Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1938 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1938
Page 4
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-iV, PAGE FOUS Six Leading Grid Teams Accept Bids $ to Play in Various "Bowl" Contests f- p" ftf CU Chooses Sugar Bowl After Efforts Fail to Get Carnegie Tech at Dallas—Tennessee and .Oklahoma to Play in Orange Bowl By the Associated Press The post-season football market did a thriving business Tuesday when top teams announced their acceptance of invitations to play in four intersectional "bowl" contest January 2. The acceptances followed closely on the selection of Duke and Southern Cali- HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE ; Panful v, ' Ae a«« «"> . oni J" 1 " Aak y our druggist for Doan's PW», osed succRBfufly by miflfo s ona for OTO 40 the Don't Order a Worthless Truss That Does More Harm Than Good You can inspect and get the best fit right here at home. Our fitters take a real interest in fitting them correctly and adjust them until you are pleased with your selection. Our Truss, Elastic Hosiery and Abdominal Support business is rapidly increasing becaue of j-eal interest and experience in fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. fornia Monday as rivals for the Rose Bowl classic at Pasadena, Calif. The latest additions to the list of "bowl" combatants were: Texas Christian and Carnegie Tech, Sugar Bowl at New Orleans; Tennessee and Oklahoma, Orange Bowl at Miami, Fla.; Texas Tech with no rival named as yet for the Cotton Bowl at Dallas, Texas, and New Mexico, also looking for an opponent for the Sun Bowl at El Paso, Texas. Four of the six are unbeaten and un- tied—TCU, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Texas Tech—and three of the four still have a game each to play. Tennessee, champion of the Southeastern Conference, has Mississippi to dispose of Saturday, while Oklahoma, Big Six title winner, and Texas Tech have engagements the same day with Washington Sitate and Centenary, respectively. Texas Christian nnd Tennessee, while they have accepted bids, must await final approval of their action by the other members of their conferences. In each case, however, this is regarded as a mere formality. Holy Cross was being sought as the opponent for Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl, with Utah, champion of the Rocky Mountain Big Seven, the leading candidate' for the Sun Bowl game with New Mexico. New York promoters, because of poor weather conditions, postponed until next year their plans for an "Eastern Bowl" game tentatively set for December 10. TCU Chose Sugar Bowl for Several Pertinent Reasons DALLAS, Texas—<#)—Christian, perhaps the mightiest of all Southwest football teams, Tuesday chose the New Orleans' Sugar Bowl post-season classic for its final appearance on January 2 because: 1. It felt Carnegie Tech, its New Orleans' foe, was the strongest opposition it could face. 2. Carnegie Tech, previously committed to the Sugar Bowl, wasn't available for the Cotton Bowl. 3. Players, the boys who steam- To the Citizens of Hope: Many thanks for the fine support given me in Wednesday's election. I will do my best to represent you creditably on the City Council. ' Syd McMath I want to thank the people of Hope for the vote and support which was given me in my race for mayor. J. A. Embree TO THE VOTERS: I*am deeply grateful for the vote which was given me Wednesday by the people of Hope. I pledge you that at all times I will do my best to discharge this public trust for all the people. J. R. WILLIAMS To My Friends- Your Loyalty and Support Gave to Me the Democratic Nomina- tion for Mayor in Wednesday's Primary, for Which I Am Deeply Grateful. W. S. Atkins rolled ten stttfeht' opponents Voiced a preference. Stunned by their position of "second best' when Rose Bowl invitations were handed out, the Christians immediately made sincere efforts to piny in Texas' own game—the Cotton Bowl. Throughout the night and into early dawn Tuesday, TCU officials sat closeted with J. Curtis Sanford, director-general of the Cotton Bowl game, in an effort to make arrangements for a Texas Christian appearance in Dallas, Telephonic ami telegraphic contacts were made with many leading teams. Carnegie Tech, loser only to Notre Dame on the famed "wrong count" decision and conqueror of mighty Pitt, 21-10, advised Cotton Bowl officials it had committed itself to the Sugar Bowl. Other contacts failed and TCU officials, at 4:30 a. m. decided to accept the Sugar Bowl's invitation. It was contingent upon approval by the six remaining members of the Southwest Conference—a