Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 28, 1952 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 22
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TWKNTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1M2 Closing New York Stock Quotations abbot Lt • * • * i Mlied Chem . Allied Sirs ... Am Can Am Car & F. Am Gas & El Am Loco Am Povv & Lt. Am Rnd St S., Am Smelt Am Sugar .... Am Tel & Tel. Am Tobacco .. Am Zinc Anacon Cop .. Annco Stl .... \rmour & Co ., \tchison \vco Mfg .. •. Bcndix Av .... Beth Stl Borden Borg Warn ... Briggs Mfg .. Budd Co Canad Pac. ... Case (J 11 ... Ches & Oh ... nii & NW ... ,.70'a , 37' a 29*4 38 . 62'i 18'a 25' i ]5 a * 4.1-% 56*4 155 'i 10 82'7 51 'a 48 " 3 51 'a 69--a 34-- a M 36 'i 26 3.T\i 19 3ii RI & Pac 6IU Chrysler ...... 75 s « Cities Svc ....lOOVi Comw Edis .. 31 T« Cong Nairn... 22U Con Edis .... .Wi Con N Gas ... 58 U Container ..... 33 8 i Cont Can ..... 47 r > Cont Stl ...... 22'i Copper Rng .. 22 BB Corn Prod .... 68' * Corn Prod pf 175U Crane Co Curtiss Wr Doug Airc 34 8 57".i Dii Pont ... Knatm Kod Kalon Mfff F-:i Auto LitP :;cn Klrc .. ;;cn Foods . tion Motors c;en Time ... Cioodrit'h Goorlrirh .... fit N Ir Ore .. Gt Nor Ry Pf drey hound ... Ifomestakp ... Hudson Mot.. Ill Cent Inland SI I ... Inspir Cop ... tnt Hnrv tnt Har pf t") Inl Nick Inl To I &. Tel . .lexxel Tea Johns Man .... K'ennccoll Kimb Clark .. L O F Glass . Lib McN & L . Marsh Field .. Montg Ward .. Nash Kelv .... Nat Bisr- Nat Conl Nat Steel V V Central... \"ia M t'xv No Am Avia .. No Amer Co .. Nor Par Ohio Oil Oxx'ens 111 Gl .. Packard Pan Am \V Air Pa ram Plot. ... .. 84 % .. •):!'* .. 3SU .. 59! 2 .. <M .. 54 »i Penney (JC) Pa Rr Pepsi Cola .. Phelps Dot) Philip Mor Phillips Pet B7 T i 18-a 9 a i 35 43 a i 55*i 14-, 5t H's 38 M'i 70' •, •T.'i 170\ , 42 : '« , IB'., 74 ' s 45?i 36 'i 31 7 s ll'a 43 '2 in*; 27U ID'S 21' ;, 76 56! a 73 5 9 a 4 Pure Oil ...... 62 7 » Radio Corp .... 25*a RPO Motors ... 20'i Repub Sll ..... 40'* Schenlny Ind .. 25 "a Scott Pap ..... 50 a i Sears Roeb .... 53 '» Shell Oil ...... 77 Sinclair Oil ... 44'i Socony Vac . . 38 '» South Pac .... 78 Spiegel ........ 9 Std Brands ... 2-,'j Strl Oil Cal .... 56 Sid Oil Ind .... 81 U Sid Oil N.r .... 7fi'4 Starred (LSI.. 37' 2 Storl Drug .... 38'., Sludehaker ... 37'., Swift & Co. .. 32 Texas Co ..... 55' i Timk Dot Ax . . 20 : U TransAmer ... 2iJ 7 s I'n Carbide ... 62 '4 tin Pac ....... 114'i Unit Air Lin .. 2G'i Unit Airc, ... 30 r :i US Rubber ... 23 '.i U S Steel ...... 38 West tin Tel ... 39' i West Klec .... 36 : 's Wool worth .... 43 !g Zenith Rad ... 74 Zonite pf ..... 4'i Ark Nat Gas A lii'i F,l Bond & Sh.. 24'* Ford M Can A. 58'.; Hecla Min ---- 13 'n Kaiser-Fraxer . 4 7 « Business Mirror Thrifty Americans Worry Planners Auditor, en printing ef th« proceeding* of each meeting of this board In pamphlet form and the publishing of lime In * newipuper, regularly published In this County, men bid with * iworn statement of n.i paid circulation or * copy of Its last post office circulation statement, If required of them by law. M. O. RYAN. County Auditor, for Committee. 'News of Stocks Railroad Gains Steady Market NEW YORK, May 28, .T—Gains in railroad issues lent a steadying influence to the stock market today but in many of the major groups prices wore a scramble of advances and declines. Railrorad stocks began pushing ahead early in the session and while they continued throughout on the advancing side of the ledger, many of them ' backed away from the day's high. Activity was at a low pace. With the volume around 1,100,000 shares the market did belter than yesterday's 1,040,000, but there still wasn't much zip behind the trading. The rails generally showed fractional gains. Santa Fe, New York Central, Southern Railway, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Union Pacific all moved ahead. Advances included Republic Steel, Goodrich, Caterpillar and Douglas. Lower were Bethlehem, U.S. Rubber, American Telephone, Kcn- necott, American Smelting, Westinghouse, and General Electric. Long - term U.S. government bonds slipped slightly lower. Livestock Prices Soybeans Strong CHICAGO, May 28, /I 1 —Soybeans showed independent strength on the Board of Trade today although best gains were not held through to the close. At one time beans had gains extending to more than 4 cents, the July contract being up most. Prices attained were the highest since last December. ' r he rest of the market also was tip during the early part of the day. In the afternoon, however, a distinctly lower trend set in, paced by wheat. Harvesting of this grain is gaining headway in the southwest and hedge selling in futures is anticipated. All cereals except beans dropped under their previous close. Preliminary estimated receipts of grain in carlots: Wheat 4, corn 75, oats 22, rye none, barley 24 and soybeans 20. «* La/.y Epicure The great Knglish poet and essayist, Pope, was an epicure and lazy. HP would lie in bed for days unless he was told there wore stewed lampreys for dinner. At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKVABDS. May 28— .T>—lUSDAi—Hogs BQOO; active, mostly to shippers and butchers; barrows and Rills SO to mostly 75 higher than Tuesday's average; sows 50 higher: choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 21.50-22.00; largely 21.75 up, with 22.00 paid freely mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 225 Ibs: 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.50-21.50; largely 20.75 up: *80.150 Ibs 1B.50-20.2S; 150-170 Ibs 20.25-21.50; 120-140 Ibs 18.00-19.75: few 20.00: sows 400 Ibs down 18.25-75; heavier sows 17.0018.00: stags 14.00-10.00: