Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1938 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1938
Page 2
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A Book i Day fyliruo* CattM of Hope, 1899; Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! ~ every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. B. Palmer & Alex. H, Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. G. E. PALMER, President ALEX H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press, (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 6Sc: one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada. Howard Miner and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for ^publication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Record of the Past Is Reason for Optimism Unless all signs fail, America is taking a new climb out of the depression Industrial production expanded in October for the fifth consecutive month unemployment figures are dropping rapidly, and business s=>ntir-ent ns n whole is unnusually optimistic. No one knows, of course, how far and how fast this climb will be continued. We shan t be able to say goodby to this depression until our business indices have reached the 1929 level; indeed, because our population is ere-iter now than it was. then, that level will have to be surpassed before we can truly say thnt nafaon-wide prosperity is here again. irW^rti^ky^t u'lfth 0 ' be 3 P<?rf6Ct gUWe ' ln ° • W0rld ^ ehanged "s tlle Saturday, December 3; 1938 During the last half century, American business has been hit by five full- drew depressions-including the present one. After each of the other four industry and trade climbed to a higher level than the one they had occupied before, .nrt th. ~,™ ra j ] iving standard of ^ American peopley went "^ encouraging thing is the fact that although each of these i took place during a period of technological improvement-which supposed to mean a percentage decline in the number of jobs-"h population of the country actually increased faster than the total 'puta y the per -from 23,000.000 in 1890 to 49,000000 n 1930 4 ' 000 ' 0000 new om * t * 6 p °F ulatlon - Our population today « JSR 130000000 we ' The BtnckjMnn's Revolution One of the bloodest ami most instructive chapters in the Ions his- try of revolution is the story of the revolt of the slaves on the island of San Domingo. Ground down -oy one of the most oppressive regimes that ever existed, these blacks were stirred to action when the aBstllle fell in 1789; in less than two decades they won not only freedom from slavery "but independence from France. Their story is told by C. L. R. James .}-» Black Jacobins" (Dial press: •3.75). end a colorful, terrifying and thought-provoking story it is. A year before the .Bastfile fell, there was no slight sign that the half-million slaves in the French colony of San Do- tninso had about reached the end of their servitude. But the French revolution had world-wide repercus- -ions and nowhere did it jar more violently than in San Domingo. The I* ' rench masses, when they found their /oice, insisted that freedom be extended to the black men across the sen md presently the island was aflnme. Strangely enough, the blacks won their freedom by their own resour-se.s. ince the intitinl impetus had been given. Somehow, these downtrodden x-slaves produced a statcimm like oussamt Louverture, a military genus ike Dessaline ;lhey fought British •panish and French in turn, anni- troops, suffered and inflicted one'of the most horrible atrocities in the history of all warfare—mid in the end made their freeclo mgoocl. Mr. James presents this story not as a bloody bit of ancient history but as a peculiarly apposite and timely study of revolution. His book ha", overtone which make it well wortl