Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 5, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1889
Page 4
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THE EVEIUSG GAZETTE: Til I' " Where arc y< HI jjoiiu; my pretty niaid ?" " I'm poinj^ washing, sir," she said. "What hold you in your hand so tight, With a face so gay and a step so light?" "That which all prize their dearest trcas- urc— —- — :, Makes washing and scrubbing only a pleasure, Keeps the clothes so clean and white; ,The doors and windows a beautiful sight. For your own household you'll get it, I hope, Five cents buys a bar of SANTA CLAWS SOAI>." SOLD BY ALL GROCERS. Made only by N. K. Fairbank & Co. Chicago, 111. Brncp I'p. You are feeling depressed, your np- *etite is poor, y, iU are bothered with .eadache, you are fidgetty, nervous, .nd generally out ot sorts, and want to 'race up. Brace up, but not with sthn- .lants, spring medicines, or bitters, rhlch have for their basis very cheap, ;ad whiskey, anil which stimulate you or nn hour, and then leave you in n worse condition than before. What ou want ia an alterative that will pur- fy your blood, start healthy action of iver and Kidneys, restore your vitally, and give renewed health and trength. Such a medicine you will nd in Electric Hitters, and only 60 ents a bottle at 13. B. Strickler's Drug tore C. & N. W. TIMk TABLE. oonroBAar. Atlantic Kx._ .2 :«2 v m Sterling Fass.~6:8fl a. in. Limited Pass. 8:52 a. m. Clinton Dearer 1:55 p. m 3:40 a.m.' OOINQWBHT. Pacific Ex— z-32 a. ro. Sterling Pass. 8:00 p. m Limited Pass. 4 :W p. m. GllntonPass 1:13 p.m. Denver 8:53 Fmaoar TBAINB THAT CAHKT PABSENOBIU. OOtNO KABT. QOrNd WKHT. No. 18...-™ — ..8.15 p. m. No. 8S...__...-7 :*0 a. m No. «...__..... 8:50 a. m. No. 17 ----- 10:52 a. m a, a OOINQ BABT. I OOINQ WEST. 8-rP»ss«nger 8:30 a.m. 36— P»3ienger 4:20 p.m 78— Freight --- *:4S p.m. 41— Freight. — 8:00 a.m AHRTV* FROM EAST. 79—Passenger...9 M) p. m. 1— Freight-.... »:40a.m. AHBIVB FROM WEST :ifl—Passenger 10:3<> a. m. 43-Freight. 0:30 p.m. gHr No. Sfl connects with trains east nur' west on Clinton Branch: with 0. 11. 1 & P. 11. R. >t Hook Island east and west; with main lint or points west. Council Bluffs, Omaha and be Soar and lor Kansas City and points beyond. THE CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN • W RAILWAY. OVEK 7,000 MILES Of steel track in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota and Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural Mining and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and PullwJ" Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and . FAST VESTEBULED TRAINS Running direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver. San Francisco and all Pacific Coast Points. OHLY LINE TO THE BLACK HILLS For Tlckeu, Ratal, Maps, Tine TaWon and fn.l Information, apply to any Ticket Agent or lid* dreii tbo Gen'l PattauDgcr ARcat, Chicago, III. >. K. WHITMAM, E. C. TOEEE, E. P. W1LBOH, Q»ner»l luaagor. Trifle Hiujgor. Otn'l Pan. Agt. . A. Axent BTKHLIWW THIRD You !hould read lhe CHICAGO * "*.*•••' DAILY NEWS because it'» an indt- ptndent newspaper. Tliere are two sides to ever)' political question, and THE DAILY NEWS gives them both with equal fairness.—A-party_organ_. magnifies one side and dwarfs the other. No sensible pian wants to betrifledivith in this fashion. The time has gone by when American citizens expect to inherit their po. litical opinions. They want to make theirown—and to do this they want a paper to tell them -the truth, regardless of their own personal preferences. 