Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 28, 1907 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 6
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The Drummer's Inferno, Written for tho Argus by Malcolm J. McCurHiy. It was Christmas cvn nml hnrl hr;en snowing nil day, Hie; air was kfinn and frosty, arid taking nil conditions into consideration, night, aw oti(; would fli' it, was suoh « l'jct for tlm on- joymont of tho wnrni, co u .y flrc:ftid«; and nil the comforts of liomn. I lind b«'0ti a (loniinqrciiil trsivi-Ilcr for a loading wliolraak' honrsr; in Chiou^') for many yearn and iikn all Hie f'ni- frjrnity, whose busy lives are Hpcrif. upon the road, f n I ways look/id forward with blissful antiripalion to those short but, happy hour* when filtins have absorbed so much water, that, not. being baptised until grmvn tip there IH HO much more skin | to absorb the wator, nrul c.o they ; need rrtnsidfirnble drying to make ! thf-m burn readily, " ! ] was Iho.n conducted lo a room in whifh was n number of groat caldrons flllod with wafer from the. rivor Htyx. j "Those,'' said ho, "are devoted lo< tho requirements of drummers from Now York, who by nature urn BO in- ; fcrnally lotifrb I bat, 710 fire will touch ! them find HO Wf: have to boil Ihom i until tender and I hf'D put, them; through the regular eourfe. " i | ( was beginning to take comfort,: from the fa"f. that up to thin time ' nothing had boen said about nftnr H couple of weeks' bustling j ,), umrn( . rHi t) ,,t. ,,, y p,. ; ,ce ,,f mind upon the rond, |iarticiilar)y at this H'iiHOii of the year, I could dump my grip itilo the warehouse, 'go h»me to my own fireside and ninke myself acquainted with the family. Upon this particular occasion, being Christmas Kvc, I had arranged a little social meeting of a couple of friends whi fellow drntiimerrf of mine, and I had prepared for the WHH soon to he dissipated, for heforn j I could decline. IK- had mo into a i long room with a low ceiling whifh was fitted up with an immense forge, | in the fire of which lay a number of j long pinchers always red hot. "These," he informed me, "are for (he special benefit of Chicago drummers, through whoHe energies lying has been elevated to the dignity of enjoyment of a ploa.~:ant evening. Kvoning came and will) il. t.h friends and it, was not long 1,0(01-.. j , ,„. f .,|"| ll>r ,,f |j,. S) ;mf .i we were, deep in a (/aim: <></ v.hi d,. The whi.Hl. waM inict-sper-cd « i I h | ).;,„,„.!,.,!,,,. „,? infVrioi -il.y, and so it. cigars and a lil.llo of tin: hi nil' I hat | ,,, v ,,,.,|„ „„. M ,,,, ( . |H|| ( , satisfaction. the fine arts. Now f am a bit of a liar myself, in fact. I have been caller! , my love for [ Ibe science will not allow me lo ac- cheiM'.s but inebriates. '['he I'.ntni' grew inlereHling and no did the '-lull' that cheers and us upon all s;urh occasions, when Die timr; in spenl in enjoyment, the bourn sped by and alfoi'ds me home, to pluck out their tongues wilh thenc hot instruments, just as your dentists up above [duck out, leelh,- after which I .submit them to mv snlioi'ditiates for further operations," and wilh wc.i-i! dfiop in our game, and deeper j U)JH ,„. H ,, i/ _ ( . ( , ,„„. ,, f ,,„. ,,„,_ in our r:iipH, v. hen the clock upon the mant'd struck twelve. At tin: sound of the clock si rik i n<» my friendn made basti; to depart, and afler a hearty "good night" and Aviffhing mi 1 , a "Merry (MirinlmaM," they made their ascapi!, and I \VIIH Jeft alono witli the. empty holllcH. Hoon after the dopartnre of my frieurlH I orawled upHtiiifH, throw some coal on the /ire in grate, and putting up the blower an a precaution ngfiin.Ht, Hpnrks Hying onto tho carpet, I jumped into bed ami WUH HOOD S'llHt HHluOp. aild aH I Hl(![lt, I dreamud a dream, And bohold, Die eartli opened hommth me, I hijgan Hiiddenly to denof-rid all bocami; darkness, and tho suffoiMitlng t'limeH of Hiilphur HficriKid to Hlillo me. Down! Down! Kvur downward! I ecomed to bo falling with a spued that took my breath awny utid mudo iny hair wtiind OH ond. PreHonr.iy T ..beoarno oonHciouH of a fooling of in- tooKo Yr'oht iJIfA-tbi; pcrHpiration fairly trickled from ovory jioro. Snddonly, amid a fearful din, nn of a thoUNiind frilling puns, 1 foil, myHolf jerked up with mich force an to knock tho romaining brofith out of my body, and I found inyHelf bathed in a flood of light. AH .soon aw my eyoH had hecomo 110- c.uHtomed to tlio inlennn iirightneHH. J SVIIH made aware of tint pri'sencn of n Hec.ond party, into wlione raiment, the Herri! lltnunn Heemed to itnparl, i\ ruddy glow. \Vinin I had gathered together my noatlered netiw.s, I veu- t n red to iiiqiiini whiu-e 1 had landed, and WIIH iuformml by my compan ion that, 1 was in tho land of lila/eH that (lowed with (Ire and brimriloim. After a few preliminary remarks upon the weathnr, tho average depth of NIIOW which foil in the winlei', ihe price of dual per ton, and whether il, WIIH customary in that country to talc D whisky straight m mixed, which hint i|iiestion he aiiH'.vered by inform- iug me I hal it wan the custom to take their lire water wilh nlickn ( Sly.v '. his iudul^ence in this lilt le pleasantry, he enquired my and profession, and what i belonged lo, anil I told him mv name, llml I \vas a eommer rial I ravelbir, and an I'lpiseopal inn, ii|inu xvhii'h hn inl'ormi d me Dial diil a great deal ol' travel somi I ime.H I ravelled lon^ "In fact (piid' a number have I ravel led all (hi uay down Jinn-. " "The rush ol immigration lia.s been hd great \\ilhin the last lew years, that to accommodate! he dill'er nit dihpioil inM-1 \vi> are continually liudiiiK among drummeiM, we have lo diivi.ii) special iHiiitriviinciis for the cooking of the dillerenl giades." At this lust piet e I became quite m-rii lion pom inu oil' \sas nraled and and made a grab for me. With a courage born of despair, I strnifgled to r'dcasf! myself. I Deemed tribe Hud'ocating and I thought my lime, had come. With a dull, heavy iburl I fell exhausted upon Die ground and conSfcioiiMneys left me. (ironl. was my nut-prise when I woke up to find myself lying upon the floor in front of the lire,, eoimdetcly j mullled up from head to feel in (he blankets and terming with perspiration. I had faibtn out of bed, and in falling had knocked down the blowor from the flro in the grate. This I suppose liiul Hiiggcstf.'d tho flood of light, f had soon in my dream, and being almont red hot, had fallen upon tho blanket, which was badly scorched and produced tho «rnoll of burning to my oxciterl brain, and tho fire which had burned up fiercely, throwing out an intense heat, coupled with tho flory ofi'ects of the whiskey I had imbibed, had produced to my fevered imagination tho home of lost souls, I got up and into bod again, but, sloop forsook my eyelids, and as 1 Jtty awako thinking of tho probable CIIUHO of tho oxcitomont, I made a rosolvo that indulge so I cheei.4, even Hake. in future I would not reclv in the cup that for old acquaintance Alte bit of niunr church T'orfili/or Agent Wanted.- Local agent to .sell Swift's I'nre Animal i'Wl ili/t'i'H; also Nitrate of Soda, Hulphato ot (jtiano, etc. IS. Hm I Hi of ular.H. I'otash, Inquire L'liosphatc, of Carroll for partic- Notlce. The regular annual mooting of the stockholders of the First National of i'dviua, C;i!., will be ho 111 at its hanking rooms on Tuesday, January H, 1'tiiS, lietwcou the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p.m., for the purpose of electing a hoard of directors and tiausact- ing any other hnsiuess that may come In-fore the mci-t ing. \V. M. <,K'ISW( >!,!), I'ashiiT. I lecriulnT 7, I''d7. The Opportunity IPOMONA STEAM LAUNDRY * * IT If you want (he BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE of a i,ire Time $2.70 Worth of If you want the BEST WORK at the MOST REASONABLE PRICES give us a trial. TWENTY YEARS' experience has taught us the CHEAPEST and BEST way to do your laundry. With first-class equipment our work and our methods are sanitary and up-to-date. Leave Your Bundles at Rich's or phone him and the wag-on will cull anywhere in Covina or vicinity. LORBEER" BROS. for $1,00 » You can secure ten of the most delightful toilet preparations in the world for $1.00 if you take advantage of the Sanitol Chemical Laboratory Company's great introductory offer. Regular price of the assortment is $2.70. Sanitol Tooth Powder Sanitol Face Cream . SanJt.ol Tooth Pa»te . Sanitol Toilet Powder Sanitol Liquid Antiseptic Sanitol Bai:h Powder . Sanitol Tooth Brush . Sanitol Shaving Creifte Sanitol Violet-Elite Soap Sanitol Face Powder . Total retail price . No other toilet preparations have given such general satisfaction or are as widely used as these. They are refreshing, beautifying and