Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 21, 1907 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 8
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j Social Invitations have been issued 'fir a holiday dance by '.ho V. 13. I). Club, on Saturday evening, Doc. 28. Invitations are out announcing the wedding of Miss Krmmi Hercaw, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Her- c.n\v of (llendale, (California, to Mr. J. Henry Pan key of thin ciity, on Wednesday evening, January IH(., Invitations are Issued announcing the marriage of Miss Ktta Mary Ostrander of Charter Oak to Mr. Floyd Archibald Honter, at. the M. K. Church, San I)irnas, on Wednesday, .January 1, U'08. Some of our society ladies went to Pomona this week to attend a luncheon given by Mrs. A. H. Peck in honor of her guest, MJHH McDotigal. Covina ladies present were Mrnes. Harris, (, Clino, Prather and Clapp. On Saturday evening the Amphion Club will hold its Christmas eole- bral.ion at the homo of Mrs. A. P. KorokholF, who will be assisted in receiving by Mrs. Jennings and Mrs, EnniH. The C. K. Club of young married people met, at the prettily decorated home of Mrs, A. .M. Johnson on Wednesday evon'.ng and enjoyed a happy evening with the popular "five hundred. " Mr. and Mrs. Ha/,- xard carried off the prl/es. Dainty refreshments wore served by the hos- . tons. In their beautiful bungalow home on Center street, Mr.' and Mrs. Fred Preston entertained the Southern California National Cat, Club on Sunday last, over twenty lovers of the feline being present. Beautiful flowers docked the rooms, the dining room being in a 'scheme of cozy red and the living room, dainty pink mid green. The hostess was assisted in serving by her sister,. Miss Nora Mailes of Orange, and by Miss Angeloty of 5jos Angeles, and a dainty menu of several courses was served. Music by orohoBtra and individuals was enjoyed until a lato hour, including violin Holoa by Miss Angeloty. Mrs. Preston has won several pri/.es with hor hhautlful brood of Angoras. There will ho a show in Los An- goloH in January 'and the members nro planning to bonoh a show in Covina in February. Christmas was celebrated with a gay and happy festival- at the Country Club on Thursday ovening, "ladies' night. " Over ninety wore present and it was voted by nil one of the happioHt occasions of this pop ular institution. The porch was brilliant with numbiirlcss Japanese lanterns and the rooms were decorated in a Hchcinn of Christmas colors, rod and green, with pretty rod Dowers and berries entwined with graceful foliage. The even ing was spout in conversation and a musical program rendered consisting of n piano duet by Mrs. KIIIUH and Mi'H. \V. H. Collins, solos by Mrs. Collins and Miss HnmjnH, and a vocal solo, "Lovo Mo and the World is Mine," by Mrs. John Lirtinjes. F.laborate refreshments of Hoveral courses were Borvod mid a lucky (able loaded with mysteriously wrapped souvenirs, occasioned much fun, as did also the game of drawing a pig blindfolded. The procession closed at midnight \vith thu customary Virginia rnol. On Tuesday, twenty five of the county divisiouists wnro entertained at lunclinon and on Saturday evening it IDOII'H Hinokor at. which Ihero were fifty present, was a grand HIKVOH.S. Tho (-lull is in such a nourishing Condition that there is talk of a lino new building in the near future. Monday Afternoon Club. A pleasant meeting of the club was hold thin week, although the mini hor present was not HO large an usual, owiii|4, no doubt, to thi< nearneHti of the holidays. Miss Hawks yave an interesting rn- view of Mi-H. 1'ryor'n "llirth of a Nation," relating (lu< story of the early Jainesfown hettlein hud 1'oco- IRWINDALE. Mrs. W. M. (iriswold charmed ov'fiyuuc with her graphic deseripl