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Th* wooes* of J J irn»ooTT t » tundi nBpr*c»d«aUrf im th* atiBAU of Hoguln« publishing, tad to-oiiy lUfunllloy tltia U w«locoud la vnrj tumltfe, Tillage, ton, and ol(j tbrnnjjbjjat lit* Unltad Ststea. ,. Tha tout writAn of th* n^* h»T» b««n ^curtxJ and tioir NiLtarM will, from UHM to tlm«, b« addod which will giv* to Lir' A DISTINCTIVE PLACE OF ITS OWN AraMU lUroc, Fdnr (Ultni, John Ilabberton. Edirat K«««vtt. CapUia Cliarle* Kiojc, U.S.A.. Grmoa Kln R . M KllioUS«aweU. BaHuanolaro.ldaurioaBarrjrtaon. Gold*, ami maojr «Utera will oontrilmU to !t> r"K«* for 1-SK). For full r>rotp*etBj. addnsM LlppfneoU's Hjigaclne, Phil*i* el old a, Z5cenU*ioglii nomlxir, tt.'K) j>er jvar. Feed BLUE LINE. R UNNINU ... THREE WAGONS. 1C CENTS FOR 3 LINES. All it eoata to put a -I- "WANT" -i- IS Nerer go to the room of an invalid without an invitation. cnoyr, WHOOPINU COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh'a Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. 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How much better to inyito all to call on an drugglat and get a sample bottle tba you may t«at for yourself its power Large bottles uOc and 91 oo. 4 luable Ixforwativa t* Do you you o«u a"**ut" tn boarders'}' If you d »e«Hir» ttieta by KVKKINU U Sfpt. ?.. —Somehow a postal sent, us was miscarried, concerning a report of the Alliance meeting held last w>«pk and also a notice of one to be held last night. While threshing at Mr. W. A. Early's esterday Jflke Frank timed how fast is machine was threshing and found t wtia shelling at the rate of seven ushels per minute. Let others try it nd send us a report. We want to find ut the boss thresher. Have you noticed that there ia an nusual amount of smutty corn thi.s eason'r 1 Who nan tell the reason? Duo are will have to be exercised this fall when we turn stock into the fields af- er husking, lest they eat too much of t and die. Mrs. William Fitch, of Chicago, pent several days of l«st week with riends on Dixon avenue. It goes without saying that Jake i'rank is a hustler to thresh and when e can't get grain enough to put hrough his machine something else must go thrangh. We well remember it coat ot ours a few years since that ame through the separator in shreds, and one day last week ho actually fed iis machine money, good green back money, about thirty dollars of it, too, Mid he ne'er saw it again, either. He was just paid for his job of threshing ay Mr. Ufkin, and wrapped it In a landkerchief and put it in his overalls ocket for a lew uinutes and soon forgot its existence, until ho saw the right colors of the handkerchief just i humping itself through the cylinder- lard luck, for a cylinder has an ins i liable appetite. Mr. Charles Johnson, of east Colouia, ias a sister visiting him from Rock sland. She formerly resided here. • A young lady of east Rock Falls ex- lerimented Saturday with a dynamite ailroad cartridge, but she won't do it again. She took a hammer and plnc- ng the cartridge on a rock, gave it a smart rap with the hammer, when the dura thing exploded and the young udy experimenter now wears bandages over bad cuts received from its :xplosion, just below each knee. Verly- experience-is sometimes~a—dear teacher. .... A few have boeu trying to plow their stubble, but have'liad to give up-the ob—We noticed "one^ man at work the soil with four horses and was forced to succumb to the dry, liard mother earth. We must have lots more rain before we can do any plowing. We