Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, OCT ORMtT, 19X2. The lola Daily Register Tha tola Daily Record and tha Inla Dally Index. THK KKHlSTKIt riri'I'l^^KOf) ^0. t'HAS. K. S<-f)TT.,-I'ir». an.) Kdltor K. \V. HUKWSTKIl MiinugiT . Enlfml lit 111.' Ii'l 1 r .islorfloo ii .s av<-oii<l- riiiss MuUi >r. Advi-rtlxiiiK Kiit>'> Mnili' Kin'Wii'nn Application. ' Official Paper City of lola. Orriclal Paper City of Batiett. Official Paper of Allen CoQnty. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Oa* City. Lanyon- vllle. Concreto, LaHarpe and Basictt: lino \v«'.-k Ill piits One Mmifli <f i-i.tif:. One Year BY MAIL: Onr Trar, lit.ilil.- mititv j :;.fMi One Yrar. otitsiili- .omity Iti .Oii TELEPHONES: BnsIneH!! Offii-» J |v Kclrty H .| .r ' IS Job anil niMil 'TV . I'^'i 't HI I. n I r(»i{ I A r, (o K it K si•« > M »i: >< 'K. ' Ohicaco. Ort .'i - Oiio <if tlip inostylif firiilt Kiiuatiitns . that «'onrri)Hlril I'lr nn |iul)Ii <-;in Tii.Mii .-is 'T .s nt ilic lioginniiii; .^f the oamiiiiipn :iroK!> r.ut of tin- fcrl- in Bon tln> iijir; nf many K'-piililicatis th:it lluTo \v :-s ri'ally il:;ni;fr of tli<- <'I<'rlion of li'visi'vi-jt :in>l that llic only pnri" way lo (iif.'.-;t him was to join llip Oeniorrais ami votf for Wil.son. "Tho most iniiioitant Miily of any Aniprican I 'itizoii." tli<'s<' iiicii <|i-- clared, "is absoIiiU'iy to I 'lirnin:!!!' TliPoiiorp Koofcvrlt from Ainoricati iiolilics by di 'fcai iir^ him «o hnilly that hi- van iimir auain brroini- a po- 111 if a I factor." And just as that fi-Hing constituN-d thi most MifTiciilf problem at the lu'- SinninK of ilip camiiaisii. so now the most i"nroiira};ini; asprcf of tlip situation is ilip n-ttirti of tliosi' who i ii- t«>rtain<'<l stub si-iitimoiit to tho ranks whoro thi-y liolons. Th<Mr rpturn l .a.-boon (Iiir. not only to tho roUapso of tho Third Torm campaign, but to tiio roalizatioi! of ihr nirt that if by ro :is- on of f{opiiliiir;iri stipcort of U'ilj-oii it should haiiiioti that Roosovolt w- r< civon tho sooond placo Iii tho ilrotior roturns. insto.-id of hi'Mic oh 'mina;- 1' as a political factor hi rho fiitnvo hi would loom l:irc!>r than inor. wjii, ili. pr:u'tiral cort:iinty of boiliV th.' loader of wli;itovor party may carry i',. radical lianpor iii tho noxl campal}:!) It is porioctly apivir. ni thut tlit- oiiiy c<»mploto I 'liniinatimi of Uoosiv.-li is to bo accomplisl.i'i! ';liro\ich the olortion of I'r.'siiliirt Tad. Tills IS so cioar that I •••nioir ns as woil as Kopubilcaus aro now iisiiiu i' ;is a reason for their stspp-r; oi Taft. and tho Hopiiblican c.inip:ii5n. is feolins thoistiintjl.ts which coinos frou' this re-inforcoment. • * # l?ut the thine which is stimulatii.c th'- Republican campaign more !hat> anyihinc else- is tho rapidly. Riowinp sentiment' in business rireles against ;i rh.-.nco oitlu r in |.olicy or admini.-- 1ral!-»n. It is iicalled that wh'-'n Presidi nt T.iff I 'l'frfd th- Whi 'o Hon.<:e ihr-i anii one-hnlf years a(;o the busiiirss the country w.\s depressoil and dis couraped. witli tl.oiisands of 'nen i'fh and with capital shrinking from i:: vestment: and it i.i noti>il that frnn> tb" verv licRitininc of the T:ift administration t'.!e tide of business iV ;-tivi;v hfon lisitij; until now ii is at fill* flood. • .lust how full ihi> flood is. harl s .rikinc "vi'ict.ce iierp in Chicajjo tli!F •'ook when th" Triiuinc. which is V'- supportinc !'rosid<nt Taft. publishof' an editorial articlf" boasting that thi lir*cppdinr, dav"s issup of tl 'ai paivr i-ont.tinpii thirty columns |of "lir"' wanted" ad>"ertis'nients showiim ;• brisk d-"'nand for labor of every sort trained and untrained, men and women, old and yniinc. '\Vh;>t iiKsible business advantac rould be ••:ii!'