Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on September 4, 1889 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1889
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CQHSTIPATIOfJ I S culled the "Fattier of Jllseiws," because there is no medium through which disease so often attacks tho system as by the absorption of polsonotiR pases In flip retention of decayed and effete matter In tlm stomach and bowels. It Is caused by a Torpid Wver, not enough bile being excreted from the Wood to produce Nature's own cathartic, and Is generally accompanied with euch results as Loss of Appetite* Sick Headache, Bad Breath etc. fThe treatment of Oonstipatiou docs not con- afstmerely In unloading the bowels. The mecll- clnuimist not only act as a purgative, but be a tonlo as well, and not produce after Its use greater cofitlve.ncss. Tonecure a regular habit of body without changing the diet or ellsorganl Ing the system VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 1889. NUMBER 172. V * S» r^Lf^S...-,- Goal, Lumber and Salt O - - and pays the high marks' pris*. CATTLE ASD HOGS. What Chicago Shippers Know About the Former. J"My attention, after suffering with Constipation for two or three years, waa called to Sim- Dions Liver Regulator, and, having tried almost everything else, concluded to try ft. I first took a wlneE'aflsful and afterwards reduced the dose to a teaspoonful, as per directions, after each meal. I found that it had done me so much good that I continued it until I took two bottles. Since then I have not experienced any difllculty, I keep It In my house and would not be without It but nave no use for It. Ithavlngcured me."—GFO' W. Brats, Ass't. ('lark Superior Cour Bibb Co.. Ueorgla.ii • Take only the Genuine' Which has on the Wrapper the red 25 U mark and signature of " ' J. H. 8SRILIN A CO. VEST'S O^iMITTEE STILL AT WORK. The Missouri Senator Won't Ilnvo St. Ixiulu Cnlled "Slow"—A C€>ml»lnn In Dremed Beef Devirloped—The "Hljf Four" BJnut Fnce tlio Mtinlo—"Old Hutch" Tolls l» Reporter What lie Doenn't Know About n Pork Dnnl—Important Rullwny Resignation Announced. CDIOAOO, Sept 4.—Tho senate committee yesterday continued its Investigation into tho dressed beef and live cattle business, nnd examined Ashley C. Hallowoll, connected with Tho Drovers' Journal and Daily Sun, at the stock yards. Ho said that his estimate showed that tho receipts of cattle at Chicago during the last eight months had boon tho largest in tho world, either at this or any other market, tho figures being 297,000 head ot cattle. About 1:5,000 were from Texas; 11,000 from Montana,Wyoming and tho northwest, and tho remainder from tho central states, Illinois being in tho lead. Herald that in this business fit. Louis had hardly hold Its own, bccnuBo, in his opinion, that city was a little slower than tho othcri In getting business. Senator Vrnt n I.lttloil "Rllod." This, of course, brought Senator Vest to Ms feet in an install U Said he: "Did you never hoar of tho 'ovonors'' combination f' Tho witness admitted that ho hail, some twelve years ago. Senator Vest—Well, diil you not hoar that a clique of Chicago shippers miuleia combination, .with BomaoC tiio railroads byi.whieh cheaper rates woro obtained from Chicago, nmi that JjyjMsJ.ha_St,-Louis-lrasiness was ruined? ~ Tho witness had heard some talk of such things. The senator pressed him harder and brought in the names of Nelson Morris and Allerton and some others, ns having been parties to that "eveners 1 combination." Senator Vest intimated tlmt lie was not going to lot it appear that Kt. Louis had lo^t her trade "on account of her reputation for being a little slow in getting business," as tho witness had said, if ho could help it IT CONFORMS TO SHAPE OF FOOT. If you want perfection In flt, with fn'iwlom from corna »'"1 oL discomfort you will nlw»jr» wear fl.