hear that the Excelsior Sunday school picnic last Wednesday was a grand success, all having .a good time. It was held on the beautiful lawn of Theodore Trouth. The Banesjschool not to be outdone by its many sisters in the way of fine appearance had its walls and ceiling prettily papered last week and pro sents now'a tasty appearance. Ed. B. Worman, of Rock Falls, did the work. Mr. Frank Jacobs has rented the Shuler farm for next year. This is a good farm. It is occupied this year by Alijgf Trouth. Mr. Henry Hein has added anoth er forty to his farm, it being what is known as the Col. Wilson 40, paying for same the sum of one 'thousand dollars, and we call it dirt cheap, too. It will be remembered that Col. Wilson traded this land a few years before his death for the huge vault which now stands over his tomb In Riverside cemetery ,|Sterling. Miss Emma Early began teaching school yesterday in the Scott school. Aa this is a good school and she ia a teacher of much experience, we bespeak a steady advancement in the pupils. The Institute in the new church to be conducted by Mr. I'erry, of Sterling has been sot for Sunday .Sept. 15. There wilLbe twasesslons,—Full-particulars will be given in time. There being no regular clover huller in the town and being Indications of a fair crop of that seed this fall, Mr. Jake Frank has purchased -a new one, the famous Birdsall clover huller, which he will run with his engine and it will make aa outfit. Mr. John Gerdes is building him a new barn for stock on the Kllgour farm, it being 16x32. Miss Essie Green, of Sterling, spent moat of last week with her cousin, Miss Ethel Green, of our town, this being her last outing before school and of course she put in good licks at enjoyment. Samuel Long has gone to Coleta to run an engine to the threshing chine of Frank Wetzell. As we promised to say nothing about those bed elats being nearly all taken out and letting the girls take a tumble to the floor, of course we won't, of course not. Mr. Charles Sturtz took in tho G. A R. encampment at Milwaukee. lie is one of the tried and true boys in blue Mrs. Frank Russell left last Thurs day for a few weeks visit with relatives in Chicago. Mr. Russell will play housekeeper till he eats up everything in the neighborhood and then go after his better half and accompany her home. Miss Mar; Bartl, of near Empire spent last Thursday with her frienc Miss Lena Loufl. Mrs. Cbas. Muckridge and family, o Rock Falls, spent several days las' week at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. W, II. Shepard, Mr. George Detricfc has bought force pump made for aud attached to iiU water tank for his traction engine The filling of all these water wagons has beeit a nulaance, requiring the hir ing ot an extra man to threshing en ginea aa water carriers, bat with thl BOW pump of Mr. 0etrick'«,la water tank can be tilled by cue man eight luiuutos, doing away with the ex tra ui«n. It Oflrtaiulr U a groat to any buying otis. Mr A rtbtiif git*pard, HOB of oar W of R£T W Shepinl, of Elpin, nfnrts this I'ri'lfiy for Eurckn, which is ID miles from Peons, to a largo coUepo under the management of the Christum church. He starts for a full course which 'Will take six or seven years to complete. His intention in to study for the ministry. A wise and worthy resolution for a young man. We hope ha may have abundant success in the school arid the years of good work afterward. An interesting time waa.had last Friday night in the Walker school house east of Stones in the way of a I aaket auction social for the