.«d by a chanuo?" is ih'" nuesticn 'V it is he.Trd on every ;.; !i rind to ^t:'' h the opponeiil.^ of tb. -rl- minls!r;i"'CM (an t'nd no con/.iiui;: • i.nsivi r The oiilv tb.y ran .-iay i.-^ thai the lo.:tinrs* of the country is ton !••• •and I'tMspi-riiiis lo lie V.iilted by political cotiditioti or rotisidenitioiL Hut th 'T- are those w!;o romerti 'ii i" th:!' tie saiu. thiui.-. was said" In 'h- ci-n.p.-i^n ot" In that campaiEn as in t!i" imbisti ;al ;icii\i;y of the nation was hich tide, labor fully employed. fariiT-rs had p.ood crop? lor which they were u.-Mlli; Ui,;'.i prices, .-iiid the l>ciiiocra's jce|->'d .T <ho i.!e;i j'lat tl'.' d.'f-ai of Harri^.-ie ncuid cliaiise fill s.- i (>ii<ulions. JHs' :'S th" ;•••!• li.iw that :!:• def,: ; Tap ti'ay a!-'r ixi'-'iliR londi'iiitis I'm the v> ry mom.'-T!t thai i' be. known Hrirrisnn had hnii feated husin. s,^ besan to sl .i ki ti !• w ;is l;;.ov ij just so*-^') :'s t'e Iietiu.ira'ie ;.c:miiiis;ralii:i cou'd r-' the reins of power into it i '-^inds. '!i< lariiT "ciN! I'.' I 'Vjs .ii so a!- tbou^Ii ji w;;s more IIIMII i yoar unfi" th.' i:ew TaiilT l;,w w:is finally cn-xt- ed. the fear .if it. the certaintA thr.- would write radii al char'ses in t irilT sc Iie,lule,s. spread a pall of pn i-ertaii'.iy over all business operatioi-.; Manttfacturers iimitvd tlioir oc.tpu'. •< iTMin-'riJaie " beiau-^e jli-y did ! d:i:p to till trieir wareh.ii'ses -v'-ii poods which mipht bo broupht in'c competition a f-^w tnontiiii l.itor wrtl- similar product? from Kuropran fac- toric> made umer European condittons: jobbers and •wholesalers ptir- ebas-'d onlv to I'll their imufdi:!!..' demands, and reti^ilers kept -Jheif stock ar tl'.e lowp'sr stigp possible so' that thyp niph' not bo overloaded wit!- hiph priced poods when.the expeptod influx ol cfieap products should comt: The resttlt of this rc^renchmpni was 'hat railroad tn-ffic fell off, sc that pm-'ically e\.'ry wen* ir te the h'iv.d.s <;f !ec.-j-v .-rs; bcrrowp-': were unable to n-.eet their ohlipations so tha' ''Milks wore frrnd to close- bv ti>e hi;:idre ('.i: jrbcr was thrown o'tt of empIoyntoMt. ihe nrice of f:irni iito- ducts declined, and wi'htn si\ itib'ilh.*; from the day w hen Democratic omtor." wprp dwiarinp that no uiatt«?r lu>\\ the election went the bOfsinoRs of the (^ountry would, liooin riphi alonp. wo wore, in the prip of the most dc>id!y panic the ,count r.v. had known in half Who is bold «iiuugh lo s;iy It is one thing to make soda craclters that are occasionally good. It is quite another thing to make them so that they are not only always better than all other soda crackers, but always of unvarying goodness. The name "Uneeda"—stamped on every one of them—means that if a million packages of Uneeda Biscuit were placed before you, you could choose any one of them, confident that eVery, soda cracker in that package would-be as good as the best Uneeda Biscuit ever baked. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT COM RAMY BUSINESS TONE IS HEXLTHY sTUirM.s OF KH ; cuors mwMi UIUKI.Y nK .MO>.STI{\TKII. ('rn|iv MiMiiijr Kit)iidh and -Thus K \«l Ili-liie TInl I p, |{aitroiid'« 'l'rn>j>«>rine. Moiirj The Cpok's Best Friend ••^••irld f.oi I.' r.p. in I'.'IJ if ti.. mliti" at liistor.