boars 13.50-15.30. Cattle 1400, calves 700; trading slow; some initial sales steers and butcher 3 1.00-24.25: cows draggy and weak; utility and commercial cows 22.50-25.50; yearlings about steads; good and choice canners and cutters 16.50-22.00; bulls and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 24.00-26.75: cutter bulls 20.0023.00; good and choice vealers 30.00-36.00; sorted prime to 38.00: utility and commercial vealers 22.00-29.00. Sheep -400; old crop lambs active and strong, apoti higher; spring lambs and aged lambs steady; few lots good and choice spring lambs 28.00-29.00; few cull to good kind 23.00-27.00: most good and choice old crop clipped lambs 27.00-30; few 28.00; scattered lots utility and good clips 25.00-26.50; scattered small lots good and choice yearling wethers 25.00-26.00; cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 6.00-11.0; shorn aged bucks 8.00. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, May 28—(.Ti—Produce and live poultry: Eggs, extras 36-37, standards 32-33. xin- classlfied 28'j-30, no grades 26-28';,. AA large 37-38. A large 33-35. A mediums 30-33, B large 30-H2. Butler !)2 score 68-68'a. 90 score 65-66, 89 score 64-65. Other prices unchanged. Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Chicago Cash <>rain CHICAGO, May !!8, /P — WHEAT— None. CORN — No. 2 yellow 1.85U- 8BU-: No. 3, 1.8^-85; No. 4. 1.7983; No. 5, 1.71U-79; sample grade 1.53U-75. OATS -- No. 1 heavy white 84 U. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting. l.L'8-65; feed 1.20-30. SOYBEANS — No. 1 yellow :',.U : !4 Illinois origin track Chicago. C'liloiiKO Grain Kuturrs High Low Close WHEAT— July .... J.35U 2.33's 2.33'i-?i Sep ..... 2.37'a 2.35'.a '-'.:i5 3 ; Dec ..... 2.'J1?4 2.39!i 2.40' « Mar ..... 2.44?g 2.43 'i 2.43U-?8 CORN- July .... 1.83'i 1.82 S M 1.82 'i- s8 Sep ..... 1.80*k 1.79=i n.79 3 »-'.i Dec ..... 1.717» 1.70U 1.70U-? 8 Mar ..... 3.75'i 1.74 1.74 OATS— July .... 77 76 76'* Sep ..... 7!) 1 - 78 5 A 78 : '. t Dec ..... 82 3 H 81^ 82-81 Ti Mar.... S.V'' 8 84-\ S.| :IH RYK- July .... 2.02 u i.nn'i- i.fln ; u Sop ..... ].9M 'l.'JGU 1.!W'a Dei 1 ..... 2.03'i 2.00'a 2.00 ' a SOYBEANS July .... . n i.07'« 3.04 'u ^..U7'.i-'- Sep ..... 2.91 3 i 2.83 7 h 2.!M'- Nov ..... 2.81 :1 4 '-'.SO!- 2. SI ' 4 -'; Jan ..... 2.84', 2.82 2.84 U Mar ..... 2.8B'- 2.84 :i < 2.8.V'«, St. l.uuis Cash Ciritin ST. LOUJS, May 28, .-P WHEAT — Receipts 5 cars, none sold. CORN -- Receipts 43 cars, sold 2, No. 1 yellow 1.8S, No. 2 yellow 1.87 s .,. OATS - Receipts I car. sold 2, | No. 1 \\hiie 85, sample white S3!*. By SAM NKVV YORK. May 28, (#>—How much money the American people are savins — and how set they are against, crocking these nest-eggs— puzzles a lot of people. The exports differ, even on the amount Americans are putting away. Some say it was 17 billion dollars last year. Others sny less than seven billion. What the thrifty ones will do with all this money interests the planners — whether they're financial officials worrying lest H be used to start up another inflation wave, or businessmen who have been pinched by the consumers' yon for thrift and would like them lo spend more freely again. Tf even that lower amount of savings should be turned loose, It could start business up again fast, and probably price inflation, too. "Savings have had their skillIsh moments in the past when their buying power was threatened, as evidenced by the two buying rushes after Korea.' 1 the Institute of Life Insurance notes today. Saving* Up The institute ciles the department of commerce figures that total personal savings in 1051 exceeded 17 billion dollars, or about one oul of every 13 dollars of total personal spendable income after taxes. The government arrives at this high figure by taking the total of personal income aftei 11 . taxes, sub- trading the total '••innt on consumer goods and s> 'res. and call- Ing the remainder personal savings. But a considerable part of \»h;it if calls savings couldn't be turner! info cash quickly, if at all. The government counts as savings, for example, the payment on mortgage and other debts. . Those who stick to the lower figure argue that savings should be long-term liquid savings in the true sense of a nest-egg. They include: time deposits in commercial banks, mutual savings banks, share accounts in savings and loan associations, life insurance policies. 17. S. savings bonds, and poslal savings deposits. Now 193 Billion If you count, only these, the total savings are now more than 19J billion dollars, a gain of just less than seven billion in 1951. This compares with 142 billion dollars at the end of the World War II and 67 billion at its start. Others would add currency and demand deposits, government social insurance funds, state and local government bonds, and corporate securities. If you add these, Americans saved 13 billion dollars last year. The increase since 1939 in the percentage of families having more than $5000 a year income means that "more Americans than ever before now have incomes that, provide a margin over and above necessities and thus have the choice of stepping up their savings-or their spending as the time and conditions warrant." Coast Guardsman Jumps Overboard, Sees Wife LONG BEACH, Calif., May 28, IP Coast Guardsman Buren Wimp 20. says the reason he jumped from •A cutter off Point Conception and tried to swim ashore was that: his pregnant wife needed care. Wimp, boatswain's mate, third class, charged with desertion, told a court martial board yesterday thai he learned the day before his ship sailed for an Arctic weather station that his wife. Mary Lou, 18. might lose nor expected child. He asked for leave, he said, but was refused. Mrs. Wimp testified that she lost her expected baby in March. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The Village Board of Jloxana, Illinois will receive bld« for repairing the masonry work and tuckpomting the Roxana Community Building. Please nuhmil one bid to cover the repair work only and one covering repair work and tuck- pointing. Specification. 1 ! for this work may be obtained from the Village Clerk at 111 West Second Street, Rnxaha. Bids lo be opened and rend al the regular Board meeting to he held June 4, 1052. at 7:0(1 P. M. inSTi. The Board reserves the right to ac- rept or relect any or all bids. IRA KILLAM, Village Clerk. NOTICE 7)F CLAIM DATE ~ Notice Is hereby given to all persons lhat First Mondny In July. 1052. Is the Claim Date In the estate of Fannie R. Poag. Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County. Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 16lh day of May. Ifl.ia. NELL WHALEN SH1MP. Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. May 22. 29. June !i. ANNOUNCEMENTS EMPLOYMENT ll^lRLr WANTED—BAtJl^^ CHURCH JANITOR WANTED — BOX 670, CABB TELEORAPH. P*AHT-TIME SALES ~WOP.K— IS hourii pav over *30. Phone for appointment. 2-oiR.I. .1 - 7 p m. CLOTHING AND FURNISHING SALESMEN BARLEFF'S . . _ JAMES RfibADKS—We would like lo express our thanks to all our friends, relatives and neighbors who were so kind during our recent bereavement of our father. Daughters and Sons. THANKS—For n.vmpathetlc cards. Johnson Brother & Stater. PRBflONALU ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — GIvVs help to problem drlnkeri Dial 2-7229 or write P O. Box 197. WELCOME STRANGER — if j^u haVe lust moved lo Alton or know of a new family in Alton will you call 4-5171 so our hostess can contact them? Welcome Stranger Service. DON'T HESITATE—iriTfint ra'foTGfaxo plastic type water clear linoleum coaling. Buck's Paint Store. 833 E. Bdw.v SOCIETIES — LODGES CLAD RAGS—Fe- ar rr- . C ;,; Ciiiiord L. n land, Ch 0, but ad 1 .', ''e • •M-.-V hj en b.:^ -• r •..:'!.-• clothes v.err a ti ; > : c. .: -f •< ordinary. Tho/ So. i::-. • • •• holding him for • .•_ <;- : -.< • They stepped h.m v.iihi ,- <• \ Euclid avenue n a ccc-i-:>- n .. v/ith red visor, v. h.te cr:--j jacket, zebra-striped <h,rt, l;-.-i.n ous gwen tie, red plad panu &• blue §nd white tenn.-.. ih;x'. DaubJn toW reporter!: the clcrhi werf comfortable ar.d thai he ha. bean wearing that f ; c icr f v —AP photo, I5IU' Kfliixes »ra Ban LONDON. May 28 .V — The ' British Broadc-asting Corporation i ;i^roed today lo let French shou- • Kills In- televised without their i bras -- but only if the act originates in Pans where such ihiriKs are customary. One small pro- icaulicm will he taken, however. BBC uill send along its mui camera crews lo select the angles liorn which the girls will he tele- \i-ed. New Iteiiuhlic ' COLOMBO. Ceylon, Max 28 • .-!' The xxurld's nexxesi and one ol . n> smallest rcpubho the Mai- 1 Idixe islands has JIM blossomed! ! in the Indian ocean 401) miles south- j ixxest of Ceylon. Inhabitants of the 1 | -'000 tiny islands, scattered oxer. i .'iL'5 square miles of ocean, \oiod !'!< pcivciil lo |j,.., ume a M.J JU |,IU- I ith an flci-ird |HTMI|CMI allcri ujt. iliaii 6UU \ears. as a sullanaie. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CITY COURT OF ALTON, ILLINOIS C. C ELLISON, Trustee. I Plaintiff. > vs. I HARRY F HEMPHILL and MARY HEMPHILL, I Defendants, i CHANCERY NO. «638 FORECLOSURE Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance to a decree made and entered l>y said court, in the above entitled cauie. on the 17th day of April 103'J. I Paul IX Davey. Master In Chancery of said court, xvill, on the 23rd day of June 11)52 at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A. M. Central Standard Time, or at 11:00 o'clock A. M. Daylight Saving Time, at the front or North Door of the City Hall in the City of Alton, Illinois sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder for cash, all of the following described real estate: Lots Txvo i2i, Three t3i. and Four Hi in Block Six 161 of Riverview Addition to Alton, Madison County. Illinois; being the real estate described in the decree in the abox'e entitled cause, or aa much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy said decree, all as Is provided in said decree: xvith right of redemption to Harry F. Hemphill and Mary Hemphill, as prox'ided in said decree. Dated at Alton, Illinois, this nth da> ot Max. 19M PAl'L O DAVEY Mazier in Chancery of the Citj Court of Alton. Illinois. Max 21. -B June 4 "N'OTICF. OK CLAIM DATE Notice is hcrebx given to all persons that FiiM Monday m July. 19">2. is the Claim Date in the estate of D A Mc- KO\<,en. Deceased, pending in the Pro I bate Court of Mudison Couut>. Illinois. I and lhat claims may be filed against i the said estate on or before said date without is.*uunce of summons Dated this 7th da> of Max Ifl"i2 MILDHED L MEGOWEN. Executrix A11 c * 1 DALE HIl.l Prouate Clerk. W H THOMAS. Attorne.x Ma.x 14. 21. 28 NOTICE TO CAR DEALERS The Vil!:t£t> Board ot Koxana. Illinois v.-ill receive bids on furnishing a nexx Ui.">2 rnodrl J-dour sedun for u>e of the Police Depl A 19il Ford 2-duor Is to be traded in Bid to include transfer ot special equipment, heavy duly genei- au>r siren lights, etc., from old to nex\ car Bids uill be opened at regular Bo.,id meeting June 4 I9j2 at 7.0U P. M. 'DST. IRA KILLAM. Village Clerk BIDS WANTED I he PIIMUMK and Tov. n AcH'ouut> t en nntu e uitl te.cive and ope'i bid* mi I-i i'ia> i,,,if olli !».