Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1912
Page 7
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"IT ONLY PROVES THAT *A RQLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS,," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. IWT "PiBf WWE ©TMrrED^ I yWL vyORLD'4 ftCRIES m NEW J»rr <JP IT .y« IIKO BTTTER ^ BUYOUR I 1. WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANT—YOa. TO KNOW ABOUT the finest' fruit and fanning aecUon in Florida. Addrcas H.,G. Gates, Arcadia, Florida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—TO BUY A GOOD young cow. Must be a No. 1. Dr. Shadwlck. WANTED—DINING UOOM GIRL at once; experienced preferred. Portland Hotel. WANTED-'MIDDLR AGKP WOM- an foi house keeper'. Address "S." care Register. WANTED—If. R,\NKS OF GOOD wood, sawed. 4t9 N. Tenn.jSt. , WANTED—TO BUY SECONDHAND Violin Cello. .1. W. Becannon, I-i- I^Iarpp. Kas. WANTS-ALL KINDa to $250 month. We •nro opening branch office in lola. See Z. C. Martin- General Mgr.. at Krause Hotel. The No ("ommisslon Koalfj Tompany. Home Office Kansas Glly. Mo. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE. I FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE—HOUSE rURNISH- Ings. Rues and Unoioums. Trunks and Suit Cases. Bonnell Furniture Co.. 9 N. Jefferson. Phono 1230. j FOR SALE—SOME HOUSEHOIJ) WANTED-2.500 FEET OF ,^x ;H j Call at 301 gas pipe; will buy in small guanli-, ^""^^ b>caniore. ties. A. C. Evans. Gas City. _ ! FOR SALE—GOOD HOUSE CLOSE WAXTED-A GIRL OR WO.MAN j!"; ^'!fj'/,r /"^'''"yi^.T^n-hnl^i' n?^v to assist In kitchen. Apply Hotel '"^ '^'"'^^ '^'""'P- ^all phone lUfaX. Gants. Humboldt. Kans. _! SALE-OOOD DRIVING AND w I T n ! "K '"'^ work horse in good condition. I C. F. Harth. Phono 988-2L FOR SALE—HORSE". GOOD WIDE tire wagon and Aarness. R. M. Freeman. 420 N. Walnut. FOR SALE—TWO BROOD SOWS, ons with seven, the other nine pigs. Phone .'>»•"> or 61 .i. FOR SAI>E—TICKET TO HUNING- ton. Oregon from St .loe. Mo. Innuire i:it .less Howard's Shoe Shop. East lola. : WANTED WORK—.MAN family wanits work on farm by month. Have three heavy horses will usi^ G. W. Kay, Yates Center,.Kans. WANTED—7 OK S ROOM MODERN house In good lor.ition. In exchange for a $11^<(> first mortgage. Will pay balance cash. W. E. Starks. Agent. I \VANTED--GIKL TO DO KITCIHJN work at the Ru.ssell Honsc. 315 No. .lefferson. Phono 400. FOR SALE—REBUILT TYPEWRI- tcrs. all make.*, like new; cheap. Now adding machine. |l."..Oit. Call at once. H. V. Plant, Kclloy Hot.-I. . FOR , SALE—RUGS. FITRNITHUE Stoves. Rig stock. Cash or payments. Ed llcnningnr. West Madison. FORM TXIANS WANTED—T AM prepared to take care of Farm Ivoans large or small, at the lowest rate to 1)C oht.-iined anywhere. J'rivilegc to pay any amount at any interest pay- in;;r lime. S>'e me and get terms and rate, before placing your loan. K. L. Thompson. Ovor'Evans Drug Store. ~Ri:Ai7 ESTATE WANTED—WB ,a.hcrliscd some weeks ago iiiat our; SALK-ORCHARD OF WIN- ijistlng ami sales agent would be rn ; „ ,.-,00 bu.. 2 miles west. S inl.-, for the of tinding and „f Tobias Kramer. FOR SALE—SHOATS. '4It) N. Tcnn. INQUIRE MEN WANTED—CEMENT AND rock loader.* at I he l-ehunt MfU of the I'nitrd Kani^is I'orHand Consent Co.. near Indopcndcnre. 'Kansas, i I listing scveml prices of Allen County ;. farmsiand town properly tl)at are lor j FOR SALE—31 sale I.v the owners, if you are tired j 5,,.^,.^.. „,^„, ,,„aii,v <•!" iiollng with commission agents andl„„ ,.ai,,.s !iri.-anxious to sell write our Mr. Z. (• Mi'rlln. Ceneral Delivery, who Is. " Y E A R L I N G good colors. Al- .1. t>. Chanibcri'. <VAXTEn- UrSTI.ERS TO SOLIC- It and sell real estate in Alletr Co. Our proiKisltion will pay from $150 11" w In lola at Hotel and will 1 poR SALE—FRESH .lEILSEV COW call anil aprnUe .vour property. The; - ,.p„r.s old. .1. A. .McIionHld- l.:iH.