The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on April 6, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1892
Page 8
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, 'APRIL 6, 3892, THE MARKETS. I'ltomx'K. Chicago. CHICAGO, April Oi—[Special ndviccH reeelved by tho itansafi drain and I Aw. •Slock company.]—The market opened heavy Irat noon firmed up on reported good dbmund for cash stuff here, arid In tho northwest, with shorts theehlef buyer*. There is no doubt an in creased inquiry for wheat to ship, but it can't be learned definitely that much has actually been worlied, The foreign market HIIOWR little strength. | Ijlvorpool has advanced Homcwhat for futui - eK ,butTjondon,BngliRli and French cpuutry markets and continental markets generally have been rather heavy. : II the'increasing inquiry for wheat should result in much business, prices will probably work somewhat higher, but the growing crop is doing BO nicely and our stonsks are diminishing so slowly that lower prices seem more probable. CORN AND OATS—Ourn has been quite 1lrm with a better trade. Stocks of cribbed grain are so light that it is believed shipments will fall off while farmers are doing their spring work. Shorts are nervous and cover quickly on any show of strength. Oats dull and featureless. PnovtsiONs —Very dull within a nar- • row range. Stocks of lard in Europe and afloat increased during March 15,- S00 tierces against a decreased of about 3.1,000 tierces here and in New York. The tile range of prlccw for active futures: fered to go on the bonds of Prince Michael and Eliza Court, the flying roll disciples. They were accepted and signed alt the bonds, five in number. Soon after the bonds were signed, the prince and his' spiritual affinity, the Court woman, were released. Wlpml Out b.r u Uyclone. DKKISOS, Tex., April 6.—A report has just reached here that Hrownsvflle, n small town in J'ickeus county, Chickasaw nation, was wiped out by a cyclone Sunday night. Two persons were killed outright and several Injured. K very house in the villngo was leveled. Tho clerk of l'ickens county, Chickasaw nation, was probably fatally injured Ilis team and vehicle were caught in the cyclone and hurled through the air. There is no telegraph or railway connection with tho town. WHEAT, June.... May.... July oonw. March.. . June ... July.... May ... OATS. MttTCU. • June... July... May.... POKK. May.... July.... I.Alll). May.... July,., tune. May.... _July.... Open'd Hlgh't. Low'st Clos'g. i»a i»a 7«M 70H 7 !Hi ""din 31) g " iis" MX •AU'/i :i7X "":!8!6 40H *JR a«» 27 ssw "J8 ""37" 2SK ""27li 28«i io no 10 2ii to If. 10 ::7\i 10 00 10 an 10 10M 10 25'i 0 17 <A II '!7!/, H17!i (l :io U 15 « 274 0 17« (i :io f> 55 B 70 5 fiTUj r. 70 5 55 5 70 5 57 « 5 70 The WnrJil'n Fair. CIIICAOO, April fl.—The national commission of the world's fair, consisting of delegates from every state and territory of the Union, assembled in semiannual mooting to-day in the city council chamber, with lion. Thomas Palmer of Michigan presiding. A lengthy report on the proceedings of the past, six months was presented by Secretary John T. Dickinson. The commission will he In session for several days. Twlcn Convicted Imt.Finally Itcleaftcrf. IVKYTKSVIM.K, Mo.. April <>.—.lames C. Talmagc, who shot and killed Telegraph Operator Didd. at the. Brunswick, on the Iron Mountain, in ISM, and who was twice convicted of the crime has been released. The supreme court reversed and remanded the case and tho prosecuting attorney entered a nolle prosequi when Talmagc came up for trial the third time, owing to the inability of the state to obtain important witnesses. Woman SuffritK** In JUinoli*. CIIICAOO, April fl.