Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 28, 1907 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 7
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TRV THE *S* 4 COVINA FURNITURE GO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE Of fLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TC TRADE W, Q. CUSTER, Manager Pooley's (ovina Nurseries Choice ferns and potted plants, roses, carnations and other ornamental trees in season. Sales yard, corner of First street and San Bernardino Road. TO WORK FOR PACIFIC COAST Western Senators and Representatives to Pull Together. Press reports from Washington convey the news that the Senators and Representatives in Congress f r < tm the Pacific Coast states are devising a plan where they can work in unison for all measures affecting this coast region.- This is in furtherance of tbe ideas that have been advanced by Rufus P. Jennings, for the last five ; years chairman of tbe California Promotion Committee. He has advocated a political and commercial alliance of the Pacific Coast States, and bas made public addresses and ['written numerous magazine and I newspaper articles on tbe subject, ! outlining a combination thougbout this region similar to tbe California Promotion Committee and its affiliated commercial organizations in .California. That such a movement would be of vast benefit to tbe Pacific Coast goes without saying, and tbe combination of tbe western representatives is the first step tovvnrd the consummation of the id.ea advanced by Mr. Jennings. With this beginning toward -such an organization it wonld be timely now for all the commercial organizations in Washington, Oregon, California. Nevada, Utah, Idaho s and Arizona to get together and make the combination complete. Chairman Jennings has written •the- following letter to all of the Senators and Congressmen from these states and territory : • endeavor to bring about ft cooperation in all the states involved sncb as will give to you and your colleagues a moral backing sufficient to make l your united action most effective." Althouah a little more than tt mouth has elapsed since tho meeting of tbe River Improvement and Drainage Association of Califorduia with the Congressional delegation, prior to its departure for Washington, ranch has been accomplished in carrying out the expressed wishes at the meeting, and the prospects nre now favorable for liberal appropriations by tho present Congress on tho lines suggested. All of the members of the California Delegation have taken up the recommendations made at this meeting most aggressively, as have also the officials of the Federal Government, realizing as they do that the improvement of California's waterways is of great importance to tbe nation. Referring to tbe recommendation of the appropriation of four hundred thousand dollars by the Federal Government to be used in dredging and otherwise restoring and improving tbe navigation and drainage of the Sacramento and San Joaquin HON. GKO. C. PKRKINS, California's Senior Senator "I note by the press reports from Washington that tb« members of tbe United States Senate and HOUHO of Representatives, from the Pacific Coast states in the National Congress, nre combining to work for tho rivers, a like amount to be appropriated by the State of California, Senator Flint writes: "I would be glad to give this matter my attention and do all in my power to have Congress appropriate the national proportion of this sum during the coming session of this Congress. I am glad to know that the people of California have taken such a general interest in river and harbor matters, and I believe that a great deal of "this is due to the splendid work of the River improvement and Drainage Association of California." Calvin B. Brown, manager of the Eastern Bureau of tbe California Promotion Committee, writes under date of December 7: "While in Washington, and upon receipt of your telegram of tbe third, asking me to call on the Federal engineers and extend to them an invitation to visit California, I did so. I feel that the invitation will be accepted. The Board is much impressed with the plan to spend four hundred thousand' dollars in improving /the Sacramento river as recommended by Colonel Biddlo, and the visit of the members of the board to California will probably result in official approval of the plan. Tbe Board informed me that the papers had all been completed in the matter of the Stockton Diverting Canal, the Government has accepted title, and there is nothing now in the way of the work being done. " Similar letters to that of Senator Flint's havo boon received from Senator Perkins and the other members of tho California delegation, all showing their desire to carry out the wishes of tbe people as expressed at the November meeting. Congressman Needham writes in referring to this matter of river improvement in California that the report of tMte local engineer for rivers and harbors in California is still ponding before tho United States board of engineers for rivers Tbe effective work accomplished by the River Improvement and Drainage Association since its organization in 1904 is now becoming apparent. When people realize the immensity of tho project, and tho many conflicting elements that had to bo brought in lino, the results up to this time are phenomenal. Tho people nro in hearty accord with tho Dabnoy plan for river improvement, and thoroughly endorse thn recommendations for dredging thn lower rivor ns a starter. Tho innnhinnry thus sot in motion is bound to bring tho dosirod results, in fact, from advices already received there is little doubt that tho efforts made will result in tho appropriation of four hundred thousand dollars for initial work at this session of Congress, in compliance with the recommendations of the River Improvement and Drainage Association. It is understood that the Governor of California is thinking about going to Washington to personally urge an appropriation by the Congress on the lines that are now practically assured, and it is further understood that the Governor has pledged his support to the proposition that tho state of California appropriate an equal amount to carry on the work. The River Improvement and Drainage Association has thus not only brought together the people of tho valleys who are directly interested in river improvement and who were in conflict previous to the organization of the Association, but also the officials of tho state, tho representatives of tho state at Washington, and the federal engineers as well. This cohesion and unity of action will be effective, and tho work as started on the lines originally laid down by tbe Association, means that 'the entire plan will bo carried to completion, our