Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 25, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1903
Page 2
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. M 1 • I A A • i CwJrlght 1903 bj HajtSshafinor ft Htm l4ig^^l»€y'^^^^^^lt»H|&»:"t••t"^^^^t'fti^^^^ am ; " Summer X^ats^inid Pants ^ for Men Light and darkiiolors in Woolen crash, homespun! & Serg|s,regalarpriCfi,f 8.85 and $9,85 i 4jw « Summer Coats and Pants for Men Light and dark colors in stripes and jplaids, coats hand tailored.; Stiff fronts guaranteed to (fLg\ ft^ hofd^shape. Made by Rosenwald <fe ¥"611/ ^}/»^0 Seperate^Pants for Summer JRosenwaM & Weil make made with belt straps and cuff bottoms. $2.85, $3.35, $3.85. Best Ftitting Pants on Earth Rummer Coa^sTEt^ psfft for Men 1 ;In plaids and stripes! light atid' dark made. ^ JRegnlar price. }|8:8r^; ial price ...... ^... .• Summer Cd^s an^ Pants •Rosinwald & Weil make made of - imii)rted Scotch |:| ^ j tweeds and cheviots and home4>unsha^d tailored & will hold their shape, i ! ' $12.35 and $14.85 SPECIAL SALE ON SUHMER ' UNDERWEAR * • j .J I* St ill Going on Will Continue Throughout This ribnth. *SQrosis 'Shoe Store' MEN'S SlilTS NEW SPRp: AND SUMMER ONES I $4.85 to $20.00 a Suit ft I) 5*ores ai lola, Pitts- H bUrg and Weir City j:£ Lirgest Clothing and 5hoe ±X Store for' lob MILES AROUND. B lOLA DAILY REGISTER TELBPHONB NO 18. CHAS. F. SCOTT. SUBSCRIPTION One -week - - One Montii One year IRATES: Ten Cents Forty-four Cents Five Dollars and Twenty Cts mterod at lola, Kansas. Postoffice a!< Second Class Matter. Advertisiog ratea made kuown on appll- catlpn. <UNION i The Wichita Eagle, an otherwise reputable newspaper, prints original poems on its editorial page. . Colonel Henri Watterson is co:n- mencling Bristow. Otherwise nothing has happened lately which is CKICII- lated to handicap him. ' A porsual of Mr. Clevel&nd'a latest half-cdlumn interview regarding the ;presidency leads to the conclusion that he slill has nolliing io say. The epidemic of wrecks continues. We have already tried to impress upon the railroads, with much eloquence, the impracticability of ijassing two trains bound in opposite directions. Upon the same track at the same time, but it seems: oiir advice has been disregarded, with the aforementioned disastrous results. The Wichita Eagle thinks it would Le a good, thipg.if the legislaturJO; v.-hile it is in session, would takie time to repeal some of the foolish .laws v/hich it passed last winter. The Eagle does hot say whether or not it is advocating an interminable session, liut from the tone of voice in which the suggestion is made, we take it that it is of the opinion that'that is about what it would amount to. We notice that Colonel Bryan is got ting into the press dispatches less fre quently of lat,e. He has about bcon crowded out by the other disasters. Delaware has added itself to the burned district. Soon there will be FO many states in this class that the: won't be anybody left to do the criti clzing. All the. n<?wspaper correspondent."? have made up their minds as to who is to be-Judge Hook's succes-sor, but the President appears to be still in the darlvj as to what he will do. Nothing seems to please Mr. Cleveland. He is mad if the newspaper cor respondents create the impression that he is a candidate for the presi dency, and he is mad if they don't. In this, day of charge and countercharge it ig getting so that a public official will have to be equipped -R-ith ; denying facilities if he .js to have any time for the p( rformance of his official : duties. V jThe rate at w^hich the automobile is coming-into" use was fairly indicated at Chicago the other day when it re- qmrefd ten acres of ground to accommodate the machines that were brought to' the Derby. The federal" grand jury has returned ; knbther: indictment against former Superintendent Machen, of the free 4eHvt!ry; service. It would be interest• ing to know if he is. still pf the opiu- /lon that "It is all grand stand play. If Mr. Cleveland is averse to bein.^' quoted on his candidacy for President, he should avo ii talking to newspaper reporters. Surely Mr. Clevolani has been in public life long eno'igh to know that It is the business of a reporter to make interesrtng read'ug for the newspaper' whlcK he represents. We Want to Figure ' That PLUMBING JOB For You. i Sstlsfoctlota Quaranteed. The eulogists of Fourth Assistant Postmaster General Bristow are care- to note that his boyhood .he "rolled out of bed at four o'clock in the morning.". It spcms that few men arc ever truly great in America unless, at .'