Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 5, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1889
Page 3
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THE EVTSISDTG GAZETTE: IITUT^DAT, California Pears, Peaches, Plums, Grapes. Etc Don't Look at'lMe.'but Evening Gazette. TH« KVKNINO OAT.HTTB oftn t>e had at all the news stands. Price TWO OBKTS. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Tonight. Regular meeting of Uock River Coun cil, No. 33. Koyal and Select Masters. A ;full .attendance .is desired. F. Anthony, recorder. •?- —Hon. 3 . "W. White was in this city this morning. —Mlsa Jennie lloak has gone to Savanna to visit. - ' •• —Mrs. James E.Conlon has returned from Chicago. —The Sterling police have received a new outnt of caps all around. —Rev. G. W. Pearl will preach in the Christian church this evening. —The Morrison Sentinel is publishing a newsy daily during the fair. —Mrs. Ueo. Terwilliger, of Fulton, is the guest of Mrs. John Ilarpham. —Will Shanower, tonaorial -artist at Colliu's, is making a visit at Chicago. —The Broadway church sociable has been postponed on account of the rain. —J. Frank Utley, of this city.ia one of the judges of racing at the Morrison fair. —The Northwestern excursion train will leave to-morrow at the same time as to-day. —A marriage in prominent political circles is expected to occur within a mouth or two. —The city council of Amboy donated $250 to help out the soldiers' reunion there next week. —Mr. 0. P. Miles, of Mt. Carroll, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Strickler, haa returned home. —Mra. Smith and Mra. Maltby, also Mr. Harry Calvon, of Youngston, Ohio, are guesta of Mr. |ftd Mrs. Adam Smith. —Orville Basaett haa been elected Colonel of the cadet companies of Sterling school, and Howard Llewellyn Major. —The Wednesday club reorganization and election of officers will be held next Wednesday'night,as not a quorum was present last ni^ht. —About four hundred people from- here went to Morrison on the excuralon. —The Evangelical missionary convention WHS addressed last evening by Rev. Fagpr, of Dixon. —Mrs. Sawyer, the m;it<:ria!izinR mo'lium, is the guest of Mr. and Mr.i.S. J M. Scely. Her ngeut, Cupt^JJiirke, ia also hero. —Mrs. Geo. MoMer, Jr., of Muscatine, Iowa, is visiting her husband's parents, Mr. ..nd Mrs. Ueo. Moliler, of tnis city. —Charles F. Furley has disposed of his interests in the grocery store on 1st avenue to C. Wolf. Jacob Heiirtz still continues to be manager. —When will work begin on the permanent sidewalks on 1st avenue? Will t.he city do the work and collect tho pay from the property owners, or will I he property owners have a meeting, vote to have tho work done by contract, and let the job? —Mr. John Weaver, head bookkeeper in the First National Bank, of this city, and-Miss Mina Eyster, a m-:ch esteemed young school-ma'am, were married at noon today, at the bride's home in this city, by Rev. E. Brown. The event h*s been expected for some time, but as no publicity was given beforehand, it is much of a surprise to the friends of both A few relatives of each were present at the ceremony. They left this afternoon for a trip west, and on their return will settle diwn. Everybody wishes them much joy and happiness. —What 'Sterling should do next year: Complete the sewer systems, macadamize some more main streets, double the water power here, get a few big fac'onea located here, have the county seat removed here, hold a fair and secure three thousand more population. All that sounds nice, and it can be done by combined vigorous work on the part of ~the~poople7—Sterling-has shown this year that she ia enterprising and progressive, and it won't be near so hard to make the bigger things move next year. When