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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER G 1889. NUMBER 174, DILLON Goal, Lumber and Salt Oheau and pays the hi market pri-cs for CONSTIPATION I S called the "Fdtlier or IMsenspa," Dcetmne Hie re Is no medium tbronich which disease so often attacks the system as by the absorption of poisonuiiH cases In the retention of decayed and effete mutter In the stomach and bowels. It 19, caused by a Torpid Liver, not enough bile being excreted from the blood to i>roduce Nature's own cathartic, and Is generally accompanied wltb finch result ax Loss of Appetite* Sick Headache Bad Breath, etc. r The treatment of Constipation does not con- slstnicrcly In unloading the bowels. The medicine must not only act as n purpitlve, but be a tonln as well, and not produce after Its use greater coRtlveness. To secure a regular bablt of body without changing the diet or disorganl lug the system r INSANE DEVILTRY. Chicago Lunatic Stabs Wife to Death. His MOET DIABOLICAL DELIBERATION. PRESBYTERIANS CELEBRATE. REGULATOR J^iy attention, after suffering with Constlpa- Mon for two or threo years, was called to Simmons Liver Kegulator, and, having tried almost everything else, concluded to try ft I first took a wlneglassful and afterwards reduced the dose toftteaspoonfnl. as per directions, after each meal 1 found that It had done me so much eood that I continued It until I took two bottles. Since then I have not experienced any difficulty, I keep It In my house and would not he without It butnave no use for it. It havlngcured me."~flFO Vf. BIMS, Ass't. Clerk Superior Cour Bibb Co.. Tabe only the Genuine Which has on the Wrapper the red 55 Jtmark and signature of j. n. ZKii<inr A co. SM Uitt «wy p«lr Tb* BUBT A PicXAKn. "Korroot «h«p«." IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF FOOT. If you vrnnt perfection In IH, with freedom from corn* «nd ail discomfort you will nlways woar Sie^urt A Packard Shoe. It U nckno-wleilired »J tho m™« roi|^rl<3'S, tho I*" xmii* and "O* *»«<* genUeraen'» shoe m«de In the world, Don't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes, The Hurt & P •cthcrflne !»ht' All ntylen .... ) Bora' nnd YOUTHS'. k Packard 8hoaco»tnnomorotlian»nr m.lhmiSh nomi afyraaclt U in «"<"«... , ,, In ll.nil.m«d«7H»nd.vfelt. »nd BnrtweHi bin name and your nddrewi to jr not eold by your doaler «end ... (Knccciwor»to Burti PartanS Packard dt Field, l3rookton,Ma»8. s«uib, J. F. Overliolser, Hterllntr, —SPECIALTIES.- Tbe Finest, Most Durable, and holds Jts shape the best of any wblp In Tho Easiest Dumped, '.Easiest Buu- nlngand Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, Jl.60. Two sacks »2.80 Half Patent, " 1-.M. " " ZOO Some of the oldest residents of this city claim this to be the Lest flour they ever uaed in the • , Btate ol Illinois. Oream of I»n.teiit 9 , Oaisy and JR oiler in fetocli. He Knnokn Her Down und Coolly Sol ecu the Places on Her linro lloKtim to Stab Her, Driving Ilia Kill To by Iiicliei Six Tltnnn Through Her. Ileftrt—The .Nej-ro Donth-Roll In MIs^lAMlppl Incrun<llti]r— A R<ii|rn of Terror Among the Dlticks —Race Trunbles KUewhere. ; ~ CHICAGO, Sept. 0.—(3rcnmillns3 jcnlouay lod to tho ik'liborato butchery of Mrs. Josephine John-oil bj BIT hinbnml, G. E. Johnson last night. The murdTous work was done in Dr. W. E. Morgan's handsomely furnished office, 34 East Twenty-ninth street, near Cottajje Grove ovonuo. Tho man and his wife had boon left alono In the office for a moment, and Johnson had locked and bolted every door. Divining his intent, his wifo screamed for help, but was answered by a blow that felled her to the floor. Vain Attempt ftt Renoue. Kneeling over the prostrate woman Johnson hold hor fast. A Swwlish dirk was already open in ono han>l, and with tho other hand he slowly laid back lha folds of his wife's dross that his aim might b> sura. Men were already clamoring at his office door, called by tbo woman's fcruams. Tho door pnnels they could shatter, but the door itsulf would not givo way, and men and women stood powerless a fuw fout away while tho inunler was being committed, 1'ioinllnli Deliberation.' Moving the point of his blade slowly over tho screaming woman's breast Johnson finally c'.ioso a point just over tbo heart. Then, an Inch at a time, the knife ^vas driven in until it~waii buried fo~ the bilt. It was with- iJrawn as slowly as it had been impelled and. once more sank Into tho quivering flush. 