Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 28, 1907 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 1
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F. H. RAE1RIOK —SKLtS— Hardware, Tinware, Stores, Ideal Gas Stoves, Paints, Oils •ttd Glass, Sherwin-Williams Paints, Guns and Ammunition, Peterr Shells. COVINA Overland Keen Kutter Roadsters The Finest Boys' Wagons at HARDWARES ARGUS COVINA, CALIFORNlAATURDAY. DEC. 28,1907 PASSIONAL CARDS RQBBERS p AIL TO STOP CAR, and residence 4 doors west of Jpiacopal Church on car line. Office hours: 8 to 10 a. m. 2 to 4 p. m. Covina, Cal. CAPPS, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON ce over First Nat'l Bank, Covina. Residence, Ilotel Vendome Office phone 75; Res. 1075 iours, 10 to 12 m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 8p.m. Other hours by appointment. A JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. RBBD O. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence o$Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynold* addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 53. COVINA, CAL. £)R. J. C. GOODELL . OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Bldg. Covina, Cal. LOUISE M. HYATT PROFESSIONAL NURSE Graduate of County hospital, Four years' experience. References: H, D, Brijrgs of Azusa; C. M. Frazier and D. F. Heudrickson of Glendora: and Drs. Reed & Jennings of Covina. Reed block, Covina Alert Motorman Foils Trio of Masked Highwaymen. Through the quick wit of the motormnn of a Coviua electric car three highwaymen were foiled iu an attempt to hold up the oar and rob its passengers Monday night, just outside the limits of Los Angeles. As he was about to stop the car in response to the signal of the trio, the man at the controller discovered that the fellows were masked. Quickly releasing the brakes that bad been set, and turning the full current through the motors, he sent the car ahead at top speed and the robbers were left in the dark at the side of the track.' As soon as the car reached the Pacific Electric station at Sixth and Main streets, the officials of the company were notified and the crew of an outbound Coviua car was advised to be on the lookout for the highwaymen. Evidently satisfied that their purpose had become known and that the next car would be prepared for them the robbers gave up their mission and made tracks into the country. Hail- road detectives who went out on the next car to pass that way could find co trace of the trio. It is believed, however, that these highwaymen are the ones who entered the postoffloe at Puente the same such speed that neither conductor nor motormau could gather any but a hazy description of the three robbers aud it was of no use to the detectives who went out on the next oar in quest of the baud. It is supposed that the three nimi drove to the spot with the intention of robbing the car, then to proceed to Pueute, a drive of but a few miles, and rob the pofltolHce. Failure to stop the car apparently did not discourage them,'.for it was only a few hours afterward that the Pueute office was entered and robbed. Puente Postofflce Robbed. Safe crackers entered the postoffKie at Puente Monday night, blew open the safe, secured 9150 iu cash and stamps and made their escnpe. A curious feature of the affair is that,- although explosive enough wns used to thoroughly smash the snfo, some at the picoes being burled across the room, no one heard tho report. Nothing was known of tho robbery until Postmaster George Cross opened the oflioo Tuesday morning. A Southern Pacific switch engine puffed to and fro near the building tho greater part of tho night, and the noisn it, mndo probably drowned the noise of tho explosion. While most of the loss will fall upon the Federal government, some of the stolen money belonged to Mys. Green, a sister of Cross, and bis (Assistant in the office. The robjbers left behind a crowbar and some J spikes. It is supposed the t iafe- ci ackers drove to Puente in a b» and retired • by same me nns, rou ggy I ATTORNEY FO CITY OF COVIN Offices 325.333-335 Wilcox Telephone', Home 425> LOS •4 /• , •* ?