this city has 1-2,000 population, it will bo an easy matter to keep up a rapid growth after that. . —Gen. Thos. J. Hgnderson has succeeded in defeating Chicago aspirants for the U. S. District Attorneyship.and also Capt. Derwent for U. S. Marshal. It ia announced that Thomas E. Mil- chriat of Galva, has been appointed assistant United States District Attorney at Chicago, to succeed Graham H. Harris, democrat, who—recently resigned. Mr. Milcbrlst, who is now stase's attorney of'Henry county, was some time ago recommended for the office of district attorney at Chicago by the Illinois senators and congressman Henderson, and will be appointed, on the expiration of the term of the present incumbent, "Whig" E wing. At the request of S *nator Harwell and Mr. Ewing, Mr. Milchrist has consented to temporarily serve as assistant for the purpose of familiarizing himself with the duties of the position he will soon fill. This is an important victory for Gen. Henderson, and will break a good many slates —E. G. Baum of Morrison, known as 1 an insurance agent and money lender, claims that some time ago, perhaps three or four weeks, he advanced about $3,000 to Wesley F. Tumbleson, who haa been conducting a grain business at Rock Island Junction. For security, he claims Mr. Tumbleson gave him two warehouse receipts from a Chicago firm where he had grain stored. One receipt was for 6,000 bushels of rye. Baum's charge is that Mr. JIori-Twnn Fnlr.— --'' • The Sfcona or "OKI ScUler'.s IViy," »t the Morrison fair w:w liirgfily ntteiidpr], ; the cxMbits bi-lnc»H in place, und cx- Uiose of former years by si number, thorn boinz over'J.i'.in .nade, and a liner display was Rfldom : seen in this portion of the Northwest, j TliH forenoon was given Wednesday ! to tho old settlers, and many of them were present, telling tales of olden times, when fairs were unknown here. Yet one familiar face was not seen, that of Grandma Vennum, who died this summer, aged 104; others, too, were missing, and the ranks grow thinner every year. The gathering was a memorable one. • Hon. .1. W. White ileiivereil an address to the old settlers. The ox was barbecue:! to a turn, and ! fie forenoon was given to picnicing : und visiting. " In the afternoon the i;reen horse trot came on, there being four entries—Almont, g. P., owned by F. Maynard, Sterling. Billy Murphy, a. b., owned by J. Murphy, Hume; Rar- us, Sr., b. g .owned by J. B. Tomlinsin, Mt. Carroll; William O., s. g., owned by Geo. P. Richmond,-Prophetstown. Wm. O. won the race in three heats, time 2:47^,2:40, 2:47}^. Owing to some scheming of the men entertdi the mile foot race was justly declared off. 'The chariot race, a half mile run, was very One and exceedingly exciting, bringing up recollections of "Ben Hur." The balloon ascension and parachute drop was a grand success, the aeronaut landing in the south part of the city, wiiile the balloon, failing to caroen and collapse, for a long time sailed ma- jeitically to the northeast, then tilted and dropped to. the earth several miles from town. The stallion race for horses weigh- in? not less than l.SOo pounds, was contested for by-White Bree/vweight 2,000 owned by Hugh Shannon, of Coleta, 111.; Superior, weight 2,200. owned by F. Watson, of Chad wick, 111., and Negro, 1,000, owned by Bon Rogers, of she lone Cherry Farm, above Lyons, Ia. White Breeze won the half mile heat in 2:25, affild much shouting; Superior came second, but failed to cross the line, Negro taking second money easily. ItlliinlH Ntatp Fnlr. IN-ori.i, III.. Nopt. From .S^ptninlicr SL'inl tn'j'lh, Include C. 1! & (}.. H. li., will sell nmml Irip tirUets from Sti-rling to IVnri:i for SI 2!); tickots to be limited for going passage to datr (.f s;il« and limited for return Sept. 2SUi. 02tf Miss Hose dialling, Hock Fulla, Sept. 10th. 02 tf E. W. Hlosnom baa taken the agency oTTil-- 1 "!. C." I""'"" 1 .Sptctnc!""