Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 28, 1952 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 18
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PA08 EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, SO LOWS AS THEY KEEP 6/4CK- TRACKING, LOOKIN6 FOR US. WE CANT LOSE.' THERE'S LAND AHEAD' 0UT POESNTIT LOOK KINO OF A LON6 WAV OFF? If WE PONT FIND'EM.,MR. COSS WON'T IKE IT.' WHAT POE5 HE CARE?TH£yu<30 TO THE BOTTOM SOON ENOUSH, ANYWAY/ B -' If SAINT-1'M SORRY-BUTI PONT KNOW-IF I CAN AAAK6 IT/ THE WftFACB Of CALLISTO I* A VOBLP OP tlt-ENCe, 3M-V BV THE MUSICAL VOICE'? BOWeARPMENT. YOU EXPERT TW6 PLA6VE VAT*! 900 HAVE IHTEKPLAHET- FLI&HT. WHEN THEY XNOW A8OUT 'U. IXWrMN/.l VOfVo SINK ^OS WWl. OK> "Wt CftWOS>'. HOW QI-AP TO HE.AJOT; IT'S A SAP TV O«OTM Mull SHE AIMED HER /YEH...I TRIED TO /-—~> MUSKET..BOOM,ITl TELL HER, BUT / WElL WENT.AN' BLEW \ SHE WAS TOO " TO PIECE9 CAUSE MAD TO IT WA9^—«£3S<_A LISTEN' AT* HAFTA TOTE HER BAC.K TO POTSHOT, <t: S GO6H, I HOPE SHE AIN'T HURT MUCH.../"AND YOU'RE SHE'S NOTABAD/ A PRETTY JWEET GUY YOURSELF.' AW, COME NOW, SUGAR EYES, I'M WISE TO YOU... YOU'RE juer 8A5HFUL! OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS EGAD,T\M\SS5/ YOUR. SCINTILLATING SUGGESTION THAT THE TXXS 6OR1ED THAT GEM LOOT FLASHED THROUGH A\V HAIR-TRIGGER MIND LONG AGO/-**- I'VE PROBED ->'/' \ THE NEIGHBORHOOD ft WITH A CAME, y 6EEKlf^3 SOPT ) $poT4 OF y FRESHLY i, TURM&D EARTH PRO8E YOUR 6KULL FOR A 60FT SPOT, A\A3OR..'~-TH£ DAY APTER THE- ROBBERY, DO YC PORGET THE MI65 (3OADED > 6A>CTER'5 LAVJM-'—' v ROLLER AMD ROLLING •THC YARD 2 NICE- AMD HARD iMTO-^ BACK, BACK.' 1 SAIP I'P MAKE TH BISCUITS, BUT VOL) WON'T LIKE 'EM BURNT. COFFEE/ YOU WAMT COFFEE.' WELL, 6ET OUT OF TH' WAY. STICK.IM'.' POM'T KEEP ME AWAY FROM '£ THE SPECIALISTS r - ~^r T'tA Ai MOLLOW \ "'MERF Ab A DPUM--- lOUtoHTA V.'E HAVFM'T BIT LOTS MiO CWOvs/ SiMCF I OF WILD VESTERWY NOON ' ' UAME LOOK/1 RUT WE'VE ocm ~,*f.-~ ^ *:• ' ^/ WE'VE MIM--HOPPED NfO ur,FREC</ (SWAT) CAMP/ 6TEP LIVIELV. TUBB5! GOT ALL NIGHT FOR VOU TO TEAW5FEE TUC " rotL-,c.e.\ , SHORTV. TH' BOVfi IF I'M fVEl? J 15 <3ETTW TIKEP SITTI GET '. AROUWD WWTIN' FOR YOU AWAY, THIS 5 TO GET THKUi MU5TA)SO WOT? HE WAS WKITEPl7MEM5W THRU AN The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Wednesday USD (NBC) KXOH (ABO) WBW W-UO RMO.X (CHS) RWK (MBS) SAO HC MO fee tM RO »M KG 1120 KC im RC WIL tiao HO WOR1 MI. New*; Rhythm Freddy Martin N«w« Songi ol rodt Ed Bena«* Newi; Bttn Ntwi 8onm el PralM Sport] Reading Ctrcl* All«n Jtckioa Newt HIM* Curt M*H*.f Lowell Thomu SporU fcttf* Newi Stxiria LMUl HarknMi NeWl World N*»» to«« Ont Man'i ramllf Concert Mr. Beulih Jack Snltt Club tl Newt rim N«*t: C«n Popular Muile Bob Ooddard Niwt aperu •>•<• Trtaiufg Ch«H JMft Qu.rd 8h 9 . Ncwi Behoe* Hint o( t«9 Gllderilctv* TltMUt foe ou> Nev.t Sporti Today Famllj *or«niB Buslneii Report Bt( Town Or. ChrtittM Green Hom«t Bill Hiekok Chuck Morman Muii* Bel Your Ufa Chan. Kmhcr Mtutc Bt( itorf Browns vs. Chi. Concert Hall Close of D«7 Bed SktUM Bin* Crotbr oabriel Hettur Sport* tc New* ramlly Th«atr« vewi; Bandstand aueit Star Score*, Banddanif Silent Men Music