The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 7, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1892. HESSIAN FLY. No Complaint From Kansas in Regard to This Post. CORRESPONDENTS' REPORTS. Vb«r* AT * Six Iltliiilrecl of Tim in and F.verjr Oommty Represented-Grain In Gno .lCou- dAtlon-I.lve stock Are II. ultlij. lint I'eaeh IliuU Have lleen Killed, While Other Btids Are Rate. TortBKA, Kan., April 7.—From the reports of correspondents, numbering about 000 und representing this year •very county in the state, Kansas starts out with highly favorable conditions for a prosperous crop year. The- winter has been extremely mild und favorable to tlio wintering of all kinds of stock, and tho unusual amount of rain and snow during March lias greatly assisted the late sown wheat to strengthen its roots and place it in a condition to stool rigorously when warm weather comes. Wheat—The area sown to wheat in the fall of l SOI, as compared with that •own the previous year, is reported by correspondents at 97.(1 per cent,, which gives a total area for tho state for this year of H,4',)7,8(W acres or 84,138 acres less than last. year. In consequence of the dry condition of the soil last fall tho wheat area In the eastern belt of the state was reduced 2!t per cent, as reported by correspondents. In the central and western belts the condition of the soil was more favorable, and in both the wheat area was increased over that of the previous year. Wheat sowing last fall was much later than usual for two reasons. Kh-st. farmers sowed late as a precaution against the Hessian fly; second, the dry and hard condition Of the soil in many portions of the •tate did not permit sowing atthe usual time.' Tho wheat in nearly all portions of the state was slow to germinate and much of it did not appear above the p-ound in the fall, but the favorable weather during tho winter and the abundant rains during March have brought out tho wheat, and in the central and western belts (two-thirds of the state) the phint is very evenly distributed over the ground and is in a healthy and promising condition, also in some of the eastern counties. Nearly all the counties in the eastern belt (:I9) report wheat winter killed, ranging from 1! to 40 per cent., making an average of wheat killed In this district from all counties of It) per cent. In the central and western bolts, in which, according U> our eorrespondente, 77 per cent, of the wheat urea of the Btate is sown, the percentage of wheat destroyed from all causes is small. The highest average of wheat condition is reported in the western belt while the lowest condition is reported in tho eastern. General condition of the plant lor the statu us compared with a normal or full average is Sfi per cent. Rye—The general condition of rye for the state as compared 1 with full ameruge for a term of years is ul per cent. lilve stock generally throughout tho state is in a healthy condition. Horses are reported as especially free from disease. Among cattle are reported a few cases of lumpy jaw, a few of black leg and some cases of Texas itch. The wet, cold weather of March is reported as the only severe weather of the season on stock. A very few cases of hog oholora are reported in the state and these only in a mild form. In a few counties clover- is reported as winter killed, but generally throughout the •tate grasses are in good condition. Fruit—Peach buds are reported killed generally throughout the state, while other" fruit buds appear to be in good condition. Hessian Il'ly—Tlioro is l»ut little complaint of licsslan fly in any portion of the state. In a few counties the early •own wheat Is reported damaged somewhat. A few correspondents say considerable, but this pest will probably not cause much alarm among farmers this year. The season In every portion of tho state is reported from ten days to two weeks later than usual. The extremely wet weather during March has very greatly retarded farm operations, but the ground, being abundantly supplied with moisture, is in excellent condition for spring crops,,and on the whole the. general agricultural outlouk for the state is very good at this date. THK KANSAS UATIi MUUUI.K. No Truth In the Itcport That tliu InJ miction Obbulnoil Had Ucun DIHHOIVCII. WICHITA, Kan., April 7.