?.nnil Eye glasses.- Tlicsn spectacles are different from ordinary trhis-t", in thnt HIM lenses nn> pioiuid from ;i Fi\n<h Tiiitf'f Vri/xt'iJ that.shuU out ttiecln'in- c.'il and ui'iUriiysof liijrit.mfikinpthpro 'cry soothing to the eyes. Be sure and .ry thorn, see that that trade mark "I. c." is oh every lens. ^70-JAw Don't be foolish and pay b'g prices for butter. W^'spll you good butter for ir> cents per pound. C. Wolf, successor to Wolf & Co 724 Miss Hose dishing, Rock Falls, Sept. 10th. 02 tf Mllll Alicnil. Everybody usint; the Milledgeville Hour ia happy. For ealo at Lewis Heit- ZPl's Coed store. Also all kinds of feed delivered to any part of city or Rock Falls. CO to Tho orchestra will to-morrow evening repeat the selections played for Aiden Benedict last Fri'lay evening. Don't forget the date, Rock Falls Sept. 10th. 02 tf . u.e ClotliPK Cleaner And dyer will return about September 15th. 04 tf The Sterling Gas & Electric Lt. Co. respectfully inform the public that it la now prepared to wire houses and stores for the incandescent light; and make tho oflVr to nil persons subscribing beforH the completion of the line ;ind plant, tbiit llitf outlit: acc.irding to Dtu rules and rcpnlat.ioiis will bo furnished freo. I'or further information call at our ollice. 02 :',5 tf JOHN CHAKTEU, Sect'y. PEOPLE'S COLUMN S!r-We will Insert fbree lines In this col-fS( unin one time tor 10 cents, or Jor iO cents a week. Bach additional lino will be 6 cents a single Insertion, or 16 cents A week. WAXTKI*. Auction Hale. rip Western mares will be sold at auction Saturday and Monday, Sept. 7th and IHli, at one p. m. at the Sterling stock yards. or, no* W. S. STOCKING, Auetr. Only 10 tents for 3 lines under this Heading. 9 I SlCVC ItUttOTlK With safty chain av.d cuff pin, in odd and fanciful designs, in gold and stone, at Blossom's. train this morning, Today is considered the best day of the fair. —Harvey French la laying a brick sidewalk in front of his new store on West 3rd street. Every pavement in town should be of permanent material. —Several parties are investigating the "furniture factory" which Phi! Ilhoads is endeavoring to have started here. We should have a furniture factory by all means. —Sterling is an enterprising town. She needa more factories to make it a fast growing, town. 'With shipping rates better than Peoria and Rockiord, nothing is to hinder manufactories being started here, if proper encouragement is offered, —The ball game did not come off yesterday at Monmouth, between the Sterling and Monmouth clubs, the latter canceling the engagement. The Monmouth club however, paid the hotel bills and the club proceeded west to Fort Madison, Iowa, —The G. A. 11. excursion train for Amboy on the date of the soldiers' reunion will start next Wednesday morning at 9 o'clockjand will start back -Iumblesofl.dis;i03ecLof the grain shortly afterward, without notifying him', or letting him know anything about the money received for it. Some two weeks ago Baum swore out a complaint for his arrest, on the charge of larceny, before Justice J. N. Baird, of Morrison. Tumbleaon ^had been in Chicago for sometime,' and Sherifi Keefer went there on Tuesday and brought him to Morrison, where he was given a bearing before Justice Baird. lie was placed, under 82,000 bonds to await the action of the next term of court. —The St. Paul Sunday Globe contains the following account of the promotion of Mr. A. L. Mohler, son o.f Mr. George Mohler, of this city, to the position of general manager of the Manitoba railroad. During the past twenty years Mr. Mohler haa made verv rapid progress in railroading, and