—Reports received from Illinois show that the Republicans carried 3!) cities and the Democrats 23. A large number of women voted at the school election throughout the state, In all eases separate ballots and boxes were provided for them and they were very enthusiastic over their new privileges. WHEAT-NO. L> red «0c: No. 3 sprfnB HOc: No. H spring 74Kr. <. RYE—No. 2 75c, CORN—No. 8 30}tc;No. !1 :)75fc; No. 4 sftffl .'HIc. OATS-No. 2 88Jtc: No 2 white W/,C. No :l white'JOSic. FLAX-flflc. HI. ST. cash WHBAT-Hlghcr. July 7814c CORN—Firm; cash :ir«a: July :\r ,%c. OATS-Strong: and better-, 2»«c. 1 'OItK—Dull: 810 .50®10.tl2!i tiARD—Nominal: 50.00. Louis. April 0. HHc: May Ha'y, He; May ••iOKc; :i5Hc; May KHIIHIIH City. KANSAS CITY, April (I. Wheat, corn and oats entirely nominal. BUTTKU-Steady. KOGS—Steady. KLiAX SHED- 1 .1 nchangort. IIAY-Unr.hanccd. IJVK STOCK. Kilaon—Quick, NEW YORK. April 0.—The wedding of Dr. Cyrus Kdson, the noted physician and health officer, and Mrs. M. K. Quick will be solemnized this afternoon at Peabody by Rev. T. W. Donald. The bride is a widow of a once well known Wall street broker, and a cousin of Howell Osborne. Comitnrfeitfrt* ArreHteri. GuTIiitlK, O. T., April 0.—A g-ang of counterfeiters have been at work here and have flooded the town with spuri ous money. Two of them were • captured this morning and u third was shot, but, he escaped. Thtt Injunction >"ot l>lHttolvc<l. WICHITA. Kan., April 0.—It is denied that Judge Caldwell has dissolved the injunction obtained by the interior grocer jobbers to prevent the. railroads from advancing rates. Chicago. , CinoAoo, April 0. Krenlng Journal reports: CATTIiR—Uecelpls 111,000. Slow ami rather weak and looks like a down turn on nearly everything, Fifty-one loads of Tex- anson the market. HOGS—Kecelptn. 2:1.000. blow and 10c lower: rough anil common, SH.(lo<ft4.fiO: mixed $4.(loM.ll5; prime heavy S4.70@4.75; light. 84.50I&4.115. SHEEP—Receipts 4.000. Steady: Lambs S5.ri0©0.80; sheep S5.50«.U.:10. Hi. I.OUIH. ST, LOUIS. April 8. CATTLE—Itccelpts, 1.000. Steady. HOGS—Receipts, 5,000. Lower; fair to choice heavy, g4.5(i(%4.or>; mixed 84.00JJJ 4.50', yorkcrs. S4.4r.</i.4.f>">. SHB13P—Receipts (100. Steady. UaUMUH CUy. KANSAS CITY. April 0. CATTLE—KecelptH.4,-100: shlpments.2.000. Steers Vfere fairly active and steady, to lower; heavy steers dull. 10<ai5c lower. All grades sold at J:I.10®:I.25: COWH steady at fil.r>05iH.:i0-. RtockerB and tcedcrs steady at f:l.l0<»:l.45. HIIOOS—llecclpts, H.200: nhipnients. 2.300; Openad tJGjilOc lower and closed lOGUflc lowcr: all grades, S3.00a4.55; bulk, $4.25<? t 4.:i5. '•• SHEEP—Receipts, 2,400; shipments,o2,000 HUTCHINSON NAKKIiT. I'rodrtee. -Highest patent. •••'illii J2.50; second PLOUR patent. J2.20: extra line. S2.00 HUTTKK-ln demand. Creamery finest dairy 20c; line dairy 15c; common JOc. WOtis—In demand, he. POT ATOMS—Choice 5()8i«0. APl'L-KS—$1.0(Xijsl.2."> I'er bushel. ONIONS-ln fair demand. Hed .5c per bushel: home grown Spanish Jl.'-'a per bushel. , CAUHACK—Fair, 4c per pound. TURNIPS—In demand 40c per bushel. BEETS—Steadv. 50c per bushel. SWEET POTATOES—Plenty, »100 per ^'liAY-Ualed J5.00 (ftr>.r .O; loose $3.0005.50 per ton. Ornlli, WHEAT—No. 2 soft soft 72c: hard fi7r. CORN—28c. UYli!—No. 2, 05c; No. .'), HOC OATS-24C. LlvdSloin. A Prominent Citizen Dead. WILMINGTON, Del,, April 3.—Hon Wm. Saulsbury, chancellor of the state of Delaware since 1871, and United States senator from 1808 to 1871, died at his residence at Dover, this morning. The (iuttcnlierg Iniquity. •IKRHKY CITY, N. .1., Aprils.—Supreme Court Justice Wcrts in charging the Uudson county grand jury makes distinct reference to the Outtenberg race track bookmakers and urges their indictment. Confederate Oeeoratlon Day. NEW ORLEANS, April 0.