-Yii,c. No Commlssvon Really Co. Home 1 piumc 40. Rce. Kansas City. Mo. ' ; beautiful mountain scenery. Best climate in the world for lung and throat trouble. Enough flood water" flows across this tract each year to irrigate a whole section, if reservoirs were •built. Native grasses niutrlous as alfalfa. On main line Rock Island near division point «nd County Seat. Will" trade for city property of small tract near good city in Kansas. Price $ir, per a<re. fall at once. H. V. Plant- Kellry Hotel- FOR SALE OR TRADE-UMIARPE ^Xe^'siTs'Vhlrd"" Phone ^^sf'- '''' CItv Hotel, or will sell furnltur9 and Qu'rc 312 S- Third. Phone 84. M^"p^''i'i!l°rV''Kr''''' FOR SALE-PAWNED SUIT CASES lasca. I^Harpc. Kas. ^^^^^ g^^,, U^j^^^ see them before buying, we'll both lose. Bigus Pawn Shop. FOR SALE-1. 30 GALLON COP- per kcllle. L 10ft egit incubator. T acres kafllr corn in thr field. Harry Davis. Second Hand Stbre. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR SALE—FOR SALE. I FOR RENT—8 ROOM HOUSE. INI quire fii»9 N. Wa.shlngton. Roy Gard. FOR SALE-SINGLE COMB BROWN I.ieghorn cockerels, range raised. O. •p. Duncan, lola. Route No. 2. FOR SALE—WHITE NANNY GOAT wagon and harness. Louie H. Klaumann. FUR.'«ISHED ROO.M AND ROARD i forone or two gentlemen. One of the nicest homes in the city. Inquire M M. Care of the Register. ,FOR SALE—$12.00 O A R L A N D Ilealing range; u.sed one season, $iido. .Mil K. Uroadway. FOR RENT-4 ROOM llOiiSE FCR- inishcd. ("Itickcu IKMUC and lot. Harry Davis Second Haml Store. I FOR KENT--NICELV FIIRNISIIEI* ; room for gentleman. 402 R. Madison KOK SALE OK TRADE-NEW MEN ; p^j^ upvT -SIX ico land: ICo acres best vallny soil; 1 j,^ .Jofferson. FOR RENT—FOR RENT ROO.M HOfiJE UHARPE NEWS FOR TODAY JllMSKS A>n CLERKS XAMKI) FOR • XJVKMIJKK EI.ECTIO>. !• I* Barber's Young Son Got Razor nnd Tried in Iniilnle Bad—Delegates to L ». (I. F. Lodge, • • • THE ours DOINGS AT GAS GUY • • • <• <• -IIOri.l.LS" (•III>IIM,.\TK.S for those nlio ckrc .lust received a comidetc line of that colehrafrd line of Cho<-- olates. A trial will ronvlnce you of their high quaiily. W.\TEH.S & DANKORTH llrugs and Jewelry, big smelters at Pueblo an di? getting along nicely. Mr. W<indiis also get- ing along nicdj an denjoyiiig good health. L. E. Rutrch has returned from .\r- kansas. —A few high-lift sulky plows at a bargain. Hines' Hardware. ' Mrs. George Sherwood, of Geneva, is a guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs., John Racon. .Mr.=. Bacon who has !ie<»n dangerously ill is slowly improving. E. W. reaver and daughter- Mrs. Or off . ville. Arkansas- for an extended vi^it. l.AHARPE. Ocl 7 -The foll-iwing judges and dorks have boon up))oinl- ed to preside at I'le election Novem- 1 <..><.<..>.:..:..;.•.>.:..>.:••:..:..>.:••> her 5th: First Ward: .ludges- H. P. Doty. l>-w Linebuck and C. T. Harris; clerk.s- .1. L Shearer and Charles Kobler; Second Ward: .ludges. M. S. Cleavcnger. R. A. Jury and Mike Burkett: clerks. A. .1. Morton and William Newman; Third ward, .fudges .1. W. Wood, .lohn Curry and Thomas Robertshaw; clerks- .loe Rurger and H. R. Martin; Fourth Ward- -ludgcs- Ide Helm- F. A. Ronner and Frank Grove; clerks- C. W. Friedley and Wal ter. Hodges. Fir.=t ward will vote in building east of State Bank; Second ward in city hall; Third ward in Enterprise office and Fourth ward in the Bornholt building. " Mr. and Mrs .William Kelley after a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. .lohn Campbell, returned to Humboldt Saturday. Miss Helen VanKeuren. . of lola. spent Saturday and Sunday with Ls- Harpe friends. Mrs. Christine Ruble May. of Ttil- sa. is 'spending the week with her mother. Hereafter the plug on the M. K. & T. win run daily except Sunda.v. "Jlmmie-" the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson, han a narrow escape from serious injuries the other day while playing in hlf father's barber shop. The little fellow found the razor on the shelf and4 had it open making motions as if to shave himself when Mr. Wilson saw him. Seeing his father use the raaor so often probably caused him to want to do the same. , .lohn Bacon, who recently returned from Colorado, slates that he got to visit a few hours with Ike Wood and Bert Murray, formerly of this city. • Mr Murray has n fine position, as foreman of the mix room in one of the FIKE BOYS BEPART F<»K UIG THIE I> KANSAS CITY. A .:• .