->.! al 2'10 P M in Uie oiluc ol U. C. K.. <jn, County FRANKLIN LODGE—No. 2S. Special meeting Thursday. May 2fl. 7 p. m. Third degree will be conferred by Western Grand Lecturers Club. Visiting brethren welcome. H. E. Mitchell. W. M. WESTERN STAR LODGE—No. 1. Heg- ular meeting Wednesday night. May 28 at 8:00 p. m. Old members are requested to attend this meeting honoring Bro. Ferguson. 60-year member. Chicken ftupper will be served. John Starbuck, N. G. WOOD RIVER LODGE—No. 1062. FUNERAL of brother Vance Knowlson. Brethren requested to assemble at Marks mortuary. May 27th, 7 o'clock, perform last rites. C. L. Radmacher, W. M. 10 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN FOUND—A pig. Owner may have eame by identifying and paying for ad. 2-4030. LOST—Small female shepherd~dog7Tast seen at Pearl and Broxvn. Child'fi pet. _Re\vnrd. 2-0309. LOST—Broxvn billfold do«-ntoxvn."~Sat- urday. Important papers. Name en graved on billfold, "Jack Strebel." 2-B46fl. LOST—Nurse pin from DePa'uf Hospital'. Initial "M. T. B." 1952. 3-3747. _ LOST—Gold Masonic~~ring, srmTll dia- mont inset. Rexvard. Finder please call XOTICE8 "UNSCIENTIFIC" TESTS—In Thousands of homes prove, Fina Foam a great rug cleaner. Buck's Paint Store, 655 E. Broadway. NOTICE — The followtnlTbarber shops will be open Wednesday, May 28 and close Friday and Saturday. May .'10 and 31st: Lowcry Barber i Beauty Shop, 304 Washington; Paul's Barber Shop. 117 West 4th; O. K. Barber Shop, 204 E. Broadway. YOUNG MAN—To work in Wholesale Co. Five-day week. Give age and ex- perlepce Box 3DO, care Telegraph. DRIVER - Tractor expcrionce7~for~c7ty delivery. Must know Alton area. Steady Call Upton 3-8481 »,'terj8_p._m. ' SODA WATER DISTRIBUTOR"—"For Hire's root beer and Mission Flavors. Apply IMn St. Clair, East St. Louis. Phone Uplon 5058B. _ SALESMAN Opening in large local organization for aggressive young man. Write letter giving personal details. Including age education and experience. In detail Your reply will be held confidential. *?2. x —?£°_-£2!^_ T J:I?.? l !iP!l- UNUSUAL OPPORTUN'lTY^Fon-otrng man, 20-25. single, to learn cash register service work. Opportunity for advancement in sales. Men who have compleled full training receive above ave'age remuneration. Vacations with pay. hospitalizatlon. life Insurance and liberal annunity program. Call W. M. Mi-Bride. Alton. 2-6440 or C. C. fnskip. 1'pton 4-3020. HELP WANTED—FEMALE CASHIER WANTED — Accounting and NCR No. 2000. Experience preferred. Sec Mr. Moore at Bledermans. WHITE LADY—TcTcareTfor ctiil~dT~Ltght housework. Stay. Phone 4-3902. WHITE GIRL or WOMAN — General housework; stay on place. 2-5848. MIDDLEAGED LADY—For housework; no laundry. Phone 4-5320. WANTED—Office clerk; good at figures and typing; knowledge of shorthand desirable but not required. Apply in own handwriting. Write Box (WO. care Telegraph. OIRL—For general office workT ShorT- hand necessary. Pleasing phone voice. Interviewed bctxveen 8 and 3 p. m CARTER BROS. Inc. 1400 Eafet Broadway CASHIER — Experienced preferred. 40~hour week. Air-conditioned office. Apply in person. Mid-States Finance Co.. li'iB E. Broadway. NO EXPERIENCE NECE"SSAHY—Age IS In 35. or neat appearance. Day work or night work. Apply in person from 5 to 700 p. m. Sunshine Coffee Shop. No. 1 W. Ferguson. Wood River. .1* BUStVMS ANJfOt'N'CEMRVf R FOR RENT— Power toots for reflnlshtng floors, woodwork, furniture, etc. Day and hourly rated. Sanders and edff«r, $4.00 day. Car pollnhern, *1.2S I day. Call 2-nM4 Jim Baker Service Station, 3rd and Ed- xvardsvllle Boad. Wood Blver. _ CAWN MOWERS-Sharpened and repaired. Schuelte residence, 713 Lin- coin. Phone 2-27S2 or 3-7809. _ CDTTimNC Spouting, metal chimney covers. Fret estimates. White's Tin Shop. 8-1424 _ Red £r White Sanitary Service Cesspool!, Septic Tanks and Outsld* Vaults Cleaned. Day or Night Call Wood RIvM _ 4-80B2 or 4-34BS CESSPOOLS" And Septic Tanks pumped and repaired __ Dial 4-3251 or 4-9350 TRET SPECIALIST Trim Tops—Take Doxvn and Haul Away insured. Free estimate! ED KRAUT ____ Phone 4-3343 __ __ BILL'S UPHOLSTERY" Auto and Furniture Reasonable. All Work Guaranteed 8 A M. TO B P. M. PHONE 2-99SO AFTER 8 P. M.. 2-7821 BIRTH CERTIFICATES - Obtained from Illinois and other states. Charlie Clark, 60S E. Broadway. _ ~~~ _ — f t.ATS ___ fAIRMOUNT AVff— 3<i roorrS, g'm heat. private entrance and bath, HWF, insulated. References. Available June 4 niEHI- AGENCY 2-7722 __?!;! ( 1 2!1 _ _______ BEAUTIFUL"— TProom unfurnished ail modern apartment; exclusive location. air conditioning, garage. SIIO P«r mo. By appointment ._pn|.v_._ DJfL-M . -.' _____ FIRST FLOOR— S "rooms', bath and shower; 2 porches, full basement, water, heal, and gas furnished. »7R per " 51 N<— i room ranch type brick, all modern, tx- rellent location. Well c<m»tructed.ltkj new. Truly a real bargain at today « low price. Make an appointment 10 .M thl. " n(>n0 _.._- ..— 3-ROOM" FtrnNTSHED APTS. ' - Call 2-2232. ___ __ _ „ _ 2-ROOM UNFURNtSHED APT.— Refer- a-ROOM APT.-"Wired for eTectric" stove. Private entrance. Part bath. 2-72R8. 2204 Orchard boulevard. _ li rURNIRHBB Af'ARTMENTi" and repaired. A. Slupperlch. 3108 Alby street. 2-4268. . . __ _____ _ CENTURY TERMITE Si PEST CONTROL For inspection and advice phone 132. Edxvardsvllle. Oxvncr & Manager. Fred Casna^ ____ _ ______ __ MINNOWS AND WORMS Oowntown Phillips 'BB' 408 Belle St. ROWLAND REFRIGERATION' SERVICE 217 Person. ___ _ PHI »-384« FLACSTONT Building stone, rock i driveway rock Gillenwater. Dial 3-830R. 3 LARGE—Furnished basement rooms, partly modern. Big yard, lots of shade. J?"_ph.!*? 1 .!"? —S. SlliMLI".-— 4 :? fil !! - FOI? 'RENT—3-room furnished apt. in Enst_!)th _«lrepl. Dial 3-B307. 