reading, aside from the story's intrinsic interest. _ M. tttg.tr. 3. Fat By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN^ . —*» "«•• jTiwnitio r J^nuBIft Edtfof, Journal of the American Medical Assodntlon, nhd of Hygeta, the Health Magazine Athletes Should Watch Weight When They Stou Athletic Activity ' People often wonder whether men who have done much rowing, running, swimming, or played much basketbny. football or baseball are likely to have heart disease later in Hfe. It is usually believed that the at- hete develops a heart that is large in response to the stresses that are placed upon it and thnt as a result of thnt, when he stops' his athletics, degeneration occurs and his heart be- comes weakened. In those sports in which the mus-i cular activity lasts for n long time.' as, for example, in rowing In long- distance swimming or running, the heart is likely to be large in relationship to the size of the body. Sojne authorities feel, however, that the men are able to do the athletics because they have large hearts rather than that they have large hearts because of Well-controlled athletics will never harm a heart thnt is normal and heal thy. The chief danger to the athlete, ns to everyone else, is the danger thnt he will undertake his athletic activities too soon after he has hat! n severe cold, Influenza, pneumonia or some 1 other illness nnd Hint under such circumstance his heart will not be able to hear what is, for him ns for anyone else, an excessive strain. Obviously, it is of the greatest importance thnt every person who indulges jn_nthlelics have the henrt ex- serious , ",v, henrt is wenk, the young man is likely to find it out after he goes into athletics and actually be unable to continue the performances. When an athlete gives up ills muscular work because he goes Into business, because he gets married or for some other reason, it is not only the henrt thnt is subjected to new circumstances but also the body as n whole. The nlhlcte who gives tip training la likely who gives up training Is likely to begin eating more than he did previously. Soon he develops a serious increase iii weight. The failure to indulge in exercise to any extent, associated with the overeating brings on the degeneration thnt is typical of the period after middle nge. The best advice, therefore; is tof the mijii who lias been athletic to try to keep himself reasonably fit after ho gives up athletics by controlling (lie amount of food and drink that he takes, by continuing n resaonable amount of exercise, and suitable attention to his body. If he will watch his weight and his blood pressure and if he will animation lo determine whether or not the organs of the body arc fun- cturing normally, there is no reason why the athleta.should not. live as long as anyone else "ml, indeed, even longer, So They Say If we could only gel together without aify lawyers 'hanging 'iround. we could work out something.—Frank WiiUnco, who says hi 1 is I'm: luisbnnd of Mac West, commenUng on his.plnn In /Ml n divorce, I'm out to be-it the record cf a guy 1 u«cil to. pnintn ibou 1 His name w.-s Methuselah. — Rev. Willium Vtin Norman. Kansas Citv, co.nmenting -.n his ago of 94. The mental and physical strain would be too much.—A delegation of mothers in Kcnosha, Wis., protesting nine days' vacation for their children nt Christmas time. I wouldn't brcathl it to a soul.— Magistrate Pinto in New York City, when reporters asked him what lin || hncl done with 29 heads of garlic he had purchased from a penniless peddler. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ...with... MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY Did I come here to be insulted?