The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 7, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TIIUttSBAY, APRIL 7, 1892. Frnin New Vclrk. Our Mr. Scott B. "Winne writes from Hew York nn follows: ! NBW Yoim, March 30, 1803. DttA .1t VATIIKH : lam happy lo announce that I have completed arrangements here in New York wheveby wo tiro to havo permanent connections for the placing' of loans on city property cm terms fully as favorable as those cabled from London some days ago. With the /Connections wo now huve both in New York and titration we are in position to make such, rates and terms as will Hocure \i» the. business without a doubt. We will also be In it position to handle some short time loans on both' personal and chattel security -. if we cure to bother with that class of business. 1 expect to be homo about the middle of April and will then arrange all minor details poparntory to mailing a push for business. Incidentally 1 have increased our facilities in the insurance line considerably. I am through- with all business matters and leave to-morrow for central ,New York where I will visit with frlondB a few days and then start for home, stopping over a few hours in Ginelnnnti, Ohio, on the way. -Mail will reach me there in care of Union Central Life Insurance company. Yours affectionately, SCOTT IS. Wmsfit. Wo publish his letter thinking that it might Interest some of our patrons. U 'INNK & WlN.VK, Hutchinson. Kan. Telephone No. t 'O. THE FLOOR WARMED. • A GRAND SUPPER AND BALX IN THE NEW A. O.U. W. HALL. Nllito I'ulr. The advance premium list for the State fair, to be held in Topeka, September 0-17, is before us, and is one of the most liberal ever sent out by the association. From the slate fair exhibits will be made up a part of the ex- hihitH for the world's Columbian exhibition, and by a careful perusal of the following instructions, a creditable ex hibit can bo secured. All samples of grasses and grains in the straw and on the stalk to he in duplicate. The bundles of'eercals to be not less than seven inches in diameter; * grasses and elovers not less than live inches. The samples should bo cut as near the ground us possible, giving the greatest length of straw, _bo handled with care, perfectly cured, securely wrapped or packed, and shipped by freight, at the expense of the fair association, to L. 11. Pounds, Topeka, on or before September Mh, lSt>2, when entries for the above premiums will close. To each bundle or suck of grain should be attached a tag, giving full name and poHtulIloo address of the grower or party collecting the. same. These samples will be received by the secretary and placed on exhibition at thostate fair, without cost to the party sending the same, and when premiums have been awarded, all parties f forwarding samples will tie. notified o( the result, and money remitted at. once to th -jse to whom awards have been made. At the close of the fair all samples entered for the above premiums will be turned over to the board of managers of the Kansas Exhibit World's Columbian Imposition, to lie by them taken to the World's Fair in 1H03, one sample of each variety to be entered there in the general display in the name of the party sending same. A card will be attached to each sample giving the name and address of the exhibitor. All duplicate samples to become the property of the board of managers of the said Kansas exhibit, to be used in tho collective display of Kansas products in the Kansas building nt said exposition. TUvy ure tlt'rti. Tho State University Glee and lianjo club is In the city and will give one of their excellent programs to-night at « the opera house. At Abilene the club played to a crowded l^ouse, the largest of tho season, and the people were wild with enthusiasm. Ho it has been throughout the entire tour. There avo twenty-one follovs in the clirn and the program is varied and interesting. Those who enjoy high class music, both vocal and instrumental should hear these rollicking college boys tonight. IS I'OUIHIH or llloiiil Is about the quantity nature allows to an adult person. It is of tho utmost importance Unit the blood should be kept as pure as possible, lly its remarkable cures of scrofula, saltrhenm, etc., Hood's Barsaparllhi bus proven its claim to he the best blood purifier. For a general family cathartic we confidently recommend Hood's