'Six times this wns repeated, Johnson watching tins spurt of blood that followed each stroke with a critical'eye. Tboro was nu ni'rvnus- n -us; it "wns the coolness of a surged! in tho miilst of an operation. Help Come* Too Lnte. Tho tuunlerur was just rising from his kneea, knife in hand, when the door era-shod open before the shoulders of tho .now frenzied crowd. Those who were in front were thrown almost headlong into tho fast growing pools of lilooil, and jumpad back in din- m:iy. But Johnson att'mpted no rosist- 8'ice. "rtcre is my knile," ho said to Olllcor Burtol, who lorcjd his way through the throng from I he street, "fake mo to the station where I can do no more harm." Kvcrjr Thrnnt In the Heart. There was a pauso while « hasty examination was made of the woman's wounds. Each of tho six thrusts had penetrated the heart, and from tho wounds blood was flowing in streams that bespattered furniture and loft great blotches on tbe whlto surface of tho walls. As his "wife breathed her laat Johnson's face took on n look of satisfaction. "Thank ,God," he sold. "Now my family U safe. I have saved that girl's honor," The causo of the horrible deed was Insane jealousy. The man Is undoubtedly aluuatic, and all tho way to tho police station he threatened to kill himself. He is 57 years old, and his wife was about 40. THE SLAUGHTER OF NEGROES- Twenty-Two, und Probably Blore, Dead iu MlmlMlppl— Trouble* Elsewhere. NEW YORK, .Sept a—A special to The Herald from- Greenwood, Miss., says: Twenty-two negroes, and possibly more, who were working on a cotton plantation Monday morning, res? beneath tue sod in Di-Flore county, riddled by bullets. The nam 8 of those killed, so far as ascertained, are: John Boyker, Dol Wharton, Monroe Jones, Bcott Marsh, Warren Snell, theyton Lock, Ben Lock and Warren Beckwlth. They were killed for resisting arrest. One was killed on Monday or Tuesday, and the others Wednesday and yesterday. . The Leaders Oet Away. The leaders of " the Insurrection, Joseph Allen and Oliver Cromwell, have both escaped, though it is thought -that Allen was captured lajst evening. Cromwell was caught in Jackson Wednesday, but for some reason was turned loose. Negroes Frantic with Fear. The negroes are in a frightful state of fear and two have gone crazy over the excitement. The negroes have threatened to burn every house in LeFloro county, and every house Is being closely^ guarded. More than 2,000 laborers have quit tho fluids and tha cotton and corn needs gathering badly. A Good Stock of TiniTomato Cans, Very Cheap. Alao a few dozen olj M»'S GLASS* FRUIT JARS AND JELL TIIBLERS LEFT AT L L.JOHNSON'S. NEW AND SECOND HAND. d: A. Oliver. Qa thoKJc" of a Conflict. CHARLESTON, W. Vs., Sept. 0.—Tho situation along Elk river between the ,whlt«« and blacks is such that an open conflict may be precipitated at any tima Tbe center of the trouble eeems to have shifted from Echo to Sewell, and thore is much concern among tho leading citizens and authorities as to the outcome. Tbe least incident, a drunken brawl, or the most trifling breach of the peace, may lead to bloodshed. The Negroe* Waut Winchester*. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sept. 0.