Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1912
Page 8
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\ n MiUllNE Ml! DEMI BiULPH BOBBETT (l^?iE OP TUOsk JtlLtED IN KICABAGUiU AafrieuR Vrr*» Forward, WIp* «nt Bund of KfhoU Mid Keliovo tlio I ' Town of Lroii, •r- , Washington, Oct 6.—The Amorlpan ;marlne8 killed in the battle with Nic- \araguan rel >el8 Friday were: i . JriTBt« Ralph 'Wctor Bobbctt, en- IlAed at St. Louis. His father. Wm. H. Bobbett, lives at Nevada, Mo. - Private Charles Hayes Durham, en - dilated at Indianapolis. His mother, ^ Mrs. Lno Durham, Jivos at Junction aty .Ky. ; V • -Private Clarence Henry McGlll, en. ^listed at Boston. His aunt, Mary Her- Ijert, lives at 26 Hancock Mtreet, Portland. Me. Private Harry Pollard, enlisted at Rochester. N. Y. His mother. Mrs. ; ..Bliss B. Pollard, llvtes at Medway, ^Mass. : •. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Oct. \ < 6.—Thetown ot Leon has surrendered to the American forces. There is reas ;-.-qn to believe liiat no Hghtlng occur; ii^ed but details of tho surrender are : r ; lacking. I . Washington, Oct. 6.— In their march '• iipon Leon, the last stronghold fit the : j .insnrrectlonlsts, the American forces - :Uiider Lieut. Col. Long, busted a rebel nipb at Chichlgaipe, killing thirteen 'outright and wounding many more. • ' Five Americans were slightly wound• * ed. Chichigaipe is on the Nicaraguan ^National railroad, midway between . .Leon and Corlnto, . • In reporUng the engagement to the Navy Department today. Rear Admi- ral Southerland said Lieut. Col. and his command were trsing to se• cure arms and dynamite bombs in . vChichlgnliK} last Friday morning wh^n thpy wore suddenly surrounded by a . mob of rebels and their sympathizers • well armed w^lth machetes and rilles. DlsrcKi.rding the ordej-s of their olH- cers several rebels fired upon the .Am«ricajns. The (Ire was promptly ret\irncd and In addition to killing th-- thirteon rebels and.-u-ounding many more, the Americans look four dynamite boii'hs which Ifis believed wore intended to be used, against them or •to ctipple the railroad. ' Colonel Long's command consisted •iof about 1.000 marines and bluejack- \eta from the cruisers California, Col- iorado and Denver. The capitulation i -bf Leoin. the beleagured town from , -which reports of distress have been boming ever since tho rebel bccupan- ' cy, completes Admiral Southerlhnd's • ; aggressive . programme, which has : been put through swiftly since the i .surrender of General Meila at Grana- .da. * With' Granada fallen,, and General Mena, the moving spirit of the uprising, deported to Panama, the Admiral . : and his forces returned to Masaj'a and it falls out that w^hile one section of * the American forces w.-is cngag<*d in ' ' routing Zeiedon and his rebels from . the hills of Barrance, C^jlonel Long's ' forces were already fighting at Chl- .. cbigalp>e hardupon Leon. , , ' It is therefore ])eliovpd here thar. the Strength of the Insurrection has been .dissipated^ with the capitulation' in ^snch quick succession of the princi- I«l .rebel strongholds. ' . Confirmation of the reported sur^ render of Leon had not been received hiere at, a lato hourtbnight. President Taft today telegraphed to the Navy Dcpartmfint from Dalton. : Mass.. complimenting the marines and ;CTilors on their splendid behavior in •Nicaragua and expressing his sympa- ' thy' for bereaved men and comrades : who lost their lives. THE.IblA DAILY REGISTER, . MfeAY EVBNINq OCT OBER 7,^912. bOLD STATE MOOSE MEETIXG. 1 . ' :?reiT Fraternal Order VSIM Tonvenp at : OtUwa, May 8, 1918. \ The first state convention of the Loy al Order of Moose will bo held at Ot- tVKH May 6. 1913. Notice of the con- .vention has been received by the local .lodge and arrangements for the election of delegates will bt> made soon in "order tba|l the elaborate program • wnlch I the Moose expect to prepare :»«.v be provided for. Tho Moose have grown rapidly alhce the or/anization was started in Kansas an^thero is hardly a town of iijiy importance that has not'a lodge of the order. Bie yATAL BETIEW THIS Vil Et iaanfic Sqnadron AssembllDfr in' the 5ew Tork Harbor, i •1- . .Th« biggest colJeclim of United .States fighting craft ever assembled •logBther. will be reviewed in New •York harbor this week, when 127 ihips.with 28.000 seamen gather there. ':irh« first of the battleships of the At- Uuittic Fleet nndefrRear AdmiralOs- .ierhaus, arrived Saturday, consisting , M'the Ohio, New Jersey, Rhode Island. Nebraska.. Kansas, Louisiana. . pelaware, Vt&h and Florida. Next Saturday the