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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 1889. NUMBER 173. ,* v f „* ", *' , of Kt • M03E 3'DILLON •SEf.T.3 Goal, Lumber and Salt Oheau «n<i pays ihe Ti-ig~is.?,i ' ' market pri.ce for 1 8 rallert the "Hi»thi>r of Dlsonips," because there la no medium through which dlbeaao so often atlnckB the system na by tlit> absorption of polaononM cases hi the, retention of decayed mid ulTete mutter lu Ilia Btomaoh and boweju. It Is caused by n Torpid Liver, not enough bile being excreted from the blood to iirodnce Nature's own cMhartlc. and !s generally accompanied with nuch results as LOBS of Appetite* Sick Headache, Bad Breath etc. f The treatment of Constipation docs not con- slstmerely In unloading the bowels. The medicine must not only act as a purgative, but be n, tonic as well, and not produce after Ha use. greater \To secure a regular habl't of body without changing the diet or tllsorganl IDR the system REGULATOR J" My attention, after suffering with Constipation for two or three years, was called to Blm- mons Liver Kegulator, anil, having tried almost everything else, concluded to try ft. I first took a wlneglassfiil and afterwards reduced the dose to a teaspoonful. aa per directions, after each meal. I found that it hod done me so much good that. I continued It until I took two bottles. Since then I have not experienced any difficulty, I keep It la my house and would not be without It bnthavenouseforlt. Ithavlngcured me."--Gro W. SIMS, Ass't. Clark Superior Cour Blub Co.- Oeorgla.)i( n —— r Take only the Genuine Which has on the Wrapper the red 25 H mark and signature of J. H. ZEILIN * CO. IS OUT OF ORDER Yon win have BTCTC ITKADACHE3, PAtNH Itff THE SIKE, DYSPEPSIA, POOR AfVB- TITE. feel ll«Ue«s and unable to get throuph your doll v work or social enjoyment*. Ufa will be ft burden to yon. Will cure 500, drlvo the POISON out o2 your gyctem, ami make yon gtronsr and well, They cost only 85 cents a box and may oavo your life. £an be bad at any Drug Htcro. f CocOTEarKrra made in St. LotuVt* PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. FLEMING BROS, f - Pittsburgh, Pa, -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, Most Durable, and holds Its shape the best of any whip In the market. The Easiest Dumped, [Easiest Kun- nlug and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, gl.60. Two sacks 12.80 Half Patent, " .1.40. " " iOO Some of the oldest rcsldents.'of this city claim this to be tho best flour they ever used In the r • , state of Illinois. Oream of" Patent, JSxin, Daisy and Minn. JRoller in stock. d Good Stock of TinYTomato Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of j GIASS FRUIT JARS 1ND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT AT I,. JOHNSON'S. NEW AND SECOND HAND. O. A. Oliver. COOLLY'IGNORED. Chicago's Big Packers Snub the Senate Committee. EMOUE EXPLAINS HIS CONDUCT. Complaint That Senator Tout Would Not Olvn a Fnlr Show — Tho Semitor Mnkes Some CommentM nml RcitiN n relejfrnm — ftlore Evidence of a Combine — Ex-Killtor Went FlRhtlnu for Control of Tho Timed— Illinois Cvntrnl Pronio- tlonii— Windy City Koten. CniCAQO, Bcpt 5, — Neither Mr. Armour or any member of tho alleged dressed beet combine" appeared before tho. senatorial nmmittee investigating the dressed beef udusfriea yesterday. Mr, Armour, in an nterviow, said: "The reason we did not ap- war before the senatorial committee was lot we knew we could not expect fair treat- lent from tho hands of Mr. Vest, who is otoriously on record as opposed to the reused beef interests. We are jierfectly trilling to appear before an impartial com- iltteo nnd give them all Information per. nitiing to our business that is not of a Btrict- f private nature." The committee adjourned yesterday nftor- oon to meet to-morrow morning at Dei loines, la. The Chairman Wa* Wroth. It was easy to see that Chairman Vest was n no