\ of tha' ••atitp.ii:,i: iMf.' diipHc.-iti'd in .IS ihiti. !>• iiiocraiic vicMry 'v.^i!.! mr;,i • *e\;;.i,m of th, t.tif! jiliinp uiiprui! .- io.i lin.s Su< !; r.\;sii?:i has ip »• vet occurred in this lojuitry ivillr,f britiuin:; iiidusirial d.'ir.'ssion 'w. "t i •r:i'n \\" •.•^;iSiiii is lh>r'' to be ii .'Vi- hi'.: liis;(ir\ woul.i revers-- its.'li? • » • Th:it. ip possible sutumat.v is tip' line aloiip which np-n :ire think- inp «ho wan; t.i k.-';. on doin;; bi:>.- tiess the n.-\; four jears. or v i want to hold \ lobs, ur to sol! 111. ir fartn proilucis at ,i i.rolit \nd lli:i: is lite |.i':i'.;ijii tlp' drift in- ivard III'- III jmblii an p.irl.v i.- prow in;; lav bv day moi'- st.adilv prntioitin ' ! (•HAS V. sctm- IX UI:ASKI> I:. K. IUSIM;SS KM: V sT «nr\<ii rvi'K's III vri !*M\. Tioie ll! In VUi- >Iiniilc<. ^ on U ill >^iilli!iT Uliiil llecanie i>| (he (.°iis. SiMirni'>s and liKlim'stiiui. •• :i- (;a-> 'i,'.* St- ;:iti-:'. in'!it.'>^ ti-ti ' .'artl''!; II d.\-i"i-ia; «i;.'n t '• '.1 'i' V. ! • i;, i"r!i ;i 'nis int.. :;a-o. : n.: s;i;'l»'i;n !i'ii;p-: .\.iiir \\-.--\ a- lie.; .'.n.i 1'-a s'-k ;itif! :;it-< '.ili)!-. I''.- w 1 II t':i'' .' ;..' :i;aiii. in I'a; i "'[i-ii- {• ti:ak"- .-u a niiser.i \aii in .ri\" ii:i:iutii=. 1 1'\ ll': p'. a.-. T.. 1" r el Volume. Kxponsc and Vel Ilelnrns all! Karccr. rurreiit reports of tin- roviia! <•! r.-iifway tniflio'ai e veriti. d by the n'• ;:ci:il roiurns for the month of .luiv ' ••otn)iile !l by tile Hure.iu of I{:iilv^:> ' K<'onomics froiti reports to th.- Iti'- •- ; it.'lte comm.'ne Commission i (it :c' rp-i inp ovi r lIL'ti.oiin miles, .•ilmiit W ' •ent of tip- St- am niilway mil. ;!•.; 'his coiinir.i * Tho inere .iscs in iiei r.-\i iiips. •• ttol. however, tiniversal I '.ir t 'p' !-;a :i-' • rn proiiii of railways th" iiur .-.isi' ov. i -r .Inly 1311, lo.It ner cersi. ur i ?-iiI per n -.i!.' nf liip' pir d .iy; for ll western croup n; I fi -r «;^f.l. or $1..'!* tM 'r mile nf line p. r day. Th- • revenilo nf tbi' J-'"ii !li< rii pro'ip •! •TP.ise .l- per lellf. <.r tl '•'•III; ; ' iiiile of liu" per d.n Takinp th.' avT.n:"' p. r mil" ol lir or the mot. Ill for th'- coiiiitrv ar i •vbole tol;i! r.p .rnt ill'.; re -..imi; ••ri >ased $.'»t» or sT p.f ••< pi ; iiinr.i' i -.- evpcnses iniToasi'd or 7 i • •ent: whib' net o;.er :iiiPu vv.-nu • i•Teased .*:;•'X < iir II p'-r ctr T:i\' amount. ^d to .*4r. per lu 'l-'s of lin--. • :i im |-eas<' of per ci iii ill tr stomti.h'it i- ina < nr.ttiiu ;! >iiu can 't u-'i • .^.'.t'lt"i t.>r your .-:ike. r.-y l"ia| ;sin • • 't-.-iiless t'l liav a! -t..'tri. '.: i.' Willi p.\t IIP..! .-1 '.li.ijt-.' r i ! ; .kc a 'i Dia' • ;.s-:: • •\ ',1 no' -;:nv ili^tt. • a' • -ir 'f' lr<' P rp ',- !>:.^ 'It •:.'il!i Ii'.,-" r .-::ii ':r.- •'. • •'•;. f-. I. iivi '. • t!ia: .:-ii s ••' 't'; •!'- 1.1 - am. 'Pi!;.* a I;ir'.:.' !ili.\ rent .-as.' nt I'.i: o- •psin tVopi j:r;. dtir., stor.' !' '. '!••.' iiiii;I;ist. s'lr.--t .-iiiiiiae!i ••'i : i! <-:\i- It aet.^ alliin-• l:l;e ••.•i '.;i i; i- :! 'I 'T'il 'lc. iiarml-'s- • v.i'. •''.-•.I-•.•-ti- prepi'.tr ...1 wll'-ii .tiitly ' I'l i ''.e:> IHMI • •mt .III. <•..' p. j. iSpeejal to the K 'l 'p'sl.Tl. Now York, lilt r. - 'tl spite nf i. m- 1 poiary s>'tback iinbici'd l>y distiirbini-. | lieiv.i from the M.-iIk.-iii--. the lilorU I m.irkel .1 steady uvowlli in underlyit'c stieimtli Iiiiriiisic con • ilitions are SOIIIPI Ittisiiioss IM dailv l.ecntliilii; ninre .