Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 21, 1907 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 5
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local Events, Holly tags and seals for Xmas at Clapp'8. Cigars in Christmas boxes. Covino Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. The finest oysters in bulk 25o a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Decorative calendar pads at! Clapp's. Miss Josin Rosen thai is the guest of her sister, Mrs. P. J. Cline. Holiday goods all ready at Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Jackson are moving into Fairly'a new house on the north side of Cottage Drive. George Cook has arrived from Boston* and is at the home of his mother, Mrs. H. F. Cook. Master Denard Wylie of Pomona spent two days this week at the home of his friend, Paul Gage. Father Sheehy of Monrovia was the guest of Messrs. Haiti and .Rubie on Thursday last. Guests at the home of Messrs. Ralli and Rubie on Saturday last were Messrs. Stork, de Londonier and Josling of London, England. The quarantine has been removed from the telephone office and the girls are attending to business with renewed industry. While my cement out8t is at work in cemetery I can do your plot for less money 'than to make a special trip. Phone your order in at once. G. W. Griffiths, Jr. Mrs. B. L. Reynolds arrived home on Saturday from Farmington, Cal., where she has been visiting relatives. She was accompanied by Mrs. Reynolds, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. U.. Cole have sold their property in Gardena and are now looking for a temporary location in Coviiia. Their many friends hope they will come back to reside among us permanently. Mrs. C. O. Glover, who has been spending two weeks at the home of John Glover in Los Angeles, leaves on .Saturday for Oklahoma, where she will visit her mother, whom she has not seen for eighteen years, Where umbrellas are made—Geb. B. Detwiler, umbrella maker, Glen- ""dora.'s 1 : Covering and repairing. Buggy umbrellas and parasols repaired. Headquarters at • F. A. Sei- mear's furniture store. 12-21 An interesting meeting of the W. F.M.S. of the M.E. Church was held at the home of Mrs. E. P. 'Warner, Wednesday, Deo. 18, the subject being "Evangelistic Missions. 11 A goodly number were present. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dudderur, Mr. and Mrs. Hazzard and Mrs. Graham went over to Monrovia on Tuesday evening and installed Eastern Star officers for the ensuing year. A banquet and general good time were enjoyed by all. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Parcell and little daughter, and J. D. Duke and son and Mr. Frank Wharton of Colorado Springs, Colo., are visiting at the home of Job Trout. They are thinking of making Covina their home. We welcome this week Mr. and Mrs. William F. Granloe, recently of San Jose, Cal. Mr. Granlee has purchased the S. E. Bryant orange grove east of *;ho city. He is a retired newspaper man and comes to Southern California to secure among our oranKe groves a well earned rest after many years in the barneys. The finest oysters in bulk 25c a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Xmas postals, cards and booklets at Clapp's. Tho finest oysters in bulk 2iic a dozen at the Depot Grocery. Gold cord for tying packages. Co- viua Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Baled alfalfa at J. H. Matthews 1 , Citrus avenue. Everett Blanchard is home from Berkeley for the Christmas holidays. Box paper at out prices. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Mrs. H. D. Blanchard, who has been quite ill the past week, is now somewhat better. Ralph D. Mussey and wife were the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey on Sunday last. Give her a box of Guutber's for Xmas. Sweets to the sweet. Clupp's drug store. Dr. and Mrs. Wood of Long Beach were guests of Mrs. I. I. Cook last week. Mrs. Wm. Aschenbrenner was called to Pomona on last Sunday on account of the illness of her daughter, Mrs. H. D. Blancbard. Mr. and Mrs. Labee spent "Sunday in Los Angeles'at the home, of their nephew, L. J. C. Spruance. The Missos Effle and Vernie Houser are spending the week in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Miss Nora Mailes of Orange spent the week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Fred Preston. Howard Douglas returned yesterday from the University of California to spend the Christmas holidavs with his parents. Mrs. BlancharS and Mrs. Shearer attended Dr. Jordan's lecture at the Polytechnic High School on Wednesday last. Our old time friend, John Moaher, has moved to Beaumont, where he has gone into the shoe business. Beaumont gains a good citizen. During the absence of the principal of the Fremont schol, Hollywood, Miss Mary L. Oilman hat* the past week filled the position. Dr. and Mrs. Goodell attended the county convention of osteopaths on Thursday night in Pacific College of Osteopathy. -<.Mrs. B. -H. Lemon and daughter of Lordabnrg were week end guests at the Ratekin home. On Saturday afternoon they all went into Los Angeles to hear the "Kilties. 