Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1938 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1938
Page 5
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.Monday, Decembe So They Say — i - i " -_ -.» Temptation.—Admiral Byrd, .quoting the answer (if a companion on his trip to tho Antarctic, when Byrd nsk- ed him what be missed most. I'm calling for a horse, Never mind what the script calls for.—Dickie Jones. II) years old, refusing to ride n poney in a western film production in Hollywood. • 1 have ii terrible weight on my conscience. T have written for, far too many books.---Lord Tweedsmuir. author of TiO books, principally on history and biography. Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS 11KHKBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead Comity, made and entered on the 22nd day of November, 1938, in a certain | cause then pending therein wherein J. P. Melver, el a)., were complainants, and Emory Melver. ot al., were defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said 'Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to The Cilixens National Bank of Hope, in the City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Monday, December 19. l'.)38, the following described real estate, situated in Hempslcad County Arkansas, to-wit: • The East Half of the Northeast Quarter (K'-j NK'/o. the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter the East Half of the ^Quarter of the Northeast •SW'/i NE'/.|>. the North- of the Southeast Quar- „.,.. ,.,,JjE'/i i and the East Half of fortlrwcst Quarter of the Southeast Quarter IE';. NW'/j SEW of Section 5, Township 13 South, Mange 25 West, cnnlaining 200 acres, more or less; Tho West Half of the Northwest! Quarter of the Southwest Quarter 'W';. NW, SW'.'|i, the South Half of the Southwest Quarter (S'/j SW'.i.), the South Half of the Norlhwcsi Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (S", NW', SE'iO and . the Southwest Quarter (.f the Southeast Quarter <SW':i SE'ji of Section 4; and die East Half of the Northeast Quarter (E>,i. NEV.|i, the Norlhwesl Quarter of the Northeast Quarter <NWV.i NE'4> and the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter INK',, NW'.:,) of Section !l- all in Township );! South, H;mge 'X, We: t. containing :I2() acres! more or less; The N(,rtheri'-l Quarter of the Northeast Quarter <NE',.i NEW of Section S. Township i:i South, Range 25 West, containing 'IU acres, more or less, subject to reservation of all oil, gas and minerals as set out in deed recorded in the recorder's office within and for Ilempstead County, Arkansas, in "Record Book "S," page <M2, Six acres out of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter 'NW'.i NE'Mi of Section 8 described as follows, to-wit: He-jin at the southwest corner of .said forty acres and run thence north li.'ili links, thence east 951 links, [hence south r,?,:\ links,'" thence west IJ51 links buck, to the point of heia'nniiif!; also the South Half of the Northeast Quarter (Si;. NE',:,), and all that part of the Southeast, Quarter (SEV|) lyinj; north of the right-of-way of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Company—all in said Section 8, in Town- fhip l.'J South, Range 25 West, containing 149 acres, more or less; The Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter iNE'.i SE'Xi) and the South Half of the Southeast. Quarter <S'.-j SE'/.|) of Seetion 24, Township I. 1 ! South, Range 2(i West, containing 120 acres, more or less; The North Half of the Northwest Quarter (N'-_. NW 1 .^ of Section Sixteen dfii. Township Thirteen (13) South, Rant'e Twenty-five (25) West, "inlainitiK 8(1 acres, more or le.ss; The Southwest Quarter (SW^i) of Section -I and the East Half of the Southeast Quarter (E 1 .