Room flusters' Muito Bo«ln« BotH Newt Open Bible tun Dtutnerty Prink Bdwarts Mutual NtwtrMl Graclt field 10 Newt New* of World Platter Paradt Newt Blessing (FMl N«WI HlDM B. B. Roundup Murrow: Sporta Crosby Show News Health Aldi Abide With Mt Vou A the World Dane* Orch. 11 Newt Plattet Par*** N«w« Orch. Harry Fendef Prank Parktr By Mississippi Concert favorites Newt: OrcH To Be Announced Headline* Dane* Orch. Merry makat Newt; Dawn Pat Dawn Patrol Thursday ! :00 Newt :1S Chapel :30 Time A Ternpot •49 New* Weatnet Town * Country Newt and Weather Stooker- Mktt Concert Country Jr Mkt Sunrise flalut* P»rm Newt Newi and Weather Tom Mil*? Sporti, Newt •unrlt* fJcrtn. Newt, WUtmai Muale 1:00 World New* '•IS Weatner Tempo* •30 Timetable* :4fl New* New* 9«ook«> Bruce BarrtniltOB Stock., Concert Sacred Heart Meditation Hymn* Musical R«»«lll« family Worship News Sport* New* Cliff & Nancy Bruce Barrlnftoe Breakfast Club Newa Melody Made News New*: Salute Newt Stock Yard* World Newt Cro*by Slngt New* B'rt«« Club Al Rlehl—Newt Newt. Rex Davts New* Fred Moe«le Musical Clock Weitltet Vtr. Ed Wilson New* New* •'fan Club AI Rlehl—Newe Musical Clock "world "Sew* • Ed Wilton Clock Watcher Quiz Newt B'fiat Club Al Rlehl Musical Clock Chapel of Air Welcome Traveler Trut Story Double Nothlni High Vtilaperln* Street* Anntnst the Storm Research U.S. Navy Band Student Devotion Theme* of Afes Arthur Qodfiey Serenade™ Shopper*' Guide News HI. Nebor. Newt Hi Neighbor 10 Strike It Rich Bob it Ray Dave Garroway Lone Joiirne* New* Break The Bank Symphony New* Musli of Master* Grain; Serenade Woman'* World Grand Slam Rosemary Ladle* fair Queen for a Oa> News; Guide Meet the Band Gueat Star Harmony House Bargain Counter* 11 New Weather Jack Berch Melody Open Bible Kate Smith Victor Llndmar Newa Kitchen Club Ju«t for Women Concert rhe Menjous Betty Crocker St Loul* New* Melody Lane Warren Newe Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Gal Sunday Recalll! & Win Shopper'* Guide New* Lou tee Personalltlee Quit New* Playhouse Party News John Conte Concert Newt Minute Master Repoie Chrlat Markets World Newt Curt Maiwy N>ws: Luncheon Ma Perklnt commentary Luncheon Date Young Or Melon* Bandstand Reru* Big Sister ., Farm Hour „ A :00 Mueller, News "• • :15 New In Storea M l :30 Doctor's Wlf« • -AS Judy & J»n« 2 :00 Life Beautiful :1S Road of Llf» :.1Q Pepper Vounfl •AS Matinee Melodies Evelyn Winters M. Marg. McBride Vie Damon* Piano Portrait The Common good Music Ap Hour 2nd Mr*. Burto* Perry Mason Nora Drake Brighter Day N'ewv. Luncheon Luncheon Dale Newt Record Shot* Curtain Call Ladles Be Seated Sacred Heart Ask Me Another Hilltop Houae Tom Dalley Native In 1'one Grain Report House Party Bing Crosby Program for You News Ccdric Adam* Newt. Dallty Crank Parker, News Treasure Album C Smith. Newt N'ews; Bandstand Bandstand New* Top. la Concert 3 no Backstage Wife :15 Stella Dalle* :30 Wldder Brown :4S Woman In Rouse Hal Frederick! Moments-Master* New* Bible songs stories Curt Ray Recital Hadcn family Dental Society Records Travelog Guiding Light Ed Wilson Scores; Banditand New* Dance Time Souvenin Melody ( Plain Bill :19 Farrell :30 Lorenzo Jonee •M Bidder Up Ed Bonner News Ed Bonner Chamber Music retime Roeair Song Shop Child's Album Open Bible Serenade News: O'Brien Curt Ray Let Adam* Cd Wilson News: Record* Record Report Scores; Record* Newe Teen Time Tune TELEVISION: KSD-TV Channel 5 5:00 P WEDNESDAY M.