ion of her eastern trip. So interesting was it to herselt and all thai she almost letl her listeners half way, l/eilij.' Hlr-M"l I'or time to bring ihrm bate home aguin. Ptirlicularly .slu> dwelt on (he grand t^eeliei y ot the (.'aiiiidian- 1'iicillc, Hie ^']orjeti of S\>i giua, and the hit-to) ie and rnltnial i'liariiis of liosloii ami Concord. '('be uieeliiij.; adjourned for the holidays, the next meeting being called for January (ith. Christinas Dinner. Part it-.s deniring Christmas dinner ul Holol X't'iidomt.' wouid coiitt r n favor by notifying the munugeinelit (jiie cr two Jays in advance. Thf; MiflHOH Vet.a Hcnth and Madeline WntfirhriiiHO from Clnromont and Neil Morrow from Throop Polyt«ch- ' nin nro yun'riK poople who have nrriv- <'.<] homo for the ChrifitrmiH holidays. | Mrs. Kotjf'H. Krlftnr rutertujned the MificellniieoiiH C.'ltil) Tuesday lar-tt nt, the homo of Mrs. I.)an KeiobimJ. An iriforrmLiriK pro^nirn wn« Riven, con- Hist.iriK of (i pnpor liy Mi MS JJrown on thfl forftit, rnKJoiiH of California and a rending, "OlirisfctnoH Htory, " by Minn Root. J)aint,y refresfitnentH were Hfirvnd and n social hour of good fel- | lowphip enjoyed. I Cheap Land. j Kiffi land; crops fart he grown' without irrigation; situated on linoi of Hanto Fe near tlio town of (,'nr- j c-onin, Kings county; price 800 per j aero; easy terms. Hole atrent, J. 51. ; MatthewH, Argus block, Covina. The Orecn-Harshall Co. Pure Mixed Paints. and their high grade varnishes will give Hatisfaction, even to the most skeptical pain tor. Their mixed paints will stand this coast climate longor, owing to the fact that the Green -Marshall pure paints are com-j pound of pure white load, pure oxide of /iric, ground in pure linseed oil. TheHo paints and varnishes can he obtained here at, the paint and paper store of Mr. C. 5f. Kistler. Dudderar'g Christmas Candles. The attention of the readers of the ArgiiH is directed to the beautiful flin- play of Christmas candies in our show windows. Wo solicit your trade, believing that' for (juality our candies cannot be excelled and knowing that no confectioner in LOH Angeles can furnish you such goodH at the prices we are asking. Nothing is more appreciated than a -box of our chocolates. Jri our window is a largo candy (jane to bo fdvon away on New Years day to the person guessing nearest, its weight. Duddorar Bros. Walnut Trees. 10,000 Santa Barbara soft shell and Placentia. fiO,000 grape fruit plants. Lerno'i buds for Juno planting. Shado trees: Umbrella, Camphor, Monterey Pino, Bottle trees, three varieties in Acacia. Phoenix a/id Gaudalonpo Palma. 150 boxes Eucalyptus blue gum. W. M. Adams, corner 3rd and 4th streets ntid Lincoln avenue, P. O. box 05C, Lorda- burg, Cul. 1-1 Ip Ponies, Horses and Mule*. AH 1 nm now « resident of this county, I would like to supply the good people with anything in my linn. 1 shull keep on hand Shetland ponies, mules and single drivers. I have four head of standard broil trotting youngsters, one «reat Stephens. Call and seo and give mo your ordui'H. Matt Chllton, Covina. Location, K. A. Meredith ranch, Cypress avenue. New Schedule For Electric, I, o;i vo I, os Angeles 5:50 ;i. in. ft :*$ 7:05 7:50 N:.}5 <):20 10:05 31:20 p in. 1:30 2.45 3:35 4:15 5:00 5:45 <»:.«) 8.-.10 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. in. <>:50 7:32 8:15 9:0(1 9:45 10:20 11:30 12:35 p.'m. 1:45 2:35 3:45 4:40 5.25 0:10 6:55 7:50 10:00 Delinquent Notice. • (llliee of the Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of I<os Angeles, State of California. Then- are delinquent on the following described stock on account of assessment No, 44, levied on November 15th, I'>u7, t :e several umuuuts set | opposite the uaines of the respective ! .shareholders as follows; NAMt; No. No. i Cert. Shttivs ! *i. .'