benefit of the missionary society of the /ion church near there. Over twenty five dollars was realized from the sale o£ the baskets. Young men were made to bid high for the basket of his best girl when they would unwittingly give themselves away in their eagerness to bid when curtain baskets were put np. Over two dollars was paid by some. Another one will be held in the near future. Mr. Silas Green and family of Sterling opent Sunday with his brother in this town. It is a fact worthy of record that he has never been out to visit his brother in ten years without its alninghard before he returned. Know- ng now this fact we think we shall ave him out here often in times rf very draught if we have to get him lore ourselves. Mr. H. Sturtz has been spending sev- ral days in Duluth where he is inter- sled in some real estate in tho city's uburbs. - The next monthly meeting of the lontmorency W. C. T. U- will be held t Mrs. A. A. Church's on the last Fri- .ay in September; being the 27th. It will be held in the evening. The elect- on of officers for the ensuing year will here take place. It is very important hat all members of the union be pre- ent, so says the pies. Prairie chickens are getting to be a carse article. The. Institute of which we made mention of in our last letter h is been et for Sunday September 15th. There will be two meetings, afternoon a^nd ivening at 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Georgo P. Perry, of Storing. .The subject will be " The Divine lieligipn__.GIvon-to-Man.* T ~Itf will be feld in toe new church and there promises to be a large attendance. If you wish to learn something on tins sub- ectcome. The Montmorency W. C. T. U. will mve an ice cream social at the residence of Mr. Ed J. Currier on Friday evening September 18th, to which all are "cordially invited. The socials of ;hese ladies have been heretofore well attended and we are safe in saying the same of this one; come. Miss Zena Arey goes Friday to Chicago to reside there for a few months. Mr. Arthur Reynolds has quit work- .ng for Mr. J. W. Nims and is taking a trip of a few weeks to Tonica this state, where he has relatives. Owing to the length of our article ;hia week we will only stop to say we kick against the state of Illinois giving money to help the. World's Exposition m 1^92 for the sake of ita benefltting omy Chicago; and so says a large number we have talked with. And lastly but not least of our items ;hls week we have the recording of the jlrth of two babies; first a son was born ast Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. August 1 routh and yesterday the family of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jacobs was increased ay a little daughter. "Verily our town :lo grow."' MACK QUEERdUAIN. From Tnmpieo. Quite a number of our people are taking in the Morrison fair this week. .2k. brakeman by the name of Edwin Bassett, on Saturday evening at 6:30 was very seriously hurt, while making a coupling,* 1 his foot being caught under the break-beam and throwing him on i he track and pushing him for about 12 feet over the ties, injuring his lower limbs, hip and back. It was thought by many that he would not live to be moved from the track. Dr. A C. Smith was called and on examination it was found that the only bone broken was the pelvis bone. He is being cared for at the city hotel. Hia mother is with him. They reside in Mendo ta. At present writing the patient is doing remarkably well, and hopes he will be able to be .taken home Saturday. Dr.Couk, of Mendota, the company's