—Wrangler's Club 5:1? P M.—Space Cadeta 5:30 P. M.—SporUview. Weathef 5:45 P M.—I. N S. Teienew* 6:00 P M.—Kukla, Fran. Ollle 6:15 P. M.—Dottye Bennett 0:30 P. M.—Those Two 6:45 P M.—News Cararan 7:00 P M.—Kate Smith 8:00 P M.—Television Theater 9:00 P M.—Your Prize Story 9:30 P. M.—The Big Picture 10:00 P M.—Arthur Godfrey 11:00 P M.—T V Theater THURSDAY 7:00 A M.—Dave Garraway 9:00 A. M.—Prologue to Future fl.45 A. M.—\our Surprise Stove 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M.—Strike It Rich 11:00 A. M.—The Egg and L 11:15 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 A M.—To the Ladies; Severln 1:00 P. M.—1st 100 Year* 1:15 P M.—Homernaklnc 2:00 P. M.—Big Payoff 1!:30 P. M.—"Give & Take" 3:00 P M.—Kate Smith 4:00 P M.—Hawkins Fall* 4:15 P M.—Buss David 4:30 P M.—lU'wdy Doody i»/ C*ni_ (-1 yr AMOBR^OM ~—. 5-Z8 E^O^ 3T|'_L LI=E GOE.S TO PETES PK5ST PRIZE POS ACTION!"} SHOTS, A\r? TWIS IS A .--^ C \KMV\L By Dick Tm tier Anatomy Lesson HORIZONTAL VERTICAL J Part of the foot 4 Parts o( the head 8 Right and —— hands 12 Whichever 13 Expectoration 14 Curved molding 15 Follower 16 Occupancies o( 9 shield 1 What a dog wags 2 Atop 3 Hair around •••. the eyes 4 Chemical fat 5 Mimicker 6 Washed lightly 7 Musical direction 8 Sectional Answer to Previous Puzzle Qoaaaaa - aacaaaan «aiaaa^ __ annaan • EJHnoou sanaaa I raranacs "Never mind phoning the circulation department, dear! The boy delivered the paper just as I opened the door!" Amphibious Largest amphibious animal is he giant salamander, an emirfly aquatic species, found in Japan and parts of China. It may attain a length of between five and &i\ eet, and there is a record of five eel seven inches for a specimen aught in China. Natives often use it for food. American Hobble 1 Stamp collecting is America's must popular hobby. Others, in j order of popularity, are collecting , American glassware, wood-work- i ' ing, model-making, dolls, auto- j graphs, coins, creative painting.' needlework and colecting minia- j I lures. land 18 Loungers 20 Kilns for drying hops 21 What lungs inhale 22 Wicked 24 Haze 28 Poems 27 Musical syllable 30 Greek goddess of wisdom 32 Approached 34 One who ogles 35 Figure to b« added 36 Measure of type (pi.) 37 Stagger 39 Cereals 40 Seed vessels 41 Wile 42 Sum 45 Stain on metal 49 Primary forms 51 Prosecute 53 Chest rattle 53 German king 54 Co astray 55 Building extensions 56 Kind of light 57 Obeerv* 23 Easily bribed 24 Masculine 25 Ledger entry 26 Rowed a boat 10 What we walk 27 Learned on U Girl's nickname 17 Spread rumor 19 Metric measure writings 28 Lease 29 Augments 31 Orange blossom oil 33 Decorate 38 Property 40 Boy attendant] 41 Malicious burning 42 Ripped 43 Spoken 44 Money drawer 46 Singing voice 47 Certain 48 In this place SO Not (prefix) n ¥T Southern Arabia has almost no | human inhabitant!. «,

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