that the and.while the style It is made M,. Mrr'^i'^H* HA^n-r will „p 1 ^omch do uot Havc rights, they Have adapte it well to a combination .„ IrAncnc r fvfnAnvfnrTvi^ wifhi °n 'y Privileges which we. the men. 1 different materials. It also !ooks/at- ^^r u ^AXfrJr u^^iLluLl wbn f^im ""o^- ^hem; and duties which we. the, tractive in one solid material, if pre- Mr. and Mrs. C. Hutchinson who form ^^^^ j^p^^^ ^^^^^ them.-Malor A. ' ferred If you use' contrasting ma- M. Harvey, Topeka. i terials, black and white stripejl serge erlv resided here. « « « . — Xow is the time to embroider pillow cases, towels, etc. See the lovely display in our art department flr .'Jt floor New York Stdre. • • • Miss Blanche Ponsler has gone to / Idalia. Mo., to spend the winter with relatives. • • * .J. .> .;. "The'Senior Philatheas of the Christian church w;ill have their regular meeting (oulglit at th home of their teacher. Mrs. C|. C. Moomaw, to continue the preiiarBtions for a bazaar which they expect to give scJiietime before Christmas. with /^laln cloth in taupe will com bine f^endidly, usliig fillet lace" for the chnnesntte. Plum color poplin or s^rgo thay be used very effectively foi thi3 dress, if made of one hinteriul. An excellent little skirt is shown on th? second figure. It can be mad< perfectly plain, or made with a bosom with applied trimming straps. The liattern also provides for either the Mr. and Mrs. C. C.'Ausherman win ILI " '^tS ' =^ liob^splerre collar or the chic, the Wednesday Euchre ^^^^'^ichr^S^Lr^hJ ; high; turn-down collar. Th.^re Is entertain tomorrow evening at tjheir home on North Jefferson street • • • The Wednesday Sewl meet tomorrow J* G. Stadler. ig aftemdon club with will Mrs.: EqnnI Suffrage Dc )mrtmrut. Will Uf In Peace Tilft Says. President .Taft in a recent inter—Read our big Suit "ad." on the op-, view in the New York World is re- poslte page. New York Store. ! ported as saying: jr. ^ I "Suffrage for women is an issue, to This afternoon the members of the 1 be decided by" the States and there class which is tnught by Miss Gladys'can be no doubt whatever that wben- .Nelson at the Presbyterian church ever and wherever a majority of wo-| are picnicking at Mineral Well Park, men impress njon their fathrt-s. their The girls who helo'ng to the class are: husbands, sdns, brothers- and beaux. Misses Ruth Ewing, Murial Holcomb., that tKfly want-to vote they will get Pauline Jacobs. Grace Starks. Hazel the r^ghl to vote. It is too noble, too Boyer, Dorothy and Mildred Cum- serious, too sacred an issue to be used miags. Grace Drake, Wilma Pepper, j merely to get voVeiB. I believe wo- Margaret Sleeper and Ruth Laury. • men to be as capable of .a wise U89 of , higV i great variety of materials well adapted for this st.vie, such as linen, pique chnmOmy. 'cashmere, or any of the mar-y pretty wash silks. For a useful, well-fitting, all-around skirt, you cannot Choose any better model than the six-gored skirt illustrated here. It cnn be worn with any style shirt- WM'T!, !ind has excellent lines.' Serge /llnnnTial, cheviot or broadcloth are all suitable for the making of this swirt. Each of the members has a guest. 4. 4. This is Fall Festival week at the Trinity Methodist church and grent preparations have been made.for it. The first number of the first program, which vjas given last night' at the church In East lola. was a selection by the feooster Quartette. This was fbllb^ffed! with an address by Rev. Geo. -•-r .' -' 1 1" •• I -T • u— RafiBes^ii Neekfhndaments Every season finds the designers of Jewelry offering the trade many dainty and beautiful conceits for neck decorations. This year is no exception- in fact, we have never had, such .choice offerings—the kind that are sure to look well at dress functions this season. We can't elaborate upon their .beauty here, but come and see for yourself. the ballot, and 1 can perceive wherein womans influence exteni^d to the political field would have a most beneficial bearing on the generr al welfare, and especially on the great issue of internatl^onal peace and concoi!&.'