formality. Texas Christian players had voted immediately after their triumph over Southern Methodist Saturday to accept a Rose Bowl bid if it was proffered, Duke got the bid and Texas Christian sought put the stlffest foe av'ailpble—Carrvegie Tech, in their opinion. Holy Cross, VlUanora and Utah May Oppose Red Raiders DALLAS, Texas — (#)— Undefeated, untied Texas Tech Tuesday was formally invited to play in the Cotton Bowl post-season football classic here on January 2, but no opponent had yet been selected. Dan Rogers, chairman of the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association board of directors, said Holy Cross, Villanova and Utah were being considered as likely opponents of the West Texas team. Fordham's Rams, defeated only by Pitt but tied, declined an invitation and closed its post-season negotiations when the Sugar Bowl at New Orleans announced it had signed Carnegie Tech and Texas Christian. The Tech Red Raiders, its Centenary game Saturday the last on a schedule Legal Notice NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned as administrator of the estate of Mrs. Annie L. Simpson Good, deceased, will on the 22nd day of December, 1938, offer for sale at the front door or entrance to The Citizens National Bank of Hope in the City of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, at public auction to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following described lands belonging to said estate, to-wit; Part of Northeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter (NEy 4 NWV-i) of Section Twenty-eight (28), Township Twelve (12) South, Range Twenty- four (24) West, described as follows: Begin at Northwest corner of Black Three, Oaklawn Addition- No. 3 to Hope, Arkansas, and run Northwesterly parallel with Arkansas & Louisiana Railroad twelve" (12) feet to point of beginning; thence Northeasterly and parallel with North line of said Block 3 one hundred three feet (103); thence Northwesterly parallel with Long Street - as extended forty (48) feet; thence Southwesterly parallel with North line of said Block 3 one hundred three (103) feet; thence Southeasterly and parallel with East line of said railroad forty (40) feet to point of be-, ginning, Begin at the Northeast Corner of Lot Number One (1) in Block Number One (1) in Garretts Subdivision of Blocks Eight (8) and Nine (9) of Wallis Addition to the Town of Hope, Arkansas, and point of beginning, and run in a westerly direction One Hundred and Thirty-nine (139) feet along the south line "of West Division Street to a stake; thence in a scuth- s?*terly direction, at right angles to t'ie St. Louis Iron Mountain Railway, One Hundred and Thirty-nine and seven tenths (139 7/10) feet to a stake; thence in an easterly direction Ninetyfour (94) feet to a stake; thence north One Hundred and Forty-six and five tenths (146 5/10) feet to the point of beginning. All in Garretts Subdivision of Blocks Eight (3) and Nine (9) in Wallis Addition to the Town of Hope, Arkansas, Also, Lots Nos. One (1), Two (2), Three (3) and Four (4) Block Three (3) in Oaklawn Addition No. Three (3) to the City of Hcpe, Arkansas, And Lot Eight (8) in Block Two (2) Green Oaks unincorporated addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas. Said sale is made for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate, and purchasers at such sale will be required to give note with approved security for the purchase price, and a lien will be retained upon said property to secure the due payment of the urchase price therefor. Dated this 29th day of November, 1938. ALBERT GRAVES Administrator Dec. 1. Spat, HOPE, ARKANSAS that has seen them lick Montana, Montana State, Duquesne, MnrrtueUe, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas School of Mines Oklahoma City, and Loyola of Los Angeles, accepted the Invitation. Texas Christian officials sat with Cotton Bowl heads throughout the night in an effort to make arrangements for a Dallas appearance, but accepted the Sugar Bowl bid when it was announced Carnegie Tech would be their opponent there. Efforts to match Tennessee and Oklahoma here failed when the Orange Bowl grabbed those two undefeated, untied teams. Nylnnd Satisfied Over Invitation to Orange Bowl KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — (/P) —Coach Bob Neyland expressed satisfaction Tuesday that his untied and unbeaten Tennessee Volunteers had been • invited to play undefeated and untied Oklahoma in the Miami Orange Bowl January 2, Neyland said also Tennessee had considered a game in the Dallas Cotton Bowl. A report from Dnllas said Texas Christian University accepted