Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENIN^OCT OBER 7, 1912. 2£ IS I Buy Your Coal Where You Get 2,000 Pounds to the Ton Our Prices Are Right'^ ilf You Do Noli Buy Coal of Us You Will Not Get the Best e and Fuel Co. OUR "QUALITY" AND "SERVICE" ARE RIGHT Her U<!Ui(iiiiI i:><s. O li.r tii'iUltiful f.x.s lll'-y jil.. My til. lll'W. Cli llir >;..! I'.i l-loolll V ili'll till' lIKini- iiii; is iii'V. /^vA the iil Ils'ir lovi' sl<:!m ol ilii' .-im O'.r tln' t.ii ;i<l<)\v.>; (if ih"''siirin« .vli. f- till' k ^liMili'vvs run. As ilii> inoin shifts iln' mists and ilii' clones I mm tlio skii's— S.1 I stiiinl it! till' <!• .11 ol" 111 r li-.iiiti- U-.\ -y.-s. And !i. r ii'.in;ili'l i-ycs ar<' ;is mii'il.iy R^xall Cold Tablets 25 Cents Rexall Cherry Bark '"ouj»h Syrup 25 (Vn(.s BDRRELl'S i?^gE The I{OT:III Store Wtsr SlUK OF sur .VKK. Wli.n till lily-li-li l-ii'is Willi ilu- n shields :nid .Mr< S.' 11 Hurr. il w.'iplM of ill.' b ('i\ ••vill ;issist .Mrs. Ililsclirr in < iitri';:ii;i- Ai'd ilir liiioai ol ihi' ilinish is :iinils.' ,1,,. i;,,|ios a! iho I'.Tr.sonapo oirFri- • ill thi- luai. , .y .'ificrtinon ami all tlio members And the s.Mis.'s ai- dnics.-d wiih th. , i,ivii..,| lo -lirin« Ih.-ir work and suhll. .lilt ^u,'.'I. si.n.i till- afli-rnoon. And dolif'ioiis Iiriaili of \\v air's Inl- ... . , ralni's ' , , TM.' (lol.l.-n hink clni. will ni.-.-t to- f 1 " - iuii.p>\v allcrnooii at lliv K'siilfnc.- oi O Iii-r hi'.ii!' ifiil ••>.•> ihc-y IKI'.C sin:!- IM:I>MI! for discussion will ln> th".mania )'an.'il. Iil L (hiirili. U"i:al • • i-' Christ, foi-iiioil tin- for tin- tliM-oiiisc of IIK" jiastor. j •oiir piiinls of intiri->^! raiiihi-d in lie i .\i ;iror.^lit out as follows; I Kir-T. Irsi:.-- lion;:rs ii-. wiiii tl;e i ".i.-tr:ty of tlii!;i!;;it whie.i dltierenti- ; i!!"; IIS from 'lie heast lif the field I Secnnil. wi- 'iiiist think of Christ lis '.'vealed in Holy hjcrliiinre.-;. Tiling, the if\t make? the duly in:n idnal I l-'iir-rh. si;;Iit llilnkinp; on this text • ;!ai;itii<as and eternal in its aflN'fts. l•'•r•^l>ll•^lls I'.imors iis with the ili;;- I'f i.:ouuht which differentiates IIS from till' tieasf of the field. For :i ;ii'.'.><ant lo s:;.nd in tiie iiresen<'e of kin:; and crediMice ^l\en to this :'i.iiisiii is ninfi 'irin;; Kreat dicnity on I he iieas.inl- sifa is the .Mas'ers atti- • ::!,. ti .w.ird hi- dis iples T! i- . n; '••on !aw l;olil> no Ica.-t ry-i-"r. ^il • 'or the arts if l.iirll So-iely ll.ilifs iiKiii r<'.siH>iisili!e for his l.'iiiikin^' as Irs M .M I'al'iier will "iii"ri:iiii ill mini own, ' As a cl'-ry uhiiiced down from the ^lare of a tliroin': \ , .... , , . .... , Ami I r..!. I f.!-.'. .ml fa!! as!"'" Muir.<da.v Wins, .Iw.i this w.-el:. . afar. '•' K.'ll.ihi'!> r\^.v looked mi •'•i'''' 'iiri'a'.'ninc wcaihir mvslical stir. ^i.i'-iht v. r z<io\\ iiudimice altcntioil Ai'.d I'l <l;i/.cd i:; Uie 'MIIIIVS 'iiai ; s:'cn<l i ,inert .i' loe Clirisfiaii ' h-ide till III arise- - i !i :ir .;i Tl- . en--•>i:s .-n' lo he ;;iVcii So I propc ihron:;h Ihc niuiii of l,,r fi .:;iilar!y on ;he first .Sii;'d;;-> of "ach he:'iitifnl ev.