* i " BoosATelt Says: "I'iltew to believe in woman suffrage not because of associating with wouren whose chief intei^est was in woman suffrage, but because of finding put that the Wornen from whom I received most aid in endeavoring to grapple with social and InSustrial problems of the day were themselves beiinvcrs in woman suffrage. I have j profited by the teachings and experi- I ences of Jacob Rlia. Judge Ben Lindsey, of Colorado, of Judge Del^cey, of WsEhington. of Chqrics Stelzle, of Father -Cnrran and so many more- Ij cannot eiiumerate them. 'V'ell, in precisely the sam^ way I grew acquainted jwlth women who wer^ doing the same kiiid Qf work—with ^Isp Addams, with Bliss, Keller ^nd maiiy oih- prs'. Vcr.v much of what I learned to bellevg from them they were quite unconscious of having taught me, and It was this largely unconscious teaching o ftheirs and my study, of what "bad been done* in the States where liuf- frage exists that gradually., tuiiiiea me into a' believer that wpmen iihoul'd .liare the sa^ne ni^ht to vote that men jhave. I sec. no reason why votfiig should' interfere wltli vroman's home life any more than It Interferes with the every day work of the man which enables him to support the home." Allen Countx Suffrage fjeague. W.ANTED—A FARM FURNISHED, anywhere from lOD to 200 acres, to tend In different kinds of crops. I hnve two boys able to do a man's work "anvwhere. AJdress Calvin Burris. Yale. Okla. R. R. No. 3. Box 133. This Witt Slop Your Cough In a Surry Save I2 br Xidiclik inui* CooKk Raliih Ilall of WIchkta. who has been here visiting hiB 1 parents. Itr. and Brs. C. B. Hall, returned hoiue yesterda/. . Tills recipe makes a pint of Itetter cough syrup than you could buy ready made for f2J>0. A few doses usually conquer tlie most- obitinate cou^>— stops even whooping cough quickly. Simple as it is, no oetter rmedy can be had at any price. Mix one pint of granulated su^r wHh % pint of warm water, and stir for. 2 minutes. Put 2^ ounces of Pinex (fifty cents' wo^) in a pint bottle; then add the Sugar Syrup. It has a Qkasant taste and! last^ a family a- lone time. Take a teaspoonful every one, two or three hours. • You can feel tbi^ take, hold of a oougfa in a war that means business. Has » ip>od U»le effect, braces up the appetite^ and is slightly laxative,' too, which .ja helpful. A handX: rejnedy for hoaile> nen, croup^ brondSitlK astbtma and all throat and lung troubiie*. ^ " The .effect of mne on the membranaa is well known. Pinex is tl^ most vain- abl^ concentrated compmiiid of -yonfe- Kua y!\dX» pjae extraeti aid is. rich in 4[aa|aeo^ ^nd all th^ juitural hiraltng pine eloients. Other prepanitioos will xutwprk in this formula. .-• ~ ' Tlila Pln«x and Sugar STrqii recipe lias , attained grtet popularitr throughout) tiie I United States aqd IcUa. irhas^offai ''been imHate^, tha«gb'net«r aaceewfutiy. ' A jcuarantjrof abaMute satiifaetiontor money promptly refunded, gpea wfth'tliis r«cipe.' Your drugpist has Pinex, or will We carry the complete line of Blankets made by the BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. They are without doubt the finest product of aiiy American mills. The assortment is almost endless. One thing certain about tSeni they never grow rough. , I BEACON BLANKETS—60x78 in. white, tan or grey, with(r| AO fancy borders. Price <pl«70 BEACON BLANKETS-G6x80 in. - heavy weight, in grey and white with fancy borders. Price BEACON BLANKETS very largfe and heavy 70-x82,ih. fancy borders. Price... S2.98 BEACON BLANKETS—72x84 in. extra large, very heavy, in grey, tan and white with J2 QQ fancy border. Price ... .Vt/a/U BEACON BATH ROBES —New Jacquard patterns in ^0 All .-new colors. Price vZivU . . . 'i. Jcf BEACON BATH ROBES choice new patterns. , All colors. Price With 1 BEACON BATH ROBES — All with cords and fags to match. •^ir"^.^". ....$3.50 BEACON PLAID BLANKET&All fast colors in pretty^ Q Cft • plaid. Price ^jJruU BEACON CRIB BLANKETS for the' babies at 45c, .59c, 9gtv $1.25 and $2.00. < Cotton Blaiik^ts made for all size beds. Having made early i)ur- we are enabled to undersell all competitors. Blankets at 50c, 59c, 75c, $1.00 Large size Cotton Blankets. ;$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00 Woor Blankets California large size grey wool Blankets, actually worth $4.50; price $3uJ5 California made all wool gi'ey Blankets, exti'a size, and weight; actually worth $5; price $3.98 A very choice lot of all wool Blankets in white, grey and tan, specially priced from $4.98 to $8.98 Comforts Special Early Price List. Large full size Comforts, price.; $1.00 Heavy Chintz Covered Comforts $L50 Large size Comfort witli fancy center and plain borr der, priced at $2.00 Extra'large Gomfort with silkoline enveiiiig. .