—A petition is being circulated among the negroes to secure funds with which to buy Winchester rlfli'8 and form a secret military company to join the negroes of Sulaia, Ala., and Greenwood, Miss. The members of the company are sworn to secrecy. The plot has been diicovere~d in time to prevent the ne- groes from carry lag eut thelr-deslgna. The, Defeated togUlmc. * NEW YOHK, Sept. 0.—Gen. Logitimo, the ez-presldent of Haytl, accompanied by his wife and children and several officers of his army, roacheJ this city yesterday on the Ward lino steamer'Manhattan. In an Interview he said ho was properly elected president of tue republic, but was forced by the northerners either to permit the "terrible slaughter" of his countrymen to proceed or take the other alternative aud leave. He chose the latter In the interest of peace. He thought Hippolyto'* reign woula be short- lived. . H» would go to Kraiice for a short tinia aud thon return to Hayti as a private citizen and enter busiuesa, Trutdnit »ud Fuclnir Kucoi. SpHIMir|lU.u, Mass., !Si?iit. 0.— The events decided at the Grand Circuit trutting races at Haiiijxli-i| park yoiterdny were us follows: Fix-e-for-all i>ac» wo:i by Hoy Wilk-'*, brst t:m«, «:!•»;• |n-i--fi'r-ttll trot, liy Gviiuva H., Iwst • licit*, 2:'JO; X\£i ' l«*t |>*uv, by Hal I'uluter, la-ut tune, 'Jilft.V, J-'Im^tou trloti beat !iia owu ruotird, but ii>ul<l not make it in Iwlter tlian «':lu, wbK-li, lunv.'Vjr, wu» l tuu) evjr ui:itl« 0,1 Fresldent Harrison Jolni In a Day of Commemoration. HARTSViLLit, Bucks County, Pa., Bopt 6. pj r g —President Harrison and wife, Postmaster General Wanamaker, Private Secretary Halford, and othor distinguished cillzons attended tho celebration nt the Tennont farm near here yesterday of tho establishment of the old "Log" college. The exeioisos of the day were really commemorative of tho founding of tho Presbyterian church in tho United States. Tho Log college was established In IT^'O by William Tonneut, nnd- flourished until 174:2, when Princeton college was founded, and it may be said that tho Princeton Institution of learning sprang from tho primitive college establishes! by Tenneut. When ThursJay'a celebration was first talked of, President Harrison promised to attoud, and he has kept that promise. A Ride to Remember. The presidential parly started from Mr. Wanamakor's residence at Jonkintown at an early hour in the morning, going in carriages tho eight miles between tho latter place and the scene of the ceremonies. The ride was ono continued ovation. It was entirely through a farming country, witbifa village or two on tho way. At every homestead the people hnd gathered to await the arrival of the president, mi'l the men ( women and children of each family greeted him with cheers nnd waving'of H igs and handkerchiefs, afterward getting into carriages, wagons and othor vehicles and joining tho procession. At Abington, a snmll town, there was a benntiful triumphal arch, anil here a brass band joiiird in tho welcome, while tho church bells were rung and the lionplo choereil. From this place to tho farm tho road was lined witli flags—one- cv«ry twenty feet—and threaded Its way among beautiful country residences. Arrival nt tho Fiirin. At 11:50 the proctssiou readied tho Tennent farm, where a largo tent had been erected f or tho:exercl3es.—As tha~ prfeld-mt and party entered tho tent Iho whole audi^ ?nce, numbering many thousands, arose as [no man and gave tlioin a thunderous welcome, lasting several minutos. The oxer eises hero were the reading of papers by Dr. Turner, of Hartsvillc; He\r. R M. Pat-Uininn, of Philadelphia, and others. Tlio papers 'leolt with tho founding of tho "Log" college and its influence on i'resbytcrianisni, and wore listened to with daap interest. The President It F.