-iclive as the ri .;i!l| of' :i splepilid Ii.irxesl rractically .ill, crops eM'.'pl cntliin are b.'yond all dtiyper fri'iii If.isl. Th" viold ha-; biiti . larpe. larri r in maivv c.isos than lb"' povortiiip nt cstiiinito..;. tiiid the ijiial-I ilv of imisl crops is e.\cei'diiip'y lino Collnn is still two or tbicc v.ick; b:ii-kw;iril and will tint be i-ntirelv p:ilhored_ for several wiw.'ks to loto'' but the 'li'.tei innilioti in Aimusi w.i bolnw till axenii:'' The d.inper rro..i early fr<^st has b'"ti practically c.'ip.'tl .-ind tht oiitlnok is ipixi nmr*' iii!:iiii fi«r a 1 l.iii>ii."iiii-li:;l" yi.lil A lloliie.'lblc f.'llliro j^- the e,lll> mark.ilpu nf praiii U'ccipts thus far at interior imin's are tnori' Ibaii diiulih ii :r;ii and far siitpa;:.- .-ill ' preyiims riiords. The i,t this tirnmpi fpi.iii'^ nf crops will b- Iw.-: Inl'l III 111.' lirst pl.lce it -.vill r. . '..'i.e. 1 ,'ll'ier lliap eVlHCti-d. lb" 1 .11'.' • SHIPS nf pintp y locked IIP ill tin \V.-s' In can V pr.'lin. apil S'P'II funds will le. , iiirii In lip. Kasi ei.rre.^pnndiiii:Iy I 'ar- Iv S".'. ci'dly. e.irli m.-irkeliiif? of ihe j i-rnps will proally stimiilat.' r"iail , I ••'.'I" r !i ' a-.trictiliiiral .s.. linii-= will' jl'MV.' ipnr. V iti h.itiii. and will iin i I .'oiibl sp. ltd III. re f;-.'. Iv if their, lliind.': wer.' lock.-1 UP in cmps T'li-^ :icti\iiy ill trad"' will h' fiirth.'r r> ' ll.i'ii'.l in ;i i-e\i\:it nf industry, also; , id I.lili' tr.'i/Iii' Kiir .s<ni>«. liiu.' i til.' r:iihi;:iil-; hay.' b.ei. taxo.I in ibi'ir ^ iiimost c.'ipaciiy in 'lie liitplliiip nf fr.'i!:lit f.i.i.-s eartiiims ar.' con-.' iltpnll" sli.n\iii;j Iiaiplsoine p.iiis. ..'ni 111... re'.:iii^ S'-P^'-nl" r. Octn'..;- • '.UP! N..> "'II. I- should iir.i\.' par'-.u ; w .Viii,',). ,•,.'d ..'i ':;w'b;e ^l "rt;£l;^^ OLyMPIC GAME DEFICII • pliii.' I.p th.' past year or two. ' r. li.'f p. 'be rn:nls ciinp's iinno tor I -o'l Mi.a.ty coiiii'-iiiv ni:itiaper»tiri r..ii.'iisl\ . I 'l .-.'ni".! a 4 In the effw! nf lar-.;.- in.'.'.a'^.'s in costs for labor j p ! ir.;.| liils ui' s.rinusly impair . . d t'; if .iiiilit> to attract n"W CiipiHii i ; This liM.'r I .'Psi.ieiation «.is f;u ' ; ''>r''"-:'t.i. 'I'.- '.lilr.ia.l -i In i s"rii':-| I < risis ri'.'ir urowiim inability t.. s"-l cute lap'.il. I'M • pr on t.'rtiis viliicV^ ! ili.'v I nitld 'M alford. meant sirioi.^ ' .iippiim if I'ir taciUtt's and .nns. I 'lienily fai'iir.' throimh no fault j III. M's til •'to... r'v s-rvo the publii- ' Til.' rem L-.iiii in lartiinps will c. i i'-'itilv iflnrd prti^il lei'.f Ve\crth"- I, -J ll,.- si'ii.itini, is nip' th'ii di manl-^ }-...I i'.as a.-pl fiini'' ini -'i .'irti;iJ i -nasiili.'-1- I 'lii f" ni i! .' Iiii. r.-!at" t'nmm.r". <'. p ii't. > ii'ii "iibniii iiiii 'i .soTt:ibIi il.-'.'iv I'lis.-il'^v .vlii n tl',' ,.'. "t I 111' : .i-j.-c' ;|i:.y IK \\ i'll !• -., pr- iifii-e. T'.. toi'i'. y -iliiatinti • ..ii'.^l.i. tor' lliaii a w.'k •re .. 1 l,.r • 1.1! . f i '.l V 'WPER r.ECnVED I IIGHEST AWARDS \V '<ir !d'» Pf:s I ' rlxpotrtii.-". ( ' " f-- >. VMnalt Parij V..' Tiios. It. r.i>>, rrcM-ni J. y. s(on. («iij.K<r riir rret 'nitiTN III' llir Iti:; I witl . »''in ,<IIHI lor Swi-drn III ^laki- I p. 1 "sj ^"t .•l I.lp .lp »!yiii|..i i;a; ail'iro net :i'.'II lost 1 \ .. :-| ' <^''.il": i-f.i • It • ii.- i;. 'new '.', !i- \i .. i .t. I I 'l • - -l .Su.'.l.n. I >. • .. r I. - W 'T.- ri.-:;i Pliali' ll ;.' >.s tl, II i;.."' •• .'rr. til*', lit i;:itii-'i-t >. .ic'.»i..'' Mlililllip .•! Ill" n 'lnl •^!;.:;dpni 'it of pond .