Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 28, 1907 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 5
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(local Events, %*i _ ~ , MI __ ^f) (^e-diSJV— ===. The finest oysters in bulk 25o a dozen at the Depot Grocery, Kntherine VanDevort ia home from Berkeley for the holidays. Mrs. L. M. JefTerlei of Los Angeles is spending the holiday* with relatives in Covina. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Holt of Redlands were guests on Tuesday of Rev. and Mrs. Con ley. Mrs. Osborn of Vvhittier is spending the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Wbitsel. of at The finest oysters in bulk dozen at the t>epot Grocery. 25c n Baled alfalfa nt J. Citrus avenue. H. Matthews' Po- the Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Peck mona epent Christmas day home of Dr. and Mrs. Cline. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith enjoyed Christmas dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Caruahan. Our drugs are always fresh and we carry none but the best quality. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Miss Elva Swausen is spending the holidays at the home of her aunt, Mrs. W. B. Broad well. Miss Margaret Welch of Long Beach ia spending the Christmas holidays with her aunt, Mrs, George Smith of First street. Miss Edith Simouds of Pasadena, a graduate of Sells Seminary, Boston, is visiting her clas-smate, Miss Lillian Douglas. Mrs. F. A. Smith and son Charles of Gardena spent the holidays with her sisters, Mrs. Anna Pinch and the Misses Breakey. Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Pcole of Los Angeles ate Christmas dinner at the home of their sister, Miss Ruth Poole. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Potter and family spent Christams in Lo^ Angeles at the home of Mrg» Potter's sister, Mrs. James Neville. Mr. and Mrs. Ennis and Miss Pomeroy were Christmas dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Douglas. The pews have arrived for the Baptist Church and are placed in readiness for the service on Sunday next. Mrs, Crabtree and son Hodge of San Diego are visiting at the home of the former's daughter, Mrs. Coii- ley. Mrs. Grouse, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Jasper Baker, of Glendora, spent the week end in — Los Angeles, the guest of her daughters, Mm es Park and Bell. Mrs. Nellie High and daughter Nellie are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. F. A. Poole of Walnut Center and are delighted with thin part of the country. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lee entertained as Christmas guests Mr. and Mrs. M. Baldridge, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Rogers and little daughter of Pomona; H. Baldridge of Covina and H. B. Lee of LOH Angeles. . Mrs. Effle Wilson was presented with a handsome chair as a Christmas present from bar boarders, on Wednesday, an expression of the esteem in which this popular lady is held by thone- fortunate enough to find a home under her roof. The W.F.M.S. of the M.E. Church will observe th« day at prayer appointed Ly the general executive committee on Friday, Jan. 3rd, at 2:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. W. P. Marshall on Orange street. All members requested to be present. We call the attention of our readers this week to an article written especially for the Argus by Malcolm J. McCarthy, entitled "The Drummer's Inferno. " It is an amusing witty story, especially appropriate to the Benson and withal has a good moral applicable to others besides drummers. Clayton Shipway, a member of the class of '09 of the University of CaliforiiiH, is home for a few days. Mr. Shipway is the editor for the present year of the university annual, the "Blue and Gold," and his stay in Covina will be short on account of his work oil this publication. Robert Headley has returned home Tom Lake County and is enthusiastic in praise of that beautiful country. The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens spent the Christmas holidays with the parents of the former at Santa Ana. Morton Elliott arrived home on Monday from Berkeley for the holiday vacation. Miss Meador of Whlttler spent a 'ew days this week with her friend, Miss Bertha Brubaker. Mrs. S. E. King, who has been aick in bed ft.r two weeks, is now up and recovering. Mr. and Mrs. Harry White and two sous spent Christmas at the home of Mr, and Mrs. J, A. White of Pasadena. OUR AGENTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. SUntoii Bros. & Keelioj Pomooi SiRitiry laundry Four generations nartook of the generous turkey dinner provided at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harris joined a family gathering at the home of T. Gooch of Rivera on Christmas day. Dr. and Miss Herron spent Christmas in Los Angeles with Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilchrist, formerly of Covina. We personally compound all prescriptions sent to the Covina Pharmacy. We never substitute. E. U, Smith. N. E. Woodward and wife of Hollywood were Christmas guests at the home of the letter's brother, C. E. Blackman. • Paytou Organ, who has been living in Arlington nearly a year, returned again to Covina last week and will probably remain for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Overholtzer and family spent Christmas nt Long Beach, the guests of Mr. aud Mrs. I. S. Overboltzer. Guests at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. J, O. Houser this week are Mr. Keefer of Mojnve and Miss Mildred Houser. Guests on Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brubaker were Mrs. Meador and daughter of Whittier and Harvey Brubaker. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lahee enjoyed a family Christmas dinner party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Smith of Los Angeles. Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke and children were dinner guests on Christmas day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Sherwood. Earl Coons and Miss Lelaud of Monrovia spent the flay and were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths on Sunday last. Dr, and Mrs. Rice of A/usa and Mr. and Miss Oilman were Christmas dinner guests nt the home of Mr. Herman and Miss Headley and Mrs. Rice. Mrs. A. Bresnahan, who with her little sou has been viei(;ing for the past two mouths at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, C. E. Black- mau, left Thursday evening for. hei home in Northfleld, Minn. Mrs. A. J. Jennings, who has just returned from an extensive tour of Europe, ia spending a few weeks at the home of Mrs. Will Griffiths. Miss Fern Adaet of Monrovia is also the guest of her aunt. Week end guests a t the home of Mr, aud Mrs. Sum Glaze of E. Badillo street were Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Gla/e of Fullerton, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Smith of Moimnia and Miss Delia Banford. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miner and daughter of Upland, also Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Miner aud Mr. Lee Thag- art of Los Angf-les were entertained Christmas day by Mr. and Mrs. W ill E. Wyeth at their new home on East Italia street. Christmas guests at the homo of Mr, and Mrs, H. L. King were Mr. and Mrs. -McKirahan and daughters, Mr. aud Mrs. Walton, Mr. Holman of Los Angeles and Mr. and Mrs. Neil. After dinner a live Christmas tree, decorated and loaded with presents, was enjoyed in the yard. Having sold rny livery business to Charles F. Smith, I desire to ex- presa to my friends my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage and to solicit a continuance of tbu Gunther's sweet* are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Sauer kraut at the Nortbside Mar - ket, lOc a quart. The finest oysters in bulk 25o a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hazzard joined family gathering at Whittier on Christmas day. Harry Lee of First street was a hristmas guest of old Philadelphia friends in Pasadenn. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. ( Thorne spent Christmas as the guests of Mrs. Follette of Long Beaoh. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Collins were Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Collins of Rivera. J. J. Smith of San Diego is spending the holidays with his daughter, Mrs. J. N. Wilson. Prof, and Mrs. Collins spent the Christmas holidays as tbe guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. Hoitby Myorw of g Red lands. Mrs. R. Walker and fnmilv and Miss Fletcher of Redlands wore Christmas clay guests at the homo of Rev. aud Mrs. A. Fletcher. W. E. Sranton and daughter, Miss Anna, of Chino, came over on Tuesday to spend the Christmas holidays at the homo of his brother, C. 11. Stun ton. Christmas guests at the homo cH' Mr. aud Mrs. A. M. While wore Mrs. Hannah Ovorholtzer, Misses Martha Sell, Osn White, Emma Ovorholtzor and Thos. Wtyte of Pennsylvania. The Misses Margaret and Gazelle Ilerskovits and Marian Roth of Los Angeles spent Tuesday as the guests of their friends, Elile and Vernio Houser. To all the citizens of Covina wo extend tbe greeting of the season, wishing one and all a happy and prosperous New Year. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. .; Christmas guests at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. < H. M. Houser were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Housor, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Nash and family and G. W. Wolfe. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Capps received a dispatch Saturday informing thorn of the death of a six year old granddaughter at San Francisco. The little one had been ill with typhoid fever but a short time. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. G. Anderson and daughters joined a family gathering for Christmas at the homo of Mrs. Anderson's sister, Mrs. 'Lydia Snyder aud husband of Glendora. C. H. Stautou left Thursday for his old homo in Sunnyside, Wash, to look after his ranch intercuts at tlmt place. While there ho will visit his sister, Mrs. Ida Heath, and husband. The annual midwinter number of the Los Angoloa Times mailed to any address in tho United, Canada aud Mexico, 12c per copy, Lonve uamoH and addresses with the Times ugont or at Ciapp'H drug atom. Ready Jan. let. 190H. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Barred Plymouth Rooks for snle. A. E. Colt, Dexter street. Itp For Sale—Team, wngon and harness. W. H. Daniels, Phone 2099. For Sale—One family driver or orchard horse. P. F. Fesler, tt Sauer kraut at the Nortbside Mar<et, lOc a quart. For Sale—20 cords of good walnut wood, 810 n cord. Archie Vincent. Phone 38 tf For Kent—Comfortably furnished oom. See Mrs. Martha Jlibsch, Cottage Drive, tf For Sale—Good rnnoh team, har- less aud wagon. Twomey & Diller, Uovino, Cal., opposite, S. P. Depot. 