•.ome stage of their existence tlicy made it a practice to get up at four o'clock/ in the morning. And nobody will deny that the spirit which prompts this practice contributes in a very large way to the success of the majority of men who are not born g.'niuECS. " department in the prosecution of its investigation will for the most part meet with the cordial approval of the country. Of course there will be a few political degenerates of the Democratic faith who will be sorry that the President is so vigorous in. his prosecution of the perpetrators of the post- office frauds. They had hoped the President might weaken a little, and give them an opportunity to store up some political bombast for 1904. But they don't count for anything. The cotmtry as a ^yhole will applaud the President's action, and incidentally it is going to aggravate the hard sledding which the Republican party has mapped out for its valued contemporary in 1904. WAX. LANYON, sr.. Pres. J, B. CASE, VJce-Prea. A .B. ROBERTS, Cash. A detailed- Washington dispatch to a Topcka paper contains the interest iii.c; informalion that b. W. Mulvane Is for Cliarles Blood Smith to ,siicoced .ludsc Hook. Of course, Mulvane toid the Kansas reporters sixteen or seven teen times that he was, for Charles Blood Smith before leaving the state and the nswspapsrs would have known it anyway, whether; he had tf-lti thoin or not, but it reiiiained for the Washington correspondent to tete- gj-apJi the story to IvansaS, so that tiierc would be no mistake about it. Says General John ,B, Gordon in Scribncr's: One of these furious leaders at the South declared if we would secede from the union there would be no war. and if there should be a war wo could "whip the Yahkees with children's pop-guns." When after the war, this same gentleman was addressing an audience, he was asked by_in' old. maimed soldier: "Say, judge, ain't you the .same man that told us before the war that we could whin the Yankees with pop-guns?" "Yes," replied the' witty speaker, "and we could, but confound 'cm, they wouldn't fight VIS that way." The following story is important if trae: A comniittee of business men of a Kansas town called on W.. J. Black, general passenger agent of the Santa Fe, at Topeka the other day and asked for Sunday excursions. Here's what he told them: "Well, gentlemen, if you have come to get the Santa Fe to run Sunday excursions you have come to the wrong man. The Santa Fe does enougii business on week days without running extra, trains on Sunday. If I had my. way about it not an engine on the Cnt-re sv-5tem would have a fire in it on Sunday. The great commercial world and government mail cohtractsj compel us to ran regular trains on the Sabbath." Chanute Kicks About lola Unions. Chanute Tribune: J. H. Edmunds, chairman of the arrangement committee for the labor day celebration which is to be held, in Chanute Sept. 1st, received a letter yesterday from Secretary Abdill of .the Tola union, containing the request that the Chanute festivities be postponed In favor of Cof- foyville. Considering how much the Chanute unions contribute toNyard Tola's celebration last year, the success of which wa^ due in a great measure to the hearty support tendered by them, this Insinuation as to the course to be pursued by Chanute savors offensively of ingratitude and the union men here are at a loss to know what influenced lola to take such action. Tola is in duty boiind. to offiicial- ly recognize the Chanute celebration and atteind it and certainly is not justified in presenting such a neighborly request to the local union, is the opinion of the union men here. It is not likely that the Communication will receive any consideration beyond filin.g and a rousing celebration will be given vfiih or without the aid of the loVa co^tigent. ' Some people eatj . heartily, even ^, ravenously, yet '1 nothing seems to "stick totJteir ribs". Others don't eat much, but assimilate all nutriment in the food and get ^ fat. We have letters from people who say that Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin makes them fat. It doesn't. I simply gets theii* digestiv organs in shape to take