Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 21, 1907 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 21, 1907
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Post office Covitin, Oil., as secoml-clHss matter. Published every Saturday by the Co- Vina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. SUnSCRII'TIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies tl.50 .75 .SO .O.S ATJVKRTI8KMKNT8: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract, Liners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices $1,00 per inch first insertion, .50 cents eath subsequent insertion. COVINA, Dec. 21, 1W7. A merry ChrislmnH and n hiippy nnd prosrjorons N>,w Year for every one of its readers, is t,hc wisli of the Tlmy toll you OIK; tiling arid to rm: t.lifi.v HIIV jiint thr: opposite. Tlif:y jo it, in nrdcr to rnnkn a «oo<l out- \Vftffl slmv.iiiK iind >'(•(, Ifif'ir action inn in ;i 'inofr position." Tho Argus in for county divinlon becRiiqe wo believe it. is for Iho fntor- ests of the taxpayers. It will at least do away with taxation without representation. Did it ever occur to the c.iti/eus of Covina that tho A/UHH geritlemf-n who aro now so solicitous about Covina's water rights in tiio county division matter represent tli« Hiime interests tiiat claimed tiio whole Han Gabriel nnd compelled tho Covinn Irrigating Company in former years to spend 810,000 to defend its rights? We don't want to open old sores but we are inclined to accept such friendship with a degree of caution. It has been repeatedly stated by tho opponents of county division that, all the supervisorial districts of tho proposed now county wore partly in the City of Pomona, thus enabling that, city to dominate! all county politics. These stfitcniPtits are misleading and false. The Co- virm supervisorial district, contains one (resident) ward in Pomona and the balance of tho city constitutes one supervisorial district. In the passing of Lord Kelvin tho world loses one of its most brilliant intellects. _ His contributions to science have been notable. And despite hie advanced ago bis wonderful mentality was still sookitig tho solution of problems which have baffled tho minds of tho greatest. In his dissent from tho theories of electric energy founded upon tho discovery of radio-activity ho loaves a Jogaoy to science, which, though negative, may prove to be uot tho loast valuable of many. This year's lynching record will show a decided improvement over that of 100(1, tho total for the current year to date being forty-two, composed of three negro women, four white men, and thirty-live negro men. The record includes only ortS'js of unmintakahlo lynching, leaving out those in winch the victims were killed by pursuing posses while resisting capture. The record lor hint year was seventy-two, being thirty more than that of 1!)07. Crimes charged against thone lynched range from robbery In assault and murder. It is worthy of notice that none of tho victims was lynched for such petty or trivial crimes as in several previous years. A large majority of the victims was guilty of criminal assault or attempted criminal assault. Holidays Will Iind December 21st. Governor (Jillott lias given out the following information: "No more holidays will be declared after Saturday, December 'Jl. The banking institutions of tho state have improved to that cxttnt that holidays no longer are necessary. " Governor Gillett is soimnvhat iu- cnUHod over the action of tho hankers of Han Francisco in giving out to the press HtuUiinnnt.s to tho ollYct that the) are not in lived of any more holidays and in the next breath begging tho o.xocutivo to ciintiuuo declaring holidays. In other words, the governor doed not relish being made a scrapegoat liy the ImnkiTtt. In speaking atmut the mutter Guv ernor ( Miid : "The trouble ih this: Tim Han Krancibco hunkers who aro really in need of holidays do not cure to admit the truth. Vim could gu tu any o| tiiHin and '.hey \vmild say they were getting alniii-! hi line shapr ami in-ed ed no further assistance, and yet those 1 .suiiie men may lie treniliiin^ in doubt as to '.Mielher or mil they arc tjoiug to pull through. Brethren Church: Kegular services on Sunday. Hunday-school at 10a.m. Preaching nt 11 n.m, and 7:?H)p. m. Christian Workers meeting 0:15. The Christmas exercises of the Christian Church Sunday-school will be held Tuesday evening at 7:'!0. A beautiful cantata entitled "All Hail to Hanta Clans." will bo rendered by the choir and members of the Sunday-school. Presbyterian sorvicoe: Sunday- school 9:40 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. by pantor; subject, "The First ChriHtmtiH Service and Its Lessons." There will be no services in tho evening. Paul O. Stevens, pastor. Christian Church: Rev. W. G. Con ley, pastor. Sunday-school 0:45. Preaching at 11 by the pastor; subject, "Our Father in Heaven." Junior Endeavor U o'clock. Senior Kndeavor (i :MO. Preaching at 7:150 by Rev. II. Jl. Guy of Tokio, Japan. All are cordially invited to attend. The annual Christmas festival of Holy Trinity Church and Sunday- school will be held on Christmas eve, Tuesday night, in tho Mann building, at 7 :H(). It, will consist of a program of songs and recitations and the distribution of gifts from the Christmas tree. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity, fourth Sunday in Advent: Holy Communion 7 :I10 a. m, Hun- day-school 9:45 a.m. Moining prayer 11 a. m ; subject, "Tho Four Advents of Christ." Evensong 7 :!)0 p.m.; subject, "Religion the Only Safeguard of tho Nation." Offertory anthem, "Sing Unto God. " Christmas Day services: Holy Communion 7 :!)() a.m. High Celebration with sermon 10 a.m.; subject, "Tiio Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ." Ant horn, "Glory to God in the Highest," with special music appropriate to the season., Tho Christmas exorcises of tho Presbyterian Church will bo held in tho Womans Club House on Tuesday evening, beginning at 7:45. There will bo a Christmas tree and a real Santa Clans to doHgbt the hearts of the littlo ones. Everyone is cordially invited to bo present. Following is the program : Opening song, "All Hall tho Christmas;" invocation; responsive reading; song by tho Sunady-sch'iol; exorcise, "Christmas," class of girls; primary claws song; recitation, William Anderson; solo, Dorothy King; recitation, Urowstor Stevens tmd Smith; recitation, Mario Anderson; vocal duet., Marvel Maun and Charlie Gan- nerell; oxeioise, "What, Jesus Drought," class of boys; memory pictures—tableaux; exercise, Christmas wreaths; closing anng by school; distribution of gifts. Tho following Christmas program will be given at the Uaptist Church on Tuesday evening, at 7 :ll(): Voluntary, Miss Nye; quartette, "All Hail, Happy Greeting," Mines. Gago, Allison, Messrs, Allison and Custer; song, "Joy to the World, tho Lord Has Come," congregation; recitation by Angelina Fit/goruld; song, four children of primaiy class; recitation, .John Pm.<; recitation, Lena Keeg; solo, Clyde Custor; recitation, Clara Reeg; solo, Kuby Daniels; recitation, Harold Wilson; recitation, Gladys Gangwor; piano solo, Mark Custor; recitation, Gladys Seat; recitation, Mary Keeg; solo, May Casey; recitation, Liz/.io Reeg; piano solo, Lois Seat; Christmas Pantomiuo -Night Uefnre Christmas, four children; reading, Miss iiru 'baker; violin solo, Pan! Cunt«tr accompanist, Miss Nyo; vocal sulo, Carroll 1'itts; distribution of presents from tree. \ CHARTER OAK. Mr. and Mrs. Kent will spend Christmas we ok with friends In Ked- laii'ls. Mrs. Hull has Hold her 10 ante Krove and house to Rev. J. W. Utter of Lo« AnK<'k'S, through the agency of .). (J. Pearl. Mrs. Htowell celebrated tbe birthday of her ward, little John Middleton, with a dinner on Hnnday Ia«t, her quests being his grandparents arid Hunt, Mr. rind Mre. und Miss Middleton. By order of Argioultural Commits- HiutHjr JefferieH the ytowell Fumigating Co. In sending a car containing three Bets of tents to Oroville, Butte county, in charge of Foreman Wm. Goodrioh of Covinn, for the purpose of fighting tho white fly. After leaving the Duarto tennla court about 5 o'clock last Saturday afternoon arid proceeding to La- rnanda Park, an automobile party conglflting of Mr. Arthur Bowring, Mr. Wm. Bowring and family and Mr. Hubert Allen were witnesses of tho horrible automobile accident near Arcadia, A bridge crossing a creek had been burned) leaving a gap nearly fifteen feet deep. While going round the gap and through the crook they were horrified to see nn auto going at about twenty miles an hour, leave the edge of tbe gap and drop in, The Bowring party at once went to tho rescue and meanwhile another sixty horse power machine went clear over the other and turning n somersault, dropped to the bottom of the creek. Wm. Bowring warned a third, which stopped jitHt in time. Ho describes tho ao- cideiit as tho worst he has ever seen and wonders that none was killed. Prescriptions carefully compounded at Covina Pharmacy, E. U. Smith, Prop. Don't delay buying your Christ- inns presents. You will find choice ferns at Pooloy's Coviun Nurseries. Prices reasonable. 