> .> .;. .> .> « .> <. <. .> • * •[ THE VMOirXT IN EKKOR. <> Scmtimrnt of tlie Buck .lury as to Dam • am- Sum >«t Known. • : In the Register a few days ago. a Son of Tom Goes Me<-ts Mishap I'n. der Wac'on Wheels—Ijillariic D «l feutcd Gas. il to 0. GAS CITY, OCT. 7.-The follov ing fire boys left this noon for Kansas Cit.v 10 attend thv livestock show and lake in the fall festival: William Living§ton. Ben Myers. Sam Ziemkow ski, S. B..-Ag«e, Ben Shacklctt. O. L. Pitts. George Tottman, Claud Brincr. Frank How.nrd and George Hettinger. .lerald, the 4-yenr-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goes met with a painful accident Saturda.v evening while pliiying on a drill rig. Mr. Summers, was bringing Mis rig in from north of town ami .larold iitfmpted to get on the wagon while it was in motion and as a result was thrown almost under the wagon. The wheel ran over his foot mashing his toes quite badly. It may prove necessary to amputate ra'en Skog. of Denver. Colo., stopped j one of his toes. ff here Saturday enroute to Fayette- The Gas City foot hall boys were de [I nere =«auiru<i. rui 1 f^ated yesterday by tfic LaHarpe boys to the tune of 41 to 0. A large crowd Mrs. ,Theo. Maxson has gone to To- ppka to atend the wedding of her son.; witnessed the game. Ralph, which occurs there the ninth. \ Mrs. H. R. Stewart, formerly a teach William Newman and .L X. Clark jer in our schools has been emplo.ved delegates for the I. O. O. F. lodge, i as second primary teacher ' * -'Washington school at lola begin her duties today. Miss Ida Welth formerly a Gas City teacher has been teaching the second giiade I but was given the first grade at her . in the and .1. W. Soangled. delegate for the 1 Washington school at lola and will Kncampment of the I. O. O. F. lodge, nd Mrs. William Newman for the Re- •ekahs. h^ft today for Indejiendence o attend the grand Iwlge. It Is In i ession all week. ' own request. The boys' foot ball team '.vill play 1 Mr! and Mrs. George Freeman, whr 'he lola "Imps" tomorrow on the ] recenil.v e.une hero, from Wellington NEW BILL PH'KI.ES Per Doirn 15^ V A R L & 11 r \ T E K Gas, Kansas • • • • • •> •:• • • •:• • •> • •> •:• •> •:• •:• •> * • ! rop,irt of tho disagreomont of the iiirv •:•; In the slander 3uit of Mrs. Rona Buck « against L. D. Buck, it was stat»'<l that * "eight of the jurors were In- favor of •:• I rendering « verdict for the plaintiff •:•! In MJO sum of $10,000." Part of this statement is erroneous. Eight jurors did favor tho plaintiff 1800 • • rolls of new Wall Paper just received. New and artistic designs-business getting prices. We would be. pleased to show you the X line. north grounds, Miss Artie Bover. who attends 'chool at Humboldt, spent Saturday snd Sunday st home. are moving into the property recently Vacated by Joe Demltt. Mrs. Jack Humes entertained the following friends last evening at her Ed Hart has bought back the Go.^-lhome in the east part of town: Mrs. own dra youtfit. Mr. Godown is un- 1 Casey, Mrs. Prather, Mra. Clinton decided what he will do. !