-. S'E'Xi) of Section 5. in Township K! South, Range 21! West, containing 2411 acres, more or less, except, however, the oil, Has and minerals in, on and under the S'/a KW'.i of said Section 4; The Northeast Quarter of the Southeast ^ Quarter <NK':, SEW of Section '.'A. Township 12 South, Range 25 West, containing 411 acres, more or le.ss; The Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Qciartei (NW/i NW',;,) of Section :i. Township K) South, Range 25 West, containing 4(1 acres, more or less; The East Half of the Southeast Quar- tei-^E'/a SE>,.|i of Section 4, Township Lgouth, Range 25 West, 80 acres, more Q£?|MM_.> ,qst Half of the Southwest t Northeast Quarter (W'/a »;-«57P*w" • ""' So "U' Half of the Norlhwefit Quarter rS'i NWW, tlie East Half of the Southwest Quarter 'E!- SW,; and the West Half of the West Half of the Southeast Quarter <W', W', SE':ii of Section 5; and parl of the Northwest Quarter of the Noi-lhe.-.-st Quaiier (NW 1 .:, NE'/i) of Section R described a.s follows, to-wit: Commence at the northwest corner of .said NW'/.i NK>:i of said Section 8 and run (hence east 1 chain and 59 links to the point of beginning, run thence east Ii chains mid 3,'J Jinks, thence south 3 chains and IG'u links, thence west 6 chains and ,'tf Jinks, thence north 3 chains and IG'a links back to the point of beginning—all in Township Hi South, RaiiKc 25 West, and containing in all 222 acres, more or less; Also, all other lands, if any, owned by the said A. W. Melver at the time of his death and situated in said sections, or in any other sections, in Hemp.stead County Arkansas, Said lands will be offered in separate tracts, then in larger tracts, and a.s a whole, and will be sold in such tracts or parcels, or as a whole, as will bring the most money TERMS OF SALE: Said lands will be sold on a credit of three months, and the purchaser or purchasers will he required | 0 execute note or notes with approved surely or sureties thereon for the purchase 1 money, and lien will be retained on said lands to j-cciuv the payment of said purchase- money. Witness my hand on this 2Cth day of November, I'J.'lH. RALPH BAILEY, Commissioner Dec, 5, Vi Don't Let That Pipe Fool You Guernsey Teams to Clash With Patmos Three Basketball Games Are Scheduled at Patmos Tuesday Night GUKKNSKY-The Guernsey High School Blue Jays will be gunning for then" fifth consecutive victory in (he llemp>,fe.id county basketball conference- which opened on Friday, November 11, when they go (o Palmos, Tues- Iny night, December 0. This Kfiino promises (o be a battle in us much a.s neither tenni has lost a lilt in (lie current county race. Then, too, there is a keen feeling of friendly rivalry existing between the two .school:;, probably because the principals of Die two institutions once coached at the other's present school. Anyway (be Blue Jays are out to wipe out three stinging defeats, three very close ones, at that, which they suffered on the Palmos court last year. ;,'ct-backs that are still rankling in the craws of llie Jay Birds. If they _ «-. w wevwt-.4iao.itiRKrr.aSf It's almost unbelievable, but here's Billy Burke with -, „;„ . • mouth instead of the cigar which heretofore hasTenN'sTnu'eV r golf circuit in Dixie. Hope Loses Game on Roller-Skates Texarkana Team Wins Broom-Ball Game Sunday Night 2 to 0 The Hope Broom Ball team, sponsored by Houston Electric company, opened the season Sunday night by losing 2 to 0 to Ward Grocery company at the Royal roller rink in Texarkana. Broom-ball resembles hockey, the players being on roller-skates-, and using, instead of the regular hockey- stick, a broo'm' cut off short. The game at Texarkana was rough and hard-fought. The Hope team will go back for a second engagement in two weeks. The Hope team: Captain, James McLarty; forwards, Tommy A. Turner and Charles '(Wimpy) Briant; guards, Ben McRac and Joe Wray; .s-iib.vtil.utc, Jimmy Taylor. The Texarkana team: Red McClaim, H. Ward, Puence Hooper, Earl Eason, J. Green. Delton Houston is manager of the Hope team. Legal Notice (Continued from Page 4) Name of Owner C'entcrville No. Brown, Buddie Clark, Herbert Dougan, R. H. . Dougan, Floyd .. Doiignn, Tom . Downs, Struct ic Johnson, James Johnson, Jim Jones, Kinneth Jones, Bailey D McElroy, W.' H. Waddle, C. B. Whittemore, Angeline ... . Campbell, Heirs •c c . v o •- .oas — XX tc re *<£ o -c t-l E District (.7 .... 