. Mate-. 17*1 11.5H S 5 75 i Julia A. Hi own 17.S,s 2 So 1 2 ; Valentine C. Carey 2(>i>ti ,iii 15.IK) 'Cecelia I'V'enan I'lli <)0>) .lane Kusiell 147H 5 J.5il I-'anme M. Smith lo.">O 2() lo.u> And in accordance with law and an | order of ihe bo.ird of dire,-tors, made on tin- iMhday of November, A. I)., i 1"<T, so many .-.liau**. of each parcel of Mich .stock .1-. ii'ay be necessary will be sold at public auction at the oflice >f the •.••imp.iny in I'ovin.i, I aliforni.i, on i tin- Sih day of January. A. I) , THIS, at the hour ot 2 o'clock p. in. ot said day, lo pa ^ said delinquent assessi'H'lit Iheicon, toother with tho costs of ad- vertisini; and expenses ol sale. ; H. K. KDWAKDS, SecreUrv. [Covina, Cal., December 19, iyu7. AN OBLIGING WAITER. He Got the Five Dishes, and Me Qot Tharh In Record Time. ITo was si strnnger In town. Tho dork of Iho hotel had neglected to call him until twenty minutes after the re- qnoHler! hour, and an a consequence he had but a short time for breakfast before lie mnsl leave for his train. OoiiiK irdo the dining room, he waived the form,"lily of having the chair leisurely pushed nmlor him l>y the head waiter, and. jiceostlng one of the dusky servers, IK; commanded hurriedly: "Go to the kltr-hfii and get me a breakfast—live dishes of anything that Is ready-arid K«-r H <|i!lek!" AH Ihe order was accompanied by a medium sized piece of silver the wayfaring man had reason to expect a fairly finail me;il. And an to spoor] of delivery ho was not disappohMcd. In an Incredibly fihort lime tho nr'gro reappeared, bear- Ing aloft a tray on which sat five dlnhoH, remarkable only for their similarity of size and shape. When the tray was lowered snfllclenfly to bring the confents of tho dishes Into focus tho traveler saw his breakfast--fivo dishes of steaming oatmeal, accompanied by five miniature pitchers of cream. The negro beamed with satisfaction at the rapidity with which ho hnd executed the order. The traveler hurriedly ate one dish of (he oatmeal, and as he left the dining room the waiter wns hoard to remark: "Wondah wot rlat man say ho want five dishes fonIU"—Chicago Record- I fora Id. Th« P«lie«n and Iti Pouch. Amon>r tho onrlositl(?3 of nature mnst he reckoned tlio pouch of the pelican, which servos o(|tinlly well I\H n net with which to scroop up flxh ami na a hag to convey food to its yotinjj. When not In tlin bin! can contract its p'Mich no that It IH biirely discernible, hut when j It is fully distended It will hold two j gallons of \v:itf;r. When the pollc-nn Is : hunting for food It flics slowly about i twenty feet above the surface ot the' water, sca'inliiK Its depth.s for any sign of It.i prci'. A.s soon na n fish Is scon | there Is a sudden folding of f i pair of. winj.'s, a downward plunge with the | speed of an arrow head first Into the j sea, the unerring marksman reappearing In a moment and floating on the' waves long enough to reveal a glimpse of a flfh gliding down Its capacious gullet and to shake the water from it3 disheveled plumage. MONOPOLIES AND RINGS. • Olden Time Schemes For Obtaining Wealth and Power. Tho evil of monopolies and rings was known to unclontH, Arlntotle referring to them In his "Politics," and then, o*< now, it was found necessary to hold them In chock by lotflnlfitlon. The rno- nrfjiollst was In Konmn hvw called a durihimirltis and punished under the Lr>x Jiilln rk- Annona. Monopolies of clothing, fish and all articles of food wore prolrSiIt.od hy the Emperor Xeno under pain of conHsontlon and exile, so thnt It in curtain that the rings of the ancient ditys were as mischievous as flie.v arc- now. At Athens a law limited Iho^imotint of com a rnnn might h'ly. Tho earliest recorded Instance we h.ivt; v.'as a corn ring. There Is an undent tradition that tho