• George Malcom has returned from F. A.COOKSET Prescription Pnigght Neosho Palls. T. S. Hall, of Kansas City, transacted business here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Martin have ro- itirnod from a week's visit at I^annn. Mrs. C- A. Wnlkilr, of Erie. Is hero for nn extended visit with her daughter. Mrs. W. R. Mitchell. Mrs. Eltxalicth Bristcr Is roported * i!angeroti«ly 111 with pneumonia-fever. ^ The p. D. Q's. went to gaa City ycs- * terday and defeated that team by a * score of 41 to 0. Miss Cox. of Elsmore. Is the guest * of Mr. and Mrs. John Bacon this week.) ^ The Missionary ladles of the Meth* odist t-hnrch will meet tomorrow after * noon in the church. Tho subject will * be "Tithing." Mrs. Morton will lead * the lesson. * A number of the fanners are hanl- •,hig water from the city plant * • The youn,g people of th? Baptist * church gave a box social in the Bom<9-«!^<»4 '^t »^«>v^«^«^^^«|boU building Saturdar ntghC c. c. MCCARTY '&saN Phone S16 SOI Sonth St. Carriage and Automobile Fainting. Put on Rubber Tires, and do all kin^s of repair work. and Mrs. R. H. Stewart. F. C. Baker, of I^iughdon. North Dakota arrived Saturday for an extond- ed visir with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Bakor. of Rose Hill. G. A. Woods, who has bi^n working near Ottawa during the summor came down Saturday for a short visit with his f.'>ni;'y. Mr. .ind Mrs. -loi- Dimitt will shio (heir household goods to Wllsle this •Keek. ' J. C. McCracken is here for a visit with his son John, and looking after property interests. Miss Edm Birehneo'ieh of Moran. was a gnest of Hiss Florence Lowe last week. Mrs. Tipple spent Saturday and SJ:- dpy with friends in Rledfleld. Edwin Hunter sang a solo yesterday morning it the Methodist church i-i; lola A number of parlies went to the woods yesterday to gather walnuts and all returned with a ploniifnl supply. All the youngsters havo the usual stains as evidence that the walnut •Season is here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wesley Foy. after a •wo weeks visit at the T. M. Roberts home returned today to Tampico, 111- inol.i. Miss Myers, who has boon for Mrs. Payton for some time will return •o .Ft. Scott this week. Mr.s Payton rontiuL'e«j to imrrovc. .Mr. and Mrs. V.'m Bowen are the nrood par^nts.of a d.iughter bom last night ' .Mr TcIiR.^on. of Bl-ie .Mound, >va5 a 1 visitor Ir. the city y.-atwday. Mrs. R. H. Stewart sponr Saturday i nnd Sunday with her punnits near' Bronson. 01VES INSTANT ArXIBN. .Morris R- Howard. Drugglstij. reports that A SINGLE DOSE of simple , buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc. are. • compounded In Adler-l-ka- the nerman apiiendicitis remedy. sto|>s eonstlpa-' tion or gas on the stomach INSTANTLY. Many lola people arc being helped. Notice. hut It e :T :;n';« be stated positivoly that •hey favorojl giving Jlrs. Ruck $I0,i>iM>. It ia und<•rsIo.^d that tho amount of d.imtTges to bo awarded the plalntirf was not discutsed In view of the fact that four jurors stood out for the defendant atid ihorc appeared to be no chance to agree. The suit was for $10,000 damages for attacking ^Mrs. Buck's character, v/hlch, neighbors testifiod was good. —Get ready for "Xmas." The New- York Store leads them all in fancy work, i —Farm and City Loans. R- M. Cunningham. —All members of the Fraternal Mystic Circle ai;e requested to be at M. W. A. ball Wednesday evening. October 9th, as Brot&er Harry l-AUdls and Brother Geo. Webel will be .with US. W. R. ^4 MISSOURr -PACIFIC V IRQN ] MOUNTAIN ' To the Pacific Coast Shortest and most scenic route Time, 55 hours, not equaled hy any other line. Can" give you choice of routes. Only one change of cars- Colonlst, one-way tickets on sale Sept. 25th to Oct. 10th. inclusive. Rates to— Los A«geles, Calif. Sacramento. Callf- San Diego. Callf- San Jose, Calif. • Snn Frnnclsco Calif. BakcrKtiold. Calif. Vancouver. B. C. Victoria, B. C. Ashland Oregon. Portland, Oregon Umntilla. Oregon. Seattle. Wash. Spokane, Wash. Tacoma, W.ish. And to many other points ou Pacific Coast. Only $31.04 Please-call, phone or .write, advising your address and fuU information win be furnished; PaoseBjrer Office, F-taone 160. Ff«l^t Otflite, Phone 17Sw E. E. IflUNGER, Agent FARM FOR RENT OB SALE— south and West of city limits, 44 acres: .Mrs. O. L. Stclniuan, l.