Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1912
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Sk. VOLUME X^^, NO. 299. Daily Riyltter. EiUbllthed 1«»7. lOLA, KAS.; O^JT. 8;i912--TOESfeAY EVENING. mit Bomio TO injoimM rOr>TT (OXMISSIONEKS SW.LMP l^D tVlTH HI'SnKSS* AT SKSSIO.V THE PEOPLE WUNT X CHUNSE IP POini..»TIO> >EXT TKAR nOKS j NOT LAV 31VV BE ISKKII I I'"'' Iiaromi-t.T rt>»luce<l to s.-a I !.K-.i 'Ml Inrhes. THEr WEATHER. KOKECAST FOB KANSASt f.e«. enilljr fiilr tonltrht n*d WrdacsdAjr. Data rworUett at local ofljce WVaili- er Uiircaii: j TemiK'rature: hlK'i^t yesterday at 4 p 111. 6S: It)w<>st ttiU uiornlni; at 12 mJt. Tifi; ii'ornial for today SI; <le- (frefstlolency in tt>mp»*raturt» yosiorday a .logr <?eR; deHiciency HIDCW January 1st 3«r» degrees. Yesfffday: 3 ji. m. CS; C p m. cr.; 9 p m. fit.'. Today: 3 a. m. r.8; C a. ni. Z^: 9 a. m. 62. Preclpltatnon for 24 houra ending 7 a m. today O: CXCVRS ta prectpltutlon sincfl January 1st 4.22 inches. Hflntlvo humidity 7 a. m. today 73 -4- QuaHcrlr Meellnps I>*lay fnWIf Bit'*- Iue«s and Cause Vurhuis ^»'».a- i tJt»U!> Sitnation>. !5unrls» today P m. C:24 a. m : sun .Ht •M«stl»n-t KPt to that itr-m this af- tprnoon. maaiu Coiuo in tn!xt we^k " •'•W >i're trying a road ck.~«^ this afternoon, sir, and must a.-^k yoii to ntil a lat <ir date." ^se arcoiints. jr'-n- ". wfti; for hearing* » -Wfell'gol to th tlemenf. just as soon a.s we can. ' ' And so It Kocs. iiiiom^nt after mo- mei^t Hhe board of county «-oiiiiui!=- -E '.oaers !n quarterly se^^slon Uils wv>ek aro abf-oJuteiy uuable to inyet promptly the requests of taviKiyers who are aEkiqg a.'!iearlng uiton ^sonle certain siihjertv'As rtfpidiy as,applicants sirp up. a^'t<tmtiiissioner looks up from tlie tab)^ and courteously Gxplainj; the ii*^ iKiJsibUity of takin^r up the matter suEge .^ted right at the tiiUP.Thf N'ard swamped with business accumulated dij ring the quarter. This experience has been enoujih ' -io bring about desire on part uf tin\ tax payers that some provi >ii >n may be made for a monthly meeting of tlu> board. They say that it woubl W. economy to have such meetinfrs. to say nothin? of the vexatious delay.= that are'now encountered. When the countj- fell below the popu!atl«n 'tijture that niad^ ijuarter- ly meetings of the board mandatory, no concern was felt. It was not believed that Iius !ce >s <Foald b" seriously internipte;} no- delayed. But ac• tual experience has shown a different result. ' I "If ;he i >o )julation does npt come to the point where we can have monthly m^etinss of the commissioners." said a tax payer this afternoon, "l hope to see an effoH made to hlv* a special jct empowering Allen County to do so Quarterly meetings delay too long important mattersj Allen County is too Important a commimlly to i.ave meetings as they do in "spafcely set- ytled (fommunitiei:." : THE INDrs'TKlAL MEETINR. Aaankl Elrclion of Officers Tom«m»w ETenlDfT. TATE SCHMIDT FOUND JDILTY HoaTT Flnp 'and Jail S^'wlenoe for a Liqaor La >T (IfTeudpr Mho Via* Trli'd Today. THECOURTHOUSE CUFE QDITS PeHtlonfTS Succeed in Sccuriite n KnI luiT'lty the Otnnty Commission- prs Yesteniuj. " Th€~repular ajinualmeeiing of the Stockholders of. the lola Industrial Baildini; Company wil be h> Id in tu. .Cbanril-Room of the city hsll Wedn-^s ' diay evening. October 9. at .'