Pills. They Bhou 'ld be iu every home medicine chest. Win. Yeager of Sylvia day of paralysis I'rather and Tipton and families of this city atfendcil the funeral to-day. Wr. Yeuger was one of licno county's most highly respected citizens, and leaves a large circle of friends to mourn bis hiss. Notice t« Kiiiinio* Contractor*!. v fcSealod proposals for the construction of the Kansas World's Columbian Jluildiug will be received at the otlice of. W. 11. Smith, 722 Jackson street, Topelco., Kan., until 2 o'clock p. m., April 38, 18l>2. • Plans and specifications can bo seen at the office of Seymour Davis, architect, Rooms 35 to 37, Crawford bnild- in«r.'Topeku. Kou., after April 4, 18U3. W. II. 45mm, Secretory. A- l.tirRtt Crowit Out to IW;1 a View ol tlii* N^civ Abode of Mm Orfp, Omit luul tiavpt— Kverylmily Knjoyril the Occasion—An KluKant rn|»llug Prrwmiteil to llin.llocit *)mri>fu! Ilailrcr-Miislc liy Iton'R OrelioA- trn—Hull Decorations. Last night was the occasion of the supper and ball given by the A. 0. U. W. and 1). of II. in their new hall in the lirand building. There was u large and happy crowd present, and if anybody did not have a good time it was surely their own fault. Promptly yesterday morning the committees got to work, and everything was in ship-shape by the time for supper. The ladies had secured large donations for the occasion, and served a delightful supper to an immense crowd, eating being part of the programme from r> o'clock until midnight. The ladies were untiring in their efforts to see that everything was done that could in any way add to the comfort and unalloyed joy of the occasion. At!) o'clock the sweet strains of music by Ilea's orchestra floated out through the hall, and the grand march announced that dancing was in order. The time was well occupied iu eating, games and dancing until the wee small hours. Kvery one remarked upon the beauty of the new hall, and many of the boys gave their neighbor a knowing glance as visions of the work to be done in such pleasant quarters, danced through their minds. Of course the boys showed the ladies the particular post of honor held by the goat during lodge work, but that most necessary animal has not yet been transferred from the pleasant quarters in the I. O. O. F. hall, which has long been the meeting place of No. 77. The members are quite jubilant over the thoughts of haviugsueh a pleasant place for future meetings. The electric lights were put in place yesterday, ami it seemed, gave forth a brighter light thau ever before. The hall had been beautifully decorated with flags, bunting, etc., which Mr. .1. I). Wiener had furnished for the occasion, and which were placed in position by two of his gentlemanly clerks. Messrs. Davis and Meyers. As had been previously announced, a beautiful Mother-of-l'carl painting had been donated to the lodge by Col. II. C. Harris, to be given to the most graceful lady dancer at the ball. Messrs. Potter of Turon. Fisher of Topeka and Gen. Taylor of Hutchinson were the judges, and they took a ballot at the close of each dance until 11 o'clock. There were a number of ladies who received very complimentary notice, and after a final summing up of the ballots, the picture was presented to Miss Clara MclnturlT. When the night's pleasures finally came to an end the dancers and others voted the occasion a grand success, which It surely was both socially and financially. All who can should avail themselves of this opportunity to hear an edifying discourse. To Old Soldier*. I shall open in a few days a reul estate, locating engineer's and surveyor's office at the new town which will be located at Jled Koclc, on the Santa Fe. thirty-seven miles south of Arkansas City. 1 have .1. O. Stewart and others of the originnl surveyors of that land in my employ. I will locate claims, re-establish corners, do the necessary improvement and filing for S25 apiece, forward power of attorney, and send me discharge or duplicate, and 1 will select good claims, and furnish diagrams of lands showing water and other advantages, with filing papers. Send check for 825 with power of attorney to me at Winflold, Kan., until the. strip is opened. Cit 'T. JAH . W. HAMILTON. WorUl'K Kulr Meeting. Mrs. Judge Hanback and Mrs. Mitchell, the lady world 'B fair commissioners of Kansas, will he iu the city on Fri day April 8. There will be a meeting of the