—To-day. is Confederate decoration day, and it is being observed in the usual manner. There was a parade this afternoon of Confederate veterans and military com panics. The IlouKe. WASIIINOTON, April 6.—The house went into committee of the, whole on the free wool hill, with the understanding that debate on the first section shall close in one hour and a half, A Fatal Accident. NKVAPA, MO. April 0.—John Cameron, of Sheldon, Mo., fell off of ahay press yesterday and a wheel passed over his fcce. He will die. I Safyer elt ux to .1 T Duns- | w+rth lot I block 17 M. & Sadd 2000 00 United States to Geo Avery, ,h\ RC vr 4-22-9 final receipt. 4 00 A S Johnson et ux to Samuel Oarerd Hill e hf so qr 31-2010 q c d 1 00 Walter H. Jordan ot ux to Monroe Dill tract in ne qr 15-22-7 300 00 Peter Traucht to W A Hcin- lcn nw qr of sw qr 27-22-10 also 10 acres off s side nw qr 20-22-10 800 00 Elijah Kenoyer et ux to Willmina Combs, lots 20 and 21, block 1, Otto and Tewksbury's addition 3,500 Wllltnina Combs ot ux to Will If. Herbst, lots 20 and 2t, block 1, Ott and Tews- bury's addition .1 00 Will II. Herbst et ux to Chas. C. Babbitt, lots 20 and 21, block 1, Ott and Tewksbury's addition 1,451 50 William Brown et ux to Hoard of Education. Nickerson, lots 4. 5 and 0, block 82. Niekcrson 378 75 United States to John W. Shipley, sw qr 8-23-8 Patent. United States to Charles Witheroder se qr 12-23-10.. Patent. J. N. Hinshaw et ux to Chas. Witheroder, se qr 27-22-10 500 00 Eliza A. Stroup et ux to Tet Nation, nw qr S-22-0 4,000 00 Iji/.zie Slay to Pet Nation, lots 0.8. ioo and 102, Sherman street cast............ 2,000 00 Samuel Umstot; et ux to Geo T Grandtleld, se qr 17-2-1-5 4000 00 Henry J tMcek et ux S S . Weighty, sw qr 25-24-0 2500 00 Henry Fllickok to J Peter Klein, ne vr 5-24-5; .1 years lease at SI25 each year... Susan Long ct ux to Media A Bunker, lots 18 and 20 block 3 Sunflower Town Co's 1st add 1 00 United States to Jos M Zinn, nw qr 14-24-7 Patent Haven Town Co to Jacob Witingcr et ul. lots 1,2,3 end 3 block 14 Haven"... I Spencer Beebu et ux to Samuel Moore et al sw qr 2922-0 -2800 00 J A L-inville et al to Carl Miller, w hf sec 35-25-4 5000 G V Bullock, et ux to Mary A Bullock, lot No 1 sec 3-20-8 1100 00 W J Harmony et ux to J Harper Smith, lot 84; Avenue 1 E east 000 00 Charles J Noyes et ux to M Cora Brockett, lot 50, Ave- E east 70» 00 W S Pagan et ux to Wm P Fowler, trustee, lots 10 and 17, blk 1, Woodard's First add 1800 00 State of Kansas to James D Lane, swqr, 10-25-5. patent 600 00 Carrie Bisherand husband to J C Marshall, lots 25 and 26, blk 12, Orchard add.... 500 00 Geo XV Battrcall et ux to Mary A llazleton, lot 21. blk 3, H. I. Co.'s First add. »00 00 Noah Nuszly et ux to Moses Coblentz, und. M of nw qr, 14-21-7, qu cl. deed 700 00 Wm A McGough to John Eckert Keedy, e hf sw qr, 21-24-6 .* liOO^OO It has no Equal. 0 F quick leavening agents Royal Baking Powder exceeds all others in strength, purity and wholesomeness, because of its specially refined, chemically pure ingredients. Gov Chemist Dr. M OTT: "The Royal is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public." For Your Comfort. Travelers to and from Utah will be pleiiscd to learn that Pullman palace sleepers now run through, daily, without change, between Chicago and Off- den, over Santa Fo, Colorado Midland and Hlo Grande Western lines— westbound via Colorado Springs, and eastbound via Colorado Springs und Deliver. The true scenic route; plenty of time to see Man)ton and vicinity. Double daily passenger service between Denver and Ogden. Inquiro of nearest Santa Fc route ticket