--p"!' • '!.• ackno'.vJ<>ilu."l t-> I,a.' Mien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS Capita; . Surplus . Deposil.n . $:50,(»00.00 . .540.000.00 5r>0,000-0G .'II C.IIPI'U i.'i! •.\'-r>- cbaia.'t. lei 'liotm ;. I' a.'i"d ii; .i; - " Iso Iiin: • ..'M Ku'id'^ iP'. I Cil .t i :iipl a • I I I '••• (• : I ii"ii i "ii •1' r.- so •I'l -I I '.'ti.i. '.I ^^^•^i;;l ICiiinniai"-. !ik f ; icnil.s w jn ll 1'." .1*:^ In nilf Ki!';':'..::: :'s iNi 'la.'. and S.>ii:ii' '.< :ii an. .' V lt..\. a I''- I i|\ .'I'.Ira '.\ P ll.'il-' .i;r.'::.'v relltrt'ivl 'cli' v : I.. . > I r."ii.. s v.. -V '•.!'! ;..-,( ll.' "\'." iiiie III 1 itriu .\ .\.'ar l.ildili;'. liclicy freely t .. V , liiiv. f.;.'l lelill- ai'.'fi ..' .ii ,p ':i , I '-'V p .• .1 ,-..'i im _ i-.i-lil fi,;- a •\"\. 11 p. |,.v I".' 1,1 ' lif.lf ^I 'nll! III.' n •,'iiii .itis ".'IP I Inr 'N'tnll'T ili.-bursenielllS In .ll! prolia- w'iiip.s>. ll la -' I •• <I for sntii . aP'i w.' w-i \ 1 Kitrnp" A' : • •id prn'i'.''-'' ' :ii iI'Mil.. f".i,.l: ! ,T . :i''" prniiic i"' | ;. :-..| '. ' ir i .'in- . iiin\ In • •' ! ip'n- W. I "..KA wii MI;..' II V|{\'KN . .. • ' ih- I lp'^ ;--ahai'.in A • ic .\lr ;.i '.l Mrs t 'lir..' I\ tin:. . n lio I 'pM' Ii.'. ii fri.i IPI - r'tiiriieil imnp' .illiiup. nt • •'. . In re M -"'t ,J thi.; .ift. r-...;!' .1 '» .Ml. n af'.'ff'niill nu w tit t.l 11- Pibnli!' i ..'rin-I nt } hax.' lit I Irni'i '-aiT'ip.'. ; .'•( ..'ill per. I " ik ill th,' 1 I'll- •!. ' 'l.i tr. •I I ttalk,.,. Ilk- II It 'll.-h . .!i; :i <:. , Inlei'.-.i ^.•'i:I' .\ i'l.-p '.'. . • . I lll.lliiil wavs i. I 'hi^ I .11;: 11 1(1.1. ^'rnil'. jp tl..' p. X I'lioiial pr .i -ip.rii* '\V. ' ik' II .v'..';"''.piMi fiiiii '-ll wmiM l';l \ .• i 111(1.1,' «. r. it It 'll for the ON: ;.'H .111 ;ilp| 'I e f.ict ilri- II.,' '|. 'J. 'll |. ",,' inn t. r .itui:.|,'\ l.'ir- • illriil . :ll I''i|l npi l-n: " llplip'. •! . :' nf .\ie. .'ii '.tii ..•dilv abMirli .d l!:il''i |i.- .U'P' •>•< In IP'; ils lilll. war s. The appi• pale jif a!! tp t oiiira 'P •ev.-nuo for 'h • iPdPili wa.-; y^'.ll'T. ^ "(". an appro:;:!!.' itpre:!?. n: .*:t.p;:T.- \ •K'.. This n;'t operaiiiip r.'X.'ti'ie p. .' j mile of line for the s'ven tnon'hs nf i th.' c'llendar y.-ar continu.'s b'ss I 'laii , 'or tho rorrospotplinp s.'ven months of , I !»ll. N'ei oper;it:r.p r.-venne is tl" | imount avaitable for taves. rent:.: . interest on bonds. ;iiniropria:iiin.- r -ir h«'tt( rnp'ti's ;iiiil diiiibiids. TIE FIRST emiy. ilB SICN OF WL '• tl-lM .s' ni'i III lai , I..' ;.| • r--'. 'c.r i.tii;il i.ii i line ',1 |.:i— i.' • 111 I; iiieilp: Il.:il «i:'' > t li!f \. .. rs iiiipiin :,; i '1 I" ai.i.h' iti III" pi:ip 1 iiii'.ii,. T' , , :ii ,.f ..lilt I'm .rv. ll. •• r ll" .... • .11. \:<:- r - 111. r" is p- I'p t- rj. riicial :.|i ' Til" p.'ilpl.' It k.. :i'i ! :,:,i. Mii'.r.'il fiir i;.'i •ril'i.'s li':i :t Tcr '.isli* nii.-.yile. \V ;th •' tT;.;"< ill -I.- 1 -I "ltd .in:n:c;il pl.'.il'- li: 11.;. liir.ip- ll" •I cmitiic bitw. I'lrions pr- jti(! • .\.-t.':!i . : .'tin f' npi #I;iy T.i ll..!" ii.iri.ii;''": tl' Ic.'.'iilt I" . it.iti ni.-rs III ll..' ;illair :i .'iPi; tins ;;i.-;it .P'f:. I.i.'s n..r in. Iit.l.- • le i ,. • . i 'illi. wl.'l.' 111.- u:i:!i. w > , • Tbe »" ilii n p.' f rniii 11, nclipjilip .s..;isnli ttck.'Is. W .I iinr.' than $L'7".'''"i tin tb" \I;i,';itlinii .*J-.7'.i %v i;.k.'i '4:it.'>- and a'ldlim in tin ii IP'S !'.r 'ii:ii litiy i|:. :;!l !:;•'>. v.liii-li rs fi'e i. r;:. akeii in .-^w.-din fn:' pn Swni.'-i I- ipit ^ci.