warships will be revlew- e9 by President Taft in the Hudson fiver. -r- i '* j Mrs. Johnson (rets Bfrorce. Mrs^ Mamie Johnson ivas granted •ilibrw from her husband, Walter JoiniBOi^ by Judge Foust in the dis- ttiip\ court latte Saturday afternoon. . IqliBBon was arrested and convicted 4n''t^e district court, of attackiog his Wife several months ago. Later he VWaa paroled upon his promise to be igbod. WhUe at liberty. L he- diaap- ^)eared and, has not since been heard from. The Johnson's Ilvp at Hum- *0ldt ?f9t Well Enonirh to WOAT"" 'Thousands of American girls and .women are dragging out a lw«ary ex- litenoe in ^torea. nUUs. shops and far. i.orla« wKh dlBtreistflff woakaessM and deranitementa which are •appinr =Mjel.r very Ufa away. ^ L Synb women may find Joy In llvJnit ;Sl4 \» roaiorad to viUoroua haaWh i>y uXing l^dlK e. Piukhaw'a V«KeUbU iPeinnound. a woman!* rauiady for wo* ia«&'a III* which it«va,|itooAM(«M««t •F • • ... ; . • jc . v-i' 'ff =at the EW YORK STORE TUKDAY MORMG at 9 o clock, we shall place on sale 400 Nobby. New, Up-to-date Suits at 1-4 and 1-3 off regular price.' These styles were chosen with the care of the artist selector. Contracts for making, closed with the businessjjudgement of the expert merchandiser. THESE SUITS are combined style and quality- merits which we bring to you. through this store at these remarkable LOW PRICES so early in the season. Having a RESIDENT buyer in NEW YORK who is always "Johnny on the Spot" with the ready cash to take advantage of any bargains offered. $8.95 $12^95 $20.75 $16.95 $20.75 $24.95 $12.95 $8.95 §9 Mm.'. $16.95 $8J5 S>!crge Suit, Wack and navy material of mannish cloth- will wear splendidly, lined throughout with French satin such as is used in Men's Coats; also fancy novelty cloths. Sizes ik to 18 and 34 to 40. Price...... .$8.95 $12.95 Noi-elty Suits made -of Mannish Serges, also Whip Cords and Knickerbocker Suitings. Some have wide braid trimmings, others man tailored with button trimmings. Black, navy, greys and beautiful Scotch Novelty Mixtures: Sizes 14 to 36. Price ...^ $12.95 $105 Man Tailored Suits, made of strictly Mannish Serge in navy and black, also beautiful novelty mixtures in grey and" brow^n. New vestee effect, velvet collar and cuffs, guaranteed two season satin lining; all sizes; at.. .$16.9p $20.75 High grade Cheviot Serges, also ^novelty diagonal weaves in naw, brown, grey and black: new shape back, slightly cutaway coat, lined throughout with Skinner satin lining; bound all over with tailor braid or straight tailored collar. All sizes— priced at .$20.75 $24.95 Elegant high grad^ man- tailored Suits, of imported Diagonal Serges, Cheviots Whip Gords and Scotch Mixtures. No two alike. Brown, na\y, black, grey and an exquisite assortment of novelty cloths. We have'em from 14 years to 52 bust Priced at $24.95 I NINE Y0I1I4S HUGE TO DEIITH ETERT JOT KEDEB I\ THE PniLA- DELPHU CBOWD KILLED. came home last night and annoance^ Shaw, a lumber merchant Atscord-- that he was going to tiOce a party of friends for a ride through the park. iThe nine youths;- who afterward met j their death, piled into the machine. Another Tar Tried fa Pass That of the TktlmK Alter Sfaoatlnr a ChiiL lense •> a Dark Road. Philadelphia. Oct 6. —^Nlne young men threw their lives away early to- da.v. ' , Tb;e wild race between two motor .cars filled with Joj- riders'ended ftr- ^rlbly and suddenly when the machine In which the nine were riding lore away the railing of a bridge and plunged over nh« embankment fatl- inr flfty-elght feev ^ The accident occurred on Thirty- third Street ijn tho FalrmounfPark secpon t>f the cliy. The" machine turned turUe' whU« hurtling through the air. pinnlag the rictiins in the debris and klUinjr «evea outright An* other died In & hospital and the ninth on the way to (he tiodptal, Tb« dead »re: Robert A. Boyd. S7 yean old .aordon H, Miller. Si: WIN lam H .UwNBee} 91; Wnr Shaw. 19;. Jem liolnai. II; XrnMt 8«h> field. 90; llob«rt OaiMl. 19. The tuolor ar WM OWR«4 hjr JK^M lPff'U>~youBf lh«w'f motbtr thf After spinning around resorts the nine men garage. On Thirty-third other car came tearing along and chal i lenged the occupants of the Shaw ma- 1 cEine to a race. An eye witness tells to several staHed for a Street an- I the- stor}- of the collision "The street ^was dark at that point he said, roadside. 