° Hurt & Packard Shoe. » l» » c1knc '3'; ! ^ l f?i » tlio innrt: rpi7^orwU«, tho I»-Jl irmrinj and •«»* *!(«•» gentlemen'a nhoe mnJe in the worm, Don't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes. Tho Burt & Packard Shoe costs no more tluraanr oilier fine shoo,<For»;J> """« P77"-o<ij)i « (it raft;* , .. All »tylt» In llBnil-nudc. Unnil-wcH, anil Bnrtweillj «IK! HOTS' nna Yoorm'. If not sold by your dealer Mud kin nmnn auil your address lo T..,v»r^< n ' l J t T! IJ (succfwors tn Hurt 4 ract»r03 Packard ot Field, Brockton,was*. BOWI JT. I». Overliolser, Sterllne. HUt trol Rnilrontl n.m]iany. Mr. Jeffery'a resignation, to tnkn 'i-ffoct lit thu end of tho yenr, wns plafHnl in tho hands oC President Fish last July, but a coniliot of authority between Mr. Jeifory and Acting Frfnlclent Harriman hastened mnlton», find Mr. Joffery retired from tho company's servlc-j at the close ot business Monday. Tho pith OT tho tronblo IR that tho directors passed a by-law requiring all proposed re luctlonn in rates to Iw reported to tho president, and by him to th'< board. Jeffery declined to agree to this by-law, and sent In a demand that ho bo relieved from obligation to obny tho law, or thnt his resignation bo accepted, President Fish conceded the point, and in July went to Europe. Acting President Harriman then canceled the concession, and Mr. Jt'fFory resigned. The "Q" It:>inl Prosper*. CHICAGO, Sept 4. —Tho July statement of tho Burlington Rjiilroad company given out yesterday makes a very favorable showing in comparison with tho returns for tho earlier months of tho yoar. The statement shows nn increase In tlio gross earnings of Burlington proper of $2'il,nw, a decrease in operating expenses of $:)£>, 408, and an increase in not earnings of J.Yil, 148. Grose earningsof proprietary lines Increased $121,672 and net earnings increased M'J,3ia MISSISSIPPI RACE RIOTS. Conflicting Reports Al»ont tho Nnmber nT Nncrntn Killed. JACKSON, Mi^s., Sept.. 4.— Tho Capitol City Guards have relumed from Lo Floro county. They say that tho whites who flocked into Minter City at tho report of trouble from the negroes had dispersed tho armed blacks before tho Guards arrived thero. Reports as to tho killing of tho negroes wore conflicting. Borne persons claimed- to have seen a number of dead bcxiies, whilo others only know of one negro Imvutg boon killed, tunl thnt nct'l- dontiiiiy. Forty_ negror.s were captured by tho Guards and turned over to -tlio sheriff. Tho Guards then loft. Tho sheriff mid ho did not nood them further. They heard re- rts .after leaving tlmt ono of tho negro ABOUT POLITICS, "Dry" Republicans Meet in the Bay State. WHAT THEY WANT AND HOW BADLY ports .after leaving tlmt o lenders ThaJ 1 icon hanged. T -SPECIALTIES.- The Finest, MostJ)urahle, and holds Its shape the best pf any whip in the market. The Easiest Dumped, [Easiest Running and Latest Improved Sweeper made. Fancy Patent, per sack, Jl.GO. Two sacks $2.80 Half Patent, 1.40... 2.00 Some of the oldest resldenta.ot this city claim this to be the test flour they ever used In the State ol Illinois. XJream of Patent, Bun, I>aisy and IMinn. JR oiler in wtoclz. • A Good Stock of TinlTomato Cans, Very Cheap. Also a few dozen of] GUSS FRUIT JARS AND JELL TOMBLERS LEFT . AT . Iv. JOHNSON'S. NEW AND SECOND HAND. The "His Four" Don't Appear. Whori thoy wore through with this witness tho senators adjourned to 2 p. m., at which time Chairman Vest was visibly irritated over tbo absence of prominent dressed boof shippers who had been . summoned as witnesses. The men wanted wore Philip Armour, Nelson Morris, O. F. Swift, Frank Vogcl, and John B. Bherman, and Vest read thoir names with others who had received noticb to be on hand, and said: "This committee does not desiro any trouble with any of these gentlemen whom It has summone.l to appear for examination, but they lire,not bore, although duly