Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1974
Page 8
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(ARK.) STAK Dr, Lamb Gimick diets will never die Lawrence E. Lamb, M.I). DEAR DR. LAMB - Recently in our paper there was an article about a new vitamin E plus C diet which was supposed lo give fast weight loss. Reading the article convinced me that il was another scheme to defraud gullible fat people who were so eager to reduce that they were willing to try anything. I am enclosing this article, and 1 hope you will comment on il, t'ilhi'f'p ro <"' con - according to its merits. DKAH READER - I can't find much fault in your impression These iicls are now swecmtm I he- country, listed as ;i new vitamin E discover) or the K plus C diet. The lis'i of foods in lln> diet shows lh;it it is another low-carbohydrate diet of the same lype used by Dr. Atkins or earlier by I Jr. Taller in "Calories Ixin'i Count." Dr. Tailor ran into legal problems with his diet, and the Atkins diet h a s b e en branded by knowledgeable and leading nutritionists in the country as unscientific and dangerous. Such diets work because the person eats fewer calories. Many high protein foods, lean steak for example, contain a lot of water. Lean raw round steak is 70 per cent water and a pound has only fiOO calories. These diets also cause the body to lose too much salt through the kidneys. Your body is more than 50 per cent water normally (your lean muscl'.-s are also 70 per cent water), and when you lose salt, water goes with it. The loss of too much sail and water leads to fatigue, faintness and a chemical disturbance of the body. You can recover from this by adding carbohydrates in a normal amount to your diet and then regain your normal amount of sail and water. The vitamins in the so- called E and C diet do nol do a thing lo cailse a person to lose weight. That is pure WIN AT BRIDGE hokum. It is a good idea to take vitamins, though, if one is on a poor or unbalanced diet thai lifnits all those important vegetables, cereals, fruits and milk with their es- seniial vitamins and minerals. .Such unbalanced diets are deficient in vitamins and minerals. The ad you sent me claims one can lose a pound a day. That may be true if you lose too much of your water and sail or if you slarl losing your importanl muscle mass. Thai means loss of protein from YOUR BODY. There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. Even if you ale nothing at all and wereslarved completely, your body would not use that many calories a day so you can't lose a pound of FAT a day with any of these diets. The misleading stalemenl is "a pound a day," bul Ihe question is A POUND OF WHAT? You have to be very active lo use 3,500 calories a day, and if you are starving you won't feel like being that active. When you see any ad stating you will lose a pound a day, raise your index of suspicion to the red alert level. If you lose muscle and cells from vital organs in the body, you are in trouble. Muscle tissue uses more calories even when il is resting than fat lissue does. Keeping a good muscular body helps you keep from gelling fat. Unsound diets thai cause you to lose part of your muscles fix your body so you use less calories al rest. Then you have to eat a lot less lo keep from gelling fat. These diets Ihen make il likely lhal you will have a diel and obesity problem thereafter. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care ol this newspaper. P.O. Box 1551. Radio City Station, New York. N.Y. 10019. For a copy ol Dr. Lamb's booklet on losing weight, send 50 cents to the same address and ask lor "Losing Weight" booklet When to bid for your partner three spades over your three hearts. What do you do now? NOUTII l 4 10!) f 108752 + (JB * I07(»2 WKST KAST * A'4 * li 2 V K fi ¥ A J 9 •) 4.110H2 f',174 + A K J 5 4 + Q i) 8 3 SOUTH ID) * K g J ti 7 5 :i *Q3 f A K 5 a + East-West vulnerable West North Kast South 14 + Pass 3+ -1* Jblu Pass Pass I'ass Opening lead —K+ Answer Tomorrow Send S / lor JACOBY MODERN book to "Wm al Bridge. Ic/o this newspaper). P 0 Box 489. Radio Cify Slalion New York NY 10019 By Oswald & James Jacoby One of the chapters in the Morehead-Frey book discusses the general folly of bidding your partner's cards for him. This hand is given as a proper example of when to bid for your parlner. The reason is that while he probably has little or nothing in the way of strength, his cards such as they are - will help you. If Wesl had opened ace and one spade he would have beaten the hand, but he did open the king of clubs. South ruffed, led a diamond to dummy's queen; a second diamond back 'o his ace, ruffed his last small diamond and played a trump. West took his ace and led his last diamond. East ruffed and the contract had flown away. Once dummy had been able to ruff that low diamond, South had a sure thing play staring him right in the tace. All he had to do was to ruff a second club in his hand, ruff his king of diamonds with dummy^ lasl trump, show the opponents his hand and claim his contract. He would have six tricks in and four sure trump tricks to come. K ENTEKPKISK ASS.N > The bidding has been: 13 West North East South l* Pass 2* Pass 3* Pass 3f Pass 3N.T. Pass ? You, South, hold: 4AQ654 »AQ654 *AK*2 What do you do now? A—Pass, You have a magnificent hand, but your partner has beard your bids and the combined hands are clearly a misfit. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three notrump your parlner has bid vO,a For Wednesday, Aug. 14, 1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) It's not like you to be overly influenced or discouraged by the opinions of others, yet you will be today Shake it otl TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You'll be a bit irritated when you have to change some lun plans in order to take care of a problem thai will pop up GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Be sensible about how you spend this week's budget or there will be some deficits to contend with when the bills come CANCER (June 21-July 22) You're going to run into some pretty stiff resistance if you re too set upon having everything done your way Yield a bit LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) This is one of those days when you re apt to make much more ol something in your own mind than it really is Look lor the bright side VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If you have business or financial dealings where there is a friend involved, dont behave in a selfish manner or there will be a rift LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Be careful that you don t get yourself out on a limb, then saw it off by promising more than you can deliver SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You may learn of something untrue that another has said about you Don t overreact defending yourself SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Pec. 21) There s someone you're tied up with you d be better off without If you can t dissolve the association, at least walch him carefully CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Be more selective than usual concerning those with whom you pal around At present, you re being judged by the company you Keep AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You re going to be trying to catch up on a lot of work you ve left undone You II create extra pressure by pushing yourself too hard PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You will try to hide something from one you love, hoping to spare hurt feelings You Shouldn t - It will come out anyway your birthday Aug. 14. 1974 A portion of this year will be spent clearing out obstacles that have hindered your progress Strong, new foundations will be laid to build upon for the new and more promising Ford pledges support to detente with Soviet Television Logs By BARRY SCHWKH) Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON f AP) - President Ford promises to support detente with the Soviet Union but he puts the accent on defense. "Strong defense is the surest way to peace," he said Monday night in a first report to Congress and the nation. "Strength makes detente attainable. Weakness invites war, as my generation knows ..." The speech reflected Ford's commitment during 25 years in Congress to a strong military— and his recent loyalty to the Nixon administration's bid to case tensions with Moscow. "To our two peoples, and to all mankind, we owe a continued effort to live, and where possible to work together in peace," Ford said. "For, in a thermonuclear age, there can be no alternatives to a positive and peaceful relationship between our nations." Ford did not specify how much the United States should be willing to limit its military arsenal in a mutual arms reduction with the Soviet Union. One of his first big jobs will be to resolve differences between the Pentagon and the State Department in advance of a new round of nuclear arms talks in Geneva. Continuity was the key word for the new President. He used it each time in outlining eight foreign policy guidepusts. Among them: For the European allies and Japan—"continuity in the loyal collaboration of our many mutual endeavors." For mainland China—continuing on the course of friendship set by the Nixon Administration. For the Arab states and Israel—"we shall carry out our promise to promote continuing negotiation among all parties for a complete, just and lasting settlement." The Middle East seems sure to preoccupy Ford in his first week in the White House. Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger opened talks late Monday with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmy. Ford will see him on Wednesday and then receive Jordan's King Hussein on Friday. The diplomacy is designed to set the stage for a negotiated Israeli withdrawal from portions of the west bank of the Jordan River. Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, meanwhile, is directing a separate series of conferences with visiting Egyptians that will result Wednesday in the signing of new economic, scientific and possibly cultural agreements between Washington and Cairo. On the Soviet front, Kissinger confirmed that Leonid I. Brezh- nev, the Communist party leader, had sent Kissinger a message, in addition to the formal, goodwill note Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny sent to the White House. The contents of Brezhnev's message were not disclosed. White House sources said, meanwhile, that Ford may ask Brezhnev to advance his visit to the United States, now tentatively planned for late June or July. These sources also said Ford is considering a goodwill tour of Western Europe. Later, a White House spokesman said any overseas travel probably would not come until after the November elections. Monday Night 6:00 Travel Film 2 Truth or Consequences 3 News 4-6-7-10-11-12 6:30 Extension 74 2 To Tell the Truth 3 I Love Lucy 4 Beverly Hillbillies 6 Felony Squad 7 Jimmy Dean 10 To Tell the Truth 11 Civilisation 12 7:00 Man Builds, Man Destroys 2 Movie 3-7-10 "Pray for the Wildcats" Adam-12 4-6 Maude 11 7:30 Eye to Eye 2 Faraday and Company 46 Hawaii Five-0 11-12 8:00 Jeanne Wolf With ... 2 8:30 Performance 2 Hawkins 11-12 9:00 You Owe It To Yourself 2 Marcus Welby, M.D. 3-710 Police Story 4-6 9:30 Bylines 2 10:00 ABC Captioned News 2 News 3-4-6-7-10-11-12 10:30 Wide World Mystery 3 10 "Sign It Death" Johnny Carson Perry Mason Movie "Murder Ahoy" 11:30 Wide World Mys.'.ery "Sign it Death" 12:00 Here Comes the Brides4 Tomorrow 6 Tuesday 4-6 7 11-12 6:55 Morning Devotions 4 7:00 Today 4-6-10 Cal Dring 7 CBS News 11-12 7:15 Colorful World 3 7:45 New Zoo Revue 3 8:00 Sesame Street 2 Bozo's Cartoon Carnival 7 Caotain Kanaaroo 11-12 8:15 Movie 3 "Once More, with Feeling" 8:30 Arkansas 7 9:00 Classroom Instruction 2 Name That Tune 4-6-10 Movie 7 "Sun Valley Serenade" Joker's Wild 11 Sesame Street 12 9:30 Winning Streak 4-6-10 Gambit 11 10:00 Classroom Instruction 2 Split Second 3 High Rollers 4-6-10 Now You See It 11-12 10:30 People In Jazz 2 10:30 Brady Bunch 3-7-10 Hollywood Squares 4-6 Love of Life 11-12 10:55 CBS News 11-12 11:00 Classroom Instruction 2 Password 3-7-10 Jackpot! 4-6 Young and the Restless 11-12 11:30 Know Your Antiques 2 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes4-6 Split Second 7-10 Search for Tomorrow 1112 11:55 NBC News 4-6 Afternoon 12:00 Classroom Instruction 2 All My Children 3-7-10 Little Rock Today 4 News 6-12 Eye On Arkansas 11 12:30 ABC Afternoon Play- break 3-7-10 Jeopardv! 6 As the World Turns 1112 1:00 Classroom Instruction 2 Newlywed Game 3-7 Days of Our Lives 4-6-10 Guiding Light 1M2 1:30 Girl in My Ufe 3-7 Doctors 4-6-10 Edge of Night 11-12 2:00 Classroom Instruction 2 General Hospital 3-7-10 Another World 4-6 Price is Right 11-12 2:30 One Life to Live 3-7-10 How to Survive a Marriage 4-6 Match Game 11-12 3:00 Sesame Street 2 10,000 Pyramid 3-10 Merv Griffin 4 Somerset 6 Lassie 7 Tattletales 11-12 3:30 Movie 3 "Calypso Heat Wave" Bozo's Big Top 7 I Love Lucy 10 Big Valley 11 Gambit 12 I Dream of Jeannie 6 4:00 Mister Rogers 2 Bonanza 4-6 Lost in Space 10 It Takes A Thief 12 4:30 Electric Company 2 Gilligan's Island 7 Green Acres 11 5:00 Sesame Street 2 ABC News 3-7 Truth or Consequences 410 Gilligan's Island 6 Hogan's Heroes 11 Lucy Show 12 Tuesday. August 13, 1974 5:30 News 3 NBC News 4-6 Petticoat Junction 7 CBS News 11-12 ABC News 10 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:00 Travel Film 2 Truth of Consequences 3 News 4-6-7-10-11-12 Know Your Antiques 2 To Tell the Truth 3 I Love Lucy 4 Movie 6 "Great Day in the Morning" Felony Squad 7 American Angler 10 To Tell the Truth 11 Maude 12 Arkansas: Continuum 2 The Cowboys 3-10 Chase 4 Movie 7 ^'Father Goose" Hudson Brothers 11-12 Folk Guitar 2 Movie 3-10 "Melvin Purvis, G- Man" Century Theatre 2 Movie 4 "Shadow on the Land" Movie 6 "Remember When" Cannon 11-12 Festival Films 2 Doc Elliot 3-10 Garner Ted Armstrong 7 Kojak 11-12 Video Visionaries 2 ABC Captioned News 2 News 34-6-7-10-11-12 Wide World Special 310 Johnny Carson 4-6 Perry Mason 7 Movie 11-12 "The Glass House" Wide World Special 7 Here Comes the Brides 4 Tomorrow 6 Morning fffc family OPEN 9-9, MONDAY THRU SATURDAY SPECIAL PURCHASE! 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