'and a huge fa<He and death- wag ii/' the as if It were running witbput control. As the machine swung a little further on its course at came up into the air and struck the rail. This iron barrier was torn away as if it were a pipe- stem, car and occupants going over the embankment. "The men were so tightly crowded into the seats that none had attempted to jump from the car. The other macliine's occupants never stopped for a" moment, but kept steadily on its way." The chauffeur of another car which \ m^t the machine with which the Shaw car had been racing said that when it passed him some distance from the scene of the accident the occupants, saw both cars tearing along with the! ^« ««»t«I«t«J. shout- "CAr gone over tho bridge. PIIYIN6 THEGOUNTY OFFICUILS Throt^ Xontbs ^arx Vnst Xadr Conri House Crew Glad to !See the Commlit.<iloner». I attribute the hurtling of I the machine over the bridge to the fact of the car hitting the cavity. '. I speel iciutches thrown to the limit The car In which were the ni^ men was slightly In the rear of the other car. .\R the two machines reached a t point near Master Street the youth at the whe^il of the rear machine tried to paKs the other car. Both cars were j going at high speed and Shaw, who presumably was the ohaaffeur, made no attempt to bring his car down, but shot troun,d from the rear, maintain, lag the aame speed. •< 'In awinging forward the Shiirear aMeawiMd .the other ni«cbj|i» and tttoii, humpMl awty and ttwded itmwht fov the brldi». railiflc Thl»^nM It tht wfiiat of tha Hbnw «itr acitttifit to hftvo loal oonlroi^'Mi ^j-j.wWflbJttajptd^iuid iMpt^fl^ •Th^ car did not stop for an instant, but ^-ent away from the scene with the speed clutch wide open. Ita identity has not yet been learned. There 1^ one trait of Kanaas City which appeals strongly to people who cXn name nuinerom other (|ualltle« of the business octopus of this section, and thai U the whoop and bur. rati way the town tuna out for ita looal relebrlilif*. Mlu Kelipe Lynne. who won %\iet\m ni a* npora Nngar nbrokd. AppMiifi toalihl In ooae«rt'ia I and tho f .m «o«i» Ml4 o\kV r»pr««MU«f convantiOB ht the' court The Ghost walking at hodse today. ' • / Diagram: The Ghost is a paymaster. When he walks, employes are to receive their wages. The term Ghost walk originated in a print Shop and has since been appropriated Into other walks of life." So the county oiRclals atf glad for once in their lives to see*the phantom creature persbnified by the board of eounty commissioned Since the county dropped oil in population, the hoard meets quarterly instead of monthly and county officers receive -their pay qaarterly Instead of monthly. Qbange iVXa gettlnir acarro around tlie court houaa iind tba oRlclnla wore lonr. haoniad faces, Tlieaa ay rep- toma were remored tinrly today. And. tbero ara othera who are glad that tho commUuilonera "ant" .today. Many hud hHli waln*^ th« eouoty for varlottl lUmi. labor, morfihaitdlao, oto. inoao aoeounta wilt be allowed and swimmta dmwn boforo tb* board brewing, there probably will be H week long session of the board. I'er- baps an adjourned session will be held next week. KEEPTOrR aj «>EY AT HO-ME. Ue^ster Bindery fan Dn Yonr Work aud Returns tbf Money, i The book-binding department ot the Register is fully e^iuipped to rult all styles an^^izcs of statements, loose- leaf ledger sheets and specially.coled blanks. Jn the binding of leJ^ors day books. Journals, and all other kinds of book-binding, the Register will bind your book as strong as any oiber bouse in the business and giiarantr-c a neat job. at the same price you pay the out-of-town book comjwny. AYe make loose-leaf covers and rebind old t>ooks and magazines at a very nioduratp price and the work la dtine carefully and neatly. WD will cheerfully submit samples of niatorlals and iirlres at your request. Klvo-slstbs of the price of A book V* paid to tho business hounes of tola by the KeglotPr and Ks employes, Give Mun)«< ln>liii<iry a chnnci* and keeik the inontjy in Inin, Mr. and Mra, t, A. Btone. of Rninnna Okla., who bHV« been vtatttiig at lha bOiria of R. II, tlaniiett left thi« after, noon for Ua AhgoWa, Calif., to inaha Irhoma. . \ Opens ToDight Attlie GRAND Sbows Adults - lOc Children - 5c A Few Choice Scab at • 20c John Toman, aged, 30. and for a year a practiclnR veterinary surgeon, ami Mis* Nollle Markloy, aged 17. 'vrotty and nccompUshed daughter of a fnrrflhp. committed suicide by taking morphine Saturday at BennliiKton. Kansas. Toman'a fathar waa f suN tide. He pwrfuadtd the'girt, to whom he waA tir have been marrla*") Mat June. 10 eniar ,H sululde pMt^. with him. letter* found provlnv thil ah« ftnaily coBaoBtMi to "envtit-titomav ^nkQOWB wilh bim." Itt aoeutod tao drtiA drovB to bar home and tn« twi*

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