Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 24, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1903
Page 2
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'Sorosis Shoe Store* >x..x..:..x~:~x~H~x~H~K~x< 0 ^stores 4t Tola, Pittsburg and Weir City • - 'I ; Largest Clothing and Shoe Store for 100 MIL^S AROUND. ft VX |: -Y-'l r»i 't-i-x-x-x-r-^-x-: :":i:"X~x~>x-:' lOLA DAILY REGIS TBIJIPHONBS NO 18. CHAS. F. SCOTIT. SUBSCRIMION RATES: One week - - - - - Ten Cents for the year was ? 1,720,380,207, an increase over the preceding j'ear of $i:;7,S54,2^^. . When tine learns that nearly 75,000 persons were JviJIed or.injiired in railway accidcnis during a single year he gSoJlTr** . Viveiollars^anfTScVy^^^^ is apt to resolve that he will never get^ mitxetod at iota. Kansas. Postoflce as Second Class Matter. 'Advartidns rates made known on appu- catlon. SOME RAILROAD FIGURES. ; :^e Interstate Commerce Comniis- Bioh has lately issued its annual report on the railways of the United States which contain siatistics that are interesting as showing the enormous ex^ns!(m - of otir home commerce. , J .' "fiio total railroad mileage of the United States is 202,471. This in j:ltil]es an increase during the year of 5,234 miles, the greate.-t increase of any year since 1800, On June 30, 1002,| (he total number yif locomotives ompluycd wa."? 4],22S. and the total number of cars was 1, i 040,220, exclusive of cars owned by persons or corporations The, work done by each p.aKKonKer locomiHyo during the year was 1.908.310 liasHcnKcr miles, while ea-^h freight - locomotive accomplished C- 666,499 ton miles. The number of employees wa.^ 1. 189,315^ ani increase during the year of lld;l4C. The jlggregate amount piid In wi^s to these employees i*as $676.02i8;592, an increase over the l receding year of $05,314,891. The amount of railway capital diut- fitanding June 30, 1902, was ?12,l'34.- 182,9*64, representing a capitalization •of $62,301 a mile. Of this-vast capital Only 44.60 per* cent paid' any. dividend ;[ Of the stock paying dividends 8.30 per icent of the total amount outstanding paid from. 1 to 4 per cent. l.';.4S per cent paid from 4 to 5 per cent. 10.24 per cent paid from 5 to 0 per cen^,'s 12.78 per cent paid from 0 to 7 per.joent, and 5.54 per cent paid from V .to 8; per cent. Thib number of passcugors carried Mduring the year was 0^9,878,505, an in- creasle over the preceding year of 42.600,284. or this immense number of passengers 345 were Ikilled by accl- denta. and O.OS.I injurciL TUf: casualty list am.png employees was vastly greater in proportion, 2,909 being killed and 50,524 Injured. In the aggro- gate. 8,588 persons were killed and 64.662 Injured by railway accidents during the year,—several times ai . many persons as Were killed or wounded during the Siranish and l^hilippiue war. on a train if lie can heip it. As a matter of. fact, however, ,the chance that any one man runs of ^getting killed is as one to 1,853,700. And on an aver- ago a man can ride 57,072.283 miles on the cars before, he is due to be killed. of the House, but no one ever ques- .tioned his integrity. A peripatetic bum picked up a good many dollars In this town the other day because he said frankly that he wanted the money to get whisky with. The man's frank truthfulness ,was so refreshing that men were willing to p'ay for it. hcirorses of th tunes for Eoni The unbluslnng sale by American mselves and their for- forojgn title, incum- .icred in nearlj.- every case by a de- pnivod aud dissoli ^ie rake who had to bo married in order that the title mi;iht be .secured, hassled to an equally unlilnshing himt for money by the marriage route' on the part of the tilled j)aupors.1 A New York paper rcronily contained the following advertisomoiit: "Young Russian Prince, t >.\oclIent character, -wishes to marry, rofiuircs ?7r)0 .(Mifl paid on day of my- ria;;o, rest of fortnilfc to be settled on v.