the nu triment out of the foods whic they eat. It also acts as a gentl laxative and tonic. Please try i A. C Jones, of Hortonvillc, Ind.. •writes; • can say for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin th' It-is one of the best medicines I ever lia\ taken; in just sixty days after I tjegan to tal your medicine, I had mined 80«pound8 i treivht, felt llUe a new man and I can hlfflij recommcnd it to any one who is troubled wl IndiKesUon or Dysi>e:>sia." Year Money Baok If H Don't Beneflt You Your druggist sells it for 50 and $1.00 the bottle, or writ PEPSIN SYRUP CO., MontlciIIo/lU Capital Stock, ^$50,060. DIRECTORS: Wm. LanyOD, sr., O.Ifood. Geo. E.!NichoI.scn,t M* A. r .ow, j. A. Koblnson. I U. L. Ileuflerson, Frank" Kiddie, A. B. Koljerts. J. B. Cise sirOCKHOLOEkS: .1. n. CISC. Wm. Lanybn, sr., Ceo. F,...vieliol.«ion. .1. Ai Uobinson, | Frank Riddle, A. L. Taylof W.S.Hendricks, JI. L,. Iten.tcriion. L.'U ronsler,'FI. Klaujmjui, J. W. Coutant, David Ewak, E. ]'. ScUqJJ. A. Bevin-rton,; .1. S. \Va:i4r, Calvin Hood, M. A. Low, n. A-Ewihjr, A. W.Howland, .T. W.E<lwarda, R. it. Bennctj., Evans Drop., A B, itojerts. — Talking About Us. Kansas City Journal:- The deaf and dumb people of Ita'bsas seenr^to be running In pairs now. A street car In lola got-tw^o of them at one shot last week. However, they lived to walk the track again with all the sweet insouciance of their species. Topeka Capital: "Concrcto" is the newest thing in Kansas. It isn't a new kind of breakfast food, but is the name of a new town near lola, where employes of the Kansas Cement company will make Hheir homes. The company offered a lot as a prize for the most acpeptable name. There were 115 names offered, but "Con- creto," the suggestion of a boy, Phil Stover, was the one adopted by the company. Topeka Capital: "Muscogee Red" failed to get out of lola in eight minutes, as he itold the chief of police he couid do. He ran afoul of a saloon or two, and as a result will remain In lola for a time . and assist in some good roads work which is being carried On there under the supervision of the police force! "iiuscogee" claims' to be one of the most expert macadam I workers In America; and he alsoi points with pride to the fact that there is hardly a city of any importance in the country in which he has not done good roads work. Topeka* Herald: The Hutchinson News came to this office Saturday without an editorial page.. What good is a Hutchinson News without an editorial page?—Tola Register. Well, for one thing, properly notched and scalloped, it ought to be useful on pantry shelves. Most newspapers are. Agency For the Other Makes Cleaned and Repaired CRYSTAL ICE Supplied to the Trade i ^direct at the factory-br from our delivery wagons. All delivery wagons have our name on them. - , lolalce^ Cold Storage Co. FRANIC RIDDLE. M«r. PhoiMii6. Factor )r «o WMtStraet. The President's action in instructing Attorney General furnish some more assistance to the Postoffice: No matter how long you have been ill, nor how poorly you may be today, . Ayer*ff Sarsaparilla is the best medi- Qine you can takejOT purifying and enriching the blQod. ;fty^!?s W^lt ^stipation. Ne\y Lumljerfyanl At theM .K. m.\ epot lola, Kaos., J(fflis XO, ^903. To the people of Io|a and Aflesn County:' The findersigned Ltf^ber Company has opened 0p a yard on north Jeffersqn avenge, adjoining tic M. K. & T. depotj where yotf wifl find a compIetB stock on hand at; all times. ask for a share of yotft trade aiid hope to m^t the same by JFair prices and goM material. Come and see 0S and get prices befdre yoif Yotfrs Respectfully, S.C. WeseM». Boilers, Engines, Brass Castings* Drilling Tools, | Gray Iron Castings, Belting, PackingL lola, Iva^^as^ Manalscturen of nsctaln^ ...For... f, Hw, Smelters aM Brick Plants. W« Offer... Good Workmanshifi. ProJDiptOellverletf, Low Prices. Storage TiihRs,'^^* tomatto «n^ P^lain 8ep«ratb^^i^~' jn^ Werk^ RotaryOre ;ft»nters^ Srjioke StacKt ^-rr • Steet'Domp tSare Made to Order. Tatteras For Castiigs a Specialty. Esttnafes Fibiskedi fWiley Potter Has moved from the stonei l|irn Op East Madi- J son avenue to . • ' \'i I The Star Barii 0 on West street, where he wi^ continue to i -buy x your horses andj iriuies payiig* iat highest market pricej Qiicklecatrfork •iMtiH..tH.iM ..t.iiiM|Mt all times tha'%

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