Covina Argus from Covina, California on January 4, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 4, 1908
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• '*. i f ^r*^,** rl-'H^*'^-/; • 5;^ *c, /^^ .'__, f7-f" '' % *V ! u ' 7 ii9ioy<* t ptiots, Oils Ptiots, Guns add Ammutii* . _,_ . 1jiTJt~J^ZjtiZ^. ' > -t * • -• •* , I'** ' £v; f ,. 7*- ,',' " 1 1' * v. '"V ' .' . . ' *& ' ,. i '• Overland m 4i i V I F^ ABRIOK >» HA ROW A KB ARGUS i •. > COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JAN. 4, 1908. NO -4* PROFESSIONAL CARDS l$1t, R. E. BATES attention given to diseases - ;* Of women and children. Office and residence 4 doors west of •"^ " ; ^ Episcopal Church ott car Itne. \*. ?«' Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. • ' • 2 to 4"p, m. Phone 288 Covlna, Cat. CAPPS, M. t>. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office o^-Pirtt Nat'l Bank, Covioa. , Residence, Hotel Vendome . bffice phdne 75; Res. 1075 ' Hours, 10 to 12 m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 8p.m. ' " Other hours by appointment. A JENNINGS, • PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS V J. D. RKKD O. D. JBNNINOS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed bik., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on PASADENA'S TOURNAMENT Hundred nd Peo- 'Reynold* Phone 53. addition, E. Badil COVINA, CAL, IB St. 0R. J. C. OSTEOPATH iPhones: Office 175: Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg? Covina, Cal. ^LOUISE M. HYATT \ PROFESSIONAL NURSE Graduate of County hospital., Four .years' experience. References: H. D. peri f A Hendrickson BriggB of Azusa; C, M. Frazier and Of, Glendora: and '? ijj. c . ncuuriuxauu u», vriennora; '_ jtfra..Reed'.& Jennings of CovinaV Home phone 40. Reed block, Covina p. J. CLJNE, —DENTIST— ' Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. pie Attend Flower Carnival. L * i More than 20,000 strangers slept in PasadenA Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning when the floral parade of the Tournament 'of Roses started there were at least 60,000 visitors within the city gates. In the size of the crowds that fined "the streets and in the beauty of the floral pageant Wednesday was a record day in the Grown city. Flowers in wonderful and harmonious' color combinations decorated the vehicles/ the horses and the women who rode in the parade and, altogether, made up a spectacle that set a new maik for {he series of high class New Year's 1 entertainments that > Pasadena has prepared for her guests. In addition to the 20,000 visitors who were in Pasadena Tuesday night, it is estimated that the Pacific' Electric Raihoad company brought in 25,000 people, bej^nning at 6 o'clock and landing thorn, there before the floral parade stai'ted at 10:46. The steam railroads; carried at least 10,-' 000. and automobiles and carriages brought, between ;fl,000 and 5,000 more. Fully, TOfr/Oovinaites attended the Tournament. Long ,,hjefore*4lw6!'block' Colorado nde. Their handsome new uniform showed to good advantage. " jfgf* At Tournament Park tbe orowd during the afternoon wet* Immense Thousands failed to gain admission Beside the exciting chariot r*«iea the other feature of the afternoon win tbe hold-up of the frontier sfage coach. That little outdoor drama was a work of art. Honestly, ii made the hold-up it), tbe Buffalo Bill show look sick and, pale. An " Dlvfelonlsts Anxious for Showdown. Anent the refusal of A. P. Griffith of Azusa to .engage in a public ,debate, Dr. "K. P., Shepherd has given out this Open letter: "A. P. Griffith. Azusa: Dear Sir—Your candor at least is .refresh- Ing. We-are all surprised that yon publicly confess to have boen,vng- ing a 'Campaign of personalities. While we know that;neither you .nor your party seek to dodge any issue In this campaign, u nevertheless we haven't been able in any' matter whatever to get you in a public dls- cusdibn