{''' *f7 B ATTORNEY AT-;LAW Home phone.3164. Gleitfora, ;Cal 3 0 p^ WALL ACE, M. D., D. O, W*M«c« Sanatorium. Alvared<< and Palamares », 11 .Office, Phone, Home 274 , • M cGpwaii •> • '-- Garey ^ .Second and ' (vHorne 273 Phones jsunaet, Red 1621 The fear jmarfeed for"attacjc leic Co- .Ina a little balote 6 o'clock with jnly one or two passengers and made tot few stops on the westbound iip. It had only five persons aboard n addition to the crew when it bad/ ,ts Close call from being held up., ftotorman Raymond Kane was at the controller and P. G. jpeohtol was the conductor.' For some distance east of Covina Junction, where the .Covina branch leaves the main line, the road runs through a sparsely settled territory inside the city limits of Los Angeles, and outside tbesa jliniits the course is through ani ( open ; and somewhat hilly country,;with ranch houses far ISO IHRISTMAS IS CELEBRATED fvina Churches Hold Exercises and Have j Gift Trees. U the churches in Covina celelmit- t»e birth of Christ wlft. a ».«- • ! i th UO "l^' ul '"c hurcl) an cxccl- { cantata was rendered under the lotion of Mr. Minter Stanton and . Robert Edgar by over hfty per- ners. Mrs. Conlcy was presented , a Mission rocker by her Bible » and among the presents hanfflng the tree was a live duck for the paa- The junior classes were jned in the afternoon. „ the Mann building the Episcopal held the happiest Christmas for many years. The chikl- a bright program of and recitations, an excellent Santa nd distributed candy and presents to Mrs. John Brunjea was presented vUh a silver chafing dish by the cho,r „ token of U.eir appreciation of her ervices in fruhnng and leadmK thorn the Baptist Church the bvujday- chool was entertained and rendered a excellent program. The pantomime, "Night Before Christmas,' by Mrs Collins' class -as particularly good. A tree loaded with present* ?rom the teachers and candy from was not the least interesting the decorations, i Every person enjoys fresh, crisp rendered Mr. aa nd the National Biscuit line clear throu^ the list. MISSION SODAS PARADISE SODAS NUT BROWN SODAS WATER WAFERS ' BUTTER WAFERS Swcct soods or .1. Ma*. «* "avers. *** •» «"* <° " l ' Warner, Whitscl & Co FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COVINA • ••»•"•' • , __ .. _ . irl«/..r>r<i«Ic1cnt Marco H. Bellman, Vlce-Prcsldc ' ' Tr H.' M. Hoimer, Vicc-Prcaldent M. PENCP5 Notary, Public Reed Block Covina, Cal. UA • • J, «ww— *-Ttf ? f n • . * , j apart, and no Battlement Worthy the name ,uutil the Catholic convent at Ramona is reached. It is a lonely stretch of track and it la seldom that cars are signaled to stop to let off or take on passengers. *• Au his car sped westward over this dreary stretch of track, Motorman Kane eaw, far ahead, along- ide the rails that reflected brightly he gleam of the powerful headlight, ho audden flicker of a match, the usual signal that is given by intend ng'passengers at country, ruad cross Griffith'* Reply to >Ir. R. P. Shepherd, Dear Sir: 'First or. all pardon a word, , personal, of explanation. Your campaigners and your .papers have been chiding those of us tyhp. you have so kltidly left out of your proposed, new cpnnty for having anything to say'. ,(As for mysolC, ,aa.yo.a included as much of my holdings .as you could without sziviuK me a 'vote, felt interested for myself a« well as. my neighbors.) , • ."'"" ' ''. • During ''one ot ' our . "speakings* ; Mr/ McAIU?'u /;V li 3 etl , ino for not ^°" your challenge to debate In '-It .seemeVJ- strange; ion ' me ,for speaking and ,0. T. VETERINARY SURGEON 1* AND BEHT1ST 'Graduate McGill University, Montreal is Ofncfea^Hdtel Vendome; COVINA Shoe R w Adjoining the Owl -Bairber Shop ' We do the best refft|lriug in town and use the beat material on the mar Act. Most reasonable prices, faction is guaranteed in every respect If you give us a fair ttjal you will no regret it. *'; >. We also carry in stock, every It ;r«bb»r gOWl8 GEORGE SIMEONOFF skiU|and ehthl»la»TOi. A-very pretty tree Vas loaded with presents for all from the teachers. The Methodists celebrated with ^.delightful program given by the SiuucUiT- school, ?f,ter which Santa Clans distributed gifts ft-oiu a -troe* 'lighted by colored electric HglitH. The good work divided horrors with boys and U'ltle inaidcns of he iiriraary claaaea, Kuv. White'*) Bible, class presented him with a/hand- omc blectric stud ' of the ochestra ' speakYiig. ''.He very kindly offered to arrange V'debate in Azuaa, which I agreed to accept. Bince that day our prophecy on the streets of Olon- dora, Azusa and Coviua,has corno true, in fact, the petition for a solid block, without a recession, fyis beop signed by abput 70 per cent, leaving Spadra, Ban Dlroas t»»d LaVerne the right to speak.for .themselves. The war then, being over, nothing onn be gatned,by bontlntrtng t|ie upi . , Turning Atf the current while stil some dlstapoe from the point, Kane slowed down the sar and applied air brakes, preparing