&oet!oll<l. Protiid' lit Harrison was then introduced aud received with vociferous applause. He said tho Presbyterian doctrine of pcrsovor- euce of tha s lints had received an illustration in the success of Ibis celebration, and persistent Pn-sbyterianism was well illustrated in Introducing him to make a speech, a thing ho never nt any time hod promised to do Ono of_th« most ombarring things a man had to encounter was to attend a celebration and associate with gentlemen whoso pockets bulged out with manuscript ad- drcssos when ono was not similarly provided. Ho thon thanked tho audience for thoir flattering recjption of himself and party; congratulated Presbytcrianism on its onward march; urged that no backward stop bo taken, and closed by hoping that each attendant of tho exorcises would carry away pleasant memories of the day. They Cheer und Gil to Dinner. Tho president was frequently cheered during his address and at its closo the 25,000 people present made tho welkin ring with their cheers, which were kept up for at least five minutes. A hymn was sung and tho party proceeded to dinner In a tent beautifully decorated with flowers. The repast was entirely informal. After Dinner Kxerclfles. Tho audience thon reassembled in tha big tent an 1 R;v. Ebonezer Erskino and Governor Beaver delivered addresses, while a letter was read written iu 1757 by Gilbert Tennent, son of the founder of the college. Postmaster General Wunamaker was Introduced amid great enthusiasm aud ap- 'plause as tha nvin to whom was duo the presence of tho president. Mr. Wanamaker humorously waiveJ that honor, and declared that his business no w was to carry letters, and ho had merely carried the lot- tors betwoon tho rommitteo and tho president. Ho closed bia address with a suggestion that t ;e old Log college be rebuilt lu "a form as'UBarly resomblin'g" tUo origlhanrs™ possible, as a' mxnorlil of • Tjimsnt, \Vhit- flold, and tho early Presbyterluu heroes. President Knox, of Lafayette college, and others, also spoke. RJV. J. W. Scott, tho venerable father-in-law of Mr. Harrison, pronounced the benediction, and tho large assembly dispersed. The Return to Jenklntuwn. Tho president's return trip to the postmaster general's country house was accomplished without special incid'iit. There .were enthusiastic crowds all along the route. Last evening the president and a few friends were guests of Mr. Wunamaker nt dinner. W. W. Phelps, G."W. Chillis, Elliott P. Shepord, Governor Beaver, Thomas Dolan, and others were present. The president left Philadelphia at 11:15 a. ra. to day for Washington. Mrs, Harrison remained the guest of Mrs. Wanamaker until Monday. FOOD FOE FLAMES. Rages in a Great of Lumber. Stock THIETY-FIVE MILLION PEET GONE. A. Racing Conflaitratlon at Wlnnnn, Minn., Leave* Property Worth »300,OOO In Anhos—A Hot Flglit to 8«vn tho Town —Tho Accident Record—Two I'arnou* Mangled by Trains nml Two More Ulowii to Atoms by Dynnralto. WiNOtfi, Minn., S.-pt, 0. —Thirty- five million feet of lumber, shingles and lath, two brick warehouses and a number of tramways of the Lnlrd Norton company were swept away by fire yesterday afternoon. Charlie Orafton was knocked from a lumber pile by a stream and foil thirty feet to tbe ground, receiving injuries from which he will probably die. The heat fi'um tbo millions of feet of blnzing lumber was terrific, an«i many of the firemen succumbed and were dragged from the place. All the residents for ten blocks niovoil out tlioir household goods, as it seemed that nothing could snvo them. A Iluglng Mima of Flume*. At 2 p. in. flro broke out In tho Laird Norton lumber yard, hack of the blacksmith shop, 200 feot from tho sawmill. The drought hail dried up everything, and tho Oamcs spread with great rapidity. Twenty million feet of lumber wera soon one roaring jnns of- flume. - Tlitt wlinle--flre-depnrtinoiit_ L and reserves wore BOOM at work, and aid- was telegraphed for to LiCroiso and St. Paul. Efforts were directed to saving tho mill, which was loss than 150 foot from tho fire. A strong broezo from tho west aided in saving tbe saw and planing mills, but set tbe \Janiestearingdown t-brou-;!! l!i-! Vast piles lit lumber and toward tho preat lumber ranis and sawmills