$2.50 Fancy Silkoline Center with .solid border Comforts, priced at ..$3.00 Sateen covered with silk border Comfort. $3.98 Heaviest English sateen covered fancy center Comfort, priced at $4.50 .How She .\cqiilred "Keniinine Churm"- To Whom Netlce, it .May Concern: Thls^ t was not her. beauty of feature that . . pg^eral f.^'°^7l!l!?:-i,.iV ^"^ol'^vouialllthe property of the said Smith D. •>, Is notice that the undersigned has A nicely dreisFd woman sat be'side *"-'en appointed temporary receiver of me in the train. Everyone stared at, e.^tate of Smith D. Ray. bankrupt, icr. I couldn't help doing the same."''"*' t '^'iJ appointment was made ; that October 7th. 1912 by C. E. Cory. Ref- lold our eyes, nor her costume, here "Cpressi •Would you minil telling me how you . -. . . . teep your complexion so dazzingly' Hay. including books of account and •ure? Don't think me iinpertlnent. i:'^ sa'^ book.s of acqount 1 find more mt you seem over 30. yet haven't a ^•'••^"O due. and owing by cus- ine in your face, and your cheeks are ; "omcrs of the said Sihitli O. Ray; that luite peach-like, flow do yau do it?", , '-P Keferee lias directed me to at once IJiughing. she said: "That's easy; 1 collect and receive payments of the •emove my skin. Sounds shockins. amounts due on said accounts. This loesn'tit? But listen. Instead of cos-jnotice to each and.every person -netics \ use only pure mercoUzed i ^aviuR an account with the said Smith wax, procurable at any druggist's. I ' - —• ipply tills nightly, like cold cream vashing it off mornings. This gent- y ahsorbe the soiled, weather-beaten llm-skin- witnout pain or discomfort, thus revealing the fresh; clear under- 'kln. Every wom^ has a beautiful "omplexlon underneath, you know. Then, to ward off wrinkles I use a face bath made by dissolving powdered saxolite lone ounce) in one-half pint of witch hazel—a harmless as- j i='lrst published in the lola Daily tringent which 'tones* the ekin won-; Register October 8. 1912. derfully. Very simplei isntlt?" I.! NOTIfE OF B.lNKKITPTrY thought .0. I'm noj..^^ln^her pkn;,„ ,h "Mrlct f onrj; of the United .States for tli* District of Kan.>(a.<«. D. Ray. to immediately make settlie- ment.of same thereby ^voiding trouble and further expense. Dated this October 8th 1012. I will be found at the Badgley Feed Store at 117 West .Madison street where payments can be made. C. C. McCARTY. Temporary Receiver estate of Smith D. Ray. Bunkrupt.- •ind like it immensely.—Mlllieent Browii in the Story Teller. The Baker llnlversitj- ."Orange" notes the fact that John I.aury of ibXi city, has been elected president of the State Oratorical Association. This Is quite an honorary position to the university as well" as to Mr. Laury. The State Ass4clati6n will hold a contest in. Wichita sqita.ttme in the near futurekVand this ""lueeting of course will be presided over by Mr. Laiiry The"Orange" also, notes the fact that Mr. Laury tias beeii' elected president of the University Athletic Association, and that Miss Helen Price has been elected secretary of the Student Council. • r.\BBACE! CABB.4GE! « • CABBME! . . • • J $1.25—IM LBS.—«.25 • O BLLIOTTS « Third DlTis ^on In the matter..of ^mlth D. Ray of iola in the county of 'Afleh and district aforesaid, a bankrupt. < Notice is hereby given on the 7th day of October, A. D. 1912. the said Smith D. Ray was duly-adjudged bank' PICTCRE OF THE WRECK Fnink Burrls Ha,; Souvenir of I'n- pleasant Esperinece. If Arthur Capper is elected" Governor he will be the first native born j Kansas to occupy the chair.' He was: born Al j-ears ago In Garnett. And-; erson County, and has lived in Kan- j . , sas all his life. His parents were. Frank. B, Burris has received a auakers andn were Kansas poineers.! '^'"8*' protograph of the Missouri Pa- Xd man in the state \s. better acquaint- j .'"