good humor when the committoo mot esterday, and the "Big Four" wore not on •nd. Another thing that tended to in- reoso the Missouri senator's aggravation vas tho refusal of one of the witnesses ex- mined in tho morning — George T. Willams, secretary of tho Stock Yards company —to answer a .question. Ho had been or- ered to produce a list of the~nani6Fot~tlJe~ tockholders of the company, but when he ook the witneaV chair he coolly announced (rat he had consulted a lawyer and decided refuse to produce tho list Ho was not vanted any longer. Vice President Sherman, of the Union itock Yards company, was the next wit- icss, but developed such a quantity of ig- loranco as to points the committee was after that be soon got his release. llacl Knowledge of u "Combli'ie." The most important witness examined was 'uul Daiilii, a young inan 'who was formerly "bookkeeper and a subordinate manager for Velson Morris. He testified that he saw an agreement signed by Armour & Co., Nelson ilorris, and others, stating that on and after certain date prices on -dressed beef wdtild » EO and so in different states. Ho had a ;eiierul idea that the combination fixoil prices n about eight states. Will Ileport to the Senate. At the close of the session Chairman Vest said tho committoo could issue attachments for the big shippers, but could not force them to testify if they wero brought before them, therefore he proposed to report the matter to tho senate nnd leave it in their landj. The penalty for refusing to obey a Kouate committee's subpoena is a flue of from tlOO to $1,000, or imprisonment for from ono x> twelve montba A Telegram from Armour. "I think it Is also proper to say," said Senator Vest, "that I have tho following telegram received from a gentleman of respectability. It was iny Intention to bring it to :ho attention of Mr. Amour had ho boon present I now desire it to beo made part of record. Tho telegram is dated Chicago, Dec. 18, 1888, and is addressed to H. P. Lacoy, Freeland, Pa. It reads: Cannot allow Schwabo to continue' killing live stock. If he will not stop, make other arrangements and make prices to get his trade. AHMOUH & Co. With reference to this telegram Mr. Armour said yesterday: "The telegram that Mr. Vest read this afternoon for the purpose of getting it on tho record was directed to our agent, whom we bod a perfect right to tell that he should not kill cattle 1C ho -sol. 1 our dressed beef, and is entirely stripped of its force when it is understood that the man won our own representative." Senator Vent's Commeuta. Senator Vest, upon returning to the hotel last evening,- go f back at the Chicagoans by making the following statement to The Herald reporter in his own handwriting: "Mr. Armo.ur's pretense that he was unwilling to appear before our committee because of my hostility, to the dressed beef industry is very thin. I am only one member of the committee, which is composed of five senators, ono from each, of tho great cattle producing states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Texas. It is as fair and just a committee as can be selected from the senate, and one of the committee, Senator Farwoll, is Mr. Armour's townsman. » * * * *. * "I understand Mr. Armour says that the telegram sent by bis firm to H. P. Lacoy, at Freeland, Pa., and which I read before the committee, was sent to his agent, and that he bad a perfect right to tell him that 'he should not kill cattle if bo sold our droaod bjaf.' Mr. Vest here read the dispatch, anl continued: "So It seems Mr. Armour wanted to get the trade of his representative, for, if his explanation moons anything, it is that Scwabe was bis agent and not Lacey. This is simply nonsense." Got the Cold Shake. To sum things up, the committoo has been treated with decided coolness by the big packers of this city. Why they did not use their power to compel attendance is not known, as they wore reticent on that point. The feeling