a bid to the New Orleans Sugar Bowl only after officials had been unable to obtain a "suitable" foe for the Cotton Bowl. "We had under consideration the matter of playing in the Cotton Bowl," said the big Tennessee mentor. "Also in other bowls, "Evidently we were being considered by the bowl officials also. What happened when the selections were made, I do not know, but we are well satisfied with the Orange Bowl and our undefeated opponents, the University of Oklahoma." If Neyland felt any disappointment that his team. Southern Conference champion, was not selected for the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl, he gave no indication of it as he sent his squad through a spirited workout in preparation for the final game of the season Saturday against Mississippi in Memphis. Neyland said he believed Texas Christian and Carnegie Tech formed a good combination for the Sugar Bowl. Not so affable were Tennessee followers, who were plainly disappointed that Tennessee did not get a bid either to the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl as the Volunteers face a sixth undefeated season during Neyland's 12-year reign here. Tie games marred five perfect seasons. Excitement Spreads Across Campus at Oklahoma NORMAN, Okla.—<#)—ExcitemerU spread across the University of Oklahoma campus Tuesday night as the word got around that the undefeated Sooner football team would play Tennessee in the Orange Bowl at Miami, Fla., January 2. Saturday's intersectional game with Washington State here was forgotten for the moment. Students started planning ways to follow the team South. Tom Stidham, young head coach and athletic director whose Sooners have won 13 games in a row, withheld comment until official word came from Miami. "We'll be happy to play Tennessee," he said when assured Miami officials had made the announcement. "It should be a great game." Both Oklahoma and Tennessee are unbeaten and untied this year but Tennessee also has another scheduled game to "play. The Vols meet Mississippi Saturday. Recordsvof the tow teams this year are almost identical. Tennessee has won nine games and held opponents to 16 points. Oklahoma, in a like number of games, has held the opposition to 12 points. Both are champions of their respective conferences—the Sooners of the Big Six and the Volunteers of the Southeastern. Tennessee ranked fourtli nationally and-Oklahoma fifth in this week's Associated Press poll. The Sooners were so excited during Tuesday's workout they let the freshmen run them ragged in scrimmage. "I saw some news reel pictures of Tennessee's team and I'm scared to death," said big Waddy Young, Okla- home's leading candidate for All- America honors. "It will be a good vacation for the boys, but we'll go down there to win." Paul Harrison in Hollywood The Man,Who Imitates Wallpaper Also Escorts Hedy Lamarr About Prescott Man Is (Continued from Page entire life in this county. He was well known and liked by everyone who knew him. His many friends learned with deep regret of his untimey death. For many years he was agent for the Standard Oil Company, which position he held until about two years ago when he was forced to give it up because of ill health. Since that time he has been connected with the Christopher Cash Oil Company. • » ». A "fixed focus" camera is one having a lens focused for the best average distance, or 25 feet. Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery He started doing imitations and look at him now. His name I* Reginald Gardiner and with him i» Ilcdy Lamarr. HOLLYWOOD.—You never can tell what some odd little talent may do for you. Take Reginald Gardiner, the man who imitates wallpaper. He came by his fame accidentally, but it has established him firmly in Hollywood, and a bachelor nnd all, he has become the right-hand man of the heady Hcdy Lamarr. I call that pretty good going. Gardiner had been playing straight parts on the English stage for about a dozen years and never guessed that he was destined to panic 'movie and radio patrons. One day he was asked to entertain at a boys' school, which he once attended, and on the train going down he wracked his brain for a scheme to divert the youngsters. It was a rackety, bumptious little train, and its clanking and snorting began to work a pattern in the actor's thoughts. Wallpaper Imitations Inspired in Bed. So when he got to the school he imitated the train, accompanying the imitation with a lecture. It went over big, so big that word of it preceded him to London. Friends made him repeat the stunt, and then the public clamored for it. He enlarged his repertoire. His representation of the