1 * The Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church celebrated Christmas at the home of Mrs. Eunia. An interesting meeting was given under the leadership of the hostess. Mrs. J. L. Dull and two children, who have been visiting the parents of the former, Mr. and Mrs. A. Carnahan, have arrived at their borne at Wichita, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Matthews and four children arrived last night to spend the Christmas holidays tit the home of the grandpnrentH, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Matthews. Peter Fesler has awarded the contract to Joseph Moxley for a commodious six room cottage on East Center street. Mr. and*Mrs. Fpslor are looking forward to moving into their now home within sixty days. Mr. and Mrs. Judson Lovell removed this week to Modesto, where they expect to reside permanently, having purchased extensive ranch interests in that localitv. In Co- virio they will be missed in social and church circles. OUR AtflllS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Stanton Bros. & Keeling Pomona Sanitary Laundry Guntber's sweets are pure and sweet. Clapp sells 'em. Fine line of perfumes. Covlua Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Red and green bolls for Xtnas decorations at. Clapp's. Sauer kraut at the Nnrtbside Market, lOc a quart. Brush and comb sots. Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop, If you wish any choice sweet pea seed see Pooley's Coviua Nurseries. Oacar Miller has commenced the erection of a handsome $3000 residence on the Jeunison tract. The Brethren Sunday-school convention held at Lordsburg on last Thursday was well represented by Co- viua members. Mrs. Rifctenhouse has returned from the North and has opened dressmaking parlors in the Coviua House, opposite P.O., room G. tf Millinery sale at Miss S. Ronkard's on North Citrus avenue. Every trimmed hat and fancy feather will be sold at one-third oil regular price. One dozen untrimmed hats for 50 cents each, as long an they last. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rankins and child of Kansas City are guests of their relatives, Mrs. Martha Hibsoh and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Matthews. A. J. Reotz, real estate agent, has rented desk room in the office of the Coviua Transfer Co. Miss Nola Coin returned to Covina last Sunday after a four nionhts 1 visit with relatives and friends in the northern part of the state. While away she visited San Francisco, San Quentin, Oakland, Richmond, Petaluma, Berkeley, and. Fresno. She was accompanied home by her cousin, Miss Effie Cole of Fresno. John Knoll, well known to many of our citizens, was visiting Covina fr($.n$9 one day tbip week. His Los Angeles address is 812 South Main. Robert BaldridKe, Sr., brought to our office this week an interesting sample of printing in the early 60's. It was a poster announcing the winter term of the Groton Academy of Groton, N. Y., and the faculty contained tho'riarne of Miso D. S. Baldridge, English assistant, who is now Mrs. G. W. Lee of this city. J ewelry ~~~%*MT The Gift Par Excellence: Only a few more days to buy that Christmas present, so come where choosing is easiest. Ladies' and gent's watches; good cheap watches for the boy or girl; chains, fobs; solid gold rings, all sizes and kinds; bracelets and lockets; scarf pins; cuff links and buttons, large and small, fancy and plain; napkin rings; silver brushes and combs; military brushes; cut glass in many shapes; silverware, solid and plate; fountain pens; fancy hat pins; belt buckles. F. E. Wolfarth The Old Reliable Jeweler For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. For Sale —Eucalyptus wood, $1'2.HO cord. Phono 3211. tf Don't forget to renew your magazine subscriptions at Clapp's. For Sale—Pickling olives on the treos. A. P. Kerokhoff. Phono 7u". For Snle—Team, wagon mid harness. W. II. Danlols, Phono 2090. For Sale-—Ono family driver or orchard horse. P. F. Foslor. tf Clapp can duplicate any combination magazine offer, Saner kraut at tho Nortlisido Market, lOc n quart. I am well prepared to do a limited amount of team work. Phono 3100. W. M. Warren. For Sale—20 cords of goqd walnut wood, 110 a cord. Archie Vincent. Phone 38 tf For Sale—100 cords of gum wood in stove lengths. See J. H. Matthews, Argus block. l'2-21p fed turkeys on Mrs. J. M. Fin- ^^i Shoe Shop Sold. Covina's shoo repair shop, adjoining the Owl barber shop, bus again changed bauds, tho now proprietor being George Simeouofl, who will do all work in his lino promptly and in workmanlike wanner. Try him. Fortnightly Club. Tho Fortnightly Club will meot on Monday, Doc. 2H. All members are earnestly requested to be present to participate in tho discussion, which promises to bo of unusual interest. Topic, "Tho Nature of Crime." Key. White will open, followed by others who will apeak. At the follow inn regular meeting the subject will bo, "Tho Punishment of Crime. " Come prepared to offer some snj/gesl.ions UDOII this live and interesting topic. Gifts for the Children. 