doctor, came down on Monday and made an examination and said he was doing well under the care of Dr. A. C. Smith. The G. A R. boya have returned from the encampment and they all seem to think they bad a big time. Mr. McMillen, our lumber and coal dealer, will commence taking an inventory of his stock next week, previous to turning it over to his successors in business here. The gentlemen that bought the stock are L. J. Kendell & J. Y. Bunnett, of LaMoille. Mr. Kendell-will reside—here—and—take- charge of the business. They are good business men and come well recommended, Our live stock men are doing a rushing business at present and the grain buyers are having a good lively trade. What an elegant rain we had Tuesday night and it was welcomed by every person. Charles Glfford, our Tornado roan, took a trip to Spring Valley today. Assessment No. 6 of the M. W. A. is out. Weil, we can stand it all right for we missed July and August. Our school commenced Monday with a good attendance and everybody feels good-natured, tor the little folks have had charge of the town for the past three months. Mr. Weaver and lady of Kansas City, ancle and auut of Dewitt West, made him a abort .visit on their way home from the oncampmttut. JWcxt Tdosday tb« 10th, the Iteunion will eoaitueJ.u-*) at Aoiboy, ant! bol.i Uia I'isfe. *«i! thssa wa will t*U ydu ii, Tt;n final iner fi^nsr of tho C. i? «S.. Q. are ''tying str-nl rails bntwpen hw and Deor Grove ana will continue until they litiish tho branch. R. Collins has gone to Morrison with his running horse Billin; hope !'.o will have better success then he had at Ohio last week. A. S. Urowor is attending the fair at MbrrisolT ftfl fie Is OTIB of the olTiciuls, and ho makes a good ellloient ofllcer. -•A special train carao down from Mendoti\ Sunday and brought a larfjo immbor of thn_rnlatioiia and friends to see tlie ynung man that got hurt by the cars Saturday. Mr. Healer the train master was also to see him Tuesdny. They all seem to be very deeply interested in him. Misses Blanche Wylie and Eve Smith returned to Aurora to continue their studies. They are attending the Jenning's Seminary. Mr. Ed. High and lady are guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Wylie. Mr. High was in the mercantile business here for • number of years. After he left here ho went to Indiana and commenced prae icing law where he has resided since. Albert Glassburn has one more to his family circle, and it is a boy. —A problem— A bet $5 with B and B wins, how much does he win? (An swer) Our supervisor, J .• F. Leonard, is kicking because he can't go to the reunion, just because the Hon. Board meets in regular session on the same days. Oh well Frank there's nothing like being a town ofllcer; we feel for you but can't reach you. l^rom .Empire. The dry spell was broken last Sunday evening by a line shower. Clarence Ross started last Friday for Hillsdale, Mich., where he has been af tending college for several years. The macadamizing of tho public highway between Empire and Sterling has been completed. Mr. Thomas Mathews, our shoemaker, is on the sick-list. J. K. Carolus has the bos* swarm of bees. He has already tukeu off- 200 Ibs. of extracted honey this aeasoiTlind . ex- pSctsTto get^ iiOjba... more? : — \Vho~can beatthatV The Empire school opened Monday morning with Miss Eva J. Bush as principal and Miss Annie Reed, assistant teacher. Forty-nine scholars were present the first day; the number has since increased. The children will not have to go without water at school any more, as the directors