—Si; Percy E Bates, chairman O f Cunan White Star, Ltd.. when he was asked in Celevland if it had been possible to operate the steamship Queen Marv at a profit. in __ Today's Answers fo 5 " 6Very reaS ° n ' then> t0 lo ° k f ° rward t0 ' 1939 with the utmost con- ^The_More_You Tell the Quicker You Sell' For Sale _Just received large assortment Fir Christmas trees. Make your choice FOR SALE— White Cotton Mattresses Investigate our work and material first. Hempstead Mattress Shop Call Paul Cobb 658J. l-26tc FOR SALE-TJsed Radios, table models all in playing condition. Crosley 8-tube ?8.50; N S 4-tube 5485- Philco 7-tube 512.50; Aetna 4-tube V.5Q; General Electric 4-tube ?8.50; Eveready mlr ^ 95: , K S - 5 ' tube 5 s - 95 - Au£ motive Supply Co. 29-5tc FOR SALE-Pre.Hoiiday Specials- bhampoo Set and Dry 35c; Oil Sham- n P nd Se r ^ 65c; Manicure 35c; Eye Brow Lash Dy e md j^ 5Q ; Cocktail Facial 50. Stuart's Beaut^ Salon. Phone 752. _ 3^ ~FOR SALE-1931 Tudor A modll Ford, with new tires, new battery and new nngs. W. O. Beene, Walnut and Bivision Sts. Hope, Ark. i. 3tp STRAYED OR STOLEN - Dark brown horse mule, weight about 1,000 Pf"" ds - Sore °n left front foot and white nose. Notify Hope Star. 25-3tp FOR RENT—Four room unfurnished modern apartment, Garage. Close in. Phone 224. 30-3tc Notice NOTICE—Specials. Guaranteed Oil Permanents ?1.50 and up; Shampoo Set and Dry 50c; Lash and Brow Dye 40c. White Way Beauty Shop, 119 Front Street. IM-Dec-30c CHRISTMAS SPECIALS 53.50 permanents ?2.95; $2.50 permanents $1.95; Oil Shampoo Set and Dry 60c. OFHIES' BEAUTY SHOP Wil- Questions on Page One 1. False. Davy Jones is purely a legendary hero. 2. False. Hara-kiri is the meth- of stomach slashing used by the Japanese in committing suicide to vindicate their honor. 3. True. Matthew Vassar, who founded Vassar College, was a brewer. 4. False. Manana is a Spanish •word meaning "tomorrow." 5. True. Mohair is made from goats hair; Wanted WANTED TO apparel for Men, Women and Children. In g ood condition. "Patterson Auction Store, .on 67. 30-Gtp WOMEN WANTED Address our cat~ alogs. 3c each paid in advance plus bonuses. Everything Supplied. Free S? T *iil Furnished. ROYAL PRODUCTS, G. P. O. Box 164, Brooklyn, N..Y. Oct 29, Nov 5, 12 lisville, Ark 2-3tp Services Offered T .SPECIALS — Permanents 51.50 xlp Shonipoo set, Manicure 85c; Shampoo set, Eyebrow-lash dye ROD. Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 39 Street. 117 Front 21-26-c PRESENT DAY PREMIER OM,/V\A0OR HE'S ABOUT" T?eApy -TO BITE KJOT OU YOUK'BMT— IT'S YOUR SCHSJOZZLE THAT '-TEMPTS HIM " HIM, M ACTOR/ WE'RE' ALL HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR YOU IF HE KWEW you WE RE TH ' MEW BOWWOW A GOOD VO& THE DRATTED YOU AWAY BE/HI MD TO GO AFTER THE MAY HAVE TO RESORT TO HYPNOTISM P THIS POESM'T WORK HE'LL. M. REC. U. £. P*T. Of f By J. R. WILLIAMS lffl J"V COPR. 19^8 BY NEA SERVICt. INC, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ALLEY OOP Everybody's Doing It WELL, WE'REN BROKE NOW-BUT WE'LL GIT SOME MORE/ you CAN'T KEEP A GOOD SAP DOWN -WE'LL KEEP OUR REP THANKS FOR GETTING THESE OUT OF HOCK FOR ME - DOGGONE NICE YOU GUYS TURN THEM OVER TO YOU ? WHY, ABSOLUTELY NOT / I KNOW YOU FURNISHED TH' MONEY, BUT THEY'RE HIS PROPERTY, AND WITHOUT HIS CONSENT, WHY-THANKS .THOUGH, FOR THE PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST YEH, BUT WE THOUGHT THAT TH' PEOPLE WHO FURNISHED TH' MONEY TOOK OVER 'MORTGAGE LIKE ON A COPft, maBYHfASCRVICC. INC. 12-3 c mpacts. Reward /or return to Star. _, • .. 263tp. .. LOST-Lemon-spotted female bird PUP; about 7 months old. Reward Vernie Coynes. Hope.Arfc l-3t p • FOR RENT ^ ' FOR RENT-Nicely furnished two- room apartment in modern private home- Rent reasonable. Mrs. Edgington,, 505 .South Walnut St. 3Q-3tc. HORIZONTAL 1 The prime minister of Great Britain, Neville . . 10 He averted a dangerous -— scare. 13 To expect. 14 Portal. 