20 25 15 15 15 .... 15 70 115 70 30 120 (it) 1.7fi 1.90 1.57 l.. r )7 1.57 1.57 3.fifi 5.37 2.C(i 2.14 5.50 2.28 1.33 2.28 flit-sunlit Hill District No. 70 J?j' vls ' TH - C V 1 , 0 "' Joe Johnson, Lige 25 15 1GO Na/.arine District No. 77 Choslluim, Ford Chealham, Jake Hood, M. A Jones, Henry Muldrow, Mariot . 25 50 105 55 75 2.90 1.90 1.53 0.74 1.90 2.90 4.9!) 2.0!) 2.80 District No. 50 Wesson, Oles 85. 3.34 School District No. 78 Wesley Grove Graves, J. L 20 1 7G fjraves, Willie 40 g 1 )! Marshall Floyd 10 "38 Sewell, Tom ISO 5.'?0 Temple District No. "' Cheatham Moses 20 Chesterfield Has All-America Team Eddie Do o ley Climaxes Football Series With Selection A week before Eric Tipton of Duke punted his team to its 7-0 victory over Pitt, Eddie Dooley, the famous football forecaster and commentator, who has been broadcasting weekly for Chesterfield Cigarettes, picked Tipton for the Chesterfield I'J.'lli All-America football team. That Dooley's placing of the Duke star on his ace team was fully justified, was amply borne out by Duke's prompt bid and acceptance to the Rose Bowl after its remarkable unbeaten, untied and unscorod-on season. Chesterfield's All-America football team, as chosen by Dooley and announced,recently over his nation-wide hookup, is being nailed by coaches and critics as one of the most representative teams of the year. Tho team was chosen by Dooley in collaboration with more than one hundred leading coaches. No eleven of previous years packs more line power and scoring punch, more hard running backs and aggressive forwards than the team Dooley chose for Chesterfield. It is made up of eleven players all of whom have performed with rare distinction in their respective positions all season. Dooley's team is as follows: Ends—Earl Brown of Notre Dame and W. Roland Young of Oklahoma. Tackles—Steve Maronic of North Carolina and Francis Twedlel of Minnesota Guards—Sid Roth of Cornell and Ralph Hcikkinen of Michigan. Center—Ki Aldrich of Texas Christian. Quarterback—Bob MacLeod of Dartmouth. Halfbacks—Vic Boltari of California and Eric Tipton of Duke. Fullback — Marshall Goldberg of of Pittsburgh. Patmos Winner of 5th Cage Contest Pirates Defeat Mount Voi- non by Score of 37 to 27 Chcutliam, B. C. Gilmore, Willie Hopkins, Roy Johnson, George Jones, Robert Kelly, William Perry, Hugh Ross, Lucious Scoggins, Ames ... Scoggins, Salamon Stuart, Dock Stuart, Henry Stuart, Woodrow Stuart, Crit Trotter, Ed White, Isom White, Jeff 20 . 20 . 30 . 55 . 45 . 20 - 20 . 20 . 20 20 . 185 . 20 20 20 20 310 25 . 1.70 1.70 1.70 2.14 3.09 2.71 1.7G 1.76 1.70 1.7C 1.7U 8.04 1.76 1.70 1.70 1.70 11.80 .95 Bradley District No. 82 Bradley, Sam 240 10.23 Crockett, Ned 25 190 Crockett, Jim 10 Jones, Luther . 45 McFaddin, Otis 30 Show, John 15 1.37 2.71 2.14 1.57 2.SG Showr Ella ..II..'.'.'..'. 75 CERTIFICATE State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead. I, Ray E. McDowell, Clerk of the County Court, do hereby certify that the above list was tiled in my office on the 1st clay of December, 1938 RAY E. MCDOWELL, Clerk of the County Court. PATMOS—Amid the loud applause of fans, the Patmos Pirates came out victorious Wednesday night in the game with Mount Vernon by a score of 371-27. The Pirates hung up their fifth win of the season and still remain uncle- featacd. Simmons, guard of the Pirate wa high point man scoring 11 point.' Reeves was second high with a scon of 9. The Pirate Juniors won by a walkover, scoring 33 to Mount VernonV 10. F. Mayton, center and high poin man, made 13 points. The aPtmos Pirate girl team woi their first game in a hard fought preliminary with u score of 18-13. J Simmons was high for 15 points. The next game of the Pirates will be with Fulton which will be the second game in the county league. Prescott to Meet Lanebiirg Tuesday First Game for the Curly Wolves Will Begin at ' 7.