of tho Empire and \Vinoua companies below. Gotten Under Control. • About 200 feet of vacant gr..u il separated them, and hero all the force was concentrate 1 mid succeeded ill holding tho fi lines back. . Meantime .tho fire craisttd Front street, sweeping through tbo piles of lumber up to Second street. There a bi'" ico house . served as a check, and the firn • w;is stopped by pulling down a house. In the midst of the fire, with twenty blocki of dry lumber asolll mass of fl'ime, tho city pumping works caught flro from tlio smokestack The roof burned and foil in, but tho engineers stuck by the boilers and tho fire was subdued without shutting down'tho pumps. When tbe St. Paul department arrived ut 7 tbo fire wns.under control. JCrttimules of thoXosses. ' . Tbo Laird Norton company lose 22,000,000 feot of lumber, 0,000,000 lath and 7,000,000 shingles, valued at $2(10,000; two brick warehouses, $20,000, and $r>,WX) in tramways. Of their entire stock of lumber only 2,501,000 feet of common dimension remain. Tho total loss is $:!00,000. There is $170,000 Insur-. ance on the lumber, divided among twenty- five mutual and semi-mutual companies in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Now York, with $5,000 In tho Pino Troo.of Winona, but none in old lino companies. There is f 10,5X) insurance on tho brick warehoused J. L. Harris lost $1,000 on wool in tho warehouse. Had tho fire" passed to tho Empire yard, just below, the loss would have boon millions. " Knocked Off* the Top or a Train. COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 0.— While a train bearing tho Knights of Ivanhoo of Athens, to this city, was on its way here yesterday Winfleld Scott and Jamos Cabeen, mom- bora of tho knights, got on top of one of tho cars for some purpose. While thoir attention was attracted in a different direction the train passed under a bridge, and they wore knocked off. Cabeon was mangled in a horrible manner, and when picked up his remains were found to bo so mutilated that he could only bo identified by the uniform he wore. Scott was violently struck, and there is little hope of his recovery.' Illow Two Men to Atom*. Abbott No Longer Chairman. CHICAGO, Sopt 0.—Tho general passenger agents of the western roads at their meeting yesterday relieved J. N. Abbott of his duties as chairman of tbo Western States Passenger association und placed tho affairs of the association in the hands of Secretary Thompson. It is said that the cause of this action was tho desire of some of the general passenger agents to "get even" with his activity in securing evidence against them, which was laid before Judge Cooley last Decomber. Mr. Abbott has been acting ffhutrmBm sincf) January last, but Wi*dnes- day by a unanimous vote he was declared not properly so aud a new election ordered. Two days' balloting failed to elect a successor and the association adjourned subject to call Scores on th« Ball Fluid. CHICAGO, Sept. 6. —Tbe base ball scores in the League and Association yesterday ore given below: At Washington City—Washington 4, Chicago 1; at Pitta'urg—Pitte- burg 10, Boston 4; at New York—New York S, Indianapolis 5; at Philadelphia- Philadelphia 8, Cleveland 0. ' American association: At Baltimore—Baltimore 5, St. Louis 5—game called, darkness; at Brooklyn —Brooklyn 0, Cincinnati 8. Western league: At St. Joseph—St. Joseph 1, Omaha ti; at Sioux City—Sioux City 5, Denver 1; at SU Paul—St. Paul IS, Minneapolis 4; at Milwaukee—Milwaukee 6, Des Homes 1. ^__ The I.mut.m Slrlko About Orer. LONDON, Ht-pt fi.—The great strike of dock laborers li about enJiXl. Tuo man hav» jjot- Uin wbot thoy struck for, oioopt from tha dock cump&u'v*, who, it U ooufldeotly b»- Uevtxl, will tittv* to aurcunib, Tbia U th« rx'»ulttif thu iWiitou ot tiut ktrikiug cow uhU«'lt> allow tiia mau C. Moore is at work at tho mouth of St. Johns river removing the wreck of a brie from tho channel. Yesterday R, T. Moore, a son of the captain, and Grand Powell, colored, were soldering a can of dynamitu when it exploded with a terrific report, and blew both men to otomu. Only one toe of Moore wns found after the explosion. Engineer Dunn was badly wounded in the side nnd orm. Capt, Moore was badly shaken up, but is not seriously injured. Horrible Death of a Young Woman. OHIO ADO, .Sept 0.