-s : •"ontli and mi ti-- i • . n-\-lift!- - i •his .l.ini'-s Wliit.nmh Kilcy. j nionih ih.- .lionis. •iml.-r tli- direr;ion ; of .\(r. A. 1,. Boatricht; •will cive .-in ' oratorio whirh thev have been tire- T'" <• y' '•• i parinc for some time, rlnn li will lei" T i,-iniorrow afiPinooi; . .% ... wiii; .Mr-: !;..n .lohn.son. Nurtli , ^.„„r cmdv a' .Miindis Druj; Jetfirson strrn. Tlu' leadir f^r the t;i„i-(>. d.-y vill li. MI'S .Ar'liiir ;'' ' ... .. . '•• ••• ••• Mr I-: W S:antie!il letl n. !.iv for Mr rililll. H-luele. " ho ,,,„., ,] |,„,j,„.^, ,„ ,.;.,„^.,.. h:<-.,- Iicoi, visiHni; fri.'iids in Cnlitor-, ,-i,j,..,„„ ;,,„i „,|„,r poin's. nia and Oiil;:hoii;a lor tin- iiasi fmir ; .;. . or fi'.e week.s a^.^ exp. ct-d hom. lo- I .V ,\. It.".-.I and .i;.i';;iii<?r. Miss inorrowj ... 'ci.ira. stun; S;itiirdiy iwr.'. "tioppi-m *•* '•• '*' I Jiiid vi.^ilinB at the Iiom<' of Mr. A. C. .\"<iw is tr~e Mine III ' nil>;"ii!'T! |.;yy,|<; idllow ca-.'s- fottc-ls. <'t(- Sec they .. ... bnely disidav ni our :iri deparTmeni ; \||j;s, Kij -.:.i ,..,il .\,.t" wil! ha i- ihc first flror .\ew York .•'^tnic ' i,„.,„i, of the Fridav c.-.rd elnl. as •:• in r ;;iicstB for the tirst mer'tin;; "f the The l.oy.,1 Danuh'crs- cUis-- of ih- „p.^, pridav .-.Itcrnoon. Clii isi i:ui <liurcli will m<-ci lomorrov, ^ ew'Tiina at the Richardsmi sior.> and' Charles V.i'nce. v, ho Itas hecn from there they will nu to Min-ral ^ ^isiiin:; lier motiier. .Mrs X.or.i Cov. Well park fer a pi. ni. . ,-, ,„riu-d -o inr li-.n).' in Altoona. — .MIS lIcrMii'ic (•...•i].:ii. .^pireli- i;, ,.,,1 o,,,- 1,1^. .viii: •.•i." ' ' ri r':,. I.M- Corsotiere 01 • .-^ .^.v.aninr. S; I'hon.- ,,„.i,,. \..-,\ S13 ,1 ' • • ' • .:. V V ' ' .Ii:s; ai ;ir.- liiii :i --o main of Theri' » -I! 'i. a liti!.' dena'tiire from ' the einli* -ire Imu-nniii; ;tic 'vinier's the foul inc. iif liii-^ini'ss ai th" w.irk. it is inii-risi Im; 10 what m«viitm of !ln' Woikiiii; society of the ih,. wmiieii of these cliilis are workiim rrosbyHprian church ihis.w-erk. Mri- | for and vh.u lii.'v are smdyin!:. Of !• i.'iiii'is years of education and iiracti.e to ilc'erniine with any a^•l•a!,l^^ lie v;.i ::i' cl DIAMONDS For iiieir value <lei>eiiils not niono upon their w.-inht. si/.e. .-.dor. si.:-;..' or l>! illi.-riuy. liiil up'in ;i rombination (.f linse nu.i'ities'. kiiim !•'!:;•• of which ilie ociiisional iiiirch.nsor cannjif :ic<iiiire In pi!r.-l. i:-iii.u liom r.s buyers run n.> lisk-.i" -iir r. piMaiion .,nd staniiins dniiiii; Ih.- past years is a giiaranie*? (liai tiny will he honnr- aldy dealt «iiii ami 'Jii as iHvorable terms as fine goods can be obtained. ITo. Pac^ Saata Fe and ST. K. * T. course th-re are a Jiiimher iha! lioM ih ir meetiiius for amiisemini only hut tlii majority make study of i«re- snt dav ^-ondi'ioi.'s and their ai -iiviii.s iiiilinie. besides civics, art. cixij s'tv- ici> •-eform. • (liic.-;;ioii, food saniiaiion. forestry, hcalth./honseliobl ..•unoiiiii s. ind'isirial .iiid child labor condition.