1-4 p For Snle — Thoroughbred White Leghorn and Black Minorca eggs for setting. Mrs. J. Wheeler, Cypress itvenuo. Phone 1098. 1-18p For Rout:—Good office rooms, tho host in the city, suitable for professional men. Sec owners, .Reed & Matthews. ( Tho Covina Valley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment for your idle funds. Wo pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. Wo havo several cash buyers for residence lots and ranch property. Also from 81000 to 1*5000 to loan on llrst mortgage. I. C. Fairly Co. For Sale—All-purpose horse. South of electric lino on Irwlndalu avenue. Frank Woston. 12-2!)p Wanted—To buy 20 to '10 shares Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Ad- dross J. B. Collision, Pasadena, Cal. tf Millinery sale nt Miss >S. Jtunkiird'ti on North Citrus avenue. Every trimmed hat and fancy feather will bo sold at ouo-third off regular pi-Ion, Cue do/en mi trimmed hats for 50 cents each, as long na they last. FERTILIZER— Air-slacked lime and hard-wood ashes, oni lots. Address Mountain Summit Ltnio Mfiz, Co., 'box 69i, Station "C," Los Angeles. It FitzGorald & Burry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and improved real estate nt lowest current rates. They charge no commission. Write or telephone them at, Pasadena or call up ,T. W. Prontiss, Covina phono 2134, and ask to have a representative of tho firm call on you. WANTED Improved ranches. 5 to 20 acres adjacent to Covina. We have a number of customers with cash and a number who have highly improved property to exchange. Please state to us in detail whal, you have. Will C. PraUier A Co. Hnito 518-520 Grant Dldg., Low Angeleti. 1-4 S'KK HIOUKr- A 4-room Cal. house, lot 50x175, 17 largo orange trees, good locality, only 8000. OIKS of the finest ranches in the valley, '20 acres in I'nll hearing oranges, all improvcmeiilH of I he bos), class and good locality. Price iJiliO.OOO, COVINA KKAI/I'V CO., Clark #. Douglas. Tbe Epworth League of the Metho- , shadow ! fittmo *' ir IU V successor. All accounts due me are payable during rny absence to Jirnmy Hush at the barn. O. H Htanton. dist Church enjoyed a social" at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Montgomery on Friday evening of last week. Much merri.'iieut was caused by the eule of the young ladies' shadows, each youiig man eating supper witti the lady whote shadow be purchase*!. This day was ai.So th.'j K-irthday of Airs. Montgomery's son, Mr. John Black, in honor of which she .server! her birthday cake uiid cocoa. The iug «as pleasantly bpent in aud uiuaic. Ben Franklin who used to run a newspaper down euHt yearH ago, ulno edited an almanic which contained notue wine HayingH. Here in one of them. "The way to wealth, Jf you de- Hire it, in BN plain HH the wiiy to market. It dope tula chiefly on two words — industry arid fiu- gality. He that geta all be can honestly find HHVCH all he geto Jshnssn & Nigg BLACKSMITHS Blocksmithino af all Kinds Our Specialty O. W. Tjiotnp'jon returned thin week from a brief business trip to North Dakota. (in hin return be was accompanied by heveral families of that Mate who expect to locate in j California. His father, .James Thompson, also arrived thin week from JJak-.ta to spend, HH it bus been his co-ilom t'lii- years, tht winter hero' jf at bib ton's home. I VV will certainly become rich." What Hen waid waH not only true at that tirno but it wtill boldw good at the nrenent day, There in iu> belter way to wave than to havo a bank account you are not tempted to Hpend it, We will be Klad to have you atait an account at thiH hunk, (ovioa Valley Saving Bank Shop <»n Citrus Ave IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. *444**M**44«4*444****4«gtJ Covina Peoples Store (INCOKPONATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY A Merry Christmas —AND— A Happy New Year To all our patrons and friends. Don't forget the GUESSING CONTEST TONIGHT! SUNSET EXCHANGE CLAPP HOHK PHONE I IB DRUGGIST and STATIONER "A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE" IN ACiKS PAST, plaguca wiped out whole communities. They coulrl not be averted. Antiseptics anil disinfectant." were unheard of. Preoaulioimry stetiH could not be taken. TODAY an epidemic means someone ha.s unintentionally overlooked the welfare of the community and fo.ilowtimii. Two minutes a day spent in (isliiR 4 an nnli- Hcplic or disinfectant is nothing compared to human life Hint may be wasted. Powerful, trustworthy antiseptics, such as r/isteviiie or I'ei\>xide can be procured at a small cost. 3.S cents will procure a pint of the best Formaldehyde. Sure shot. Prices Lower than the Lowest Kc-clcaned wheat, 125 Ib. sack. Utah bran mixed with shorts, 100 Ib. sack, $1.60. Cracked corn. Feed Meal. Shorts. Kaffir corn. - ..... For Sale by SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. All work A. H. j J. W. I J . Kerckhotf M. HouoL-r . . (;. Hutchison, M. (irUwold. Vice President President guaranteed reasonable. and prices Jr. *•« 5 j'Ikl'XTOKS I'. Kt-rckhoff J. K. Klliott M. Hou.ter Marco 11. Heilman H. Holliday (jto. ii. Aiuler»oti Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a successful issue any business entrust' cd with them, Call and List Your Property or phone 88-tlome tilt W ^ w ^ www ^^

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