of tbe merits of this question. Your claims to have won the campaign are merely amusing and about on a par with your sincerity in referring to the Master and then quoting General Grant. Your confidence in your campaign is manufactured arja we are complacently awaiting the day when you will cease tryipg this case by personalities and come to an official showdown. Yours, "R. P. Shepherd." The Los Angeles Herald of a recent date says: "These last words, 'come to, an k • - ( j *~3 . -j*~ JOL." f 1* i I ™i» «»»«». i. w« v**ff ^«V»M v ww mmmm street v and Fair/ Oaks 'and Raymond offlbial showdown,' strike^ the/Js'ey- aveuues were thronged witbsigbtseera. Upte of the fight of the , divislonists. h4 nu .L. A ^^ -t* Alr^Ljstiifes ^vs A .;!__ n__ FT—^ . _. .. _ ., r '„*'•<•* aWrSiOi^^ .?.•"'. . Members df'tbej "'" on-1 QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY FOR CITY OF COVINA Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. jf^OLFE B. BIDWI5LL ATTORNEY AT LAW Home ohone 3164. Glendora, Cal. . P. WALLACE, M. D., D. O. Wallace Sanatorium, Alvurndo and Palamarea Phone, Home 274 Office, McGowan Block, Second and Garey Home 273 Sunset, Red 1621 Phones Pomona, Cal. M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Notary Public Reed Block Covina, Cal. DR. O. T. AMYRAULD VETERINARY SURGEON . AND DENTIST Graduate McGill University, Montreal Office at Hotel Vendome. COVIINA Shoe Repair Shop Adjoining the Owl Itarber Shop. We do the hi it repairing in town and use the best material in the market at the most reasonable prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. If you give u» a fair trial you will not regret it. We also carry in stock every kiijd of rubber goods. GEORGE SI.MEONOFF F,E. WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Fepairing of all Winds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. dena police in keeping order. Promptly at 10:45 o'clock the parade started from Orange Grove avenue, the home of Pasadena's millionaires and one of tbe most famous avenues in the world. As tKe mounted police guard swung into line it could bo seen by thousands and, when tho carriage of the queen of tho Tournament of Roses, Miss May Suttou, the tennis champion of tho world, en mo in sight, it was greeetd with a cheer. AH the gorgeous parade wended HH way through the city, it was followed by the huge throng ol' visitors and the congestion on tho down town streets was frightful until relieved by the rush to Tournament park where the afternoon sports and chariot races are held. Here at thn gates tho crush again was resumed and tho scores of ticket takers could not grab the pasteboards fast enough to satisfy tho crowds. At tho barbecue, again, there occurred a rush, and, until the monster ihrong was fed, there was a mob assailing tho long tables. In tho parade itself there were many beautiful floats, so charming in color scheme and in daintiness of detail that it was hard for the judges to select the pri/o winners. A decided departure from the floats and barges of last year, tho bountiful barouche of tho tournament <|ii('eri rolled through the streets applauded | by all. Tint vehicle Beatiuif tho ' queen, MJHH May Kutton, and her four maids, was most artistically decorated in lilie-i, the- design hcinu a big lily. It was distinguished, riot so I much for its extravagance of flowers as for the tasteful manner in which they wore arranged. The running gear of tho vehicle was draped in white satin ribbon, as wan tho harness of the two powerful black horses that drew tbe barouche. Baskets of rosso huny from curvod uprights. Another feature of the parade WIIH the appeiiranco of the Spanish war veterans. Hoosevelt camp of Los Angeles, MoKinley camp of Long iieuch and Ensign Utigley camp of Pasadena bent fully 100 veterans to appear in the parade. At tbe head of the lino a former sailor of tho United States navy carried tho Mag that 