^ o'clo^K p. m. This is tlw meeting fo nhe election of directors for the t -nsuing year, file h'-aring of reports aid surli other 1/uslness as may; properly tcme before !he oeeiing.. FRANK WOOD. S-rrr>r.ory. GHEXT SlFFRAfJE WEEK -5tt.l)«X) Kansas Womrn AsViag to Yote. ^ Kiirht Tate Schmidt, charged with violating the prohibitory liquor law. was found guilty on four counts in the court of Justice Duncan this m(»riiing and was sentenced fo sei^-v; 30 days in jail and to pay a fine of $100 on e:,eli count.' Schmidt announced his int ^Tttiori to app»ia: the case but had not dou.' so late this afternoon. OPEiG COIIIESI RED StOX WOX FIRST GAME SCORE OF 4 TO 3. BY HrTTESREAUINTHESaEHIH CKVM)AI,I. BELIEVED HIM-JOE WOtHi WENT ALL THE WAV. In Mnlh. fllantu Carte Cp Flerwly and uu Tbrep HMs 4Jot Ow Bun— Two LaNt Faanrd. Tile Score by IDIIIBKS: K nopton 000 001 300—4 New York 002 OtW (HII—3 H i; 8 This week will he marked with a red letter, in the Kansas suflrase campaign. In almost every lage town and in luany of t^e smaller ones, ^he legal papers will issue suffrfasjp edit- nms. Oct. 13 is to be suffrage Sunday in nearly every p\ilpit in the state. In ' nearly every town one cliurrh at least, ha.* pi^omised a suffrage sermon on tat da.v I > Suffrage headquarters have just l.een ojiened in Kansas City, the r<.ora and both telephones being given by ("rov .Stubts. Pictures of all candidates who will write "I favor the a- uiendment" and append their sigHi- 11!res. adorn th« walls. Mrs,. Siubbs attended the opening, Fifty thousand Kansas women have .-•fr:<ual!y asked for the ballot. They . are members of various organizations .which have* passed resolutions for • ii;ial s.uffrajw. • I YOfXfi HES1T .ITED TOO LONG Sow the Kaa-sis Coarre^^maB^s Har- iDfr an CpMU Fight. Pies like mother us»d to make ,nnd soups that tickle the palate will nbt be on sale at the court house after -Saturday afternoon. The board of county^commissioners, in session yes- tordii.v afternoon, rcceiviid a lengthy petition signed .by many business iii'-n in the down town district asking that Custodisn Crumley and his wife be refjutred to discontin'ie 'the lunch service they have' b- conducting in connection •wiTh the . ,;irt house fartn ers" room. Many p.. sons patronized Mr. and Mrs. Crumley's lunch, th^ titioners asserted, to the d^trim^nt of men in the cafe business down town. The commissioners granted the petition and Mr. and Mrs. Crumley were notified to ceaap business. "There wasn't much p^-ofit in the business." aaid Cus'odian Crumley this morning, "and what little money we made out of A, we felt was due us for the extra wo^ we did in keeping the rest room and court house conveniences open fo the public aftei business hours. When the days work in the court house is done, we are en- fitbHl to close the building, rest room, water ^oolers and all. But there was much demand that we k^ep it ojMjn and we have done so .is a matter of accommodation to tl-.e public. Hut this accommodation has entailed much' extra work. We were willing, how- .ever to tie ourselves down to it if the !)»-opl^ wanted us to do so and were willing to allow us in a small way. to receive- scJme compensation for our extra time. Now that this small rev- enue'Tias been cut off we feel at liberty to close tht' building after the day's work—quit labor as do all other persons' after finishing their allotted period of service, and rest. We have, therefore, decided that after next Saturday evening, to clear oat the rest room and close up parts of the building not necessarily open for the transaction of public business and take the rest that w*- feel is ue us." Mrs. 11. R. Van Tine, of Oaldw-n. who has b*-<-n here visiting her brot*^- er. C. F. Bart-h, returned he>x> thjs afternoon. roy the A .-wi )ciat>^d Press) New York. Oct S.