0*her gifts may please the child for the moment, but tho BEST of all holiday presents is a Bank Account. It costs nothing, it brings lasting pleasure and it leaches the Saving Habit. Young people who learn to save live wholesome lives, for they do not upend their money in ways that are detrimental to health and character. Von can open an account, for the boy's or girl's Christmas at thin bank with ONK JJOLLAKor more. We give yon a neat little bank hook with the record of tho first. dcpoHit. therein, to be presented on Chi'ibtnias morning. (ovina Valley Saving Bank A. I'. Kerckhoff U, M. HOUM.T ... .J. f'.. Huti.hi-.on, .Jr '.'.'. M. (iria^old Vice l'r<:-.i(lrut I 'ii.->bicr A. I'. K'-rckhoff H. M. M'>i!.-,t:r >V. if. H<, Unlay i-.l 1 OKS .J. K. Kiliott Man.o II. HHIiiMn (./co. r«. Anderson For Sale — Corn Holloubeck ranch. ley. It For Kent — Comfortably furnished room. See Mrs. Martha Hibseh, Cottage D rive, tf For sale — Surrey, buggy, wagon, plows, ridgors, dumper, harrows. Phono 3100. W. M. Warren. Chickens Wanted -Flock of young roosters, laying hens and pullets. Hotel Von do me. Pluco your savings in the United Stales Savings Bank of Covina and secure 4 per cent. If possible do your shopping mornings and secure bettor service at, Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. For Rent:- — Good oHlco rooms, tho bast in tho city, suitable for professional men. See owners, Hood & Matthews. Wanted— Two good second-hand ranch wagons, axle 3 in. or 2% in. Twomey & Diller, opposite S. P. Depot, Coviua. ' . . . •."/the Cdvina Valley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment, for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. Chickens! Chickens 1 1 ChiokonsM! My entire flock of lino young roosters and laying hens for sale. R. J. Pollard, San Bernardino road. Wo have several cash buyers for residence lots and ranch property. Also from 81000 to 85000 to loan on first mortgage. I. C. Fairly Co. For Sulo — Buggy, harness and a gentle driving horse. Sell cheap. Inquire) of F. (>. Davis at Fitxgorald & Barry ranch. 1 tp For Sale— -All-purpose horse. South of electric line on Irwimhtlo avenue. Frank Wcf.ton. 12-'2!tj) Wanted-— Posit ion on ranch; light outside u*>rk. Will work for board and room. H. 10. Boril.lor, Oil W. First St., Los Angolos. lip For Sale- One all-purpose horno, perfectly safe for lady to drive anywhere, Hihglit or double, weight 1200 Ibs. Phone 101, Irwindalo. C. H. Coffman. tf Wanted To buy '20 to •!() shares Covina Irrigating Co. stock. Ad dross J. 13, Conlnton, 1'iiHiulena, Cal. tf For Kale Team of work horsiiH, fi and 0 yearn ulrl, weight '2050 Ids. Will work wnll anywhere. I 1 !. It. .Jeffrey, A/lisa. 1'honcn - 2'M'2 and 1-200. 1 tp Lost Somewhere het.wnon S. 1'. Depot and i'uoiflo lOlcotric car lino on Irwindalo avenue a small purso containing a (J. A. K. pin and small chain. Finder. pleaso return to owner and receive reward. J'hoeho Hrown, Irwludalo. tt I''it/(ioial(l A. Hurry of I'asadenii !oun money on ranches ami improved real estate at lowest, current, rates. 'They charge no commission. Write j or telephone them at Pai-a'lcna or ;:a!l up .1. W. I'n.nUsH, Covina phono J21U1, and ank to ha vis it rcprcNciita- tivi- of the firm call on you. ('unit- in and h<-i- bargains In lurgi lots. 50x175, with largo orange lrei:H ami clorc, in. Also good rcblficnce {>ro|<>:rtii.-H. A UU ac.ri; ilijifujirovinl ranch in go-jcl locality, £'1,000. A fi ;icic full Itiraring ranch v.ilh crop and full ualor i igM., £f>,()00. A 10 iicii' liiuc.h, u.'i'H\ nu i M I H(.'>1, j/l(;:;lv i,f 'AiiU-r, with croc, 10,000. Oooif ll for exchange for va f.'nvii.a Keail,> Co., Cluik m^ Covina Peoples Store | (INCOHI'OKATKD) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY Only 2 more Shopping Days before Christmas We arc still prepared to serve you with a complete line of useful presents for young and old. Christmas Post Cards and Views of Covina OUR GUESSING CONTEST is larger and better than ever. SUNSET KXCHANGE CLAPP I/OMB PHONE 115 DRUGGIST and STATIONER "A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE," IN A(!K,S PAST, plagues wiped out whole communities. They could not l>c averted. Antiseptics and disinfectants were unheard of. Precautionary steps could not be taken. TODAY an epidemic IIICRHH someone has unintentionally overlooked the welfare of the community and fellowman. Two minutes a clay spent in usltijjf an antiseptic or disinfectant is nothing compared to human life that may be wasted. Powerful, trustworthy antiseptics, such as Ivisterinu or Peroxide can be procured at a, small cost. 3.5 cents will procure a pint of the heat Formaldehyde. Sure shot. Prices Lower than the Lowest l^e-cleaned wheat, 125 Ib. sack. Utah bran mixed with shorts, 100 Ib. sack, $1.60. Cracked corn. Feed Meal. Shorts. Kaffir corn. For Sale by SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING CO. |JI/UT(; and '•ant !..!•> &. Douyl.jsj. Sanders Real Estate Company Have opened offices at corner of Citrus Avenue and crossing of electric car line, in the Workman building, where they will be fully equipped with such facilities as are calculated to carry to a successful issue any business entrust* ed with them. Call and List Your Property or phone 88-Mome

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