-Ip:.]'- I.'til it. .1- :• u:. ^ . ^p ' t;iri. .iiiil tb" c 'i -ii'"'v •tiiil in liUiPi; sl .iiwii .ii;ii d.'fr.'.' 1 ! Ii. i s;," . :i;i;ip. iii.'iil .-^hi va i":Il nf Ihe-e "l.lca-. nr .iil.'r.'il ceil,111 tbai t" riimeiit r. . , ••'ii;'- ' tnt *l»..-;it;.t.' fn pl ;ii'.' :.i lie . ..Plllill.'. Ill" ; 1" ' • .. ;...v all i.f II . .1. !.i It ':: • •.;lie. ie.| lii .1 1;.. . •,. "rtip..|ii Will ::ratit .i . •.. • i'ly 111 tl,.' ;''.'.(H|I: II p.i .:ii i., raf ;in,.i r:ii'tP K\;><> P i..|i .I'llili il;i:iili,ar iiian;.:.;i: .' . •i:.' .-^w.d'.-li l'>i./>rl;ii ('i;.' I 'M fur S:'ii I'lilt:, is "1 1., m 'l'.' pi' It ii I p:. I inn I't Sv> ,l.'t'. ...T .if in-liiMri. s ;i • ,.t .• 'I III .•\;in -iti .i -i .Kill tie- re;ii|y plallnini; ii"ir "-hiln: Mi's.' an' lb" ivn .i i p'llp i't"' = p'.oiU' cniiip'it:'.'-. iii • •i:.i'!) in.liist:v an.I .1' . • r.'tii p 1 V iiitii'liiii . '. (tp.-il n: li* :• ti.-tie nf U,. |,> It'll rhi- .-n 1 . .. .1 :'IPI I • til-I i: .'1,1'.. I'. T li'. :.i,.' I I I>:KI;J.ST vmo O> TP.TI: fjiro.sir.s .s\F£Tv nero .siT itoxts IOR RK.\T t". li" ;,..i|i :• i:.i|| : sl.:;: IV nf ll|i t.l il." -..'. Ifp .1. .. H saiii ll-. • li.- :in ':ii; •t,.,| !-y tl I III.Ill II 1; W .-il '. • H 'lrM i| JiP ^Mp :ip . . I :i ' •.'..!;.. ' . Ill llt-|i. .1. l». r. rrrvidciit .101; .nrhlM.KV, (avhier J. r. %Jl .rj, iVe.J're-i.h III. I.I. Me( f.\*st. ( a^li. <<H,<..|.i I.\Mt»N. -ltd \iec -rn -idi iii. estate fSaiik .sncrnrs !)1 . I • r.' ,1, .1 • .,1.1 ti'.. < \rii \i, ?L '.„iiim IOI..\, KANSAS VVt I'll" lutfTc: 1. uti foiiiii;.. Safety Tii'i'' I»cpi>.-;il:. and l--aviiit,%-. Dtpo;- il4ii).\!',-. l-'vcv tf> our ('ii.stonieV^- Ac- lOLA STATU; BANI<; .'I I.' .\,, ••.•I- . .' '.'• • (Capital Stock SuEpiu.s \VK PAY INT!:RI:!'T ON ... $25,000.00 . ... S12..')00.00 TIMi: DK POSITS. h. I. ri:\n u.i. h «N>ns. ill;'; rVKU OF TH Whs.- " W.. -lish to l!;:i:ik on- t;i"ir!.- no'phbors for ilieir kindips.s s:'o'.> • o our dear father ditiin-.: iiis illii s- :IIPI death ;ind :i!so t'.i" fi'litbers c.f 'he Klk lodp." for th«ir s .r.ices : rd loral off. Mr. and Mrs A \i Wilhif. Mr ti'id Mrs .T. K. Simmons. Mr. ;.nd Mrfs T .1. Will,.'.-. Mr. and Mrs. H C Withit.-. Mr. and .Mrs. .J .M Wilhif-. Mr and Mrs. W H. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. S W Winn'.-. .Mr. and V.t>. .1. P V.ilipi,.. Mr. and Mr;-;. K W. Kllsworh t'd '.Mih inn •I-.' Ill ' \v. i'l .-i 'm. I.' States :; '•()>. I 'liP" nstt'ts :•; pre ; It ••• . , .i;.- ciitpli 1-. I., ll. as li . 1 ! sioii- •.•.•.\tb- lull,,!: . I" itiiap. Ill i- ill' vit.'l' ' !• :!i ;.iiii' i'. r.'sl Twice within the iiasi vck sonri Pacilic-Iron Moutrain has hrok»n all it? r.-cords. September L'T. there -.vere H.flfi:? °d cars moved on the system. ;p. Mis- sys'.'tn . |M| Easy Way to Preserve Natural'• Color of the Hair and Make It Grow.. » o I of Ki.roj'.' i. i|.i!'i.s.''.ibl i' A harmless remedy, made from COTti- in "V '',.l »*e. mon garden sage, quickJK- restores gra> j . hair to natural color. The care of Iht; K\«K IMlO'nKN hair, to prevent it from losing its colui; and lustre, is jiist as important as tc. i'j„i],||. care for teeth to keen them from discoloring. Wiiy spend money for cos-; mctics and creams to impnw^ the complexion, and yet neglect jour hair, vihcr , .,v "iipi. < gray hair is even more conspicuous ant: ....-r,.,,.,. r suggestive of age than wrinkles or a! 