subpcenrod. Thoso men are directly Interested in tho result of tho hearing, and it is from them we can obtain our evidence, I will say now that they must be here and testify. There is no way out of it"-".' -—:— •;-" Sayn There Was a "Coralline." Charles H. Ingersoll and J. T. Eastman wore examined, and agreed in tho opinion that the drossod beef business had been hard for tho cattlemen, as it lessened tho competition for livo stock, whilo Alfred Mo- Curdy laid It to the railways, who charged too much for transportation of live stock. Fred J. Rowlands, tho lost witness examined, proved an interesting and valuable ono. Ho Is a young man who has been In the employ of Nelsou Morris for three years previous to last May in the capacity of office man and filing clerk. Ho testified that his firm and three others formed a combination in cut beef, and regulated the price in-soven states. Outside of these states each sold a& he pleasad. Ho admitted having a conversation with a member of the Fairbanks Canning company, who told him ho need not appear beforo tho committee; that there was no necessity for his doing so. At the conclusion of the session tho committee held a private conference to consider whether or not writs should be • Issuedjiom-^ polling t&o~atfmulancffcrf"Hr. Armour, Nolion Morris, and othors before the committee. What action tho committee decided upon is not knowu, but it is understood that Senator Farwell will Uso his influ'.mco to secure the- attendance of tho gentlemen without attachments. WHAT OLD "HUTCH" DOESN'T KNOW. Fork If the Object Just Now of Ills Deiiaost Ignorance. CHICAGO, 8;>pt 4.—Tuoro is more or loss excitement on tho board of trade every day just now in tho pork pit, and thoy do say that Mr. B. P. engineering in his quiet little way a monster corner in the commodity, but ho only shook his head when questioned yesterday, and, hiding a keen, shrewd, twinkle behind hl3 eyelids, laconically replied: "Don't know much about pork." "Don't you think it is a good purchase f "Don't know enough about it to talk," tho millionaire replied, smoothing out a wrinklo mado by a furtive smilo. Don't Know How Its doing. "But do you think it is going downl" "I don't know as it ia The fact la, I consider pork on its merits worth at least $10.60. It haa been too cheap." "Would you adviso a purchase}" "Don't know enough about it to eay." "Are you buying-muchr "No. Buying a few barrels for some out- sldo parties; but don't know much about it" "It is said that the October market is oversold by 200,000 barrels." "Yes, I did hear something about a good deal boing sold." "Do you think it is as much as thai?" Don't Know How It I« Selling. "Oh, I don't know much about it, so I can't nge Flvo N.'Kroi'H Killed. GREKNWOOD, Miss., Sept. 4. — Cnpt Bns- Ttet, tho sheriff of tho county, has just returned from Mintor City, an I hu reports that only five negroes wore killoil Iti tlio riot of .Saturday night. The whit-) men nro still in possession of tlio place, and have a gang of negroes, including Cromwell, tho loader, 'and his lieutenant, Tom Alton, surrounded. O.A.Oliver. THREE TWO-CENT STAMPS LEFT.' An Iowa Itnnk Ilrniiki Owing ItH Daponl- tor» About IBtfO.OOO. CRESTON, Ia., Sept. 4.—Tho private bank of L. S. BrooliR, at Lennox, has boon closed by thosherllT.owing tho depositors from $!">,000 to JllO.OIfO. For somo weeks tho rumors of its unsound condition havo been current, but tho proprietor and his cashior'havo constantly denied thosu reports, and, it isstatod, received $13,t;00 late Saturday afternoon, since which time the doors havo not boon opened.' Writs of attachment were sworn out by Ridgoway & North, creditors of tho bank, and when tho sheriff went to make an inventory ho found just three 2-cout stamps in tho vault. Tho, town is excited over tho event, as many of tho depositors are poor people, or tradesmen who cannot lose thoir deposits and continue their business. Brooks and his cashier, Bestor, are both under arrest, and there is great indignation against them. Many threats of violence have boon made, but thoy aro very securely guarded by tho sheriff. ' Tlio Report from tlio Dliiinonil. CniCAOO, Kept 4.