—Wednesday evening Miss Saivh Savage, of Evanston, who was employed as a laundress at South Evanston, was crossing the Northwestern tracks at South Evanston to take tbo train for Evai> ston, when she was struck by the express from the south as it thundered through South Evanston. She was torn limb from limb and her head was crushed to a jolly. The remains were gathered together and conveyed to an undertaker's. • Held Head Downward for Three Hours. LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 0.—Tho collapse of two buildings on O street shortly after 2 o'clock yesterday morning caught seven men and buried them beneath tho debris. Six of them were rescued in a few minutes, without serious injury, but the other, Dr. Kelso, was caught bead downward between the ceiling and the floor of his ofllce, nnd .it was over three hours before ho could bore- based. No one was seriously injured. SHE. SMILED AT DEATH. 8«l<t!itinn:i) Riilclclt' nf u AVom:iti nt Nlnjj- ni-(\ ^ ivllw. NIAGAIIA FALLS, N. Y., S»pt. G.—Mr-i. L-iwr.Micc, ol Brooklyn, d.'lib-'nitoly walked to a little step-off plaro in tlio park about Sit fe'it fro:n tho brink of th-j falls yc^t;-niay, throw her p:irasol nnd porketlxink into tho rapids, and jumped in herself. .Th'-ru was a considerable crowd around, ann th 1 !}' hflp- k-ssly waleht.-d lliu woman as sljj fl i.-itcil to certain death. She langhcd, but n>>t insanely, 3) the oyo-witiusii'S sny. Ovrr tho Fall* Html First. £33 When almost at tlio brink an eddy rniigbt lior, twirlc'd her around, anil sh'.' went ovi-r Invid fu-,t into tiiu abyss below. All the <v:iy ilown she bad smiled, laughed ami waved her ban-Is an.I tins pho kept upown when going Ivud first over the talk Tim woman's borly passed within fifteen fo'!t of Frosp-ct point, and people there were horrified. A photog- rapbi'r tried to tak'o a view of the suicide, but tlio torrent was too quick for him, and Mrs. Lawrence's death muilo will only last in t'.iu minds of thaso who saw bur die. HIT N.iknil Ilmly Appears. • Everybody watched tho .torrent below to sou' if the body, ciimj up. In lesn thiin 'five minutes the woman's dress «:is washed ashore not far fmm tlie lont of tin- falls, nnd ten minutes later h'.'r naked body c:uno up in the still water near the surpt-nsion bridge and fl mtcd on its dark green surfaci. It • a si^bt tliat will novor bo forgotten by those who saw it Mrs. Lawrence WHS nearly • six feet tall and weighed ir») pounds. Her nocic bad'evid'Mitly bo m broken wliou she plunged li'inl-foriMiNist over th) cataract. In tlio Grim|> or thu \VhIrlpoiil. Tho 'corpse floated dmvn a fow hundred -'rot anii tn'nchVil Vrtirrnnt which pnlltvl it t.ider the s'urfaci 1 , _and, it was not soen uftor- ^vard. A telephone messagb Runt from Sus- |H>nslon Bridi;.j to Lnviston at 10 o'clock last iiightbya correspondent was answered by Coroner Robin-ton tbut th<> had not been recovere I. Ho thonjjht._tlrnt it_; was s'uck in tho whirlpool and some days might elapse Iwforo it was niv.;n up. WANAMAKER'S TELEGRAPH SCHEME. ^oi-vlli Green Tluiiu-M a Llttlo Cuhl AVuter on Iliti KiitrrprlHr. NEW YOUK, HepL (1. — 1'resident Green, of t'lo ^Vestern Uniini Teli-griipb company, says bo has not completed any arrangements with tbo i>ostnuisl,--r |£»m.r!il loulciug to , the estublishniciit of a postal telegraph system. Tbe fact of tho matter is tlmt Post-muster (jeueral Wananiuki.T ban an id- j a that ho can utilize his free delivery syst.'in to advantage iu bundling and dolivurinj messages. "I do not think that such a thing is