^. Icuislation. liK^rarnre ati'l library "\- lensio.i Mr- r Waivjh wjH I'liicrlaiii the I ''ii, 1 1' ill f.)i the (iiy nn. lou- ••> !i'iir'""v af''inr>on at <>"clo( I: j .Mr .ind .Mrs. K. P. Slack entertained j t i.ilnik .l;:,'i<'i' 0:1 S:r"irdav tor , Mrs C. M. Slerry ami Mrs. I>r. I.onc. ' o! l'i>.;tiac. 111. .Mr. (Jrover Mi ally, ji.f I'l. : srin'i'ii . and .Mr. and Mrs. j T .M S'a.k. of this city. I l>;:l llnnin i.s Inri \isiiinc his cousin, .Mrs .Mllhurii. i •:• •:• Miss Cora ' Kl.'iii leaves this iveii- iiU' for S(. oiiis to attend the c.iriiiv:il ai 1'i:>t place Tnil to visit friends. •:• •:• •:• Mrs Dr. lioltoii an.l .Mrs. I* S. l>rii<liel. 'vvho have lieen out of ll;-- ;e|ty for some tiim' are expwted home ' Vr.lnesilay of this week. .Mrs Holion has lie<-ii i!i C:inii> Point, and Nr .-iioon. HI . and Mrs. Mitchell has been visil- iii? her mother at Matoon. , •*. .*• } .Mis.-; Alma Martin, who has b. "n iif-re for .some lime visitinf; her brotli- ' er Mr F. H Martin, will leave soon for Malio Kalis. Idaho, to take a po- siiimi as siiiierinti-ndpnt of a hospital at .hat place. I •> •:• •:• I .'X Miitchinson, hom.' lias IM'.'M lined Willi •line elecirii'il labor- s;»litii.': di-\ires. The eookini: is ilone on an ordinary kitchen cabinet fitted "',<'• :i ..•••irvari silv.'r lop on wlii.-li is placed the ele< trie broiler, the skillet. eotnbiiiMlion f<;oker. p'ri'olaior. crid- dle and disc. Willi lii;bt ro arr:inm'd tlirft it Is thrown into tli" cabinet from thi. sides Instead of above and nt th« bai-k. An el<ytric toaster and an oven an hlso parts of the cookini; tijtparat- n.s Ilesblos this the entire hon?.' is licht..! and warmed with eleiiricitv aiOI a lii-atins imd to h- «.~"<\ in i';is«s of si<-kness is very useful. .Mr5. K I!. .Sawyer is n^stn-s.'' of thi<5 deliuliiful- ' Iv co-.u.niint home rind her busband. an ei-^r»rici:in, is r. >iion;ible for the .••rrancenients. Vr. Pawy< r says that the bills for electricity are very- little larcer than the gas bills have bnen in the past, tind there is the art- Ui'lonni advantase tliat the power may be depended upon, which is not al- wrvs the case with eas * « <• Circle Number Klcht of the adies' Aid Society of the First Methodist i church will serve tea tomorrow after- the corner of and IHuckeye streets Tbey extend a cordial itivi- i.iiion to the lueinliers of the OIII'T circles and all friends of the church. •I man 'iiinketh in liis heart so is he. Te'i ii;.. waai a man' tal!;s of mcsi and :.;s ti.if.kin.^ n^vPal.s itself. .•^V'"''ii'I- "e must i!iiiik of ll'.i' CMris! as ic\ea!ed in tin- IJoi> S. riii-! tiire^- The .lew was referred hy j Christ lo his l-'i-iiptiires- its I'r-iiilirsy i r.: ll'.e Mi-siali anil he as the Mes.siali j r .:!fi!lins this proplii.-\ In it- ewiy ! I'r'rticil'a;- j •|'i:iri!. 111.' te\l makes the duly in-' /••i.iiial. diie ii-asen for tin- present ; •ivisii'M of v!ii i-'er.(!oni i.- Mial peo;.]. ' • iitliers dii tl'iir tiiinkinc for tlii'iii Vi I are nm a'-l<i'! :o I'lint; of I!a;i isi- X eTlicdirt- Pn-tiytp; ian or any otlier !i n ininalion. Im- what think .\e of Christ. Take no man 's word. '•h'\ !o s;inw iliyreH aiipi'oved of The Holy Scripture- whicii wi'l -ake you unto Salvation Fourth, richi tiitfikins i-> illiiiiiin- and <'1 rnal in its afflicts. 