—Following are the scores on tho ball field mado yesterday by National league and American association clubs: At Philadelphia—Philadelphia 2. Chicago 4; at Washington City—Washington 1, Cleveland 3; at Now York—New York 1), Pittsburg 4—eight innings, darknoss; at Boston—Boston 7, Indianapolis 8. American association: At Brooklyn—Brooklyn 13, Cincinnati 8; at Baltimore—Baltimore 7, St Louis 1; at Philadelphia—Athletic ft, Kansas City 10; at Columbus—Columbus 7, Louisville 3. —Western—league:—^Al_I?os_Moinos—Dos MoinesS, St Paul H; at St Joseph—St Jo-~ sephS, Sioux City 0. Eqnnlnd Kl Rio ItoyV R,-cor<1. NEW YonK, Supt 4,—Tho races ut Shoeps- hoad bay yesterday wero notable for tho fact that Geraldlne went the % mile in 1:11, which equals tho record made by El Rio Roy at West Chester last week. The othor rac-» wero won as follows: Reclaire, % mile, 1:03; Schorila, 1% miles, l:fiO; Exile, 1% miles, 2:094-5; 1'olham, 1>6 miles, 1:57 2-5; Ban .Cloche, 1 3-10 miles, on turf, 2:07 1-5. CHICAGO, Sopt. 4.—The winning horses on the West Side course yesterday wore: Lucerne, Jf mile heats, 1:17^ for each boat; Mandolin, % mile, 1:30J^; Insolence, 1 mile, 1:43#; McMurtry, % mile, l:-".l«i; Fred Fink, 11-10 miles, 1:51. Still Hopliiu to Settle tho Strike. LONDON, Sept 4.—Tho belief ia gaining ground that the great strlko will bo settled no later than to-morrow, when tho directors of the docks companies are expected to concede tho strikers' demands. Charlos Morgan Norwood, the chairman ot the directors, late lost evening sent a tologram to tho strikers' committee requesting an appointment for a conforonco. This action Is believed to foreshadow an agreement between tho companies and tho strikers. Munonio liullef AiwoclnUon. NEW YonK, Sept 4. —Tho General Masonic Relief association, which has branches in all parts of the United States and Canada, was represented by thirty delegates from all parts of tho continent at a meeting yesterday in Masonio temple on Twenty-third street The day's session waa concluded shortly after noon. Sessions will be hold daily . for a week. The Rcgalnr Convention Mn»t Indorse Prohibition or Stnml a Split—A Southern V|«UT of tho Npj;ro and the Unllot—Ohio Dcmocrntu Hold n Untlflrntlon Mooting —Union Tailor Organising In lown— Miner Defeated In I.oulslnlm. BOSTON, 4.—About 10U gentlemen responded to tho call issued by H. II. Faxon for a meeting yesterday, the purpose boing, as stated in the call, to support nono but tomporanco Republicans in tho approaching campaign, ond to opposo the candidacy of J. Q. A. Brnckett, lieutenant governor, for any official position. It was an exclusive, conference, with all the formality of n political party convention, and only thoso who had delegates' credentials were admitted. Preliminary Proceedings. Hon. Frederick Fosdiek was elected temporary chairman, and R^v. J. B. Gould, temporary secretary, and the temporary organization was made permanent, with the addition of H. H. Faxon and Rev. D. O. Menrs, of Worcester, and Hon. George P. Ladd and Hon. A. O. Hill, of Northampton, ns vico presidents. A number of resolutions outlining tho policy of the mooting were submitted and referred to the cnm- mitteo on resolutions. Addresses were made by Chairman Fosdiek and Messrs. Faxon and Meads. - Frlm-lploi «f the OrKiuitxntton. . Hon. ]!. lt r JolniBOn then nuido n s|K!Och, during which he said: "Our --platform sols out the following points: Tho necessity of speedy organization on tlm part of tetnper- nuco 'Republicans; thai til i principlo of prohibition is good policy; that the Repuh- "IIcan~parly~ls" liidanguroT~ smTondoriirjf to the corrupting. Infliiauco of the liquor tnillle; that tho state ollicers should bo earnest tom- peranco workers, with positive tomporanee records; that tho cims) of tho demand for more jails should 1)) destroyed; Hint tho lujnor traffic doubles our taxes; tlmt, tho governor should show to tho pooplo thu items comprising taxation; that it, is out duty t-> organizu In moral and politic il iv.irk for pro- bibition." Advlnn to tho Kopubllran Cooventlnn. Rev, J. B. Oould, of Newton, moved that tho names of President E. II. C'ap'Mi, of Tuft's colleg>; Hon. Hcifus A. Frost, of Boston, nnd Hon. W. H. Hailo, of Springfield, lio presented to tho Republican convention as socially acceptable to this convention as nominees lor governor and lieutenant governor. Resolutions wore adopted calling upon the Republican state convention lo favor the enforcement of every'reslHetive fenlurooftho present liquor laws. If H- publicans refuse this request a convention of temperance Republicans to nominate a state ticket will bo held. DEVOTION TO THE PAST. Gen. Gnrdim'K AililreH* to Southern "I'nltfrt Vrtonum." ATLA'.frA, (!:i., S"pt. -1.—In his address to the UnUed Veterans' C'onfVd..ral<> association yestM'duy, on tho oeriision of nrc.-ptitig tho command, (Jen. John B. Gordon alluded to the ol<j"cts of tho organization, namely, to establish social, Iherary nnd benevolent tic's among those 'who had shared dangers mid sacrifices, no politici! or religious questions being permitted to ctit-r. It was ennobling for a people, continued the general, to cherish the ineinnry of its heroic, past, whether crowned with success or consecrated by defeat. The republic bas'iio ela^s of defenders mure trii'j and dovoto.t than tho ex-soldiers of tho south and their worthy descendants. . A Guarantee of Fntuio Unity Wholheror not tho southern people may ever hope to witness another civilization which shall equal that which began with their Washington and ended with their Lee, it is certain that devotion to their glorious past, is tho surest guarantee of future unity and tho strongest claim they can present to the confidence nnd respect of other sections. Tho organization will trri"smuto tho past glories of the dead confcdc.Ucy into inspirations for future service to tho living republic. It. will gather as witnesses foi- history the fuet-i wliieli shall doom fnls"hood to die that truth may live.' It will cultivate national ns well as southern fraternity. It will spread the -sentiment \vliii-h h;. 1 would write on tho grave of every soldier on either si-Ie: "Hero lies a hero, a martyr to tho right, ns his conscience conceived it.' 1 POWDER Absolutely Pure Tills powder never varies. AZmarveljol purly strength and whokHomonoss. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and can not be sold In competition .with tho multitude of low lest, short wel(,'tit, aiumn or phosphate powdtrs. Hold o ilv IT cans. .MTAI. HAKINO POWDKR Co.. 4(H| Wall St...-* 'W vork Jan3lil-wly TILE FLOORS ARO Ft PLACE AT ,HOI»F.HATr. \V« rnriy tl lito«l C'OMI'I. ni'ii.1 original nrtlKtlc nnd IMC.S'j 1 de- •IgDM In ttili romtirj. Wenh.ill be plenxpil 10 correspontl with Intel)* me ptm-liaseiv" or liiTlte Inspection of our complete Block. We an. iniinutactarers. aswS 307-309 WABASH AVE.. CHICAOa «i-' PKK LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads In th» G«i«>tto1 IF A SERIES OF PICTURES REPRESENTING COFFEE CULTUnE. WATCH FOR THE NEXT. THE HAMILTON CASE. A Conwplriiry <:lmr(j<M .In AVhlrh Fmir lliihlru nii'l ii r»ut Mini F!|;»ri-il. NEW Ydiu;, Sept. 4. — Inspector - Byrnr-s KiJ's lie has tincnrtlied llioiletails of a con- Ipirncy betwoen Mrs. Hainiltnn, Mrs. Swlii ton mid Jo-.hna Manit to force Mr. Hninilton to itmrry the Ihst iuinio.1. As pnrt of tho j plot Hamilton wnn nintlo to believ* 1 .that a | rliild win liMn'riTTiiHi I)'.-. 17, l.s^ain:!