— The dispatches to the effect that Judge Caldwell, sitting at Hot Springs, Ark., had dissolved the injunction obtained by the interior grocery jobbers to prevent the railroads from advancing rates arc untrue. No arguments in tho case were heard at all, and the only question considered was the arrangement for a hearing at a future date, lly common consent and the order of the court twenty duys' time was given plaintiff in which to (He a written brief and twenty days thereafter for the defendant railroads to file answer. During this period 11 was ordered that the restraining order be suspended. A Cyetoue hi the dilckmmw Nation. HKSISON, Tex., April. 7.—The report has just reached hen? that Brownsville, a small station iu I'ickcns county, Chickasaw nation, was wiped out by u cyclone Sunday night. Two person; were killed outright and several injured, livery house iu the village wus leveled. The clerk of I'ickcns county, Chickasaw nation, was probably fatally injured, ills team and vehiclu were caught in the cyclone and hurled through the air. There is no telegraph or railway connection with the town. IDENTIFIED 1IRKMING. There Is No IlouM Hut Tlml lln It the Alan Wanted. Mr.uiotiUKK, April 7.—To place the question of Deeming's identification beyond all doubt; he was placed in tho courtyard of the jail with twenty,other : porsoiiH. There lie was scon and idoutl- It is quite evident that Deeming believes tlie game 1ms ended for him and a close watch is kept upon him to keep him from killing himself as it in believed he would do if he. had the. least chance. Later details regarding Deeming 's arrest show that when he was taken into custody at the Southern gold fields, where he was employed as an engineer at I'Vazer's gold mine, ho was making final arrangements for his marriago with Miss Ilouncevllle, who was on her way from llathurst, New South Wales, to join him. He had already secured a house, and his Hist act after taking possession was to purchase a barrel of cement, with which he lmd the Moor of the main room cemented. The circumstances of his arrest were of a dramatic character. He was in tho act of reading a newspaper containing a brief account of the discovery of Miss Matthew's body at Windsor when a constable suddenly entered and, without the least warning arrested him on the charge of murder. For the moment Deeming was dumbfounded, but ho quickly rccovorcd his self-possession and pointing to the paragraph, us':ed the constable if that was the crime of which he was accused, odding: "I think I know the party who was murdered. She was a good little thing and I cannot believe that anyone would hurt her." K AII.ItOAO COM HUSSION KltS. Dc.clftlon* Mudi' lly Tuufto ot Kiiiimm—Some Iti)f|it|.KlK KI'IU'IMI mill OtlicrH (Jriiutod. Toi'KKA, Kan.. April 7.— The state board of railroad commissioners denied the request of eiti/.ens of Toronto, Kan., for first-class service on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa l''c railroad at that point The denial is based upon the grounds that the. road's income from the present service is only one-third of the operating expenses. The ease of the citizensof IJelle Plains township ngainst tin. 1 Missouri Pacific railway was dismissed. The complainants were desirous of compelling the company to establish division headquarters, shops, etc., at Hclle Phtiiic, it is claimed, was agreed to by the road when the bonds were voted. The township has lost itseontnict, but claims the railroad has one and prayed that it be made to deliver it up. The railroad, on tho other hand, says the contract, with Belle PlalniV is the saint! as is usually made. The action of the commission was simply to dismiss the case without prejudice, holding that the trial of the issue in the case was not within the jurisdiction of the board. Upon complaint of the citizens of Walsbnrg, the Union Pacific road was ordered to put in u spur und passenger platform. The complaint of W. L. Hammond, of Brown county, that the St. Joseph & Grand Island railroad be compelled to construct an underground crossing on his premises where the railroad has a high embankment, was modified to a grade crossing, ^^^^ I'lrv at Clilllliotliu, Mil. CinLi .icoTHK, JIo., April 7. —A spontaneous fire broke out last night in tho grocery und queenswure house of Moorman & Cleveland, on the south side of tho public squai'e, totally destroying the contents of the house, vnlued at «8,000; insured for 12,500. The building is owned by 0. li. Henry; damaged to the amount of about ? 1,000; fully insured. WHo nniMrhlTilreii l'oufly Slain. BIXKAST, April 7. —Allan Splller became enraged at his wife last night, and battered her head into a jelly with o hammer. Then he turned upon his twe children and struck them again and again with the hammer. Death soor ended their torture. A. Little filrl H kxprrlriu-e In a I.lfflitlioUHC. 