1 will I ri'M-al to .-ociety its nceiis. It WMI i rk a- a irver smen .lays in a wi : k. ' lesii.- a: tiie limr.;:!. will| '•'iin:inale all crimes l.-iis ;i- lici central tlioiiKht hc'oines tin' resiirrcc-' ti.m an dihe life. Tiie eveninir 'Iticnie. the Heavenly Caller- liased on t!ie text. Ilehold I i stanil at the door anil knock. If any man hear and open tln^ door I will • ome in am! sup with liim. Specitil .••.niior '(as called lo the folbminn; Itehold. Attrnlifn-, I- Cari-t. Have taken niv stand " "At ihe '!.-ii:-•• ".Vny man hear and O;H u '• (•.•iiiiiiiinion. Kach point «as iiiiis- •r-ited Choir sam; beaiitifitlly "TIi" '•Itaiitiful C.ates .\jar " illations have l-.een Kettine nearer to-1 aether throi;j;h liiterniinglinK in biisi- •iess. society, marriage and in oiln'r' ways develoiiins :i lietter understand-, ihK of each otliiT and a .greater syni- lialhy for and appreciation of e.-ich Jtlier. Christ's piavi-r is heinu an-^ uver.'d wh.'ri- he pray, d "tiiat they all nay be on.-." The e\eninK -'••ermon w:is a bri.ef re- vii'w of missiimary v.-.-rk. with the ajr- nbi-alion applied to each individual as i lavinji a mission in life to r)tb"r;i T'le . •• \l iTsed was a fiart of Cen. when:;e voice of (Jod askeil .\daiii: "WtK-re li! thou?' (Jod ki:ew whi-re .\dani ' vas but he want.^d his confession ami ren 10 nsslpn liiiii his mission iind.»r In- ili.-inKe.l coiiilili.ins resitliiuK from THE STEARNS & FOSTER MATTRESS /^y%r OA/£y£Py 6£m/NE fif/tTTRESS) ii- la il. (bd is .-till fci'IiiiK to ;n'li- iiliinls to responil •. it!i a confessioif if tlieir mmal and teiritnal conditloti 'lat lie tray L-ive them a nii.sslon and ;i:;cc siilliciei'.! to perform the K:ti::i^ I'rcshjirrliin Cliurrh. ' .•\ bejHilifu! comiiMinion service w:is il III It till- mornini; seivi. •-. T! e n.u- ' •• especially appn-priai.' ''or the 1; 1 asi'>n. Till' )>astor siurke a few 11 !!:'ites on 111"' Sllbjer' of ••The Two -I- 'iinienis." showing how liaplisni '!!•! iin^ I;ord's Supper ar.' coiiiinamle.I • liiat. if we to\e lliiii. we will keii; '1: ; . oiniii,i|idme!ii;;. Tln^re were twelve I"-. e--...i.ins 111 It.* .•hiir.-'i ^l til.- 1 ..-Ilia:; >ivvi-e. i !ev. Mr .Vrc'iib-ild, ier,;'>sr :i;; Kinp.'ria Col- lei;o gave im excellent sen.,on .-allinc e..<pecial"attention 'o ilie value of flie Colb'se for t'e education of C-liristiaii manlioo.l and womanhood. The Sunday Schojil slifiweii a marked liiHirovement in attendance, A Kofwlly iiiiiilier were at th<" C. K. society. The • spi.-ial features of tin' |.;ndeavor ser- vi<-i' were a beautiful solo bv .Miss I-'l- lis. a missionary st-idy by Miss Del- K.-irno. and a sliort talk by tin-,pastor, beiniz the 'second in a series on a ni­ hil- oiiiliiie of historv. rhrf >(liin r]jnrrh. \ splendid day yester.'ay and tlie •lowds were larse. Tile spi-.-i.-il feature of the day was the •'Promotion li.iv' evcrcises at Ilihle School hour. Tlijs is 'a srade.I school ami several ciiiidren' were prmmrted to other uraciey ;ind appropriaii' program maiio tl;e srrvice both intereslInK and im- •,i!essi\e. The children sanjf and the . siiiierlntendent an dpastor made short I addresse.