to bring oar to a, t uU stop, when of a the the sudden he noticed that the three- waiting men wore dark masks. Masks meaq but one thing to Los Angeles earoienn, who have bad wide experftnoe wHu robbers iu the past few yen**, and Kane took no chances. Je quieKly released the brakes and wbirledflns controller lover arouud to the full-speed notch. roosities we have been forced our wills) to make in defending Hreeides from the aggression of tho divisiouist. We usve ndiver been h favor of deoJined county division, l>ut bav to make avy. forcible ob ,.. Ponioua cyguty HO long a we'were not affected of Chrlstmis l>ay • Hqly. Trlui^lClijirch ^"us deporated ivith a profusloii of holly by g 1 " 1 nd willing ;huridH, tho only < lordant note being thq breukiiig the east trausoni window hii'^'.dcHti ,|on of tho -beautiful rop'rcsontutioii of Ouido'H Kcco Homo, c-tiviHed bythi slipping of a 'bolt and tho bnutklug hf fi chair. , ' Holy Communion was celebrated w 1:550 a. tn. and MatiriH and .Iflgl 'peiebratlon «t |0 a.m. Tho iinthum ''Glory to Uod in the IHgho«t," wu well rendered, by!'the large-choir,' and W H. Holiiday, rresldcsit ' ,, «.. --1 r«•«'.' ."S S? -;Jw&i : H: ^^^K'^i^i^'--': C. F. Clapp C, Mencfce •H. M. HouBer Gco. Hours, 9 a. m, to 3 j). m.. , 'j J. R. EllJott j. O; Hduscr and t^rness ^ • i L TiARGEST STOCR IN THE VAptEY ; • i ' i • - 4 i y • ,t. * V < Rckes, Shovels, Porks, Points, oilftflftd'VorriUI^ , Kov, KlBtoher spoke 'on.-' tbo our Lord. birth <>f secession of the eastern /by th purl of tbu our county, but were left to exercise volition. Hence, if we are to live together. Jot us rernembei that our Havlwr cutne to bring "peace on earth." S<> lot UH have peace. If ever the creation of county ul- vlBi(Ji4 comes up again 1 hope it will meeting, which »U the teaohers ended last week,' is pronounced « of The car WHS bijt a.,few feet from j oonje >, y ar , invitation to all HeoUmiH the waiting, triy, 4 but the dlstanee 1 " was great enough for Mie reKai"i"g of its momentum, and with a quick spurt Jt leaped ahead, pacing the robb/irs at a speed so grtat that no one dared attempt to board it. Conductor Ue^btnl was at the rear end of the car at the time, but Kane the affected, arjd i! I nm there I insist (if, Indeed, .«iy..iuHif»tent* necfcBsaryV that each sec.tion havt; right of frc-ii speech »nd that u aud fair diacuaslou may be bad, firmly bellftvo the majority Bh<;uU rule, and Ht-imtor Wiilis was right Sri bis amendment permitting tcni F,,E WOLFARTH ,, Jewele* •• * Large and complete stpck of everything iu the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch . '., , work a specialty. Avenue Coviqa. Cal. quickly called bis uttenliou t.. situation aud the f*ir* collector caught a fleeting glimpse of the robbers as ,they faded away iu the darkness to the rear. I-'or more tban half a mile the car continued at ; top speed, tbeu it slacktued rate of tory by a mtjority petition to t* ex eluded Hence .we, as a territory, ar by a majority petUiou^ t out. Very respectfully, Alfred K (Jriiiltb,. to the j travel and the two UuiU- had passed the robbers at 'secure 1 per School Notes. . Uoth the gratuWUr and high will open BgrtlUvWouday, Pec. JJOtb, There will also tie » holiday Wednesday, Jan 1nt, 1008. Tho lnytitut« and the Hnutheru California TeaoherH' Awjoola.tlor at the Borles oil mootliigw over bold in >utberu California. Dr. Hughes t Toronto, Canada, Luther Uurlwiik nd Dr. ltdbcrt J. Uurdotte of Call .ruin were among tbe fciiturtaiiiliig iijHtruoUvu spi'akerH, whllu l>r. ordiui nt Ktautm-d UnlvorHity was ever heurd witlt Kruuter dullght tban W«> uoto by tbo pr"gi-'»«> that JMmrtiiul A - iitt '' V() y tbo in rfiHp»»K(i t'i tti^ of Mwyor Harpar «f ami uf<aiii on Friday morn iu tbo history Hection ou lh« the'twelfth year American history diKCUHsSou nt the iiMiuwlrittl problt'mtt "f tl' l! ( 'ay, h«Jw tn piuvlde for Jf you wihh any choice ('ovioa ; Birdsfell /VVoline Disc Harrows REPAIR PARTS FOR ALL MACHINES — Special Bargain*.in— Second-Hand Bugo'ies K Implement^ You arc invited,to inspect our stock and get our Telephone your wants. Home phone 525», CHARLES H. MORRIS - M, Blppull) ' ! , Clarence Allison ; ^ ^ ^ A f^ Hu|M>rvi»lu« ,onu> ISo^ul,^' 0 ' M Building Contractor OOVINA. CAL, YOU LOOK WELL How About Your Orchard? UNWN 1^^'iMLIXKK"CO.'S hl» your ora«KCB in u way that will put oraniee. in the bo* and money in th« »..ank, Let us tell you more about it. - % W IL WHITE, iMstrict Agent C1LENUOHA ! I'hone 1253 , i I'-,."**' . ** . r»

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