Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 19, 1968 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 19, 1968
Page 6
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6-A tntl REGlSxrun-isBWS — ilfT. VERNON. ILLTNOTS THURSDAY, DECEMBER If, 1968 -1 Through Textbook Lessons Chinese Children Learn About Mao At Young Age By JOHN RODERICK TOKYO (AP) — Chinese toddlers who once began their lessons with "a cat catches fish" are in for sterner political stuff. Now the first textbook lesson is entitled "Long live Chairman Mao." Dissatisfied with the old school books, peasants in one area of Honan Province have written their own, an example that is sure to be followed elsewhere. Before doing so, according to the Peking People's Daily, they examined the standard textbooks which said: "School reopens. Taking our satchesl, we go to school. When meeting our teacher, we bow to him. When seeing a schoolmate, we say hello to him." Said the peasant committee- one of thousands now running the mainland's rural schools: "Proletarian politics was not put to the fore in any degree. 'A cat catches fish, a crow drinks water. . .' and other rubbish were included in the textbooks." It was "black goods" peddled by disgraced President Liu Shao-chi. The next step was glorification of the sayings of Chairman Mao Tse-tung. "Each of Chairman Mao's words is truth," the committee said. "Quotations from Chairman Mao must be taken as the most fundamental teaching material." Other lessons "aim at cultivating the students' loyalty to Chairman Mao, Mao Tse-tung's thought and Chairman Mao's proletarian revolutionary line." $^99 Reg. $5.99 The Weather Elsewhere ! High Low Pr. Albany, clear 37 18 ... Albuquerque, clear .. 30 M Atlania. cloudy 59 38 .... Bismarck, snow 24 14 .02 Boise, cloudy 35 15 .19 Boston, clear 37 2S .... Buffalo, cloudy 36 22 .... Chicago, cloudy 38 36 .... Cincinnati, cloudy .... 43 40 .22 Cleveland, cloudy .... 35 34 .... Denver, clear 29 6 .... Des Moines, snow .... 36 30 .92 Detroit, rain 35 33 .07 Fairbanks, snow 21 12 .82 Fort Worth, clear .... 75 31 .51 Helena, snow 34 21 .11 Honolulu, cloudy 80 67 1.47 Indianapolis, cloudy 41 37 .17 Jacksonville, cloudy 69 50 .... Juneau, cloudy 30 26 .05 Kansas City, cloudy 54 30 .34 Los Angeles, clear .. 64 44 .... Louisville, cloudy .... 48 47 .22 Memphis, clear 66 44 .15 Miami, cloudy 74 70 .... Milwaukee, rain 37 36 .76 Mpls.-St.P., snow .... 31 25 .37 New Orleans, rain — 70 49 .44 New York, cloudy .... 38 35 .... Okla. City, clear 61 30 .44 Omaha, cloudy 33 25 1.07 Philadelphia, cloudy 38 31 .01 Phoenix, clear 51 27 ... Pittsburgh, cloudy .. 32 30 .07 Ptlnd, Me., clear 37 20 ... Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy 43 31 .28 Rapid City, snow 30 22 T Richmond, cloudy .... 48 34 .... St. Louis, cloudy 54 41 .13 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 26 21 .... San Diego, cloudy 65 43 .... San Fran, clear 54 47 06 Washington, clear .... 41 31 .... Winnipeg, cloudy .... 18 -3 .... (M—Missing; T—Trace) Fri., Sat., Sun. 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If premium due notices are required by law, they must be sent at least 15 days and not more than 45 days prior to the day the premium is due and payable, and the company failing to send such notice may not declare a policy forfeited or lapsed until a premium payment has been an default for more than six months. —Illinois State Bar Association F>-ee Gift Wrapping 99 Up To $9 50 All Styles And Colors Of HOUSE SHOES MOJUD and BACHELOR GIRL HOSIERY Priced From J Pair $J00 U P LETISSE HANDBAGS and Many Other Brands and Styles. 99 Up To $25 00 $2 KEEP YOUR SHOES IN GOOD SHAPE SHOE TREES ELECTRIC SHOE SHINE KITS OPEN TIL 8 P.M. EVERY NIGHT TIL CHRISTMAS You Expect And Get A Better iff At. . SHOE jSTSJt-S- ' North Side Square MT. VERNON WEATHER Wednesday high 46, low 39. Rainfall Wednesday .21. Rainfall to date 1968 35.77. One year ago today high 61, low 40. Five years ago today high 19. low 5. Ten years ago today high 54, low 21. Friday sunrise 7:18, sunset 4:38. (CST) STATE TEMPERATURES Rockford, cloudy 38 35 1.05 Moline, cloudy 40 37 .72 Quincy, cloudy 48 37 .18 Vandalia, cloudy 50 39 .09 Chicago G.P. cloudy 36 35 .48 Peoria, rain 47 38 .33 Springfield, cloudy .. 