3" ROOMS —' 'i~bath. upsYalr.." Private entrance, hot xvnter. In East Alton. No objections to baby. 4-S73B. 4~ FURNISHED ROOMS—For rent, and •1 . roo J™^.P' n L'H K ' 7 ''. TilREE-HO'OM "APT!—Furni.ned"." Utilities and rent free in exchange for housexvork and cooking; couple preferred. Adults only. Write care Mrs. H. Flint. General Del^" e _! nal l!?-_ In 913 H'AWLEY AVE! — 3-room modern; private bath and garage. Couple preferred. Call 2-BB8B or fl38 College avenue. 2-ROOM" EFFICIENCY—New attractive furniture, pullman kitchen, private entrance and bath. $87.50 per month. All utilities furnished. Worden Apts. U"l Washington. Phone 2-4512 or 2-B612. BUILDING CONTRACTORS REPAIRS—Carpenter work, roofing; no job too .mall or too large. 2-7913. ask for Del._ CONTRACT CEMENT" wcmTf '-ToF in kinds. Union work. Free estimates. LYNN WOOD. 3fi03 Franor. Phone 3-SI293 3-5151_ REPAIRS — Carpenter work, roofing, sewer xvork and concrete work of all kinds. Dial 4-9091. YARD GRADING — Landscaping, back filling. Harold Sxvinne.v. 2-3165. M OECOBATINO YOUR FUTURE STARTS NOW — Well groomed woman xvith pleasing personality who needs to add S45 to S75 or more every week to family income. Car necessary for local driving. Out of town opportunities also available. Age 25 to 48. Flexible working hours. Permanent position with national organization. No collecting or delivering. A pleasant and profitable career awaits you. Opportunity for promotion. Write now for "Get Acquainted" interviexw nppliaction. A. L. Kitchen. Empire Crafts Corporation. Nexvark. Nexv York _SUUe. KLDERLY LADY—To carrier 2 chll- dren. more for home than wages. Call 2-909 •!_. TYPIST—Beglnner~oi r expeirTence~d71s8'V hour xveek, no shorthand Ideal work- ins conditions. Apply or write John S Sxvlft Company Inc.. 2100 Locust St. St Louis 3. Mo. TRY OUR BAR-B-Q-RIBS ~— At 'the Dinner Bell. MINISTERS." BIBLE^SCHOOL SUPERf- INTENDENTS—See xis for your Sunday School needs. We have Children's Day tags, buttons, program books, chorus books, and many other helpful Items. Stop in and let us help you. Alton Bible and Book Store. 208 Laelede. 2 blocks east of Main, 'a block off Broiidxvay. HAROLD WILLIAAis^-"\Vn~o" "cai'led"" St. Louis concerning hit and run auto accident on May 16th on Lexvis - Clark toll bridge, call St. Louis again, Goodfellow 3843. collect. CALL FOR~BIDS The Public Buildings Committee of the City Council of Alton. 111., xvlll receive sealed, bids for one ill 60-Inch Grey Steel Standard Secretarial Pedestal Office Desk, Globe - Wernicke quality or equal. Typexvriter mechanism in left pedestal. Bids will be received until 5:00 P. M. Friday, June 8, 1952 at the City Clerk's ofifce. The committee reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Public Buildings Committee. City Council. Alton, Illinois. JOSEPH WATSKER, MIKE WA1DE. WILLIAM PARKER. NOTICE—From this day f'orxvard I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 26th day of May. 1952. Robert L. Barnes, 814 Anderson, Alton. 111. FOSTER-FLANNERY STUDIO—Wilf~be closed from May 23 to Aug. 15 inclusive^^ E._3rd. STATE LICENSE Auto Chauffeurs, Driven Etc. CHARLIE CLARK 603 E_Brpadwa.v "LICENSE" & NOTARY SERVICE BIRTH CERTIFICATES Now—Two Places to Serve You '504 E FiDWY 2520 STATE EARL W. MANNS RIDI:HS IIA WANTED—A ride ro~"wiSmnTFon"~Uni- versily. evening, June 9 to Aug. I. Phone 2-1965 after 5:30 p. m. RIDERS WANTED~'~To™doxx : ntoxvn"St. Louis. 8 to 5. 3-flf)09 after 6 p. m. l!> UK LI- WANTED—MALE ft FEMAL E SALES PROMOTION JOB OPEN~No outside solicitation but direct mail contact xvith selling and limited office xvork. Good opportunity for someone to learn retail business. See William Thompson, Schxx'artz Furniture Co., Wood River, III. Please do not telephone. » SALESMEN WANTED— Salesman for refrigeration appliance and air-conditioning. Call ____ ____ ___ WANT"Eb~MarT~with "car. full or pa time; over average earnings. Sales xvork. 2-0183. 5 to 7 p. m. SITUATION WANTED—MALE WOULD LIKE—Part-time farm work. .W. 1 !'**-^ 0 * 609. Cottage Hills. 111. CHEF COOK—Experienced, sober. Dial 2-1621. PART TIME JOB WANTED—For service man on off duty hours: experienced in auto repair and service. Call 2-8374. •:•! SITUATION WANTED— FEMALE POSITION WANTED — Experienced clerk-typist: can start Immediately Phone 2-3337. ___ LADY — Wants baby sitting, afternoon or evening. 2-2251. WILL ~ Can give reference. 2-3760. FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE—At a reasonable price, small thriving T. V. and appliance store, near Alton and Wood River. Excellent fran chlses. Low overhead. Call 4-3668. APPLIANCE BUSINESS FOR SALE~— Doing 12 to S15.000 per year besides the shop, xx-hich does a good repair business. Have franchise for Philco, Zenith, Arvin. Spartan, ABC washers, Youngstoxvn kitchens and furnaces. Also sub-dealer on Frigidaire. This is a good business. Will separate or all together. Rent $40 per month. Price fixtures $400. Stock at invoice. R1GG REAL ESTATE RIC.G—Phone 215. RUYLE—Phone 126 Bunker Hill i 'XVESTM"EXTS— sfocKS~ f'cltzen Coaclco. preferred stock. _B'r interest, jremi. 3-3273. ,-:i ill ' SINES8 "oHPHT! MTIE8 "GROCERY STORE — Doing good business. Stock and fixtures. $3500. Cheap rent. Ideal for couple. Box 600, care Telenraph. ___ . ____ STA" ' MONEY TO LOAN RIDERS TO ST LOUIS—Leave Alton 7 a. in. Call 2-7274 a tier 6 p. m I'JA EDUCATIONAL IN'Sf RlTcflON' WANTED MEN To Train For Technicians IN ONE OF AMERICA S LEADING INDUSTRIES YIKI van qualify- this vould be your i'haiu'e for future security and the kind ot work you like. You must be beiueen the ages of 18 and 55, and have the equivalent of an 6th Gi'.nle Education or more . NO EXPERIENCE necessary—but must be willing to tram in spare time at liome 'Will not interfere xvith pie,-ent job' For full details and further information on how \ou may be able lo <iuahf> write gtx'ing age and education to Box 550, care Tele- yiaph. BEING POOR IS NO CRIME Bui sutOring needlessly Is. If you're in a ' 'H financial "fix", stop in to se« ALTON LOAN SERVICE We lend money quickly, easily and at legal interest-rales. Come In TODAY 201 West 3rd St Dial 3-3596 PERSONAL SERVICE l> nRFSSMAKIN'O-TAII.OHNO SI.IP COVERS—And draperies expertly made Free esiimales and camples 4-S242. COVERED BUTTONS Bells and t~ut- tonholcs. 