permanently beneficial. For full particulars calj at CLAPP'S DRUG STORE This ol'l'er expires December 31st. Northsidc Meat Market CHAS. A. SIMMONS, Prop. We carry nothing- but the best. Prices Reasonable. All Meats Government Inspected. ORDERS SOLICITED AND DELIVERED. Shop just south of S. P. Depot. Home Phone 1144 GAS S~*\ O PER Once a consumer of gas, always a gas enthusiast, Order now. Co\/inei Valley Gas Company FOR For a Short Time Only Special Sale Rugs and Matting Qlendora Furniture Store See 9x12 all wool guaranteed for $8.50. Regular price • at other stores 10 to 12 dollars. Good Orange Land Unimproved, near Covina, also orange groves, 3, 5 and 10 acres, close in, on electric road, suitable fof subdivision. J. H. MATTHEWS CO. Sole Agents, Covina Pioneer Machine Shop GARRISON & BISBEE, Props. Automobile, Gasoline Engines and Bicycle Repairing BUILDERS OF PIONEER BICYCLES Home Phone 10(>8 Bemis Block . SEI/WERS Plume oflice lC>f> Residence 3254 W. L,. Griffiths A. Warner J. C. Thompson (ffllllV WARNER & THOMPSON Orange Groves, Walnut Orchards, Alfalfa and Walnut Lands, Covina and Baldwin Park Lots Selling Agents E. J. (Lucky) Baldwin's Lands Home Phone 1089 Branch office, Baldwin Park COVINA, CAL. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing * * -3* 4* Why Don't You Move to Covina? vniin, the iie me like My Hliilri I'l I was jusi i-ipira- waler (u evi-nsr myself uliiln I i \i'hau^"i| :ny lieiivy \\uulens luc suiin'i dim; Ihiiifirr ainl ini'l'it ^liltalile In the cliii.alr, \\lii-n iie inHJ^ili'il ii|")ii ,-ilmw- iilf< ino tlinmtjli t lio bake fli'ip. ( H cniii'^e I c'uiililli't rut', \\ a,\ •; J diiifii'l, ri'i through wn went. Tlu> Hrst ilit|iiiftiiiciil uc.slrni'k was a lar^t.1 1'iiniii wilh mi wimlcws and uiily HUD (luur, uiT'i.s.s !h" ceiling nt' uiiirh run heavy beams \Mtli lari/f liuuks attiiclu'il at r»'jin!.'U- intervals. "This, "he .-aiil/'isi the c.'ryiiiK r.min. It i^ devoted exclusively t» tim ar cimiinuiiiitiiin <>l' UuKtun ilrmnnit'i .s who uro tin) K'een to burn in ihu ututo and a ^''''!it many ut v Notice. The regular aiinna! ineetie^- of the stcirklMlclers of the i'uvina Valley Savings ItatiU will In 1 hold at its banking rooms on TueMlaVi January 14. I'Ni.s, ;il 10 a. m., for the purpose of electing directors and transacting any other basilicas that may come before tile meeting. .1. T. III'TIMIKSON, Jr., fashic-r. Delinquent Notice. ()i}\-e of tin- I'uvtiia Irrigattug- Company, priiu'ip.iI placi'of business, Covina, K'owland Tovvnsliip, County of Angeb's, Stale ot C'alitornia. '1'liei'e ave di'liuquuilt on tin' f illow- ! ing (!'i'il>eil stork on aecoiiut ot as- ; sessiiK'iii No. 44, levied ou November I^'.h, I"!'.', t e several aiuoiiots set ! opposite tile u.t mi's ol the I'i'.ipecti ve iliarohol.lei's as tuitows; NAMK N i. _N.'.. An.' ' t;. .1. lute* 17M 'il!Ai » s 7S Julia A. Hrov.u \'i».\ 2 So 1 2.S X'.ileut iue t'. C.iii'V ^OIK> ->o l.-vOO 1'i'i-elia Keen an I'll.' oo .: Jane K'usseU 1-47H •* * 4* -* 'l-i. 1'aunii' M. Smith lioO -0 UMHl And in aiH-iinUinee with law and an »riler of ilu- board of dinvtors, m.nle on tlu' 15th day of November. A. 1)., 1'"'7, so many slum's ot eaeli parcel of saeh stuck as may tie necessary will be solil at publir auction at tlu 1 ottu-e if the company in Covina, C.ilit-irnia, v)ii the Mh day < t January. A. D , 1'Mi, at the hour ot ^ o'clock p. m. of s.iU! ilay. to pay said iti'linqiieil t UssesSPieilt ^ s , there..11, tugclUcr with the Costs of ail- i vei'ti-T'iilt; and expenses ol bale. H. K. K1»\VARDS, Secretary. HOl.I.KNilKCK STKHKT , Covina oilers you honu'^ites at reasonable tiyures; miles i>f b« j atitiiully shaded streets; ya>, electric lights and telephones; y ram mar avul'liigh schools in evrrv particular above criticism; electric and steam transportation to and from- Los^Angeles. Covina.will yive you mountaui sceiu-rv that i> a daily inspiration; a climate without frosts and unseated by lof/s; mountain and well water in abundance. Ue-,ides all these ideal conditions iti which to live, CovitKi oit'ers the best chance to the investor, the'business m.iu, the agriculturist and horticulturist. Why don't you come here arid enjoy life/ TuK A.HGUS will be y'ad to furnish anyone interested wilh further intoi matioti. being hard uhell Bajitisla, \\ I'oviaa, Cal., December 1'*, I l »o7,

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