—The Boston Americans won tlie first game of the big world's series this afternoon. Fbrty housand persons saw a pUchers' battle in which Joe Wood, of Boston, turned back the Giants from the plate time and again by his clever box work. •The Giants were the first to take the lea<i on sharp' hitting by Doyle and .Murray, whose bats featured in the scoring of two runs for the Giants ita the tiilnl Inning. Tesreau, the Giants' pitcher, held tlie Bostons hitieas until the slxUi Inning when S|<eaker's triple and an infield out scored the Red Sox's first rtin. Four safe lilts by Buston netted three run.<; in the- seventh. Tliu (Hants rallied ganiely in the ninth but were only able to score one run on three hits. .New York, Oct. 8.—The Boston American and New York National league teams were In fine mettle for the opening game here today. T'he weather was and the field fast The lineup of the teams today was as follow^s: BOSTON—Hooper rf; Yerkes 2b; Speaker cf; Lewis If; Gardner 3b; Stahl lb; Wagner ss; Cady c; Wood p. NKW YORK—Murray rf; Doyle 21. Snodg>a.s« cf; DeTore if; iierzog 3b; Merkle lb; Fletcher ss; Meyers c; Tesreau p. _ Umpires—Kiem Evans, Rigier and O 'jAiughlin. I'nipire Klem went Imhind the bat; Kvans t «H )lf the bases; Rigier went to right field and OIx>ughlln to left field. First Inninir. FIRST HALF—.Mayor Gaynot tossed the first ball to Meyer.-!. Hooper walked and look second when Yerkes was out. Doyle to Merkle, Speaker was out. Doyle to Merkle, ilooper going to third. Ijewis flew out to Snodgra.js. No runs; no hits:,no errors. SE<:O.ND HALF —Devore fanned; Wood's speed being terrific. Doyle was out, Wagner to Stahl. Snodgrass single*! to center. Murray walked. Merkle flew out to Wagner. No runs; one hit; no errors. •wcMr to th« lete Pally Refllrtw-. Vm MaDaily Recora and tn« lata Dally Imtax 8u EIGHT PAGES -1 THE FUTUBE STATESMAN. [E'5 TRAIHIH6 ro f t A SR.tAT ^OLTftOOM, LEAST OF B.U.KAX STATES HRST T«» TAKE STEP. FI6HTIN61tE6IIN UST NIGHT I . • MALI.^JOtTl TBIBESMEX A-TTACK- EI» TI'BKISH TROOPS. SefTla Voles JIOJMHMIW for Ihe War Fund and Olher-. WBI Follow.— Creeks Leave I'. S. 40.DOO FUNS K THE 6IIME PERFECT WE.ITHEB 'DREW IHME>SE CROWD TO OI'EMXG Xayon of BoMtoa and New York Sluire Box—Crowd >otsy and Fnll of Esrltement. Second Innine. FIRST HALF—tiardner, was safe on Fletcher's error. Gardner was forced was forced at second when Tesreau took Stahl's grounder, throwing to Fletcher. Stahl was oiit steeling, Meyers to Doyle, \yagner walked. Cady was out on a long fly to Murray. No runs; no hits; one error,. SECO.N'D HALF—Herzdg popped to ^tahl. Meyers fanned. Fletcher fan- lied. No rims; no hits; no errors. I .Vorton. Kan.. Oct. 7—Had I D • Young, representative from the Sixth District., taken a positive stand last spring for Roosevelt or Taft he and his friends would pi-obably now not be >'Qrried>&5cer the outcome. : " i>ui ing the time when It was expect. «dtliat all persons in pubUc office de-d»re",either for the Ball Moose or a: !.(^Mt falm. Young could not make up kis arfnd which way to Jump. He fear- .cittet if he declared for the I»rogre6- -alTC* which was his nataral incTI- - ^"M^oii he might give offense to the ^K -Sesste lodge Repiiblicaas. and if he ^rr;«Bd«red for Taft he feared the -wrath 5ji ir4*e Progrejsives. The consequence V wii'that he refused to be opsltlve. ' He {Bimply didn*t know what to da TKe.result is that the ProgTessives. as^w^eil ^ the Republicans- hare a inievance. Neither side is heartily and earnestly for Tonas. They are - not- malUng a vigorous fight against ' him- hat they are letting Yoong pad- die ii« own^ancoe. , f It is- np<m this esp«ictel issue Ibat John Conneltey. the