•^^ wreck near •Yat,es Center, in ed with Kansas and nib one knows' ^'^^<^^ he and it. .\. Filson were . more of the needs of her people than ! Jur«'d. The picture shows the tendt. Capper.. He has been engaged in the ' ''aspge car lying on one side newspaper busliiess at Topeka tor the j "' * '' ' past. 2T>years and his long residence 1 at the state ca_pital- gives him un'u&ual J' opportunities for making himself tror oughly familiar with the business affairs of thet state.—Advertisement. Garnett. Review: Mr. and Mrs. fVank Hunt.and daughter Ethel May, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrison and son Charles spent Sunday in lola visiting friends. '.Mr. and Mrs. Sams of Tola, came up yesterday to visit .Mr. and Mrs: I. E. Largent and Mr... and Mrs. Thomas Knight. • • • J. P.Spradley, olT l^arpe. visited this .mromin^ with his mother, and his sls- tv, ilra. .Haivey Wise apd family. He says Mrs. Wise and her children are recc^vering from their attack of typhoid fever. of tlie track, the smoker ovi -rturned in the creek and the chaircar lying on the opposite bank 'ctf the creek. The cars are spllnter(>d and w'reck- age l» scattered about everywhere. .Mr. Burris aud Mr. Filson were in the smoker which fell into the creek. TTjey are both sufficiently recovered lo be about.—Chanute Tribune. Pt Scott Tribune: Smith D. Ray. a hay, grain, flour and feed dealer of lola. this morning filed an application in voluntary bankruptcy in the lo ^l division of the'federal court. Mr. Ray scheduled: his jb^s as $22,605.42, with 'exemptions of $5,974.50. leaving nqk assets.of -916.676.92. His liabilities were: .given'as .$14,518.55. C. C. McCarty, of tola, was named as temporary rjceiver. The case was filed rupt and that the first meeting of his} teday by attorney Frank R. Forrest, creditors will be held at the Parlor of Hotel Kelley in the city of Tola Allen County, Rapsas, on the 29th day of October A. D. 1912 at 9 o'clock in the -fof^enonn at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims', appoint'a truatee, examine the iHuikrupt and tranaact such other busi neM as msi}' properly come before such meeting, Assete scheduled 122650.42 liabilities «chedulea 114,618.55. iFort Scott. Kansas, October 7. 1912. . , a B. CORT. Referee in Banlcruptcy. Frank R. Forrest, lola, Kansas. Attorney for Bankrupt., J. A*. Saiifpt'oii bt.Topek'a'. who has befn here and in LaHarpe on busineas returned home this morning. Slie l^asnH So Fickle. A. Sedan ntts recently bought a pair, of oiceralls, and in them found ft. alim of .paper bearing the nimd^ of tbe gia who made them. He at once wttote h^r a "loveyrdovey" letter and this. Is wjiat he got in return: "I am a bird working girl. It is true, but I make a living and do not care to support aJbus1>ahd. as 1 protiably would bavf to do if I married somei siUy noi ^le.who gets smashed on a; girl beneyer say. Permit pie to say. further,' I do not, know hoW my card gdt,.lnto that pair of overalls aq^ tlia^ sNien 1 marry, if ever, it will ba some fellow who can afford something, better Oian a forty-nine cent .pair, ofj breecbM." , Health^Is'^the foundattoQ of all good looks: The wise woman realizes this and ta^es precautions to prese^ her health and strength through ,the period of cliild bearing. She remains a pretty mother by ayoiding as' far as possible the suffering and danigers of iuch occasions.. 'This every woman may do throng the use of Mother's Prlend. a remedy that has been so)ons In use. and acccmpUsbed so much good, that it is in, j\Q senae an experiment but a preparation which always produces the' best results^ It is for external appUcatlcn and so penetrating In its nature as to thoronghly labricata jevenr muacle, nenre and tendon involved during the period before baby comec; It aids natim br expanding the ddn and tfsniea^ ralleves tender- new and sortemiess, and pie^ectly prepares the system for' natural and safe mot&erhood. Mother's l[riend has-been nsed and endorsed br thousands of mothers, and its ^^nso.'Wfll prpve a comfort and beoeSt tobaay womaik.ln need..ot anch: a remedy.. Motlier'a Krleod ia apM at drug.stores.' Write for fr«e book foi expectant nwtbinrs, whtdhr coztailna I iaudi. valoabfe Intoilnation.

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