ia his present success he has the congratulations of all his friends in this city. The following ia from the Globe: A. L. Mohler was yesterday appointed to succeed Allen Manvel as general' manager of the Manitoba system, and P. P. Shelby received the appointment of assistant —The Sterling merchants are laying in larger and b.'tter stocks of good than ever before. There being so much competition here, paople for thirty miles around will find It profitable to do their trading here. It will pay pao- ple in the surrounding towns, who cannot corns by tsatn, to take the c:irs, for they will, more than save their fare in buying a reasonably large sizsd bill of goods. With street cars, electric lights and new depo!-, Sterling will be a place well worth coming to sue. Trade with Sterling merchants and suve money. —Morrison Sentinel: The whirling of time makes some queer changes. Ten years ago buyers were scouring this section for horses 1 1 take to the then new and rapidly developing territory of Dakota, and most anything' in. the way of horseflesh, good or indifferent, met with ready aale up north at wnat seemed exorbitant prices. Now the thing is reversed.. Monday there was a sale of Dakota horses, to the highest bidder, on the farm of T. A. Hardiu, near Fulton, this county. In speaking of the animals the notice said: "They are well-bred Dakota raised horses and colts, from finely bred Hambletonian, Norman and Morgan, and are from two to six years of age. They are large, smooth anim Us and will make good farm borsas and for carriage horses Cannot b<T benteh." Bringing horses from Dakota to Whiteaide to sell looks some like 'carrying coals to Newcastle." CHICAGO, ILL.. Aug. 5, 1889. Mr. 12. H.Purcell, Sterling, Ills. Replying to yours of toe 3rd 'inst., will say that Mr. Patrick Neeson in "A Night in Jersey," presents one of the beat comedies on tho road. You need not hesitate to book the company. Yours truly. Biurmunn & VNIKKRS, (] moral Amusement 'Agent*, son Smith Clark St., Chicago, Ills. Order tomatoes for canning at 30c per bu, of L. L. Johnson. 73 tf .V \V ) -Wild Kranes, tliony. Call at ollice. I))' Dr. ' Frank An 72-tf FOIl HAI.K. Only 10 cents for J fines under this Heading. pOK BALK—Oood fresh cow. ' East Kock Kulls. John S. Urown, 70-ti) is8-iui.Hot-oi»-West fllh - Street, Imiwt-eii IV «i 1) Avenues; rli'iip U uken soon. K. M. Wrlnlit. • F Ull SALK—A bargain. In three line real- deuces In -Ith waril. Inquire ol 1. I. Hush. ul-ti you I Only 10 cents for 3 lines under tliis Heading. \ TMOK KENT—C!ott»Ki! or five rooms, on K. Third -C street, between llin aud 7th Aveunes._ Apply to r. T. Van Home. Mr*. M. A. I,inrlmek'H Hlntomcut. RHEUMATICSYUUP Co., Jackson, Mich Gents: For the past ten years I havi been a sulTerer from liver complain and rheumatism. Finding no relie my condition became so wretched tha 1 had no hope of recovery. Seein Ilibbard'a Rheumatic Syrup advoitised I purchased six bottles and am now entirely cured, both from rheumatism and the liver trouble. Have also used Hibbard's Rheumatic l'lasters_witb the best results. ' I can certify to the truth of the above statement. Mrs. Lineback was cured ot rheumatism and liver trouble by the use of Hibbard'd Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters. ttha SOL KITTEIUNQ, Drugglat, Lisbon, Iowa. jiv KENT—9 room house; Rood cellar.. Well J-' aud cistern water. Iniimre E. CJ. Underwood. Kooin 2, Academy o( Music. M tt ri~MJ LEASE—Powjr and room Tor niiumfactiir- -L liitf imrpos-s. In the building formerly o -cu. pird by ('unroll & 1'aUersmi. Address B. I/ Hhurcll, Utiliith, Mlnu. ' ul-U!b L&DIES' FOR 11K\T OK HAI.K Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. 