of tho men interested was thai Chairman Vest was "forninst" Chicago, and looking out for points in the Interest of St Louis, and this feeling was manifest in the newspaper comments and beat' linos. CHICAGO TIMES LITIGATION. E«-Kdltor Went Se«klilg Control of the Paper — Judgment KeaervoiL CHICAGO, Sept 5. — Judge Jamiooon yesterday heard the arguments for and againa a motion by James J. Went for leave to file an amended and supplementary bill to the suit of "West and William A, Paton against Herman J. HuUkamp, and took tho matter under advisement until to-morrow morning. Tho suit of West and Patoa sought only to have H J. Huiskamp enjoined from acting as a director of Tho Times company. The gtiit which leave was askjd to nlo is bj James J, West only, Patou having doci d to press bis action for reinstatement as a director by mandamus proceedings in thi orcuit court. WttltU Control ol Tile Xliuns. The ameudtid bill not only asks for an in junction against the HuUkuuipa acting as dirtictora, but. it. »<«;k» to havo W uat's rigu to Times' stock dut«rmiu«!d. U pray* for a do>aruu for thu discovery of the ownar of tha nota for ftUVXjO, and that Went may be &1 U>wtxl (o g.>*y \l aud 1'i^.lrcm t Literal. Invp»ti><J with tbu »tuot< »uJ » dt- . reo »tn»Uii r i^ \\ Juam A TaUin ftu I 75.^3 Ua I- U'nL-i:* A* U*-"Ctwr , WiJ«& wtiii w<Oit^» x t v, I 4* M* I vuvat Wkti« uv U <-,&4st*» M -{ t- J ilMidufeji Wiu; 4a» sii ntfl thr> two Huiskumps, \Voigley, Willinin Jonry Smith, and G. W. Fairbanks (if In- iannpolls), tho supposed present holder of he JIOO.OOJ notn. The Crlmlnral Ca*o Agnlnftt \VenU ho case, ngainst James J. West nnd ^harlos E. Graham, charged with over- isning The Times stock, wns called before uatlc3 Lyon yesterday afternoon, but was' ontinuod until Sopt. 11, been u BO tho counsel or the defendants were engaged in tho chan- 'ery case In Judge Jamieson's court Tho :ontinuanco was granted on motion of tho .efondants. Promotions on tlin llllnoU Cnntrnl. CniCAOO, Bept 5.—The sudden resignation >f General Manager E. T. Jeffory, of tho llinoia Central, Ima led to several changos In he official roster of that road. Mr. C. A. Jock, general superintendent, has been promoted to tho placo made vacant by th-j ro- irement of Mr. Jeffery; Mr. A. W. Sulliran, superintendent of lines In Illinois, has wen promoted to Mr. Bock's placo, nnd Mr. 1 O. Russell, cuporintendont of the Wiscon- iln division, has buen made acting superin- endent of linos in Illinois and Wisconsin. Two Men and n Hoy Drowned. CHICAGO, Sept 5.—John Brorhor, n fisherman, nnd the owner ot n flailing sniaok; iharles E Blubm, a 15-year-old boy, and a man namol Ed, who was employed by Srochor, wero drowned in tho lake yesterday afternoon off Thirty-eighth street. The >arty had taken tho Itrocher boat, intonding o go to South Chicago. When about a milo nnd a half from shore a squall blew up nnd capsized tho boat. Tho occupants wero seen to flounder about in tho wator und then disappear. The Crunln Mnrilor Cnnn. CHICAGO, Bept 5.—Very littl'o progress was mndo in the selection of n. jury to try .he Cronin suspects yesterday. Freeman J. dross has lx>on temporarily p:isse.l by both sides. During the afternoon the prosecution tendered four jurors to tho defciis. 1 , who, up concluded their examination of them. BIG MONEY FOR A SHORT RACE. The Futurity Stnkex nl SI!O,0!)U Won b.r ClmoK—Sporting Note*. NEW YonK, Kept 5.—Tno event of yesterday at the Sbeepshead bay course was the sweepstakes race for li-year-olds. J^ mile, and a purse of ?00,00u. There were twenty- throe starters and a tremendous crowd of [xwple,- Including --mu.