-i and the certificates were j .iie-ented The auditorium was d.-c- • •rateii wiiii flowers evi'iiin:; r. nderi d hy a lavue ' .\ sai'red sons; s.'rvi.'c was render- led io the ewnin;; by a larci- chorus ! un.!er tile (lireciion of A. I. Itoalrlislit. The. First M. K. Chunli. ' I'll.' in.irni'i;; I'leme—•"The Cliureli s a K'teviner"- -va.- llie thinl in Hie ; I rii's on Citii.sii;"i Cji'/inship. There s a ienib'n.y to b-- l> ss t' ;-n we i -l'o',|iii C!'.iistiai;s are no .x-ep-ion ' :ii tlie n;ii'. Too many lali i-en-ath the |-c'piir.'.l standards. What we do I d is KHisiaul remimiitic to be and to d <i our t>est. No'hinK le';s than t.e- iiii; ejitirely pivrn over to the Idvine Pliin and winnln:; the whole worlil to Christ is a Christian's joii and nolh- iim less will pb-ase the Sin of Cod What lias the cliiireii lo <lo and what ;i!:!ei> doi's she occupy is hein.ic asked j '•:> all sides. When the church is riK , idly apprehended this <iiiestion is never ! .isk.-d. (Jod has placed the chui-.u as | :lie waUhinan in the tower to iiit a ' xiice in warning asaiiist crime, evils :ind apiiroachiii!; enemie.j. W!,eiice •anie tin- reforms'.' \Vn have many 'K.-ncies—tlie platform both chantaii- lua anil poli!ie;,|. .Vothlnp ins siiei. in educational va'ue as onr presMb-ii iai i"iinpaif:ns. Tliis has lifted I'ne \ni.^riean p.-cde ic lieic'jts of in»e!- 'eei i:;ility on live is.siies attained onl." 'jy. iVaiioiis wliic'i have like exjierionc- 's .\ewspa|>ers arid;-,i"es have •heir place the publications have lieen very iiofential but from whence the i;roiiniI workJ-iiie fundiinientals? The church of the .\I| the reforiiis "f the past spraiie from liie lap "f the chiircii. No wonder for ever.v Sun- lay the pulpits proclaim thi' liijihesi morals, purest etiiics and profoiindest fconnniles and lirolherliood. In lola I here are from IS to i'2 jKiidic discourses every Sunday. The eveninc hour was occupied hy Miss Harris of the Kansas City Ile.i coness Traininp SehoiM. .She fiave a \ery pleasiCK description of the work I f that instliutioii and sliowed the need of womanhood 1 f the church to he consecrated to the dircit work of the church. Sunday .'^c'lmil was well attenib'd. It I was promotion day and ipiite a few I classes w'.i-.' .'idvanced and fiiveii new KradiUK. Kpworlh I.eaKiie was (cry iiiteresl- • in.i; and w.ll attended. •* I iV-irii..i;.i-w ii-rri'-i 'ia ! I 'nittHi Itrethren ( hurrh. 'I 'he Sunday Schixd attendance was a little heifer than a week apo. Tlie lallendanc' at mornini; iireachini; was I also larRcr than a w .'ek nRo. Tlie ev- leiilnK concregntlons were small on ac- j count of threatenini; weather. The Kndeavor iiie.tinp was led by .Marparet .MJen in a very Inierestinp ' manner. Kach per.-on present was as- sipm d some part to lake in the nieei- I inp and the lender toUl a story of a •trip to a C K ci.ti'.eniion. in which 'story she used Ih.