'Ijinlt SALE—Slots In Upu'3 addition; also, lot JJ G blk. 6; also, my residence lots, » and 10, blk f., Wallace's add., on easy terms. lH<]ulr« ol James Harden. ' '"•«>* |7>OK RENT OH BALE.— Type r Settles. . Writers. E FOR MALiK OK TltADU. at 0:30. There will be many from here who will want to see Governor Flfer, Congressman Henderson and their comrades. The executive committee of the 7th District Missionary Church Extension Work Board of the Christian church met here yesterday, ar\d resolved to push the work at 1'ulton and Savanna. It is probable that an evangelist will be employed to begin the work, which f hall tend toward the establishing of Christian churches in those towns. —Train men from Chicago Wednesday report that a water spout passed over the country between Dixon and Uochelle, III., about three o'clock Wednesday aftaraofto, the rain fulling in great sheet* flattening corn to the ground, and making little lakes of n$Jd*. The rain did not roach this section until 4 or i o'clock, wh*u ft heavy rain tell for *e»er»l hour*. At Morrt- r&iatog »ii*Sf t&tif later. traffic managers under W. S. Alexander. The former appointment is heard of with a good deal of satisfaction by all railroad men. Mr. Mohler being ihe proper man for the place in the regular line of promotion. Considerable surprise is expressed fay many who had imagined that Mr. Shelby was meant for the place, though the universal opinion seems to be that justice has been done, Mr. Mohler being characterized as one of the ablest tijen in .the business. He has held numerous positions under the company, and has discharged the duties of each in a manner to win laurels for himself and business for the road. Mr. Mohler was general superintendent before Mr. Casa, and became assistant general manager aft'r 11. 0, Ives, the latter taking charge of the ilreekeuricSgc division. The new general manager Is doubtless booked for a successful career in hla new position, ami take* Ui* chair x HOIK KA1.1IS -i-The Eureka Co. has a large exhibition of its goods at the Morriso i fair. -f-The streets seem deserted here today so many people having gone to the Morrison fair. •t-The dedication of the rebuilt M. E. church of this city will occur next Sunday morning. Rev. Dr Maudeville, a well known minister of Chicago will deliver the dedicatory discourse. Everybody is invited.' +Dr. C. C. Edson, of Dixon, secretary of the American Association of surgeons, departed for Chicago, Tuesday, to attend their annual session, which convened in that city Wednesday, and he will return Friday. .He will be accompanied on his return by hia daughter, Mrs. Hattie M. Phelfs.of New York, who intends spending a month visiting in Sterli:ig, Rock Falls and Dixon. Tickets for! concert and "C Supper" on sale at McNeil's hardware. . * See tho new nd ot N. Carpenter & Co. '•' Giving and Keeping. To a Frenchman studying English, as to an Englishman studying French, nothing is so hard to noqulro |>erfectly as the idiom—the very part of the language which comes moat natural to a native. The difficulties of our own tongue in this rc8pcct_arB_-jllu_8tratcd_bj_ tire~fbHowii7g71fa[ogu9 between a foreigner and his English teacher: "When you givo a thing," asked tho foreigner, "you cannot keep it, too, can you!" "Certainly not." "But when an honest man gives you bin word ho always keeps It, doesn't he)" "Certainly." "But when he gives his"word how does he keep it? Does he take It back?" "Certainly not. JVben an honest man gives his word ho never takes it back." "But if ho keeps it ho does not give it." "Oh yes, ho does." "Then if ho gives it he doesn't keep it." " Why, certainly he does. Because, if he doesn't keep his word, ho is no longer 011 honest man." "Oh, ,1 begin to seel Having given his word, and never taken it back, ho keeps it aU the while?" "Certainly." "What a beautiful language is the English I" —Youth's Companion. F OK HALE OHTUA.DK-A well located hotel, UoliiL' u cood business, haying irom 50 to Bu regular boarders. !