-.!; uf tlui pruiiiincnt urfmon ami ninny ladles, wlw_ b.'t their money freely on their favorites. .Tho young flyers paraded in single (lie just before the race nnd made a pretty picture of thorougli- jrod horseflesh. The start was a beautiful one,_with Santiago . in the. Lovoll second, while tho horse that was to win was back in tho rear bunch. Positions did not change much until just before the Home stretch was roached, when Chaos went to the front, and hold tho placo to tho end, winning, how- over, only by a neck. His -time was 1:104-5. St Carlo wns second and Sinaloa third. Chaos is owned by ex-Congressman W. L. Scott, of Erie, Pa,, nnd was ridden by Day, an English jockey. Horse nnd rider received an enthusiastic ovation as they moved oil to the paddock after tho race. Tho other events wore won as follows: Cartoon, o,bout % mile, till; Cracksman, 1 mile, 1:41; Brother Ban, \% miles, liMS-fl; .Maid of Orleans, \y A miles, 1;5S 2-5; Ht Luke, 1 mites on turf, 2:11. CHICAGO, Sept 5.—There wore a lot of slow races at tho West Side park yesterday, the track being in bad condition on account of rain. Tho winners were: Argenta, Pinkie T., Donovan, Moonstone, and Robin. The Ilnno Kail Kipcrts. CHICAGO, Sopt ^.—Tuesday's playing In the National Base Ball league resulted in putting Anson's "babies" one step higher up tho ladder, Philadelphia going to fourth place. The "old man's" grip on third placo was strengthened' yesterday by tho second defeat of the "Quakers." League and Association fcores yesterday were as follows: At Philadelphia— Philedelphia 8, Chicago 15; at New- York—New York 1, Plttsburg 3; at Boston—Boston 8, Indianapolis 0; at Wash Ington City—Washington fi, Cleveland 0. American association: At Brooklyn—Brooklyn 12, Cincinnati 1; at Philadelphia— (first game) Athletic B, Kunsas City-"!)—wvon innings; (sucondgame) Atnlotic 10, Kansas City 3—seven innings, darkness; at Baltimore—Baltimore 2, St Louis 4; at Columbus—Columbus 0, Louisville 0. GREAT LANDSLIDE IN MEXICO. Hundred* of Laborera* Hutu Destroyed anil Bluny People Kllleil. CITY OK MEXICO, Supt 6.—The following particulars of a destructive landslide at In imrnacion, Hidalgo, have been received from that remote locality. For a week previous to Aug. 25 rain had been 'falling incessantly, and on Sunday night it culminat ed in a cloud-burst, which caused streams to over flow their banks and Ioos3iied the earth on tho mountain In tho rear of the Iron-works of Mr. Richard Honey. Swept Away the Workmen's Huts. At midnight a large landslide occurred bringing down with it the huts of the labor era who had built on its side, and covering nmuy others and their inmates. Tho night was inky dark and rain fell in torrents, Th< many laborers employed in the works com menced to hunt for the unfortunate creature caught In tho slide. They managed to tak out several alive, but a woman, her daugh tor, and an infant wero not found un til sev era! days after. At f o'clock the'same night another slide, fifty times as large as the first, rushed down over tho settlement, break Int. down walls, (jjKng doorways, covering gar dens, crushing huts, and depositing immense rocks which tho men cannot move. The Destruction Complete. Tb|s fresh slide caused great terror to the miners and workers In the mills, who sought safety in flight When morning dawnec the rain bad cjasod, but the magnitude ol tbu devastation caused by the breakingawa^ of the mountain side was strikingly apparent Nearly all of the huts, hundreds In number bad been swept down into tua valley, pilei up one upon tho other, and buried In the mud and stone several feet deep. House at the base of the mountain were crushed, walla hud been swept away and the davas tation was generally most complete. For throe or four days afterward searching was carried on in tho stido, and five bodies were token out It is believed that many others were buried in tho ruins. Rlrtt. Hamilton'* Baby. Nzw YOKK, S,ipt 5.—Inspector Byrne* •aid ydoterday afternoon that ho bad found out uot only the nvil mother of the child which Mrs Htiimltou [msaed off aj her own offspring, but ttia roal father of tho llttla oaa tut well. THE FIRST BLOOD. A London Striker Mortally Shot by Policemen. THE MEN THREATEN VENGEANCE, lloters Force the Policemen tK Hue Their Pldtols to Prevent an Atturlc on Y.nhor- er«—A Stormy J*I«*etlnjr of I5ur»s* Cotn- tnltteo Result* In a DenUltul Itnck Down—Prospect Tlmt ]llinlnfl*4 \V11I 8oon IleRln nt Sevorul of the Dock*. LONDON, Sept 5.