ladies of Hutchinson at the San tit Fe hotel on that day at 3 o'clock to confer with these ladies with reference to Kansasexhibits at the world's fair. The ladies of the city are requested to be present at this meeting. :lt Celebrated, (leorge Washington Stover celebrated his 54th anniversary to-day The tlnest liavanas were given out to his friends, and the reporter being on that list, was kindly remembered. Mr. Stover is one of- the best among the many good men connected with the Santa Fe. and always has a good word to speak for the road. Notice. There will be a meeting of the mem bers of the Delsarte club, at the club rooms, on Saturday night. Every member is requested to be present, as business of importonce will be up for consideration. It is requested that the business meetiug be held early as possible, so as not to conflict with re hearsal in the same room. Hawk in I'rlriou. Col. Harvey Hawk, who was ar raignetl for illicit distilling of intoxi cants, about a year ago, was brought from Wichita yesterday, and given quarters with Landlord Jones. The rooms in the jail are pretty well filled up at present, but Sheriff Jones says that it is like a street car, "always room for one more." SAVE YOUR, • DOLLARS « BY TRADING ^ WITH US .SAVEYOUR V DOLLARS < Try a Sack of KING of KANSAS Flour, The Best Flour in the Market, and only $1.25 per sack, at DON'T BE A CHUMP And allow anyone to bulldoze you into buying clothing, hut come • and get ourpriccs and compare our prices, make and Qt with competitors' and we, are. sure you will deal with us. WHY? pegs Simplv because we don't misrepresent, and we will SAVE YOU 10 PER CENT Is not that worth saving? That means fifty cents on ftvla dollars, one dollar on ton and so on. Come to us. Wo have tho largest stock of clothing in Hutchinson, without dispute. 1000 dozen men's and boys' LINEN collars r>e each. Linen cuffs. 10c pr 800 dozen men's Demost flannel shirts, 15c each. Hoy a' knee pants in endless variety, from lf> cents up- ware. Hoys' sateen shirt waists, 2,10. Mothers' Friend waist at low price. Men's suits from 83.50 to 885. Agency for the "Christy" hats. Seoour light col ored Prince A1- bert suits. Sl."> to See our spring line of men's suits. We will open your eyes on prices. 00 '.dozen men's jean pants for 50c a pair. 120 daxen men's sateen shirts, 45 0 all new colors lioys' suits, SI up to the very llnest made. Hoys' hate and caps, 2(lc up to 50o See our novelties. See our tine tai-1 We have what lor made pants, 82 \ you wnntand wur- to 87.50. They are | rant a saving of 10 swell. ' I percent. See our 25 cent and our 50 cent neckwear. It is tine. See our under- 1 wearj From 20c I up to the llnest hon tons. SIOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33 >i inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle lit July 4, 1802. t THE LISTENING TO COLLEGE SONCS- tlllU lllrUH Irom Stiillbrtl. Two criminals from Stafford county were sent to this city yesterday. Joe Clyne, one of the parties accused of the Stafford county steal, was brought here for safe keeping. Cbas. W. ileed was also lodged here at the same time. His crime is grand larceny. Marriage I.lcciiHO. License to wed was issued to-day to W. K. Stone of Harvey county and Cora K. Dunsworsh of Keno county; Edgar Fall and Martha Huffman, both of Castleton; Geo. llildebrand of Arlington and MaryC. Wilson of Hutchinson; Edgar M. Roberts and Delia Wray, both of Hutchinson. » 21 South Main. THE Hutchinson: COMPANY Music IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS No. to North Main Street. SAVEYOUR. • DOLLARS< BY TRADING 1 WITH US SAVE YOUR. • DOLLARS ( r . BY TRADING 1 * WITH, •• 2 US IIKM.EIIS IN TJnlvcrslty (line iiilfl ISuu,|o Cluhci at the tiriiutl. There was a small but enthusiastic audience gathered iu the Grand opera] house last night when the boys from the Stute University gave their first glee and banjo clubs concert in .this city. A programme of fourteen parts, not to mention 11s many encores, was pleasingly arranged so that the banjo clubs alternated with the gleo club as follows: "Estudiautina," itileo and Banjo club; "Czardis," lianjo club; '"Torn, Tom, the Piper's Son," Glee club; "illondiua," lianjo club; Quar, tctte with Chorus, Messrs. Crcss- Kloholtz, Sears, McCall; lianjo Trio, Messrs. Saunders, Colwell, Moore; "Matiua Hells," Chorus with Yodle (Mr. Crew); "Nursery