^- niirn. lie. innn-ieil tlio. w«irnnn three weeks later. Tlie inst;LM-ttir hus I'diinil tli;it the bubo was proruivil lur .*KI fmin a midwifo. lie Ni'ViT KIII-W tbe I>t fl'iM-enro. , Tim lirsl. hril.e procured soon died. nnd a second \vns t>litnin<-d. This cine nNo dieil, and Hie third mio was so linmi-ly Hint the woinnn \vmi!tl not kii»p it.. Siie ^ot a fnnrth (>ne. Though llainillon lin.l s 'en tlu^ first. balio lie in-vi'i- knew tho rlill'ereni'i', and has bi-en rei;iirdiiig Ihn I'ovu-tli I oti^iit. child ns his own. To li-gitimiitt Hie child ho married the siippos •'! mutlier. Hamilton Ab:iiulons Ilnr. n.-nniltnn himself has nlisulutely and en- tiri-ly ;ili'iml(iiii'il the \voni:iu \vli{ini ho nmr- rit'd nii-l ivhnm Iw believed ('> bi< tho mother (if his rhil'l, and has instnu'U'd the jiolire to do vvi'iytliing in their power to bring the conspirators to justice, and to count upon him for every assistance that it tuny bo within his power to render. JUDGE TERRY'S SLAYER. TeHtimmiy liilhp 1I)ibi<:ts Corpus Cuso of CHASE SANBORN. SCENE ON A COFFEE PLANTATION CONTROLLED BY *OUR COFFEES HAVE A NATIONAL REPUTATION REPRESENTING THE FINEST CROWN. JAVA and MOOHA, surpassing- all others „ • called The Aristocratic ' Cofteo of America. Always packed whole roasted (ungrouna) m tUr-tls?at tin cans. SEAL BRAND COFFEE i in its rlchnosB and delicacy of flavor. Justly cal w m « _ or _* * Au i ^.«. A 1-tirn trta *tnr* irrtri TIT n/-»l« T* TIRED OF THE BALLOT. Vlow of say." "It Is also said that to fill that amount thero is a supply of only 50.000 barrels?" "There's 00,000 barrels." This was said with tho air of a man who doesn't know any more'about what ho Is talking than Jay Gould does about Wall street "Such beiug the case, Isn't It llkoly that a bulge will occur!" Don't Know Miicli About It, "O Lord 11 can't ouy. I don't know much about pork. And thero's uo telling whut the fellows who havo bought it umy do with It. I think It la worth now about "Well, judging from your experianco, whut la your opinion!" "Can't say. Ultrfty to go up and likoly to go down." "Kmitur p-«k.v f' "Bal ha I YL-H, just * trsBd But now, I don't kmiw much about juirk. Au,l iii ordsr to find out I'd hn»o U= g>-> urouiul h«v» on Ihu LxJHrd ASH} UujMtitt, j;i*t sis you laterally Ground to a ruin. NORIUSTOWN, P»., Sept 4, — A hand truck, on which wore about a dozen Italian laborers proceeding to th.olr work, was struck by the locomotive of a freight train yesterday morning near Llnfleld. Gulsoppo Plantain, one of the laborers, aged 83 years, was literally ground to a pulp. Five others w»re severely brulucd, but nono fatally hurt Fttfnell and Ilatfuur'a Scheme. LONDON, Sopt 4.— Tho Freonmu'a Jour- nftl, which eluim« to have thoroughly informed itself as to tho petition of the IrUh party upon tho proposed Roman Catholic university whcnu 1 , predicts that when that mensurti is actiuiiiy brought Into tho hou&o of ci-iiniions Hi tho m-xv w»niou 1'nrncil will not be found UIIKII^ itn Mr*. A Southern Con(jreHrtiiiaii*(i Vlow of tho Nojjro Oiirstioll. WASIIINQTON C'ITY, fiopt 4. — Speaking of tho prospect of ledoral election laws being enacted by tho next congress to regulate tho elections in tho south, Congressman Norwood said: "They may pass thoir laws, but thoy will bo a dead lotttr. It is too lato to interfere with tho affairs ot tho south in that way now. Our people will not regard any legislation intended to place the nogro over thorn, and the sentiment in t,ho north is against it. Tho nogro has advanced among us as rapidly as iio is capable of, and tho best thing is to lot him alone. Thinking people a|l over tho country soo this. It is only a few politicians that are trying to koop up tho agitation. Wo aro not a savage and brutal poopln; wo aro kind and humane to the negro, and, more than that, wo know him. A Poor Opinion of tlio Negro. "He is not capable of government, and^the