'Z^^^jl .""i-/ poor complexion? Of the two, it it" easier to prcser\'e the natural color ant: beauty of the hair than it is to have a good comiilc.xion. - "> All that is necessary is the occasional i,se of Wyeth's Sage and^ Sulphur Haii , nil.'-XMle. .in:n;c:il : •:•. . "dtp : - . ;.-„r I'in^^ Tinie in ^(ar•. the \iir -ilj I' "• • ' '^a Hoine ^..I 'iid. U F noi:V!I.I,F. lr>«. ! J. n. < A. Vi. HK( K. Tlc-Pn <. AMI W. K \rr>l \>. *i.d Vlr^ TrMfc lU.lU Cashlir. I. O. BKNSON, Aunt Ca'^bir ip'r pari ..ri of P ;.•!- '•••iius s-tt.i'l I nil.I 1,. -'.r ' rmil .".'ic:' I ip this ii :i !' i (-11 '.II?.- ^- I K:in~as iii.-n RAITKTY DKIM^-^IT mXKS FOK JtT.nT. \ Ii: '-is '.a'! nur p !• ar in i • •i nil in iir • .V. ! r:,?i-M Thi- i. S"*"'.'.; I.'' p.I i:.;nst:: tl:" Slt•!^!•. .-tat... tinii. .--:l- fi I:TIIKI»I«.K IIOMK IM:VI IMIVI M In.i' all] fi: • •>!.• 'M ri \-:-s'u! \ 'I i-ani>li'r'> li',.el!in- \l.!a/i' d i:U ILifM-. 1. Ili- i:c|il)iri d I'} Skin. ttri: SlIMMllll. near . • K ! •.V v., if rr .i Illi* Kinied* at Our ISNk. l"-'!v pintpj. s am! hhitliclies not nnl^ tiiit cans" un :i !e;:: - oni Tl'ev :i:. a I' 'til < f <. 'zoiipi and '.vi'' inn: yie'd"',' "i .-itfy pr. "iiiations" Ici' '^eii an! ra 'iona; tfiatiiP 'nt '• s r'p;'.il I .!'' i'':.\..! t :. rr • i-i-'.K ;• rt;. •o-'-i' 'I(•'•;• '1 >••>.-. ;!nr II:'' ele til'n if pl'ty. 1.' ;:is s' it'in; W'i'.'.iam '..a'.vr. r''e. ep.:!; I!.':l.'t- I -nun- Lawrer: •". I'•:: k'..'; 'l.V.iter. ''aci T .'va'..' ;•. 'harle.- .Mil;cc. I.awr.-n..'. 'la'TV Tti.'rn!:'inp Wat'ony. "• 'iv .;:;pj .: x-v- r • III-" r. sv:. .•^.,i:'', • •;. ^": • ,i by I'T' . r';. tnlii :..|.' ;i t II ^ V^.'.'i • Remedy, a prepara'tion of coicrnon ear- Tie den Sage and Sulphur, combined •with other valuable remedies for drj', harsh best previous record was establicheii fjjij h7i:'~U^',C^"if'7flh^^ on October 27. 1911. when 14<n4« load- f ?S?f_fe*^1'™?^'Vl^l"f J_S ?'P .H , ' J J , falling hair. After a few applications ed cars wer. moved. Monday Septem-.,^ this simple. ' " t system broke all records " ... ; ' 11 " p .--^v : •• I'l;.- \-'s tn .111.-; •'W sont''ini: ;avo .>;al '.e. .A tillh- it I • -'i "t)ii.;!t'nT;s t ;,:i- ar.ti.-' jiti • >l;in le;... i:-•: proves its pre"" - liire te'l on c'iir = ^.=s.i: pow e li n'y a I' w" tre ittnent.- a;e no-• s! n .v i:s :ii;'.rve'o'is healint; this simple, htirmiess romody, yor.r ^ r .-mar 'sil,:. featiir.- tiiat uive- hair will sradually be restored to itsj •"<•' vaTm to .-"tvo .«.-.Ive. i.'j i;< abi- jnatutal color, in a short time t! i dan-! '•' ' ' i enet;.-.;.' -iP '-skin and carry its 'druff will be romovo -J. and yo; r htiir i ^ OIMTI; •^efni -'l .'-tioyinp action to f.'.- cars « ere will no longer come out but will Mart to' i -^at o'' t!>' liis.-aro 'aeitic-Ir .in:[jrow as Nature intended itshouli!. t;!. • i a"k your tn. nev if i.-!y .x.iii fully. Say.-- Rur- a century that the jindusirlal history-«f iSSi her 'M. 1h" system broke in Its history in numlier of cars of rev.'nue freiphi lotploil on its own l ^ff y -ijj 'inos. On that day ."^.K!!."! toaded tit the Missouri I N.'oniitain stations, exceedinp th.' be^t "Don't neglect your hair, for it goes! "^'i'^ ' i.-i V"' s:i* iir.'vious r.'cord of :i.."iS'"i cars, made . T'jriher than anyil '.itig el.«e to ir.pke or '•':•' '•!'.!-• .^t":.' S"i>tember '.'th of this year. tr^ar your good looks. Yoa can t-ay " nJ.'ia ivmody at arty drug store for, Ti:.' .niie .s' Aid smi. ;y of the Ha'i- Il.'v Hernartl Kclley was 'M lola: ilfty cent.'* a bottie, and your •Iru,-;-' Ms; church ha.- i.ssued \.'ry novel In- veiiferday ami pi-eached the Utirv"-'.'