put in a well during vacation. The' well is fis ftet deep and has 40 feet of water in it, of line quality, being drilled nearly all the distance in solid rock. Five graduates from the Empire school are attending the Second ward school, Sterling: Misses Phobe Fan ning, Lizzie Hoak, Mabel McDowell, George Carolus and Chas. Deets. Robert Graham has ruoved his family into the house lately fitted up by Mrs. Deets. James Deets has moved into his own house, just yacated by Robt. Graham. • ^^ — - -------- . •— Wm. Mench has purchased a house in Sterling, to which place he will move his family soon. Henry Gerdea has commenced work on his new house. Con. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Tlie widow of Prosldeut James K. Polk celebrated Ijer SOih birtbday Wednesday. Heavy Oooils liavo visited the state of Morolps, Alcxlro. Several lives liuve been lost. Otto Ogiicn, of JefTorsonville, Ind., is tho happy futliur of n. girl baby which weighs only elrhtt'eii ounces. The tiillt nt Si. 1'nul is that tho big milling properties thi'ro will become British Investments sonvj timo next mouth. Tho exposition at Chicago opened its doom Wednesday iii^-ht nt 8 o'clock. The show is (i very extensive and creditable ono. "William K. L»ntJ,.oT Boviilo, Flo., cut an artery -In his arm, ili'«nk u vial ot morphine, and then shot himself in tho head. . Fiuauciul reverses. It if reported In New York that Gen. Mo- Nnlta will bo tho permanent successor of E. T. JeiTery as manager of the Illinois Central roa I, The Crozor Steol and Iron company's property at Hoanoke, Va., was sold at auction Wednesday to SmnU'jl A. Croz-;r, nt Chester, Pit, for PXXI.OOO. ' Tho Liverpool docknun, who struck Tuesday for an advance of 1 shilling a day in wagwt, wont buck to work Wednesday, the employers conceding their demand. Bc-rry II. Binfoi'.l, who < enlisted In the rebel army when ho was but 9 years old, and was the smalls and young* st soldier of tho Confvilornry, die 1 at Monroe, Li., Tuesday. Wood Bros., proniiniMit confectioners of Decatur, lils., were arrested Wednesday under the civil rights law for a refusal to serve ,lce cream to Rev. EJward Wilson, a colored minister. , Miss Kate L. Pier, tho first feminine lair- yer to reach that prou 1 eminence in WUcon- 8ia,'uiudo an (ir;;umcnt before tho supreme court uf that stuio Wednesday, and It was- a good one. A vi-sUbulad train on the Pennsylvania railway caught fire Tuesday night by tho friction of the roofs of two cars, which wore off the rubber casing aud made tho steel plates 'red hot. Tho Now York Bun says that part of the Hamilton conspiracy which did not come oil was the murder of Mr. Hamilton so soon as lie could be fmjuceil to mak~e a will iu favoF of tho spurious heir, The Wadesboro, N. C., and Darlington, S, C,, base base ball clubs played a paino Tuesday, and tho result was tho murder of tho umpire by one of the D.irliugton nine — Loon Dargan, sou of Congressman Dargun. Tho convention for tho improvement of the western waterways opened the first of its Ohio valley meetings at Cincinnati Wednesday. About 150 ilolegates wore in attendance. Only preliminary business was trausactod. • George Williams, an "old • timer," and Jamas H. Clark, both counterfeiters, havj been captured hy United States offlfers. They hail a il.itboat .on tha Ohio and wore "shoving the queer" — silver dollars — In Indiana. Belle Elgan, of Taylor villa, Ills., In on trial for the murder of Sung Wo, a Chinaman, iu March hut, Hlw t-iiUc"tl him into the wools where an accomplice named Williunu shot him. Tlw two then returned to Tiiylm villa aiul robbe I Bang Wo'i louii- dry of $i& Mr. D. B. Biveetter, of Marion, Ind, is in a towi-ring nigt> Juat now because ula daughter Anna lcv«J K. B. Mwo«;soy, a young ut- Uiroey, well enough to oK>ta) with him, in *lMt<.