Democratic aom- teee. is making his cimpaign. Ctm- iKelley Is a Prbereseire Democrat •1- Third* Inning. FIRST HALJ^—Wood walked to first |-on four bails, {^ooper""sacrificed, Tesreau to Merkie. Yerkes was out Doyle to Merkle. Wood taking third. Speaker was purposely walked, Lewis went oit on a high fly to Fletcher. No n:ns: no hits; no errors. SECOND HALF — Tesreau fanned. Devore walked. Doyle doubled to left Devore taking third. Snodgrass fanned. Devore and Doyle scored on ilurray's single to center. Murray was out trying to stretch his hit. Speaker to Cady to Wagner. Two runs; two Alts; no errors. (By th« Associated Tress) New York. Oct. 8.—Forty tl-ousand persons surged into th:>_Ilui;t stadium to witness the struggltt'between ihf New York Giants and'the Boston Red Sox for the world's championship series. .\ day of sunshine and Indian Summer warmth was the i)ortion of the players .Vot a cloud was in the sky. .Mayor Gav-nor of .\'ew York and Mayor FoUgerald of Boston, joined In cheering and sat In a bax tosfther. Back of the Red Sox was a crowd of fans from lioston. 'They were there to cheer and yell and did it with a lustiness that vied with the cries of the New Torlt crowd, because a band i perched in the sUnd near the left field bleachers was drowni.-d out by tiie constantly 'cheering crowd. TAFT Fr.\D WAS it^).m President's Rrolherx Rate «t.'>0,(MN) »f This. Says .VcKInley. 'Uy the A.'soclaitd tT'-sj) Wasfiingtotf. Oct. S—Representative Wm. B. McKInley, pre-conventton man ager for Taft. presented to the (.'lapp conuiiittee accounts ; showiag that he .«pent about $2lHi .u <>0 for the Hr»T3i- dent'.s candidacy. ^ He said Jl.'.c'n'O was s'uLscrib'fil by Henry W. Taft anil Charles P. Taft, the presideuf.s brothers; and John Hays. Hammond. K T. Stottsbury and Andrew Carnegie have |2.-.,01K» each. Ornisby .McHarg. contest manager ITEDOrS SLEEVE IS BOLGING COLONEL HOLDIMi BACK SOME TIII>(>, HE IIISTS. Cettinje, Montenegro, Oct S —Mont enegro formally declared war upon Turk*-y today, the declaration being delivt-red to th»- Porte tii.ia morning by the Monfenegrin Charge d' Affaires Heavy righting is already in progress along the frontier. .Nine battalions of Turkish troops w«-re attacked" by the MaIi.ssoti trib>-s near the Montenegrin, frontier late yi-st»-rday. The fighting cont!nu-d ail night outside TusI and was still 111 this morning. M. Plametitaz. Montenegrin Charge d' Affaires at Constantinople, has been ordered to leavr today. The Turkish! Charge d* Affair.-s was also handed his iiassportic by the Montenegrin government. Se'rria Vote <i 9i(tjm»jm Belgrade. Servia. Oct. S—The Servian uarliam»*nt today voted an extra credit of ten million iloltars for military purposes and the merchants of. the, city :^e making large donations Funds are ,il¥o-being raised for as-, sistnnce of ]>oor families whose bread winners h#ve been called upon for military service. Yeanwhilp Wayne McVeaeh Tells the Coiniuidee that Harrinan Was Asked for **)«,(W0. fVy th" .AsFocIated Press) Detroit, .Mich., Oct. 8 —That •sorae- for the Roosevelt'forces at »he Cl.i- ,hJ„„"Vn9a .'iona^'iwiIl be revealed by eago Republican convention, told tne ' , , „ , , . v- - i. Clapp committee that be .spent b.--. R.w>sevelt his eighteen 'tween $2r>.t'<>0 and t'',>).(>m in hirf pre- } day.s tour of the central states was con-.entlon work for Co '-Jjuel luiose- a hint giv^n when the Colonel refused v..^l;V candidacy through the Southern ^^^^.^ j,,, „^ t„ ' i crowd zath'-pd to greet him that h'" SI'A.MSIf PKl.VCK AUMITTEB was too l.u.