.ist wiU give your money back if VuU r viiations for a Birthday Social to ip Home sermon at the Trinity Metho.\^i I iro not sati.sficd after u.'jjig. ^Pur-L-iien next Thtiisdav ov-ning at the church and also conducted a ootnmun- ••••'is^* a liofJo io .'r.y. You will r.ovei , chunh Dainty little silk baps tic- ion service He made a \erv intrrost-1 »ervot it v.'hon yo '.i rcal :;:o Cio dt.ror-j < ompanv each Invittiiion into whi b h special r.-Rai^d for the [ence it will tnako in your appe t.*r?nk V.'";'!":i;;:r.-i. .-ip 'ii t.i 'V:!"^: !; iroi ' .1 •aptain. i-'vjri .-i iiplii ••r'f- M^';;i!!. \Vi':'!:ita. rr Wi;;;:.;., i"'Ka. c|uai-te; : .In'.n K'i >'n:;'h friit.-r. • r V.':;;-. r • a'vr n-e. left 'r.alf: .ip.iiio -"••:ith Cen'er. oi Vi. 'or II f'oltim: US• ;ici't 'aa.;' older members of the congregation, j Special Acent—S. it UurrelL III.' puests are aiike<l tu put as iiiauy cents aa they are years old. - VV: r.: tiia: i:; ,'!;..:• rjcl : • Urnv r'." '•rice. T"- D'.tvv. :!• I! .Mar -i fno!:;'--. Hn'tse:;:!;!:- •;:':I tMwin -Jtnov.e. ..\!nri. i-: F'rank Mll'er. Clay "ent^r. fi!!)back. Ti:is .Ml-Kansa? ;<':tii: ''."s ti l:ea>y •f-'.'dule before it (l:!;!:.-; '.\i!i ! I'-.'.VMI w;rii ^'.'rtrr* ns.'fi.'P .Voiniii! -'.'"ico) of .\lissi ttri at l.av r -n •. 0~- •oher Vi: Iirake. ;it 1).'-^ (1— •(•her 'Kin.-^a.s H'^-ri'intural •o!I^pl•. a' l.iwrt pre. Octtnli,:- 2*i; Ok- 'ah':::a. at Liwr-n-e. \pv.-inher 2: Washburn. a'T.^p.ka. November • Xehrafka at Lincoln X.ivemb<ir K. •-•nd .Missouri, at i.i'.wren .'O. .v.Svpn:- 'H>'. 23 .Mr. and .Mrs. F. i". .\!.»'laiii will sp.>nd,l'. O. P. week In Kansas City. .nil's I'l.. ' .-r" ;•: 1. '!. ei:' sl:v. •!ii^ iimrn ..ii; !.' nf ti.' oi.i. ' in, k If' l- I !' '. . -n 11.1.. 1 ' . • :'l" It. ' i .lllil uvr.i,. • r'- . • 'p I t'r. i'liips V lairiii:!:: i;f,:': _ I r.uid ilri u .'i.s 'o il>.- •-..iip..: th' li'itse i"i ippitip.i; K: I'.rii;:;. r: rr;. 't 'p ori'.;in '.f t!'" '.'r.i' ... ; : i • i.'.rs'- A? i •• • • '.e .s:iW IP. I .:ii" t!;. lir.' < • l.l'l/." I: !•! p:iip. .y rr. (..• efi ^ck' ' -Alt'iiii reai-h lilnl th" h.c cii' !!• •it" .Hvy i • .V'. ;t t :iisiir.:p rknowii. MALARIA-BLOOD PdVERH Milaria is a spcctes of bloocl poverty known a.-; Anaemia; the cirwilatioii hccomes so •wc.ik an'Hmpnre.that it is iinrtble to supply the system with snSJcient nourishment ant: strength tc- pr'ser\-e ordin.iry health. In'thc first stages of MaLiria the contple.vinn ?ro\vs pa'.e and .s;illow. the appetit": i.s affected, the sy.stcni jrrows biliijus, ami there is a.gcneral f.;eling of weak- ncdls. As thccirct:Iation become^; ti-.nre thorougl'-!}' .s.ituratetl with the n: i- lari^il infection, tho di;jestion is deranged, chiil; and/ever come an /^1 go, skin di -scasc?. boils, sor'.-; ana ulrcrs break, and the c::tire health become; ilttpnir -.d. I 'l .t'iiiria can.only be c'^rcd bjTemovin.^ the genns from the blo-jid. S. S. S. destroys every particlt? of iiialarial iiifcction and builds np th-- bloo'i ti> .1 stron'j nourishing condition. .Then the system rtvcivcs its proper amount of nutriment, sallow coinpIcTiclns grow ruddy and healthfni. th--liver and digestion are righteti an.;l cxery symptom of Malaria passes away. ^S. S. S. cures" in everv case because It purifies the blood. S. S. S, is a safe and pleasant remclv aa well as an cfiicicnt one. Bixik on the blood and any metlical advice f ri..;, THE SWIFT SPECmC CO., ATLANTA,

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