* of bor f«tb< r'-- invUiribU? ol j^i'tjuiii* to UiOHtilib Mr M» t '4 ( tt baa ilt* (iii-l S!:n Hii-n !•- >.f the Dm riv.-T ri!-r, In.. «T ; :•' ;i !!••;•• < liM.iy o-.nM h" f n::irl in tl;. di:ri'n*'. r >rH, an,l i:ft--f th tv%lil"M-|i»<i<l Ind v.iii-.Iy she wrt* f'ltnvi nliv Mr, •••••' 1 in tho vicinity "f th" r-nv parents ill-tn-it-d l.or. Pun tniiidtif nn n l'.:li! BlUMINiII'M. Aln., B-'l't will prolinbly I" 1 '''<'<'' "' Tonnes'"? Civil, Iron nn-l IViilr.wi '.'ornp.iny, tho lnrer"it,'~iiidu'.ti'ml cV-rp .rhtimr in - tbo south. i.'"l. .larkson, Mvunl vie- pn"i.l<-nt- of tho comp'iny, r> -t'lriv -I from NVw Y"rk Tiiovday. II" snys thi> M.-W York n!""kholil- crs want. Lamnnt. eh'Ct- •!. nn-1 nil tin' stockholders In this city will v-il(> for him. Tho salnry Is fin. (KM) por ymr. «.iy l'rr-«Motit. . "i.— Pin Limont !> r '" ii ll '" t ot N"" WASHINGTON glnoor Jli'lviUi- Charles Ion's h UITV, Sept. n. —C!ii«f Kn- li.-N IVp'U't slimy.* t'.iat til'} : it-.;,.-p wer win p-.vitly It-low tin , n her Irinl li ip. Hlte will ilcnjlitl'-'.'S l«! ni-r-cjitpil liyl'i' Liivn-niiient, lint nt ri'diirtil rnii-a on nccotint of thiHclo- flt-lency. Tin- Ivnvl "'ill nl-o U> iv-'.-ept«l, bin with pcnnlty for fuilmv tori'in'i al>so- hito requirements of oonti-nrt The WriirliiT \Vi- May Export. WARIIISHTOS CITY. Si-pi. iV-Tlii- follmvlni? RH- the wr:itln:r linlli-alImm for tin-thirty. Blx hours from M ji. in, yi-sti-nhiy: FIT Imlinim—Hnin: lower t.-in]ii-nit\ir,-: t-astorly wlnils. For Miehiirnn nn 1 ^Vln-uiiflii —iliiln, follow. (1 hv rlenrlii : \ve-llll--r In Wl.ieonsiu: wlncla slilflirr: to inin-li ruMcr, north westerly. For lilino n \\\\'\— Knin, folluw<-i| 111 Iowa by t'leuriiiET weatjier: lower teinpenitnro; wlniln HlilftliiK to northwesterly. THE MARKETS. OIIICAOO, Sept. 4. Quotations on thn board of ttwlo to-day were of fo lows: Wh-at—No. -i Sept-.-mhor, oponi-il nml clo?i-l IT^c;Octolier, djiencd , cloFi-il Ti\<*:; Dcci-mbc'r. o]«-iH-d T'.lc, clo ed ;IIL^-V^O. I.'orn--No. « .Sc|itfinlH-r, opened Sliio, rlose-1 IHr: October, opened :tl.'<je, closed ai; Jlay, ciiiencd iW«ji-, closcil :iMf;-tlc. Oats —No. 'i Hoptemlii'r, ojieiiod l!'!:io, closed irrti-Jj;!'; Octoln-r. opened nn.l cloi-d Wic; May, oponod ?:'(,••, rlnsi-d -•'c. 1'ork—Sop- tenihor, npeno.l . closed —; October, o\M-iipd "'-SlOrHi; closed ilH.-'i'; January, opened tll.OTHi. closed §11.15. Unrd— t-cpteinher.out-iicd Sii.U'i, clow.l fiUB'S. Live Htock— Union Btiiek yards report tho followliiK ranire' of ]n-lccs: Hoi, r B—Market opened fairly active, with prices •>'<( UK- lower; llKhtirroiIt-H, ?:U»W.l.ii'-: roinsh packlnc, ill.M) fi,3.(X); mixed lots, iiUfiW.OP: heavy packing nnd hhlpplni? lots, $;i.(lVii.4.(l(i. Cattlo- Stroni;; tieevos, ^-'I.O'CTt.Tfi-. liulk, S3.7ri^4.2.-ii COWB, H."-">''-'-.inf i-lockers and fei-di-rs, 81.HO <ft-'I.UU; Texas steers, S..-1lj"(~.!«l; cows, $1.5(kJ5 2.10.' Sheep—Market Rtronc: muttons, $;i..V)T/i 4.IHI; we-tern raiiKi-rs, t;i.5ni((.l.i<l, lambs, £l.. r i<V|} 5.87. 1 .!;. Produce: Hull r Fancy Kluln creamery, IS fn.lfc per-llr, Iliio-iliilry. Mdnlfle; packinif stock, 7Kfi*'. K«KS- strictly fnsli, 14',(,1-1K-" r>'i' dny.. rinihry--I.lve hens, 7uT,7|-a per Ib; nnis-, fieriurkrysTlhi;tilrrrtnrk7!r'Vr~l'rilutiii-3—"" J.VCT.f l.Kl jior hhl. Appli-H—sl.inkfol.i'i per lihl. . Hlackh •rrli's-N'c'i'.SI.iJil per M-ijt. case. Ni-w York. N'KW Y'OKK. Sept. 4. Wheat—Ni* - red A\ Inter tush. H.