possible," said Mr. Green, "as I am not aware that it is his intention of employing a sopanite fore.) to transact tbe telegraph - portion of tbo busi- nasa— 1 believe lie lisa lalk»tl-with other-telegraph moil besides mybolf." GcnoVal Scupo of tho Fhkii. Dr. Green said tint it was tbo intention of Mr. Wauainak'-r to connect all tlio pnsloHic.'S in tbe country, and receive ami deliver iu l s- sages just tho same as a telegraph company. Tbe idea was to obtain thuso wires Ironi tbo tologruph company and pay tbo company a [R'rcentugB of the n-C'ipts from tho business handled. Tho Western Union would continue bus'noss at tbo old stnnd, und one of tho advantages to thum—if tbc< arran^oment is completed—will bo tbo saving of terminal expenses. Tbo postollli 1 > telegraph dopart- nient would of course endoavor to do tbo business at a lower rate than that which is now charged, but bo had no feat of this competition, and, in fact, seemed to ignore outirely tbo Idea that tbo government would successfully cope with his company in tbe telagra'ph fluid. Dr. Groon did not think that they would get any business except in places wuuru tlio Western Union bad no of- ilco, and very littlo tbero. Tbo services, he thought, would bo^s >cond class. JUSTICE FIELD ON THE STAND. He Declares Tlmt Jinlso Torry Wa» Ilont on Mnrilurlii^ Him. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. II.—In tbo case of Deputy United States Marshal Naglo more testimony was adduced yesterday showing that Torry habitually wont armed ami in- _dulged in_yiolent acts. Justice Field told the story oT'thiTsUooUng"as" it" has "already been told in these dispatches, nud confirmed tho statement that Niigle warned Terry to stop before taking such effective measures to stop him, declaring himself an ofllcor. Terry llent on M;inlwr. Justice Field further te.-it.ifbl that ho believed that if Naglo had not shot Terry ho (Field) would have been dead within tbo next five seconds. Tho expression of Terry's face when he raised bis hand to strike n soc- ond blow could not bo mistaken. It was full of malice and murder. Justice Field declared that be had never bad any difJl.'iiHy with Terry prior to tbo Sharon decision a year They had been on tbo most friendly torins. Terry hijil often tried cases before him, ami on entering court hud always spoken pleasantly. During tlio lust year or two, however, bu seemed to huvo entirely changed, and to huvo lost his respect for the courts. Justice Field added tbat the story of his having nsko I Terry to 'support him for president some years ago wcs pure fiction. Justice Field was not cross-examined. Absolutely Pure Tnl« powder never rarles. A'marvel of purlv "trenp-th a'ld wholesomoness. More economical than thi> nnilnnry kinds, and can not be soM In competition with the of low test, short weight, a.nun (i fliDHphatc powder?. hold o iv i-> rrifi. HI.TAI. UAKINO PowiiKn Co, t()fi Wall -;•.. - v iork .lansirt w!y MANTELS TILE FLOORS PLAGE .AT MOUKH.ITK PHIl'KS. Wo carry HIP Inrgrcttt «tnS mo«t <-o.tll»l...TK mock an«J rltRtlr nnd i;i:s r <!r \Kn* III Ihlu <<H!litrj. Wopball ho i>]p.T*ri! In enrrc^lvind wll.h <« purchaser.-" or Invite ill"! Ci'llon of OUT com- .elo Block. We 011. manufacturers. ft I \ m J«WlL.«t:1 307-303 V/AOASH AVE.. CHlCAGrj, 9JL. PER LINK. ARE YOR READ1NQ THE Small Ads In the Krcnlng Ouwttet QNE OF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTURE. CHASE SANBORN. SCENE ON A COFFEE PLANTATION - CONTROLLED BY OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. .TITTI * f ' T»TT» A WTT^ <PlrtX'T?X''l? JAVA and MOCHA, SE All BRAIN JJ UUJC JC Jbi surpassing all others In its richness and delicacy of flavor: Justly called The Aristocratic CofYoe of America. Always packed whole roasted (ungroundMn tin cane. It ! H. W. BUNN, SnlE Agent far Sterling. r>ea.liniyr the ^vitli Him "Yon "W^ll A.void '.-i Profit. \J We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, ••-.