48 39 .29 Belleville, cloudy 58 43 .17 MIDWEST Dubuque, rain 34 32 .90 3urlington, cloudy .. 38 35 .25 Paducah, cloudy 57 41 .26 Madison, cloudy 35 34 1.16 South Bend, cloudy 35 34 .37 Bridge lesson Good Defense Builds Score By Oswald ..and ..James Jacoby NORTH 19 *3 VA7 • J108753 *9842 WEST EAST AAK1095 *64 VJ1098 V54 496 • AKQ4 *K3 +J10765 SOOTH (D) AQJ872 VKQ632 • 2 *AQ Both vulnerable West North East Sooth Pass 1N.T. Pass ZV Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V J No matter how well you bid and play, you can't expect to make every contract and good defensive play will sometimes set you several tricks. When Bob Hamman went down three tricks at his two- heart contract, he congratulated George Rapee and Sidney Lazard on their fine defense. It was good defense indeed. George opened the jack of trumps. Bob won in dummy, led a spade and put in his seven spot. George won and led another trump. Bob won that one also and led his queen of spades. George won and led a third trump. Back came a spade. George was on lead again. By this time, he hd set up his eight of trumps so he cashed it, then played his nine of diamonds. Sidney was in for the first time. Most players would have simply played another top diamond. This would have allowed Bob to ruff in and end play George to go down only two, but Sidney led his jack of clubs, it didn't matter what Bob did at this point. He had already lost three spades, a trump and a diamond. He was still going to lose his last two spades and the queen of clubs. Bob could have saved one trick from the wreck had he known where all the cards were before he started playing spades, but even the best players don't start with a photograph of the opponents' hands. Strangely enough Bob's score of minus 300 cost him nothing in the trials. It seems t' tit a couple of North players passed to one spade and ran 1o two diamonds after East reopened with a double and West passed. Two dimaonds was also Jiubled, where upon South ran to two hearts and was doubled there. Indict 8 Policemen On Rights PATERSON, N.J. (AP) — Eight policemen have been inflicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy to viola e and violation of civil rights of Negro residents during racial disorders last summer. The indictment said the policemen assaulted one Negro, and broke windows of several business establishment operated by Negroes. U.S. Atty. David Satz Jr. of New Jersey said the policemen were charged with violating an 1872 Civil Rights Act, the first such indictments against policemen brought in the state. "Enough people came forward immediately with enough evidence to wan-ant presentation to the grand jury," Satz said. A coalition of civil rights groups charged that the'police department "rioted against the citizens, uncontrolled by their, own authorities," while suppressing the disorders. Paterson, which has a population of 150,000 of which about 40,000 are Puerto Ricans and ?0.000 Negroes, was hit by spc~ ladic disorders early in July. The civil rights coalition maimed that at one point during the disturbances that included firebombing and rock throwing l-y bands of Puerto Ricans, po- 1 ce attacks against Spanish- speaking citizens were so intense that "some of the innocent and frightened victims telephoned the governor of Puerto R.*co for rescue." AMBASSADOR-AT-LARGE AVERELL IIARRIMAN, head of the U.S. delegation to the Paris Peace Talks, waves to photographers as he and aide Cyrus Vance, r., leave the Paris residence of the South Vietnamese delegation today after meeting with Vice President Ky, head of the Saigon peace representatives. 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