<ock Box 162. OFFICE ROOMS FOR RENT— over Ramsey's' Store. Inquire in s-tore. Professional Directory. Djt. C M. itDSS Deatlsr Extraction without pain by the use of Nitrous Oxide Gas Boom So. 1 Knrthmp BIdg. Phones—OIBce 503; Res. 852 • • * . ^ * MOJIEY TO LOAJfl • ^ wBl lend on household goods, ^1 <> pianos, organs, sewtftg nia- •i^ •>. chines, diamoifda and Jewelry. * J. W. COFFEY • •> Offlce, K G. 110 Horth Strnt • * . • FHlLLir UEIGELE i « - - --—- ; HARNESS AMD SADDLEBI General Bepalrlns 110% South Street—lola. Kas. • RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—IN renewing your insurance, place some if it n:e. 1 will see that your interests are safely guarded, by writing you in H first class company. Be- ?iilrs, wo need the business and will | .ippreriate your patronage. R. L. Thoinp.-f>n. Phone 112. Over Evans ' Drug Store. j CASH PAID FOR ALL KINDS OF | tiidts. C. E. .Meader, IjiHarpe, Kas. 1 '—^ I I'iirly that took two pliintrs fnini 1 Mlllinrrr Depnrtment Siitnrilsy night i frimi New York Store Is known. Would i advise to return same to at old ex- i jtosurr. F. L. B. LEATELL, M.». • Specialties: • Diseases |of the Chest « Diseases, of Children ^ Phones— Office: 117; Res. 117 4> lola State'Bank Bldg. « • . • T.O .CAN4TSEY Expert Piiino Toning, and Re^dring. WM* Roberta Music Co. PHOKKttl IRA B/FRANTZ THE oPTOMK|rm«r ^pmanoN^LMosT CARRl^ OFF JIM •xeluiiv* Blat». nttins spselatm At Banna's Jeweltr Store IP THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deilrer your paper. cs!i 18 and we wlU send you a paper by & special carrier, the same OTenlng. —Your Kodak Films are always right if Gibson finishes them. WANTED TO BlIY-GOOD GENTLE horse. Must be safo for: lady to drire. Mrs. Sifers. 1001 East St ^ames J. Corbett. James J. Ckvbett; tenner cbamplon tiugUlst of tho world, neariy lost bis life while beinff operated upon In a Philadelphia hospital recently* Be la now on the road to recorexr and will be able to fUl his theatrical engage- 9tBiaJiirMk winter, Yesterday was another day when tho squirrels had to look to their laurels, as the woods were full of men and boys gathering hickory nuts, wal nuts and pecans. The crop this year is abundant, especially the walnut crop. It Is not difficult to tell who the nutting people were, for most of fhcm, like the Register office boy, have hands as brown as a walAut stain can make thom.' "Our Kid," liowever, brought home two and .a half bushels of hulled walnuts; and as he has his hands smeared ^yith ink most of the time, the stain doesn't l)other him a bit. We secure ca.<^h for proi>erty for owners quick; any kind- any size- pny location: X5 per eentof actual buyers refuse to im.v from firms maintained on commi.?Flons. Thus we have the confidence of hundreds of buyers becaitse we charge no commission. Investigate us :ind we will Investigate your proptrt.v. Write immediately. The No Coinmjsslou Realty '• Comnnny of America. . Branch Office. Ida. Kans- Oa Sale Sept 25tb to Oct 10th, InclnsKe. Liberal Stop-Orer prfrifeges. To San: Francisco, Calif., Los Angelbs, San Diego and Intermediate stations $31jOfi. To Salt Xeke City, Otah; Ogden, Utah Zllft To Prescott' and Phoenix, Ariz. tlM To Portland* Ore To Spokane, Wasli. Tacoriia, Wash. Everett, Wash. SeatUe, Wash. : 11.1© To Vancouver, B. C. S1.10 V W. E. Ralston, Agent ' TflE NORTflRUP NATrONAl BANK lOLA, KANSAS OYER FORTY YEARS OF CONSERTATIVB BAXKINO IK lOLA Depository for the United Slstes^'Sfatte o( Kansas, and Allen Coantf OFFICERS! B. J. MILLER, President" U L. NORTHROP, Vlcc-Prest. MELVIN FRONK, Cashier F. A. NORTHROP. Vlce-Prest R : J. COFFEY Asst. Cashier D. P. NORTHRTJP, Vice-PresL CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUR BCrSIXESS SOLICnXD . I" Intereat Paid on time Beposfts . Begeaft B9xea for Beat

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