^v with an inve.stlgatior. • ,. ^hose'naiare he is not willing to di»- fJrpeks Hnrryine Home, New York. Oct. 7—The- steamer Macedonia, commandeered by the Grfeic consul generSl as it was about to depart for Greece, several days a;;o. sailed fcr Piraeus with 10,000 round-« of ammunition, many tons pf I!Owd<^r and 40« lighting BH>n of the h's -^rve army of Greece abroad. Within an ho!ir it irag followed by the Mair- tha Washington withi over l.OOO more :ird a third vessel the Madonna, is ready to sail with 7t^ more Greek reservists. - ' Nearly 1.200 Cr^-ek reservists;, eager to participate in the war with Tiir- k«y, were 'eft Oa the pier when tlie Macedonia sailed. .' , PROXOTER JtiVES PLEADS OITLT. Prison Sentence Pnibahle for Man Who Planned Intemrban. Vow. iJiris. Want to Occupy a Castle^dose in advanc.> of a speech For In Spain I sev-ral weks the Colonel said an in<i:v th*- .\s .s .x !:.t ...I IT .--'5> ' vegtigation has been under way into Wa-hiui^ton. Oct. S—Acting Secre-; ,,,.rf«in in:i.!t.:rs which he believed tarv of the department of Com- { would b< of importance in the cam- merce and l^bor today instructed the [ p.,ign T. n stenographers were en= „. t -m... t« gag-d in advance by wire and boarded th.- R«x)s*;velt car here. flri=t.* Gardner fanned. One run; one hit; no errors. SECOND HALF—Snodgrass safe on Wagner's error. Mnrray attemptejl a ^ sacrifice but popped out into Stahl s, hands and doubled Stiodgrass at first ; Merkle flew out to Wagner; -No runs; • no hits: one error. iiumigrr.tlon oHidals at Kills Island to atlmit to the United States Prince Liid- e-.f" Pitijatelli D'aragona.'son of l )i >n Jamie, the Pretender, to the Stietiish throne, who was held since Friday and threarened with dejiortation pendinj: an investigation of charges that he had been expelled from France. CHICA«U> SERIES OELAYED Fourth Innlne. FIRST HALF—Gardner flew out to Herzog. Stahl fanned^ Wagner fouled to' Merkle. No runts; no hits; no errors. ; SECOND HALF—Merkle struck ouL Herzog singled to center, the ball taking a bound over Wagner's bead. Meyers was out. Wood to Stahl, Herzog Koidg to second. Fletcher fanned, leavlns Herzog stranded. No runs; no hits; no errors. i Fifth IBBIB^ FIRST-HALF—Cady out, Doyle to, Meifkle Tesreau'used a fast break-1W**"*'' ing'"spitter" and a wicked inshoot. ' Wood went out on grounder to Merkle; unassisted.. Hooper fanned. The Giant pitcher was ^ven a round of applause, as be came to the b^chi No runs; no hits; no errors. SECOND HALF—Tesreau fanned; Devore popped out to Lewis. Doyle got a single which -Gardner managed to knock down and the runner tried to stretch and was thrown out. Gardner to Terkes. It was a-.wonderful stop by Gardner and an especially fine throw to second. No runs; no bits; no errors; Seventh Inning. FIRST HALF—S<.ahl out. Doyle to Merkle.- Wagner singled to center and the Boston crpwd howled. Cady singled to center Warner taking swond. Cady was forced at secimd when DoyU- took Wood's grounder and tossed it tu Fletcher, Wagner reaching third on Ihe play. Wagner scored on Hooper's double to right ac<i Wood took tliird on the playi The- score tied and the Boston crowd is a«ain in an uproar ^ Wood scored on Y'jrkes" single to left, j Yeritiss taking secr-nd on the throw-in I Hooper also score 1 on Yerkes' siugl- i Speaker fanned. Three runs; lour hits; no errors. SECOND HALF—Herzog struck out. Meyers was hit b r a pKched ball. tCKjk first but was fo.-ced at second when Fletcher ground >d • to Yerkes who i threw to Wagne.-, .McCormIck batteii i in iriace of Tesreau. flying out to Lewis, S'o runs: no hits; no errors. Rain Postponed Cily Championship , Contest There. \ (By the Assficiaw-d Pre.