—Blood waa shod yesterday morning as n consequence of tho dock ahorers' striko, nnd tho strikers nra torrlblj Gxcitod about it, tho victim being ono of ,hcir number, nnd a policeman's pistol the weapon usej. Tho event took place on the Peninsular and Oriental company's dock, rlere a large number ot men were at work unloading a vessel nnrl tho sight of the work ;oing on made tho strikers frantic. At first ,hey contented themselves with applying insulting epithets to tho workmen, but this having no effect they started to attack them, when tho polica interfered, anfl finding nothing else, would keep them back, they flrod, woumliiig nno man, whom tho doctors say will die. " Vhrents of Vengeance. The news of tho fight spread among tho men ike. wilijflro, and created the greutest nx- citeinout. Threats of vengeiinco wore lieari.l on all bides. The men BpuaK of tho sliboting as "unprovoked murder," although ey<*-\vit;- nesses of tho flght are positive in the statement that tho pollen drew their revolvers only when tho strikers, who outnumbered thorn, ton to one, chargtMl upon them with stones mid clubs. Even iift.-r the first HIV tho men stood their ground, apparently uncertain whether to continue tho attack or to turn and flue. It was fortunate for.the po- "lico that at this critical mntneiit the men lacked a leader, for they certainly were nut wanting in conrago to fac» tho deadly revolvers pointed at them. With n lender to glvo the word they would undoubtedly hav.* made short work of thu handful of poliee- men who opposed them. The StrlUi.rK Hard to Kn»triiln. The strike committei met early yesterday afternoon and wero still in ses-iion at :1 a. in. to-duy. They di.scussud some now proposals vnfic.yJ. Iiy Iho-. wjmrfliijjurj, 1-uL 1.1 n».l. serious lnisincs.1 lieforo Mm mooting was the preparation of a manifesto -(ienoum-itig -th-i- action of tho polie.o in firing on tho sink MM yesterday. The committoo had consiilernlil > difficulty in ngreuing upon tho wording 01' this manifesto, some of tho most violent ur^- iuj; that it sJiouJd <'nll-upon the strikers~ti'>" arm themselves in defense, of their lives. Ii is reported that Burns, tho leader of Hi • strikers, is having great trouble to keep his committivj within bounds, nnd that a proposition to arm tho strikers out of tho fumls contributed by charitable citizens for fool was defeated by only two votes. A SIGN OF WEAKENING. Tho Dock Litborurn Decide to Allow nlon to Go to Work. LONDON, Sept .5,—Tho strikers' committee has decided to allow the men now out to resume work on any wharf whoro I! peno fs paid for ordinary work, 8 ponra for overtime, and whoro tho "plus" on piece work is equally divided between tho journeymen and tho foreman. These aro the terlns for which tho striko was inaugurated, but notwithstanding the fact that at several of tho wharves the strikers might have gone to work on these terms any time during tho past ton days, the committee refused to allow any man to go to work until tho dock companies had been brought to terms. Tho consent now given is therefore accepted as a sign of weakening, nnd the early collapse of the strike is again confidently predicted. WlinrfliiQurii Concede tho Advance. Mr. Lafoono, a wharfinger who employs fully 700 dock laborers, has conceded tho advinco, and it is expected that he will have a full complement of men nt work .tomorrow. .Tho managers of tho Milwull and the Royal Albert docks will, without n doubt, follow Lafoono's lead. The lighter men still hold out. 1 T*t«tfr»|>h* lu Cblu*. OH.I, H,>pt 5.-l're|>araUi>ti jMi. tirarl; c<xu)>lt'(*n! for tbs MKutrurUixi t n toiojft'tMifi 'irte ffnmi iVirliiig. $"•,.».