•'. W. Wal'/.ir. 88-tI Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. -T-OST= : lCr» k rc-liarnn—Finder-please leavo-Ht JU Ujin-Ut! olllca und receive reward. 7a 13 L OST—Thursday last, on Morrison road, pocket boon. (iuntniuiUK *.'».00; consisting of two ten do.iar uold pieces and two live dollar bills. Finder leave at Uazette olllco aud receive reward. TO-Ulw Goods FINANCIAL.. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. . F INANCIAL-Mimoy to loan-31,600 at (I per ceiit.,ou larm security. I. I. llush, Kock Call at E. W. IHossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Parties desiring to attend the concert and "C. Supper" at Rock Falls M. E. church on Friday eve, Sept. Oth, will Und Buzzard's hack at O. A. Oliver's atore at 7:20. Concert beginning at 7:30. KenauvalwfBnrber Khop. .. A, L. Parker baa removed h'.s tonsorial parlors from under Hopk ; nson'a to the Waddleton building, on West 3rd street, opposite Carpenter's. 71 tr> wit 0-2 tf Skin Troablen. For those bavinp thick, oily skins, broken by pimples and comedones, or black headed worms, there ia no alternative but a careful diet, If they would have it grow smooth and fine grained. But little butter must be eaten, no fat meat, and the food consist for the most -part of vegetables and fruit. A tablespoonful of sulphur taken every other morn- Ing for a week, then omitted three mornings and taken ftgttin, will clear tho complexion in a couple of months, but will probably make the black specks look more numerous for a week or two. A mixture of powdered brimstone or sulphur In diluted glycerine, rubbed on at uight, with the other treatment, will soon cause them to disappear. Wash off carefully in the morning with soap and water In which there Is a little ammonia. After this, if tho face seems oily, wash it at night with spirits of camphor reduced with half as much glycerine and a fiw drops of ammonia. In the morning- bathe the face as before In water with ammonia In It, and after wiping It carefully sponge it over with camphor and water, and In a short time the fairness of your face will delight you and surprise your friends. — Dr. Uarwood in Bt LouU Mafia I > Only 10 cents for J fines \iiidcr t/iis Heading. M ISCHLLANEOUa—Ili-ul Kstate and Insurance. Western land lor sale anil exchiinito. f. W. Willzcr, Kooni 4, Academy ot Jvluslc. <i-tt in railway Ufe, Falls, Sept. 10th. Mt. Jeaoph ft'alr and Kxpo*lttM. Nf i>t. 3 to Oft. 5, titt. On Sept, 13th and ;50th the C. B. A Q. H. H. will sell excursion tickets for one lowest fare for tha round trip; tickets ejjt. l:itl> uud ;>OUi. ttiul Substitute for Urlck Oven.. The delicious flavor ot the beans, brown brvnd mid Indian pudding baked in the old fashioiwd brick ovon, aud mistwil in tho mod- cm cookery, wiuj dun to tha long exposure to stuwly'hoat. With tho o»k sloven of today, ttliod with coal or wood, aad draf U all open, only ft littlo whilo ia roquirixi to cook Any kind of t^itl. Try keeping a alow tire, and allow iw l»iijs a timo for talking a* was al- •lowtil in tho tiim* of thtf ITU-'* ov^n, and (few — Eav HARK O.TEA The Choicest Tea Ever Offerei. ABSOLUTELY PURE. A MOST DELICIOUS BEVEU4GK. TKY IT. In vUl tt?K «j aj t'.tcr. Ctilll? atvi? Tail* It In tl<n !!i-.'i"T OnAt<«, picked from bi>*t y'Mi'K 1 ir.'.n nn.! I'linruiteril absolutely u^ratlom or coloring hcrm? Ui-ally acalixl It 1« more aoou- . pure Mid liv:j fr-vin nil matter, llin p.u-kay and vuruntxj lull Oiuical 111 UKO thau the low OriacUl & Occidental Tea Co., , S3 Hurling #«]>, .Vrut Toffe.

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