15 Apiaceous. plant. 17 Last word of a prayer. U 8 Unemployed. 19 Stretched tight. 20 Slight bow. Answer to Previous Puzzle ' stock. f.a oueuk uuw. "5 Unit. 21 A tiller of the 36 Nuisance. OTA **_ 7QR RENT-Four room furnished apartment, Private bath and garage 607, Middlebrooks grocery. 30-3tp CLASSIFIED RATES One tini&-2e word, minimum 30c Three times-3%c word, ttin. 50c ^ix times-^c word, niinimum 90c One month (26 times)— 18c word, minimum _ _ _ |2.7o _ _ _ . are tar continuous insertions only. In making word count disregard classification name sucn as "For Rent," "fdt Sale," etc.— this is free. But each initial or came, or complete telephone number, counts «s 9 full word. For example: FOB BENT— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Bargain, J. V. Blank phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 30c lor one time; at 34&c word, 53c for three tinw* etc. NOTE: All orders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation of Hit PHQNI 7« 'soil. 22 Stomach. 23 Fodder vat. 24 Mountain pass. 25 Lock opener, 26 The whole. 29 To defer. 30. Commands. 31 Made an engagement. 33 To canter. 34 Supply of 37 Afternoon. 38 Humbug, 39 Afternoon, meal. 40 Extra tires. 43 To rent. 44 Framework stand. 47 Child's glass marble. 48 Biblical prophet. 49 Self. 50 He heads the of England. VERTICAL 1 He was of the exchequer (pl.). 2 Man. 3 Imitated. 4 Adult males. 5 Eatable. 6 Round-up. 7 To dangle. ._,_.,. 8 Form of "be." 46 Kind of 9 Native. lettuce. 10 To be victor. 11 Onager. 12 Covered with reeds. 16 Modern. 21 Melodies. 22 Speck 23 Hill slope. 24 Cunning. 27 Gaseous element. 28 Woven string. 29 To gasp. 31 Platter. 32 Russian council. 34 Tenant under a lease. 36 Bards. 37 Small. 38 Coarse ground grain. 39 Tissue. 41 Moccasin. 42 Since. 43 Bulgarian coin. 44 Reverend. 45 Epoch. / WOW WHY'D 1 HAFTA GO JUMP I 3M ZEL JUST BECAUSE OF WHAT \ SHE SAID ABOUT OOP? SHUX.' 14 • TH*T BIG LUJOK. AIKI'T WUTHW TO M WASH TUBBS Lots of Work Ahead By EDGAR MARTIN FOOZY MEEDKJ'T THIMK HE CAW TALK LIKE THAT TO ME.' I GO FIX OOOLA A .SWELL AX TKILL TIGEBS WITH AM' WHAT DOES SHE DO? SHE SLUGS ME WITH IT; BAH/ — -*^»,j_u—h. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN , THE VEEY IDEA, GIVIMG ME AM V AX; IF THAT BIG DOPE COESM'T WAM MEW GIVING ME TIGER. SKIMS, WHY DOESM'T HE GWE V THEM TO ME HIMSELF? GLAD TO SEE BOUGHT'A LITTLE GIFT FOR PRESIDENT ADOLFO DE LA CUCARACHA.AMD WONDERED HOW WE COULD 6ET IT DELIVERED. WE.SEMOR. BE HOWOR TO DELIVER EET W/SELF. FRECKLES AND HIS OH, NO, NO! WOUUPki'T TWW1C oFrr. 80T I WSfeT. I 'AVE NOT FOR GOTTEM THE LAS' TME I W/ EEH AMERICA. $EiOOR, WHEW SOU GEEF TO WE THEES WANDERFUL, EWGRAV' WATCH Intercepted OOOLA IT'S GOIWG TO BE A PRETTY DONT APPEAL , HER, FRECKLES/ SHE DOESN'T KNOW ANY BETTER / Ladies' Man OH, PADDY! vou FOEGOT TO TELL HM THAT ITS AM OLD PV3TOL HE'S DELIVERING,' i ; .1.»lfl BY NE* srtviCj^u^T ^^ y s By ROY CRANE f EE6 A &E;EFT FOR HECS EXCELLEMCV, THE PPESI-, OEWT. - _i' A KMMUTE, WiE HEKRTlEl WMU ^C TH' BLOOmW ASSA'aSmS RUWW\W AROUND, WE AAVfT TAK1M' UO CHAWCES. OPEN 'EB UP, BOYS.' OH, YES I DO KNOW LOTS BETTER — BUT THEY TAKE LONGER. .' THE OMLY REASON! YfaU DIC3NT KISS HIM IS BECAUS YOU HAVBNT "THE MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE toe By MERRILL BLOSSER I OUT OF 7HE WAY, ~,.«, I'M GOIMG IkJ THERE-- BCTT.MB. HOLLAR ' THAT'S WHAT I IMG TO TELL YOU! HE'S HAD ALL HIS DOOR KWOB5 ELECTRIFIED TO IWSUBE Queer Doings MIND MI WILLING : SANDWICH QUICH! HAVE THEM SHUT OFF ALL. THE POWER I»O THE STUDIOS- THEKJ CALL IM , DOCTOR.,' — rr Wi r*--- -^^^l^.-^—J By Ray Thompson and Charles Coll towe's POKTA,&I_& WELL, LOVIE ; TOMORROW VOLJ START WOR.K OKI GILDBCi'S GREAT WAR EPIC.. HERE'S LUCK' ' TH^UKS, VAL... THI.'i TEA TAST6.S '*> V

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