>, tuskf siila., tforou^b ffeaiAai, U> cmmsc* wsEjt tisa An Ontrage by Negroes; GREENWOOD, Miss., Sept. 5.—Georgo Allen, one of the leaders of tho negroes in tho upper part of tho county, took a squad of his men to Mr. Jamieson'E storo, nt Shady Grove, and being refused powder and shot, burned his house and threatened him with death. Ho got away and gave tho alarm, and MOO meu at once started for Allen's camp, being piloted by a deserter from Allen. There no news of tho result It is said Allen killed hia own brother Monday night for refuslii; to take up arms against the whites. Tuesday the sheriff's posse intercepted two negroes and captured !i,OIX) rounds of Winchester riflo cartridges. Tho negroes got away. There are still from 100 to 150 hostile negroes in the woods, and thu leaders swear they will not ho taken alive. The Shall Tukea a Mud llath. ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. 5.—Further details have been received hero of the accident which betel the railway train on which tho shnh of Persia was traveling through liua sia, homeward bound. It seems that a portion of an embankment over which the train was passing suddenly gave way, and seven carriages, including the ono in which tho shall was seated, were hurled from the rails and precipitated to the foot of tho embank meut. The shah displayed great presence of mind. Just before his carriage rolled over on its side he jumped from the window and fell into the deep muJ, whence he was afterward dragged out by the train men. Auction S»lo of Blanket*, Etc. NEW YOKK, Supt 5.—An auction sale of blankets,, etc., by order of W. 8. Strong & Co., took placJ yesterday afternoon at the rooms ot Wilm.'rding, Morris & Co., (SO White streot Them was a large attendance, buyers from almost ev^ry dry goods bouse of note throughout thu country being present. The bidding was quite lively, and the prieja wore considered fair, but were lower than tho average of last year. H. B. Claflin was one of tho most prominent and frequent buyers among tho i-ity dealers. No Ugo to Vote for llitulrtii£er. PARIS, Sept. 5.—Tho Temps buys that M. Constant, minister of the interior, has ro quested tho prefects of the t{ilt -rent depart' monts to receive no notuv «! ih» cand.d.i turn of lion, lloulan^t'r, I* tl v'li-fi.rt, 01 Count Dillon, on tht« grouit.l Intt'nlictoJ, ami fan n->C I'ondlliom of the inul[t|ilu t : Homiui CitlhwIU' (.'IJCVKI.A.NU. O. , t*- l.'»tl ulic c'tmtra! as*s^H' all iluy y«<iifidny. A i iluit thoy aro •mplv »Uh thi in l.iluturo law fur ttu t , Uin( I .itl:-' POLITICAL CONVENTIONS. j 'rohlblttonlfllK, Democrat*, and Union [ I.ubor Men In Somlon. WonrrjSTEn, Ma--s., Sept !>.—The «'nto 'rohibition convention made George Kemp- on, oi Sharon, chairman yesterday, and he elivered a speech reviewing tile entire pro-, ibition question'nt great l"ii^th. Tho plat- iirni adopted is a radical alfirimtiori of tho trongest prohibition principles, and declares "10 manufacture and sale of intoxicating iquors ineoiiHiptent with gooil ':itiz'inbip, ound morality, or Christian love; will hnvs 10 hand in any license scheme, high or low, ml denounces both old parties, uttering a pecial nnntbenm against the Republicans, "he third party is approved of, and a plank ut in favoring suffrage, not limited to rncy r sex. Kivo thoiixnnd dollars wjre sub- cribed to the campaign fund. Dr. John lilackm.'r, of -Hpringflold, was omiimted for governor. I'piinHylvanln Democrat*. HxmusntJiU), I'u., Bept ii.—Tho Democratic state convention m^t in this city yes- rday and nominated Khviu A. Bigler, of Clearfluld c.iunty, Tor Rrnto trjcisurcr. Tha ilatform begins by renlllrmiiig belief in the. enlli amendmont to the constitution, declar- ng that all powers not. expressly granted to he general government im« held by tho tates; demands tariff revision, denounces rusts, favors a liberal pension system, but nly for tho.;>j honorably diicliarged, nnd generally denounces tho Republican admiu- trntion of the stato government and for hypocricy on tho prohibition question. A •esolution of sympathy with Gladstone and 'arneli was also adopted. New York Cold Water Men. SYHACUSK, N. Y., S-.