king who made .lo.soph his prime minister and com ml tied Into his hands the entire administration of Egypt was Apopl. Apopi was one of the shepherd kings and ruled over the whole of Egypt ns Joseph's philrnoh seems to have clone. The prime minister during seven yenrs of remarkable plenty bought tip every bushel of corn beyond the absolute needs of the Egyptians and stored it. During tho terrible famine that followed he was able to get his own price and bartered corn successively for the Egyptian money, cat- tlo and hind and, taking one-fifth for pharnoh, made him supremely wealthy. It was not merely a provident 'net, but « very politic- ono, his policy being to centrall/o power In the monarch's hands.—London Answers. Origin of Attar of Roses. Tho preparation of tho famous attar of roses, ar-c'.inllng to tho C'Ircle, seems to hiive boon discovered by aecldont From India wo get Iho tradition. Tho favorite Sultana of Solmnghir cf«r?eil n bnth of rosi'wiilor to bo prepare^! for hor use. Tho burning sun of India brought Its might upon the bath pre- pnrod In the royal garden and soon globules of oil were found floating upon tho fragrant water. Deeming tho bnth impure and attempting to skim off tho film, tho attendants broke the globules, and at oncu the garden was tilled with fragrance. Tho finest os- flonco Is not gathered from the rarest and most costly (lowers, for the fragrant oil glands aro most abundant In tho potals of tho free blooming, olf, common kinds. Machiavelll. Nlcolo Mnchhivolll, from whoso surname has boon coined a synonym for treacherous craft, was a writer of nervous and cnm-lso Italian. lie took high rank as a dramatist, his comedy of "Mnndragola" being pronounced Inferior only to tho work of Voltaire. Loo X. admlrod It so much that ho hiul It played before him In Ills book on tlu> "Art of War" won tho praise of so competent a Judgo as Frederick tin; (Jront of Prussia. Ills policy In statesmanship embodied in his work "The I'rlmv" was tho direct antithesis of Washington's sentiment that "honesty Is the best polley." Misunderstood. "Ymir st'iitonro Is to ho suspended," l)0g:lli I he iiiel r'f;il illdu'e. "tiivat Seoit, .ledge," exrhiltned the prisoner, "ef I'd knoweil ehlckou steiil- Ing \\iis a hanging otYense I wouldn't have stole." Philadelphia Ledger. Just the Th'ng. Employment Agent Yuii como from the etiiintr\. you r;mno» cook, and you ha\«' learned to do nothing else. Well, suppose I'or the piesent you try to get ;i posit :-MI for general housework.— MeK^enoVnVr Blatter. Tem^tinj Her. Housi-keeper ito A book agent who bring-; I!K- ten'.h Installment of n novel) - 1 eiin't t::ke vhe .-.>ok. Mr. Meier U ile:id. KooU A,'.MII oh. \\hut a shame! It's ruht In (lie most exi-iting part o.f the j'toi \ : ISei-hii Juiinial. Men and Their Autographs. An experleiir-j'd nutogrnph collector con almost tell to what profession a man belongs hy the grudglngness or: otherwise of his response. Actors and | vocalists sever demur. They rather seem to like It. Poets and authors of fir-lion accede, but with a certain cotrl dignity; metaphysicians aud philosophers either refuse altogether or comply with a bad grace; dramatists not only send their autographs, but a quo- tatloii from their works as well; peers sign, but with a stiff and formal hauteur; judges and barristers sign In such a way that It is not possible to squeeze an I. O. U. over the name. In fact, every class has—of course, with exceptions—Its own way of dealing with the Importunity of the autograph flend.