- -PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL.^ i CREAM PATENT KANSAS2WINTER, SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove np as represented or reffnrn. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it REMEMBER THE __ wa^^steefews Cold Water Ticket for New York. BYRACUBE, N. Y., Sept. a-^Tho state Prohibition convention reassembled yesterday morning at 9:3U o'clock, and proceeded to the nomination of candidates, with tho following result: Secretary of state, Jesse H. Grit- On, Stouben county; comptroller, Benjamin L. Rand, Niagara county; attorney general, Coleridge A. Hart, New York county; stato engineer and surveyor, Alpheus P. Kenyon, Allegany county. A motion made before the candidaU-s wera selected, that the highest nomination of tho convention be given to a lady, was voted down. Hut One Juror In tho Croulu Cuie. CmCAOO, Sept 0.—Twenty-seven tales- men were oxnrniuod In tho Cronin murder trial yesterday. When court adjourned all had boon excused for cause except Ooorge A. Creightoii and E. E. Qrahan. Freeman Gross still remains the only jurymn'i who has been pas-x-J by both sides, but it Is proba' bl« that Uo, ton, will ! u iln>(>p.-.l, us under tha rilling of Judge McCoimtrli th« rU;ht of pcrouiptury chaileiit;o may bo extTei»od until ib» twvlfth man has U,tm patm-d hy both Dakota- Democratic Nom In alloiig. Huuon, D. T., S'lit 0.— Tho Democratic state convention ren-ssjniblod at 0 o'clock yesterday morning. P. F. McClure was nominated for governor by acclamation. Tho remainder of tho tlck-st is as follows: For lieutenant governor, A, W. Pratt; for secretary of state, Otto Poemiller; auditor, J. R. llortou; treaMirer, A. D. Hill; attor __ public instruction, George H. McForland; commissioner of public schools mid public lands, Henry S. Volkman, and for supremo judges, 8. B. Van liuskirk, C. H. AVinson, an 1 D. McLaughlin. For congress, L. Q. Jeffries, and S. SI. Booth. Tho convention then adjourned. Tho platform indorses Cleveland's tarilt views; declares in favor nf just nnd equitable pension laws; favors minority representation; sympathises with the Irish people, and favors a license law. O'Doughorty Afckoil to ll«»!];n. LONDON, Sept 0. — James E. O'D.mghorty, msinber of parliament for Donegal, has run af^ul of his constituents by his utterances in support of tho decisions of tho Irish land commission. Several looul branches in Donegal of tho Nationil league hnvo |«issod resolutions requesting him to resign his seat in juirliamunt. We are selling nothing but No. 1 Meats- Prices Low as the Lowest. MIKADO- MARKET, No Seconds. o. Division of the Town. A Greenback I'urty In HlHMIxr.HAU, Ala., S.-pt. li-li-gnu« Iivm thirty ri'i lay and io.)i-^itniz • 1 tho (i: Alubuiua. C. — About llfty tU'ji m>'t yi^tor- 'iit-ai k paiMy of Alnl-uni'j. It is h.-.i.l-i.l by W. 11. Davidson. who vva-i Vtu-i-iitly nn 'ju-.iM.'1-v'ts: ut «pt>licant for ttm U i t<-l SUitui in.irsh.ililnp of north In numerous places in Sterling as well as In the country round about, it was unanimously resolved that Uarney llickle was right in saying:' If e'er I furnish a house again, From bureau through to table— I'll buy of Reynold's Bros.—that is plein, As soon as I am able. ~ ^FraTired of all the ISimBy trash,* That now my house doth fill; In sitting down there is a crash 1 And ano her mending bill. Here, wife, you go to Reynolds Bros, now, And buy our goods anew— And if I'm caught again, I swow, I hope a lire may bum them too. MANUFACTURERS AND DKALEKS IN Have now on hand in their large store room, tho largest and best stock of House Furnishing Goods ever brought to this city. We invite tha public to call and examine our glock of Furniture, such oa Jb*a.rlor Hotl Hoom Set«, V^in<low Shades, I>i-apei-y» Prices the lowest We will not be undraii Re-OfWstrag Reynolds j£foi W till IPaper, JPicture Carpets,

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