-pt 5.—The hall in which tho Prohibition state convention met yesterday was profusely hung witu such nottoes n» "S:ivo the Boys," "For God and Homo nml Native Land," etc. There was a 'air attendance 'of di'lcgntes, and the work of organization was quickly accomplished. Strong prohibition resolutions wore adopted and about tU.OOJ pledge I as a campaign fund. A monster prohibition mass-meeting was ield last nl -lit nt which Mrs. ll.'l.m M. jongar, of Indiniui, made n vigorous nd- lre>s, Shf) scveivly r-ritiirisoil both the Ke- iniblican and Denn C'-ali-.: parties, and also .•liargwl \Vnrin.'j' Miller with insincoritv. Union I.'.ilinr NomluatcH n Ticket. Uii» ShiiNKH, In., Kept,. 5.—Tim state con- iillon of the Union Ltibui 1 _]'iirty. ti-nde.l by H:0 delegates yesterday. Tho philt'orm renflirms the principles of tho old [irccnluick jiirty, freo triut-', moro mo'.iey, nnd i/]>pO'sititiu to banks, railroads and trusts. Thp-lollowing state ticket, was huiiiinnteil: Governor, 8. B. D.nvniug, of Davis county; leiitennnt governor, Ezra Brownell, of Maj<on ; suii.'riiitondent, Mrs, rlomel llelaiigoe, f Foil:; jmlge of supreino court, SI. H. Joii"S, of Davis; short tarm, L. II. Weller, of Chickasaw; railroad commissioner, L. H. (•rilllth, of L'ass. This was the largest convention held by them in many years. I>i'iiffulsts OohiK Into Politics. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Kept. fr.—A special to Tho Tribune, from Cedar Rapids, la., says: A conc-rted movement nmong the druggists of this state has been commenced to east their votes for the Democratic party this fall, provided that party will pledge itself to amend tho stringent pharmacy law. The druggists feel that tho requirement to give a Jl.UOO bond, and many other like restrictions to sell intoxicants as medicines pine) 9 them on n level with wi'oonkwpers, and they hold the Republican party responsible. This is an unexpected political movement, nnd produces nu:ch comment South Diikotn Democrat)*. HUHON, D. T., Sept. ,'>.—J. E. Carpenter called tie Democratic stato convention to oriU'r yesterday. Col. Stoelo, of Tjawrenci) county, was. nominated for temporary chairman. After tho appointment of tho committee on credentials mi adjournment was taken until 7 p. in. In the evening the chair appointed a committee, of nine on platform, and then proceeded to discuss tho selection of a state central committoo, which continued until midnight. Absolutely Pure T.ils powder never varies. A;mar?ellof purl? strength and wholesomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold In eompetitlon.with the multitude of low test, short weight, annnn or pnonphate powders. dOUlO lIVM C1II1. IMTAL IJAKlNfl POWI>K'< Co, 4(W WallMt...> -w vork JanHliI -wlj TILE FLOORS MO FI AT .MODKRATt: FUJritB. . I E ST??*if * v " rnr '.v <&!<• larfrnut «t»a *•>& • m"K?orl'.''n,!' V/r5! f * **^ nrtlntlr nii<l ui;s r <le-|1i&C *lgii* In ihlx <-..i!iuri.S^&i^ AVn fihFil! he plen-»d to corrcstionrt with Intend me or Invite lnt>j«-ctlim or oar com- plcto mock. W..- art, ninuumcturera. 307-309 WA8ASH AVE-. CHICAGO, BJL. PER LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads 1 In the Krenlng flNE OF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTURE. WATCH FOR THE NF.XT, CHASE & SAN BORN. OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION' REPRESENTING ------- _ _____ THE FINEST CROWN. ^ toJbAIl lSK^.jMU OCJJfc Jb JuJ^ surpasBlngr all others In its richness and delicacy of flavor. JuBtly called The Aristocratic Coffee of America. Alwaya packed whole roasted (unground) In 2 Ib. . tin cana. ,MLt It! H. W. BUNN, BnlE Aprit far Sterling. J3y Dealing: -\vitli Him. ~Voix "Will Avoid, the JVtidxileiria.n';* l?rolit. IBest Coffees In. tla.'