-30 o'Clock PRESCOTT, Ark.—The Prcscotl High chool basketball season will open re Tuesday night with two yames in he gy'ir.'.nasium with Laneburg furn- shing the opposition. The games will be between the boys nd girls teams of Prescott and Lane- urg, the first, game .starting at 7:;>tl 'clock. can hung up a fifth Sculp, the Guernsey lads, after haying already downed Fulton, Spring «ill, "Washington, and Columbus will really feel like cawing and rightly 36; :for {heir opponents boESt one of the strongest quintets in the history of the-Palmos school as well as the strongest cage outfit in the local conference at the present time, (he club that must be disposed of before any other team can twssibly hope lo win the county championship this season. The'Second game of the'evening will Bee the girls' teams of the two schools in action. This contest is expected to be a close one also. Last year the south county sextet had .little or no trouble in defeating the Guernsey girls, but this season they .are without the services erf two or three of their stellar .players; therefore the Lady Blue Jays also expect to taste sweet revenge Tuesday night. In their first game of the current season, they dropped a fast game to the Fulton girls; but in their second county fray they beat Spring Hill, a sextet that has already defeated the Patmos girls this year. In n third and last game of the nglht the two junior boys' outfits will fur- ni.tb the entertainment for the spec- 4-H Champions of Achievement *iitv,e ,t,m.» Tl -- a --"•-••• . cham P ions at the Chicago congress of 4-H clubs were Lloyd Hawkins ot Foss, Okla.. and Katherme Sire of Belt, Mont. Both are 18. tators. a'Ptmos' juniors have the edge •on the 'Guernsey lands as they swamp•ed a Spring Hill team that in turn overran the Junior Birds at a later date. However, the visitors are primed for a real battle. In their five games to date, the Guernsey juniors have won four. tion club met at the home of Mrs, Kenneth Jones Wednesday morning. The Centcrville Home Demonsti'a' November 30. .A pot luck lunch was served picnic style at the noon hour. The meeting was called to order by the president Mrs. P. F.. Campbell. The December songs were sung. The roll call and minutes were given by the secretary. Each member was asked to describe their wedding dress. There was nine members and three visitors present.' ' The .places of meeting were, selected .as follows; January, Mrs. O. B. Jones; February, Mrs. R. L. Jones; March, Mrs. H. E. Patterson; April, Mrs. Carl Itichards; May, Mrs. Guy Linaker, June, Mrs. Arl Fincher; July Mrs. Arvil Philipps, August, picnic; September, Mrs. Sid Skinner, 6ctober, Mrs. Herbert Clar'k; November, MrB. t Kenneth Jones; December, Mrs. P. E. Campbell. Miss McKelvin gave us the standard on quilt judging. Christmas gifts were exchanged and enjoyed. m "--Get a/ong Little Giftie Mother used to have one fascinating bureau drawer. In it were numbers of scented tissue- wrapped parcels. Gifts. Not gifts she had selected. Gifts she had received — beribboned, ornate, useless. Mother kept them all year. At Christmas she got them out — and sent them to others. Once in Awhile the cards got mixed and mother and her friends bowed coldly to each other in great chagrin for some time afterwards. / i: Dl Nowadays mother's bureau drawer is practically empty, The little doggies that changed hands every Christmas no longer pass along between mother and her cronies. Advertising pages have given all of them a new view of whafs new—wanted—usable in the way of Christmas presents. They report things that are fun to purchase — fun to give — and fun toget. Gifts that stay put—because people really want them. Gifts that actually cost less than the old-fashioned boomerang present. Why not consult the pages of this publication? See whafs new — and wanted — this year by your friends tOO. ' i ? . i it*] <J

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