—H. I. Jennings In Connoisseur. Social Lift Long Ago. The stately dames of the court of Edward IV. rose with the lark, dined at 11 a. tn. and retired to rest at 8 In the evening. Henry VIII. went back ' to .10 in the morning for dinner and > had supper at 4. In Queen Bess' days her maids of honor began the day with ' a round of beef or red herring and a j flagon of ale for breakfast at about ] 0:30 and dined at 11, and then went to tho playhouse in the nfterne'n not; Inter than 2, sometimes as early as 12:30. according to the order of the play and the day. Two Phases of tho Case. "How long Is It going to take to get through with this case?" asked the client, who was under suspicion of housebreaking. "Well," replied tho young lawyer thoughtfully, "it'll take me about two weeka to got through with It, but I'm afraid It's going to take you about four years." But 8h« Did Tell. Ella—Bella told me that you told tor that secret I told yon not to tell her. Stella—She's a mean thing. I told her not to tell you'I told her. Ella—Well, I told her I wouldn't tell you she told me, so don't ten her I did.—Judge. None In Sight. "Any Interesting legends about here?" asked the tourist. "No," returned the native slowly: "ain't never soon any, though you may find 'cm if you hunt In the woods,!'. Have that coping "r curb put in on your cemetery lot while we are at work there and save money. Phono G. W. Griffiths, Jr. Phono 70. Fancy Christmas boxes now on sale tit tho Pahico of Sweets—one of the largest assortments ever offered tho public before tit popular prices. Now is the time to buy and get first ohoico. Celebrated Kentucky Jack A A C^2.«»=h *.^-% ^—4 S~*± »—% ** at the Chapman Heights Ranch A limited number of horses aad itock rpreived for oasture. ##•#*##*#######*### * * Say! * Iflanobcr You are conducting a Ing' business inure money in- VfsU'il than many business houses iK) a ^ood ileiil ot correspmitli'iici'i don't your Do you alw.iys have suitable paper ti.'uuly when you \vial) to write? Uo you know that we can furnish you with the very be^t of svritin^ paper and en vi'liipi-s, neatl v printed with your name or the name of your ranch, plac-i of resi- deiu'O and <iate line, cheaper than you i-ar. secure tablets anil envelope» in Miiall i|uan- titiej.' This will make your correspondence businesslike and more convenient. COVIXA AKGl'S, PRINTERS **************** Christmas Presents If your boy is of a mechanical turn of mind and is between the ages of 10 and 20, we have the Christmas present that is sure to please him. Small motors and electrical 'apparatus that is instructive and at prices will surprise you, ALSO SEE OUR NEW ELECTRIC AIR HEATERS Our window and store will be open tonight. Covina Electric Co. Open all the time until after Christmas Phones 121 and 1024 FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On main line of railroad and near good towns. Plenty of water can be obtained. This land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be sub-, divided into small tracts to suit purchasers and sold at low prices on easy terras. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avtnue Covida, Cal. The Opportunity of a Life Time $2.70 Worth of for $1.00 You can secure ten of the most delightful toilet preparations in the world for $1.00 if you take advantage of the Sanitol Chemical Laboratory Company's great introductory offer. Regular price of the assortment is $2.70. Sanitol Tooth Powder . Sanitol Face Cream . . Sanitol Tooth Paste . . Sanitol Toilet Powder . Sanitol Liquid Antiseptic . Sanitol Bath Powder . . Sanitol Tooth Brush . . Sanitol Shaving Creme * Sanitol Violet-Elite Soap , Sanitol Face Powder . . Total retail price . . No other toilet preparations have given such general satisfaction or are as widely used as these. They are refreshing, beautifying and permanently beneficial, For full particulars call at CLAPP'S DRUG STORE This'oft'er expires December 31st. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing

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