24-hour service Centra' Sexv- ing Supply Co, 18 W Broadxx-av. Dial *l I.AUNPKBINQ WANTED -Washings and Ironings: also men's laundry Experienced. 4-7866. WANTED Washings and ironings; also men's laundry. Experienced Dial 4-9534 WANTED - WASHINGS & IRONINGS Phone 3-6801. "« jfl'SIC WOOD RIVER SCHOOL OF DANCE Instructor. Miss Shirley Zimmer. Summer classes, tap, ballet, toe. For ID for- inatuin call 2-3569. _ _ MUSICAL iNSTRVCTlbN~>n~»H "instru- inenU and xoue and baton twirling lu.uiii MI.MC Co, jji t. Bruaduay, Alton. BUSINESS SERVICE l« BfSINFSS AN'NOt'M'EMENTi LAWN MOWERS- Machine sharpened & repaired Expert xvorkmanship. 15 years experience. Delivery service. Slanker & Krepel, 7:ii) Park Drive. 2-3770 AUTHORIZED Pim-or service for power moxvers. Elmer Pine. 810 Roedale. Dial 2-V)36 WANTED Paper hanging, good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5967 or _tilt> Yae^er_ttreet _ COMPLETE ELECTRICAL WIRING — And bmall appliance repair. EBBLER ELECTRIC j.i 12 Slate Phone 3-7588 HAND i POWER l.AWN MOWERS — Mat hme sharpened. repaired. saws Hied, grinding. 449 E. 3rd. Phone FLOOR SANDING & REFINISH1NG — Interior painting. Reasonable rate.s. For tree estimates dial 3-0514 or 3-3230. WALLPAPER CLEANED—Walls washed, paper removed. Call 2-2823. INTERIOR, EXTEHIOR — DecorTting. plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Free estimates. Dial 3-8172. 2-8684. INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING^ And decorating. 2-3141. Ill fXECTBIC - « A BIOS ROBERSON RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE 2011 State Street. Alton. Phone 2-4213 ^Guaranteed Service. RADIO & f ELEVISTON SERVTCE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY —3-9411 SEVEN MEN TO SERVE YOU 39 REPAIRING—ROOFING WANTED—Building repair xx-ork. Roofs and chimneys repaired, outside painting. 3-7905. W STORAGE—MuVtNG H. A. NEVI.IN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE 1628 WASHINGTON AVE DIAL 2-2665 SMITH BROS. MOVING" LOCAL _ LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 19 W Ferguson, Wood River USED FURNITURE BOUGHT & SOLD j McCOY TRANSFER CO. j FREIGHT LEASING MOVING ! CA^L 3-7791 FOR i'HE ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS AFTER 6 P M.: 3-7460—2-1245 3-ROOM—Furnished apt; refrigerator tc gas. 2719 Viexvland. NORTH R6"XANA—2 furnished rooms, all utilities paid; continuous hot water, private bath. Stl week. Located jit 200 Maple. Dial _jjBOj^___ _ . _ MODERN—"furnished efficiency. Adults only. $15 per xveek. Apply 538 East Broadxvay. WOOD RIVKR—Furnished apt. Private bath, private entrance. Heat ft lights, xvater. 4-B847. EA~ST ALTON^Slivcr Ridge Apt.. 2- room modern, furnished. All utilities. on bin line. Adults. $55 per month. FRANK YODER. REALTOR 2(12 E. Main. East Alton 4-9113 before 5 P. M. _Drew_ARency__ FOR SALtr-S-room modern brick rtouW, located in South Roxana. Inquire al Clover Leaf Home Bid*. A Loan A»«o- cliillon, Edward-ivllle, 111. Phone 848. SOtffH~ROXANA—At Pralrl* 8V«nu*. 'bexond Shell plant, on highway, *ood location. 4-room modern. HWF 3 bedrooms with closet. Pnnlry fnd kitchen, pretty modern balh. ftill concret* basement. 4 years old. Neat and clean. Pficf $BB50 EDRON A DODOE AOENCV—3-7041 ~$T806~ DOWN Close to Clnra Barton School. Brand nexv four-room home. Full basement, automatic heat. Sale price »7B30 NORTH ALTON Beautiful new four-room home with finished 3-room apt. In basement. Sal* nr i r ' e " $10,800 Please Call BOB WUTHENOW 2-6335 Harry F. Hemphill Agency FOREST "HOMES — Fourth""**. Nice 3-room house, wired for stove. Oil heat Screens and large porch. Level lot. 50x150. Will sell on contract. Price. .$2500 FRANK YODER, REALTOR 4-9113 4-4627 4-6238 (7 HOUSES FOR RENT B-noOM MODERN HOUSE — One-floor plan. Dlnl 2-800H. 4-ROOM MODE'RN HOUSE—in Cottage Hills. Must be reliable. Dial 4-m)54. RENT FREE—In exchange for couple hours work per day by lady. House in country xvith running xvater. electricity, shower and inside toilet. Write Box 570. care Telegraph. .'i-ROOM~HOUSE -^Garden space. In Meadowbrook, $30 per month. Write Box 640. cnre Telegraph. FROM JUNE TcT~SE~PTEMBEH ~— "All modern, well furnished, 4-room home; excellent location. 8 blocks from doxvn- town district. Call 2-5372. 4)1 flOUSr.8 3-ROOM HOUSE—Furnished. $B5 month. Dial 3-7377. 50 BUSINESS PLACES 25 x 5.1-F-i. BUILDING—For sale or lease. Located on Elm street. 2-313."i. REAL~EJ5TATE~SAtF WANTED TO RENT S4 COUPLE- And 2 children need 4" or 5- room unfurnished house. References. LADY TEACHER—Desires modern 2 or 3-room furnished apartment, about June 6. Write Box 660, care Telegraph. YOUNG EMPLOYED COUPLE — Tran?- ferred to the Alton-Wood River area xvould like unfurnished txvo-bedroom house, apartment or double with garage. Will be in the area June 8-10. Write Box 620, care Telegraph. UNFURNISHED APT. WANTED—3-room apt. xvith stove and refrigerator for Air. Force officers xvife and six-month old baby. Officer going overseas. Prefer Rosexvood Heights or Wood Rix'er. Call 4-4066. XVOULD LIKE TO RENT — Garage on Main strebl betxveen Broadxvay to Broxvn. 