>Vj'i W.'; do .Septeinlier, Kl!| ( c; ilo <>, loln-r, HiJ^c; do Di-eember, 87'^n. Corn -No. « mixe.l rash, 4.'J ©IJI'-iic; do ;:,-iiteinli -r. -l-l^c; <ln October, *::<>(,c; do November. 4:'c. Onln —Dull; No. 2 mixed ' cash, -• f i!i-^! .Oc. ilo ScptiMiiher, - -TJc; do October, '- r »%e; do NovcuilKT, -)> 1 A''. Hyc-!*ull. Barley- Nominal. Purk - Dull; mess, $!l.:'fi<(y 11.75 for inspoete I. I-n-d-Dull; Octoh -r, SH.IIO; Novemlier. il!.!!>: Dccenilu'r, 511-. Mve sto"-:: Cattic-TriidliiB plow nnd prh'cs-oir Hii/^'c V ' l)l "'s: very common to very choice native Btccrs, ¥-'t:) <f'.4.(\ I V 10" ">«; Texas and Color'ail.i steers, ¥ i.l»V»»l.l"i. Shl-op and 1-imh-* -lino 1 lanihs .a tritln firmer; sluep. al«iiit steady: shecii, f:i."iii l ?. r i.2l ty 10J flis; liimbs. S5.£'>i.v)7.iHI. Ho^s—A Bhatle easier; llvehoifx, SI..V>Ti,l.'n p KXJlbs. ' " ^ A C'nro for Swra^liiK Feet. I know of ho disc-use more im;>lo:isant, both to patients and thoso c-ompclloil to bo with them. I have used for sf-.vral \ - oiirs. with tho best results, a pmviliM- kno'.v^. iu Ktrcu-" pulvcr. It is composed of thi-eo iiavf-s salicylic acid and eighty-seven pin-is silicate of magnesia. It is used in thn (Jcnn.-in nrmy for sweating foot. I hiivu tried its pjlick'ncyln" night sweats of ronsunipl iven, an 1 11:11 pleasetl with it. The- liencllciiil cir-.-t. is iinniudliito and permanent. To prcl .::. ln-cathini; tho powder nnd tho conghh;.; i: vvmM c.'inso, I place n clotli over tli.'. fa--.• vvliilo 1 rub the whole tody with tho po.v.K-r. OIH-(> n.dny for three days, then ov.-i-y oihcr '^s,y for n week, will bo all t'.nit \- ic-niiivd. —ill-. R. W. St. Clair in Hull's .Injinuil »" Ii.-.:!::i. SWIFT'S SPECIFIC Is n flmplc veselablo com- pou l:rcp.arctl from rootfl frchli Troin tlio forcsta. • Tbo formnlii \vaa oblalncU from the Crculc Icdlaus. It liaa been U8td since 1829, mid hua been the greatest blessing to mankind lu curing dlseasea of tbo blood, in many Instances after nil cither remedies h:.d fuilod. If you uuvo or Imvo liud nny bloo(l trouble, do not fail to send for Treatlao ou Blood and bkia BUcuies, mailed free. Tnn SWIJT SrEcirio Co., Drawer 3, Atlantn, Oa. Thoroughly clennao'tho blood, which ifl tho fountain of honlth, by usliitf Dr. IMorco's Golden Medical Discovery, nnd ^dod digestion, i; fiUr Bkln, buoyiint 8|ilrllH, mid bodily hcaitl find vlk'or will bo rKUiblMu-cl. Golden Mcdlciil Discovery cures all humors, from tho common pimple, woich, or eruption, to tho wornt Hcrofulu, or blood-poison. Especially has it proven Its eilkuicy In curluif Snlt-rneuiii or 'I'etter, Kczcinn, Erysipelas, Fever-Bores, Hip-joint m»viiou, OUIOLUIOUH B<jif8 anil KwulliiUJm, lOnhirKC-d Glunds, Qol- Dison ..-, iliu.. Thick Nuek, uud Eatlnir Sores or tre or Ulcers. Golilon Medical Discovery curoa ConButnp- tlon (which 10 Scrofula of the Lunj^e), by Ita wonderful blood- purifying, InvlKoratlng, nnd nutritive, iiropt-rl Irs, If taken In time. For^Wcnk Luntrfl, Spitting of lllnotl, Short- iii-Ba brBmttTirt'atflrrtrtrr-thij—ilnto.'ltroni chltls, Suvoro Cousrhs, Anthnin, nnd kludred aflt'ctlons, it Is n sovcrc'lgn remedy. It promptly cures tho sevcivst Coughs. For Torpid Liver, llllluusncss, or "Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, and indigestion. It ia U an uuetiualed rpmody. Sold frloo 81^X), or six bottles for drugglsto. >.UO. WRAPPERS (U«6£ lilt) n& receive t &HAKDSOME

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