people of tho south will not pjnnit thorn- solves to be dominated by him. Tho ballot with tho negro, take him as a whole, is a toy ho has got tired— of; — Ho— has~no— idoa~of~thn~ purpose of the ballot or how to. uso it Ho has used it in a blind sort of a way until ho is tired of it, and ho doesn't go to tho polls now unless there is some special reason for it If ho Is working for a man who wants him to vote he will go up and cast his ballot because his employer wants him to. Otherwise yon must give him a drink or a quarter to induce him to vote. Some such reason as that must influence him. Ho would rather stay at his work than lose tho the time. Some Republican politicians accuse us of suppressing the negro votes because they aro not cast. The fact is merely that the great mass of the negroes, not knowing tho use of tho ballot, havo got tirod, now that tho novelty has worn oir, and stay at home." _ _ Ohio Democratic Politico. COLUMIIUS, O., Sept. 4.— Tho Domocrotic state executive committee met hero yesterday and organized with Hon. James E Neal, of Hamilton, as chairman, and John A. Barber, of this city, as treasurer. At 8 o'clock p. m. tho various Democratic clubs serenaded Hon. James E. Campbell, tho candidate for governor. A ratification meeting was hold nt tho city hall with Hon. Lnw- ronco T. Noal, of Chillicothe, as president, who spoke, and was followed by Mr. Campbell, Hon. Alien W. Thurman, Hon. Goorgo L. Converse, Hon' J. A. Norton, nnd others. They Want To lie States. CHICAGO, Sopt 4. — Constitutional conventions aro now in session at Choycnno,, Wy. T., and Santa Fe, N. M. Yesterday in tho former M. C. Browii, of Albany, was mado president, defeating tho Republican nominee, Judge Couway. Brown's politics are not given. At Santa Fo the Democrats elected the temporary chairman — Judge Trimble, nnd J. Francisco Chavez wns elected permanent chairman — politics not given. .Fifty-three of the sevonty-threo delegates "wore present _______ lown Union I.abor Men. DBS MOINES, Ia,, Supt 4. — Tho Union Labor state convention convened in this city at 7:30 o'clock last evening with eighteen delegates present After effecting a permanent organization and listening tu a lengthy address by Col. Jesso Hurper, of Illinois, the convention adjourned for tho duy. Ttio Democrat Klvctod. NKW OIU.KANH, tVpt 4.~T«Jttgranw from vartou-t jvoinU In thi> Third .om^r -ssionAl district iudic/ito tho fleollan of Andrew I'riCM, DouuiTiit, by a go<xl m.ij-irliy over H. a Miner, U<-|<iih!«-ait. BAN KHANOISCO, Sept. corpus protveiUit^s Itr" the 4. — Tho haliens case of Deputy United Stales JIarshal Nuglo wero begun yesterday. Tt'stiinuny was taken showing tliat Terry had threatened to killJiis'ice Field. It was also testified that. Mr. mid- Mrs. Terry wero violent persons and had threatened harm to Jnd^e Kawyer as woll as to Judge Field, and that Terry had told Marshal Frank that ho would got oven with Field for deciding against him. Tho tacts (if an assault upon Judge H'iw- yer in a railroad car a year ago by Mrs. Terry were also given. Tim woman pulled the judge's hair, while Terry sat opposite, ready to tako action if Hawyor should resent tho insult. It was shown that Terry had bonskid of al ways carrying a knifo. A reporter testilled that Mrs. Terry once told him slio would probably kill Judge Fiold somo day. Couldn't Live with Ills Wile. TRENTON, N. J. , S-jpt 4. — Tho Hebrew population of this city nro all excited over' the 1 InysU'rious'disapiK'aran™ of Uiibbi Rnblwrt Hr-Malindwskyj-iif— the ayiiagoguc_of__KQrlili. Montgomery street Fur several weeks there havo boon rumors of domestic troubles in M alinowsky's family, but tho congregation did not think the rumors of domestic troubles had any foundation; and therefore no investigation was made. On Thursday morning last Secretary Jacob Ij. Hoi-old, of tho synagogue, received a