2-3422. FOR QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7C30 2-8240 2-7454 PRES BELCHER MOVERS AGENTS FOR VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Also quick moving of stoves; refrigerators, pianos, trunks, boxes or what have you? Also storage. RENTALS SLEEPING KOOMB 4J EXCEPTIONAL—Sleeping room in iTp- per Alton. Large and cool. Practically new house. No other roomers. Garage. 2-4457. SLEEPING HOOM—First floor. "orTTus line. Dial 3-3490. 830 East 5th. CHOICE ROOM—First floor, on bus line. Special summer privileges. Ladies. 2-7938. SLEEPING HOOM—For man or xx-oma"n~ Phone night 4-4263; days. 4-8370. FOR RENT—Sleeping room, private entrance. 614 Ridge. CLEAN—Comfortable room near doxvn- toxvn. Reasonable. 803 Alby. Phone 2-1123 or 2-C261. SLEEPING ROOM—For men, near Western. 154 South Pence. Phone 4-3395. ROOM FOR RENT — Gentleman preferred. 239 South Central, Wood River NICE COOL ROOM—'i block from bus. Kitchen privileges. 844 Oanforth. 3-9232 FIRST CLASS SLEEPING ROOM—First or second floor. Bus to door. Home like atmosphere. 4-B6R1. 4-6012 after 7 SLEEPING ROOM—For young xvoman or girl. 84 Carston street. Wood Rix'er NICE SLEEPING ROOM—For rent. Apply at rear, 1712 Bozza. LARGE — Airy front room. 1000 Langdon. 2-3B39. LARGE — Nicely furnished room for gentleman, adjoins bath; garage available. 2-5479. 4?A WANTED, ROOM 4 BOAkD WANTED"--"pla'cTlror gTrT~to~~woriT~for room and board xvhile attending beauty school. Call ;i-tf411. ask for Mrs. Casey 4,1 nOUSEKEEIMNti ROOMS HOUSEKEEPING ROOM— Lights, xvater, gas, Frigldaire. Dial 2-3568. 1426 Fourth sjtreiit. _ ^^ 2~1JGHT HOUSiH^ElW~~ Ferguson avenue, Wood River. 4-5606. Phone FOR RENT—2 housekeeping rooms on first floor, near Western Cartridge. 4-6685. »4 UNFUHNISIIED KOOM8 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—2409 Craw, ford. COUPLE—With 5-year-old girl desire 3 or 4 room apt. or furnished, with balh: must be doxvnstairs By June 5th. Dial 3-6387. S7 FARM VM) I,A Nil 40-ACRE FARM—5 miles from Alton. 20 acres in cultix'ation, some fruit. 4- room seini-modern house. Priced to sell. Call 2-4258. ELt M. GREER AGENCY 40 ACRES—6-room house, outbuildings, v ired for stove, school bus by door. Sell with or without crops, stock and equipment. Located 1 mile north and '2 xvest of Graf ton hard road on Otterville road. Clyde Kirgan. 12 ACRES—In Jersey county near Delhi. 3-room house on grounds. Jim Hick man. R. R. No. 1, Jerseyville. Ml LOTS FOR RAM RESTRICTED HOMESITES— Available In Wilshire Woods. Frank Yoder. Realtor 4-9113 or 4-4627. ____ 2 ACRES — Ideal country, 5-roorn new home; picture xvindow. large rooms, automatic heat, full basement, chicken house, berries and fruit One mile from North Alton near city bus stop. Allen Fox. 2-6315, Harry Drcxv Agency __________ LOT FOR SALE— 2 apple trees, blackberries bearing, with garden space. block from State street, 5850. Phone 2-28C9. HOUSES FOR S.M.I SERINC ADDITION—New four room modern home. H.W. floors, steel cabinets, concrete basement. Oil automatic heat. Special $2000 down, $58.50 per month. HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584. after 6 p.m. 2-1335 NEW 4-ROOM BRICK—All modern. For sale or trade. Dial 3-8244. FOR SALE—By oxvner. South Roxana 4-room modern. Large rooms, 12x14 utility, oil heat, SU500. 4-3009. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—In East Alton 325 George street. $7.SO per week Couple only. DlaJ_2-3587 i 3-ROOM APT. — Private~entrance" and bath, i., block from bus. Heat and xva- ter lurn^hed. $BO per month. Adults. 2-1770 ajter 4 p._m. __ _ 3-HOOM All modern apt. on bus line. f\VO~HobMS--Large7~\'ery nice. Mid- dlelovvn. first floor. Yard Phone 4-5763. Automatic hot xvater and gas heat fur- ONE : BEDHOOM"APT"— Unfurnished. Stove, refrigerator, heat, water, furnished Apply Manager. Washington Apts., 74B_WashingU>n. Apt._12. 2-8363. FR RENT—4 rooms and bath; heat and xvater furnished. 2-2286 between 5 and •J : HdbM"M6bERN~APfr~Ea!rt "Alton, partly furnished. Private entrance. Dial 3-3737. 2 UNFURNISHED" ROOMS - For rent Dial 3-3784. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.—For rent 303 Lorena. Wood River. FOR SALE—Small 4-room house. Lights, xvater, gas. H a lots, on corner, all fenced; also '47 Hudson, all reasonably priced. 4-8244. 5-Ro6~M l(iO~b"ERTj^By"~o~wnerT Excellent condition, good location. Phone 2-2472. _ RICHMOND 4-ROOM MODERN HOME ON LARGE BEAUTIFUL LOT IN MILTON AREA SMALL DOWN PAYMENT. A BARGAIN $5230 JERSEYVILLE, ILL. 5-ROOM SEMI-MODERN HOME. VERY NICE LOCATION. SEE THIS FOR ONLY $3950 Call WILBURT H. SCHNEIDER 2-7801 HEMP H ItL_AGE_NCY EAST ALTON Four room brick in perfect condition. Modern kitchen, HWF, storm windows. Price $9950 EAST ALTON Five room modern. Extra large roomi, Youngstown kitchen, full basement, gas heat, garage. Located on a paved itreel. Price . $11,900 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Nexv txvo and three bedroom homes, priced from $10,000 to $16,000. Call our office to inspect these new homes. MILTON AREA Five-room modern. Stairway to floored attic. Attached garage, storm windows. Many {milt-in features. Price $12,600 F05TERBURC ROAD Four room modern. One and one-halt aure» Chicken and brooder house. Price ...*7350 ROUTE 100 Nexv fixe room brick. Three bedrooms. One acre, oil heat, automatic water heater. Price $15,750 IN ALTON'S FINEST ney apt. building, 3'j extra large rooms on first floor xvith tile bath i dressing room. $100 per month. 3205 Brown. 2-9452 for appointment: if no ansxver write Box ! ll60._care_TeleKraph _ ! FOUR ROOM—Unfurnished sptT 410 E. ' 3rd 2-2196. _ | MODERN—4-room unfurnished apt. Au- | tomatic heat and xvater furnished In- i quire apartment 7. Acton Apts. 37 E I Acton. Wood Rivet. LirxtrHY14¥AHfliET{T~6Targe~foomi. 