«-? f Chii-asio. Oct. S —"The ' nost-se: baseball iSeries between the Natipna! for : fo son and .Allien'.an teams of this citjj t.'jc i.ity i-liainiiions:hip. which w; liave started this afternoon, was post- poH '-d on acri.-unt of rain. WILSON SPOKE AT .NORTO.V Crowd (iatliered From Many Connties Iw Hear Him. .V 'T'on. Kae.. Oct. -S.—People frcm counties in Western Kansas Kathered- iit-re today fo bear oGvemor Wilson n: ike Iifs first set speech of hi.-: riios;^- s:.;!t ji>!i.-ney in Norton, An«r^e >eeds It^ Washington, Oct. 8.—A new chapter •^as added to the Clapp investigation this morning when Wayne .McVeigh, former Attorney General, testified regarding the disputed $240,000 Harriman fund in the 1904 campaign. He told the committee of a telephone conversation H. Twombley had with the tale E. H. Harriman: in which the latter said he had visited Presid«»nt Roos eveir in Washington and that the president had urged him fo raise the fund. fTharles Peabody. president of the Mutual Life Insurance company was in Twombley's office when he was talking with Harriman. In the rorssape from Harriman, Twombley said he toM him (Twombleyl that he expected to ?ive SS 'Vr -oo. One Juror Obtained. , N« -v York. Oct. S—With one Juror : in ti;e i,ox the second day of the trial I cf l.i.-if^nant Becker, charged' with the niiir'ier of Rosenthal was resumed. The Cherryvale Ropoblican reports that Wm. Jones, The intemrban railway promoter and the man who once attempted to^organiez a company to build a.lin" into lola, has entered a- plea of guiifv_to the charge of forgery in the district court at Oswego. Jones came to Kansas from Indiana and is well known in southeast Kansas towns where he has at various times tried to organize railway companies. -I «J Mrs. S. .M. Danforth, of 'Bhayer, arrived hert- this afternoon for a visit with her daughter, .Mrs. J. C. McDonald, of LaHarpe. WACNERSTAROF. FIRST MACNITUDP- I^hth Innine. FIRST HALF—Crandall now pitch-| ing for New Yorl:. Lewis went out. Fletcher to Merkle. The change of! pace from the spi-edy Tesreau to the slow ball of Crane all worried the Red Sox. Garilner fa.!uied and Stahl did likewise. No run; no hits; no errors. SECOND HALi^Devore was out. Tagner to Stahl Doyle wt^ out, Wagner to Stahl. Snod^ass popped np to Garc'.ner. Xo njns; no hits; no errors. Sixth iBBliig; FIRST HALF— Yerkes flew out to Snodgrass. Speaker got a triple to left acorias on Lewis's grounder to, Dorle wio threw the raaner oat «^ Xinth Innine. FIRST HALF—Wood was given a cheer as he walked to the Boston . bench. Wagner doubled to left. Cady j sacrifice>d. Hersog to Merkle. Wagner taking third. Wood was out Crandall to "Merkle. Wagner being held at third. "Hooper Inied out to Doyle. .\o runs; .one hit; no errors. SECOND HALF—Murray flew out to Hooper. Merkle singled to center. Herzog singled to right Merkle taking second. Merkle scored on Meyersl double, Herzog taking third. Becker ran for Meyers. Fletcher struck out. Crandall stntdc out One mo; tbrcie hits; BO errora. , Helnl* -Waoner. ' _ *^ebila 'Waner doesn't- kit Bk* Speaker, nor posatbty laak ^^ttli tb* other Wagner, but if his name waa Smittaera or Grady—anytbiag bat' Wasner—ha would be hailed aa tb* Flying. Dutcbmaa'a doaeat. Hwl.". saya Grantlaad Clca o£ Boatdn'a atae •bortstopi. — "Aak -any nmpire or ttval ptayar^aiaA ne 'Win ten yoa tha^ Heiai* la ttaa moat Tahiabla actor on StahTa taaak.- He topoaaibir ttaadeadUeat in a pUek .-aura and awtft. alwgya MI tb»-jfsfek and a bard man to swasp aside yttmai twt ^

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