agent, for rates, sleeper reservations; etc. 4-15 Opening Day. Within tho present month the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservations containing over 4,000,000 acres will be, by proclamation of the president, opened for settlement. The 'reservation will contain six counties, C. D, E, F, O, and II. The counties D, E, and V, in the northwest part are nearer the Pan Handle line of the Santa Fc than any other line. Those desiring to enter these counties should purchase tickets to either Kiowa, Kan., Woodward, I. T., Higens, Tex., or Canadian, Tex. Good wagon roads lead from all four of these points. Counties G. aud H. are about midway between our Texas and Pan Handle Hue. County C. can be most easily reached via Guthrie- and Kingfisher, or Oklahoma City • and El Reno. Those desiring to reach the eastern portion of these lands should either go to Guthrie, then by stage to Kingfisher or to Oklahoma City, thence via the Choctaw railroad, a new line having a double daily passenger service between Oklahoma City and Elk ins. The Santa ¥e has issued a special folder giving much valuable information, including maps, etc., which we will take pleasure in mailing to any address. Any information cheerfully given on application at the Santa Fc ticket office. Inquiries by mail answered promptly. J. W. TEDKOHD, Agent Santa Fe Route Dyspepsia intense A Sound r.lvitr Mnken 11 Well Sinn. Are. you billious. constipated orl troubled with jaundice, B\ek headache, bad taste in mouth, foul breath, coated tongue, dyspepsia, indigestion, hot dry skin, pain in back and between the shoulders, chills and fever, otc? If you have any of these symptoms your liver is out of order and your oblood is being slowly poisoned because your liver does not act properly. Herbine will cure any disorder of the liver, stomach or bowelB. It has no equal as a liver medicine. Price 75 cents. Sold by all druggists. Dittle Juditjh, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr, Mullinenux, of the Inland Christian Advocate, Dcs Moines, Iowa, on learning that her special playmnte, a child of her own age had taken the whooping cough, took a bottle of medicine, which had cured her of a troublesome cough, and went over aud said; You must take this medicine; it will do you good. Mr. 'Mullinenux was cu­ rious as to the result and on' making inquiry learned that the little neighbor, who had boon unable to rest at night, had been greatly relieved in that respect. The paroxysms were neither so frequent, severe or enduring. The cough, under the genial action of . this admirable remedy*, was loosened. The medicine liquefies tho mucus, and enables tho sufferer to throw it off. The attack in the beginning gave every evidence of being a severe attack of whooping cough. Indeed it was a gen-' uine case; but this preparation, -while perhaps it may not bo a positive cure for the disease, is undoubtedly Able to alleviate It. If it does not cure it, it will give unquestioned relief. The medicine referred to Is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For sale by C. B. WINSI.OW, Druggist 15 S. Main St. *'r»Doh Tail*? W»fera. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cal., mid for sale at A. & A. Drug Co., 100 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. XeuRilfi-lii Cored In 18 MlnntcH. Mr. J. S. Sturtevant. editor of the Waupaco (Wis.) Post. Rays: "Last night Chamberlain's Pain Balm cured ray wife, of neuralgia of the face' and tooth in llftedn minutes. We would not be without it." 50 cent bottles for sale by 0. It. Wiuslow, 15 South Main. Mrsl L. II. Patton, ltoekford. 