Rhymes," Gleo and lianjo club; "Spanish Gallopade," Hanjo club; "iiewiire," "They Kissed, I Saw Them Do It," Gleo cluh; "Minimi," lianjo club; "Silver Moon," Solo with Yodio, Mr. Dan Crow; "Kev- erio," Mandolin quartette, Messrs. Saunders, lione.bvako, Maker, Perry; "Ariah Waltz," Medley of K. U. songs. —State Journal At tho opera house to-night. Scats, >, 35 and 50 cents. "Woman's MUKH iWiMttlnR. All members of the Womans Belief Corps, Equal Suffrage club and all other ladies are especially inviled to attend the mass meeting at the M. K. church to-morrow afternoon at ,'t o'clock. The meeting will be addressed by Mrs, St. John. died yester- Messrs. Bennett, ; Notice. There will bo a meeting of the Commercial Club to-night for permanent organization and the election of officers. Every-member is requested to bo present. The meeting will be held at the ofliec of the Kansas drain and Live Stock company. WorM'H KulrMimrv. The managers of the Kansas exhibit for the Columbia exposition have asked that all counties making donations send in the money on hand and that the amount be made equal to 50 per cent, of the amount appropriated. Notice. All persons knowing themselves indebted to tho firm of Carpenter it Wood will please call at theirstoreaud settle. This call is made owing to a change in the firm and a desire to close and balance all accounts. 5t Pianos and Organs. General agents for southwestern Kansas for Chickering, Sterling, Emerson, Schubert Bush & G-ertz^ PIANOS. Farrand & Votey —and— Chicago Cottage ORGANS. At tho Luthnrun Uliurcli. The solution of tho problem of hu -4 man life, was tho subject ably handled in 1111 impressive discourse, delivered in the Lutheran church last evening. The chief points discussed were; First. He that would solve the problem of human life must know all the manifold wants of lniuiuu nature. Second—He must know the peculiarities of all men. Thirds—He must know the connection of man's present and his future existence. The present in man is made up of all the past. No act is ever lost. But one ever came into the world who could solve such an existence, and that was tho Christ of calvary. The solution demanded the highest type of divine life, and that life was manifest in Jesus of Nazareth. Christ has be come 11 necessity to tho human soul. Without Mini life's serious problem finds not its true solution. Tho subject of tho sermon for this evening is, "The Number of tho Saved." Ktmtur Hoclitt. Tho Woman's Foreign Missionery Society will give an Easter social at the Tesidonco of Mrs. A. M. Jewell, Friday evening, April 15th. A program and souvenirs will be provided for tho occasion. Write for terms and prices. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. JUST mm AT Comrurt«s 3luotli))>. Let every old soldier and member of Joe Hooker Post come out to tho mass meeting at the M. 13. church to-night. Good music and good speaking. NOtli'O. Mrs. Lines will receive pupils iu music at her residence 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lesson, 2t Administrator'* Sale. Notice is hereby etveu that on Friday the 15th day of April, lHO'.', at 2 o'clock n. in., 1 will otter for sale and sell for cash at public auction all the household ami kitchen furniture and other peraonai belongings of the late J. It. Svrlitart, deceased, at his late residence, No. 417 Sherman street east. L. A. Uiuami, Administrator. A large line of LadieB' FINE CLOTH TOP SHOES In Button and Laoe. In four grades, $3.00, $3,50, $4.00 and $5.00 12 North Main. D.I. Galliher, LIVER7MAN. Fine rigs, stylish teams md the finest funeral •arand white hearse in -he state. ROGKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEODINGS AND CALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. J. IK. F\ PLATE, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NORTH MAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Hutchinson Undertaking Co. * ';V ^V&^i*^^^---^OJ| B 10 South Main. upwi m»jr nnd Nljni. v.. Telegraph Orders G-iven Prompt Attention.* F. S. MITCHELL. Funeral Director and Kmhalmer. OIKMI uujr nnd Night. ^ Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. L. G. DUPLER, ,1 OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. We sell D. M. Ferry & Co.'s celebrated bulk seeds. IQj THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

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