letter from Mnliuowsky, dated New York city, saying that tlio mason of his absence is that ho cannot live, with his wife, and therefore tenders his resignation. Will Not Do So Any More. BERNK, Sopt. 4. — On the representations to the Siviss authorities mado by Mr. Wash- liurn, American minister, regardin;; I ho recent arrest and dottMition of two Americans by Swiss oflicials, on. a chargo for which there was no fouivlalion, tho bnndosratli announces its regret at the illegal arrests, and adds that measures will bo taken to elfoetu- nlly prevent tho repjtitiou of such an occurrence. . _ . ' One of tho Johnstown Dead. WHKKMNO, W. Va. , Sopt. 4. — Tlio body of a man, snpposed to be that of a Johnstown victim from tho length of timo it bad evidently been In the water, was found in the Buck river, west of tho island, lust evening, partly imbedded in tho sand. Identification was impossible, but tho body was apparently, judging by tho clothing, that of an ironworker in his working garb. An Illinois rontnOlrn Unhbcil, CntCAOO, Sept. 4. — Inspector Stewart yesterday received a dispatch from Muline, Ills., stating that tho ]K)stollico at that place had been robbed Monday night of 8300 in cash, $1,800 in stamps, and eight registered letters, The postmnsU. 1 !' wxys that ho has no clow as to who tho robber or robbers are. H. W. BUNN, SnlE Agent far BtErling. J3y Dealing 1 witli Him. Yon "Will A.void the JVIid.<llern.a.n'js Profit. Oofifees in. t!b.o We are handling and selling more flour than ever. Look at these brands, from $2.40 to $3.10 per hundred: MAGNOLIA, GOLDEN CROWN, PEERLESS, BLUE RIBBON, ' CAPITAL^ CREAM PATENT KANSAS \VINTER, --. SUN, DAISY. , All guaranteed to prove up as represented or return. We mean save the people of this vicinity money, and will do it. to M»)t.rlckl-» Children Actoptixt N, S.'pf. 4 — '1 h s otidtirtHi of M 'i. h«vu KHIII H>Ii'> by a wealt t.-ai.lia'^ HI 1 rf'L'.'U'Jl. fefci? (^Mr**Mit hwr The of seal »kiti* , iS -pf. hktu 4. -- uo | -u,j» tho 1,'itKm i*a- u-.ilsi lium. U SoclulUtK Ileculvo Uttwnlroin^ Atlimtlon. LONDON, ^opt. 4. — Tlio loading Socialists of Hnmburi; wcro favored yost.'iiliiy by visits at their rest loncea by tlio pol'co, wbo carried off all tho ilocumonlx, nccountB and other compromising literature lltttt they could Iny tholr hands on. Tho seizures wore not accompanied by nrriuu. Two Chllilrcu IliiriKMl tu Drnth. BLUE KPUINUS, Ni-U, S<>)>t 4 —Tho b:irn of Ilov. Andrwwa, of this t-i'.y, \V»H *-t on rtre ynstunlay ty two rhil.livit of I) :vid (i,iy, who wort) pluyin;; in it. Tlw children worn burned to ilonth. on Ui-*i nriUiii hio yr^i OU8 >! •lii^nliOII Of ll brought tt>.Hii|n.-ti mi.I *hul tiy ait l r i Iftt iN\» * .'if. .Ui'ii. , *v.- -.A Mnuy tbvui to M.X'i, '•('.u I I "*«»'* REMEMBER THE MIKADO MARKET, We arc selling nothing but JYb. 1 Meats- No Seconds, Prices Low as the Lowest, Division of the Town. In numerous places in Sterling as well as in the country round about, it was unanimously resolved that IJurnuy Hickle waa right in saying: If e'er I furnish a house again, From bureau through to table— I'll buy of Reynold's liros.—that is plein, — As soon as 1 am able. ; ,I'm tired of all the liimsy trash,' :•' my house doth fill; In sitting down there is a crash ! And ano her mending bill. Here, wife, you go to Reynolds Bros, now, And buy our goods anew— And if I'm caught again, 1 swow, 1 hope a lire may buru them too. T.T-»^ J »,^ J .,^»V^ MANUFACTURERS AND DBAIEK3 IN Have now on hand in their Urge store room, the largest and beat Btook of House Furnishing Goods ever brought to (his city. We invite the public to call and examine our stock of Furniture, such aa farlor Sots, liotl Room. Set*, ~ .Room Sets, \V sill I*«.per» X>rn.por,y, Carpets, Hevk'ingf IVtacliines*. the Lowest. We wi oet k umWi Eft-OplAiKi^ Reynolds Bros., *****

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