- najin-s of every person present and w'!;en eac!: name was named in the st.iry that person j stood and rendered ins part. I The mornlnp .seniioii was on the subject of "Ri'llpious IienoifinatioDS In I the I'nited States." Some very coniidi- I mentary things were said about the i various denominations, with reference tto iheir nrlpin. doctrine, policy and ac! (ompllshnients. The text was Ps. I.'i.lil: "Heboid how pood and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell to- petlier in unity ' The history of ;Ciirlsilanity In tin- I'uiied Stales shows Ithut by a tedious process (he denoni- Flr>l Chiirrli ni ThrNI SrirntM. T!M ' siibje'T yester.lay was 'Tn- reallty" The irolrii-n text. .ler— "Truly in vain is s.'i'.vaiion hoped for from ti;.' hills and from tlie multitude of moiititains: truly .'n the l .crd our C .od is the salvation of Israel." Parts o." :i'.,. sernltin read were as loll, ws Itihli-. .K rl. "I have se.>n all the works thiit are ilone under the sun and behold ;i!l is vanity and vexation of spirit. II. Peter. "Seeing then that all the ^e thlnps shall lie dissolved w.iat manner of persons oimht ye to he in all ho :y . oni.ervation and godli- ne-:,s." Correlative pa.^saces from Science and H»»altli: "The notion that both evil and pooil are real, is a delusion of uiRlerial sense -Kvil is iioihinp- no thinp. miml nor power. .-Vs manifested : iiy mankind it stands for a lie- nothing • claiming to be something- -for lust, dishonesty, selfishness, envy, hypocrisy, slander, hate- etc. "Sill brought dealii and death will uisaiipear with the disappearance of sin." If man is never to overcome deatli. why do the Scriptures say- The last enemy that .«hall be destroyed is death? Thei tenor of the Word shows tha» we shall obtain the victory over death in proportion as we overcome sin. The human concepts namwl mat- ler. death, disease, sickness, and sin are all that can be destroyed " You vfill say— | "I nrvrr Ur..-'w a Mattress coold he so 'Comfortable." Thal'.s jiiA wh^t r 1 ! •: —; cf .Steams & Foilcr Mattres-vs are sayinjT. You owe it to yourself to have a Stearns Foflcr in your home and enjoy TcSt that is Comfortable, Refreshing, Healthful. A good night's rc^ on a Steams & Fo <lcr Mattress cosls loo iitilc foryou to put up longer with that old uncomiortablc maltref 'N. Steams & Fofter Mattresses are made of Clean, Sanit.iry Cotton; felted into hundreds of little webs, fonn- ing the many liyer.- of Springy, ntiovant Cotton landing nearly three feet high. These layers arc then laid by h.ind and comprcs-icd to ONE-SIXTH their original height and cnca'<i I in the ticking: then tufted to \ttSt the proper tension, so as to be soft, yet fim;, half yicldi .nfj to your figure, but supporting it in perfcdl relaxation. Come in to<lay and ar .k us to .^how you a .Steams & Foster Mattress. We'll gladly do it. .\ pnr-itivc f!ii;.r3nlcc on every mattress bearing the Steams & Fofter name. A moSt Comfortable anti Economical Mattrea to buy. SLEEPER BROS. Above AH Venn's Bread ThafsAU Investment Company William Trine, ilt^r. Full line of MOTOR( VCLKS, BICYCl.KS AM) ALL <^MALL Ml^SICAL LXSTRL.MENTS Supplies and Repaii-s for Same. BICYCLE SUPPLIES AND REPAIRS 112 West Madison lola, Kansas Tell your Want.s to 20,000 People thronirh The Register

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