12-'21 VETERINARY SURGEON DR. R. J. RAMAG.E Honor Graduate, Toronto College TREATS ALL ANIMALS 831 Ho. Los Angeles St., next to Alexandria Stables. LOS ANGELES Office Phone Home E 33.51, Res. Phone Main 5H)2. Calls by telephone or letter day or night carefully attended to. Charges moderate. A Lemon Record. N. D. MnsHoy, wlui owns a lemon yriivu une mile weqt of the city, on liailillti street, tells thu Arguu that hid pick (jf lemons this month has been thu banner pick of thu season. Oil of tiHO trcoa he has picked 11711 loose boxes, representing TS'JIf) pniimlri. He picked these same trees between the Kith and •JOth i.f October ami e.Mieoin to pick Ilium again during the latter [ail 'it' January. A lemon gro\t in this locality thai receives gui'il cure i* it gold mine that nexer f.luuiMts. t'npl. Miih-sey, who it- nearly 7 U years of age, does hid own work. Broadwell's THESE PRICES TALK. NO CITY STORE OFFERS YOU AS MUCH. Womeu'fl Dolflo felt slippers, real felt, not the cheap stuff sold in department stores, aii colors, $1.50. • Men's leather sole kul slippers, excellent $2.50 grade, 81.75. Men's $3.00 imported kid gloves, Aloxiinder'a French pique, 82.50. • Others 91.25 und np. Any ribbon, 75c and 81.00 grade, 50L-. Children's bear skin conta, 82.50. Buster Brown boots lOo. Fancy box suspenders 50c. 75o men's neckwear 50o. Mon's ailk initial handkerchiefs lOc. Monoy-bak silk 81.50 yard. 25 nor cent off on Kimonas. 115 pur cent off on women's silk waintri. (ioods must move. Ask for rednoed prices on table linon, Uu Barry Heart's, black gilka, women's coal.s, trunks. 25 pnr cent off on Haviland china. '20 per cent discount on men's fancy vests, all dolls over 81.00, all .suit, cases, all flilk uinbrollaa, all Hiblas, all Mexican drawn work, all dress (goods ovor §1.25 yard. 11.00 for toddy bears; sold in city at 82.00. Broadwell's These stoics are recommended foi Xiuua shopping when in Los Angeles. S. B. BAILEY, Jeweler and Optician O »!*« watches, iruumntcul 120 yr» I1--00 12 rtizo wall-he's, unlit tilktl 1(1.W) IS .size hMifin or Wiilthum coinp 5.(K) llniiK tliitt ml uiul we will tcivu you Hrt ex(ru discount »u liny purclutso. Juwulry cutulnituu soul free <>n r«i|uent. 353 So. »roud« u> , l.o.s Anicclt*, Gal. SING FAT CO., Inc. Importers, wholesale und retail dealers in j Chinese and Japanese fancy Goods ; .Vd b'l nor Central Dept. Store ; tMy St>. Hrouijway !.»« Aniri'lub. t'ul. "STAMPERS" Stuctio Highest awards on I'hotn^r 20 ° 0 Discount 809 South Mill Street Lo» Angela, Oil. Strong, original, practical, SUCCKSS- i,. "HrrrrKKNKSS" its distinctive quality. Open entire year- begin when ready. POSITIONS SKCUKBD. Write us to-day. COVJN Planing Nil! J. C. NALE, Prop. GENERAL'MILL WORK All kinds of jobbing 1 carpentering and cabinet work. Store and Office Fixtures, See me before building HAY FOR SALE First-class alfalfa, barley and wheat hay delivered. C. A. GRAFTOtf Home Phone 2128 -ON- Dishes and Glassware This includes all of our Fancy China A golden opportunity to buy useful Christmas presents at very low prices. James Corbett General BlaoksmJthlng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 63 Shop West Badillo St, Csvino Howell St> Howell 5 BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's 2* Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. (OVM TRANSfffi HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling- and Furniture Moving. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SKKVICK. PRICES RIGHT. office oo Citrus Ave. (ovim, Cii. Home Phone 108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 REO Brown & Bohri COVINA, CAL HOLIDAY RATES 1 ROUND TRIP One and One-Third Fare- SALE DATES: ,,,.* Epr;,CHRJSTtyIA&—J)ec.;21; 22, 23, 24, 2a For NEW YEARS—Dec. 28, 29, 30, 31 and Jan. 1 Good to return until Jon. 2, 1908 SOUTHERN PACIFIC D. B. SCHENCK, Agent, Covina Phone 144 A. G. Qant CEMENT CONTRACTOR We do everything in first-class cement work and it will pay you to get our figures on your job, large or small. Home Phone 59 Dr. R. E. Knight Healer by Laying on of Hands or Anointing THREE DAYS FREE, commencing Monday, Dec. 16, 1907 Office in Covina House, Badillo St. Hours: ( M2 and 1-5. 1'KICES Kunatiout ;ii7.^.< : <' Touring Car ?140 '.0 J H. D, t3lanchard, Agent Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. On vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees ar. excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROUT. CRKNSHAW, I'rop.

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