2 tiled baths, large closets, all-electric kitchen This is a lovely new apartment, beautiiullv decorated in excel- i lent location. $25(1 per month Write Box 11411 for appointment. VA ill b« completed June 1. ROUTE 111 120 acres. Six room house. Two barns. Other outbuildings. Price ... $21.000 WOOD RIVER Three room modern. Gas heat. Can be sold on contract. Price ...... S4200 RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Ave - 2-2246 S. Wardlow 4-6173 or — 37664 _ BY OWNEh— 4-room brick. 18 months old. HWF. large picture window, large closetb. rubber tile in kitchen and balh. gas heat, wired for electric stoxe. dry basement xvith 3-room apt and lull bath Will take late model car a» part doun pa>i»ent. Take oxer loan. Fa i menu *6j month. Dial i-2413. BRIGHTON—* roonie. modern. Good condition. Basement, new stoker. On highway, Garage. Lot 80x333. Rev. Karl £Hebe. WANT A GARDEN? Fruit trees? Want chickens, pigs or a pony? 4-room modern home on one acre of land. Price ....$7850 Call Wilburt H. Schneider, 2-7801 Hemphill Agency. (113 E. Broaclxvay INCOME PROPERTY E. BROADWAY—BRICK S ROOM MODERN. APT. UP, BUSINESS FIRST FLOOR. DOUBLE GARAGE IN HEAR. $15,750 E. STH ST.—10-ROOM BRICK. 4-CAR GARAGE, STOKER. 2 BATHS. ,»M.500 WOOD H1VER—4-ROOM MODERN ft 3-ROOM MODERN ON LARGE LOT. GOOD LOCATION. HWF, GAHAGE. BOTH HOUSES FOR $12,500 ALTON HOUSES fi-ROOM MODERN — CENTRAL. NEAT. WELL PAINTED FRAME. ON BUS LINE. FIVE ROOMS FIRST FLOOR, SEWING ROOM UP. LEVEL LOT. WILL SELL FOR (10,500 4-ROOM MODERN—ORCHARD BLVD. NICE SUN PORCH, HWF. STOKER. PLUS 2 BASEMENT ROOMS. LARGE KITCHEN. LOT 50' x 125' $7flllO 5-ROOM MODERN — JEFFERSON. INSULATED, NEWLY DECORATED, NEXV FURNACE $7800 EVENING CALLS BEN MOORE 2-1742 W. E. JOHNSON ...3-8284 HOLLIS WEST_ .^._._2-7j_OJ_ Ml D D L Et OW N—67oom Vlfmod - ern, gas heat, basement garage. $2000 down. Sale price..$8400 MILTON AREA—4 room all modern. Good location. $1000 down. Sale price $5250 Call HAROLD AUSTIN—3-7186 Office 3-3585 Hemphill Agency ALTON—Western Ave. 7 room modern home, 10 years old. excellent condition, landscaped corner lot near St. Matthews Church. Large rooms i closets, new carpeting & drapes. 80-gal. hot water heater. H.W.F.. full basement, oil heat, complete screens Si storm sash. Oxvner leaving toxvn. immediate possession Shown by appointment only. WOOD RIVER—Lovely 4 room frame; all modern, garage attached: full basement with rathskeller and bar; xvall to xvall carpeting: near schools and bus line. This home is in excellent condition S10.2jO WOOD RIVER — 4 room all modern frame, close in, near schools and bus line t52.')0 WOOD H1VER—4 room frame, all modern, garage, full basement. Located on 12th Street. A good buy at . $5650 WOOD RIVER—Beautiful 5 room brick, breakfast nook, cabinets, lots pf closet space, large deep basement with rath- skeller; garage. A home you will be proud to oxvn. Located on Central. Price . • $12,500 WOOD RIVER- 3 lots, basement with 2 txvo-room apartments, 2 txvo room houses. Can be purchased together or separately. WOOD RIVER—Almost nexv 4 room all modern frame. Full basement, breakfast nook, floored attic & other features $9000 LEMMON REAL ESTATE 047 Whitelaxv Wood River. 111. IMal 4-6232 or 3-6906 NEW FHA "APPROVED "NATIONAL HOMES"-rln Alton's nev esl and best subdivision at Herbert street and Oak Drive in Milton district. $1500 down and $64.50 per month. For Information phone Edwardsvillc 2168. RALPH H. LAPP, builder. 2404 SANFORD—New 5 room modern"" 3 bedrooms, gas heat. Price $15,500. Will sell on contract. Dial 2-2288. COMFORT AND PRIpFoTown'- ership can be yours in this fine 7-room brick home situated on a 87'x 313' lot in the North Alton area. Living room with adjoining sunroom, dining room, large bedroom, powder room and modern kitchen downstairs. 2 bedrooms and full bath upstairs. Ample closet space. Hardwood floors. Oil heat. Playroom in basement with fireplace. Steel casement windows. Attached garage. Priced at $19,000 Call Sam J. Henderson—2-5087 TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY, REALTOR 2-8622 2603 State Street Five room modern. Full basement, garage. Extra lot. Price IBDSO WOOD RIVER Four room modern. Stairway to floored attic. Full basement. Price . . $8950 NORTH OF TOWN Txventy acres. Four room house, full basement, furnace. A good buy at $5250 RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Ave. — 2-2246 S. Wardlow — 4-6173 or R. Bockhorst — 3-7664 SOUTH KOXANA—4-room home. Batri- room with no fixtures, electricity, good xvell, level lot. Terms $3000 FOREST HOMES-4-room home Good well, electricity, plenty of shade trees Close to school. A good buv at sir;™ FOREST HOMES-2 g -ro? n rhome. Electric, large lot. plenty of shdde. Terms. ALTON.' EUGENE ST.-Lot with"!!'" water jioob HOME SALES COMPANY 103 East Broadway. Alton, lllinoii Phone 2-3211 After 5 P. M. — 2-7336 North Alton Properties VALLEYVIEW DRIVE-Good four room modern home about 12 years old In A-l condition with a large cabinet kitchen. Two large bedrooms, plastered walls, painted in dual-tone. Full basement xvith automatic heat. Basement garage. Large lot 52x215. A good home buy. Quick possession. Price only S8750 HAWTHORNE BLVD.-Five room modern home in like-new condition Very good location. All modern features including paneled basement with recreation quarters. Large landscaped lot Gas heat, fully insulated for summer coolness. See this today. Price . $11000 Call JEAN JONES EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE NORTH ALTON PROPERTIES Dial .j-5814 Alton Real Estate Exchange 716 E. 4th St. Dial 3-7110

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