111., writes: "From personal experience I ean recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure for impure blood and general debility." Beam's Midland Pharmacy. lie; hard "0c-. No. :s CATTLE—Steady. Stockern 82 .2rnaa.80; feeders J2,2fl©:i,25: fat cows and heifers In demand. S2.0Offi2.fi0; fat steers $:i.00fj)4.00. llORs-Steady. Wagon, tops, $4.10; car S4.15ft4.S5. SlilSBI'-ln demand. j:i.75®4.0(). I'nultry and Wild Game. CHICKENS-Chickens 81.75iB2.00 per doz.; chickens 5c per pound; heiiH 5c per pound; roosters 2c per pound; tin keys <c per nound. GAMB—Wild d\u-k» In demand SI.00 (82 .00 per doz.; piuconn In demand,$1,00 per doz.: gecHu Jl.rfo Ml.50 per doz. ITorolKii Grain Market*. April «.—Hed wheat firmly err dull, California Id lower, hlVHIU'OOt.. held, while ve w — .. . Indian id lower; corn, demited linn, prlccH a Hhnde higher, MAHK I.AMK, April !>.--Spot wheat very slow, California club,'Id lower; corn easier, hut Quotations unchanged. 1 (UONIION, April 0.—CarKoes oft coast wore demand: red winter (Id higher, California Id lower, on passage, slightly better prices. Hd lower; coin inactive. GOSBll'. The weather in thu northwest is clear and pleusunt at 'M above. Chicago reports grain out of store. Wheat, -01,000; corn, none; oats, 33,000: rye, 34,000. Itelemwd 011 liond. UuTitoir, Mich., April 0.— James A. Klcr und Jaoob M. Smith, appeared at the police court this morning aud of I'lve Men Chnkrd to Dentil. NKW CHILEANS. April 0.—At. the Sul phur mines, Calcasieu Parish, this state, yesterday five men, two from New York, one from Pittsburgh aud two others, •were asphyxiated by hydro-sulphuric gas. Two others, making seven in all. were overcome, but will probably re CJover. 1II« Third Hot of Tepth. SKYHOITH, Ind., April. (I,—David Southerland, of this city, a hearty man of 7i years, shed his last tooth several yean ago. Recently he has complained of a peculiar soreness of his gums, and h« has just finished "cutting" his thircj complete sot of teeth. Uelghin AnurehlHt* Hleul l>ynuinlte. BmissKLS, April (1.—Two hundred cartridges, containing sixty-three and a half pounds of dynamite, have been stolen from the Banneaux collieries at Llegc. While attempting to light his pipe at an electric light as he was told to do is a joke by a fellow workman, a Hunga rian at Johnstown, Pa., was instantly killed the other night, a currentof 2,000 volts passing thromrh his body. To purify Your blood Take Hood's Sarsaparilla. Jlvul Kfdute Truu«r«r«. Below we give tho real estate transfers for to-day. They are furnished by Chas. E. Hall, tho abstractor; office in the First National bank building; [Warranty deeds when not otherwise uutedl The Plevna Town Co to trustees of Congregational church, lots 23 'Mi 27 aiut2U Third Ave west Plevna 8 20 00 United States to Rolando W Stow, lots a and 4 and 8 hf nwqr 4-22-10 final receipt. 400 00 David Seltzer et ux to J H Rloksecker, blk 33 Turon.. 507 00 United States to Joseph Wills sw hf 80-25-4 Patent. Few people have suffered mora severely from dyspepsia than Mr. E. A. McMahon, a well known grocer ot Staunton, Va. Ho says: " Before 1878 1 was In excellent health, weighing over 200 pounds. In that year an ailment developed into acute dyspepsia, and soon 1 was reduced to 162 pounds, suffering burning sensations In the stomach, palpitation of the heart, nausea, and Indigestion. I could not sleep, lost all heart In my work, had fits 0'. melancholia, and lor dayB at a time I woul.'. have welcomed death. I became inoroso, sullen and. Irritable, and ior eight years Hf 0 was - burden. 