'Aas on the liennington when that vessel was blown up in tho liar- bur of Sau (Jiego, and earrh man car ried a blanket roll o'f red geraniii:n.s and rost-.s. The members of tin; (.'u\ina En cainpiuont I. (J O. F. in command of (,'apt. (J. F. (Jlaiip, attracted much attention and were pronounced the best body of drilled men in the (jar eies police FpetiMOns ! and the -Phw- thci-o/ai't),' but iu uo titlons Two Flf*» In One Day. Monday wan * busy day for the members of Cotton's volunteer Ore department Often nearly a yeair without even a false alarm, tbe department was called out twice and the promptness with which they answered probably saved various conflagrations. The first alarm was turned It) shortly after ten b^look in thn morning, flr* being discovered o« the premises of the Covina EleotHo Co., on E. College street. Tho Are. due ! t6 combustion, started in tbe corner of the building. Within a few minutes after the arrival of 'the department it was. extinguished but not until qenrly 1600 damage by fire and water had been done to tho stock. No insurance. The second call was shortly after tour o'clock in tbe afternoon and was due to a blaze in the residence of R, N. MoKlaney, adjoining the )unkaH church on W. Puente street, caused by the explosion of a gasoline itove. By tbe uulted efforts of the icoupauts of the house and neighbors he flames were extinguished before be arrival of the department. The walls of the kitchen Worn badly oorched. Every person enjoys fresh, crisp , We have them, from Hutitldy & Palmer's import&d fancy cakes and the National Biscuit line cj^ar through the Hst. MISSION SODAS , : ' • "', • i.,:/ PARADISE SODAS, ';\ NUT BROWN SODAS WATER''WAfeRS ? t, BUtTER'WAtfElf' • '•' . ' s * '' J' '^ •*. Sweet goods of all kinds and flavors, 'they ffVgodd 'to eati / ' *-•, '' , f. t /\ Local Orange News., Orange shipments from this point re now on in earnest, Tbe total utput from Covina to date baa been 8 ours and it is expected that from ow on tbe output will be at least 6 •ntey; .v -i ; , -',' ', Th* associations are shipping from |5ri HS« concert or dishearten tbe hundred workers for a now county. ' ticn their undivided opinion that a ure of such far-reaching oonseqiiG us that of division should bo settled at the polls, where outside 'interests' may exert no influence, and they declare that no law like that legislated by Senator Willis shall stand in the way of such settlement,. Antis Seek to Have "Dead Ones" Removed From Great Register., Claiming that victory a Irony in theirs, hut evincing an evident desire to make it appear overwhelming, opponents of county division apnoaled to tho county clerk to have tho names of all "fiend ones" ami tnuso wiio have removed from tho ad ('('.led district stricken from the great register. The petition of tho divisioniHlH having been circulated and submitted on the basis of tho total number of tinmen on the great register, the "antis" readily see that the porcon tagc of names on their petitions now hoing circulated will increase w ith the reduction of tho total number in the register. Tho "fitis" estimate that about, 1 10 have died <>r re moved from the district since the great register was completed. When tho "nut is" appeared at the court house and roi|iichted a surgical npuration on the. contonf.H «f the Mg hook the county clerk declined to iitto.mpt a leu-al diagnosis of I lie caso and panned it along to the j county supervisors, 'i'ticnc lawmakers disclaimed any authority to take action without a ruling from the dis trict attorney, and it IH now up to tho interpreter of the statutes. "Wohavo already procured enough names to insure success, hut, wo do sire to make tho showing as great as pohsi.hie, " said J. O. Honsor of (,'o vina. "in fact, we have moro than wo need in Oovina, (Jlendura, How land and Axusa, but our percentage will he- much larger with 110 names I remove;! rrom tho great register in ; the.ho sections." l.os Angohi Kx p ('<;')». j High School Orchestra. The tlrwt annual roncert of the Senior Orchchtia of tho (,'ovinu High School will he given in tho Woman's (,'lufj House tin Friday evening, ./uu uary 17th. under the nuperv inion (A 1'rot. F. A. Fit/gerald. Tickets 'jr,c and 'l^c on nale at (Jiapp'-i l^iug H*.ore,. .Secure, your tickets e;ji|y as this in th(- K"' ; ''- liiuijical evi,/it of th(j Bchool year. #nK t"|th i judicious shipments' it is np. A ^ l that the market during Ja'nu- •jp^Vy will remain firm. The fruit is averaging marketable -//os and good grudoe and tho future is bright. Child Thrown From Surrey. Alvin, the ,'i-ycar-old HOII of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Welch, was thrown from a surrey on Colorado street, I'tiHadonn, on NewYoar's day, sustaining painful bruises, the wheel of tho surrey passing over the little one's head. Mr. and Mrs. Welch, who with their two small children had driven over to PriHiidona to attend tho tournament,, were driving east on Colorado street on thoir return home, whon tho horso hecamo frightened at, an approaching auto and shied mid donly to ono sido and throw the hoy, who with his mother and lit lie brother woro heated in the tear seat, out of the vehicle. With the exception (if bruises the youngster oncapod wihtoiil injuries. No Truce of 'I hlevcs. No trace has hoen discovered of thcKiicok thieves who plundered tho buugies tied /iitsido of the Christhin Church, on ('hrislmas eve, of vain aide cloaks and wrapn, the properly of Irnindalo ladies who were attend ing the oxcrcJHes in the church. Him liar tin UH have heen reported before and tho police advino all persons vilen l-aving their carriaxos unprotected to tako whips, robes and wraps into tho vestibule or cloak rooms of this church or hall. Covina OrchurUJMt (Joe? to Mexico. (I. I 1 '. l're:iton, expert citrus or chardiHt, left, Thursday for Tampico, Mi.'xico, to iiHHuini) charge o. v (.ho j citrus fruit plantations of iho Tarn pico J''rnit ('a. Mr. I'roslon has bocn | selected from among many appli j cants and it he finds the climato and, sofiiil coin.lil ioiiH as ropresf-nlerl he will probubly i-nlcr into a tivo yeai c(jntia(-t with the company. He will j tirst superintend the planting of a! large heed bed ant] 'he M'lling out of seven thousaiKl navel l;een imported In,in (,'a! ifornia. PURITAN BTU T T E R CHASE & SANBORN'S COFFEE Warner, Whitsel •«<; W. H. Holliday J. R. Klllott J. O. Houscr DIRECTORS A. P. Kcrckhoff H. M. Ilonser CJco. IS. AnderHon Hours, y a. m. to 3 p. m. Marco H. Hell man C. F. Clnpp C. Monefcc SOMETHING NEW! Are you interested in Saving Fuel and Labor In your home? If so, come and see demonstration of a DETACHABLE RETORT OIL BURNER -at FABRICK'S HARDWARE STORE BEN E THORPE SucccHsor to }. R. ELLIOTT CEMENT CONTRACTOR M;miif;ictiirt:r of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All KIXCH at well cured pipe alwiiys in atock. EXCAVATING AN!) HEAVY GRADING Building Blocks, Cement Fence Posts, Cisterns Ilranch Yard in Glendora. Home Telephone 4037 Atfcnt American DiMappuarin^ Hcdn A. I' Covina Galley Savings ffianh OFFICERS AND DIKECTOKS Kcrc.Uioff, I'rusidi:iit H. M. H(;tist;r, Vicc-I'reaident W. II. Holliday Marco H. Hcllmaii Geo. E. Andentoit ./. C. HiitchifiKon, Jr., Cashier VV. 1:1 Me (jet* Candy Cane testant in the th>; /nan,ui',11, i in I JmHi-i ai '*• d(('AM dm iii^ th t )l(- HIIT'C l h-l 111.' r ly ,'itick n.nlccl I? hflll H-ry 'lint fill f or ;itC'l '.'.in iitirk M. (iri.swold, AHHiKtant Cashlei Interest Paid on Deposit Money to Loan on First Mortage Real Estate YOU LOOK WI;LL FED How About Your Orchard? UNION FKKTIU/KK CO.'S Sl'ICCIAl, FRUITING will feed your trees in ;i vj.iy that will put oranges in the box anc' money in the bank. (<i:t n > tell you nion: about it. W. H. WIIITK, I)islrii:t Agi-nt i'honc 12S2 (iLK:

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