© A Conference of GnHMihnckcr.s. NKw"Y6iiK7 Sopt. ft. —About lifUvu gun- tluinun inut lost ni^lit in response to a call for a (.'onft'roucij of GrL't'iibuckorrf. George O. Jonos cullod tbo meeting lo onlur, Dr. Wulcott wns elected rlmirnmn, mul IJenr^e A. Hunter secr.'tnry. Ueur^o O. Jones iiml i J. Miulison Hall, of S'lennn^o enmity, wore j elected delegdtos-ut-lnrgu to the national convention at CiniMimati on the l^th iint. .nllne-r Itcltton T.4OO Votes. NKW.OHLKANS, Supt. 5. —Olliuial returns i;early complete show thut 1'rk-o (I)eni.) is elected to cvngco-s from the Third district by 11 tnnjcirity of 7,-IUil. A<lopt«ul^Torr4>y'H Itlll. MINNKAI'OLIS, Minn , !S;pt. 5—Tno bankruptcy law I'onvention did not get tho report of tho committal) appoiulii 1 to con- gidoi* tho Torrey bill until o p. m. ye«tnt\lay. A morning seK.sion was held, and further niiieudnit'iits proposed to Ilia-bill sent to the committoo. When it \vus -annoniur'l ilrit tho coinmittoQ wna ready tho convention re- ns.semblod and heard tho report. Tho ohan^oi which tho committee recommended in tin bill nro fow nntl unii'nporUint, leaving it practically us drawn by Judga Torr->y.. Tuj convention approved tto report, nnd an 01- ecutivo commilteo of live uuMiiliers iv:is iip- pointed with powor to increase its uwinnein- bership, nnd to ex|*m 1 Ui-j m weys 01 tho tho convention in pushing the bill n'ld ne- curing its-^troper presenUitiun to ron^rert.s. Thj convention adjourned sinn din, IlrltUh l!!uo Juclicls l>caertlii|;. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5.—Kivj suilora belonging to Iho Uritish ship-of vnr Acorn Mixed tho ship's steam cutter on Monday night and escaped to shore. H:. i veral other desertions having taken pluro the ship put to sea Tuesday night to 1 - I'urih.-r escapes on the p irt of its crew. Tha men claim that they havo receive.l Imr&h treatment. Do Thpy II i'ii; IVojilu In 1C^iilue'ty? riNKVii.i.K. Ky., Sept. .V —Wall HallblJ has I eon ftuir.d i;u.lty »tf haiiii; :in tt> c -ssory to the liillnii; uf thri-u of the Mi-tVy brothers, mid has li,>-n sonN-mv.l tolife im|irisuiinient. AlcxaiidiT Mu-vr, who rciifesul to having murdered l-':i! iner Mrl'oy, vv,is a's>> stMi- tenc -'I to the iHMUIeiitinry |\ir 111.'. We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred; MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, * PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, CAPITAL. T —CREAM-PATENT'—~~ RANSASSWINTEB, SUN, DAISY. All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean to save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it I in pro--* rlutfUHttk <iurn (>» Houta, V IK\.\.\. S.-;»U 5. —D.n \\.ti-t i:m I. the IfUilui^ U M :tll t'ftiljoUi* ji.-unci: nf tint oill< pitv rtiul .•••.'.-, ,;',ly rr.>lit»si wiiti l> ui ; in- *ptrril, t\i u -n.i.-.-* tl.ftt Knijn'^-i Vu \i-'u of Gttuianv ii.'i-i j'iin'l tiiu H mil i'it.l>,>lic REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET. We are selling nothing but No. 1 Meats. No .Seconds. Pj-ices Low as the Lowest. Division of the Town. la numerous places in Sterling as well aa in the country round about, It was unanimously resolved that Barney Hickle was right in saying: If e'er I furnish a house again, From bureau through to table— I'll buy of Reynold's Bros.—that is plein, | „ As soon aa I am able. I'm tired of all the iiimay trash,* That now my house doth fill; >' In sitting down therq is a crash ! 1 And ano her mending bill. Here, wife, you go to Reynolds Bros, now, And buy our goods anew— Aud if I'm caught again, I swow, I hope a tire may burn them too. StANUFACTUREIW AND DKALERS IN Have now on hand in their large store room, the largest and beat Btsck of House Furnishing Goods ever brought to this city. We invite the public to call and examine our stock of Furniture, such aa l-»txrlox- Wets, r>ining- nil iausajlMBiSB"!!!^ ^fl-f.' Prices the Low^t. We til! not be Reynolds WW»T

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