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Returns from various city elections in Kansas show that in most places the woman's vote was very light- Sir A. P. Citron is charged with retaining Canadian government subsidies to railways for election purposes. Tho 51,000 candle power light with which liberty enlightens the world in New York harbor is to be replaced by one of 100,000 caudle power. Peter Eno, a brukeinan and worthless husband, of Lawrence, Mass., shot and killed his Wife because she had found he hod auother wife iu Connecticut. Frank White and Buffalo Black, Otoes, have been arrested in Guthrie, Ok., charged with inciting the Indians to in surrcction against the government. There is a movement tin foot to constitute Hon. Thomas F. Bayard one of the Delaware delegates to the democratic national convention at Chicago. The New York East Methodist Episcopal conference has decided without discussion by a vote of 138 to Ml against the admission of women in the conference. A dispatch from New Orleans to a leading house in Wall street, New York, states Hint the American Sugar Relinlng Co. have purchased the Cromwell line of steamships. The democratic city committee of Philadelphia has adopted resolutions favoring the nomination of (Irover Cleveland for president and indorsing the administration of Oov. Pat.tison. —Tho other day, writes a correspondent of the Dieycling News, passing through Birmingham, I was greatly interested In seeing a well-known lady doctor going her rouuds ou her bioyclo. Kite was neatly dressed in a dark-striped woolon costume and it small dark hat and fur boa—a stylo of dress in which she was .equally ready to nppear in It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose that performs the cure is the best. De Witt's Little Early Risers are the smallest pills, will perform the cure and are the best. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. Fine Playing Cards. 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No. o carries through Pullman sleeper* and cnair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springe and Denver, making connections atPuebl* and Colorado Springs with through sleepers forSau Francisco and Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper t» Dodge City and through coachea to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourwt sleepers, also chair earn to Kansas Ottf aji« , Chicago, also Pullman (deeper to St. Louis j No. « carries through Pullman bleepc .i^^ and chair cara to Kansas City and ChlCiuJ^^ No. 8 carries Pullman steepers and ch^fct cars"to Kansas City and St Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBDVORb, Agent Santa Fe Houte. Hutchinson. CM Laiilois, (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork,' cal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish aud game. John llartmaa, cutter. Telephone 32. -yyM. WHITE LAW, Attorney at Luw, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. w H1TESIDE & GLEASON Office, 1, Attorney* at Law, 3, 4, over No. 84 South Main St. AYLOIt it TAYLOR, Attorneys at Law, Office, up-slalra, Masonic Temple. M' ODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. 20 South Main street, every Mon day evening. Visiting neighbors al ways welcome. W. R. MAKSHALL, Clerk. A. M. HUTOUIKHON, V. C. K ENDRICK & B URK, have just received a FIRST-CLASS WOflK, EVERYTHING GUAflAKTEED. » W -H «*»*V Hutchinson, Kansas Midland Block. itlltAN till MhAi mm,i Remedies and Treatment for the Cure of Call on or address the Keeley Institute ot Indian Territory, OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T: 4S CURE YOURSELF!" Iftroiili!-•' v: h(;oiiorrli(ea\ Gleet, VVIil !.-*.S |.iTmatorrhai«!l 'ornuy um ;.!.!.:i«-honj6*»k" 'your dricii .-i -t ti.r o bottlo of Ills O. It i-.:-.n. hi a fewdayi without tlienlilc- publicity of a doctor. Koii-pc-lflonous and guaranteed not to stricture. The Universal Antericcn Cur*.-.' Manufactured by Ths EvBnsOlwmiiial.Oo.1 CINCINNATI, O. ll.». »• .o° VIGOR OF MEN ra «l!?T QumMy, Permanently ReaCSicJ. W «aB «J' , 'N «« ro ' 1 " , M !, "i WebUli ^Wd all the tram ol oylls from oariy orruraorlater uciwset, tba ronullu ot overwork, sickness, voir;,etc Fall etroogib, dovelopaieot, aud tono ntvon r to evcrr orttan ami portion o( tho body. Bioiple, natural {oatliods. Immediate improvement wont Fultura luipo6»itilo. 2,t>jo roforoncos. Uixilt. oxplatuuioai ^^tamatica (waled) free. Adarera Ml« MSOIOAL CO., BUFFALO, N. V.

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