rivers made navigable, and our lands protected from overflow, so that the groat Interior valley of California will bo able to yield to the extent that nature originally intended it should. common interest of this part of the jand hurhors at Washington; thatJtbiB country. I desire to be of whatever) report, contains veiy important service may bo in my power to mnko such a coalition of forces affective, recommendations, so important that tho California Congressman con- for it has been my idea for a num-1 aiders it to be in the public interest 'ber of years that, it was only through such co-operation that we of tho Pacific Coast could obtain the recognition due us. "At Portland, Oregon, four yewra ago, in a public address, I outlined a commercial and political alliance of the Pacific Coast States, with just such an object in view as is set forth regarding the proposed allianceo of our Representatives in Congress. At that time I said we bud need of an offensive and defensive alliance if we expected to compete with the East. In'roy outline at that time I called attention to tho fm:t that the interests of the Pacific Coast states were identical and that a community of purpose of the Representatives of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and the territory of Arizona would bring about an alliance HO stronu as to command from the National Congress the passage of any measure the combination united upon. "It is unnecessary for me to go into detail of tbe benefits thut will (Mime through such a combination of forces. I desire to assure you that the California Promotion Committee, which allied with it mu: hunihrd and ninety-five cummerciui oruui.ti/.uti'jLs in the statft, with a combined im-m- bersjbip uf mure thaii thirty thuii^md, will give it* hearty huiij^.rt and cooperation to such a cnuiliiiiati'..<ji of Representatives of I lit- P;u-i<if Coast .stales, and will ust: it.-; every for the members of the Hoard to take a trip to California and personally examine river problems hero, In response to the suggestion of Mr. Needham, the River Improvement and Drainage Association of California HiuJ the California Promotion Committee have both sent invitiitioiiH through Driyadier General Alexander Mackenzie, Chief of lOngincei'H of the United Stmt.cs Army, to tho United States board of engineers for harbors and rivers to visit California at an early date. In case' there is any possibility of the Board riot acting favorably on the report of thn engi- in>c.f t it in anticipated that it will make the trip to California in tho near future. The director of the United States geological survey at Washington writes in reference to the recommendation ut tho November mt'etiug which provides for "the continuance by the Government of the Hurveys and carrying to completion the Ktorage of the flood waters of our valleys," to the elfect that larger apuropriittioriH are required by tht; Federal ( ioveriiment in order to carry on this work. The matter has been hrough' directly to th<: nolice of California's repK-.sci.tat i V<:H in ( greSH, who will 'ur<;c that Hiich ap i;rialioii!i be: luaiie dui'ing tho pre ( 'ongre.-iH. Alto|_'(:thi-r the v-ork for rive/ provcmeiii in thi; inirrior valU-y Annual Stockholders' Meeting. Office of the Covina Irrigating Company. To the stockholders of tbe Oovina Irrigating Company: Please take notice that the annual meeting' of the stockholders of the Covina Irrigating 1 Company will l>e held at the office of tbe corporation in the Cily of C.ovitia, County of Los Angeles, State of California, on Tuesday, the 14th day of January. A. I). 1'HIH, at 10 o'clock a. in,, for the purpose of electing directors and for the transaction of such other business as nuiy properly come before the meeting 1 . II. F. EDWARDS, Secretary. Dated Dec. 14, 1907. Boradent Tooth Paste neutralizes acidity of the mouth and prevents decay of the teeth It is free from grit or any substance that might injure the enamel ot the teeth. It is the most scientific and delightful dentifrice on the market. Use Boradent and lengthen the life of your teeth. 25 centi at all Troy Phannaeal Co>p»r Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST - Via • New. Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Through the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of MO, and across Great Salt Lake—"going to sea on a train." D. B. SCHENCK, Agent. Covina Home plume 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona Home phone 61; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific L,os Angeles Oflicc, CiOO S. Spring St., corner Sixth County Division Platform I. GOVERNMENT ,'ori- Hi: of alifornia in hhUfJfc. Home people in full control of Home affairs. 2. EXPENSES The most economical administration which may be had with efficient government. Santa Cruz county cost (13th class) $94,211.81 New county cost (13th class) 06,534.00 Orange county cost (15th class) 103,227.18 Riverside county cost (20th class) 124,398.16 San Bernardino (10th class) 228,956.70 It cost less last year to run both Orange and.Riverside counties, with combined valuations of $34,700,000.00 than San Bernardino county on a valuation of $25,646,000.00 The small county is the best and cheapest. 3. ROADS The beat roads which can be built. The money to be raised by bonds or direct tax as the tax payers may determine through their supervisors. 4. HORTICULTURAL COMMISSION Citrus men in control of citrus affairs throughout. They know what they want and can pay for anything their industry demands. San Bernardino county wants to quit county fumigating, according to their supervisors' statement. Now is the time to let them quit. 5. FRUIT PRICES CitniB fruits sold on its merits and by its well known brands. 6. REPORTS Such records transcribed as the new county needs and may secure without wasting public 7. VALUATIONS AND TAX RATES The increased valuations now being published make it assured that a tax rate for next year in the new county of $.636 will be more than sufficient tj run the county. This estimate ia backed by unqualified approval by the auditors of Orange and Riverside counties. 8. NOW IS THE TinE If organized at once the new county will begin with money on hand from this year's taxea amounting to a sum from $120,000.00 to $135,000.00, to cover expenses for the remaining eight months of the fiscal year. This will leave a balance of $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 above necessary expenses. To wait means to loae this revenue, to become a part of Pasadena's county, or to be shunted off from Los Angeles county v/ith only the territory between Covina and Olaremont for the new county. NOW IS THE TIME w^s'/^^^ funds.

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