1 tried many physicians an ".many remedies. On J day a workman emrloyed b7 mo suggested that I iaie mg 0 Hood'- EH Suffering ai ria. I did co, and before tailng the TTSOIO C". a bottlo I began io feel like a new man. The terrible pains to wMoh Z hail heen subjected, ceased, the palpitation of tho heart subsided, my stomach became easier, causes, disappeared, and my entire system began to tonoup. With returning strength came activity of mind and body. Ec.oro the fifth bottle was taken 1 bad regained my ; irmer weigl.; aud natural condition. I am today well and 1 aserlbe ."; to taking Hood's Sarsaparilla." N. B. It you decide to take Hood's Oarsa- earUla do not be Induced to buy any other. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sjoldbv fcU druggliu. 51: ill for 85. Prepared only by 0. L HOOD A CO., Apothecarlu, Lowell, Mau. IOO Doses One Dollar Oreg-oit, Washington and the Northwont Pacific Coaat. The constant demand of the traveling public to the far west for a com fortable and at the same time an economical mode of traveling, has led to the establishment of what is known as Pullman Colonist Sleepers. These cars are. built on the same general plan as the regular first class Pullman Sleeper, the only difference being is that they are not upholstered. They are furnished complete with good comfortable hair matresses, warm blankets, snow white linen curtains, plenty of towels, combs, brushes, etc., which secure to the occupant of a berth as much privacy as is to be had in first- class sleepers. There are also separate toilet rooms for ladies and gentlemen, am! smoking is absolutely prohibited. For full information send for Pullman Colonist Sleeper Leaflet. E. L. Lomax, general passenger and ticket agent, Omaha, Neb. 5-31 CATCH ON To the best opportunity of a , lifetime for buying cheap. Without any fuss or funny business, without any noiBe or. nonsense, we are going to put n magnificent line of seasonable goods on the market at prices that will make them JUMP. It's a quick turn on very close margins to satisfy a lively d«manrl. There is some money iu it for us, and a good dealmore for customers ,who are quick to catch on ; to the fact that choice new goods can now be bought at \ prices never before named for, values in any way approaching those we now place at the disposal of wide awake and discriminating judges of good bargains, who will not lose a moment's time in taking advantage of this phenomenal low price Sale Of the Season, and secure their pick of desirable new goods at •clearing prices, CATCH ON To the fact that our entire stock is made up of Choicest Selections and Latest OF- 8 Yeats UTGH1NS0N OPERA HOUSE. W. A. LOE.Manager, Street cars at the door after entertainment H L OST—A bundle containing a lady's white basque. Finr 1 --' - —- 207 avenue A east, J} i-U'llIUIiltj Fine Shoes for Ladies and Gentlemen A SPECIALTY. They sell like Lightning at the prices we are now asking. "THE B^LZ^LRJ J E. BARROW, JR., PROPRIETOR. 14 North Main Street, Hutchinson. ACROSS THE THURSDAY. APRIL 7 The Golden Eagle Clothiers have moved their IMMENSE STOCK OF GOODS to their own commodious quarters NO. 4 SOUTH MAINT ST And in a few days will be better prepared than ever, to show you the nicest line of Clothing, Hats, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Mens, Ladies and Children's Shoes, and at The Kansas State University GLEE afld BANJO 22 College Men 22 On a grand tour of tho state. Rollicking College Songs, Glee Club Choruses, Banjo and Mandolin Music, Solos and Quartettes. 13 men in Oleo Club in Cap and Gown. 10 men in llanjo Club—4 Mandolin*, i Banjos, 4 Guitars. to Stall till) tt the Qftn Htm M Stat to the trade. Great Bargains in trunks. Just received a car load of them. Watch this space. We have some surprises in store for you. No. 4 South Main St. A. MINCER, Prop!

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