monotonous patterns of wallpaper came to him. quite simply, while ho was lying in bed. On Broadway, in the revue, "The Show Is On," he did his agitated pan- tomi'm'c of a cop orchestra leader, which was repeated here in "Born to Dance." Later roles have been less screwy, but he still entertains his friends with imitations of *lmost anything, especially music. Just now he is playing in "Katherine the Last" with a broken arm. He broke it falling down stairs, not leading an imaginary orchestra. The script has been revised to justify the arm's being carried in a sling. Sneezing His Way io Success Another specialist is Billy Gilbert, the sneezer. If Gilbert hadn't been a poor barber he probably never would have fecome a film comic. On the other hand, if he hadn't been a barber at all he likely wouldn't have the top role in a modest Metro muslcall called "G'nce Over Lightly." During 25 years as a funnyman, the fat actor never told about his barber shop discord, but it's true. His fathei had a shop in San Francisco and made hi'm,' study the tonsorial art. "I was failure," he confessed. ''Such a failure that I ran away, slept outdoors, caught cold, started sneezing, made people laugh, sneezed my way into vaudeville and then into pictures. When I hcarc this movie needed a barber college professor I came around and got the job. Say, friend, isn't your hair getting a little thin on top?" Plain and fancy dying is the usual chore of J. Anthony Hughes. On the Broadway stage and during three years Thursday. December 1,1988 in pictures, he has been shot Innumerable times, slabbed, kicked to death, and - hns fallen to his doom from planes, a trapeze and n wagon. One of his finest demises wns when n teflm dragged him to glory In the early sequences of "In Old Chicago." Hollywood Homicide Pays Well "Death is n pleasure nt Hollywood prices," he admitted. "But the trouble is that when an actor is supposed to be killed, they generally arrange to bump him off the payroll in a hurry. 'Chicago,' now, was an eight-Month assignment for the other actors, but I was out of a job in six weeks. "I'm having my first big break In this Tail Spin.' When they sent me the script 1 saw right awny where there's a pilot named Speed who gets killed in a crash, so I said, 'Well, here I go again!' So you can Imagine my surprise when they put In Eddie Norris as Speed anrf made me Connie Bennett's flying instructor, who lives till through the picture. NASAL JRR1TATIOM, TJBTHEN your nostrils bo- Vycome red, Irritated, (md stuffy because you have a head cold, just Insert a little Mentholatum In them. Note how quickly It soothes the irritated membranes and relieves the stufflncss.It will nlso check sneezing. Onco you enjoy Mentholatum's comforting relief, you'll always want to keep this gentle ointment handy. MENTHQLATUM C.rrs COMFORT Dally ROLLSQU1CKER (It's "crimp cut") PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE ^FLOUR CHERRY BELL 48 ";, S1.38 JiFLUFFO SHORTENING | SUGAR Putcan*: 10 m — ^^ 8 Lb. Ct 83c :• 4 Lb. Ct.. Lbs 46c Gifts That Last CHAIRS Lounge Rocking Stationary Windsor Desk LAMPS • IES Floor and Table Lamps • Vanity • Bed DISHES • Open Stock Patterns FOSTORIA • Full Line Hope Hardware COMPANY '.; CORN MEAL i 24 Pounds 35c : ; MATCHES •I 6 Boxes 15c £ S A L T £ 100 Pounds 85c COFFEE Ifl Fresh Ground, Lb. IUC LARD 8Lb. Ct. 79 C Flake White 4 Lb. Ct...41c JOWL MEAT Pound lOc l' Purina Family Flock SLAYING MASH 100 S2.25 f. jiPURINA LAYENA 100 Lb Sack S2.50 PURINA BUIXY1AS CHOW Feed Purina Bulky- Las with your home grains or Cotton Seed Meal. It is pasture plus miner-, tls. Makes cows drink more water. Fatten Those Xmas Turkeys mid Hens with Chicken und Turkey Fatena. Gives the Moat a Better Flavor. ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street The Store With the Checker Board Sign Business Property - Homes - Farms—To Be Sold At AUCTION Wednesday, December 7 CITY HALL, 10 A. M. This Is the Real Estate Holdings of the Closed Arkansas Bank & Trust Co, and It Consists of Desirable Business and Residence Property and Several Farms in Hempstead and Nevada Counties. Come to Our Office in the Old Arkansas Bank & Trust Co. Building for Descriptive List of the Property for Sale. Our Salesman Will Show You Any Property That Interests You Without Obligation. Act at Once, and Be in Position to Bid Wednesday, December 7. TERMS: ONE-FOURTH CASH, balance in one, two and Uircc years at C per cent. G. S. Jernigan, State Bank Commissioner MURREY-YOUNG CO., Selling Agent Old Arkansas Bank & Trust Co. Building, Main and Second Sts. Hope, Arkansas I

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