-jfo aljsojntcly. I'o.stofllce box 540, Now York." Do you notice how con- sidi-raio \w i«? He will require but $7.',o.'iij(), and the "rest of the fortune ID be iU 'illed on wlfi! absolutQly." That Is i.o i >!iy. If Hbe will give him throe- f|(ijtri<r.'< of a million nhi- may keep the rcHi. of her money I lie same a^ If It wti-o lu-r own. The gross earnings ^ all" the roads If (;ovcrnor ~Tafrrof the Philippine Isl.inds, who is now being spoken of as Roosevelt's running mate next year, should accept and be placed on the ticket, the country would have an opporluniiy to get acquainted with one of the ablest and most attractive men who ever entered American politics. \Ve never knew a man who so imi)ro5se;l everyone who met him with his ability, his honesty and his patriotism. Again and again .we have heard Democrats on the floof of Con- gross, as well as Republicans, go out of their way to allude to Judge Taft as one of the greatest men America ever produced. Roosevelt and Taft would make a great ticket. That was rather suspicious emphasis with^ which Mr. Cleveland denied the interview 'which represented him as saying that he would never, never consent to becoming a presidential candidate for the fourth time. Some members of the Pennsylvania icgi:;laturc went on a junket recently and among the items of expense, in liic Idil which they handed in to the state, was JG.OOO for liquors and cigars, and ih'' bill was allowed In full. If prohilii'.iou lias done nothing else for it iias saved tlie Stat^ the |)ayincnt of sncli items as that. The rissociation of the name of ex- Congrcssman Loud, of California, with the postofEce scandals, will not be credited by his congressional associates in the absence' of incontrO- veriihle proof. Mr. Loud was not personally liked by many of the members ARE YOU SORE? USE Relieve* Instantly or Mootjy RdEunde^ V S^elliigs and an Inflammatkxis. It Cook It Soothes. It Cures. - KANSAS NOTES. The stork is bij^y at Newton. Five babies were Iwrn there last Sunday. The" Wichita Eagle has started' a crilsade for better teachers and better wages. A Topeka man whose house was washed a%ay in the flood returned to find a much better one deposited in its place. A lady editor who ought to know says that girls are like wine, they either grow better with ago or grow sour. CJianuto will adopt the occupation (ax liconso scheme following closely the lines laid down by the lola ordinance. Oco. A. Spencer, a farmer living near Emporia, committed siiicldo^on account of losing 100 acres of corn in the flood.* ^he Arkansas City mills which were recenlty burned will be rebuilt at once. Spirit like that Is what has made Arkansas City a good towil. Pawnee county has asked for 1,500 harvest hands to help harvest their wheat |crop. This is 73 more than the total voting population of the county. Chanutie is going to pass an anti- spitting ordinance. Many towns have this ordinance on their books but the ones which enforpe it are mighty scarce. Miss Farrow, a Gamett girl, recently graduated from the Kansas City law school and will practice In Garnet t. She was the only girl In a class of soventy-flye. The contract for building the battleship "Kansas" has been Ipt fof $4,179.000. Ijbis will again start the argument as to what it shall be christened with, water or something stronger. Noti.ce to Bidders. Sealed proposials will be received by the county commissioners of Allen county, Kansas^ at th^ office of the county clerk, | lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1903, for ^11 the labor and material requirad in the erection of a conrt bouse located at tola, Kansas, ih said county. In accordance with the plans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Hoi land & Squires, architects, Topeka, Kansas, and now on file at the office of said county clerk. *i -Faviles bidding- upon- the-work will mM, B. SPENCEJR A GO.,^ Ij >i«, Kansas, Soijth Side Square, We Want to Retire That PLUMBINQJOB For Yb«i. SaUsfaction OaaraatceiL P r:^r^-"^'&*-fv.i o-^ T^.QO e^isshl^iv fee o ^vgL^ to School Children":? Coii^petit^vc Ac:-^crt':::.i^-Contest No. 830. 'Jj '{^S^^^M^ ; This sketch was mode by Don Louder- millc, ag^elO, McKlnley School. lola. ICas. We glre a cash prize of 8.5.00 for any drawing? of this cbaractpr wliich we accept and use. All suhoo children can conipato, Full instructioDS will Ijo found on inside of each package of Kprfr -O-See, tcilinp what to do to Rot the pri/.e and bow to make the drawings. The price of Eg^-O-See is creating a revolutioii in the food business. It is,'a full.sized package of the best breakfast food and RETAILS FOR 10 C^NTS The largest food mill jn the world with the most approved laborsaving macMnpry enables us to make the best flaked wheat food at this lower price. This price standardizes Egg-O-See asia food airticle and puts a delicious and healthful flaked cereal food within the reach of all. ; ... I . ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE QREEN PACKAaB. V; | If your grocer does oot keep it, send us hit name and lo centa and, we vfUt Btnd yod a pAclage, prepaid Address all eommun^catlonstoj^^ Food Ciop!g |ujncjmi. t Made by the BATTLE CREEK BREAKFAST FOf>D Ca (^k.Mieh. Qulnoy .M. be required • to furnish a. certified check with thbir bid in the sum of two per cent (2) of the a'mount of said bid and payable to the county- treasurer, to ho held as a guarantee that the successful bidder will entdr Into contract and furnish satisfactory bond within ton days after award of contract. Said check to be forfeited to the county in the event of said contractor falling to sign said contract and furnish satisfactory bond in accordance with said bid. Bidders will be required to make out their bids on a tihlform blank, furnished by the 'county clerk. Same to be enclosed in envelope and addressed to county commissldliers, lola, I^nsas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on file at county clerk's office, qlso at office of the architec&., The county commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. By Order of the county commissioners, Allen county, Kansas. i J. W. KELSO, County i Clerk. ; Harry Chapman, well remembered here as he wockfed for a long, time at the foundry, is back In lola and^ will be night time-keeper at the cement plant. 1 Northnip's quit busin (BS8 .:JA.^foliar for,flfty cents. >^,;jakiii'.iiMiSffi^ After health my Step and dragged wearily along instead. Myappetite fEiic^ me Mdllpst health and strength. 'I w %3 nervous end had Bhootmgpains through my limbs and stomach while bearing down pains and constant headaches abided to my misery: ihe menstrual flow became more and; more prtrfuse aiid J yraa unfit to attend to itty daily duties. : Mrhtiaband coiled— in three different physicians and I took ehongh me^iciae to r I women, but it all had no effect on me wbateTer, nntii I took Wine of Cardui. In.a few days I f .ilt a:chailgt^f(Arttib^bfe(ter, my. ben- eral health improved and at the next tinte of my periods my flow was iSpre natural and I was m less pain. Gradually I rftovered my health andi^— - — _ v >Aav4ucw<j .....vw. ^ ^ _ and am now in perfect health. I take an occasional dtfee of Wine of Ci which keeps me well. i ^ I am happy to give you this enobrsement. C^%J^ i>resi|lent, Back'Bay WoBUUi's Club. Why dont you try for. the same heafth Mrs. Ricki^ has ? ft is easy to • secure if you take Wine of Cardui accor4in^ to directions. Wine of Cardui strengthens weak az\d warn-out women of anyageand (iasiats the mother and' housewife to bear her. eracting duties. Wine of Cardui makes women fit f or all ihe diuties of womanhora. - ' i i It will relieve thS pains of ixtegularity, cuijes felling of the womb, - leucorrhoea, ovarian troubles, and has bee^^tewwh jto remove what :phy« • sicians considered dafflgerons tumors. •Women- whtf; use Wine of C ^dni 71 do not suffer atrthe monthly periods. TJiey do iaot suffer hysterical attack*, •• because Wine of Cardui gives thefii strong iio^es fre«d from the iirit^on ^ of female sufferingl i. r. i -"'^^ V 'A 11 .00.bottle of Win* of Cardui iknchasedffrom your dzoggiil n . will keep yoafi^ from pais..' • ^ .

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